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be inconsistent with its values. the texas state government though, believes the decision goes against a law which prohibits any boycott involving israel. it's $100000000.00 pension fund has investments in unit labor. and jerry's parent company or been in jerry's, is acquired by unit over 20 years ago, but it has kept an independent board to manage the brands. image. unilever says been in jerry's decision, does not reflect the position of its board, and it wasn't approved. is there? i was prime minister natalie bennett was quick to react though a warning unilever of severe consequences and possible legal action. just to put a little perspective for you about unit eva, ben and jerry itself. over here is just one of what is that 8 ice cream brands that you know, leave room has a whole lot of food brands, as well as the se, cosmetics cleaning products, personal care. it is a huge company. brands of which you will be very familiar with,
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and it is just this one issue with ben and jerry's which has got the israelis concerned. if you look at unit, leave his website here just to give you an idea of a size available and over a 190 countries, all those different products at 2500000000 people using their products every day. with a turnover in 2020 of 51. whoops. and drove about 51000000000 euros. so let's talk to richard levick now ceo of leather, a strategic communications firm with us from washington dc. it's just a lot to bring together here isn't here the ice cream. there's a huge multinational middle east politics and a law which prohibits anyone from disagreeing with israel with boycotting is right . can you sort of tie this together for us from the perspective of texas? well, you know, you're right, it's a very big and complex issue and it's much bigger than just texas. and texas has
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begun, but so has florida, and there are 28 other states in the united states that have some variation of the same type were caught laws regarding their pension investment. so they're already looking at 2, you've got the whole issue of companies, particularly american companies stepping into the political realm where we've obviously seen a great deal more of that in the united states. nike with colon cap or next quarterback from the national football league who was blacklisted. you saw it in georgia with delta airlines, which is headquartered there regarding the voter restriction bill that was passed. but now you have a, for my company, part of, or originally founded for my company, part of unilever, which is weighing in on or in policy. and it just seems sort of a bridge too far from the information we have is una lever, potentially on the hook here because they're saying, well ben and jerry made
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a decision, been, and jerry's and still got its own independent boards. so you know, nothing to do with us. well, you know, it's fascinating. first of all, most people. and they may know that been in jerry's as part of unilever, but they still think of it as that. i conic brand that sort of left over to ship the brand and they feel good. it's one of the 1st companies in the united states to have such an e s g, such an environmentally social conscious brand. so people still feel about it that way. i think been in jerry's board, their local board independent or their, their company board independent of the unity report, which uniquely has a lot more independence and authority than boast. corporate boards do of the parent . and you're already beginning to see a cleavage. remarkably on television. earlier this week you saw a pointing fingers between the chair of the board of ben and cherries and that of
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una lever, which seems to be trying to take a step back a little bit from, from this and say, wait and see. and i think the parent recognizes that it's one thing to stepped into political issues. when you have a business purpose or a geographic purpose, much more difficult when you're casting stones afar. do you think? you know lever will be worried here? you know, this obviously comes back to the, the b t s movement, the boycott development and sanctions movement against israel and well, in the united states, when you bring israel into weight, it is always very, very sensitive. now it's clearly very sensitive. here i tend to think that ben and jerry is in their board, although they would never admit this probably miscalculated when they could have done this quietly. why did they choose to make such a public issue of it knowing full well and knowing that when air b and b did the same thing a few years ago, they back track just a couple months later. also knowing that although the u. s. jewish community is no
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longer as unified as it was created at yahoo, that they're still incredibly active politically, that they were stepping into a hornets nest. and i, and i do think that unit lever is going to try and keep as much of an army distance on this as they can for the foreseeable future and see what happens next. you mentioned that this was a, a vermont based company. my editor here at algiers from vermont as well, and was telling merely that there has been a lot of pressure from within, you know, quite a small site, but a lot of pressure on been and jerry's to support the palestinians. well, that's correct. and in fact, in this i find this fascinating, which is the press that pressure to the blue cotton divestiture. pressure has been on been in jerry's locally for almost a dozen years. and it's very interesting to see how long it took them to make this decision. and then how apparently upset they got with the unit leave or board for not being at the same pace as they were as quickly. there's also another issue or,
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and that is companies in america are being pressured. there is no longer a brand new tragedy that is, that you can neither go to the left or go to the right, but you'll just talk about your product and hope that you can remain as a political as possible. that is increasingly less possible. certainly since the january 6 uprising at the u. s. capital in washington dc. but they're also going to be limits to it and how much people want american companies to weigh in on foreign policy is probably about equal to how much for monitors one when companies to weigh in on their domestic problems. fascinating story, who would have thought all about ice cream all coming down to ice cream, richard levitt? joining us from washington. thank you. thank you. now israel high courted, asked the government to clarify its position on the bed when the village of han last night by september. it's one of dozens threaten with demolition across the
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israel and the occupied west bank then are recognized by the state and they people are facing forced displacement and now you, exhibition and television. it's highlighting the scale of the issue, how to build. it went for look its been destroyed and we built 190 times since 2010 the village of allowed to keep home to, to re bed when tribe in the negative desert, one of the so called legally unrecognized villages in israel. they are barely any standing constructions left, but people still live here among the ancestors in the vans and trucks. but fellow, we go low and they don't acknowledge anything bed when he's villagers have been recognized since the days of the ottomans. and then the british, the tribes exist since well before the creation of the state of israel. what do they think the tribes came down from the skies a week ago? this is how a lot of keep looks from above. you can see the marks of raking bulldozers that
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took down homes and smoothed the land plans are made for the forest to replace the village. these images are part of an exhibition base, really photographers, mickey craftsman and tape it jeff ski cold anti mapping. to create a not turn at the way of talking about maps. yes, we believe that they, they stay doesn't want us to see or to understand where to but as team on villages and a green line. and in those days, what's happened daily in don't recognize beds when villages. yes, they don't want us to say craftsman and ben. jeff skeet took thousands of pictures by drone and then super impose them to provide high resolution images that show a reality that is uncomfortable for many israel like palestinian villages. the dark spots on this picture raised to the ground in 1948 when israel was created. this is
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the spot where that picture was taken. now somewhere there, they used to be the village of jamaica. we can't figure out where exactly from this vantage point. it's all been covered with agricultural land. one of the many ways to raise palestinian heritage from inside the borders of israel. land confiscated uncovered. here they used to be the village of our now a training base for the military. i was surprised. how much isn't though there was such an effort to remove those places not only from maps, but also from reality. in each place, there was something that we can find cemetery, walls or stones that would indicate that there was something there in the past. also from the discovery is a through the connecting of those cases. it's what the people have had in could face at any moment, plans and a works for it to be replaced by newly built israeli town with the same name. other
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places like handle asthma are also under threat of disappearing. the pictures of craftsmen and jeff ski now irrefutable proof of their existence put up the meat al jazeera in southern israel. one person's been shot dead and 2 others injured during protests against water shortages in southern iran. dry conditions in the province of the sun is made this year's water supply problems, even worse than usual security forces, say, unknown government, open fire people who said they wanted to protest against the issue monitoring rains of triggered landslides in western india, killing these 44 people starting left thousands of people stranded with parts of my harassed state badly hit. the downpours have eased, but rescue teams have been struggling to reach areas cut off by the flood forces from new delhi. let's put her on him now. on the rescue operations in the areas hit by the land science officials are hopeful because after at least 35
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death on 3 lines live and not sure that's what my daughter was phase lead of. the chief minister of taca they had said and around 30 people are missing. he also said that the national disaster response force has been having a lot of difficulty reaching some of the worst effected areas because of the damage to rows and to bridges. but because the flood waters are now starting to receive and that heavy rain has slowed down somewhat, their hopeful that everyone involved in the rescue efforts and national disaster response for that also the army, the navy, the coast guard, i'm going to be able to get to the people who remain stranded more than a 1000 people have been rescued in different parts of my austria. many of them have been from rooftop from the top on top. the buses on highways ship learned the closest town of chip loon, which is home to about 70000 people. that is where the rescue efforts a focus on now, half of it is flooded and that's in the district of ross,
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my goodie was received at the heaviest rainfall in july in full t years. now elsewhere in my austria and the financial capital min, by in fact, another 2 people have died. an 8th injured off of their house, collapse off the heavy rains and over the last week and seen 30 people die in and around by because of the heavy rain that situation in austria. but we're also seeing heavy flooding in a couple of other different states in the country. most notably in the southern state of talent gonna, we're hearing meteorologist is saying that the 30 centimeters of rain, it's cold and inside and god has capital hydro bob, the best, the highest rainfall in july, and hydro bob in 10 years that the flood gates of the main reservoir swan saga have had to be, have had to be released for the 1st time again in a decade. now the photo damage was seeing the destruction due to flooding due to land flies. it is common during the season when the flooding really affects the
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foundations of structure, which are often poorly built. but we're also hearing from scientists that the frequency and the intensity of the monsoon of heavy rains is increasing because of climate change. international body overseeing the pace steel that entered the bosnian conflict in the ninety's has now banned the denial of genocide. both me and serv. officials refused to accept that the massacre of more than 8000 both in the acts, insurance was a genocides. but genocide, denial will now face up to 5 years in prison. the law also forbid the glorification of war criminals. ta ta. domestic, which has more now from sarajevo. in the recent years we've been witnessing gay campaign of open and blayton, genocide, denial both by the buzzing sales, but also republic of serbia. that's find the bugs in public. there was a push towards international community and it's office of high representative to bring into power a law that incriminate genocide, denial,
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which is basically what happened today. now there are 2 factors, probably that played an important role in this happening. first of all, there is in the recent years a more strong, a stronger us presence in the region, especially since the navigation of the by the administrator by then who was very involved involved in the war in the ninety's when he was a us senator on the other hand, the incumbent, high representative, valentin ensco, is leaving off at the end of this month and in bosnia, this move this, bringing in to power this law is seen as a sort of a legacy move a legacy of his or as the high representative involvement v and prompt you swearing in a new government in some way has been approved by the countries court of appeal. it means the army now must the offer will be the 1st female prime minister of the island nation after elections. in april,
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a party held its own swearing in ceremony in may, after members were locked out of parliament, the court of appeal is not ruled that ceremony was legally valid. there are fears of food shortages in south africa in areas hit by days of loosing and rising. violence broke out off to the jailing of former president, jacob's una rural areas and the 2 most populous provinces have been particularly hard hit with entire town sent his ransacked and set on fire. bernard smith has report now some concern in his how problems in the li comrey surveys, what's left of his parade of shop in bulwark next door. we have got a group of doctors that at the spent a quarter of a 1000000 setting up a nice practice. in under 48 hours every shop in this bustling town was stripped than torched. a community of 35000 people now left with no commercial center. it was instant. we suspect there were 2 buses, boston with, with organizes at ra,
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that people, as soon as people heard. busy that they were stuck for free, they just came in by the bucky loads. scaring, the looting was sparked by the jailing of former president jacob zoom. it was given momentum by chronic poverty and inequality in south africa. made worse by the pandemic. were a couple of hours dr. outside durban, and it's only when you leave the city. get a real idea of the scale of the looting. because not a town or village seems to been left untouched. outside the furniture store, people cute with taxes to help him carry home the bulky beds and sofas they stolen . the store owner is here. a pass watched from his home across the street, powerless to save his business, some of the vehicle, the right next to our house, loading the things. and we are not able to do any t lives on the line here. we don't even feel safe. this is a here,
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like many business owners, isn't in short. the local police, overwhelmed, stood by and watched it took a week for the south african government to restore order. here in jacob, zoom as home province. of course, you know how and how ting in many people by what they need day to day to get closer, you have to try to speak about it. have to go to and a big it goes, i think the sylvia sylvia said to complete that debt to tell with no shops and no post office to withdraw allowances and with distribution centers also hit by looting. people will likely go hungry. it'll take weeks at best for this town to be able to offer even basic services again. bernard smith, al jazeera bulwark, conseula natal, still more fuel misuse. now we will find out how 3 d printing is revolutionizing pills and how they work in the human body. and in sports, when he from this man,
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well, number one, know that joker bitches. he prepared. they got a, brought to you by accenture. let there be change the news with
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me duties by extension that there'll be change. oh, a more news from the olympic gains in token his jenna i is in 5 years in the making and in the shadow of a pandemic, but the total of 2020 olympic games have officially started japanese tennis. don m,
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you saw that was given the honor of lighting, coltrane in the stadium. this off is a full time grant from champion and the 1st asian fire to be ranked number one in the world. but the thing ceremony not without control, the federal law walked out without wearing face going against strict case but at least we now know why no, i mean i suckers 1st tennis. much of these olympics was pushed back from saturday to sunday. the japanese stall, given the honor of lighting, the olympic colder to get these tokyo games underway during the opening ceremony. we also heard from the international olympic committee president thomas back. he said, amongst other things, this feeling of togetherness, this is the lights at the end of the don't tunnel of this pandemic has to be said. that sense, but may not be shared entirely by the rest of the japanese population who perhaps remain to be convinced about the wisdom of these games going ahead. the athletes parade, while it was scaled down socially distanced, somewhat subdued. several athletes from the countries of kurdistan. pakistan and
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said, gee kissed on entering the stadium without wearing a facial mask. seeing clear contravention of the strict rules and regulations of these games athlete were warned that if they didn't follow all the safety protocols, they could risk being kicked out of these lympics. as for the ceremony itself, well opening ceremonies like the lows and i've always been a part of the games ever since. they came back in 1896, a chance for the whole nation to showcase all of that culture national identity. but rarely as a whole nation had such a soft balancing act to pull off like tokyo house and to try and get public opinions to turn and shift in favor of these olympics as to what to do on that front with protests against, against showing no sign of lashing up while the opening ceremony went ahead outside, protested march in the street, chancing cancel it and fix it, criticized the japanese government for prioritizing the game over the nation house
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. only around 23 percent of the population of more than $100.00. 20000000 to be fully vaccinated and take a remains under the face emergency because it's such a current of ours cases. there are more than 11000 athletes set to compete for the games. and they're coming from all over the world with 207 countries represented altogether. over the next couple of weeks, we're going to say $339.00 metal events across a $33.00 sport. they include a full brand new olympic sports, which is for climbing, skateboarding, staffing, and karate. nearly 50 percent. today's competing are women, which is a new record. competition is already underway in some sports with football and softball action earlier in the week. and on friday that was on a limb pic record in archery south korea's sound school 680 in the women's qualifying round, breaking the previous best, which was set in atlanta at 1996. but that will also worrying scenes of the russian
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arch affected in the heat that qualifying round set on a waiver collapsed and needed ice applied to her head to cool down. she reportedly they recovering well and will resume competition men's well number one, tennessee. and they've joked edge, debated not coming to the games after it was announced, spectators would attend, but says he's glad he decided to come to japan. talk of it just hoping to come the 1st month to achieve the golden slam, which is to win or for tennis majors and pick single gold in the same calendar year . having already secured the australian open french open and wimbledon needs to win the title until the us open next month to much stuffy grove. 988 feet. but the sub isn't going to allow himself to look too far ahead. in the past i was and probably fully experiencing that approach and that has backfired on me. and i start to feel that there was a lot of distractions around that, that were influencing my performance. i know that there is
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a lot of things on the line. i know there is history on the line. i am privileged and motivated to be in this position. portuguese safa frederica, mariah white be traveling to japan, participate in the game after testing positive for coven 9. seem that you all can see thing looking forward to some big wave because a typhoon is falling off the coast. and while this might concern the japanese residence, the stuff is all welcoming the possibility of strong winds the event which starts on sunday. and let's leave you with some standing pictures from the opening ceremony displaying some of the technology. japan is famous for 1824. drones were used to form the tokyo elim pick emblem in the sky above the stadium. before transforming into the shape of the globe. very impressive. indeed. let's have the forces as good as the i think ceremony. that is a we'll sport from me for now. i'll be back with more later. thank you jim. it's
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cool, isn't it? we got some more technology for you here, 3 d printing technology, which is used for all sorts of things, mostly in the assembly and construction of hardware and infrastructure. now group of scientists in england, those using it to customize pills for those in native tailored doses. not in bava has reported this lab in central england, the leading a revolution in health care. 3 d printing is already used to create prosthetic limbs and implants. now experts at nottingham university, a working to perfect the poly pill. that's a tablet that can deliver multiple medications. to the body of exactly the correct dose and time. with this, with the premium technique, what we can do is we can have different print had each containing different drop. so this got to be pulled it onto a structure. i've got it. it's just a very small ball the size of the year, so they will be there. and then for each 5 stacks out into
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a final structure. as the team highlights only wanting 10 people gets headache, pain relief if they take paracetamol. the problem is getting the right dosage for the patients. these researches foresee doctors prescribing a customized pill containing multiple drugs which will be released into the body in sequence. whereas the frenzy roll them in, in the future doctor will be able to tell what they think those, that that patient needs. and then they will be printed based on demand for those you think before materials, the pain medicine, one for instance the everything will be put into one field together. chris roberts is 60, as well as suffering from mix dementia. he also has the lung condition, emphysema and arthritis. he has to take a tablets a day on top of painkillers and sprays. not surprisingly, you can leave both him and his wife, jane exhausted. crystal, take his tablets in the morning that he takes
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a whole lot in the evenings. the difficulty is that there are so many chris can come and become a little bit discombobulated. now we live together. so as a cara, it's my job to ensure he takes his tablet, but i'm only human, especially on, on progressing as while and i'm getting a bit i'm difficult to manage. so one chocolate would be much better than done jane trying to do it $810.00 times a day. every day in britain or my 600 people develop dementia according to the charity out time as research u. k. so the research going on in this lab could improve life for hundreds of thousands of people. what doing, hey, with 3 d printing has a wide range of potential applications, but at the heart of it as a simple idea, how to tailor the products, whether it's medication or a device to the individual. if a poly pill does become reality, the ideas for it to be produced locally, possibly it's a community pharmacy with a relatively cheap printer that could mean slashing transport costs for low income
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countries and saving many more lives. nadine baba al jazeera nottingham and that is it from the news hour and all of us here in dough. mary murphy and the team in london her long and just a moment. me and the latest news as it breaks agriculture production across the north nigeria, greens, a serial production bout 50 decline with detail coverage that the more than not you've been made and you know many times before. now that allowed a death because they say that situation is much worse from around the world. and these external facebook systems, it's
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a government is following due process in the case and that authorities act against violations of law. something was going to change. anything really changed, this is systemic violent that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in a race against that barrier. know what to say. so we are also looking at the world as it is right now, not the world. we like it to be, the devil is always going to be in the details. the bottom line when i was just there. when freedom of the press is under threats, dep, outside the mainstream shift, the focus that pandemic is turned out to be a handy little pre tax for the prime minister to clamp down on the press. so listening post on a jazz eda ah ah,
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al jazeera. when ever i write down to the a a year late and an unprecedented circumstances. firework signal, the official opening of a controversial olympics in tokyo. ah . hello, i am i am the mos in london watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. ah, nation prize usually more use is late to write that his.


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