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tv   [untitled]    July 30, 2021 8:00am-8:30am AST

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like this one, thousands of lee piers of water are necessary to pump up the frying research to the surface. there is later on, distributed in evaporation pools. communities around this area are concerned that few extraction could complicate or access toward ah, the philippines is restoring the security packed with united states, which presidency tart, they have threatened to terminate. ah, hello, how are you doing this is al jazeera mike from pho, also coming up. as more people get vaccinated, we are better protect as a nation to continue reopening safely. responsible for us. presidents offers incenses and mandates to step up,
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vaccinations of corporate 19 cases. search once again, the us begins the evacuation of afghan interpreters and their families, but many are still waiting for their turn. and soon as he is president smith to take greater control of the security services appointing and you interior minister ah, the philippines is restoring, are key defense packs with the united states, which allows for large joint large scale joint military exercises. the move was announced during a visit to manila by us defense secretary lloyd austin, philippine presidents, rodrigo deter, they had threatened to scrap the agreement last year, relations between the 2 countries of stack natives under his leadership. austin is looking to bolster ties during his trip.
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let me president survey for his decision or visit a worth our factory, please raise the price and i will do a wrong resilience us will be alliance will remain vital to the security facility and prosperity. well, let's get more now from jimmy le allen jogan. she joins is live for manila jimmy. what's behind this complete reverse. so it would seem by a president deter c. and what does it say it, but the dynamics in the region? well, holla, the, the official visits of the highest government official to come out of the biden administration in the u. s. and that's face to face meeting of us secretary of
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defense, lloyd austin with philip in president d good that they're due late thursday night, has proven to be a critical pivot or a boost that's long been needed to finally convince president barry there to fully restored the visiting forces agreement that's been, you know, left hanging in the balance for over a year since he unilaterally abrogated last year. we can all remember that there they abrogate the de visiting force agreement, which allows for the rotation of us troops in the country. after a long time, ally and former police chief was denied a u. s visa by the u as because of his involvement into the drug wars the today at the press conference earlier today by secretary austin and his counterparts, secretary they'll be, learns on that. they talked about this as a welcome development, hoping also in expecting that that would mean a return of activities that have been scaled down since a president's rodrigo to decided went to office in 2016,
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to move away from long standing partner, the u. s. and close, closer pivot or closer relation to other countries like china and russia. jimmy, what else is up for discussion in that meeting? well, there was one sticky discussion there. there actually has been a very sticky point for the philippines over the past year, but it's actually the issue about who will take cost of these should service men coming from the u. s. actually face legal challenges here in the philippines. but what was mentioned earlier is that it does not change the original document of the visiting force agreement. and more importantly, the visiting force agreement holler, will focus on the modernization of the philippine military, around $300.00 bilateral exercises starting next month. we're talking about the boost of counterterrorism operations in the southern philippines in the mean the in the menda now region and more importantly,
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maritime enhanced maritime cooperation in the south china sea, where it's shina looms large over the philippines. or were there is or is controlled by the philippines with its expensive build up of islands and reeds that are also controlled not just by the philippines but by other claimant countries. so this is a development, possibly a full restoration of scale down the activities. and basically a kind of counter balance of this growing influence of china over the administration. jimmy lynn and i'm going to in manila. thank you. another 27 co with 19 infections had been confirmed and took us elim pick village. it's the highest staley number since officials began, and in some cases, among people specifically linked to the games see last meats are among those infected. japan's government has proposed extending the corona virus state of emergency in tokyo until the end of august and expanding it to several other
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regions. a panel of experts is expected to agree on the measure before is formally announce it will apply to 3 perfect years through the olympic or city. and the western prefix. your of a soccer thailand is banding domestic travel to the tourist hotspot of to catch next month. but foreigners vaccinated against over 19 will still be welcome. the resort with islands is that the sensor of efforts to revive the tourism industry, which has been devastated over the past 18 months. highlands are mostly unscathed by the pandemic until recently. thursday reported records daily numbers of infections and fess. well, despite the rise in cases, the government is threatening any one reports damaging information. so any chain has more and not from bangkok. well, this is, i think, some of a shock to people who are really wishing that gun would concentrate its efforts on
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trying to resolve the dramatic rises in an infection rate and that we've seen over the past 3 weeks. nonetheless, the government has published new regulations saying that it will have people who publish misinformation. they're using the term fake news financially as it's described in the law. it says anyone who creates a panic amongst the public, by publishing information regarding the coven 19 crisis. now they've actually had these powers, since they introduced the lockdown measures 2 weeks ago, but they've decided to tighten them up. the prime minister and the person in charge of the digital ministry said they would be enforced. they've asked the internet service providers to shut down the eyes piece of any one they feel is guilty of doing this. but i think basically there is, it's an indication that that there is a lot of criticism out there about the government. now, he was presidential by then has a nice the you push to get more americans vaccinated against covert 19 is highly
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contagious down for variance by it's the measures include restrictions for federal employees and cache incentives. she returns the reports from washington, d. c. just a few weeks ago the white house was counting what it said would be a summer of joy and freedom. things have changed. this american tragedy. people are dying and will die. who don't have to die throughout their own vaccinate. you don't have to die view as president announced a mixture of incentives and requirements. employers will be reimbursed for paid, sickly, given to employees to get vaccinated. and biden urged local authorities use emergency federal aid to offer the unvaccinated $100.00 to get their shots. in addition, federal government employees and contract is, will be required to disclose their vaccination status if they refuse or are
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vaccinated. they will be required to wear a mask no matter the location. physically, distance from others, be tested weekly or twice weekly, and have travel restrictions imposed. but this isn't a federal vaccine mandate. the president said he wasn't clear about the legality of one and federal employees have a choice not to get vaccinated, but clearly their working lives will be more difficult as a result. by didn't made it clear, this was not a partisan issue that actually was developed in authorized under republican administration. and has been distributed, administered under a democratic administration. the vaccines are safe, highly effective. there's nothing political about. we have a country in crisis that wasn't the message on capitol hill, where mosques and mandatory in the house of representatives, leading to statement of outrage from the republican minority leader. the tweeter, the liberal officials, wanted to live in a perpetual pandemic state. which led to this withering response from the democratic speaker of the house. the science.
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it's a very unusual rare event you've been a sections leading virus expert has been trying to explain. this is a dynamic situation. what's changed? duty is the virus has changed, the delta variance has a very unusual capability of spreading much more easily than the alpha did. the debate about masking in schools is getting heated across the country. these kids are not affected. please stop the insanity. you have already done damage to his kids by having them mask it. but other parents argue that it's masking up the route and the confusion about safety. oh, tremendously more so comfortable because strategy worked, they proved it work. they proved it worked last year. but perhaps there are some hopeful signs that those who decided not to get vaccination so far may not be firmly entrenched in that position. was still way down from the peak scene in april . the numbers, if they is getting facts they could have been creeping up week on week. she can see
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al jazeera washington. the u. s. congress has passed a bill, increasing the number on visas for african allies. he faced taliban retaliation. its allies, an additional $8000.00 visas and $500000000.00 for emergency transportation and housing. the 2000000000 dollar emergency funding bill was passed unanimously by the senate. it also includes legislation, listening, some visa requirement for african allies. the 1st group of afghans who helped international forces aren't you to arrive in the united states? well, let's get more from our tip to my sketch there. james base. he joins us life from carpool. and james, the us senate to pass this emergency measure, but is it enough to help all of those who works with the americans and are in real danger of reprisals from the taliban? i've got to become
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we are having difficulty connecting with our correspondence. diplomats gets to rather james base. we'll try and come back to him later in the show. let's take a quick break. nice still ahead on i'll just 0. why hoops for political consensus and are already saving us. the president chooses his prime minister climate experts in the case and the alarm over extreme weather prevents ah hello there. we've seen some intense heat across the middle east, levant and further afield recently. and i was hot and dry conditions have fueled wild fires across southern parts of turkey. villages have been evacuated in antalya
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as that hot weather and those strong winds continue to keep those fires burning. and while the heat is there across the region, the temperatures have dipped down slightly in particular for iran, for iraq and kuwait that they will be sitting in the high forty's for q 8 for the south things off feeling a little cooler thanks to a southerly wind that's kicking in across yemen, anime on, but temperatures are where we expect them for this time of year for the la 4 muscat as well. for the winter weather, we have to go to west and areas of yemen. there'll be some rain falling on high ground in the hope across the horn to the horn of africa. we can see those shot was continuing across the field. can risk valley, some of those rains affecting eritrea. and joining up with a shout was across that central band, some heavy thunderstorms on schedule for my jury. we could see them flooding there . but as we had further south things off talking to look a lot dryer, in particularly for south africa, we're going to see the temperature pick up in cape town with plenty of sunshine
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coming through. the story that need to be told find away and demand to be had opening the window into another light and chanting, perception and personal endeavours in epic struggle with the colossal sacrifices in individual journey witness showcases, inspiring documentary change the word on al jazeera. ah, the me
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al jazeera, quit going to all my stories. disarm the philippines house, restored a key defense packed with the united states, which those joint military exercises move with a 9th. during a visit to manila, by us defense secretary wilson and other 2719 infections would be confirmed in tokyo for them to finish the highest daily number. since officials began in 90000 cases among people specifically linked to the games and the u. s. congress response to bill boosting the number of visas for local allies who worked on the side american forces in the african war. fear they could face retaliation from the taliban. few s trips withdraw 1st good guns on their way to america. trinity as presidents as appointed and new interior minister days after the fashion after sacking, rather the pike,
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the minister and suspend and parliament case aid's use the announcement to dismiss accusations that he carried out. a qu, jillian book supports the day by day to me as president, is remaking the government on thursday. can you say he'd appointed a former national security adviser to run the interior ministry? it follows the dismissal of a long list of senior officials and the president use the moment to defend his actions. the. the state is not a public moved by strings. there are lobbies and corrupt individuals who have been pulling the strings from behind the curtain us the conditions at this historical moment i'm forced me to take such exceptional measures. he invoked emergency powers on sunday, seizing control of the government. critics call it a qu, but i. e says a dire economy surging pandemic and miss governance justify his actions. there are concerns about a crackdown on free speech after said replace the national tv station chief. that
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came hours after a journalist and human rights activists were temporarily barred from appearing on air. whatever the explanation of what happened at the state, television and civil society is aware of any attempts to effect out freedom. the liberties acquired through the struggle that unity and people we are watching where all of this is going carefully. since the arab spring uprising a decade ago, western countries have applauded to need his political transition. in an interview with al jazeera us secretary of state, anthony blinking said he'd urge you to preserve that. tunisia has been a remarkable demonstration of democracy. and it's really, i think, been a strong example, not just for the region but for the world. and we have concerns about deviating from that democratic past. the streets are calm, but people say they need results and we're following the situation of day by day.
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there is no blank check. true that we have faith in him. and we believe in his good intentions, but the implementation remains an obstacle for both supporters and opponents of the president to niecy and now appears to be at a crucial cross road gillian wolf, al jazeera. or thank you, back to afghanistan, they were the 1st group of interpreters he helped us forces during the war or on their way to america. i said plastic as to james space, a lie for us in kabul. and james, this all comes after the senate passed this emergency bill providing extra visas, extra funding to help facilitate the transfer of interpreters from afghanistan to the us. that isn't enough to help all of those who worked with the americans during the war who are in real danger, all reprisals from the taliban. well certainly we know that there is
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a mass evacuation of military interpreters taking place. and the 1st of this series of flights is on its way, we believe about $200.00 people on board. and we know that the u. s. has in the past, brought out some of the interpreters with them in afghanistan. but i think it's worth considering the scale of the number of africans that have worked with international forces over the last 20 years. rewind, 10 years. there were about 150000 nato. and us troops here that are about 400 international military bases across afghanistan. just think how many guns were employed in all those bases as interpreters, because it wasn't just the us, all the nato allies were here. so that 20, you know, in other countries as well, that were well over 2025 or bowl. other countries that are nato members that were part of the south coalition. but we understand that some of those forces,
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some of those countries have also extend an invitation to interpreters, but there are many more who want to get out. one example, for example, canada, canada, said that it's interpreters can come forward if they want to leave the country. but initially from also what they said, that they had just a matter of hours just 3 days in order to put their application in. that now has been clarified by the canadian saying that they will accept applications off to this point. and remember also, it's not just those that work for the military forces. remember that there are many outcomes for international organizations. for n g o for contractors, for media organizations, or the big question is this. if the americans don't think it's safe for those with us forces, then what is that message to all the others that work for the international community? and for that matter, what so message to the rest of the 38000000 population of ask us dawn that they are
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going to leave behind. ok, james days, they'll just say plastic ads are live in capital. james, thank you. the syrian military has stepped up, its bombardments of the southern provinces, dera after rebels loans, the tax on army checkpoints, at least 18 people have been killed in size and displaced is the worst violence and government forces we took the area 3 years ago. lawrence cor, was a senior fellow at the center for american progress son's, a former us assistant secretary of defense. he says, much will depend on russia's reaction after the election. most of the people in year i did not even both. and i think i saw and was trying to get control of the whole country now that he's had this 85 percent support in the election. and when he tried that, the rebels who were allowed to maintain some of their arms on the russian broker
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agreement and 2018 they resisted. and so now you've got a lot of violence there. and the question becomes, one of the russians going to do, there's really no reason for it except psychological because basically this says, we've maintained our independence from assad. we have not cave. and so it's much more psychological. and i think that really the question is all the rush is going to intervene like they did in 2018, or are they going to say, well, some slices is gone. you guys go ahead and fight it out. what there's a question that this why they could spill over into the surrounding areas and they even involve israel. what's nobody was protests in guatemala or colon for the resignation of the president and the attorney general after the heads of the countries. anti corruption agency was dismissed demonstrators, blood traffic and condemned what they say is a brazen is brazen. corruption at the highest levels of government, manuel,
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rapids reports. it's one of the largest social mobilizations, guatemala has seen in recent years. citizens calling on the countries president alejandro germany a. his step down renewal resign resign. we want the government that protects our rights. tensions have been high across much of the country since the head of guatemalan anti corruption agency. when fransisco sandeval was fired, last week, senda was said to be conducting investigations into top guatemalan officials, including the countries president over the weekend. sandeval was seen fleeing the country, telling reporters that he feared for his life and value. now, sadly, this is become a situation that many public servants in guatemala have had to go through simply because we are not useful for the regime that, that is the only thing i can say. and as i've said many times, wherever i am, i'm going to continue working. the reaction from guatemala citizens has been nationwide protests and on thursday,
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a national strike. just like when it gets done because they can, so i am tired and fed up with all this corruption. this country is drowning incorruption and impunity. many here the recent unrest could spark a larger political crisis in the country. further complicating efforts by the biden administration to deal with the root causes of migration from guatemala, which include poverty, violence, and government corruption with tension still high on the streets. more demonstrations are expected in the coming days. manuel ref hello al jazeera, very few presidents. federal castillo has appointed a member of his own marxist policy. as prime minister. the move is expected to raise only pros among investors wary older than you left us government, and it's casting days on his ability to find political consensus. mariana sanchez reports from lima. nugent, as peruvians bring offerings to the bumper, the lucky one,
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which is where their ancestors for the last battle for independence from spain. and it's here where they look at your came to his 1st day as president to take a symbolic oath or i swear to god and the nation for a country that corruption and for a new constitution several thousands over. so can you promise to rewrite the constitution, one of the most divisive issues during his campaign for office and on thursday, and also predict either way, he'll as prime minister be either is from within the precedence marxist lennon is prepared to party. he's been investigated over and a legit apology for terrorism, but he's appeared to defend people who supported the chinese path mouth, gorilla group, which for the state from 1980 to 2000. and i'll say it's pricing that only 24 hours after a moderate integration speech preceding castillo returned to his fiery pre election ways, causing concern for some peruvians and foreign investors. i will fight to the people
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. so the national gas industries for peruvians and their electricity bills will go down. and i think i have begun already making serious mistakes. first, he was unable to form a coalition in congress, enabling the opposition to block performed. and now, naming a prime minister with a dubious background even allies find it hard to accept his cabinet. but i say to you, i think the presence of the domain congress won't be able to back if you happen to . congress can't approve the 1st or 2nd cabinet suggested in congress itself can be solved by the president. now, that leads to new congressional elections. vito's highly negative for the country. all the while the president celebrates the concern that the country's long running political instability. nice to return my son, just to see that lead up in an inquiry in malta has held the government responsible
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for the murder of a prominent journalist. daphne was killed by a car bomb in 2017. the inquiry said the government failed to recognize the risks to go to life and take reasonable sense, prosecutors believe a tilt businessman organized the merger, but he denies a rule sir. routinely expose cronyism among the mountains in leads. britain will get warmer, sun, air, and much wester. over the course of this century. a report from leading sciences says the country needs to prepare for more extreme conditions as the global climate changes. and the song, again, reports the past few weeks alone have shown that the u. k. isn't reading the, is this the new normal facing the u. k. a climate warning that is now all to real from severe flooding to more extreme heat, unusual for these isles,
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a pattern the country is struggling to cope with the shift in the baseline. what we regard as normal, whether that is changing. and we, we say a lot of these examples, for example, 34 degrees celsius, recorded in 7 to the last 10 years to 50 years before that there was 7 times in the previous 50 years before that. so something that was relatively unusual is becoming much more common. since the start of the last century, the sea levels have already doubled from $1.00 to more than 3 millimeters a year. and in the past 30 years alone, not only has the u. k warmed by point 9 degrees celsius. it is also become 6 percent wetter. when paper that may seem a small difference. in reality, this is the effect the infrastructure is simply unable to cope. and there is no
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quick fix insight in the face of the elements to levels will not be possible to reverse on, on a short time. so there is a commitment to sea level rise that has started, which will consist over many, many hundreds of years. even if we stock all c o 2 emissions. oh, it is possible why the phenomenon of extreme, whether across the continent, recent floods in western europe have reached the devastation and rivers in germany, search to levels not seen in hundreds of years. the protection of a very clear that we essentially more heat energy system and the water that we are likely stormin us more extreme events which are eventually wetter dryer. eventually, i mean dry up and of predictions around sea level. it's an actual rise of
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the races own to find a solution as quickly as possible. the u. k. and italy will host the cop $26.00 climate change conference in glasgow later this year. set against a climate crisis that i've seen all manner of extreme events around the world. the u. k. calls the stomach, the world loved best child to repair the damage caused by increased carbon emissions. but there is little detail as of yet what plans the world's 20 major economies have to prevent a further increase in dangerously extreme weather conditions. when i go out there ah, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines the phil.


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