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tv   [untitled]    July 30, 2021 8:30am-9:01am AST

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i mean, weather dryer events, i mean dry up and the predictions around sea level. it's an actual rise of the racy zone to find a solution as quickly as possible. the u. k and italy will host the cop 26 climate change conference in glasgow later this year, set against the climate crisis that has seen all manner of extreme events around the world. the u. k. calls the stomach, the world loved best child to repair the damage caused by increased carbon emissions. but there is little detail as of yet what plans the world's 20 major economies have to prevent a further increase in dangerously extreme weather conditions. funny guy. yeah, go out there. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines the philippines house restore to key
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defense tax with the united states, which allows joint military exercises. the move was announced during the visit to manila by us defense secretary lloyd often use trying to bolster ties between the 2 nations which is stagnated. during the presidency of rodrigo, dirty to me until going to have more from manila. this agreement, this restoration would actually mean that all of the activities that have been scaled down to the president, the legal office since he decided to pay, but the china will be restored. more importantly, these are, you know, us participation in the modernization of the philippine military, 300 bilateral exercises boosting of counterterrorism. operations in the southern region of mid the now and more importantly, maritime cooperation in the south trying to see involving the philippines specifically because it holds the biggest number of territories in the south china sea. now, being threatened by china's expansion in many islands and reefs in this,
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bradley group of islands. another 27 co with 19 infections have been confirmed until kuza, limpid village. it's the highest daily numbers and sufficient began, and in some cases, among people specifically linked to the games to athletes are among those infected us. president joe biden has a nice and you push to get more americans vaccinated against go with 19 this a highly contagious delta variance spreads. you want states to offer a $100.00 cash incentive and unvaccinated federal employees will have to wear masks . i get regular tests. the u. s. congress passed the bell, boosting the lumber of visas for local allies. he works alongside american forces in the african war is feared, they could face retaliation from the taliban. as us troops withdraw the legislation alone an additional $8000.00 visas, the 1st group of afghans are on their way to america. many are still awaiting approval. and those are the headlines. stay with us and al jazeera witness is next
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. motor sports is big news in libya, ah, but staging car and bike rather, it comes with its own particular rent or club, couldn't take part in the 2016, rallied because we were fighting a war and i'll just do a world travel to the libyan just to see how we can be a unifying pull water on the country. lydia. a rally for home on al jazeera. i been right on top of mine. i'm fairly new. i like our time,
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our phone and the magazine. then we need to create as we can we have so many groups. it nika. how
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much do you love? well, but a little bit about that, you know this of me and i look and i wish you luck and i'm going to grow lasting in some people in the go find place plenty candy why somebody
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call me as well. all the vision. all you seem to, we manage we and was nice. yes. was really to go on the fiance of the globe, which we have with the with like like a new community. don't take $25.00 plus in dash you normal. if we know we will pass and we get, we take on do development, and when our community please, our community, then go to the community, go. lemme to you please. no
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problem. not because of the will no one to development. i got when i did get out, then you got up today. if i want me, i won't get everything for me. so now why it was not it was i've done that i ended up finding about wood or bump loveland. so you go to the events and the vision then is that i will follow will be back, you know, from the new google back to some this will you say wednesday and then i decided i so okay. so that's, that's i hope i will let you know when i start.
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i i yes i, mr. shane, this is jan. i have no problem about. if you want me to inform them, yes, i'll be able to inform them. i'm just wondering read all the. what will happen in the club up at home? don't get an invitation to call that one for the only allow the monday for travel among and which vehicle was going to go? what was it? it was del it's got to put another off. was a medic off which you know, was another go we don't, we don't belong to them by stuff. you know,
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to me. i was, i mean, and i got, i know i'm not going to go by rockwell. what do i see? i know by look, i know i do. i me in my my one team. i've tried it again that would be awesome. yeah. we've got to the issue of middle, about 2 or more more than that. i mean go do some act without acting when you go out of the group association. and he said,
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my question of the says we may do, he says 50. and as i said, thank 1111 and not the talk like money such as i got to make them before they come back and then i could come back and get you to me on the back. if you're not in a body to do what you've been doing that i've got a new system that's coming up where you can make music 100 times. it all depends on what to make mister wonderland. mister personally or to the money made mistake, because now you discuss brit to talk you know, listen to the, to talk,
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talk you talk, you'll get your me to you. wondering as a result. i think we go to the governor and get out of the region. does in the water, nobody does burger and discipline, but not to me. what is reminded me of what you don't can do. yes. if somebody i will not know, desegregate what it does, it just does have to because i just missed it again. if not here. i will go to look them up as well, that way you don't want to that's what the signal was when you get the welcome, it was small as a full fledged member of with out of love. thank you very much for your apology. very much. yeah, i don't want to do i
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was wanting to everybody today i get the lease now. so we go and now us the names of people. we will therefore travel. they decide that the following 6 will go to about sport libya, the 1st boss in any what up or seen? i don't know. my call it a deputy manager john small child down by small chevy plumber.
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i got in the executive board meeting. if i decide to, to take on one sofa extra, i seem to know it was you know, more made by the make when i way to go it will make when he's in love with god. bless me on over. i wanna do things now come back to the blue. when they for things you go to go all the way in which you didn't leave that say, are you not? you know, we'd like to leave for the for sound,
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which i bet be careful. it will be additional to make use with the news the news the and everybody
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in the oh, i me in i wow. i'd rather me when i go to benjamin. yours
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is mazda over several times. so you have under elsewhere web develop food, follow ups that you need to follow up with me. i will be out with oh, no long we will go back
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to you so much as you know at before i live very close to the, to the beach like a rabid sense. contin. it's through a little bit and me shave where you guys can send them. i think it is
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gonna be in the future the way. no no. go ahead. well, you know where you live and it only with the water. yeah. so that's always up and you know, we've got like it in me, you know, like as it does with that, you know, like my mom, she's the final and then i find out to the fast unless i have time to visit one was one you know, and then you know, up and she says they were, would have to live to get you if you need to sleep in terms of whether
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i use me ah, ah,
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i need to make sure you take that course 30 sounds like you've got the default to be in the got in touch with the talk with them make them out the go. what africa everyone it, it will get you what i mean. maybe you know more than happy for me to them. but if you live in gentlemen, i mean in general, when people are going to you got that idea, robert sport. i mean you got a, we got a full, a work on the line and will love the staffing and we want to start fresh everyone.
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the stuffing is get, is going every day and it's something that requires a lot of town and they're very few people that are wonderful staffing. we wanna file with respect to 5.3 and our community and all people. today we are meeting one, the one boy, you know, with your nick country and our fall. and we have no wrong or right in stephanie, you know, just how you doing, how you feel for you. ah, i want to know what's going the i oh, i see. okay. in order to be a member of a government has the knowledge that is put in the country. be a member of the ice a has that the benefit. liberia, i've been receiving this scholarship for the past 2 years on the eyes. the one is something i educative. i think that need to
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africa in the, in my that's our plan. we need to get video possibly. sorry. what am i burns that? well, we can book that up, something like that. and the west african 7 association of something that we're going to try to unite the entire west africa. and have you not as african separate that was board is not going to be i was boys cheese because now weiss all the people with our living or the i've been dead and one and one how was this all right. if they were my people were having with us. all right,
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we're live each month in the marine when, when it came to our sport, they're brought on a beach california committee ought to be. but if one, when, if you're all wrong, grew up to just everybody want to be one of our there when you think somebody was in the valley, is what it will be hot and went by for a lively yes. and they would carry you before your heart, you did what did what? there will be had a body. he will be how do you not done down to the little john's? if you are going to have one of many, or found $11.00 with many, you won't go by during that are free all for me on bud, and i left. we'll get, we'll get what her, what a one year, 50 berry on our lives. that's our yellow breast cancer and our life with all these new things into the city where day we don't know one of our new or
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international media. nobody was when i got no knowledge on dr. william bob was already went out to our president for the 20. when i saw it is the what she was normal over now. every one is no use no use suffering, suffering. no good. no edible a ah eugene good. when you're in the room and you don't jump in one leg, also don't jump in the best of it and then ended return back. you can return and playing phone is
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going to continue to move from content to prefer you just believe the go to simple and go to say nothing impossible. but let's go to the the with
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the as we would it would be a long time for me for that. well i will go back to it if we are like slow because we know what to get to know
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what i know and it will cook some minutes of it when you call it. and when you know, i'm, i see him. when i find out that is doable. you know that so good. thank you. really. thank you, diana. we're going to be about 4 or, you know, please was happy for go back me the
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ah ah, to fuel the dry change. following the removal of robert mcguffey than bob way with the country, bringing with it one journalist set out to record the voice of the people. instead of telling people what to think. and that gives them a chance to speak for themselves and capture the haunting snapshot of the power and project of hope. born free whitney on al jazeera. all this on the united states is ending its 20 year military present enough kind of done with what is the country 11 piece showcases use dealings trailblazing
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environmental policy 82 with the country of all present from a 3rd way to the vaccine rollout. the latest development, the corona virus and demick continue to spread around the world witness showcase award winning documentaries that bring word issues into focus through human stories with political and economic tension writing, zambia hope to the post at the country to define the future. august on a former finding harmony in pursuing his passions. my passions finding young and keeping his cultural tradition, nurturing the musical islands as his community had been playing to dream. music filled the monday morning outside world tending his families, lands the most important thing. that club brought to my mind, you actually start doing this. hector began the music man, mice and bob,
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we own our just the euro. the us a call with of interest to people around the world. this is been going on for a number of what's going to be use of the report. so he's going into national perspective to try to explain your global audience. how's it could impact your life? this is an important part of the world, and i was very good at bringing the news to the world from here. ah, i'm how am i in doha, with the headlines on al jazeera, the philippines has restored a key defense packed with the united states, which allows joint military exercises. the move was announced during a visit to manila by us defense secretary lloyd austin. he's trying to bolster ties between the 2 nations which are stagnated during the presidency over trigo deter t. jimmy le alan doug has more. for manila,
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it's important to look back at why this was unilaterally abrogated by.


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