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how do you make one month the salary? last a lifetime? it was not that aspirational team, but now anybody who wants to propose things up and it gives mentoring. so it is in the same way and if you can make anyone who proposes needs a moon rock to propose, then then there's a reason to go to the ball. and the reason to my mind the morning or so. so if it is, it doesn't intricate marketing exercise the su, really tickling the mass demand. so if i let you have a mass market, any frontier will not survive. gunman, $1.00, and $1000000000.00 is just not enough. ah, type of creature headlines here on to 0. haiti as a new prime minister off the 2 weeks of uncertainty following the assassination of its president ariel already was chosen by president governor more used to take on the job. but since his death already and the former enter and prime minister
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closures if both claim to be in charge under galka is monitoring developments from miami. now what we have as a prime minister, who's already put his cabinet together with one real goal in mind. and that is to take a tea to new elections. remember, i haven't been elections in 80 since 2017. that's what you have now. maurice was elected the elections in 2019 was so problematic that they basically fell to pieces . so this is certainly from the international communities point of view, the necessary next step for this impoverished nation. ordinary haitians have been extremely scared over the past couple of weeks, not knowing what will happen next. now the goal is to whole free and fair elections, something that could be easier said than done. at least 12 people have died in severe flooding in china's her non providence rescue. workers have been trying to free others stuck in some ways. in john jones, 200000 people haven't moved to safety. the spokesman for detain men. molly,
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the unsung suit chief political party, has died of covert 199 when i had been in prison since february's crew, mid mars. i'm dealing with a surgeon cove in 1900 cases. smoke a is from while 5 burning on the west coast of the us have made their way as far east as new york city. the biggest doesn't burning for 2 weeks and oregon is destroyed. more than 857000 acres of brush and forest, as well as dozens of hose and ally of former us president donald trump has been arrested on the foreign lobbying charges. the us justice department says thomas, back and 2 other actors, agents for the united arab emirates. molly's interim president, see me going to have survive and a temp on his life, in pamlico here, paired on national television, to reassure the country just hours after a man tried to stop in during the prayers. well, those were the headlines and he continues here now to 0. after the listening post state you answer watching by the young virtuoso grayson constant
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colds and dominating international competition. 1018, south korea's musical prodigy one out to 0. and unprecedented, just like an industry where from the rest on internet shut down the 2014. i've taken a hard line on the biggest anti government demonstration in a lauren richard gilbert. and you're at the listening post where we dig into the coverage and look at how news is reported. and when it's not, cubans waited a long time to get access to information over the internet. their government faced with nationwide protests has been pulling the plot. it's a war of narratives with the authorities turning protest songs into propaganda, whether they're taking penalty kicks or taking
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a knee. block footballers playing for england are dealing with abuse online. but sports activism is on the rise around the world. and social media is at the center of it all. cuba is witnessing something historic. it's biggest anti government demonstrations in 60 years in response communists. leaders are calling supporters onto the streets to protect the revolution against an opposition movement that has come together online and economy long damaged by the u. s. trade embargo then devastated by the pandemic, has led to shortages of the basics, food, electricity, water. many cubans say their problems run deeper than that. the days of the island being digitally disconnected from the outside world are gone. citizens have taken the platforms like whatsapp, twitter, and telegraph to talk about economic mismanagement and corruption, what they call the failings of the state. the president miguel diaz can now is
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pointing the finger at washington for waging a covert information war, orchestrating what's unfolding on the streets through misleading social media campaigns, paid for with us tax dollars. and the cuban authorities have imposed temporary blocks on the internet. make incredible media coverage and reliable information that much harder to find. our starting point this week is have on the residential series of it's like every demonstration i have seen and represent the demonstration, the term unprecedented gets thrown around in news story. sometimes when it doesn't apply, but what cuba is experiencing right now, protest across the island over a broken economy, chronic shortages of food and electricity exacerbated by the pandemic, is without precedent. there's been nothing like this since the communist revolution
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brought fidel castro to power in 1959. the magnitude of these information, these completely new procure in the last 60 years, the only example we had something like these war c, 994. and it was really easily controlled. but now we have seen thousands of people all over more than 60 cds all the promises. and it was possible, of course, thanks to social media. it's a perfect storm of all kinds of factors. coven has really hit hard. the consequences of us sanctions have been in dire. and the government has not been able to give people much relief. but, you know, for a couple years now,
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cubans have access to the internet. so there's not just one side of the store anymore. and it's also the 1st time that we're seen, the government having to deal with situations like this. and the way they react is by using a narrative that is no longer effective. that narrative forged by the state and pushed by broadcast outlets that remain tightly controlled contains some elements of truth. it blames cube as economic problems on the trade embargo sanctions imposed by washington. gail. but it's not the full story since 2018 when the government opened up internet access. even cubans who still support the revolution have been going online, talking about the mismanagement of their economy. when the protests went national, the authorities imposed an internet blackout that has made it virtually impossible
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for citizens to get online. and for news outlets on the outside like hours to connect to sources and interviewees on the island. these like coats are working us fuel for the fire right now we are almost 48 hours. we travel are going to actually people asking them to stop to do this because they have not been able to communicate with their families in queue. what they got just creating more problems for the people on the people will keep criticizing the government for a day or by the management of these crisis. these silence also allows like widespread fake news. any report can come from anyone, from anywhere in the country, and you don't have ways as
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a journalist or you're going to come and citizen to check whether this information is real or not. you don't have any way to verify human rights lawyer. i of course, as opposed mass blackouts, i support the right to receive and spread information. what i don't support is the right for outside aggressors, particularly who are intent on regime change, influencing that country. they're temporarily restricting access to social media site. well that in combination, we already know about the size, scope, and duration, and manipulation of acumen message by outside of the rest seem to me not the most unreasonable data. the. this is one of the areas where the cube story grows and murky. how much of the social media content that's been powering the protests? how many of the hashtags have been created by cuban citizens, and how much of that has been manufactured by online operatives hostile ones working abroad? starting with the s. so s cube
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a hash tag which grew central to the protest movement. researchers have traced its origins to spain from with apparent connection. 2 argentine already has limited access to the internet. and so the proliferation of such a hash tag raised a lot of why they were hundreds of thousands of big post by tens of thousands of big accounts. we are able to trade some of the post back to a number of individuals in argentina, a country known for right when dedication to neo liberal politics. that illustrates the undue influence that's going on right now. so it's, there simply isn't the capacity for this type of publication from the island itself . i think that that's something people should look into. but i don't think that this whole thing was engineered in the sense that you can't force an uprising. and
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the u. s. has been trying to force an uprising for years. and ultimately you have to have a large number of cuban people who are going to go along with the idea of going out into the streets. these are not paid dissidents. these are people who are just desperate and wanting to and wanting change. ah, the u. s. government has also directed hundreds of millions of dollars to cuban activists and new media platforms, critical of the communist government. and that's been paying dividends ever since miguel diaz can narrow who later inherited the leadership of the communist party from ro, castro loosened the government's reins on what had been at tightly controlled, poorly funded digital space. after his government imposed the blackouts, diaz can now said, social media was creating dissatisfaction rather than reflecting on it and get
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something new to me. and it also was the only thing talks about hannah, hannah pro more john on coming bill. you're going to assume that there are even more many of the don't by the story than the beginning can use of ref for missed. and he wants to open up the country to more democratic spaces. neil us can open the content to internet because in order to attract for an investment to modernize, they have to open the content to it. they have to. but the 5 years ago in 2016 journalists were covering what they called the cuban thought. when president obama and ro, castro agreed to start normalizing relations, lifting travel restrictions and opening embassies in each other's capitals. donald
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trump later put an end to much of that. and president biden now says he stands with the cuban people, the same people, the us 1st imposed sanctions on 60 years ago, a stan sibley to protect america from a communist threat that if it ever existed no longer death. if there is one on intended beneficiary of the trade embargo, it would be cubans, political leadership, the sanctions, the powers that be in has on something that every government wants someone to blame . and that's a narrative that is everlasting. the use embargo has actually been in the queue and economy and the queue and people live and also has been working, refused to queue on government for every mistake they do not taking responsibility for or what the situation in q and regards to their management. u. s. government
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policies are aimed at creating hunger and desperation, and now we have it. and so some of what's going on in cuba is a direct consequence of us policy. but, but not all of it was really have to study this to figure out ok, what was caused by the embargo and what was caused by the internal inability to handle the economic crisis? yeah, of course people should be allowed to take the street however, decides scope and magnitude is being distorted by outside influences masking the reality of the situation of the cuban people. which if you had to call, which would they prefer an end to the cuban embargo or in any to the castro socialist project would overwhelmingly be hands off. you book american interior with get me the issue of
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online racism has dominated political debate in the united kingdom. this past week after black players on the england football team were abused following the final of this year's european championship bureau. 2020 correct. now office here to take us through what we saw online after the match. well within minutes of english, losing that game on penalties. the 3 black players who missed their penalty cakes because seca, jaden, fencher and marcus rochefort were getting abused on social media. some of those play posts, even including emergencies of monkeys and british police now say they're investigating several cases of racist abuse. but tracking down those responsible isn't easy because most of the accounts are anonymous. so rather than celebrating their best tournament result in more than 50 years, the aftermath here has been ugly. exact, it's important to keep in mind though, that the racist backlash didn't start with that penalty shootout several black
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england players face similar kinds of racist abuse before. and say that unfair criticism has been leveled at them by the u. k. right? when pref, marcus, russia, for example, he spoken out on child poverty. he frequently the subject of dubious stories in the tabloids about his lavish lifestyle and his quote, luxury homes. contrast that with glowing coverage of campaigning, former football as white, like david beckham's. and what about the johnson government? what's its position on the abuse of its footballers or prime minister boys? johnson has called the abuse appalling critics among them former and current england. players have accused johnson on his home factory, pretty patel of being hypocrites because they failed to back. the england team stand against racism, his patel speaking last month about players taking the knee before matches. just
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support. people participates in that type of gesture. gesture. politics is ethan expenses. what are link another black member of the indian squad from the up in this tweet to patel saying, you don't get to stoke the fire at the beginning of the tournament by labeling our anti racism message of gesture politics. and then pretend to be disgusted when the very thing we're campaigning happens. ok, thanks talk. it's not just footballers taking a knee. all kinds of athletes are taking part in acts of protest on tennyson, basketball courts, baseball fields, and hockey ranks just about anywhere that athletes compete. they're putting their political and social activism out there for sports fans to see ever since the 19 sixties and seventies. when african americans like mohammed ali and kareem, abdul jabbar brought the civil rights movement to a wider audience. they've been told the world of sports should not be politicized
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or as the bron james, the basketball star has been taught, shut up and dribble. that kind of argument just doesn't fly anymore. social media has allowed this generation of athletes to get around billionaire, owners and broadcasters uncomfortable with mixing sports and politics. now they can connect directly with their millions of fans, and that's forcing leaks, federations and the brands that athletes represent to do something they've long tried to avoid. take a position on social issues. let me post joanna, who's now one sports activist in the era of social media. all my name is kelly, the profile. i am for my captain off of one national team. for me, football has been always a great tool for my activism to be voice for voiceless women in a war turn country and mid dominated country like of renaissance, where women and girls have never know. right. one of the great tools that has
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helped me all the time was the access to the social media. it has given me a platform where i connect with other people around the world. leader paul paul is sports star whose social media messaging has golf game. she aligns with a like, so basketball player, le bron james football or marcus rushford and tennis player. now me a soccer actually to combine action on the field or the court with activism on the web. raising awareness about issues like inequality, racism, and police violence. bringing politics into around that hasn't always welcomed it. the world of sports for too long athletes were considered to be unintelligible. performers, which is really not the case. we've seen sports be a vehicle for really important discussions about n p. blackness, anti and vision, 80 homophobia, islam of phobia. we have to remember sports has always been
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a political space. players for marginalized communities have more labor that is expected of them. as opposed to like a white straight footballer who doesn't have to worry about their humanity. so fighting for equality and equity, these are things that the marginalized athletes have always had to do. what's interesting is that athletes now are seeing an opportunity in the corner and platforms now to speak out at scale. and in collaboration with iraqis of similar prominence. you could tell women's m b as a whole speaking out about racial justice, megan repeat on behalf of the us from football team in relation to social issues as well. she stepped up, mark as rush was, took on the british government twice over supplying free school meals to children. poverty is important. remember, is a huge tradition of actually speaking out. it's a tradition that goes back to at least 1936. the year numerous athletes boycotted, the burning olympics in protest against the rise of naziism in the country. 3
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decades later sprinters john carlos and tommy smith brought american civil rights issues into the mexico olympics, raising their fist in a black power salute. they were fighting the same fight as boxing champion. mohammed lee lee was a force in the ring and had heavy weight communication skills modified of legal. but if you're notice on the most prosecutor, he brought those skills to issues like racial inequality and the war in vietnam. but sports stars have paid the price for their activism. when a li refused to fight in vietnam, he was stripped of his title, embarked from fighting for 3 of his prime years. sprinters, carlos and smith were dropped from the us track teams and more recently and i fell quarterback calling copper. nick lost his job for silently protesting social injustice. no other team has touched him since me. when confronted with
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politics, the sports industry finds itself compromised. it's wary of upsetting conservative audiences. a position summed up in the ninety's by basketball superstar and the face of sports clothing bred nike, michael jordan, who said conservatives by sneakers too. since the late 19 sixty's, the sport industry has grown astronomical levels, right? television, money, advertising money, the influx of corporate sponsorships really skyrocket. so that meant that. 3 athletes like michael jordan figure could be successful on the court, but could be really successful in terms of advertising. and in order to become a corporate icon, you have to have a very sanitized image, sports off broadcast all over the world. and consumers, if those sports have a wide range of social values, traditional values and spawns, would like to play safe and an asset who's outspoken on global platforms about
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issues that many people are conservative about is a threat to their income streams. and that's a natural class between the desires of capitalism, the desire sometimes of social progress, social justice, what have you call in over the past decade. social media has rewritten the rules, allowing athletes to circumvent media gatekeepers and communicate directly with fans. in 2018, the british football raheem stirling trip to instagram to q sections of the british press a fueling racism with their portrayal of black players. in the past, sterling would have to go through those same media outlets to get his message out. now he can shared with his millions of followers with just one click. as can lead up, i can tell you that's a game changer. in 2018. unfortunately, our national team faced a major challenge, a culture of sexual abuse in afghanistan, football federation,
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the creator of that culture was the former president of, of one football federation. and the only thing i was thinking about how i can use my social media channel to raise awareness about what is happening with the national team. we received a lot of hate messages and backlash from the football federation on people who are against our fight or against our campaign. but we managed to gets a lot of support for our place. the ways in which, you know, previous athletes had use platforms for activism. the difference lies in athletes now have their social media at their fingertips. the mohammed ali didn't have twitter. can you imagine if mohammed ali had twitter? i mean, it would be the best twitter account ever, but the thing is, is that their messages in previous days were still, they were still funneled through media. they were still funneled through journalists who did have their own biases and own agendas. and now there's no filter the evidence of that was all over social media in
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2020, when athlete spoke out as never before. yeah, the murder of an unarmed like american george floyd into the catalog, resulting in an explosion of activism on the street and online. a new global black life matter movement was born and sports stars amplified the message on the very together, leaks, federations and sponsors had no choice but to start paying attention. 2020 was a year where app it's around the world. spoke up almost an unprecedented amount of, and i think that's because you had this combustible situation of the pandemic. those frustrations built up right in the broader public and that spill out into the sports world. along with the force of the bio circulation of the murder, of george floyd, really unleashing the global social process movement. and that athletes them were
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following the lead of the people in the streets. they didn't create these movements, they were really amplifiers of the issue that will already play. you can do it to raise your game for those keeping score, it would be sports activists. one sports industry, neil. now brands like nike does a new balance or throwing their weight behind sports activists. the u. k. premier league has launched her no room for racism action plan. while the w m b a from the social justice committee. it's not a stone league and sponsors have suddenly developed a social conscience and are now sacrificing their bottom lines to embrace these causes. they have been made to realize that in 2021. failing to do that won't hurt, not help their business in its opportunism. fueled more but profit than principal, but the athletes will take it. it's a win win. now,
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athletes can be crystal clear and hesitancy to speak up your class. because what company are like, what brand are going to say. we don't want you to talk about this because i will say they want to silence me and then what happens then the fans come out. public support cannot be overstated. here because they're considered consumers. there are clients of companies that are supporting funding, but also they have a say in sport and for too long, the fans and the athletes were regarded as the lesser players in the us. and that's completely focused on attack. now. finally, back to cuba and a case of if you can't suppress them, join them earlier this year and artists collector released a protest song pack the easy, the homeland and life. that's a play on fidel castro's motto, homeland, or death. a choice that many cubans have rejected by leaving the island. the song went viral in a big political way. so the authorities bandit and arrested some of those involved
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. but they can't make the song go away. instead, they produced a slew of state backed re mixes released on government run television channels and websites. here's one version. it's called homeland or death for life. in cuba, the beat goes off with the next time here at the listening. well, the thing really good deal is this is see, daddy does get the most getting the only thing that
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you're really close to the tom, mum. drawing the flag for her nation. we have been putting in playing crickets on what country rings must my dream play in? the woods while providing family plays cleaning game. that's my precious game in the game. my them bob way on al
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jazeera power defines, wow, the launch new babies were dying. i did not think people empower, investigate, exposes, and questions they used to be of our around the globe on our, to the hello. i'm darren jordan and the quick reminder the top stories here on al jazeera, haiti has a new prime minister out the 2 weeks of uncertainty following the assassination of its president. i real already was chosen by president governor mo, used to take on the job. but since his death already and for my interim prime minister closures f had both claim to be in charge. already, the former interior minister lead the response to haiti's cholera epidemic. he's calling for unity in the middle of the countries escalating political crisis. and galico falling.


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