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tv   [untitled]    August 1, 2021 6:00am-6:31am AST

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new voices, this stream where a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera. there is no channel that covers world news like we do, we revisit places, mistake. i'll just there are really invest in that. and that's the privilege. as a journalist, ah, it's all about intensifying, be offensive, and i've gotten has done. the armed group laid these to 3 major cities. ah, i know them are a coil. this is out there a life and also coming up a rush to get out of hong kong as a controversial immigration law comes into force that could fall people from entering or leaving the city. the
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contentious route left leaning, lead a faith in protest. just days after taking charge. the wall was devastating them turkey use we begin enough honest on what holiday fighters have steps out their campaign to seize a number of cities as being fairs. fighting with government forces around laska gall, the besieged capital of helmand province. they also talk things strategically important province of conduce and the board with tajikistan light as have already swept through the western province of herat when she has a key border with iran. now the city of harass itself is under pressure. charlotte bellis has the latest from cobble the only to afghan. some stood
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biggest city government forces tried to hold off the tele bomb. it's been like this for several days. a call. the former, we are defending our land. we're not moving forward at this time because we don't want civilians to be killed or injured friday. this is the road to herat airport. it's a 30 minute drive south of pacific taliban fighters and government forces have been battling across the road. that is bridge. the commercial flight stopped till wednesday is the front line moved towards the city. so how many kilometers from the city was that fixed or fixed filament? the united nations regional compound is also on that road. on friday, the un blamed the tele bonds hitting its perimeter with grenades and gunfire. although the telephone said it was caught in the crossfire, the un secretary general called the attack deplorable. a month
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ago, the majority of her, our province was government control or contested. now the taliban is in control of much of the province. her aunt said he, in its surrounding districts of the only thing that stopped the fight, was controlling a 300 kilometer stretch of road east. from the iranian border. former governor and merger had in later ismael hahn has rallied his supporters to protect the city and both the ask and military's response. hundreds of his fighters are on the front lines. yesterday the president called me and we spoke on the phone. he said he will send reinforcements last night. the should have arrived, but the defense ministry hasn't since anyone so far in this is he, africans carry on like the war is not on the doorstep. many putting their trust in hom spices. there is no good moral and can
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also get isn't a plan to fight against the side of one hand and pushing them out of her rod. probably the telephone say that killed a top africa, a military commander. it's a soldier. pro government militia still have a chance to live. if they surrender, the government says it's regaining control when sending reinforcements, including special forces charlotte bellis, algebra era cobble. as bringing us fund, you may have found for asia security analyst at stanford university and joins us from redwood city in california. good to have you with us. so it's saying it's all about making serious advances in hirata all the major cities as well. how close all these provincial councils the falling so that the other one had been putting pressure on august half of gun it's done prevention gap or your son has $34.00 provinces. they've been, they've been coming off to nearly 17 provinces in these 2 capital laska and in
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his mind and hit ought to be off hit. i'd probably thought the bond has come awfully close to reaching them in dense fighting is going on and it doesn't to be done by the planning on back. no. why is it that such an imbalance has, has emerged between the strength of the taliban forces and the strength of government forces? right. i think a big reason is the vacuum left behind by the u. s. military withdraw, which has been happ hazard. the us, the bite administration has not managed this transition. well, a lot of bad military choices were made much of the of gone air force. feet is that has been grounded because they are no maintenance crude after the draw of us military contractors. so as a result of that, the gun government has come under enormous stress, enormous logistical stress, as well as political stress because of a feeling of sentiment,
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a political sentiment of being abandoned by that by the united states government. and what about pakistan support of the taliban bucket and continues to back that that a bind focused on insist that it is not backing it upon military takeover. but at the same time, we see no changes in the, in the kind of a political support bug. a son is providing to the taliban box does not condemn much of the violence that we have undertaken over the last few months. pockets on is also not calling on the dollar one directly to stop its military advice. so what optimism do you hold for the peace process that's ongoing and between the governmental between the u. s. and, and the taliban you know, a lot of people were hoping that the diplomatic track, the piece process underway in the will, will lead to a soft landing. but even the rely on the docs that took place in the have not
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didn't much the taliban remaining flexible. they are refusing to engage meaningfully with guns. you know, and various have gone factions have been, have been at this point, bleeding to them to do at least put their times forward. what is it that they want? they've been asking the taliban to at least tell them that so that some kind of meaningful discussion can start, but so fide we're seeing and it's all about being intransigent. ok. i found me. i will leave it after the moment. many thanks for joining us. that from the us a new immigration law is driving hundreds of people out of hong kong legislation, which comes into effect from sunday gives official sweeping powers to bar people from entering all, leaving the city thing seen as part of the ongoing cracked down on the pro democracy movement as brown as the latest force now from hong kong. so asia, why is this law being an active now?
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well laura, as you would know, hong kong has always been a transitory place. a place that people have fled to and fled from many the people now leaving of the descendants of those who fled china at the start of the communist revolution more than 70 years ago. and now they are fleeing. once more, some of those go, citing the new immigration law, which lawyers and human rights group say could lead to the imposition of exit ban. so people who want to leave this place, the hong kong government denies. that is the case. they say this noodle is simply aimed at dealing with the problem of illegal immigration, and the people's freedom of movement will remain guaranteed under that deal that was signed between britain and china before the handle of hong kong. almost 25 years ago. that said, people are continuing to join the exodus to the okay. and the people going on just ordinary people. they are very much the brightest and best that hong kong has to
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offer. hong kong, international airport is a quiet place these days. except here, the check in area for flights for london. these people are not going away for business or pleasure though. they're leaving for good feeling, a mixture of anger, guilt, and defense. they're being forced out. this is our home. why do we need to leave? i mean, i have been living here for more than 30 years already and it's my home. so is really set to leave the home and you see that everything is the tv a thing. she's a finance worker and has no job to go to like others who sacrifice careers often for the sake of their children. bolivia. so for many years we have our korean. we have family. yes. so it's a bit upset. but for the, for the future of my children,
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i think we need to do with the sat scenes and now being played out daily. as more people join a growing exodus from the territory where communist party rule is being tightened. in the past year, an estimated $36000.00 people have left for britain under a special visa scheme. many supported over part of the anti government protest movement, like dark su now in birmingham with his family. he says the change to the immigration law will encourage more people to go. i'm just joking. i think the hong kong government speeds up the immigration plan for many hong kong is for us. we did not plan to leave hong kong. it was beginning, even after the protests in 29 team, like many others, he says he's unlikely to return to hong kong, a city that still regards itself as asia's finest. the government denies the law gives it unlimited powers to stop people entering or leading hong kong, insisting the amendment is aimed at screening illegal immigration at source, amid
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a backlog of asylum claims. and that people's right to free movement will not be effected. those who go to the u. k. have opted for a new life in a country where koby 19 rates of soaring and job prospects scares. yet that seems preferable to remaining here. thursday and the axis from hong kong sent the national security north path last year. that how might this fuel that it with well, i think people are leaving for a number of reasons. the departures have accelerated, certainly in the past few weeks. for 2 reasons. laura, essentially we have this new immigration law which took effect just a few hours ago. and then 2 weeks ago, it was still possible for holders of british nation overseas passports, a sort of colonial era, passport to enter the u. k. without
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a visa. but as i say 2 weeks ago, that changed, i think that helped to hasten people's departure plans. but also when you speak to people here who are parents, they say they're real concern changes to the school curriculum with a new focus on patriotism. and the fact that lessons in national security and that will be given to children of kindergarten age, the hong kong government for its part says that it would rather these people stay, but they're free to go. but they're going to countries where the economic prospects are not as good as those here in hong kong, adrian brown brain. so the latest that from hong kong, thanks very much. adrian whitehouse is pushing to new jersey as president to make a swift return to a democratic path in a phone call. national security advisor james sullivan. case said to form a new government quickly to stabilize the economy and contain the current of ours pandemic. it comes almost a week off the president's tax, the government, and for his parliament. his opponents accuse him of carrying out a qu,
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peruse, new left is present. pedro castillo is facing anti government protest as days after taking office has rival and lost most collection value in the capital. lima affair normally beat insensitive k kofuji maury and a basically contest in both paradigms. the country, i think say he's fail to on his side to build a broad face government. well, earlier his finance, but it's, it was torn into relief of some business leaders, a fair chose moderate economy, petro fine k, after peruse currency and stock index drops. might, sanchez has more from lima, these are mainly opposition people. people that voted more take off with the money, but right now they are not processing and her. but again, you mainly she will, things don't be, you know, as the prime minister. you know, the, you. 2 are flexible person who has been considered more
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coverage, more than anything a person won't get well of the line here. i don't apparently in the government in full memory, there are people of family really carry on the i'm many people who are really feel real close. 7 to not, and other people in the absolutely no experience in government for now. the rights of these are you, this isn't the 1st 3 days of government have been that's changed for rule has fallen. it has lost her sense, the people who voted for pens. many of them are different, there are anger, is being showed in there. they're expressing the regular in the social media saying that they did not see you and to help him put
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extreme. if in the cabinets ramos, to put moderates in the cabinets, you help them in general. so people are processing, i'm. they are saying they are saying that they feel the federal field has betrayed them. that i had hair on their why millions of americans who went to the homes are facing the threat of eviction. and 50 years after these dorm rates on got into zealand government and making a formal apology. ah, the hello carrier headlines for the americas right here. right. now we'll talk about a storm system crashing into southern areas of chile that includes so for the southern andes and some fierce winds for the falkland islands. we'll see them with
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up to about 80 kilometers per our. next we're going to go further north and south america. we did have a cold front punch across, but temperatures are now starting to rebound 24 degrees in rio de janeiro. you know, southern areas of brazil saw snow for the 1st time in about 30 years to give you an idea of just how cold it was off to central america. heavy rounds of rain coast rico right through panama are intense. rain has backed off as we head toward henderson, nicaragua, on sunday. next for north america, we are tracking energy pretty much from the rockies right through to the mid atlantic. and we've got some stronger pulses in and around washington d. c. it's also been active toward the desert, southwest flash flooding, flash flood warnings in play. this is erin whole 9. it's certainly delivered. this is all influenced by the north american bond soon. we really see these storms flare up and then just dropped buckets of rain on sunday. we could see it around the oklahoma panhandle. ok,
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and we'll finish off the west coast of canada where it is the dry stretch of weather in 35 years. the open source should be about raising prices. this is hardly down to the foreign government. we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world. we live in time in that setting that i thought had made the task of fixing a war torn economy. counting the cost on al jazeera, the us is always of interest to people around the world. people pay attention to walk on here, and it's very good at bringing the news to the world from here. oh, the me.
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again, you're watching out there as a reminder of our top stories this, our 3rd largest city is coming under intense pressure from the taliban fighting is ongoing on the outskirts of iraq. i'm also talking the provincials that he's of kandahar and lash changes to hong kong, immigration, or take effect on sunday critics. they don't give a far as is unlimited power talk people leaving the chinese control territory last year. the position of a wide ranging national security law and peruse new leftist president petro. placing anti government protest just stays off the taking off of his wife and last month and next from vanita and the capital lever. critics say he's failed to honor his pledge to build a broad base government. he's in a prime minister is making a formal government apology for a race based crackdown on people who overstay the visas nearly 50 years ago. often
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violence degrading police res talks at pacific islanders for deportation, but didn't include over stairs from of up pulse of the world. these rights, lossing effect on new zealand, pacific island communities. the live pictures from oakland where the prime minister just in the dun and taking part in the firm needs it began about 20 minutes ago. wayne hey, also joins us live now from oakland. when just tell us what's happening here in the ceremony and what we're expecting to come down to say yes. so that ceremony, as you mentioned, is now underway in the oakland town hall. behind me, it's a very long ceremony. full of cultural performances from the pacific islands represent the poor thing here to listen to that government apology given by the new zealand prominence. did you send to roger and who will make that apology some time within the next hour? or so that period in the 1970 is when these dawn raids were conducted with police
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and immigration officials, looking for over stairs from the pacific islands, has been described as one of the zealand dock has periods in terms of race relations. and at the time that has had a lasting impact on pacific island communities, me on any cool winter's night unusual in the main city. a taste of more tropical pacific islands can easily be found. oakland is the world's largest polynesian city, with indigenous molly joined by generations of migrants from countries like some or fiji and tongue up. but the vibrancy color and contribution of polynesians haven't always been welcomed here. we were the people that were responsible for the disintegration of, of the economy and the new zealand dream. the painters were vigilante group set up in the 1900 seventy's to defend the rights of moldy and pacific islanders. and to
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change the racist views held by many white new zealanders, we can educate them, they're not used to our way of life. let's keep stuff. one result of that sentiment was an immigration crackdown targeting pacific islanders who had been brought here because of labor shortages. the often violent dawn rage which the government has now apologizing for. so police searching homes, businesses and even churches looking for overstep to deport. the sense of injustice is still felt to day, mainly because it was only pacific islanders who were targeted, not the majority of over stairs who were at the time from the united states or europe. a formal government apology for past injustices is rare in new zealand. it has to meet strict criteria, including the victims being definable as a distinct group that continues to suffer hum connected to those historic events. today. many of those affected feel a sense of shame about what happened and reluctant to talk about it,
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even to their families. you would have just felt like you were trampled on in some way emotionally, spiritually, and many, many ways. and i think that has been answered generational. the polynesian pent is welcome the apology, which have been campaigning for for decades. and they hope it will help people of the pacific islands move on the alastair proud because of who we are and achieve the very, very basic and simple goals for why we even came to this country. was they also hope saying, sorry, will help build trust between the island communities and the government and into a future generations feel secure in new zealand even if the apology has taken nearly 50 years. and so the obvious question now is that will the apology be enough? certainly, the message coming from leaders within the pacific island communities in new zealand is that they welcome the apology,
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but they want action to follow some according to compensation. not expecting the prime minister to agree to that, but what many of the pacific island leaders want to see now in terms of that action is education. they believe the best way to try to ensure that this sort of thing never happens again, is education. and they want a pacific island polynesian history to be taught the new zealand schools. ok when, hey, joining us from oakland, thanks very much. when me millions of americans are at risk of being thrown out of their homes. of the temporary ban on evictions is set to expire and that was imposed last year to help slay the spread of cove in 1900 by easing crowding in homes and sheltered by the ministration has been criticized for failing to challenge a supreme court ruling. preventing an extension of the moratorium. we are already fighting a battle in losing
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a battle because there are people left out last night the night with the night before. there are people who are already and how if we don't have enough, we don't have enough shelters. we don't have enough, we don't have the same housing for them right now. and that's a failure. that's another moral failure on our society. she have regency has more from washington dc. we've known for a month that this was going to expire tonight here in the u. s, the supreme court said that the centers for disease control had overstepped its authority by putting in, by instituting this, this more a tourism. and yet it was just 2 days ago that the white house press secretary said, well, we can wait to see what congress has come up with to prevent people from being evicted, to which the congressional leadership said what i thought you were going to do something about says we weren't going to do something about this and we had this terrible charade on friday nights. web house of representatives, they convened and they went through the motions of trying to pass something would
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you call it really pause something in a few hours just before the august recess. the biden ministration says, well, we couldn't do anything because, you know, we don't want to annoy the supreme court because if we, if we try and challenge any farther than maybe they'll go off to some of the other programs that we've instituted. because of cobra. what progress is a long said was look, have another executive order re institute this. and at least when it goes back to the court that will buy time for an existing program that let's still has $46000000000.00 of cash, just lying there waiting to be dispersed to people who face eviction at least. then we'll give it time for that to begin working, but the biden administration didn't do that so. so here we are. if they have started very progressive and have been looking at this for the last month, even for the beginning of the year, that you could get people on board given how many people millions of people are going to be affected by this afternoon. so between 7.4 and 11000000, according to statistics, haven't been circulating in congress 7.4 in the next 2 months could be
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a victim. sweeping current of iris restrictions have come in to a factor in pakistan on back things that people are now bought from government offices, schools, restaurants, shopping centers, and commercial flights. the country's biggest city karachi will go into a one week partial lockdown this weekend, i guess on, of course, a 5000 cases on saturday, the highest a single day. italy, in the past 2 months, under the people are running against malaysians prime minister for his handling of the pandemic. they want to make it in yes into resign infections. despite emergency measures in place since january and the 9000 people have died, the protests inquire, logo is mostly led by young people to he's president is promising assistance to coastal regions schools by nearly 10156 people have died in the blazes. most of the 5 and now under control, russell saddam has more from none of that. in southern taki clear blue skies lost
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in a haze. and the warm green forest of thought less than turkey had been painted black . the wildfire started on wednesday, across 4 locations in the province of, and tanya found by strong means the quickly spread to neighboring regions. but soon, 26 provinces, far and wide, began reporting similar fires. several people have been killed and hundreds of others injured. thousands more have had to leave their homes, young yolanda, and the blaze spread to the highlands and raised suddenly we had no chance to flee . but when we were engulfed by slaves, we had to run to the city of and i've got to have it. and then we came back to find the house like this. not much more than 85 wide fire. how broken out is what is the $74.00 of them are under control, but the course the provinces,
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dana or some on yeah. on top, marcin. mueller. and isn't it are still trying to put out for lames. we are in my now got along with sticky is untidy, has worst hit this rate to fight fighters. how been killed during operations here. while many people have been taken to hospital at least 25 willis and this weeks are . 1 even created and other fi west in mamma is, has killed a 25 years old woman here who was trying to take drinking water to the emergency crews. the fire wiped out livestock area as local saga to lead it hurts to safety. hundreds of homes have been destroyed or heavily damaged, but the turkish, what a minister says, how is on the way? cuz me a demo, let it by your yard and i need you about. and you might just get, it will stop partial payments to our citizens who have suffered damage to their properties. we have begun transferring
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a total of $2700000.00 from various institutions and ministries for emergency need an tally as min. i've got destroyed by that. well, the wildfires are common in turkey, mediterranean, and aging regions during the dry summer months. alternative have yet to determine the cause of this fires, substitute ship and then we are considering the possibility of sabotage and any other sources of the fire starting. and we will carry out the investigation to provide answers to these. we will not give up an kill. we have all the answers that are concerned, they may be a string of attacks targeting the heart of the turkish tourism industry. the extent of the destruction will become clear once the was fires are extinguished. but for doors in the effect of regions, it will likely take some to recover and rebuild press. we'll start of that. i'll just my now got greek will,
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13th of evacuation for villages in the countries south. as it bottles at 2nd major was foreign to days. almost 1055, have been been deployed to battle ablaze in the area region. nearby hospitals have been put on the la to admit injured people. expense a global warming is western increase his walls, 5 seasons. ah . without there are, these are our top stories not gone? his on 3rd largest city is coming under intense pressure from a taliban fighting is ongoing on the outskirts of herat group and also talking the provincial cities of kandahar and laska gar. changes to hong kong immigration law. take effect on sunday. perfect. say they will give authority the unlimited power to stop people leaving the chinese controlled territory as far as last year's imposition of a wide ranging.


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