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national crimes, including crimes against humanity and financing terrorism. the entrance into the far is decision to stay in syria when the danger seemed clear as damage the company's reputation and raised questions over the role of the french government at the time. if the judges decide the force can face charges of crimes against humanity, it would be the 1st time that a company in the european union would face such an investigation. natasha butler al jazeera paris. ah, okay, now this is al jazeera, these are the top choice and afghan government to go. she says the taliban is proposing a remote fee for an exchange for the release of $7000.00 prisoners. it follows rapid telephone gains in recent weeks. on wednesday, the group took control of the spin bulldog crossing would pocket on thousands to be left stranded. charlotte bellis has more from cobbled thousands of people. saki the
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side of it, hundreds of trucks that hello bomb, still in control. talk of sun has closed it on its side, the taliban wants it to be open. pakistan is closer because they say of the security issues and their concerns with security. but the telephone seems to be talking to pakistan, negotiating, if you will, and a bed to have it opened as soon as possible. they just wanted to see life continue as normal, except with it under the controller with the government's indonesia has recorded its biggest daily increasing corona, virus infections with more than 54000 cases. health authority say the delta variant is responsible for more than 90 percent of recent cases. despite and containment meshes. the government says vaccine efficacy is weaker against the delta variance but is still urging people to get an okey license to help prevent serious illness and death. malaysia has reported a record rise in corona virus infections for the 3rd consecutive day. 13000 new cases have been confirmed. the government is increasing. the number of hospitals
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dedicated to covered 900 patients is buying more beds and oxygen tanks, as cases continue to rise. $24000000.00 as being allocated to outsource care and non cobit patients and move them to private facilities. army reservists have been called the up in south africa to help regular soldiers already trying to quell days of violence. at least 77 people dead and hundreds arrested. the unrest was triggered by the jailing of former president jacob's humor and his widened into anger at poverty and inequality. 4 people are dead and more than 30 missing off. the 6 houses collapsed following flooding and west in germany, and other 25 homes are at risk. the army has been deployed to help stranded residents. a slow moving storm system is causing once and a generation floods. forecast is predicting more heavy rain until friday evening was the headlines i'll be back here on al jazeera right off the inside storm season, but i hope i'm sorry,
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should be about raising prices and harley down to the time we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in time in that setting that i thought had made the task of fixing a war torn economy counting the cost on al jazeera, south africa, struggles to contain it's worth unrest in decade. doesn't have been killed in violence, fox by the jailing of a former president, but it has also expose issues of poverty and inequality. so how will the government tackle this life this is inside store? ah hello and welcome to the program fully by people. it's some of the worst violence south africa scene since the end of apartheid in the 1900 ninety's. there been days
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of protest, fluting and writing across the country. although it was sponsored by the jailing of former president jacob zoom or the crisis has expose a deeper issues of poverty and inequality. angry crowds have looted sharps burned down businesses and disrupted for by chains their fears. now some areas could run out of food. as a result, at least 72 people have been killed and hundreds arrested in nearly a week of unrest. we'll bring in our guests in just a moment, but 1st this update from probably the miller in johannesburg. this is alexandra township in the north of janice, where we've seen significant looting and rioting over the past few days, specifically down the road where businesses were looted. many of the building was fits a light. there has been a significant police presence, but really not enough to stop these incidents of looting. the army has been
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deployed. we don't see them here today. but it's thought that perhaps soldiers on the ground has managed to calm the situation at least to some extent. and just behind us, we're seeing business owners and community members now returning to try and assess the damage. also potentially clean up and try to restore some sort of calm. but really it's too late and the government is facing a lot of criticism for acting too late. many solve africans, many organization thing more should have been done early on, especially given that they will warning immediately during and after the arrest. the former president jacob's duma. now it's his own risk and imprisonment. that's bob. some of the riots we saw specifically in class who natal, they've now sprayed to the province of halting. and while it was that incident,
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that might have sparked the riots that now moved into more than just the political situation and the prism imprisonment of former president jacob's fema we're seeing rioting, and looting. specifically linked to the economic situation in south africa. the people here say close at 19 lockdown, have left them desperate. they've lost jobs, they can't get job. and this is why we've seen businesses looted people a desperate and their concerns around this increasing socio economic challenges that the government is facing. and while the deployment of soldiers and police might quote protests for now, they've got to confirm that if those challenges aren't adequately addressed, unresolved south africa may continue to see similar uprising and unrest. the miller miller, for inside storage hannah's book, or the south african president,
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serial rama poster has deployed the military to support local police, his blame the unrest on criminals, and called on people to stand against the violence. although these may be opportunistic x of looting, driven by hardship and poverty, the poor, marginalized bad that are to made branch of the destruction that is currently underway. as i said, shops have been looted an infrastructure has been destroyed. this means that our sick cannot get medication from pharmacies. food does not, rich supermarket shelves and health workers cannot go to work. now let's take a listen to what some south africans had to say. why,
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why? why sit is i'm a part with he's processing that takes for ever. he's way too slow to act his way too low to it because he's busy processing that does not attend to process. this is attending to act. you cannot say we don't condone. we condemn and you stop, they have my employment for for keep now what's going to tap into for those people who can, i mean if, let's say, you know, very high. but when you do things like this, then it becomes more highly new. when me locked down again, this was bound to happen because the longer you leave the people hungry,
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the events would take place. and i don't think it's only about the whole economy and what's happening on the i think people are generally angry and they need some type of income. i won't even say income, i'll just say food. ah, well let's bring in august for today's inside story in cape town, bon gunny, been one a, a member of the african national congress and a former national security adviser to the police minister in south africa. in john is burg, floyd she bamboo, deputy president of the economic freedom fighters party and a member of parliament. and also in cape town, to marie fi, a professor of african studies at the university of free faith and head of program at the institute for justice and reconciliation. gentlemen, welcome to you all. thank you for being with us on inside story floyd. if i can start with you in johannesburg, what is the cause of the unrest in south africa today and who is responsible for it?
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look, just to give you some background 1st want to say good things to view us in. the background is that day for the longest time we have had in the governance is named in india for the past 2427 years, which has been a saving over a government which has been incapable to enroll and economy capacity. so, you know, the party ended officially informally monday night before, but he couldn't make up his g. yeah. at the freak, that is why i was as d refunded into the 15 as an organization which was fighting now for economic emancipation. and we're always holding the sitting in government accountable with the president zoom and a counter bully pushed in foot against the corruption and wrong view. it was government and they literally wasn't as president of the public. and then as the
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capture commission to imperative was established and investigated option and he's president and douglas legation that $500.00 range was put in that isn't just about the 5 years the dollars. and when the commission of in crowded, published we as the some of the little comment and she just 1000000 when we went to suite them to my to, to appear before the commission of the refuse under bases is that he doesn't want to appear before a judge will need to be conflict that quote, mom, listen, she from some time they write and then because it's just what did something unusual would be picked up from the normal procedures and ross and then gave him a custody or sentence or 15 demand. and that's the portez that we out with missing is with the and the nature of the purchase, much and right they will dislike. but it is that it's not now the public
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institutions like schools and laboratories, and when it's time offices that normally get banned when they want this protest. now it gets more that being said, it's actually is home that we have seen that we have for the now the pictures have been the pictures have been quite surprising and really full for people who live out of south africa to see such scenes out of south africa is quite surprising and really unsettling. now the e, f, f floyd, your party and its leader julius my, lemme have been accused of fueling some of the unrest and the looting. what do you respond to that? not the is not involved in the protest. we have not said anything, we've never said that to be must cortez what, who objected to was the uses of the soldiers because we understand that he stole. jess must only be brought in weapons these ex tomorrow, but it's not for him to madison 1000000. metro that can be handled by the police.
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ok that they couldn't handle the situation in the last few days. they were overwhelmed. guard did not being an exhaust to missile and mckennan utilized the police force. so only the police in the provinces that way affected where the winds were responsible. in response, there was never yet a deployment of police force from what the progress is to come and lead was in the areas that were affected to den, to rush for it. so just, you know, educational against participants was put in something that can be understood within that level and high levels of unemployment and the job listeners that generally in defense. so if i had to bend and also the capacity of the government to respond to much way 15, let's talk about this floor. let's bring in bon gunny in
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cape town. but grannie, what do you think are the reasons for this violence that south africa is witnessing today president from a post earlier this week described as ethnic mobilization, which a lot of people criticize them for saying that he was adding fuel to the fire. what, what do you make of this, and what do you think of the root causes? office unrest in south africa. well, thank you very much. i think it's important to just make it clear that this issue indeed was marked or triggered by the cause. just cause issues not cause judgment against, from a precedent assume. however, to characterize what is going on as protests, me looking to certainly be accurate, a protest, you know, lee, people get together even if it's much older minds. ready law cods or. ready
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some trunking there much, and you see here you have a group of individuals who are still mean shockley malls and another. let me show commercial areas. those are not protest. these. what is president rebel was as, as correct raised hope which for me to crime. however, between the trigger has to be explained, floyd has alluded, we can't run away from the fact that there are problems with the economy in south africa, the issues of unemployment wealth in equality and all the relief issues. but he hunger, of course, it's much a new phenomenon. i mean he had some time being interviewed on dimensional. what
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was been trim was an awful big techs big explorer, the big base, clunky gym. they can spread very fast again be actual issue is that we have to confront our unique quality and joblessness especially among. ready the you, and so the president statement in effects dealt with that as far as the city issues, i think, perhaps the bulls, with alia assessments, which i think anyone who is with on august with, you know, any salt will, will say that at this point, that assessment has shown not to be accurate. that's not the city ok grab a tim maurice, the bon gunny i think is right in saying that we haven't seen protests, per se, as we have in the past, you know, with pac had been political chance and so on. this hasn't been the case this year.
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what is happening right now in south africa? is this a political problem or is it an economic problem? well, in fact, there, they are multiple dimensions to the stories. so there isn't necessarily one side that is absolutely correct or accurate south africa, since independent has been experiencing protests on quite a regular basis. back to some referred to south africa, the protest capital of the world, particularly around service delivery. so this is nothing new. what is new is the scale and the scope and the beach of the product, which is spread across 2 provinces at least, and potentially more going forward. so that is really the cracks of the budget. there, there are different dimensions to this. and at the core of it though, i would say both floyd and one got me, i've got the right analysis, the social economic inequality that can be traced quite far back to the
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the legacy of apartheid and racialized exclusion and the, in the ability to put it bluntly open up the governing body the and see to in fact, turn around a situation to 20 to 7 years of it. governance. but, but we're still be the zoom years that we're technically lost. and in fact, we saw a regressive. but can you talk about the legacy of apartheid? i'm apologizing for interrupting you. you talk about the legacy of apartheid. to what extent, though, i mean, does the legacy of apartheid play into this? as you say yourself, the south african national, the african national congress has been in power in south africa for 30 years. and they came with those promises of addressing poverty and inequality which they haven't done apartheid ended 30 years ago. why is it that 30 is on? we're still talking about this today. well, apart, i did end in 1994,
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technically speaking. but in fact, if you come to south africa, you'll see that spatial apartheid is very much alive and well privatization of housing, privatization of health care, education, infrastructure access, it's very much alive. so the inability to undo the effect, the structural inequality that was put in place by a part i risked firmly and that the government to be frank, the society, the why does society bill also has the responsibility to impact push, monitor and ensure that the changes that are necessary to restore the human dignity of the people who are now looting in the malls and the shops in the, in the warehouses. in fact, was cheap. but this is still very much a work in progress. but the sense of isolation is what has led to this deprivation that we are seeing now it's peeling out on the street,
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and this is not an excuse for criminality. but i think if we take a very clinical, militarized police approach to, to this issue, we will fail to understand the underlying social economic drivers and the cycle, social and traumatic dimensions of what is actually causing the social abreast. and the uprising that we see at the moment it's south africa, would be incomplete analysis, right. and it would lead to into an incomplete prognosis. ok, well let's have a closer look if we can, at the underlying grievances in south africa. many still live in poverty and suffer from inequality decades on to the end of apartheid. as you've heard, the world bank says the rich is 20 percent control, nearly 70 percent of all resources. unemployment is at a record high of 32.6 percent and it's more than 46 percent among young people. inflation hit a 30 months high in may and prices of goods are so worrying. while the government has said $35000000000.00 was looted from state funds during jacob zoom as 9 year
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presidency, and corona vice restrictions have worse and long standing economic problems. while south africa faces are resurgence in infections fueled by the delta variant, floyd. so we know that there underlying issues of course, how does the south african government address this today? look at the fact of the matter is that the post main, the main default government has not disrupted the economy power relations that defined a part of pete. so we're leaving in a new part of the, the way those that controlled worlds and had access to a reaches a tie. and then the main, this will continue to have the power but 20 percent, which the world bank to it's possible because the general one of 95 percent white people who were privileged because of the policies that did not that got the black people as human beings are just as
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a petitions of factories and that's what comes in the minds without meaningful, right? so the biggest problem is that there's never been disruptions of the economy. politicians, particularly in terms of ownership of the land in terms of the distribution of the economy. so that is at the center of the cases and also an incurable and speed that we speak. so i totally g and is always engage in exercises, but they are fighting corner where they are going to provide the job to do this. and none of that is happening, but this is where the chris is a but what is it, which i think was after that protest always take different forms. and so right, every time the protest in south africa, government will always characterize it as criminal. whether it's a protest delivery or then of a big charge will protect them, a kitchen of when the punitive it has already taken the form. it's not just that
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when i put the put the am i going to read a text book or what does that definition of put them? a print, blah blah, tri county and detect the form? it is ticket. now what is characterized? justin floyd? let's hear from bonnie bonnie floyd, pointing clearly the finger of blame at the government and the african national congress body. and today what a lot of people asking is why the a and c hasn't been able to fulfill the promises it made at the end of the apartheid era to address these issues of inequality and poverty. why hasn't been able to do so? well, i'm not here to speak with the amc. of course. i mean bikes. it isn't as a mom, honest, i think what is important is to tell the truth. that's the best point of departure . so i agree with floyd to elijah to chance that we have poverty issues. we have well inequality issue and so
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forth. and we do need to have a situation where we have a different look and a different way in which we manage our economy. we have currently we are under current team and we have the levels from $1.00 to $5.00. at this point we're at middle school, which is it's really of the issue. so the peroration effects really what i'm not all really functioning in south africa as a result of the delta variant across which in many countries like going through with bet you have unemployment as i've mentioned before, especially of the you we've heard about the issue. what got and what other options, what are the solutions? well well, immediately we have to look carefully at how the economy is being curren humanity.
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we can't hide from that. is it correct? this serious was jury t program. you know, structural adjustment that we have from our funding. finance ministry. is it correct? does it also be issues or not? shouldn't we have the government being the top tier investor be stage when the private sector, sludge right? being corrupts. and we should look at bad, very agent when the president did number 2, because we'll look at certain issues and those are part of the should be looked at it very, very importantly. bed very same issue mentioning the really lead so we can police make her in so far as its budget is concerned. ok. but the beatles and not equipment. so we can pull it to not have it for instance in
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now. right. i did get will didn't take a long time for the police to get the situation under control. let. let me give the last word to tim marie fee in came town. tim, you know, looking from the outside south africa is of course a role model for the african continent for emergency, for emerging nations also. and it's quite unsettling to see what's happening today . what do you think needs to change? we've heard from president, from a poster. his tone hasn't been a conciliatory one so far. what is he going to have to say and do the com, the situation. the president pulls himself, has acknowledged to failure of a and see. so this is not a se bashing kind of intention that we're having here. the point is it is a want to ship moment for the country. be social unrest is symptomatic, it really is a symptom is not really underlying cause, which suggests that the government has to, in fact turn,
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it's much more introspective. the towards the fact that there are certain socio economic issues that really remain addressed when people live in squalor and others lives in relative affluence, you are creating a situation of, of potential and crisis. so there's a lot of work to be done in terms of dialogue. to find out, in fact, what are some of the primary demands, but we know that for a while, for example, the institute for justice and reconciliation publishes the south africa reconciliation, barometer. that tells you for last 10 years that there's been a demand from particularly those in the lower income groups that the, the equality within society has to be addressed as a merger urgency. and that means government resources, the amount that are being dedicated, perhaps to the military and to defense needs to be allocated to social programs, housing, health care, education, infrastructure, access to telecommunications. all the options that you want to have effective peace
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building and sustainable society going forward. thank you so much gentlemen. for a very interesting discussion board guy named ben dwan, a floyd shamble, and tim marie, thank you all for joining us on inside story. and thank you for watching. you can watch this program again any time by visiting our website at ologist here dot com. for further discussion, you can go to our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash ha inside story. and of course you can join the conversation on twitter. handle is act a j inside so or from me fully black people in the whole team. thank you for watching bye for now. the news a mineral central to the quest for clean energy. a key ingredient for the production of electric car batteries, cobalt extracting this dangerous profitable with global demand set the skyrocket.
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people in power investigates, claims that industrial mines contracting the precious material needed for cleaner energy, are in fact, poisoning the environment with dire health consequences for those living in their shadow. the cost of coal, both people in power on and just leave you make fraction is well underway at the all at a full flats in the province of a point in northern argentina. it is referred to as to why gold of renewable energy layer a. we're trying to establish a small supply chain of lithium batteries so we can comply with demands. one of the demands is the transformation of the public transport system origin. tina has one of the biggest in the region and we would try to transform our bosses. wanted a system i didn't know what livia and she'll have around 70 percent of the world's lithium research, the live in liquid ryan. we are located in full flat, like this one,
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thousands of liters of water are necessary to pump up the frying research to the surface. there is later on, distributed in evaporation pools. communities around this area are concerned that lithium extraction could complicate their access for ah, the taliban proposes a 3 month lease file with the government seeks to release to $70000.00 prisoners. ah. other i'm confident this is their life from don't also coming up indonesia because it's biggest daily increasing corona virus infections with more than 54000 cases. south africa, the government calls up army reserve. it in response to.


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