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schools and shelters of been reduced to rubble. how do you think the shapes of generation and their policy in life has been shipped by vitamin some conflict inside story on our jazeera ah ah, a partially collapsed building in the us state of florida has been demolished before a tropical storm makes land for the alarm down, jordan, this now they are alive and also coming up doesn't survive the same crash in the philippines. the military has not grounded other c 130
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and i'm sorry to sell africa defiant. former president jacob humor challenges his 15 love, jail term contempt from starting a company in a garage to becoming the richest man in the world. what's next project phase off stepping down to the theo of amazon. ah, 11 days off to an apartment building in florida partially collapsed. what was left of the structure has now been demolished me. the plan was to destroy what remained of the theft side. apartments named miami were brought forward in the region. braces, a tropical storm, which is expected to reach the florida coast on tuesday. the authorities say the demolition will help search and rescue efforts. 24 people have been confirmed dead and a 121. still missing. kareem had that as more from miami beach in florida,
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they spent the greater part of sunday drilling holes into the bottom of the building where they would then put these explosive charges and brought the building down with a process known as energetic leveling. but right now we do have crews on seen on the side of the of the demolition, just to make sure that everything is fine, that all the, all the explosions that were supposed to go off did in fact go off and they are due to resumed their search and rescue operation as soon as possible. we have to remember that last year, during the 4th of july, miami was in the grips of the cove at pandemic. we were basically the epicenter for the us at the time, and there were no real firework display to speak of the mood was subdued as well. so you had a lot of people prior to this collapse, obviously who had been eagerly looking forward to just let loose and that's exactly what they were doing about an hour away from where i am in fort fort lauderdale. but that was obviously not the case today. people here are concerned and they're
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upset, they're sad, there's a lot to be sad about. and there has been a review across the county of miami dade, for all buildings that are older than 40 years old, to make sure that there are no issues there with the structure of the building and anything else that might lead to some kind of a problem. similar to what we saw in surfside the last week and what just finished the coming down. well, as we mentioned, tropical storm elsewhere is making its way towards florida and has made landfill in eastern cuba. it brought strong wind 9 to 5 kilometers an hour and heavy rain. full cost is wanting a flash, flooding and mud. slides storm has already battered several county and islands killing at least 3 people. 190000 people in cuba are being evacuated. the government's also trying to protect sugar cane coco crops, the storms expected gradually weaken as it moves across the country. the philippine
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military says all 96 people on board, one of its planes that crashed on sunday had been accounted for. 47 soldiers died, as well as 3 people on the ground. when the c $130.00, hercules went down as it was landing on whole island ensued. province 49 soldiers survived. the crash, most of them had just completed basic training and were due to join operations against groups in the region. jamila allan doug has more money in the i was just listening to the press conference of the military spokesperson and basically say out of those who survive their actually those who are in critical condition, they are given the best possible care. some of been known to the 150, the biggest city closest to hello, there is a military hospital in hello, which of course, one of the biggest bases of the philippine military in the southern philippines. you know, it is quite a nerve wracking situation for the military, because if we look at the situation starting this year, this is the 3rd case of a,
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the asian accident for the philippine air air force. since this year. they said that today is a period of morning that all slides will be flown that have mass, but he also said that, you know, despite this period the morning that there's a full blown investigation that's on their way. investigators have already arrived this morning in law and, you know, based on the initial investigation, they said that, you know, it seems that, you know, the, the plane actually landed well within the protocols that were required. they also said it's unlikely that it's going to be pilot error, but they said they are determined to find out what's actually transpired. now because of this situation, they said they used to have 4130, the philippine military. they are grounding that one that remains in the philippines as being used and to remain under repair. in, in portugal we were also told that, you know, they're doing the very best they can to inform those families as some of those bodies have been identified,
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that they are going to give them the best possible honors befitting those who have died in the line of duty formats of african president, jacob's humor has defied a deadline set by the supreme court to surrender to police the 79 year old join and supporters who run it outside his home. and in candler, promising to resist any attempt to arrest him. zoom was found guilty of contempt, of course, offending to appear before a corruption inquiry. he faces 15 months in prison and on friday apply to the court for the sentence to be known. to me, the miller has the latest. from candler, former south african president, jacob's human remains adamant that has not been treated fairly by the judicial system. specifically, the constitutional court, as well as the commission of inquiry into corruption or state capture as it's known in south africa. it's after the former president refused to testify at the commission that he was taken to the constitutional court with
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a charge of contempt of court. the constitutional court found that he was guilty of that and sentenced him to 15 months in prison. now the president, a former president, has gone on to say that, and he said this a number of times that he's not afraid to go to jail. he is a prisoner of conscience. and that this is about the rule of law that because he's not been treated fairly consistently, he is challenging that again at the constitutional court. and that's why he's not handed himself in to police. and that's why it's likelihood possibly face a risk in the coming days. but this is what the president, the former president said earlier when addressing media effect of that i was busted with a punitive jail sentence without trial is something which should in induce a sense of shock to all those who cherish
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freedom and the rule of law south africa is fast sliding bag too. but the type grew jacob's duma is due in court on tuesday to apply for an intake to stop police from arresting him. if that is not successful because they are questions around the jurisdiction of the high court in that it's not known. if that lower court can challenge a judgement can stuff a judgement made by the highest court in the land. the constitutional court, which usually can not be appealed. however, if the former president is successful, he will then appear at the constitutional court later in july, in mitigation of sentence, in an appeal to have the sentence changed entirely, with the very least at the very least reduced. he says he's too old and ill to go
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to jail. his concern about the 3rd wave of the coven 19 pandemic in south africa. and apart from the moral stance, he says he's taking, he's concerned saying that 15 months in jail would effectively be a death sentence. however, if that corporate is not successful, the former president does face a risk in the coming days, but more will be known once he appears in court on tuesday. an assembly elected after months of protests in chile has begun meeting to draw the new constitution to replace the one imposed in 1980 by the then military government of augusta pin o'shea. the proceedings were delayed after fighting between police and demonstrators outside the convention center, where the delegates meant don't assign the reports. it took a long time and a lot of work to get this for 155 delegates representing sex of the trillion
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society. said this the historic moment when executive secretary of the election commission got them in glory of i should always war them in them. that you know, gratian was delayed by protest inside the convention hall by those not happy with the procedure unless she's outside between police and demonstrators. this isn't assembly designed to heal the divisions in july and society. the newly elected president is elisa long gone, liverpool cha, indigenous people. off the convention, members, a women, 17, see the phil by representative of indigenous communities. of course this story, which was one with a tough fight and a lot of pain. the chilean people, the indigenous people, are now able to abolish shirts even constitution. this is a time of hope. the other, the other good represent the l g b t, q,
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community and those with disabilities. 65 or independence who belong to none of chillies established political party is not gonna move. got never before and surely . we elected people in this way. this is an unforgettable moment. unique for those of us representing social movements in the fight for the dignity last for more than 30 years. outside, others are still demanding justice human rights abuses committed during military rule. fidelmo given elements, we really hope this will bring about change in chile, that will see a change to day. the people want to change, not more of the saying what you assembly will have up to a year to draft a new constitution that will replace the one imposed in 1980 the piano shape military government. it will them have to be approved for the july and people in a mandatory vote. the new assembly came about after math protests in
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2019. the highlight is a huge inequality into land society. the 10s of thousands felt that were being left out of the political process. they hope they can now begin to address those divisions. the few are expecting it to be easy, them weidler how to 0. 7 the hackers, the ledge to be behind one of the biggest ransomware attacks in history have demanded a $70000000.00 ransom. that's according to reuters earlier, sweetest soup market co up which was targeted in the attack was forced to close most of its $800.00 stores. the left, the retailers cash registers out of action. it began on friday when software made by us based tech provider to say i was compromised. it then, in fact, of the program used by many of its clients, emergency teams in thailand battling to contain a fire at a factory near bangkok, sand port. the blaze began that a manufacturing plant following an explosion of glass was popping up to shake a terminal building inside the airport to live and people have been injured. people
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have been ordered to evacuate as there are fears of more explosions, some leaking chemical time for a short break here now to 0. when we come back, living a divided lives, how controversial law up for review. and israel is leaving palestinian families in limbo. and how a comic book is telling the story of young muslims and left to jesus from central america more. ah hello there. it's been very hot across the levant and middle east over recent days . and there's more heat to come, we're expecting temperatures for climb, particularly in to wait in iran. and in iraq we could see a challenge to an old time high fit in baghdad. last week temperatures edging up to the 50s by the time we get into wednesday. so some relentless heat on the way for
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the south things are looking slightly cooler. we've got to southwesterly wind keeping temperatures down in yemen and in oman and it is going to browned on tuesday. we'll see temperatures coming down in the cross areas in the u. a and cook tom, there is any what, whether it's to the west of yemen, the mountain seeing some showers there. and as we move across to central africa, it is a very wicked wet picture across that central band. we've got tons of storms rolling across, particularly western areas of central africa. nigeria is expecting to see some of the really wet weather as we go into tuesday. it'll be uganda and south sedan that see some of those heavy showers. we could see some flash flooding here, but for the south it's a pretty dry picture temperature where we expect them to be for botswana. and for south africa, there'll be plenty of sunshine in johannesburg. the
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a lot of the stories that we cover all highly complex, so it's very important that we make them as understandable as we can as all just correspondence. that's what we strive to do. lou ah welcome back to come out of the top stories here at this hour. what remained a partially collapsed apartment building in the u. s. state of florida has been demolished. plans are brought forward the head of a tropical storm expected on tuesday. 24 people are confirmed dead on a 121. to the philippine military says all 96 people on board a plane crashed on sunday have been accounted for. 47 soldiers died when the c. 130 crop, went down and suited 49. and 4 months of african president jacob's duma had
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defied a deadline set by the nation's top court to surrender to police and guilty of contempt of court last week, offending to appear before a collection inquiry. now m p 's in israel are expected to vote in a controversial law that prohibits palestinians from the west bank from settling permanently with their spouses from israel or occupied eastern, loosened it's been renewed every year since 2003, but sorry for that report of a chance that won't happen this time. manage our tray lives a divided life dominated by the architecture and bureaucracy of occupation when he was born just outside jerusalem's eastern limits. so his id papers are those of the palestinian from the west bank, but he lives in occupied east jerusalem with his daughter and wife, both of whom have jerusalem. i. d. 's mohammed has to apply for
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a special military permit every 12 months, just to live in his own home. because you don't like it at any moment, them i tell you that you have to leave you a note welcome. his wife cannot. he could only wish for the chance of permanent secure status and more we would have more freedom. he could work easily, movies and he travel and live daily life more easily. and when you don't have anything, and you're afraid all the time i get across occupied the seriously thousands of families have been put in this position by a temporary law that has to be renewed every 12 months. the question for them is whether the political shift inside israel could ease that burden on them. israel's new right wing prime minister natalie bennett, leads a government that contains left wing and palestinian israeli parties who are set against voting to extend the law. this is a trap for him because it, it's not a law which is on the books, it's emergency action that was taken in 2003 at the height of the 2nd intifada.
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when there was real proof that people who had used the family unification actually were engaged in terrorist activities against israel, that's not the case to the now the new position needed benjamin netanyahu is also threatening to vote against it to deal in early defeat, to the government you know, the thing that may be if they don't want to give citizenship 215000 palestinians, they have to abstain. we never had right wing national parties voting against this law. the campaign is against the law such comments reinforced of you, that it's about demography not security. you hear that the law is necessary for security and to maintain israel as a jewish demo, democratic state. so that should be suspicious to everyone. you know, when you are hearing these 2 justifications, you have to call into question, is it essential?
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only for security reasons mom, even if the law is prevented from lapsing containers, hope it may be amended perhaps exempting at least elderly couples. but that would still leave mohammed living a restricted life. no is really health cover. no driving license. no real peace of mind. even at home, harris was it i'll just 0 occupied east jerusalem. such scenes in japan rescued 900 people from homes buried by a landslide on saturday in the coastal city of atomic. at least 3 unknown to have died while a 113 others are still missing. 130 homes and other buildings were destroyed or damaged. the leaders of spain's capital and independence movement have been released from jail, but they're facing a new political reality. the government's refusing to allow referendum on succession. john hall visited the home of former interior minister. jackie forewarned to discuss the challenges ahead after almost 4 years in the spanish
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jail separatist leaders among them, joking foreign emerged defiant, and still committed to an independent apollonia and tend to move out of the month. but i feel strong, i don't regret anything, and i'm convinced that it's necessary to keep fighting and that we will manage to get what we want. the former capital and interior minister under still exiled president carlos please. demo form said the leaders had agreed on a 2 year time table for talks with central government in madrid. and then i would see should we be positive? yes. personally, i'm not optimistic that in 2 years time, that will be great results. so i think we have to be ready to exit negotiations in 2 years with a roadmap, decided by the pro independence parties for the way ahead. of our question is while i was scotland granted a referendum by the british government. and here it's impossible. while to canada, accept a referendum over quebec, and here it's impossible. the answer is clear,
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because here there is no real democracy in the unity of spain and above everything else. and even the courts will violate basically right for the unity of spain, because the forn said he didn't want to see a repeat of violence. that followed. catalonia is unilateral referendum and declaration of independence in 2017, because we got to be met. but as you know, it's true that we've learned lessons, and of course, it would make no sense to repeat the same steps. so when we say we'll do it again. it's in the sense that we feel as committed as the 1st day to allowing the catalog people to decide the future. but it's true that we'll have to find new ways. this is a family re united, but with a clear sense that sacrifices may need to be made again, more content that got me in today. i'm very happy and i can't quite believe that it's suddenly all over. but i'm also conscious that having him home and for prison
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does not mean that repression has. it's hard to put the price on being consistent or renouncing your principles. these are the values that sustain us in life. and if we are not true to them, then what is the point in living? the spanish government says it's willing to talk about other measures greater autonomy, perhaps for catalonia, but it will never grant and independence referendum. so for the phones and other so called independent tasters, there's a calculation to be made, whether they can ever achieve everything they want or what they may be willing to settle for. instead the price, in other words, of giving up the dream of independence. jonah, how al jazeera barcelona, an alliance of pakistani opposition parties is held a mass rally against prime minister in run con. the package on democratic movement accuses him a failing to deliver on promises on the ledge. his 2016 election when was rigged by the military command high to report when you go far, despite the fact that the buckets on
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a democratic line had been hoarding large rallies across the country, they have not been able to muster the kind of support the challenge progress on steady and soft government, which is run by iran on one of the reasons all storage. the fact that 11 parties had initially joined the project on the democratic movement. 2 of the major parties i've already parted ways over differences over strategy and tactic not to mention the ideological differences. although no longer mon who had interest in line, nor when the election he had forwarded abraham to galvanized support from the religious school and the duties, riley. however, it is likely to not do much as far as the government is concerned, focused on government dover on con is gonna be unable to tackle the video taken on
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the try. it under the next few years will be moved up. however, if the opposition is able to unite the court present at period jaylen to his government, the founder of amazon, jeff bay's offices stepping down a c o. the company base us formed it in his garage and began life as an online marketplace, but books. but since then, it's expanded into everything from global computer networking to health care to space, travel, and basis has become the world's richest man, jabber towns, the reports just phase. those will remain influential in amazon all 3 steps down and becoming the companies executive chair report to be focused on which areas amazon will move into next. the expect to see amazon to venture into businesses where they feel like they can disrupt the landscape by being more customer oriented . customer focused. so health care, education, all these things will be areas where we have lots of pain points. the world's
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richest man based off of estimated to make about $2300.00 per 2nd. more in one week than the median work at amazon makes in a year. is $1.00 trillion dollar company paid no federal income tax in 2018. instead receiving a $129000000.00 tax rebate from the government pays also, and amazon has become a symbol of 21st century inequality. family teacher paid 22 percent amazon and 90 other major corporations pay 0. federal taxes will put in to that. but unlike companies such as facebook polls or amazon is trusted by the us public and respected for competence, even as it is accused of exploiting its workers and having too much power, not just in its ability to squelch all the competition. but as a result of all the information is able to gather about its customers habits, one commentators noted quotes, jeff diesels has one capitalism. whatever the public's feelings about based off his
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vision is astonishing, as is his desire for amazon to be incorporated ever more deeply into all aspects of society. but a key question for many as long been why, what is basis is go? what does he want? those who have started him say the answer is nothing less than the human conquest of the universe. his primary ambition since his youth, a former girlfriend once told reporters that it was this, that drove him to a mass so much wealth. his idol is captain picard of star trek bays, or had considered using because catch phrase make it so as the name for what would become amazon diesel says, decision to shave his head has been noted in this context. however, he's yet to outline an amazon prime model of human existence in future space colonies. there's a lot of one of the men ship, if you will, in those kind of super rich billionaires minds to make the next impact. so space is the next frontier. and so they've may be very honestly
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believing that they can make much a greater impact by exploring and contributing to the faster development of humans colonizing our humans. exploring and becoming less dependent on the planet and base also will suit attempt to achieve his goal of space travel. it's one earth. i want to go on this flight because it's a thing i wanted to do all my life. a petition as attracted tens of thousands of signatures pleading with him to remain there. but a more realistic goal for those concerned with a sofa unchecked power. maybe the growing body pause and congressional support in the u. s. for breaking up his empire. she advertise the al jazeera washington. the story of a fixed no child refugees journey through central america is the focus of a new charity sponsor comic book. say the children hopes it will highlight the struggles of young migrants traveling to the united states. my rapid reports from toronto on the us mexico border ana is the story of the young girl,
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forced to migrate from central america. while this comic book sponsored by the nonprofit groups save the children, tells of fictional tale of a young migrant child and her mother. on his experiences like running away from gang violence, or joining a migrant caravan reflect, a vivid reality endured by thousands of children. every year. speaking to al jazeera through a social worker, 7 year old, he bonnie recalls hauntingly similar experience that forced her and her mother to flee domestic violence in her home country of honduras, leaving everything and everyone they knew behind. that one time my father was drinking at home and he hit my mother with a beer bottle and it got to hear. even he tells us she felt fear as she and her mother travelled through mexico during cold dark nights. her story is reminiscent of a scene in the comic book where ana and her mother climb aboard
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a freight train along with dozens of other central american migrants. they may be illustrations, but these pages accurately depict many dangers migrant children face when making the life or death journey toward the u. s. on the border. humanitarian workers from said the children say they hope the message laid out in comic book form will reach . people were unaware of the plight of young asylum seekers living in mexico. be really sad, as we hope the comic book brings visibility to the needs of migrant children and to the entire process of migration. we hope it makes people more empathetic, because these are stories that are not easy to tell. but should this comic book, which is based on real stories, maybe that can affect the change. the representatives from saved the children are caring for more than 400 under age migrants at this shelter alone. though this is only one of many safe spaces for children sponsored by the organization, your mexico border with the united states. children's rights groups estimate that
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one out of every 3 migrants that come to mexico from central america, or children and teenagers. the vast majority from countries like hundreds, guatemala, and it'll solve a door. the humanitarian workers, c migrant children, continue to arrive here every day. and due to border restrictions linked to the pandemic, many are finding themselves stuck in mexico, stretching the limits of the services humanitarian organizations are able to author . manuel up a little al jazeera, he won a mexico a type of quick check of the headlines here on to 0. me the what remained of a partially collapsed apartment building in the us state of florida has been demolished, plans abroad for.


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