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tv   [untitled]    July 4, 2021 10:00am-10:31am +03

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the world everyone ah, ah, brazilians returned to the street demanding the president's removal of pandemic ideas and allegations of vaccine on the tearing. ah, either i can vanelle lied from. also coming up. canada, as military is put on standby to help evacuate towns and fight wildfires fuel fund record breaking. he may be prepared to stop registering voters despite the
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disagreement threatening to the rail. december's election. cyber attack has shut down a supermarket chain and leave companies worldwide, fairing damping health events ah, all those stories shortly. but we begin with breaking news from the philippines where a military plane has crashed, killing at least 17 people. it was trying to land on dolo island in pseudo problems . the plane had more than 90 people on board. and dugan is in manila and joins me now live to me. what more do we know? well, what we know at this point is that the c $130.00 of the philippine millet, she took off around 11 30 am local time from the end or which is another major city
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in the southern region of been the now according to initial reports and our sources also can confirm that it may have overshot the runway in hello, which is an island which is one of the biggest basis of the philippine military in the southern philippines. based on the latest initial report that we've been given, coming from the secretary of defense, 17 bodies have been pulled out. 40 people have also been 17 bodies have been put out for 40 survivors at this point, but some are in critical condition. so we did crash in the cool, which is about an hour away from the law, which is also, you know, like i mentioned the what, perhaps the most minute, the right area in the southern philippines, it is home to thousands of troops, but also home to several are groups that morris climate liberation front the group? so the initial report that we're getting is that this particular c $130.00 was on its way to transport soldiers in hello when it happened or i thank you very much
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for that. we will be coming back to you as more information comes to hand. thank you very much for that for now. jimmy. doug, there has been more mass protest, the cross brazil, demanding president jaya, both the not all resigned and allegedly corrupt vaccine deal have galvanized anger about the way the government is handling the corona virus pandemic. as monica, you know, reports from your dish. tens of thousands of brazilians took to the street for the 3rd time in 5 weeks. to me, they've been calling for present jaytal, so not as impeachment. the accused him of scorning health measures to contain the coven 19 outbreak, allowing the virus to spread and kill more than 520000 people. ah, we still have the world's 2nd largest cove in 1900 death toll after the united states, while americans have more than enough vaccines to go around. brazilians are sadly
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lacking with less than 13 percent of its population fully inoculated. 30 beetle says or 42 year old brother would be alive if the government had not refused to buy the $70000000.00 vaccines. pfizer offered last year on life the 1000000 mole for my brother's death last march could have been afforded. we found out that the government could have vaccinated thousands of people earlier, but chose not to because the president said the disease was a little flu. now we find out there was also corruption. for the past 2 months, a senate committee has been investigating the government's handling of the pandemic . last week, the probe took a turn for the 1st time raising suspicion at some bolts and allies and health ministry insiders may be involved in a corruption scheme to buy over price vaccines from india. on friday, the supreme court authorized the opening of investigation into both scenarios. response. the president is being accused of dereliction of duty since he was warned
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of a legit irregularities in the deal, but did not tell the federal police. growing discontent with the government resulted in a nationwide protest calling for both so now impeachment, but this time opponents have new ammunition until the protesters have accused president wilson out of downplaying, the virus of delaying the roll out of the sea. now they're saying it's not denial. it's corruption more than $120.00 impeachment requests have been submitted. none of them have moved forward because both scenarios still has enough support in congress and also on the street where he has led 3 motor bike rally the president's popularity has taken a severe blow. his approval rate has fallen to record 23 percent putting at risk both scenarios, hope of being reelected next year. monica not give all just 0. rio de janeiro.
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there's growing concerned about the ongoing crisis in ethiopia is northern to cry region. the un is calling for urgent measures to protect civilians. millions are at risk of salvation. of the office government is accused of destroying key infrastructure. blocking crucial aid. getting through to grind, forces retook the regional capital makella on monday. after fighting the government forces and their allies for months, un secretary general of calling for restraint. i am deeply concerned with the present situation in today. it is essential to have a real fire and the real fire facing the way for a dialogue, able to bring the political solution to take away. the presence of foreign troops is an aggravating factor of confrontation. and at the same time,
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full human history in excess and restrictive monetary in excess must be guaranteed to the whole territory. israeli defense officials say a cargo ship has been attacks in the northern indian ocean. it was on its way from jetta and saudi arabia to the united arab emirates. it's unclear who was behind the attack. no casualties have been reported in gaza at least one person has been severely injured by an israeli s strike. the military says that targeted a weapons manufacturing, so i found a rocket launcher belonging to home off the several days. now balloons are being sent from garza toward israel, starting 5 palestinian health official se israeli forces have killed a man and the occupied westbank. witnesses told al jazeera soldiers surrounded the man's home village and that with an open fire. local media say it happened when residents confronted israeli security forces after they entered the village.
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palestinians have been holding weekly protests against the expansion of israeli settlements. candidates military is preparing to help evacuate areas in the path of wildfires sweeping through the province of british columbia. more than $100.00 fires burning in a wreck or smashing heat wave. the corrugated b reports a forest fire that ignited after days of record breaking temperatures has destroyed most of let and a small town in central british columbia. this week, little broke canada is all time hot, his temperature record 3 times hitting nearly 50 degrees celsius on tuesday. local media reporting that a couple in the 60s have died due to the fire. many others are missing a more than a 1000 people have evacuated their homes. the world is heard about british columbia, which birds almost essentially to the ground. and there's been multiple fatality reported there and other people not accounted for. some people are happy to go 2 to
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3 hours of wages to get check in with emergency social services. so this is something that we've never seen before in this province or really in this country anywhere. more than 170 wildfires burning across british columbia and west and all berta. that fueled by record breaking heat wave, that in turn led to more than 700000 lightning strikes on wednesday and thursday, up tenfold from a year ago. health officials in british columbia say more than 700 deaths have been reported in the past week. nearly 3 times the usual number. the heat wave is also resulted in a rising death toll in the northwest in united states. most people don't think about heat as a killer, and it is, and we know that the numbers are fairly high. certainly the event we've seen, we're going to see excess death a lot more than we should have, because all of those deaths could have been prevented. so we have to raise awareness in oregon, governor kate brown has declared
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a state of emergency and in the city of portland, the fire department has banned the use of fireworks for the 4th of july weekend. canada's forest by season usually starts in late july, but with more warm weather forecast over the next few days. the military's own stand by to help evacuate more towns. victoria gate and b al jazeera was thought to be one of the biggest ransomware cyber attacks has hit as many as $1000.00 businesses worldwide. they include swedish supermarket giant co op, which had through temporarily close $800.00 stools. hackers broke into a u. s. id company the provide system and security management services to companies . ransomware attacks involve data being locked away until money is paid to release it. this one is being blamed on a shadowy syndicate that forced meet supplier to pay 11000000 dollars last month. another group targeted a us few pipeline disrupting supplies until $4400000.00 was paid on that money has
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been recovered already when the runs the consult and see global cyber risk. she says these attacks will continue and get worse and less government work together to stop them. i doubt the u. s. will fight back on this. i mean, you know, he gave them a list of our 16 critical infrastructure structure sectors, which pretty much includes most commercial systems. the problem is the united states has not been out there in the united nations. and in multilateral, for, for a arguing for an international legal framework about cyberspace and cyber crime. all that has happened in over a decade is people saying, well, here are norms, their voluntary rules of behavior that are non binding. that's all we have. and russia, of course, signed up to these norms and they are happy to ignore them when it's not convenient
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. that is what's happening. and until we get an international legal framework that applies to cyber crime and cyber criminal activities, then every country is just sort of less left to their own devices of their own threats. so we may put some sanctions on russia. we may talk about this, but really they have not violated international law. and so it is a serious matter where there's a lot of work that has to be done by countries and by companies to try to get the situation under control. in the meantime, the bad guys are winning. at least 3 people have been killed off the tropical cyclop, elsa bassett, the southern coast of haiti, and the dominican republic. wind gusts, something 110 kilometers an hour, hit the region on thursday. the cycling being downgraded to a tropical storm, but is still packing strong with. the storm is on course to hit other parts of the caribbean and the united states east coast. in the coming days. rain is selling the
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search for survivors of a land live in japan. rescue teams looking for 20 people missing in the coastal city of a tommy southwest of tokyo. at least 2 people are non, have died. more bad weather is heading central and eastern japan. the weather is next and then me not because of how as my job plans to revive one city be taken off the 3 decades. and i'm just seeing human inside chiles historic congress building which has just been refurbished for a historic process. projects will explain how ah
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hello there, there's more unsettled weather on the way for large areas of europe over the next few days, particularly for the east and the north west weather systems, bringing the wet and windy weather to the u. k. and to france, edging all the way into western areas of germany, so in strong showers and thunder re down pools expected. and if you got into monday, you can see there's gonna be more of that wet weather on the way. and we'll see some of those under the showers, particularly heavy around switzerland and northern parts of italy. and as those weather weather systems move further east within the weather weather in ukraine, we could see more flooding around areas of the black sea there. now for the south, we have got a smattering of storms and showers around the balcony, some of those showers, affecting parts of greece, and we could see some stronger wind is around the greek islands, but the heat is really building across the iberian peninsula for south western spain, we have got a heat warning at mercy is seeing the temperature edging up to 40 degrees. and by
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the time we go to shoes, they'd be 42 degrees with plenty of sunshine coming through. and it's a similar story for northern areas of africa. things, of course, slightly for egypt with 38 degrees in cairo. the frank assessments and argument for suggesting that the by no ministrations alone game. it's very much of a warm embrace, the iran nuclear deal because of us domestic politics, informed opinions, schools, and shelters of been reduced to rubble. how do you think this shapes a generation and they have politics? then their life has been shaped by vitamin the in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera ah
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ah, watching algebra reminder of our top toys. this all. a military plane has crashed in the philippines, killing at least 17 people. the government says it was trying to land on hollow island in pseudo problem rescue teams are still searching for taking place across brazil to the mom. the bleach meant the president gyal to nato was his handling of the quote of ours and allegedly corrupt vaccine field has galvanized the un, she says he's deeply concerned about the ongoing crisis to grey region. millions are risk of salvation. humanitarian access is being restricted.
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one of the biggest steps toward stabilizing libya hangs in the balance of the lead, is failed to agree on how to hold elections in december. talks in geneva ended in bitter disagreement. while trying to report from tripoli, because you've given rock dam human, after nearly a week of talks and negotiations in geneva, those taking part in the libyan political dialogue forum have failed to come to an agreement on a constitutional basis to hold elections in december. it is seen by many as yet another roadblock to bring instability to a country ravished by conflicts for more than a decade. it is regrettable dot. despite all the opportunities over a total of 5 days, there is still no common ground. the people will certainly feel let down as they still aspire to the opportunity to exercise
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their democratic rights in their presidential and parliamentary election on 24 december. the libyan political dialogue forum or l p d f. as a 75 member body created by the un support mission, it voted in the interim unity government in february, which was seen as a break through the interim government led by prime minister abdul hamid the waiver is leading the country until elections can be held in december, but with talks failing in geneva, some say it may mean the elections will be delayed, threatening chances of uniting the country for them is that most of the, yes, the elections may be spoke for months or until all sides reach a fair and rational consented to hold elections, but the opportunity is still there and time is still available. fits he for saga. the former minister of interior and a candidate running for president says there are those within the talks who don't
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want elections to happen. the libyan people awaiting the libyan paper in a very bad situation from the lack of basic services. and the only way to get out of this crisis is to have one government that is chosen by the libyan people. and what we saw in geneva is members looking for their own personal interest rather than the interest of the country. it's been a long and challenging road for the un support mission to get this far. building, local and international consensus on libya has been difficult. i ministerial conference in for lynn last month, a firm international consensus on libby at to hold elections in december. but its libyans themselves that have to agree on a framework to do that. and a statement earlier on saturday, the support mission said it encourages pdf members to consult among themselves and pursue a workable compromise and cement what unites them so that election can be held as scheduled. now latrina, algebra, tripoli,
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the imprisonment of former south african president, jacob's humor has been delayed by the constitutional court, which has agreed to hear his challenge from a joint hunter to support his own party home. okay, he was sentenced to 15 months in prison for failing to appear at a corruption inquiry. soon has our support to overturn the building. thank he can be exposed to cope with a team behind by a delegation from southern africa. the regional block is due to arrive and s a teeny, formerly known as fuzzy land. on a fact, finding mission reports, the dozens of people have been killed during weeks of protest against the king, alexia bryan reports the facilities, what he needs capital in bonnie patients who say they were shot by security forces . i went out to see what was happening and so the cars were on fire. we went to look at the supermarket which is also burning. but when i got
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there, the police chased, i just got back to my house when police arrived and they shot me. the videos like the hard to get the whole landlocked kingdom, formerly known as the lead internet and phone access have been sporadic since protests against the monarchy escalated this week. but opposition activists say dozens of people have been killed and injured for the dead. that currently, if the me to, to be a venti that have happened in the last forty's test of his mike, just clearing the war on, on civilians. quite grosse and never seen, you know, i used mama, the demonstrations began weeks ago what the opposition calling a tipping point for the nation. after decades,
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the struggle against africa's last absolute monarch, one of the few remaining in the world kingdom, quality controls parliament and the nation's finances. he's been criticized for using government funds to support at 15 wives and having extravagant tastes while most denise martini live in poverty. we're going to show them that this is going to be the republic of so i was almost like, you know, most speech. it's just me. why did you become everybody's during the weeks of protests, buildings were burnt and looted. the acting prime minister has visited some of the prophecies, estimating the cost of the damage at nearly $200000000.00. the government said that deployed the military to restore order and keep citizens safe. and dennis investigating allegations them injury. but the u. k and us have expressed they concern well neighboring south africa is urgent care. she forces to show restraint
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. the regional glock, static is now sending a fact finding mission her we call and set up to assist us one hold. he's much as be personally responsible for crimes. east 14, he relies heavily on sale. i forgot the most of the kingdoms, good to been queued for food and petro. after some truck drivers refused to cross the border, fearing they could be attacked. com appears to have returned for now. the 2 sides remain deeply divided, and ex o'brien al jazeera. and there was once a bustling city home to 40000 people, before armenian forces took it over 990 treat. it was then part of a buffer zone. 3 decades later, when as a buyer's on the horses entered stock. com, they found that deserted. and as russel sir doubt reports from them there append to revise it. a region in ruins. them was once
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a prosperity city. now it's barely recognizable, and most of it is in dreams. all along the mesh, ogden was one of the most advanced provinces of either by john. it was such a green city with fresh water from the surrounding mountains. it had a peculiar way of life, even had the theatre drama, hol, back in the 1900 thirty's. it was the hometown of world famous callers. you could find anything and it's bustling grand. bizarre. there were 10 big schools in the city. what as it by johnny and our new teachers were working together than the war started, i went armenian army kept them 3 decades ago. the heaviest light enforced the local population to fully east armenian forces destroyed some of its rod and buildings and use it as a buffer zone until they lost control of the city to be john in november last year . but as they retreated, they left behind more than
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a 100000 landlines. shortly after seizing control r b jump began a major clean up operation with the goal of making them inhabitable again. but that could take years further than eula, passionate about the chart america. we constructing a road from the town of bottom to the road. it's 45 kilometers long, that we full bridges over it and also the pipelines which will carry the water to them will be laid alongside the road. now we're flattening the road and sing. we will stop pouring cement despite all, if it's the work goes on slowly because this region as heavily mind, it's now a long and complex vote economy because but those are b jones gum and says it is determined to transform again territories like arg them into areas of high tech, the allotment, based on what is called the smart city concept. we have the master plan which was adopted. where, according to this plan, we're going to implement the
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a lot of the project concerning the road construction costs wanting to the utilities. and also the here where use the green energy, where use the contemporary rules technologist here like the in the width of technologies. so all of this work, what are the planning to do here? but that could be easier said than done with no basic facilities in police. it will remain a challenge for the government to attract people to come back. this city may be deserted, but it's not forgotten. and while and might not be inside for the 1st time in decades, ogden has hope. bristol sat there by john 155 to lay in the beginning, the huge task of rewriting the constitution. it will replace the one inherited from the piano ship dictatorship era. should i voted to overhaul the constitution after months of social unrest and as latin america ascendancy and human reports from
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santiago, their hopes of a more equal society. 66 year old, grassy red vs leaves her middle class apartment building to go to work. even though she's retired. she used to be a medical secretary, but the 200 dollars she receives from her pension obliges her to keep working. now, as a housemaid, fighting back tears, she explains, she can barely make ends meet, is also very painful finding yourself and the situation is not something that makes you happy. or just when you, when i dream of a more equal and generous chilly. everyone has a while to retire on a dignified pension. like the majority of julians, she blames her plate on a neo liberal economic system that was consecrated under a former dictator general who stopped the new chaise constitution. it was the brainchild of the so called chicago boys chilion,
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economists to study that the university of chicago under milton friedman who also met with no shame for years she, these extreme free market model was applauded. but today many describe it as savage capitalism. and when is the principal reasons the constitution needs rewriting? the visual would be the right to a decent public health quality education and a dignified pension, or all social rights at all model was unable to deliver. despite its grandiose promises, i think we'll move towards a more modern form of capitalism, of inclusion, to reduce the social and environmental divide. the majority of the delegates elected to rewrite the constitution, calling for free education, health, and higher pensions to be guaranteed by the state. they will was strict environmental rules and for communities to have priority over water rights rather than the agricultural sector. those who defend the current model warned that the
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new constitution will replace to stable economy with socialist populism. so property rights, independence of central bank. things like this, i think in are going to be weekend and we are going to go back to our full scale looking american type of the woman. so it's going to be very bad. where inside julia's historic congress building, which has been accommodated to fit the 155 convention delegates over the last 2 centuries. all of this country's constitutions were written by a small elite of men. this time it will be people from all walks of life, and that's not all. it will be 50 percent men and 50 percent women the 1st time anywhere in the world where a constitution is drafted with gender parity, can be the 1st time that julie's indigenous communities will be able to push for recognition and autonomy. equalization of abortion will also be high on the
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agenda could be fly ahead. yet there's little doubt even amongst the supporters that a new page will be turned on. chiles p. no, she era model to see and human al jazeera santiago. and don't forget, you can always find much more on our website. the address for that is al jazeera dot com. ah, and these are the top stories. a military plane has crashed in the philippines, killing at least 17 people. the government says it was trying to land on hollow island and province rescue teams is searching for survive is jamilla dog. and if a minute while we know at this point is that the c $130.00 of the philippine millet, she took off around 11 30 am local time from again to or.


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