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for those who managed to cross the border, say it's not because they have improved back home. they say to grass continue to be targeted because of their lives. and many prophecies are being reported and when they come to taking refuge conditions, here are the 2 greys regional government says it is ready for the fire outlining the key measures required to maintain peace and get aid into the the a either given l. this is l. their law from doha, coming up rescue operation on the way the philippine military plane crashes on her low island, giving at least $29.00 on board rally outside jacob's room as home
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as the former south africa, the president could plead his case after being felt guilty of content, the collateral damage around some where attacked targets one company, but the domino effect hundreds more factors around the world. ah, we begin with the ongoing crisis and ethiopia as northern to grier region, where the regional government says it is ready for a ceasefire. in a statement on twitter, the advisor to the president of to grier state, says the government, them on the full withdrawal of foreign troops from the region. calling on the us to investigate the field up in an era train leaders for what it called war crimes. and crimes against humanity into cry and allow the delivery of humanitarian aid and help with repair creation of displaced people. the regional government also wants
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to be offered government to restore tricity and internets. earlier the un chief says he'll accept nothing less than full humanitarian access to all of us to gray region. millions there are at risk of starvation. i'll be off. the government is accused of destroying infrastructure, blocking crucial aid from getting through to brian forces. we took the regional capital mikaela on monday, after fighting with the government forces and their allies for months. i'm deeply concerned with the present situation in t grey. it is essential to have a real fire and the real fire paving the way for a dialogue able to bring the political solution to the presence of foreign troops is an aggravating factor of confrontation. and at the same time,
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full human italian excess and restrictive humanity in excess must be guaranteed to the whole territory. catherine soy is live for us now in your v as capital at saba . so tell us, catherine, the regional government has come back with its conditions for a ceasefire. tell us more about these conditions and what are the chances that the regional government, sorry, that the central government will respond favorably to those? well yes, we have seen that statement by the to grand leadership, a t p alas, to grand people liberation i'm front is a very heavily wooded, very strong statement and it's in line with what we have been hearing from the spokesman all the time to read who has been speaking to us and basically saying that p p less is open to respecting the society or declared by the government on monday. but with this conditions that you talked about,
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he said that every trend and horses from the neighboring on how to we don't, must leave gray region. he says that people must be held accountable to the atrocities . that's what committed against against the grand since the war started. and he says that the un has to pull an independent investigate to be ben. those found culpable of this atrocities has been forwarded to the international criminal court . he also says that the basic services must be resumed in 3rd grade as we speak. they still know electricity. power lines have been cut off. they know telecommunication. a telephone line has been cut off as well. they've no banking services. banks are not operating as we speak, infrastructure has been destroyed. so the leadership saying that some of these basic services must, must be resumed. he also says that there has to be an independent
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international body formed to truck these conditions and to make sure that everything in there is implemented. now we're waiting to hear the government reaction. but we have also been speaking to government officials who are saying that t p last leadership and it's for, it must adhere to this, the fire that was declared, things are going to move the government officials a saying also blaming that grand forces of destroying some of this infrastructure we've been talking about, catherine, the government has also been accused of blocking aid by destroying that infrastructure. so what's the latest in terms of efforts to get humanitarian, a 2 civilians? like i said, the government here has also been accusing that the grand forces of destroying infrastructure. in fact, when we spoke to the state, minnesota all foreign affairs read one of many sorts of foreign affairs.
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he told us that some of the government engineers were sent to see guy to fix some of this infrastructure, some of this telephone line they were killed. and many people, many government workers, many engineers are afraid to return to few grow to fix some of this problem. but as you mentioned, it's very, very challenging for aid work because to do their job right now. the s space is not yet open, the government says they're going to open the ass space to humanitarian flights as soon as possible. no timing have been given on this infrastructure has been broken, destroyed by all sides. depending on who you ask, a 2 main bridges important supply line to west them to grow, for example, have been destroyed. so a lot of aid workers saying that's all this needs to be asked to be open,
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aid needs to get to, to grass soon as possible, and they need to be allowed to access, especially to a know, far flung villages. we're being told that fighting is going on in some parts and ada because really say that they must get to the people who need a most as quickly as possible and safely as possible. thank you very much for that to katherine soy across developments from other some of a military transport plane has crashed in the philippines, killing at least 29 people. the c 130 aircraft was trying to land on her long island in salute. province. so far, 40 of those on board have be rescued. search crews are looking for any other survivors. let's speak to jamila allan doug, and who is in manila, just bring us up to speed. what's the latest? well, it's easily now fully being seen as one of the worst cases of military accidents or crashes. in recent philippine history, there have been around 3 c,
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130 accidents based on available data. but what we know, as of this point, is that around 11 30 am local time. this the $130.00, which was commissioned and was handed over to the philippine air force in february took off from the airport, the guy and the order, which is one of the biggest cities also in mindanao carrying about 92 people. 85 of them were soldiers. it landed, but it has been described as the airplane it figured in a landing mishap in the whole law. according to the secretary of defense rescue operations rescue and retrieval operations are under way. we've been c, terrible pictures of the crash sites, but the government is still hopeful that there will still be more survivors that may be pulled out from the wreckage. at this point, according to also the government rescue rescue planes are now well on their
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way. and those who have been retrieved are taken to the most the closest military station hospital in law. those who are believed to be more critical will be taken to the $1.00 to $50.00. now for those who do not understand this, hello, it's actually area. this is the most militarized area. in the southern philippines, there are thousands of troops rotated, they're constantly, it may be as small runway, but c $130.00 is constantly land here for supplies and true rotations. we've been told that the ones that have been flown came from the 4th infantry division in also another part of mindanao. and they were on their way for another to duty when the accident actually happened. right. thank you for that. up the jamila and organ. in manila supported the former south african president, jacob zoom are expected to rally for him that a show of solidarity. zoom is facing 15 months in jail after the form of data was
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found to be in contempt of court. however, the constitutional court has agreed to hear his plea to reduce that sentence. duma has said he can't serve jail sentence as he too old and has bad health. it's called like not to read a miller. for me, how is this going to play out? will his appeal be heard but but could he still face arrest me? he very much still does face arrest. the african police have said that that order by the constitutional poor tuesday then, and that is the instruction that they would follow. so the former president has until midnight tonight, that's been 5 days since the judgment to hand himself into police. and if he doesn't do that, they likely will issue a risk warrant to arrest the former president. but just yesterday he spoke to some of the supporters within the bandler residents in northern natal saying
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that there's absolutely no way that he's going to hand himself over to police. and instead, he has filed an application to be heard by the court to say that's imprisonment aboard the question that, of course, is one of jurisdiction if the high court can rule on an order given by the constitutional court, which is the highest court in the land and it can be appealed, and in one of these other legal processes, the former president doesn't pen going back to the constitutional court of accepted that application to make a plea around the sentence he's been given. and that even that judgement, as you pointed out, saying that he's, he's too old. he's also cited 19 as one of these concerns. but just in the last day, we fill the form of prison and emerge from his residence and walk through a massive crowd of people not wearing a mosque, no social distance thing. so it would be interesting to see how that plays out at the constitutional court specifically,
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but also what happens in the next couple of days when police on the instruction to arrest the former president. he's expected to address people later today. for now. thank you, that for me to middle still ahead on al jazeera, the elaborate line, both sides could be shedding more life and corruption and thailand. egypt in saddam request and urgent meeting of the un security council affair impulse with a continued efforts grant renee from stan project ah ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored my cattle airways. the still risk of lance lives in japan because it's been so much right and haven't
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exactly stopped as a satellite almost covering home show. this is the aftermath of the landslide. the final on the vicious one, just the southwest of tow kept the st. mary's at risk with the rains and become lighter. and we'll do that in the forecast is that the orange shows or the heavy rain, his more or less heading towards south korea. rosalyn han shoot, but it's not bone dry for you. the chinese end over the yank seized looking fairly wet, but this as anything moving slowly north, not leaving most of the southern china, but for a few. thunderstorms mostly dry once more, and t o q and the take us, he's a little bit a light rain but not heavy rain for both monday and tuesday. the monsoon rain been so active in the northeast of indian bags as continues in that same vein that our showers elsewhere, particularly in the western gaps or from go a size was. but in rochester, now sir, dallied most of pakistan apart from occasionally, thunderstorms. we are talking about still the excessive pre monsoon heat. the
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monsoon rains had not broken here. the forecast, the whole maintains that level of high temperatures, the records $46.00. you have just $3060.00 above average with occasional thunderstorm sponsored pay cut on airways. ah, i'll just need to, are they going to left the middle east and build remarkable likable findings in germany of the united states? yet, never forgetting that homelands are the rock and palestine inspiring human stories around the world. the designer of the atomic cycle now, which is here. oh,
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the me. watching al jazeera on camping out the reminder about top stories, this all rise regional government says it is ready for a safe spot if foreign troops withdraw from the station, it also wants us to investigate ethiopian and eritrea leaders what he calls war crimes, crimes against humanity to growing a military plane has crashed in the philippines, killing at least 29 people. the c 130 went down on a hollow island in the province, the defense ministry. so the plane missed the runway. suppose is a former south african president, jacob drew about already for him and a show of solidarity facing 15 months in jail, form a lead. it was found to be in contempt of court. however, the constitutional court has agreed to his claim to reduce that if
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you will be a federal government says it's withdrawn from the tick ry region to focus on threats to its grant. renee on them, the 2nd filling of the day mr. to be completed this month, but talk to reach an agreement with sudan in egypt, have failed to produce results. at their request, the issue will be discussed next week at an urgent session of the united nations security council. have a morgan reports from out for chicago near the board with if you appeal when rebel sees the to grand capital this week, this european government said that was because it had withdrawn its forces. it says it needs them to focus on other threats to the country. when did you ma by? you don't just go to the goal of declaring a cease fire in the to gray region is to neutralize the danger of the 2 great people's liberation front and withdraw military equipment from there. because the region does not currently pose a threat to the country. the exit of the army from too great is one of the steps to address the external threats to the renee sounds damn and fill the gaps. the
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renaissance dam is built, the blue nile source of 80 percent of the miles waters. it's set to become africa. the largest hydro electric them upon completion is u. p. s, as it's hopeless, millions of people out of poverty, but talks to reach an agreement with the downstream country, sudan, and egypt over the damp filling and operation have repeatedly failed. joint military drills between piano, egypt dubbed the guardians of the nile, have race concerns. egypt is worried about the amount of water it will get when the damage failed. and to dance says it's concerned about the impact, the dam will have on its own dams, especially one name to say with which lies 100 kilometers away from the guard. he said the whole city is dumb, has the capacity of 7000000000 cubic meters, and the renaissance done has the capacity of 74000000000 cubic meter. you can't operate the 2 down without that information sharing agreement that is legally binding, which we needs to guarantee the safety and operation of our dams to ensure farmers compliant crop. it's not the only security issue in europe has been facing in the
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region since november. it's been locked in the border conflict with sedan over elfish ago, a 3000 square kilometer agricultural air, yet claimed by both sides of colonial era agreement put and push it got as part of to them. but if you can, pharmacy it belongs to them, and they've been farming on it. 2050 years talks to end the border conflict between sudan and if you have faults in december for dance, says it once. if you have to abide by the 19 or 2 boundaries and increase the number of markers along the border, if you'll be s as it wants to do these troops to withdraw from him for sugar, for any thoughts of negotiations to resume a condition rejected by sudan the border conflict has cost lives on both sides. some analysts say a full confrontation is not completely off with people, with all of the tensions across the sudan if you're in border. these include the negotiations of the grand ethiopian renee on stam, the conflict over fresh go farm lens,
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as well as some tension over areas further south. but along the border, sudan and ethiopia have had a rocky set of relations in recent months. so, you know, the way this then react, unclear is yes. the grand rebels have rejected the sea flyer announced by the government after taking over the northern region from the federal forces and whether its troops or south of pig right or left on their own. there's no denying that they are unresolved issues, that if you use troops may need to focus on people. morgan all to 0 alpha sugar bodies to dam. libby is high, electro commission has promised fair and credible infections on december. the 24th, despite doubts that the vote can go ahead as planned. the elections were agreed as part of the country's peace process. the un sponsored talks in geneva ended on saturday without an agreement on how to organize them. iraqi forces say the disabled 3 bombs intended to blow up electricity towels outside the city of mosul.
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there have been several attacks on power plants across the rock and recent days. the 7 people have been killed. i'm the head report from back that attacks on tricity facilities in many areas of iraq has increased. at recently, dozens of public us opperation have been reported since the beginning of this year . and especially recently with the heat wave hitting in many areas, especially in central and southern provinces of iraq. the problem is accepted bated and no group has claimed responsibility yet over the recent attacks. but last week i still, according to the popular mobilization forces, i said claimed responsibility for an attack. not to think that some of our power plant noticed that now the electricity crisis in iraq has triggered a demonstration and anger in many areas and in many govern rate. angry put
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us have been taken to the great thing. and through deciding the government, in fact, they say that the government is not doing enough to provide electricity for the people. on the other hand, the ministry of interior is conducting operations using ruins, to protect our facilities, and to prevent any possible sabotaged operations. there have been more big protests in brazil demanding president gyal sonata step down, and allegedly corrupt vaccine deal has added to anger about the way the government is having grown of ours pandemic. as monica young reports from rio de janeiro, tens of thousands of brazilians took to the street for the 3rd time in 5 weeks. to me, they've been calling present jadem ball. so now was impeachment. the accused him of scorning health measures to contain the coven 19 outbreak,
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allowing the virus to spread and kill more than 520000 people. ah, we still have the world's 2nd largest cove in 1900 or after the united states, while americans have more than enough fact seems to go around. brazilians are sadly lacking with less than 13 percent of its population fully inoculated. here he bade, says, are 42 year old brother would be alive if the government had not refused to buy the $70000000.00 vaccines. pfizer offered last year. i'm lost the 1000000 mole. my brother's death last march could have been avoided. we found out that the government could have vaccinated thousands of people earlier, but chose not to because the president said the disease was a little flu. now we find out there was also corruption. for the past 2 months, a senate committee has been investigating the government's handling of the pandemic . last week, the probe took a turn for the 1st time raising suspicion at some bolts and allies and health
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ministry insiders may be involved in a corruption scheme to buy over price vaccines from india. on friday, the supreme court authorized the opening of investigation into both scenarios. response. the president is being accused of dereliction of duty since he was warned of a legit irregularities in the deal, but did not tell the federal police. growing discontent with the government resulted in a nationwide protest calling for bill. so now impeachment this time, opponents have new ammunition until the protesters of accused president wilson of downplaying, the bars of delaying the roll out of the sea. now they're saying it's not denial. it's corruption. more than 120 impeachment requests have been submitted. none of them have move forward because both sonata still has enough support in
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congress. and also on the street where he has led 3 motor bike rally. the president's popularity has taken a severe blow. his approval rate has fallen to record 23 percent putting at risk also, not us hope of being reelected next year. monica not give all just 0. rio de janeiro . at least 3 people were killed as tropical soc phone also battered the southern coast of haiti and the dominican republic when gone up to 110 kilometers and i hit the region on saturday. that's my phone's been downgraded to a tropical storm, but it's still packing. strong winds. storm was on course to hit other parts of the caribbean and the united states east coast in the next few days. rain is slowing research for survivors of a landslide in japan. rescue teams are looking for 20 people missing in the coastal city of a tommy southwest tokyo. these 2 people are not have died. one thought to be
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one of the biggest ransomware cyber attacks has hit as many as $1000.00 businesses worldwide. they include swedish supermarket giant coops, which had to temporarily coast $800.00 stores. hackers broke into a u. s. i t company that provide system and security management services to companies. ransomware attacks involved data being locked away until money is paid to release it. this one is being blamed on a shadowy syndicate that forth, they need supply to pay 11000000 dollars last month. another group targeted a u. s. fuel pipeline disrupting supplies until $4400000.00 with paid much of that money has since been recovered. catalina gone to is an assistant professor and private law ad maastricht university and co manager of maastricht law and tech lab . she says, cyber attacks have increased since people started working from home during the pandemic. it is really shocking to hear that once more there is such
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a disruptive attack that has been really taking all of these companies by surprise . the reason why these attacks are increasing is because cyber crime is a very highly profitable and very common type of activity on the internet nowadays, especially in the light of the fact that a lot of companies have had to digitalized and further digitalized their activities . also due to the pandemic. so some estimates put an increase of around 15 percent every single year until perhaps we are going to reach in 2025, a market for these kind of cyber crimes of around 10 trillion dollars. so you can imagine that it is very, very profitable for, for criminals to get engaged in such activities. the problem here is to legal uncertainty. so we have to 2 considerations that we can reflect upon. so on the one hand, cyber crime has been generally considered under the ambit under the umbrella of ok . is this an act of war? is this group based on country x that is really targeting the activities of
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countries a, b, c. and this is particularly important if we're speaking about essential operators. so we have seen a lot of gas companies and we have seen a lot of health care institutions really be affected by this. so it is very hard to not talk about this particular public interest. i mention and also this of rain, it's implications that come with such an activity being considered an act of war. us president joe biden is spending part of the july 4th holiday weekend, encouraging people to get back to next week. he's been in michigan to highlight the countries progress against coven. 19 it's part of a nationwide americans back together to more than half the us population has been vaccinated. but the government will not submitted the goal of inoculating 70 percent by july. the 4th. the installation of elaborate new street lamps and thailand has prompted a corruption investigation. some local councils have spent millions of dollars on the land posts. tony chang reports from some pack home. this darkness falls in
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a small residential neighborhood. street lamps, flicker on to light the gloom. the street lamps have popped up all over neighborhoods in the tide. province of similar con, each one is adorned with a mythical. being the cannery half woman, half beast, all has been living here all his life. he's thrilled the narrow path beside his house on the canal is now well lit, but he's concerned about the expense. each lamp post is reported to have cost more than $3000.00 us dollars. back. to be honest, i think it's a bit pricey. i think it will be nice if we can take some of the budget they spent on the lights and spend it on something more useful. on the back streets close to bank cox, international airport. the lights have an evasion thing. these lamps are reported to cost even more. the model airplanes alone, costing nearly a $1000.00 an extravagance for
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a small rural road. the local governments currently under investigation and had concerns about kickbacks. in the procurement process. they've spent more than 10 percent of their annual budget on st. lights alone. outside the district office sits the mess convertible sports car, which he says he owned before he got the job. and he says he has nothing to hide money god about. we are more than happy to help facilitate the investigation. we took the investigators to see the lights. they already checked every single light and they are looking into the procurement process. and i think that my office followed every guideline in the book that maybe, you know, if you don't, when you host the satirical new show called shallow news in depth of like the corruption scandals are common theme for women. belong valencia. i think it's very sad. the news about the corruption has become something so common in this country, reports about officials picking, bribed, and money. it's not something new for tie people anymore. down here they recently
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installed $35.00 of the shiny new lamp posts at a conservative cost estimate of $3000.00 a piece. that means the local government has spent a $105000.00 us dollars on lighting a dead end. single tract road with thailand experiencing its worst economic downturn to 30 years. it seems strange to be investing so much in street life, but at least the birds now have someone to perch and in light to guide them home. tony cheng al jazeera summit, pecan thailand. ah, val just there on tim vanelle and these are the top stories to guys regional government says it is ready for these 5 if foreign troops withdraw from the states . it also wants us to investigate ethiopian and eritrea and leaders. what.


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