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the me ah, a tiny factory explosion shakes, bang, call, portion. and then people fleeing from leaking chemicals. ah, hi there, i'm kimberly. this is laura from coming up. the demolition cruise. bring down what was left of us apartment building, clearing the way for rescuers to go more of the rubble,
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the palestinians hoping israel's new physical era will fill the end of a temporary law. the families from living together and hope for the you chance to in chile, what begins to rewrite the constitution. ah, the factory is up in flames on the outskirts of bangkok with thousands of li, his of nico chemicals, opposing and major risk. the plastics manufacturer, a building near the ty capitals airport exploded early on monday homes with an a 5 kilometer radius have been evacuated to 55 to struggle to bring a fire under control. air quality in the area is described as toxic. we're trying to look to the engine, but the flames are quite high. so it takes quite an if it to look the people rescue
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is also spreading out because we've got calls for people who have injuries from the explosion from an extended area, one or 2 streets away. from here, there are reports of falling debris and injuries from debris impacts on people's heads. tony chang joins us now live from bank called via skype. tony to 55 who's been evacuating the area. talk us through what's happening. know the we understand from reports from social media and then in the last half an hour or so, the helicopters have been sponsor going from the international airport, one of them collecting water. then dropping on the side of this car that still appears to be raging. a large cloud of black smoke, which as you mentioned, is be described as toxic by people nearby is still burning up its now visible from other cities on the gulf of china and early as the authorities. it said they hadn't got the fire on the control and it was real concern that it was approaching a huge drum of 20000 gallons. liters of, of chemical is
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a fear that could catch fine, add more another explosion to what appears to be an already pretty uncontrollable situation. video footage protection earlier in the day showed a site that had been absolutely devastated by this explosion. as it happened just after 3 o'clock in the morning and cctv put, the local homes shows windows being smashed by that initial bus me on the 70 homes in the area have been damaged more than a 1000 people have been evacuated from a 5 kilometers radius. this stage it looks like it's still not on the control. and tony, it was, it was a plastics manufacturing building. was that where this began? do we know any more about what might have caused the initial explosion there? this stage we don't, it was producing phone for packaging, but there's
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a lot of industry in that there and we've seen reports in the past couple of years at people using on license or unregulated chemicals. again, at this stage, very hard to know exactly what's going on, but initial estimates is saying that it's caused $21000000.00 worth of damage already to the mean, the manufacturing town where it was. and i think that growing concerned that is it burns out of control. it is, it's going to be an obstruction to the international airport. so one of them which is right next door of 7 point tony 3 kilometers away and that black smoke is getting closer and closer to the airport that the authorities say that travel has not yet been disruptive. i think if that continues to be this large amount of toxic smoke and the threats of further explosions that may soon be revised. for now, thanks for that update. tony chang in bangkok, search is on the way to find the flight record is from
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a philippine military transport plane, but crushed, killing 47 soldiers on board. and other 3 were killed on the ground when the c 130 over shot the runway while trying to land on hollow island in city province. it's the philippines, worst military and disaster in decades. the army is also having to work to secure the crash side from local armed groups to me and organ is monitoring the story. from manila, i was just listening to the press conference of the military spokesperson and basically say out of those who survive their actually those who are in critical condition. they are given the best possible care. some have been known to the one to 50, the biggest, 50 closest law. there is a military hospital in hello, which of course, one of the biggest basis of the philippine military in the southern philippines. you know, it is quite a nerve wracking situation for the military, because if we look at the situation starting this year, this is the 3rd case of
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a be asian accident for the philippine air air force. since this year. they said that today is a period of morning that all slides will be flown that have mass, but he also said that, you know, despite this period the morning that there's a full blown investigation that's on their way. investigators already arrived this morning in law and, you know, based on the initial investigation, they said that, you know, it seems that, you know, the, the plane actually landed well within the protocols that were required. they also said it's unlikely that it's going to be pilot error, but they said they are determined to find out what's actually transpired. now because of this situation, they said they used to have 4130, the philippine military. they are grounding that one that remains in the philippines as being used and to remain under repair. in, in portugal we were also told that, you know, they're doing the very best they can to inform those families as some of those bodies have been identified, that they are going to give them the best possible honors befitting those who have
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died in the line of duty former south african president, jacob zoom as compared south african judges to apartheid era rulers of defying a deadline to surrender to police. he was sentenced to 15 months in prison for failing to corruption inquiry. earlier the 79 year old joined support is outside his home and a show of solidarity room is appealing against the sentence. effective that i was lum busted with a punitive jail sentence without trial is something which should in induce a sense of shock to all those who cherish freedom. and the rule of law, south africa is fast. slight in bag 2. but the type
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group, if you have a prime minister of our meth is going a question and answer session with politicians and parliament. it's expected he'll be asked about the conflict in northern to try province of the government. opponents listed condition for him serving a see after early successes and a declaration of victory by abi pro. government forces were bogged down in months of fighting with to cry. rebels who recaptured the regional capital. on monday, 11 days after apartment building in florida partially collapsed. what was left of the structure has now been demolished me the fans to destroy what remained of the south side apartments. now miami were brought for the region, braces for tropical storm alpha, which is expected to reach the florida coast on tuesday. already say the demolition will help search and recovery if it's 24 people have been confronted. 121 still
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missing kareem had it has more from miami beach in florida. they spent the greater part of sunday drilling holes into the bottom of the building where they would then put these explosive charges and brought the building down with a process known as energetic leveling. but right now we do have crews on seen on the side of the of the demolition, just to make sure that everything is fine, that all the, all the explosions that were supposed to go off and did in fact go off. and they are due to resumed their search and rescue operation as soon as possible. we have to remember that last year, during the 4th of july, miami was in the grips of the cove at pandemic. we were basically the epicenter for the us at the time. and there were no real firework display to speak of the mood was subdued as well. so you had a lot of people prior to this collapse, obviously who had been eagerly looking forward to just let loose. and that's exactly what they were doing about an hour away from where i am in for fort
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lauderdale. but that was obviously not the case today, and people here are concerned and they're upset. they're sad. there's a lot to be sad about. and there has been a review across the county of miami, the for all buildings that are older than 40 years old, to make sure that there are no issues there with the structure of the building and anything else that might lead to some kind of a problem. similar to what we saw in surfside the last week and what just finished the coming down. hackers behind a mass extortion attack have demanded $17000000.00 to restore the data that the holding ransom, as, according to a post on a website used by the cyber crime gang for to be responsible. the ransomware attack on a us based i t company has effected businesses worldwide, including a swedish supermarket chain that had to close hundreds of stores. a similar recent
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packing disabled and american fuel pipeline. around the only nuclear power plant is back in operation. the bush hair plant, which was built with help from russia. it's been shut down for maintenance for the past 2 weeks. you were sanctions that preventative on from bringing in new parts. iran faced power blackouts, blamed on the surging electricity demand brought on by a heat wave sweeping the region. the number of people missing or unaccounted for author landslide in japan has risen to more than 80 rescue crews in economy are taking advantage of a break in the rain. 2 days after the disaster, japanese prime minister says the focus is still on finding people alive. 1500 emergency workers and soldiers and their fatty salami has this something from tokyo . i visited the occasion yesterday that you would be surprised by the use of the patient that has been caused by that on the slide. 150 houses where totally
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destroyed. i think got smashed into a very thin they years of metal and they were thrown literally on the beach. that's about 2 kilometers from the starting point of that slide. the height of the mob was over 50 meters and some location. and i spoke to some one of the local isn't there and although they were very much shocked by the accident, they were also angry because they didn't receive warning for evacuation before the before the results that happened. i know there is also confusion about the number of the people dropped under the under the other till yesterday we had and that number was 20. and today the mayor of 50 announced that they had been trying to contact 215 people who thought that if they are, they were able to get a hold of 155. so they are still trying to contact or know the weight about stuff
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about the peoples of the city itself is resort city. so some people would have houses, there are sick and out so they would go there on the during vacations and that is not that happened on the saturday morning. so very difficult to say exactly the number of the missing now or the people under the variable in the news ahead the ball and take more territory. and i've got a thumb including it birthplace for the stronghold. and the mobile clinic powering is phone vaccine, freezer and why fi delivering health care to remote communities in a way. ah, ah, it's time for the journey winter sponsored my cattle airways.
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hello there, let stop in japan and rescue efforts have been suspended in this city. hit by that devastating landslide. as the torrential rain continues to fall and at least 7 other land slides were reported across japan as that excessive rain continued to fall, is more of that to common. we have had alerts, we could see more flash flooding and landslides from those rains. and if we have a look at the menu from that's carrying those pulses of rain is more wet weather in store for japan, not in japan, the korean peninsula expected to be inundated with that excess of rainfall. by the time we get to choose day, we could see disruption, flash flooding and land slides affecting south korea. and if we follow that trailing weather system back to china, we can see the heaviest rain around central areas. we have seen flooding in ginger province. we could see more as those rivers continue to rise. but shanghai managers to stay dry from choose day. we will have the heat and humidity coming through here
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. and it's a similar story for the south for hong kong. we live across now to south asia, india, seeing that excessive heat wave in the north west, new delhi sing 40 degrees celsius. but to the north east, it's been inundated with those monsoon rains and we could see more flooding in a some sponsored power cut on airways. be part of the debate itself defeating the end because it in the us or in the u. k. because it will just come back again when no topic is off the table. what we wanted to talk about were the glen white man touching our dream, where a global audience become a global community. jump into the comment question and part of discussion. there are like domestic efforts to silence palestinians on the online page on al jazeera . ah,
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ah, ah. challenges era, reminder of our top toys. this all matches the teams in thailand battling contain of fire at a factory. no bank, hawks and horse caused by explosion. at least one person is confirmed, have been killed. dancers have been injured to try and find the flight recorded from a philippine military transport plane that crashed. getting 47 soldiers on board c 130 over shot runway, while trying to land on long island. and other people missing off the land sighted japan has risen to more than a rescue. cruise in a tommy taking advantage of a break in the rain 2 days after the disaster of your worst delays. politicians and
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israel are expected to vote on a controversial temporary nor out prevent palestinians of the westbank from settling permanently with their spouses from israel or occupy these. 2 of them was created in 2003 during the 2nd intifada and required annual renewal. hi, for mohammed's archery lives, a divided life dominated by the architecture and bureaucracy of occupation when he was born just outside jerusalem's eastern limits. so his id papers are those of a palestinian from the west bank, but he lives in occupied east jerusalem with his daughter and wife. both of whom have jerusalem ideas. mohammed has to apply for a special military permit every 12 months, just to live in his own home. because you don't like it at any moment, them i tell you that we have to leave you
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a note welcome. his wife cannot. he could only wish for the chance of permanent secure status and more we would have more freedom. he could work easily, movies and travel and live daily life more easily. and when you don't have anything and you're afraid all the time i get across occupied east jerusalem, thousands of families have been put in this position by a temporary law that has to be renewed every 12 months. the question for them is whether the political shift inside israel could ease that burden on them. israel's new right wing prime minister natalie bennett, leads a government that contains left wing and palestinian israeli parties who is set against voting to extend the law. this is a trap for him because it, it's not a law which is on the books, it's emergency action that was taken in 2003 at the height of the 2nd intifada. when there was real proof that people who had use the family unification actually were engaged in terrorist activities against israel,
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that's not the case to date. now the new position needed benjamin netanyahu is also threatening to vote against it. to deal in early defeat, to the government. thing on the job can be if they don't want to give citizenship 215000 palestinians, they have to abstain. we never had right wing national parties voting against this law. the campaign is against the law such comments reinforced of you, that it's about demography not security. you hear that the law is necessary for security and to maintain israel as a jewish demo, democratic state. so that should be suspicious to everyone. you know, when you are hearing these 2 justifications, you have to call into question. is it essential only for security reasons. mom, even if the law is prevented from lapsing containers, hope it may be amended perhaps exempting at least elderly couples. but that would
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still leave mohammed living a restricted life. no israeli health cover? no driving license, no real peace of mind. even at home. harris was it i'll just 0 occupied east jerusalem. 67 people have been rescued in the mediterranean scene or italy among them were for women and more than 20 unaccompanied mine as it was picked up by the humanitarian ship ocean. viking with 20000 migrants and refugees are estimated to have dod trying to cross the mediterranean to europe since 2014 a container ship that blocked the suez canal and march will set sail again after it's japanese own has reached a financial settlement with egypt. government, the ever given was impounded, blocked the crucial waterway for 6 days. egypt demanded $550000000.00. the details of the final deal have not been revealed. hundreds of african troops have gone into neighboring cuz you can start playing telephone advances in the north. they crossed
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over from going to stones, but auction province where local officials say soldiers and police numbers by telephone fighters and further south, the taliban has captured a strategic district in kandahar province. the area is symbolic and important to homeric challenge, re reports, abandoned and empty families have been forced to flee, can to her, off to face fighting between african government forces and the taliban. they say they can't defeat the armed group on their own. that there is no peace if one helicopter came here, it would be enough for all of kandahar. why don't they use helicopters against them? they tagged me. they tried to kill me if they killed me and who will look after my children. asset de la, a local police commander, says there under resolved and struggle in the fight against the armed group. the situation is going to be bad. police and border forces have equipment problems
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commandos and the national army base to bit far. and we are on the front line. the advances made by the taliban in this key, southern province came on the same day. the city governor was killed by a car bomb in the regional capital pan joyce, the 5th district in can to help hobbins to fall to the armed group in recent weeks . as the taliban offensive gains momentum, they came to have seized more than 100 out of nearly 400 districts in the country with a strong presence in the north. 100. thanks to god and this is prison before that the majority of the afghan people in the previous agent taliban rule for more than 10 years, we are now in control board and 70 percent of the territories. it is simply because that people know us very well and the afghan people have no problem dealing with us . many afghans are frightened, their consent, the security situation in the country will only worsen once the us forces
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eventually leave. while not only me, but all africans are very to the palate and we'll take a what kind of fun as us troops leave the country? no one in atlanta sign is completely satisfied with the taliban. from the day the issue of the withdrawal, a foreign troops arose. it has had a negative impact on the deliver of people. the fall of punch y district comes just days off the u. s. a native forces vacated their main by graham air base net cobble . the remaining us troops will officially leave the country and september, the 11th. a move, many regional experts say will only help the taliban consolidate. it's growing control of the country. her marriage, audrey ouch, is era that lay in taft with revising the constitution, have chosen an indigenous woman to lead them. i now have a year to present a new document that will govern the nation's laws, replacing the one dating back to today's dictatorship. daniel schwab that report
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it took a long time and a lot of work to get this for 155 delegates representing sectors of trillion society the this the historic moment when executive secretary of the electoral commission government glory of i should already got them in them that you know gratian was delayed by protest inside the convention hall by those not happy with the procedure unless she's outside between police and demonstrators . this isn't the family designed to heal the divisions until in society. the newly elected president is elisa, long gone. liverpool chain teaching the people off the convention members, a women, 17. see the phil by representative of indigenous communities. of course this story, which was one with a tough fight and a lot of pain. the chilean people, the indigenous people, are now able to abolish pizza shirts. even constitution,
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this is a time of hope. the other, the other good represent the l g b t, q, community, and those with disabilities. 65 or independence who belong to none, as truly established political party is not gonna move got before and surely. we elected people in this way. this is an unforgettable moment. unique for those of us representing social movements in the fight for the dignity last for more than 30 years. the outside others are still demanding justice human rights abuses committed during military rule. fidelmo government, we really hope this will bring about change in chile, that will see a change to day. the people want to change, not more of the thing. what you assembly will have up to a year to draft a new constitution that will replace the one imposed in 1980 the piano shaped military government. it will them have to be approved for the july and people in
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a mandatory vote. the new assembly came about after math protests in 2019. the highlight is a huge inequality into land society. the 10s of thousands felt that were being left out of the political process. they hope they can now begin to address those divisions. the few are expecting it to be easy, them weidler how to 0. 7 tropical storm elsa has battered east in cuba with the strong winds of nearly 905 kilometers per hour and heavy rain. full cost is a warning of flash, flooding and mudslide. the storm has already battered several caribbean islands, killing at least 3 people. 180000 people in cuba are being evacuated. the government is also trying to protect sugar cane and cocoa crops. the storm is expected to gradually weaken as it moves across the country. otherwise we're moving because the building is falling. we need to move now because with the stolen that's
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coming, things are grim as we can say. you need to move, and that's how we keep going when we are being evacuated. and that's because of this dump. the building is in the very best date and they have been some collapses . so you need to look after yourself. thousands of people having moved to safety off the heavy rain in crimea. several settlements in the box chis region was started within 20 children were rescued. one person is missing, the flood started in the middle of june, affecting the regions main cities. you alter sebastopol and catch health care is tough to get for is in bob winds, who live in remote areas with poor public transport. now when you social enterprise is helping to solve the problem with a van converted into a mobile clinic. self powered by renewable energy is hiring because the reports from gary monty, it's bringing medical care directly to those who needed the most. on the outskirts
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of her id is an informal settlement called caledonia. this place used to be a commercial farm until the mid to thousands. wednesday, bobby's government forcibly moved hundreds of families here to de congest parts of the capital. in the sprawling community, an old taxi has been turned into a hospital on wheels top solar energy on top. and then we also have the wind turbines to give us power. so it's actually generates power, as you see there. so we're generating about $1000.00 watts of power. the critical part of this one i energy source of power in the maxine feet is freezer that we protein there. so we notice that from, you know, depression that comes, you know, through the 19 and trying to think, how can we help we thought of, you know, putting in a box in their mobile fries in there. that's about a 190 liter storage capacity. can push our control up to minus 7 degrees.
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it means dr. gracious 50. can do her rounds here, at least once a week. she's the only doctor on call today and dozens of patients to see me knowing that i have done my best. i put my input up in the patient of, of told them what to do and the risk really is up to them as being compliant to their medication. but to me, knowing that i made that effort to go to a rural clinic and seeing those patients who i really need of seeing a doctor is really what i would mention as a good day on days when the doctor can come out here. nurses use why fi from the ambulance to get medical advice from doctors elsewhere in the country? it's a service that's taking primary health care to remote communities. whenever people know in abilene is coming there a way it could be days or weeks before help come out here again, an average 40 percent of people in them. bobby travel more than 5 collaborative to see a doctor or a nurse for some. it's not just about finding money for public transport. there's
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also the pandemic. so they said home and don't get the help they need. but now ambulance on wheels. he's in a trial phase to see if it's feasible to roll them out across the country than bob . we hope to vaccinate 10000000 people or 60 percent of its population by be in of this. yes. this could be a way to reach me in remote hard to reach places. harden with us alger got him on the bubble. on the top doors, emergency teams and thailand battling to contain a fire at a factory near bangkok, airport records by a large explosion. at least one person has consent have been killed, daltons have been injured. tony chang has more from bangkok to the fire is still raging out of the control they've been battling it now for.


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