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tv   [untitled]    August 1, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am AST

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the reasons for this disparity, the social and economic qualities that surround us, much deeper and much more problematic than we thought. us where the lessons learned from the global pandemic could lead to positive change because of the the can all hail the locked down, expose the privilege and poverty during a crisis on a jersey. oh, no, i'm sorry. i was in on didn't let a quick look at the headlines now. government forces in afghanistan are trying to prevent 3 key cities from falling to the taliban as they fight the group on multiple fronts. violence is intensifying the southern city of kandahar where rockets right down on the airport and flights have been cancelled. taliban fighters also launched a campaign to take control of lash gar,
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which is the besieged capital of hell, man, province. and then hundreds of government troops have also been deployed to the west and says he of her right to stop the taliban, advancing that. but when i have to get in 3 provinces, the security situation is critical, especially in alaska, the enemy had some movement security in defense, the forces of planning to intercept the enemy's movements 1st, then build defensive line and later launch offensive operations. one person was killed and 3 others injured when the afghan air force bond hospital in alaska gall, the owner of the hospital says they mistakenly believe taliban fighters are being treated that in are all the headlines. the international olympic committee has spoken with an athlete who is trying to stay in japan after falling out with team officials better russian sprinter, christina jim, and sky i was supposed to run in 20200 meters race on monday, but was seen at the airport in tokyo on sunday,
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asking japanese police officer for help. she told a john, as she was taken to the airport against her will, after making a public complaint about her coaches. mister, i'm asking the international olympic committee for help. there's pressure against me and they're trying to get me out of the country without my permission. so i'm asking the i o. c to get involved in this. now 6 months off to seizing power and a co me and my military ginger is naming itself can take a government lead a min on lie will become prime minister. he has promised left the state of emergency by late 2023 and hold multi policy elections. but to protest is in need more continuing for the military to get out of politics and the u. i says it's now confident that iran was behind an attack last week on in his writing, manage tanker off the coast of amman. but ron is denied any role in the strike on the m. v must the street can co which kill 2 people. the u. k. government also
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condemned the attack over the headlines lc for the news hour in half an hour time. the, the health of humanity is at stake. a global pandemic requires a global response. w h o is the guardian of global health. delivering life saving tools, supplies, and training to help the world's most vulnerable people, uniting across borders to speed up the development of tests, treatments and the vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the ward and in the lab. now more than ever, the world needs w h. making a healthy, a world for you everyone the
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bob my echo echo being can not burn mine door lies. iraq act as in i said to my challenge, you know, i know jim or daniel is joy. i will i will not
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going i i don't i my my i'm i'm, it's a nice road a guy will know i got all know what made it will renew for demilia. england. x is a free domain on your village and if you don't want to
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reach out from a separate then the all you do for election. what is done differently to try to make sure it has no chance in the ah,
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which which one you know? yes, we, we me but it is in pending democratic space during the 4 month period, inter budget so it would be in actual training me most notices. i got a number julian,
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disease flame of them. i'm going to do that. we are going to change things. it would be double was too much, should it be so they don't as soon as the lager and where do you measure in engine gender? you know, going over the days of what day, what happened was the days that i got to use the whatever i was to got to go to the, to read, you know, to know. and it was a why know what in the end, if you wish to just say, i don't want to go for in the loop with suitable quantitative field. i thought i would you don't do it. i'm told was do all the good thing is a good movie. what is it? it was, you know, it was all along days when i, when my demonstrations and tell and i was in into and for me when, you know,
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if i just did a demonstration wait a slow do i go over to feed a girl? who is news? it doesn't, was a good good sentiment up in my mind about the the the the ah, the learning center
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thing. when in asian records and no one knows personal going ok, tickers and ms. young can calling at work on a bus to go to to sufficient interest and coming to n. s no, no, no, my trade in a tournament is put in. it's just gotten mixed up. it should be dependent on monday where i don't know the people here from the young nelson to mesa. and if they do dare to break for the past votes of the opposition, we've done a p s at least shuffle off and allow that vote to stand. how can you guarantee
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these elections will be pretty involved with such a history of cheating and beating that? no, no, we don't to talk about that the election to be different from in the election, which is being held in because they will be free and that will be me me ah
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news news news my colleagues, what they call it tripping my kind of enlightenment to purchase a situation but had took off the cancer but needs to be punished about but has to be controlled. i refused to let them to find my life. i refused to let them decide
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why. why ought to be so i will keep on preaching. i will keep on pushing. i won't keep on fighting. i won't keep on representing. i still make all things, all right, until i make them understand my arisen until i make them understand that i am the boy until i make them understand that i will keep on pushing without feelings for this. he might feel the world needs my reason for it is the only out of this prison the following is my reason. let us watch for dutch even the reason enough of the me ah ah
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ah ah ah. that incredible people and then will process will be realize permission to expedite the announcements of full results and event at
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least periods competition for regulation, manipulation of gibson, you know what people have had to match i don't want to participate taking my voice when i can say that there was no interest in this in this case, what's been in my what's up in my interest is to make sure that you make, if, if there is a piece of shit,
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there will be something that will come out of it. was it just getting it just gives you said you interest me. yeah, that's what i wanted to know when you brought your voice into choices, just be completely alone. thank you, jeff. thank you my use in new way to play me. but this is the the
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he said there's a submission to the amount, but i've been told that it needs to be serious. so in leases until they do that and they go to the issues that we have for you because it has been taken. feel the genuine
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the crime that should japan or people get killed on one occasion in as bloody a massacre as this was attracts a lot of reports. there was just a current drum. who did it? we did it. we did it. have the conviction that led to the world's longest hell, the throw prisoner and his sisters, 47 year long battle to save him from execution. witness. how come adam? japan's death row on a jazzy data. ah, ah
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ah, ah, hello, the theme of this weather report is gusty winds will go over all those details right now beginning in australia. we've got this front slicing across the bytes. it's going to generate some powerful winds for adelaide. so let me show you 60 kilometers per hour is what we can expect in south australia. now the front will move further to the east as we head toward tuesday. so we get into the rain and wind, sydney, melbourne, and hope are just some scattering of showers for southern areas of queensland. ok off to new zealand, a lot to talk about here. we've got this disturbance rolling through. it's a quick move or late monday into tuesday, but we get to talk about snow piling up, particularly as we head to about 800 meters, we could see up to 12 centimeters of snow. so the mountain passes at some dangerous
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driving conditions. they're white and windy elsewhere, so for the capitol region, we could see those gus around 90 kilometers per hour on tuesday. next we're going to the philippines and once again, just getting that continuous rain slamming into loose on island, including manila on monday, off to asia pacific r. heaviest. rain has really been for that southeast corner of china steering into taiwan. and it's going to remain unsettled for the korean peninsula on monday that sure weather update. the the journey to work can be a challenge on its own. but for some peruvian villages, traversing one of the world's most dangerous road is a risk that comes with the job. we follow the journey of the people
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as they get to survive, risking it or peruse on algebra era. ah, al jazeera, as a you ah, all ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello i mariam mazda watching the news, our life from london coming up in the next 60 minute. government forces struggled whole territory and afghan has done as the taliban lay siege to 3 major cities
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calls in indonesia for more to be done to help the children orphaned by the corona . virus pandemic.


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