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in syria, i don't have regular access to enough food, despite the battlefield, being largely quiet for a year, agencies say the daily suffering of syrians is worse than it has been at nearly any point throughout the conflict. and the hardship has not stopped a serious border. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm sammy's a dan. this is the news out live for me though. how coming up in the next 60 minutes, president of haiti, shot dead. it is home by unknown group of attackers. world leaders condemn the assassination and appeal for come with fears of more political instability. the scramble for oxygen indonesia struggles to treat patients as the
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number of current virus cases searches across the country. also ahead, rock has hit base in iraq, hosting us an international forces, retaliation for strikes last week and heat them into the sports to fit into a fresh state of covert, 19 emergency last fall off of the lympics. and it's a need to be famous to reach the final of the euros with face saw the de la who england, who play later ah haiti's, president, job and moiz has been assassinated. the inter and prime minister has announced a state of emergency and is asking the un security council to meet as soon as possible, called joseph says the identified attackers who rated the president's private residence, spoke spanish and english. bali. the assailants spoke english and spanish as
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head of the government, still in charge, i have gathered superior council of the national police in the strict application of the constitution. i've presided an extraordinary cancel of ministers, in which we have declared a state of siege. i call for the respect of the democratic principles. i urge all the nation stakeholders to help us in the battle for the continuity of the state. this country is hurt, this nation is hurst. the perpetrators will be taken to justice. let's keep our can . the situation is under control. there are 10 scenes in the capsule port or prince . the police have sealed off the president's residence where the attack took place . world leaders have been expressing outrage president joe biden saying the u. s. condemns the accent is ready to help neighboring dominican republic has shot its borders with haiti and columbia. the president is asking the organization of american states to send in the mission to haiti. how diplomatic get into james
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bay's? is that the united nations where the security council has released the statement to raise a bow is live for us and one side is all the regional developments and reaction. kimberly how could in washington dc for more on the u. s. response. and i'm galico is standing by the patient neighborhood in miami, florida with reaction from there. but 1st he is andrew chappelle taking a look back the life and legacy of jovan annoys. at one point java, no more east offered a glimmer of hope for haiti at a time of numerous crises, a former businessman who wanted to lift people out of poverty in the poorest country in the americas. last municipalities we needed. the political stability is the 1st public resource in no country on earth. is it possible to talk about development unless there is political stability unless there is social peace? but his years in office were challenging and he faced allegations of money laundering and corruption. maurice became president of haiti and 2017 after being
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chosen by the former leader michelle martelli to become his successor of the center . right patient had killer party, 2015 election was the 1st to declare him winter, but the boat was overturned after allegations of fraud and violent st. protel. the rerun was then delayed by hurricane matthew, which caused widespread destruction in the south. but when it was finally held in 2018, it sport disagreements about when marie says term would end. after legislative elections were delayed. that year marie stayed on to rule by decree. without a parliament. he tried to reassure haitians, even as things deteriorated around him. views by marcia development need, the more violence does not work with developments and democracy. we have to cut bridges with these old practices that are putting the country behind. despite his calls for calm, the protests against him and his government got worse. he was accused of inaction.
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in the face of increasing violence, a surgeon kidnappings for ransom, and the growth of armed gangs. in march, he declared some forms of protests as acts of terrorism. before his assassination luis announced a new prime minister to tackle criminal violence. would have been his 7th and 4 years now, long after a group of individuals broke into his home in the capital porter prince and shot him dead. janelle maurice was 53 years old as talk now to andy gallagher joins us from miami. first of all, let's start with what you're hearing and the from haiti. how calm is the situation there now? while i'm hearing reports from my contacts and porter printed the streets, there are pretty quiet at the moment. people essentially hunkering down waiting for news, but essentially this political vacuum is extremely dangerous. we know from haiti's past when things like this happened, violence tends to come very quickly,
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despite the fact that the deputy prime minister has declared a state of emergency that doesn't really mean much for the normal people of haiti. we know there's gangs already roaming the streets for the past year or so. this is potentially, you know, something that will cause a slide into violence very quickly. we've certainly seen that in the past and there are no obvious successes right now. there's, you know, movies. no real structures put in place to quickly replace them. and of course the, someone that constitutionally his critics, they should have stepped out of office by now that led to all these delayed elections, accusations of vote, time bring and fraud. so this is potentially a very different difficult situation, a very dangerous situation, but i'm hearing on the street support to friends. it's very quiet for now and way you are the how is the haitian community there in florida, reacting to news of this and be well,
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it's very quiet here in little haiti. at the moment. i've spoken to a couple of people who are you into haitian radio to get news of what's going on, but i think the assassination of europe now my, we says not what's concerning people here. many who have family back in hate. the security situation. that is the biggest concern, because if you have relatives in haiti and puerto prince right now, you know the situation could become inflamed extremely quickly. we ought to see burning ties on protests on the streets and out into the armed gangs, food shortages, and the fact that united nations pull the troops out in 2017. that makes this a very worrying situation for the 300000. so patients that live here in south florida. all right, let's thank and d galico. let's continue this now with our white house correspondent, kimberly how could she live for us in washington dc. as i mentioned, kimberly have been offered to help by the u. s. what exactly is the u. s. offering? well, it's still unclear in terms of the support. it may be additional,
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given the fact that the united states has already been the top donor to haiti for. 2 some 11 years, particularly following the earthquake in the forms of humanitarian assistance, as well as reconstruction efforts. but what we do know is that the u. s. president has just left the white house and he was asked to give his reaction to what has happened in haiti. what he said was that it's worry so much and that the united states is still gathering more information building on the statement by the white house press secretary jen saki a little bit earlier where she called this tragic and horrific crime. and express solidarity with the people of haiti and kimberly will sort of policy turn around towards moiz was already under way since biden took over. yeah, there had been a bit of confusion early on in the biden administration about where exactly the white house stood in terms of its haiti policy once the biden harris administration
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took office. what we do know is that after much pressure, the u. s. president did offer temporary protected status to 100000 haitians that would allow for them to natalie live in the united states legally, but ultimately obtain a pathway to citizenship. but because of pressure for many members of congress as both haitian americans to do even more to clarify the physician, we saw more recently statements from the secretary of state antennae blinking where it was very clear that there had been shifts. imposition by the, by the administration, early on it had been kind of wavering over whether or not it was supporting the new constitution in a referendum on that that had been put forward by the president. but more recently, what we know is that in the midst of changing course, the u. s. position was to push for a presidential election. and so that is where the policies stood. of course,
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now these new developments will certainly add to the dynamic and the complexities of the u. s. haiti relationship. well, i, thanks so much. kimberly how could on diplomatic attitude, james phase is live at the united nations headquarters, new york jones, a fly from the james, one of my saying it the security council on the while the security council, some have been talking about this semi. but 1st, let me tell you about the secretary general, because in the last 15 minutes, he's released a statement. antonia good terrorist saying he condemns assassination. in the strongest terms, the perpetrators of this crime must be brought to justice. he says he goes on. the 2nd general calls on all haitians to preserve the constitutional order remain united in the face of the support act and reject all violence. clearly the security council, as you say, is the body that now needs to discuss this. the busy talk about democratic republic
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of congo at the moment, on the way into the meeting, i spoke to the current president of the security council, france holds the presidency and their bus, the nickel review, told me, i am sure we will discuss this, but let me consult with my colleagues. my understanding at the moment is that those colleagues are thinking about a meeting, some suggestions. it could be in the coming hours, but i'm now hearing more likely it will be on thursday. one of those colleagues is the irish baset and i spoke to her as she arrived at the un. it's really a shocking development. you know, i think you can be sure he is an issue. the counsel already deals with that we will continue to support the people of hey, this is a critical moment. i think we all knew it was sensitive and difficult to arm the grand and ac in view of the political situation and the security situation. this put staff in even greater danger than before. while you remember that the us used
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to have peacekeepers in haiti under pressure from the obama administration, they were withdrawn from ac d u. n, though, does have a small presence. still a small mission in haiti, i've been in touch with them in the last couple of hours that basically locked down . i'm told they're in back to back crisis meetings. nice, thanks, james. thanks so much for that. let's continue this now with today's at bows, she joined us from one desire to so job in our moiz quite a controversial figure. how is the demise being reflected upon across latin america? when in latin america, the new came as a job shock, like just like in the rest of the world, we saw that the president of the dominican republic shut down the borders also calling for urgent meeting with members of the military in his country in order to prepare about what could happen in the hazy in the next few days. we also heard
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from columbia president yvonne, who referred to as barbaric act and also calling for the organization of american states to intervene and what is happening in haiti in order to save guard democracy . we also heard from mexican president and then when we looked at or who sent his condolences to the haitian people from about jumping from chile from argentinians foreign ministry among others. so in general, this is not so shock. lots of concern about what's happening and have to right now you're going to station of american states, released a press release, where they basically saying that they condemned the acts of what happened in haiti . the president of fascination and also say that they will be evaluating the situation in the country later today. this is not something new we have, we have seen, but there is a history of violence in the country. i've also seen lots of flooring intervention the united nations presents there until 2017. you'll get
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a station of americans. faith also has a strong presence in the country, so the region is mostly monitoring what's going to happen next according to have this constitution election should be happening soon at entering president should be in place until the country can call for new elections. and that's the big issue in have right now president, joanna marie has been ruling 4 by degree in the past year and a half. he has failed to call for legislative election. he has been trying to reform the country's constitution. and just this past week, we have seen that they basically announced that presidential election and measures, maybe the actions were going to be happening in september this year. well, the region and the people of haiti also are waiting to know what's going to happen next. perhaps related to that might be the reason why some countries in the region calling for o s intervention, any sign of that coming together well if i
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said before, sammy, we're waiting to hear what the o e s has to say. they announced that they're going to be holding a meeting later today, but there's a lot of urgency to see what is going to be happening in the contra, we're hearing from the interim prime minister closure says he's a former a haitian foreign minister. i few are hearing from my other colleagues, there's lots of tension in the country. nobody really knows what actually happened . there's investigations on going and people trying to understand what actually happened. we know that haiti has been in an enormous crisis for the past year and have massive protest happening in the capital against president george not told me because he was accused of corruption accuse of trying to hold onto power. but also because people in the country are in desperate need in the past year and a half katie has been affected by corona virus, by poverty, race close to 80 percent by gang violence. just the fact we reported on the killing
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of famous journalists in the country of human rights activists. there's been a previous, a fascination at 10. so this is something that the government denounced. earlier this year, a supreme court judge was detained at the time and several other people when president joined in movies in february this year denounced that there's been a fascination attempt on his life. so there's lots of different analysis ongoing about what will happen and will be monitoring what the organization of american states has to say about what's happening in the country right now. good stuff from teresa bo. kimberly mentioned us, president joe bivens reaction here, says a lot more information, but it's very worried about do i have a role in the united states with fine and take action? what what was, what was your briefing today?
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oh, candy. more still ahead on the news. al, including a deadline approaches for the police to arrest south africa prize, the former president jacob's zoom up before the court. hearing india, the prime minister, that under mowdy, biggest overhaul of his cabinet, coming on defiantly handling the pandemic. and when the basketball biggest dollars returns to the n b a finals, the bass does the action coming up in sport with peter and that asia is imposing tough. new corona virus restrictions to contain is deadliest wave of the pandemic. another record of more than 34000 new infections were reported on wednesday. and for the 1st time that were over a 1000 deaths about 7 times the day, right, a month ago. and the government says it's only going to get worse. johns hopkins
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university track shows overall about 2400000 cases and nearly 63000 lives lost. since the pandemic began, the government is importing emergency oxygen supplies, the hospital filled and overflowing with sick patients. the more contagious delta variants 1st sweat through indonesia, densely populated java and is now spreading through its many islands. jessica washington reports from the cathy east of jakarta to kind of hospitals and java. hospitals in general are under unprecedented pressure. and this is where you can see the results of thought. this is one of the new coven 19 burial side, in because see on the outskirts of chicago. and as hospitals are on the increasing pressure during the 2nd wave infections here in indonesia. many patients, many sick people have been turned away from hospital and force to isolate at home no matter how sick they are and does hospitals are forced to turn away patients
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because they are already at 90 percent or 100 percent capacity. people have to stay home and it's up to their families to do whatever they can to keep them alive. and in many instances, they're unsuccessful. at doing that, some are trying to buy optimal tanks or medication to keep their loved ones alive, but the death toll is increasing because of this crisis. these great because have been working non stop. we've been observing the situation here for the past few hours and the bodies never stop coming. these men never stop working. such is the situation. the scale of the crisis here in indonesia. the indonesian government says it is working to try to rectify the crisis in some ways including trying to solve more oxygen for those in critical need that it includes trying to source oxygen from neighboring singapore. the health ministry also says it is attempting to add more beds to hospitals,
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as well as increase the number of isolation facilities. but health care workers say that they are overwhelmed and overrun, and that no matter how many beds they're all in these hospitals. simple reality is, is that there is not enough health care stuff to cater for the demand right now, there are far too many people, falling critically ill in indonesia for dr. take care of all of them. and this is the result. bangladesh is also battling a surgeon case is led by the delta variant has prompted the government to extend a nation wide lock down until july. the 14th in the streets of docket, soldiers were seen directing traffic and the specialized lease unit administering hand sanitizer. while in other areas, people have been lining up for essential goods and food handouts. elsewhere in asia, south korea is reporting its highest daily crime virus count since late december. more than 1200 infections were recorded on wednesday for the lane plans to ease
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restrictions. the lockdown in australia is biggest city has been extended by a week, has sidney tries to stamp out infections driven by the delta very. and it's reported more than 350 cases in the past 3 weeks. a significant jump in the city weather has been barely any infections. for months. india's health minister is among 12 cabinet members who quit the resignations, a part of a re shuffle by a prime minister there under moody, after the catastrophic spike in covey. 19 infections and deaths during april and may prime minister that under modi's government has been criticized for the white hospitals, ran out of beds, medical, oxygen, drugs, and stuff. lizbeth throng reports from new delhi. this is a cabinet we shuffle that we have been expecting for about a year now. so it's not surprising, but it is big and there are many changes. the health minister resignation is the
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most significant. he is one of a dozen ministers, including education environment and also the i t, the law, electronics, and minister. that's all knowledge because the indian government relationship of social media companies, especially twitter, has never been worse and it's been myatt and legal battles this year. but yes, the health minister, the government faced a lot of criticism, prime minister modi phase to the most criticism for the government's handling of the 2nd wave, also provide a virus where people in india and abroad. so that images every day of people dying because of the lack of hospital beds and oxygen, the images of the math, chrome, nations, and burials, the 100 is not more bodies washing up in the ganges. but what is interesting here is that walla health minister, formal health minister, now hush buds and has resigned from the new summit in the morning, is known for a leadership style where he makes all the decisions he makes all the cold. and so this is being seen, especially by his critics as a prime minister,
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moody making these ministers who have resigned the scapegoat. and another important point to make is about at the edge of the party of prime minister and moody is getting ready for elections. and she states the largest state of prominence, and that in a motor home state could arouse next year. and this is also being seen in the context of course correction before very important election. the u. n. has been told the current approach to me and mas military junk will lead to a failed state protest continue against the mid 3 ruling power. 5 months ago, hundreds of protesters have been killed. the many opposition figures imprisoned, special rapids, thomas andrews told the un states must target the oil and gas sector as of june to rely on for revenue. the only reason they are able to hold the people of me and more hostage is also a vulnerability. it takes considerable revenue to supply equipment and sustain the
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military cut off their income, and you cut off the capacity to continue their relentless attack on the people. but the fact remains that many nations have yet to impose any fixed and a key factor remains untouched by all oil and gas. oil and gas sector revenues are a financial white flame for an estimated to be close to what is needed for them to, to maintain the security forces that are keeping them in power. they should be stuck called bonfires his have continued their offensive in northern afghanistan, making the 1st assault and a provincial capital since the u. s. and nathan draw down began the taliban says it briefly took control of color. now in both of these, for the 1st time since 2001, i've kind of stand ministry of defense as its forces killed more than 2000, taught on finances this week, yet still losing significant territory. charlotte balance reports
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the taliban fighters rolling through color. you know, the capital of the province in north western afghan stone, they claim to have briefly taken control of the town. the 1st provincial capital of attempted to overrun since the us and nato withdrawals again, was beg, decent governess, his government forces pushed the fighters out of the city. although not before they broke into the regions central prison and rescued these telephone fighters over the sounds of heavy gunfire. beyond governor had this message for africans with a woman. i want to assure out people that all the security forces, including the special forces a here and defending the city of color in on the enemy who has engaged with us in some parts of the city, is facing resistance and also facing a lot of casualties. and to defeat the afghan government has lost significant territory in the last 2 months. it's relying on air strikes to retake control. the
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ministry of defense is its troops have killed more than 2000 tele bond slices. in the past week. wine, dumont brothers and sisters, there is no deal and no will to surrender. there are 2 choices, either to live with dignity or to live with insult. today's the day of honor, dignity and support. but if the taliban thinks that we are surrendering to them, that will never happen. not in 100 years. local militias have joined forces with the yes can military to bolster they ranks this district, nor than to car province fell to the taliban last week. since may 1st, the taliban has more than doubled. the number of districts that controlled to approximately 200 or half the country with the woozy roy that he most afghan security forces deployed on the front line. but we militia forces also stand with them and defend in tech how most of the areas and districts who fall into the taliban. now we have created several lines to stop the taliban,
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reaching the city. the telephone offensive has regional l eyes concerned. turkey in russia have closed the consulates in the region while iran has restricted its consul activities. although tehran did host a meeting between taliban leaders and some senior african politicians beckon bag deece taliban fight. who's pushed out of color into order to wakes at the city's gates until security forces surrendered day after day. the pressure builds with less than 20 percent of f. ghana stan now controlled by the afghan government. charlotte bellis out 0. will still ahead on al jazeera american bases and iraq and syria come under attack when live and die died. reaction from that volcano in the philippines is the gun rumbling again with thousands of people still not allowed to return home. and it's 4 feet who will be here to look ahead to
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wednesday, 2nd, semi final of the euros between england and denmark. ah, well, i once again welcome to look at the international forecast. let us logic quiet across much of the middle east side, largely because we have seen some lively storms just around northern parts of mon recently has caused some traffic disruption as the heavy down pause in quite a gusty wind has rattle in across the northern parts of the region so, so pretty nasty weather there at present on all showers these by the way, don't use hazard lights when you're driving. should only be doing that when you are stationary. that's not the way to go. a further shower to cropping up here because northern parts of mine, as we go on through thursday to friday by and large it does look dry. the wet weather will be up around the caucus if you see some heavy rain he recently just
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between the black sea and the caspian sea, and that will linger on as we go on 3 friday. maybe thinking a little further south with by friday winds picking up out of iraq, q 8, coming down across us here in doha with western wind, shamal, wind picking temperatures up to run 44 celsius in doha. meanwhile, we got some live showers across the heart of africa, the seasonal range, the tory, about seeing the heavier rain southern parts of chad, seeing some big downfalls all the way across towards the gulf of guinea. southern parts of africa are generally try returning wet and windy the cape town. the challenging how mainstream media covers the news story white be that should be easy pickings for political reporters out the whole power to account while the other operating among the listening post on the era with bank
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energy and change to every part of our universe or small to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity, we can make it work for you and your business. on the 10th oliver 3, we look at the situation in the will young get country off the civil war, and the displacement of 1000000 have a you have a listen. government. secure stability for the violence of the past fell into the oil, which nathan, self sudan, 10 years better coverage on al jazeera. ah ah ah.


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