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the pattern we know what is happening in our region. we know how to get to that others and not as far as i said, i'm going all the way that you held the voice is what can make a difference. me. the fire has through a hospital treating corona virus. patients in iraq, killing dozens of people, get a live update. ah, hello, i'm kim all santa maria here in the world news from out of the many more south africans feeling anxious and afraid. tonight, south africa,
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presidents as days of losing and violence ignited by the jailing of jacob's zoom of will only hurt the florist of the poor. i. she was president claims benighted states for rep, protest against the government over food shortages and soaring prices. and british police open an investigation into racial abuse against 3 black players from england, national football team. ah 5 sweat through a corona, virus, isolation ward in southern iraq, killing these 58 people now and injuring dozens more. officials say it has been brought under control for the rescue efforts. continue in at this stage, it is unclear. one started the fire. this is the mum i'll hussein hospital in nasty, about 350 kilometers south east of the capital. baghdad, which is where our cars,
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one must mood, a bill while it is with an update. what more of you got? my move will come 3 days in the morning across the country has been and i was hit by the government of prime minister. most of i'll call to me who is currently holding an emergency meeting with civil government officials and on top of them, health officials 58. this is the latest this toll. according to health officials in the car govern government rate, dozens of injured the whole were rescued by not only 2 teams, but civilians in the area. oh volunteered to help and that is q operation. in fact, they have been circulating, feed use of graphic, graphic pictures including get charged the buddy buddy parts and they have been
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shouting the and i was seeing and criticizing what they call the government and health officials, negligence. in fact, they say that the fact that the same mistake is repeated only within 2 months, as you know, referring to the new, the incident, the where 82 people were died of the same, the same of the same mistake in april in but some people in the car to say that since the same mistake is repeated, it means that the officials are not doing enough to prevent such mistakes. now, in the part of the hospital, the man has seen hospital that centre a solution center was located for treating cove at 19
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a patients that the casualties the victims include. hoover 1900 patients along with their accompanying relatives. some of them had their company relatives dead and also a number of medical medical or paramedics individuals and security individuals in the hospital. now the, the government of prime minister, the most prevalent cause me, it says it's, it's now going to take measures to punish those responsible behind that negligence and mismanagement. as you know, this is the same mistake. same cause behind this fire, mismanagement, misuse of badly stood oxygen cylinders. as you know that this medical center like some other medical centers that have been recently established. they were
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established by using fiber in reconstruction operations. the piper materials, which is very flame move that helped in that fire, breaking out. thank you for those updates me about the one had there in baghdad and now some thoughts and ran out the monsoon, who we spoke to earlier, director of the iraq initiative at chatham houses is iraq. health system has really suffered from this government mismanagement and corruption. sadly, this isn't the 1st time and sadly it won't do that last time. we often talk about corruption. talk about the political parties, benefit thing from state conference. but what we're seeing is the human whole that are option and it's management, hey, these are victims who have no other choice, but to deal with this health system health system that has for decades been have
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been taken for granted. the news for, for revenue generation from all the political parties, all together as part of this lead tactic, govern the country. so, you know, as i, as, as, as we see is the same of story. and, you know, the iraqis are, again the victims to. ready their leaders, politician because they know that they need to blame corruption and they're going, you know, rhetorically, they'll come out and say, this is all bad, but their actions rarely go with their work. they will continue. and that's why, sadly, this is not the last time we're going to see iraq, you dying because of the decisions made by their political leaders. on to other news down south africa, the military has been deployed after protests triggered by the jailing of former president jacob zoom turned violence at the 6 people have been killed. hundreds have been arrested in prison for refusing to obey court orders to appear before a panel looking into corruption during his time in office for me to mila has
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a report from janice on off the full day the writing so that we can president food appeared on television, appealing for com, although leave maybe opportunistic act of looting, driven by hardship and poverty. the poor and marginalized bed made branch of the destruction that is currently underway. as i said, shops have been looted an infrastructure has been destroyed. the violence of sparked by the imprisonment of former kazitis jacob's duma, he's been jailed for 15 months. the contempt of court after not complying with an inquiry into corruption, his apply to the constitutional court to review the sentence that imposed thing, it's unconstitutional. many of whom and support to say he's been jailed and failing . and they've taken to the streets to voice their anger. but the government says
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what began as support was duma in the was dylan. natal province is now being driven by crime at this mall in some way to south of johannesburg. but lisa, powerless to thousands of people descend, grabbing whatever they can. many of the stools have been rented, and the police have spoken to have said they simply don't have enough resources. effective been pushed back by these looters. some of them stationed with in the carpark. as soon as any of the looters apprehended by police rocks, a throne and police have to leave. at least 6 people have been killed in more than 500, arrested. the unrest of course, public services in some areas to be suspended, including coven, 19 vaccination programs. and now the military is being sent in to help overwhelmed police. it's not certain how long the army will have to be deployed. but they all
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concerns at a high unemployment rate, worsened by a strict code at 19 lockdown, is contributing to the violence. and while boots on the ground may quote violence for now, so that because it cannot make and political problems may run far deeper. for me to mila al jazeera johannesburg. cubis president is blaming outside forces and us sanctions for provoking the biggest anti government protest in 3 decades. and sunday police using place cracked down on thousands of people calling for change in the capitol, havana. but they were similar demonstrations right around the country. people are angry at the government handling of the current of ours pandemic and a deepening economic crisis. low feeder and see, i mean took on the full you receive. the lack of finance for governance is due to the aggressive policy of blockade and financial persecution by the us being maintained by the government. and we have not been able to maintain and fix the
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power supply planning and it hit the president biden says, the us, those stands by the cuban people, and he's urging the government to listen to the grievances folks, i want to start by recognize a remarkable protest from taking place in cuba, he would people of the men in their freedom from an authoritarian regime. i don't think we've seen anything like this in a long time. of course, frankly ever in the united states stands firmly with the people or q as they assert that versus rights. and we call the government government human to refrain from violence or attempts to silence the voice of people. you know, early the white house press secretary jen sanky gave no indication of a policy shift on cuba despite the impact of us sanctions on its people. our white house correspondent, kimberly how could, has more. she was repeatedly pressed in the white house briefing about why this
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administration continues to keep from place of harsh economic sanctions that were put in place by the trumpet, ministration. if the president truly does stand with the people of cuba, because repeatedly what the people of cuba have been saying is that these policies put in place are hurting us. and so with the stroke of the pen of the us president does have the power to change things that improve things and appears to be refusing to do so. and so. 2 repeatedly reported the ask the white house press secretary about this, she insisted that humanitarian assistance has been provided. but the reason for the protest is not economic, but instead about the type of governance and mismanagement, seeming to miss the point of the protests or refusing to acknowledge the reality that people are expressing. philip brenda is the emeritus professor of international relations and history at the american university in washington. he
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says these widespread demonstrations showed cuba has hit a crisis point. it is unprecedented, largely because it's taken place all through the country in small towns that before hadn't been disruptive all the way as far as one animal to come right near 100 naval base from the far east part of the island. but this, these didn't station shouldn't be taken as a sign. that cube is about to have another revolution. the military still firmly in control and supports the government. and there is no organized opposition. the government lease on the, in a way that's not seen responsible. also, the president has called miguel diaz can now has called out revolutionaries to go into the street. this is of a time when oven is again raising its head with your birth. and it is
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a recipe for having civic questions and actually fighting in the streets. very irresponsible. the problem is that it doesn't have enough food at this point. it imports a lot of shoes and it's having trouble importing. partly because of the us sanctions . and it also has a serious problem of healthcare is doesn't have enough syringes, even distribute vaccines, but they do her. and so it's in a very bad way in the united states ought to in fact provide some humanitarian assistance in it. this is real. christ's will check the world whether next and then people rallying in the philippines to mark a legal victory on the south china sea of tension mount again for china. the and heroes welcome personally football team in rome after they won the european championship fine.
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ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. hello there. let's start in east asia and we've seen some really wet and windy weather in northern china. this was the scene in beijing as it was shipped by severe storm. torrential downpours and gale force winds brought the city to a standstill and we are expecting to see more of this wet weather over the next few days. we take a closer look. we can see those storms moving up to the north and to the east. we've seen a tornado and land slides. we could see more to the north of beijing as that rain falls particularly heavily. and it's also going to affect the korean peninsula, a few showers here and there. but for the wet weather, we have to move to japan. those torrential rains continuing affecting parts of
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a southern horseshoe, but tokyo will see the wet weather all the way through to friday when things start to dry up. and it's going to be hot and dry picture across the east and the south shanghai, seeing a lot of the heat and humidity with a temperature, is sitting in the high thirty's at the similar story for hong kong ahead of the wet weather this weekend. and as we move to south asia, it's very wet, picture for northern areas of pakistan and north west and india as the south west monsoon is starting to inundate those areas as well as india's western coast. that sure whether sponsored power cut on airways departed from the u. k. indoctrinated by somalia as how can a young man disillusion by violence? we build as light. okay, i'm going to make a mistake and re unite. it's common africa. no, not for me. also my last warrior, a witness documentary on
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a me the me. so these are the top stories, dawn, i'll just the or at least $58.00 people now confirm dead and dozens injured after a fire recovered $900.00 installation water and 70 wrong. that's fine. now under control enough, 3, but it is the 2nd hospital fire was killed cove patients in iraq this year south africa, the military's been deployed out to protest, triggered by the jailing of former president jacob zoom to turn violence. at least
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6 people have been killed and 100 the rested. i'm curious, president is blaming outside forces and us sanctions for provoking the biggest anti government protests in 3 decades. there is anger over a worsening economic crisis and the government handling the pandemic. stay in the region, look at a hazy way to catch, like a prime minister is bang to the public for helping with one of the largest man hunts in its history called joseph says his main focus is not to find out who was behind the assassination of haiti's president, last week haitian police say they are pacing together the events leading up to germany. we death with help from international intelligence agents officers have arrested the man suspected of masterminding. the plot will remain my main concern as prime minister is the investigation into the assassination of the president. i demand justice for the president's justice for the 1st lady, justice for her sons and daughters. we thank the population for being smart and
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faxing vigilantly helping the national police to capture the colombians and to american investigation is our main concern. it is not possible for a president to have died under these conditions. well, a haitian doctor based in miami, is now the focus of the investigation into the assassination plot. christiane emanuel's son isn't suspected of hiring the hit squad, but carried out the attack. one of these assailants was presented with an arrest warrant against the president. the warrants as well known it is circulating its from there the operation was set up. christian, a man, your son on is now in the hands of the police. off committing this crime. the 1st person who was contacted by the silence was christian man, your son on you. he contacted to other people who are also involved. as time goes on, more information will be brought to light about the mastermind of the assassination of the presidents. in
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england will lift almost all its corona virus restrictions from next monday, despite the number of cases across the u. k. rising to the highest levels in month prime minister bars. johnson says it's the right time to do it. but he's urging caution charlie angela has report the so called freedom day for england is going ahead as planned on july 19th, bringing freedom from legal restriction, but not from covered 900 cases, which are on the right. the 5 minutes abort. johnson is rebranding the moment, asking people to move forward with caution, not rector abandoned. this disease kind of iris continues to carry risks for you and your family. we cannot simply revert instantly from monday the 19th of july to life as it was before cape it. we will stick to our plan to lift legal
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restrictions and to lift social, distancing the changes, we'll see nightclubs, the big performance venues we open, pub, and bar table restrictions and customer limit abandoned. and the one me to social distancing rule scraps workers will no longer be encouraged to work from home. and face must be recommended, but not compulsory. but a number of top scientists are concerned saying the government's decision is not based on scientific evidence. and it's dangerous amateur. the basic principle of managing and i'd break, is that you impose restrictions whenever cases are going up and you remove them whenever you're in a sustained downward trajectory. we seem to be doing the opposite. and the public is divided. going to be good for the whole country. i can. yeah, i really, i think people need a better morale list. we've been in lockdown for a long time. i believe they're just thinking about the economy. and i think we're
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going to end up in another lockdown again. the u. k. has suffered one of the highest death pills we covered 90 monday, recorded 34000 new infections. but the government says a successful rollout of the vaccine has broken the links in cases and hospitalizations. scientists say maybe the week mid scrapping all restrictions in the face of rising infection rates is a gamble, but the government is caught between a rock and a hard place if it delays. it could potentially persia 3rd way further down the line, hitting in winter when the health services already on the seasonal strain. but the risks of many people now developing long coded a real. this is brittany has the end to the new chapter of learning from live because of 19 charlie and lounges. there are london a record number of people in front, booking their appointments to get her on a virus vaccines after the president announced new measures to curb infections from
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next month. proof of vaccination or a negative test will be needed to get into a restaurant or shopping center or to travel on long distance trains. natasha butler has moved from paris when a manual macro said the vaccination is the only way out of the health crisis. the message in his speech was pretty much that people in france need to go out and get vaccinated. now about 40 percent of the population have been immunized, but amount of micro says that is simply not enough to get out of this health emergency. so he announced a series of measures to encourage people to get vaccinated. one of them, in fact, is going to be mandatory vaccinations for health workers who work with particular vulnerable people. say people who work in care homes, for example, or in hospitals will have to be vaccinated by september. they will be controlled and checks the macro to make sure that they are properly immunized. the government will also extend its so called a co fed certificate is national cove,
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its as if because if this is the, the application on people phones on a piece of paper that shows whether or not somebody has been vaccinated fully or shows whether or not they have a negative p c r t s, that certificate will not be necessary for people to go to a restaurant to go to a ball to go to see it, or to go to a conference or even catch a train in france from august. so a lot straight the measures all designed, of course, to try and curve what we've seen over the past few weeks. and that is a rise in curve at $900.00 cases. fueled by the delta variance in micro macro, making it very clear that this variance is highly contagious. it's much easier to catch. it's much easier to pass on. and the health ministry and frauds just a few days ago said that if this fair and continues to circulate at the rate of which it is circulating in france, we could see as many as $20000.00 cases a day by august. that is something, of course, the government want to prevent and want to stop,
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and that is why amount of micro say more structures needed. people need to be more vigilant. and as i said, his top line really is his message to the french people who really go and get fox noted to the u. s. and 55 is making progress containing wildfires burning across the state of california. cruise working in temperatures nearing 40 degrees have managed to gain ground evacuations, and warnings were ordered in 2 counties are all concerns, though. some properties are still in danger. parts of california have seen the hottest temperatures on the plan is in recent days, death valley reached $54.00 degrees celsius, the different city of palm springs that was $45.00 degrees on sunday. nearing an old time high, the national weather service has issued excessive heat warnings for california and other parts of the western united states. the us government is warning china that any attack on the philippines in the south china sea would draw a response. under a mutual defense, tracy repeated warning came as hundreds of protest as in manila marked the 5th
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anniversary of an international court ruling against bay james territorial claims in the region. the support from jamila allan doug and the marching in defiance and making a statement in front of the chinese embassy in manila. these activists want to remind beijing of what happened 5 years ago when it last in a legal battle on the world stage. in 2012, the scarborough sure was forcibly seized by the chinese military prompting. then president ben ignore kino to file a keys at the international court in the hague. 4 years later, the tribunal invalidate the china, so called historical 9 dash gleam of most of the south china sea. smaller country standing up to a superpower, was seen as unprecedented. but as long as nations abide by the rule of law and not of military mind, the award is
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a north star after keep us on the course in the present. and that will point us back to the right direction in the future. should we in a moment of weakness or inaction lose our way? but the legal victory had little impact on china's behavior. in the past few years, china even increased its presence in areas controlled by the philippines and other countries with what are described as fishing militias. believe to be connected to the chinese army and it's also expanded its reclamation of islands and reefs already deemed illegal under international law. all this is happening under the watch of philippine president rodrigo. there was not only undermined his own country legal link, but even called it a mere scrap of paper. other countries have repeatedly called in china to seize it's illegal incursions. but one of the strongest statements has come from the us
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secretary of state, anthony, blinking. he warned china america would different the philippines should there be and armed attack against its military or even its public vessels? many say it was a david versus the live scenario that proved that rights is mice. but years later, a critics a president of the good that they're just squandered, that victory by refusing to enforce the ruling. and even back that those on this campaign from is to fight for the countries right in the south china sea. similarly dog and i'll just 0 manila. now these honey and football team is back home, celebrating the european championship victory against england. welcomed in rome and ceremony at the presidential palace. this is the 2nd time until he won the euros they lost when back in 1968. however, the match has been overshadowed somewhat. british police have now launched an investigation into a turn of racist abuse. directed at 3 black players from the english team,
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the tree missed their penalties against italy during the final on sunday. and the barber reports from london in the aftermath of england's defeated wembley, the clean up. some had predicted the tabloid price, often accused of racial stereotypes would be full of negative headlines. in fact, most carried the same image. one of england's prominent black players, 19 year old, became sucker being comforted by the english manage garrett south gate after missing his penalty. but there was by the abuse or the same, this mural of substitute marcus rochefort and his native manchester was defaced with races, graffiti, and much of the hate speech was online. twitter said it had taken down a 1000 posts and permanently suspended. many accounts of the firm said they were doing all that could. while southgate himself condemned the racial abuses, unforgivable insisting it was not representative of most england fans. those boys have done a brilliant job and we have together as
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a team now and we're there for them. and i know that 99 percent of the public will be as well because they will appreciate how well they've played. because in particular has been an absolute star in this tournament, british prime minister, maurice johnson, and he's home secretary, pretty patel, have also condemned the abuse for those who have been directing racist abuse that some of the players. i said shame on you. and i hope you will crawl back under the rock from which you emerged but anti discrimination campaigners inside and outside the world have accused them of hypocrisy. patel had criticized in getting players for taking the knee and anti racism gesture and johnson had defended fans who booed the team for doing so. people remember that it's all debatable that you don't have to take the need because the prime minister government don't agree with
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it. and so therefore, you know, some our minds that also gives them some kind of freedom to be abusive when it comes to black plays, in particular with a clean up a found zones like basically coming to an end. but now there are growing colds on social media companies on politicians, and on the sports of football to clean up their own act to crack down hard on racism. demarcus rushman mural has now been covered with messages of support. but kicking racism out of football and off social media is a much bigger challenge. nadeem bob al jazeera london, ah ha ha say all of these are the headlines, at least 58 people are dead and dozens injured. after a fine swift recovered 900 isolation ward in the south in the south of iraq. the fire is now.


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