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something there in the past also from the discovery is through the connecting of those cases. it's what the people have had in could face at any moment, plans and a works for it to be replaced by newly built israeli town with the same name. other places like handle asthma, are also under threat of disappearing the pictures of craftsmen and jeff ski now irrefutable proof of their existence, put up the meat l 0 in southern israel. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines the. the opening ceremony for the most trouble fix in recent history is underway in tokyo. more than 100 people attending the games is tested positive for with 19 in the one up to the event.
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protesters are rallying near the venue position to the games. they say the pick shouldn't be going ahead or cone of ours remains. a threat of correspondence and richardson has more from talk you the opening ceremony has always been an important part of every games and showcasing their national identity. getting the, the people behind the games that are taking place. but rarely, as a host city had such a tough balancing act and such a push. now to try and shift public opinion behind the lympics and make people feel that all the sacrifice is worth while just look at the stadium behind a $1400000000.00 stadium bill for these games and send it to house 68000 table. but of course, for tonight and for the truck and failed event, since the closing ceremony, there will be next to nobody inside there. apart from taking part in a few 100 visiting dignitaries,
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a member of the elements negotiating team cents. there will be no lasting peace in afghanistan until a new government is installed and cancel that all sides agree on. so how shaheen says to tell yvonne doesn't want to monopolize power. shortage of fuel to run generators and several live in his hospitals is threatening the lives of patients food. they keep one ice within hours. electricity outages can last more than 20 years. a day. indonesia has recorded more than 1500 corona virus, deaths in 24 hours a new record. the countries become the epicenter of a surgeon cases in se, asia fueled by the highly contagious delta variance. well, those are the headlines, but there's lots more here for you on al jazeera inside story is coming up next, and peter, adobe will be with you the refresh us. the news headlines of i me
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you can watch are english streaming light on. i do channels plus thousands of our programs award winning documentaries and get the news report ah, subscribe to you choose dot com forward slash al jazeera english. the south africa slowly returning to normal off the days of looting and violence. the water, the lesson for the a and see what implications. all that for the country is inside story. ah,
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ah hello and welcome to the show. i'm sammy's. a than for more than a week, south africa had been beset by its worst violence since the end of apartheid. while the situation is largely calm. now, the nation is still trying to come to terms with what happened. the violence killed at least 276 people and caused widespread destruction. hundreds of businesses very diluted off at home fire. south africa, roads, facilities and supply lines were targeted and disrupted, for the damage is estimated to run. billions of dollars in federal run has deployed $25000.00. so just to keep order, the unrest was sparked by the jailing of former president jacob's humor, but expanded to include grievances about poverty and inequality. i'm opposed has blamed the unrest on zoom, a supporters, but he's also acknowledged government failures. we oh,
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concerned about what happened. you know, they were in the we, my mom or a little different it is the, the, our part of the united
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live where men brought we'll bring in our gas shortly. but 1st, this update from bernard smith in durban. the writing and loosing has sparked by the jailing of former president jacob to expose the chronic poverty and equality that assists in south africa 27 years since the process. yes, there is an emerging the small black middle class, but the ruling and see that govern south africa since the end of apartheid has been slow to redistribute land and wealth current and leadership says the last 10 years have been wasted. judicial permission is kind of sitting and looking into allegations of state capture, corruption and fraud during the presidency of jacob zuba half south africa. 35000000 adults thought still live below the poverty line. and youth unemployment is it around 50 percent upon demik?
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haven't helped, and the government has given grounds to people affected by the cum demick, but not been able to be as generous as weston countries with the current senior leader, v a n c. matthew pose. it says, let us not again, blame a party or the global economy. this he says was an event of our making. we have blood on all the local elections shed, ruled for october in south africa. if they're not delayed because of pandemic, those local elections will be the test. the n c's, popularity bonus mit inside story took. ah, well, let's bring our guest into the show. now. they're all joining us from johannesburg in south africa. linda way zulu is south africa, minister of social development. william good day is the executive chairperson of
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democracy works. foundation and quandary. way con blow is professor of political economy in the department of politics and international relations at the university of johannesburg. welcome to war. if i could start with william, all the protest, the looting, is it all over now just taking a break, how do you see it, william? it does seem that, you know, or the late, the army said the police. and you know, of such your hasn't, has been stabilize, but he does appear at a store some trend circulating across the country and watch subgroups at jacobs or my supporters. i intend to try another 10 at a popular kind of uprising. but for now, it seems stabilized. selisa stared the visible, the army stayed at visible. and i think people feel a little bit more reassured and a couple of days ago. all right, so stable for now, but zoom is fault is may give it another go. lindy way has ram opposed to survive
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the challenge of some of those pro zoom elements who wanted to keep, i guess you could say circles of power above the rule of law and law and order. president sewell's, i'm up was that he's in charge as the president of the country and also the president of the african chorus president. my post has gone, he's team of many. does he and different departments that are directly dealing with this situation. as william has just said it now that it is stabilizing, it study lising because for presidency, and he is government. the 1st and most important thing to do is to start the lives the country. so do you have any concerns? but as william said, may be zoom or circles are going to try and give this another go and try and bring jacob zoom above the law. we are not worried about that at all because you have
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seen for yourselves, i'm sure you want to treat where you are. yes, we accept the destruction is really, really bad. but the bottom line is that government is in charge. the president is in charge of those departments, particularly defense intelligence and others in pudding mind by the way of social development that has to deal with the aftermath of death from the point of view of those cities in there are struggling. we back into ensuring that we study lies the country in this study lies issue of the country is beyond just people not being out in the streets and looting. but you will also see that the police and the one on out in full force, including that of looking for the tip, is looking for the new test and collecting as much as they possibly can. what was already booted. i think that the security structures are really doing the best that
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they can, but this issue is the justice and it's also about other departments that have to deal with the aftermath of that. and as i rightfully say, my department so showed man and are the ones that are right now spring quantity way into the discussion as linda a was just saying that this is about more than simply the security situation. right? first of all, let me ask you quan the way, have the pro zoom elements been neutralized? are they still able to, to form and, and perhaps move again. the difficult too fast is to talk about pros do my element as if they exist out there as a very coherent force. very difficult to really put her hand a finger. but what you can call this is cross element today and see this isn't my
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as a member of a and c. and definitely a former president of a n c. he does have a n c members who are still very supportive of him. and of course, there has been tensions and, and, and squabbles within the ruling party. but it's, it's not easy to just reduce as i think, to process elements. us, i'm up was the element the and seems to be equal quantization that are last of ideological positions and perspectives that you find within the a and c. and his perspective sometimes are not necessarily for duma and against my poster or what i'm up was. and again, so i'm trying to see what are some of the major motivating forces here than at play . i'm trying to avoid very reductive approaches when you look at this. because not
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everybody in the a n c is just probably tomorrow and you know, my boss, that simplistic. ok and has a ring william in to broaden the house then? no doubt, this is as the guest sang about more than simply what happens to jacob zoom or his supporters. there is an element here of perhaps rebellion against the current social and economic order. right, william? absolutely. i mean, it's a combination of teams and, you know, last quarter, valid buyers, you know, was brought to my supporters. you know, they found almost, you know, for the higher ground. and i think, you know, the 1st thing that i have to say we've been under locked down is that we can one of the wells, strict, strict as a block downs. and you know, so there's the idea of a cabin fever once you're in this kind of lockout. it's not only for africa, but also elsewhere. people are anxious and it's almost, you know,
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getting out of it and carrying out a industries. the 2nd thing is also, you know, it's not because economy has been really stated by carpets, 900 and then also by the locked out. so we seen high levels of unemployment business is close down and so on. and just a heads after lockdown. of course, you know, we've struggled our economy or struggled compared to our emerging mark appears. and of course, you know, the president of jacob zoom are destroyed a lot of value in a lot of good. i was in a lot of business in south africa, you know, so that's sort of low growth, precede it to conference periods. you know, we had a history, the last couple of years of looting at a high level, at a state level where with impunity, where people haven't be prosecuted. so you also have to contact, you know, people seeing that they're kind of looting at us, of the states without any prosecution. and, you know, and then you have to just suppose it to looting right in the streets. okay. that
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kind of transitions nicely. the point which i was going to raise whether most of this even can be put down to coven, cabin fever. because if we look at some of the figures for the economic situation since the end of apartheid, well, you'll find for example, the unemployment rate has remained around 30 percent since $994.00. but youth joblessness has increased to up to 74 percent by the late 19 fifties. more than 80 percent of south africa's land was owned by whites. now the world bank says the richest 20 percent of south africans control nearly 70 percent of all resources. a higher proportion of black south africans have historically lived in poverty, but the government data suggests the proportion of black and mixed race. people living in poverty increased between 20112015. this begs the question, linda way, does it not? has the government has the a and seen successive a and c,
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governments really failed to make sufficient progress in addressing the inequality from the apartheid era? well, if i am to pay it, which i don't normally deny doing in a situation of our so the government of the african national congress, i may say people have 2 judges for what we have said we want to do. but if you have to make comparison, you can't run away from the fact that the impact of date, the impact on the economy and the impact on the demographics of our people and the impact of poverty. i'm employment in the party and i'm thinking, my, my, my countrymen will just spoken yet because they telling you like, it was never going to be easy for the government within a 27 years to have reversed all that. however, we voted figures, at least in do i give me jumping and see to be getting worse?
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well, of course you might also consider the fact that we came out of date and we hadn't had a band cracked a government. we had a tech there to assist in might be created to make it difficult for people to do so . we had to 1st and foremost, integrates that. so when you, we have to start building institutions of government, which institutions we're going to be the re quote for our people. it's not to say that in the building of those institutions, there hasn't been mistakes, we accept them. mistakes that have been made, particularly in strengthening the institutions because if they don't strengthen the institutions of governance, what we're talking about now in terms of they do change from people who are contract. we're not supposed to get the contract. yes, that is correct. that is true. but what is good about it is the fact that we are institutions that have been given the responsibility to do justice. bring people to
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book on the way the majority is one by and see by the answer party in elections of have been decreasing, right. does this latest balance of violence and process show? then seize grip on power is weakening further? yes, what is happening is that in the arena of politics or popular support, the a n c really needs to roll out this lee. because as you can see, the graph really the tendency which, which imagines when you analyze election results that from 2009 right up to date. we see this slow, slow, steady dukes, us in percentage popular support that the a n c guests during elections. and, and this could be as a result of a number of other reasons people just deciding not to go and vote. and also
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maybe the growth of we had a youthful opposition party in south africa. it's attractive to farm of the youth, but is not growing at the rate. we initially expected it to grow the challenges of governance that the a and c as a gardening party faces are also contributing to all these issues. it's not easy to be a ruling party in any country, and especially in a country which has a burden of historical baggage like we has in philadelphia. i want to take that thought back to linda quickly for a quick thought and asked this question. the baggage, the challenges which one do i mentioned, linda way, does that mean the agencies heading towards greater division,
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especially if president pose a might have to confront? so we say some forces, i don't wanna get us back into the, to the division between pro and anti jacob zuba elements. but if there are some elements which the president feels he will need to now confront, in order to show he is concerned with good governance and fighting corruption. does that mean more split motivation within the agency? well, no. we as far as the african national congress is concerned, if you go back quickly to the conference, you said were president, that my post was elected. it was a quote for unity. but i also want to make it clear that anybody should movements that comes back into a country and takes over us. it has to go through the internal dynamics and the challenges of contestation within the african, the stockholders. and so what is important for us is about leadership. and how does she takes that into consideration and make sure that between the amc in amc as
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the because there's a call this as an organization and the agency in government there's going to be synergy between the 2. so that individual interests that sometimes tend to move the agency to a direction that it cannot be or the principal needs to be dealt with. so. ringback we have our own internal dynamics and i think under the conferences we really try to did with them. but we're not thinking that those internal dynamics can do wish away those that must be wet on by putting the members of the african this understand the reason why the members of the agency, what is expected of them as members of the amc to be tough on and by the new site of day. so be it's all right, so let me take, that's a good point. let me take it to william and say you have jumping on some of the words which linda way used. the need to be tough on some members of the
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a and say increasing intensity of contest between some elements in the a and see what does that mean for south africa as a country? i mean, the and see has been the dominant ruling policy for so long. you know, i mean the, as it is now has been 2 parties essentially into one. now press enter number 4, that has been trying to hold a 2 parties together in his unity policy. now what has happened the last 2 weeks is your nose from now on was this is, are because we amc, it cannot hold a 2 groups together anymore. so i think, you know, even the jacobs, my group or whatever we want to call them, it will be very difficult for them now to return back into the and you except the amc. and then 2nd of all of the links, i think we're going to see a splits and it is now in the future bill. i mean, it has been post further and further if it's supposed to happen perhaps before. because the thing about a symbol is what makes it effective and what maybe
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a successful in the race and movement is that he was a broad coalition, you know, ranging from boxes to capitalistic, to decent. now when you get to government, you know, you have to have a set how we get him policies and you know, otherwise you should be in a perpetual paralysis. and which is what has happened with a and c. so to become an effective fitful purpose, modern political party to govern over it in walker, see, you have to become internally democracy. and you have to have one set of policies. you mean, you might have to kick out some of the people that are positives and it hasn't happened before. now as a move, like, let me quickly, i know i want to get linda ways reaction to that very briefly. do you agree with that prognosis going forward? there is going to be a split, perhaps some members break away from the and see now this is the rubicon being crossed. there isn't going to be a split in the african is about congress, and i'm happy that really. yeah. because he's the one that spoke up all the
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fighting for the soul of the african national congress that we can. there's 210 and 9 years old and the african, there's not congress we've been that period of that time has had challenges that right has made it to be strong. i think that there isn't which is split, but obviously those will be like they can agree with the principles with a founding document of the african this progress, maybe there was decided to go somewhere else. but this article missed on august has survived those that i did that they bought 2 very different visions on what happened, speak to the unity of the answer going forward. and we, we thank both i guess for that let me try and bring in. now if i can wanda way and asked the question, you know, whatever the degree of intensity that emerges now, whether finalize is in a split within the a see or not has the violence demonstrated how when in trend some of the elements,
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i don't want again to reduce this to pro zoom as i'm trying to find another way of putting this is some of the islands which are not entirely happy with and see policy policies. how well entrenched they are in the state. and any intensification of the contest shall we say to use into a terminology here is going to impact on the states performance and unity itself. when i think 1st, the 1st point of view that i don't see, the splitting is the one of the inheritance of exile is loyalty to the pot and and with the group which is down to the pros, law group. whenever they appear, they always they emphasize the royalty to the african national congress. but with the violence that we saw happening, you see what we saw happening is quite so multi faceted. there was
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political element, but there was also pure fargo and there was also opportunism. then do a does the whole approach to ending the apartheid era now need an overhaul? yes, absolutely. this is one of the lessons we have learned, and that's why i was saying we need to know what institutions are that a were to also pick up things when, when they developing bye. my final point is this, when in so that because all the other issues you spoke about po, but t, hunger, unemployment, did you know, why do we need to focus on those issues so that even anyone who wants to what relies communities, communities can be the ones that say, you're not going to mobilize us for this because we are fine. but when you, we have a spark and people who feel they have what very big or to lose. and they go out and do it, do what we saw. ok. we got in trouble. that's why we need to focus on ok and
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wonder, okay, we have promised to give 30 seconds to williams a very briefly do you agree with that prognosis? i think this, this week has been the rupture set up, which i suppose liberation, politics, oppose independence, politics. and he's very likely that the i n c will be cline, you know, in terms of alter appeal. and the 2nd thing that we may see to beginning up on suppose maybe a couple of space going forward for fun compared to the trajectory of at the base. and on that note we're going to have to end here because we are running out of time . let's thank the guests minister linda way zulu william. good may. they, and quando away con, below, and thank you to for watching. you can see the show again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com for further discussion head over to our facebook page that facebook dot com forward slash ha inside story. can also join the conversation
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on twitter. our handle is at a j inside story. from me, sammy say that i'm the entire team for now is go by the news. news, news, news, news. news. during the debate, you do not have that seen reaching those who are most of the needs and amplify your voice. it allows a diverse community and how an array of different story know topic. it's off the table. it's such a tough ethical debate where there is obvious discrimination and systematic discrimination of play. people are thursday for new wasted. the stream where
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a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera, something was going to change, has anything really changed. this is systemic violent that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in a race against the barrier and know what to say. so we are all looking at the world as it is right now, not the world. we like it to be. the devil is always going to be in the details. the bottom line, when i was just there on the latest news, as it breaks agriculture production across the north nigeria, greens, a serial production event. steve declined with detailed coverage that you've been made. i know many times before now that allowed a death because they say that situation is much worse from around the world than these external affairs folks. systems is the government is following due process and the case and that authorities act against violations of law. me
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laid important role protecting human 9. the doctor's face. ah, ah, me. oh again peter, they'll be here and hobb. if your top stories on al jazeera, the tokyo trebled olympics are officially on the way with the opening ceremony being held in a virtually empty stadium. one of $100.00 people attending the games of tested positive for curve at 19 in the run up to the events protested rally near the venue to voice their opposition to the games opponent say they shouldn't be going ahead. while the corona virus remains a threat and richardson has more now from took you will the limpid games that many
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may never happen all now officially underway. a huge challenge for.


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