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and out of mind on al jazeera talk to al jazeera, we roam, did you want the un to take? and his stop to we listen, see the whole infrastructure and being totally destroyed. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on our sierra. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm sammy say that the news out live from don't coming up in the next 60 minutes. july opens a convention to rewrite the constitution inherited from long time 3 rule of gusto finish k. to grind rebels condition to seize fire with the c o p and government must include a troop withdrawal and the un investigation. thousands killed after military
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transport plane misses the runway and crushes and the southern philippines. and the new h i. v drug begins distribution in africa. it's being described as a game changer for treating babies and children and in sport match the stuff and has won the austrian girl and pray the dutch driver extending his lead in the race to win the former one well championship. ah, july is writing a new chapter in its democracy. an unprecedented convention in the capital santiago is meeting to officially begin the drafting of a new constitution. it will replace the current document which was written on the august the pin, the chaise dictatorship for decades ago. the reforms follow bumps of protests that began in 2019 many blame the existing social inequalities to the old
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constitution. and talk to daniel shrine, lay his life for us in one of cyrus in neighboring argentina. and daniel is, it's just not possible for over stay how much of a huge turning point this is into lays history, right? that's right. i mean, this is absolutely huge. you said unprecedented. they're getting on the way about now an hour or so late because they did, they didn't know the protocol. it see, they would know designated seats for the $155.00 delegates. they didn't have the was organized for the swearing in ceremony. so this is all a great on know, and i mean people, they're very excited. this is the culmination of a long process that began in 2019, when the thousands of people took to the streets to demonstrate extensively for a rise in transport affairs. but it was much more than that. this was the
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capitalist. busy of the years and years of decades of people feeling excluded from the democratic. the political process venting their frustrations their anger. and they've come to this point now off to revote last october, to agree the format for this constitutional assembly. and then boats in, in may not last month to choose the $155.00 delegates, but they all from all areas of july. and society says gender parity, they've ensured that 78 men, 77 women, 17 of the seats have been designated for chiles. indigenous communities. people with disabilities, the l g b t q, community, all hoping to be represented. all people who felt excluded by that constitution. you mentioned imposed in 1980 during the pin a shade regime. but it so when you were on charlotte territory. so there's a lot of discussions now going to take place in the next 9 months, possibly a year. it can be extended by 3 months to decide what that constitution should look
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like, who will be included? what kind of coalitions alliances will be formed, because there are no clear major groups here. 2 thirds of the delegates must approve any of the articles that go into the constitution. but there are 65 of these candidates for these delegates who come from independent groups, people not affiliated to the traditional political parties. so lots of play for those discussions to go on in the next 9 months to one year, but very exciting times in chile. so a new constituent assembly with new political forces, a lot of independents. how much of the procedures have been established, take us through how it's going to work. what might even have not been established yet that still to be debated? as i mentioned, they didn't even know where they were going to be sitting, which is one of the reasons why they started late. but each of the articles that
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will be discussed, we're talking about a complete overhaul of the political economic social system here. each of the articles must be approved by 2 thirds of those 155 delegates, the biggest grouping here that aligned to the rights of censor governing party. they only have $37.00 seats. the not enough to impose a veto on anything approved by the rest of the delegates. so there's going to be a lot of alliance is form coalitions form discussions behind the scenes about how this is going to come about. it's really a great unknown and also a fairly short time, 9 months to a year to over a whole the complete constitution of a country that's been in place for 40 years for 41 years. that's going to be difficult. but i say, i think the, the energy is that the fact that people who weren't previously involved in politics have got involved in politics. so could ordinary people, ordinary citizens involved in this. so really a lot of debates,
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a lot of discussions and discovery about how these protocols will work in the next few months. thanks so much damn new shrine, la val. let's now look at how she lays constitutional reforms came about in the 1st place of the existing constitution, as we mentioned, was drafted in 1980 under former military ruler. gusto penis k support to say kept chiles economy strong by keeping business is largely out of government control. but many see it as the source of deepening income and social inequality that led to mass protest in 2019 the following year. and overwhelming majority of people voted in favor of constitutional reforms in a referendum, and in may for the 1st time in chiles history. a coalition of lawyers, teachers, journalists, as well as representatives of indigenous groups, were elected to be part of a 155 member group that will draft the new constitution. on martha
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laggers is a political analyst and the founding director of latino barometer row, a public opinion think tank, joins us on skype from santiago, good to have you with us. so 1st of all, with decisions as we understand that need, they need to be made by 2 thirds majority. there is no one political force that has a 2 thirds or even a one 3rd number of seats in the constituent assembly. how easy is it going to be to reach an agreement or to even direct discussions? well, 1st that it hasn't been easy to get here. so anyone who thinks this is going to be a smooth ride is not being very realistic. i think it's going to be rough, but not so rough that it can't be accomplished when you, when you tried to break the rules of the past and you tried to set new rules, there are people who lose. and those who lose lose power,
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lose positions lose their position in society and politics. well, they are going to be against. and this is what it's all about. it's about redistributing power and about making changes possible. as the 1980 constitution is being precisely drafted away because with that constitution it was impossible to change. the constitution was drafted in such a way that the staff, the school was the the way to go about the maximum minimums, to approve any reforms were so high that it could not be reached by any reasonable political inequality is a very complicated issue. is a new constitution alone, the solution for that? well, no, i think it's a start. institutions need to be stronger. the state needs to be stronger.
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tax reform needs to be bigger. people have to pay more taxes and we need a social guarantees. of course, the constitution will set the framework for this to, to happen and it probably will take a decade to produce the changes that are going to be fasted. designed by this 155 people. so i think that this is, this is what we're looking at. we're looking at the start of the, of the new way of doing things. and many people are thinking, this is, this is a way of today. the 4th of july is the day of our new independent independence from those control power outside democratic elections. this is the problem, those who control the political and the economic power without having to compete in election looking at the starting point where the last constitution comes from
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a very extreme positional towards market freedoms market orientation. is it safe to say that whatever this constituent assembly produces, it's going to move the country towards the left. well, if you find that germany is left and that the european countries, norway, sweden, benmark, are left. yes. of course. the thing is that people don't realize what being right here means when 5 families control 20 percent of the of the country's product. then you have a country that is in the pocket of a few people. all we want is a democracy, a real democracy, with social guarantees. no more than what any central european country today has.
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if you find that that is less, yes, we're moving left. all right, good to get your thoughts. thank you so much, monica lycos. thank you to cry and forces say they're ready for these far talk to the c o. p. s. federal government. as long as certain conditions, a mat to ryan people liberation front, posted a statement on twitter, demanding a full withdrawal of foreign troops from the region. they also want a un investigation into ethiopia and its era trained allies for legit war crimes and crimes against humanity. their calling for unhindered deliver delivery rather of humanitarian aid. with the repeal pat creation of displaced people and they want the primary tab, athens government to restore electricity and internet services in t grey. earlier the un secretary general antonia with tad said he'll accept nothing less than full humanitarian access to all of the grey. molten 4 100000 people are
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in famine and nearly 2000000. others are on the brink of salvation. on monday, i've asked my government dakota to seize file, which was dismissed by the t p. i left the fighters captured the regional capital, michaela, and there are reports of continued violence. i am deeply concerned with the present situation in the great it is essential to have a real fire and the real fire facing the way for a dialogue able to bring the political solution to the presence of foreign troops is a negative fighting factor of confrontation and at the same time, full human italian excess and restrictive humanitarian excess must be guaranteed to the whole territory. katherine saw is live for us from adis abba. so catherine, 1st of all, all the t p l f pre conditions for talks really does that mean?
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it's gonna be very hard for any kind of negotiated resolution to take place here. while this statement by the grand forces has, is very strongly wooded, and a lot of the pins are high about cautious me hope that these opens a window to a political dialogue. the whole thing that both sides, the federal government administration of i be prime minister, i'll be on that. and the t p last leadership are going to set aside their hotline positions and seats and, you know, agree to the sci fi so that at least humanitarian aid can get to those from media most. so what's the p p? leadership is demanding apart from the withdrawal of retrans troop and european forces. if you will be and fighters from the neighboring, i'm her region that you know, the t p life is also demanding that the government recognized the t p less
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leadership as a to lead lead you to make a left said a regional government of the right told to demanding that bands who have been detained by the government to be released, those who have been forced to exiled to be allowed to come back. as you mentioned in that, into the also demanding that the basic services like electricity and telecommunications lines be restored. communication can go on unhindered, especially for a worker, and they're also demanding that apart from the you, when forming this investigative, to investigate atrocities that have been committed in 3rd grade. since this conflicts started in november, there should be another international body formed to really truck and make sure that this demands this issues are implemented. now we haven't heard any response
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from the government. prime minister, i'll be going to be addressing parliament tomorrow, monday to discuss national issues. he may also be discussing a t grew moto se. parliamentarians are going to be asking questions by 30 difficult to see how the government is going to accept some of the month. for example, it has already enabled p p, a laugh and it's horses, terrorist organization. so for the government to come back and legitimize d p last. and the leadership of the guy is basically a meeting defeat. but a lot of, if your kids are cautiously hopeful that this perhaps is the beginning of an open a political dialogue. but also saying that the 2 sides should prove the hotline positions aside a lease to enable the reason to be open to, to mandatory and help. thanks so much, katherine, sorry. of the conflict integra comes at
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a time when relations between ethiopia and his neighbors have salad over a damn p as locks in a years long dispute over the trans renaissance project with egypt and sudan. they want the dispute to be discussed at the un security council meeting. have a morgan report from godaddy and sedan. when rebel sees the grand capital this week, this european government said that it was because it had withdrawn its forces. it says it needs them to focus on other threats to the country. when did you ma by? you don't just go to the goal of declaring a cease fire. and the to gray region is to neutralize the danger of the 2 great people's liberation front and withdraw military equipment from there. because the region does not currently pose a threat to the country. the exit of the army from too great is one of the steps to address the external threats to the renee sounds damn and fill the gaps. the renaissance dam is built on the blue nile source of 80 percent of the miles waters . it's set to become africa,
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the largest hydro electric down upon completion. if you says it's help lift millions of people out of poverty. but talk through, we can agreement with the downstream country, sudan, and egypt over the damp filling and operation have repeatedly failed. joint military drills between piano and egypt dubbed the guardians of the nile have raced concerns. egypt is worried about the amount of water it will get when the damage failed. and so dan says it's concerned about the impact, the dam will have on its own dams, especially one name to say res, which lies 100 kilometers away from the guard. he said the whole city is dumb, has the capacity of 7000000000 cubic meters, and the renaissance done has the capacity of 74000000000 cubic meter. you can't operate the 2 down without the information sharing agreement that is legally binding, which we need to guarantee the safety and operation of our dams to ensure farmers compliant crop. it's not the only security issue if europe has been facing in the region since november,
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it's been locked in the border conflict with the damn over elfish ago. a 3000 square kilometer agricultural air, yet claimed by both sides a colonial era agreement. with that as part of to them. but if you can pharmacy it belongs to them and they've been farming on it for nearly 50 years. talks to end the border conflict between sedan and if you have thought since december for dances, it was if you to abide by the 19 or 2 boundaries and increase the number of markers along the border. if you'll be s, as it was put in these troops to withdraw from sugar for any thoughts of negotiations to resume a condition rejected by sudan. the border conflict has cost lives on both sides. some analyst fee, a full confrontation is not completely off with people. with all of the tensions across the sedan ethiopian border, these include the negotiations of the grandees open, renee on stem, the conflict over fresh ago farm lens as well as some tension over areas further south. but along the border, sit down and you have had
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a rocky set of relations in recent months. so, you know, the way this is clear as the grand rebels have rejected the sea flyer announced by the government after taking over the northern region from the federal forces and whether its troops, purplish south of pig, right, or left on their own, there is no denying that they are unresolved issues, that if you of your troops may need to focus on people morgan august 0, alpha omega, go bodies to them. fancy mall still ahead on the news out, including one of the largest ransomware attacks in the history hit hundreds of businesses across the world. wildfires rage across parts of canada, off the lightning strikes and record breaking have way balance forward. it took many 5 decades, but the milwaukee box saw back in the n b a finals. i've been here with that to worry. ah,
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a minute for plane has crashed in the philippines, killing at least 45 people. the see one for cross went down on joel island, that's in sort of province. it was carrying soldiers to reinforce positions against the i will say, yeah, the group as an armed group that's in fighting from the government for decades. the defense ministry says the playing missed the wrong way, and the investigation will begin once recovery efforts have finished. john and donovan reports from manila while it's easily now slowly being seen as one of the worst cases of military accidents or crashes. in recent philippine history, there have been around 3 c, 130 accidents based on available data. but what we know at this point is that there around 11 30 am local time. this c $130.00, which was commissioned and was handed over to the philippine air force in february took off from the airports of the and the order,
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which is one of the biggest cities also in mindanao, carrying about 92 people. 85 of them were soldiers. it landed, but it has been described as the aeroplane it figured in a landing mishap in whole lot. according to the secretary of defense rescue operations rescue and retrieval operations are under way. we've been c, terrible pictures of the crash site, but the government is still hopeful that there will still be more survivors that need be pulled out from the wreckage. at this point, according to also the government rescue, rescue planes are now well on their way. and those who have been received and taken to the mode where the closest military station hospital in law, those who are believed to be more critical will be taken to the one to 50. now for those who do not understand this, hello, it's actually area. this is the most militarized area in the southern philippines,
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there are thousands of troops rotated, they're constantly, it may be as small runway, but c 130 is constantly land here for supplies and through rotations. now south africa is former president jacob zoom as ours left to turn himself in or face to rest. but before that he's been rallying supporters who gathered outside his home. last week, he was found guilty of contempt of court for failing to appear before a corruption inquiry faces 15 months in prison. go live to for me to mila in. in candler outside, zoom is home. so what is his message been? he spoke to the supporters gathered here, saying that he draws strings from their prison also asked them how would police get to him if the support is out? and we know that's really been a demonstration in his favor. that it's
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a very tricky situation for police to deal with in that you have, we've had thousands of people out to supporting the former president saying they absolutely refused for him to be arrested. and that's what police have had to deal with the issues around the safety and the potential for any tension and violence. how many of them have left? we do know that members of the, the, of the veterans, the military veterans of the doing of the a and c will remain overnight. they say to protect the president, were expecting him to address the media, specifically in the next hour or so. but when he spoke earlier, he maintained his innocence, saying he had done nothing wrong. and he pointed the finger at the commission of inquiry into corruption as well as the former public protect, blaming them for the position he finds himself in. now, rather than the legal choices he's made in the last few months where he refused to
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testify at the commission, he said i'd never refused. all i wanted was for the judge presiding over that commission to accuse himself because of the relationship we've had in the past. it's, it's been a very difficult situation before the court to deal with. we know that the former president will go back to the high court this coming week to try and get a stay of imprisonment. but that's only if the high court has the jurisdiction to rule on a judgement made by the highest court in the land. that's the constitutional court, which can't be appealed. so police say, as it stands, they are prepared to arrest the former president in the next 3 days. if that's what needs to happen, if he doesn't hand himself over tonight and we know that's not going to happen. he said, so several times. so clarify the situation for us because we go all of these
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legal process is still ongoing, and yet the still is this midnight deadline, right. so how things going on and follow the he's going to go in midnight and try and arrest him. well, he's had since that judgment was handed down 5 days ago to hand himself over. if that doesn't happen, police, they would likely obtain a warrant of a risk to risk the former president within 3 days of that, he's going to the high court to try and prevent that. a, his of a nother constitutional court application where he wants them to resend the judgement. they've made certainly change that sentence or reduce it at the very least. he in the document submitted to the court has said that he's too old and he and has health concerns with an imprisonment of 15 months would effectively
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be a dead symptom. the police have said that nothing's changed for them. the last instruction they had was from the constitutional court, ordering them to arrest the former president, if he doesn't hand himself over effectively by midnight. tonight, people here say they'll continue returning to include lots of support and protect the former president. and it's clear he's relying on that kind of support to some sort of bargaining chip because they is that concern, the wrong tensions. all right, thanks so much for me. the miller, iraqi forces say they've disabled 3 bombs intended to block electricity towers outside most all. there have been several attacks on power plants across the rock in recent days. at least 7 people have been killed. smoother. the law had reports from bank that attacks on tricity facilities in many areas of iraq has increased recently, dozens of public operations have been reported since the beginning of this year.
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and especially recently with the heat wave hitting in many areas, especially in central and southern provinces of iraq. the problem is accepted bated and no group has claimed responsibility yet was the recent attacks. but last week, i still, according to the popular mobilization courses, i said claimed responsibility for an attack. i think the sum of power plant. notice that now the electricity crises in iraq has to get a demonstration and anger in many areas and in many govern rate. angry put us have been taken to streets, you know, and things and criticizing the government. in fact, they say that the government is not doing enough to provide electricity for the
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people. on the other hand, the ministry of interior, it's conducting operations using ruins, to protect our facilities, and to prevent any possible sabotaged operations. still ahead on al jazeera as fans return to football stadiums per euro. 2020 concerns rise over a new surgeon for a virus infection. brazilians vent their anger against president charitable son. our now accused of corruption over a vaccine deal. and in sport, messy mood, a winning his 1st may just hi paul with argentina. ah . the son of heat in the re, been golf maybe in peninsula and around. the rock in particular,
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came up early this year. it has been hovering around record high level ever since the 46 baghdad that you've been seen, a drop and 14 q weights, bit of a drop. but notice 40 in tehran and nothing to relieve. there are a few showers in the maintenance man, possibly in south saudi or tidies active weather around the black sea for northern part of turkey. but you see the dark red where the real heat has been spent just across the border into western iraq. we saw 50 degrees there just yesterday. now obviously it starts halt. it gets really hot by the end of the day. so that was the change in the color from door, but overnight is pretty warm too. and when the wind drops as its doing see it ran, doha was 38 humid degrees. most is his dry heat hot, but rather bearable the trans full cost at 40 takes it very close to recorded. hi, sir. recorded in july, which is in fact for the year, the hottest month, but they are just 34 so you know what, above average, as well, not much change very much. the monsoon, which is keeping the monte curse cooler,
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also, keeps the somali case cool. 26 margaret issue brings a little bit array, but the bigger house are in the safe in highlands. the canon image represent the truth or merely mimic the perception of the beholder behind the camera. preconceptions, one sided imagery, reclaiming narrative, and the trauma of colonialist ation. and it lingering legacy delicately addressed as a weapon to make a scene in the democratic republic of congo, film, and not a witness documentary on our award winning programming from international. so make one quick so.


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