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tv   [untitled]    August 3, 2021 12:30am-1:01am AST

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in figures, athens close to its record. the fires budding in greece and in turkey, and the weather is not going to make it easier. the natures means as it breaks, the government says how the population will be affect the that's includes millions of people who live on the river for their wants supplied with detail coverage. not only were residents completely taken by surprise by the flux. they also overwhelmed government surfaces. from around the world, this, the nation will help us side for a short from the global cell. the wealthy nations were holding too many of the vaccines for themselves. a multi $1000000.00 online sex, and the philippines is black mailing men from around the world. one on one east uncovered how small time syndicate became a terminal empire on al jazeera. ah
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morning allow government al jazeera as a you know, me the the me one of the top stories yolanda 0, at least 8 people have now died in turkey where high wind and temperature is above 40 degrees celsius. continued to find deadly wall. 55, which is also battling hundreds of fires in italy and greece. a ton of forces pushed deeper into laska, the capital of helm. i'm province. the african president has blamed the
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deteriorating security situation on a rapid withdraw by the us. been the russians printer, who says her and in 15 tried to force her to return home, has been given a visa to and to poland. christina sky up took refuge in the polish embassy on monday. the gunman in northwest and focused on a shot and killed a police officer assigned to protect a polio vaccination team. the officer was on his motor car motorcycle heading to escort workers, taking part in a nationwide campaign aimed at making focused on a polio, a free state. it's a 3rd attack in 2 days on police assigned to protect vaccinations and focused on that are often targeted along with police by on groups claiming the vaccination campaigns or western conspiracy to sterilize children. ma harder has no a major, a polio vaccination campaign and underwear through our pockets on and all the proven says that it's 68 district,
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179000 polio. wondering tens of thousands of security forces personnel will be giving polio job to children. now it is important to note that budgets on a recorded only one case this year, compared to last year, the numbers are tick, tick and the government. they're now quite confident that given the fact that the immunization program is now reaching far flung corner of the country, that the country will be able to wipe out. wired the polio vaccination campaign has been a challenging god care and focused on given the fact that a number of for your work and security for this person who are guarding them, have been targeted and kid, but it adored sacrificing. and a cistern effort of the government that will enable to make buckets on polio free. remember in this area we have, we have our tremendous number of us get us,
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and we have been hiking, a warrant for the last 20 years. so that was the unseen enemies that as the invisible hands, the archaic, the soft b. we have sacrificed from more than $1700.00 of our offices, i from the top rank officer to the foot constable. industry or police are highly committed to provide extra security to all these polio beams, every kind of social worker with unflinching mark to live with envy, 15000000 cottage. we are committed to caring for new from this region. but there are it's challenges because the country suffered a said fact 2 years ago when it wrote down the words wiping out the wiring. therefore, the government will have to be serious and convincing people across the country that did it, and then that their children are given don't draw budget on of gotcha determined to
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route out divided from the country, but did austin serious gallon game given the fact that the situation and one is on an extremely unstable and a country feared that an influx of refugee may undo all the programs that had been achieved. 3 neighborhoods in china's capital of in lockdown and transport in and out of the city is suspended. it's the latest response to the country's largest karone of ours outbreak. in months, a rule only a handful of new infections were reported on monday. but officials are worried about the foster spreading delta variant. driving the new cases. several u. s. state governments say they went reimpose locked downs as the push to get more people vaccinated continues. but the country's top medical experts is the situation that is about to get worse. and he, foundries, warning comes after the average number of new current of ours cases doubled in the past 10 days. hospital admissions are also surging in many areas. florida is
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responsible for 20 percent of the countries new infections that governor has rebuffed talk, shut down last mandates or other measures. passengers from the u. s. and the use the gun to arrive in the u. k. after burton react rules for fully vaccinated people, those rubbing into the u. k are not required to quarantine, even though some scientists a warning against it comes with the w. h. o says 60000000 people. now had crew of ours across europe. you case vaccine ro, not got off to a flying start, but the government now encountering hesitancy among younger age groups. it's considering incentives for those. you do get jobs that has grown quite about another of its plans, vaccine, passports, which critics say amount to coercing the young, trying to hire reports rather than sit healthy and unwilling to be vaccinated. that describes a minority of young britain's keen to get on with normal life after the lifting of most lockdown restrictions. lo,
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thank k. i think it would be no thank you. i think that, you know, we shouldn't be forced to have something or take something when, you know, if i've had people like tara no, i haven't a vaccine and put in these extra things in my body that they're currently not even sure of where kinda the guinea pigs right now, the problem is the current infection rates are highest among young people with medics warning that hospital patients are getting younger and younger. they describe it as heartbreaking to watch, the unvaccinated suffer unnecessarily. the other thing that people should take into account is that if they are not vaccinated, then they're more likely to spread it to other people, perhaps vulnerable relatives that they come in contact with. but also i think our responsibility to society not to be spreading this around because it will encourage the emergence of variance, which are able to escape from the vaccine. and that will simply put everybody back into lockdown again. nobody wants to do that. official figures suggest up to 10
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percent of under thirty's, are reluctant or simply refused to be vaccinated. with almost 3000000 young adults, yet to receive a 1st dose that led to a dramatic slow down in the overall vaccine rollout, leaving a potentially dangerous back door open to the virus. and the possibility of new variance. the government has back measures to encourage vaccination, including discounts on food deliveries and taxi rides. and this pre vaccine music festival in london. there are more controversial plans to incentivize the job by introducing the vaccine passports to access night clubs, which human rights group say is the wrong approach. collection does not make a safe. it's actually been proven that countries that have mandatory vaccine policies or us vaccine policies have a much lower trust in vaccines. what we're talking about is totally restructuring society and craziness. it's a checkpoint, massive violation of privacy locking,
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some people out of society for a very, very small number of people. this is really the way we want to go about public health in this country. i don't think so. big brother, watch, says, refusing the vaccine is a basic right. which sets the wider goal of full vaccine coverage. again, with the interests of those who believe they are better off without it jona whole al jazeera, none the refugees are missing out on current arise jobs because the vaccine shortages less than 8 percent. the 2000000000 doses promised under the kovak scheme for poor nations. have been delivered refugees in bangladesh, some of the worst hit the world health organization has been urging countries to prioritize immunizing refugees, as well as those with serious health conditions. it says 85 percent of vaccines have been administered in rich countries. what is the way the situation is the disease spreading? we should also get the vaccine if we get infected. so will everyone around us,
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even the lucas vaccination is a must for every one. we are scared. you can see here that we all live together. we cannot follow social, distressing, or we're mosque in wymond that they live in is often very you know, condense, housing situation. it's not necessarily in the most areas with most access to, to health care and services like that is basically in health conditions or not their, their water supply and sanitation. city does not always up to date in that sense. so they are really living in difficult situations. most of the time for bodies have been found in sedans, set it river in the eastern casala region. according to military sources, the remains of people believe to have been executed. doesn't the refugees fleeing the conflict into dry have arrived at reception, centering, casala, seeking refuge. morgan in cartoon has more. the bodies were found overnight by the
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residence of casela. that's where more than tooth 220000. if you've been refugees, are currently residing waiting to be relocated to proper united nations camp. now we spoke to campbell officials as well as military sources who say at least 30 refugees were able to cross from ethiopia, tegra region into ham dates, reception center, which is the refugee camp for if you're in refugees in the past few days. now those refugees say that at least 50 people were waiting on the other side to cross interested than just keep the conflict into gray. military sources say that the 4 bodies who were discovered had their hand side and it looked like they were executed and then thrown into the river that matches the account of refugees who say that they have witnessed the c o. p. and forces, as well as i'm hearing malicious, killing those who are trying to flee as well as trying to tear the rest from crossing from from crossing the river into sudan. of course, we've seen refugees flowing into sudan since the south of the conflict in november . more than 60000
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a currently in cadet distributed between put them out of state and catalyst seeking refuge. the, the u. s. h. the usa administrator samantha power was him her to him yesterday. and mess with the prime minister in the handbook to talk about the humanitarian situation. of those refugees as well as to talk about human parent access, integrate where conflict has been region since november. israel's supreme court, her agend and appeal from for palestinian families against their forced expulsion from the shakera neighbourhood in ocoee bodies, jerusalem, the family, his last legal chance to stop them being forced out of homes they lived in for decades. dozens of people that are under threat of eviction, but not all of them. a part of this case, the court hearing for decades of similar cases in 195630 palestinian foundries, settled in the neighbourhood. they are among the 750000 people expelled from palestinian towns in the 1948 war in what's often referred to as the next bar or catastrophe. but a decade later,
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the families agreed to deal with jordan's government. that would make them illegal tenants of their homes, but that was cut short when jordan lost control of the land after israel next east jerusalem in the 967 war. a series of court cases have since ruled in favor of a settler organization that seeks to expel palestinians and make way for jewish citizens. turning the neighborhood into a focal point approaches. out of the hamid is in west jerusalem, she spoke to the lawyer representing the families from shakes or whether it's been a very long session. and several things happened during that session. the judge trying to find the promises between the 2 sides. so those, the families living in the rock facing for expulsion and the settlers. now the judge had put forward an idea that the palestinian family sign the paper that that land below the salary in which they have guaranteed read in that house. quoted
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that 3 generations that i have with me here the lawyer, mr. sammy, he has been representing the family that he can tell us what has been happening in this session. it was indeed a very long session just was a very long day. we were invited to come to live in thursday. we were here before 11. now it's after 5 o'clock, we just finished decision. it was a long day. it was very thin, but i can conclude that for us it's a good fit for board because the court had our argument. the judges indicated that they will invite us for a 2nd hearing that did not reject our appeal. yet this is a good indication. we hope that the judges will continue to listen to all arguments and took into consideration the new division we submitted on the end of the day. conclude in favor of that, is it this of just that evidence?
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papers that would would show that that lag was being transferred to the families judge except that the evidence that we submitted to include also journia document. the judges did not accept anything. the judges decide that they will decide later, but they have in our argument and also they have looked at these documents. we hope that at the end of the day they will consider the documents positively. i'd take them into consideration a referendum in mexico and whether to investigate former presidents for corruption as failed. the public consultation was backed by the current president under manuel lopez or brad or it could have led to corruption charges. again, it's 5 former leaders, 40 percent of eligible voters had to take part to make the referendum valid, but just 7 percent turned out. come home and fortune mexico city. the the
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referendum we met on sunday, sunday, groundbreaking, a boat to decide whether to go off the 5 of the countries ex presidents, the corruption. in the end, it was a spectacle. only 7 percent of the electra voted 9 out of 10 of those. you did the boat to bring never, actually to trial. you can feel the most important that i think that the most important thing here is that unity ceases in this country. the good 40 percent of the electra vote for the referendum be legally binding for sure. most met, i do believe that corruption has been prevalent and passed administration, but many of why should both be needed for justice to be done. just as i believe that the people should not be consulted on whether to prosecute a president or not. the government should just apply the law especially as met cruise constitution already allows strict presidents to be prosecuted, opponent to the current president. and the men will look toward that this will do
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just political theater in turn. his party accused electoral authority but not putting out in the ballot boxes or information for the referendum to be a success initial national. so that was, it's not a question of budget, but as well they didn't have enthusiasm for the folks and they don't have it easy as for democracy. the main question of the referendum was also changed by the countries supreme court rooms. it wasn't legal because i spoke to the president and tried this thought, it seemed pretty clear. he won't the judiciary to investigate these men, but it turned into something quite different. have a listen. all you or all, you know, in favor of the pertinent actions to take a process of shedding light on the political decisions made in parties by political actors. it goes on, but you get the idea. it gets pretty hard to see what you're actually voting on. so now it's too low, but what if anything, with the referendum mean heading food? my general impression is that the precedent does not want to start as something
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similar to a transitional justice process. even thought he promised that during his campaign, and my fear is that if he had not done this during the 1st 3 years of his mandate, that he's not going to change with a referendum in which only 7 percent of the relation participated. there is some talk of a truth commission to deal with a wide variety of past transgressions. if that's who is affective will probably have less to do with this vote. the will of the president, john home and how does it or mexico city still had this news hour, leaving it late. a greek known jumper who secured goes on like 10th, actually who took a
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me ah
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a german with. thank you, lauren. we haven't seen the last of the main bibles at the take your lympics, the u. s. gymnast guy for gold on the balance beam on tuesday, off the previous day, putting out apple 5 of her other finals to focus on her mental health. one of the event she missed was the flow exercise. finally, that was won by her american teenage j. carry this one to you and your produce an incredible coming routine. claim her 1st and then pick metal. it means everything to me to have my dad here. we've been working so hard for this together, so i'm really glad that i was able to do that for us tonight. and having simone being back tomorrow is great. i'm really proud of her. she's been through
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a lot they so and think so it's going to be great to see her out there tomorrow. after heartbreaker her then picks in real where she was disqualified. jasmine camacho quinn is celebrated at this time around after winning the $100.00 metre hurdles. she beat so well, record holder, kendra harrison to become 2nd, puerto rican 2 and a gold medals. camacho quinn is the sister of chicago bus f l player. robert quin c found hassan is still on for a historic treble after winning gold in the 5000 meters. the document is also competing in the 1510000 meters, a tough schedule, unsurprisingly, leaving her feeling tired. and she says she wouldn't be on an and pick champion if it wasn't for coffee. i'm sure a lot of us can relate to that role cases. sophia and cali became the 1st non canyon for 41 years, 2 in the 3000 metre steeplechase. you now have and then pick go to, to add to his silva and bronze, while championship, metals, and greases military artists at 10 totally. it was outside the meadows when he hit
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the run. wait for the final time in the long jump. the snatch code with a lead of 8 meters, 41. a fast code and track cycling at the top. here games has gone to china. boshamp, you and young t. m. she successfully defended the women's team a sprint title. they break that own wild record and qualifying before beating germany in the gold medal rice. the russian olympic committee took from the gold medal for the u. s. women's football team, though after the war champions suffered a shock with defeat to canada in the semi finals. jesse findings 74 minute penalty . what's the difference is the 2nd straight for them fix us if the milk south at this stage comes up with plate we do in the final, that profit they'd be straight out by the same line history was made to the question parkway, germany's judy quite epsky became the 1st female to win gold and individual eventing. this competition became a mix event 57 years ago. the other take games in 1964, and no woman had ever want it until now. great britain's atomic human took silver
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with australia's andrew hoyt, clinching bronze, his 6 elim pick metal overall. when he came to the 5th, just a couple of hours before, as part of australia's eventing team, he took silver. at the age of 62 that makes him the oldest olympic medalist from his country. they finished behind great britain, he won gold for the 1st time in 49 years. new zealand weightlifter laurel hubbard has thanked phase who supported her after she became the 1st open, the transgender athlete to compete after games. but unfortunately for her, she made an early exit from the women's plus 87 kilogram category. after failing to register a lift. so let's take a look at the middle table, then it is our view. we're at the top, china still leading the way. they now have $29.00 golds that 7 more than the united states. host japan of bed with 17 golds australia and russian. and then pick
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committee, make up the top 5 american athletes, raven founders a could face disciplinary action for demonstrating on the podium off to winning fill that in the shop. it's andy richardson has more on this from tokyo, according to olympic regulations, all podium protests, all band that didn't stop. american shots at raven saunders, the silver medal winner, forming an x with her wrists. she said it was to represent where the oppressed meat now soon as often wore a superhero mask during her competition thing. she identifies with the incredible hulk quest to control his strength and power. i may not open up everything, but i do feel lot that people say from the fact that like, you know, my hair, you know, the fact that i wear girls or whatever it is. because my big thing is use, you know, always being me, games organizes say that rules are aimed at keeping support neutral and away from politics. and so the regulations reflect the views of the majority of athletes. we
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created possibility before. sport begins for people to make protests, but one thing we have noted in the, the survey that we did with 3005 and athletes, including, by the way, athletes from united states in all of the people we asked in that extensive survey. they all want to protect, feel to play the my celebrated image of athlete activism is from the 1968 olympics american sprinters. so me, smith and john carlos raising a fish the spread the message of black equality and civil rights. when barry is aiming the gold in the hamlet throat with these games, she's also state a series of podium protests against racial injustice. critics if the r c believe any effort to prevent athletes promoting social change is wrong. the i o. c really is, is an archaic organization. when you look at how professional sport in europe and
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north america has empowered their athletes to be able to stand up for social, racial justice and to use their voice to be a part of change. so the says she hopes her gesture and supporting success will help inspire people from all over the world. the stand up and speak for themselves . we've seen some fantastic performances and take care so far, but on the occasion, even the world's best at fail miserably site scar, thought the canadian dive of pamela. why? who i live in the games suffered this mishap, springboard semi finals. and you perhaps won't be surprised to learn it, she scored a there right for that dive, added, moving away from the take care games, england, cricket captain joe read, says teammate and stakes will be given all the time he needs while taking on indefinite bright from the sport to prioritize his mental well being rude also believes that living in a coven bubble is not
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a sustainable way of living or playing. always put people on a thing as an opportunity for him to take time to look after and get a good place again. and hopefully that can be sooner rather than later. i think cricket has to be a 2nd re weigh and is to bring you up to speed to talk going on on tuesday at the take your games lane at thompson hara will try to in the sprint double when she lines up in the final of the 200 meters, that is one a lot of people will be watching with interest. i'm sure, and that is for me learn, jim a thank you very much indeed. and a good monday can always catch up with all the sport. and of course, we'll news on our website address that is andrea dot com. and you can watch us live by clicking on the orange live icon a fit for me and taylor for the user. i'll be back in a moment with another full run of today's news due to me then if you can. thanks
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for watching now. ah, me news news, news, news. news. energy to every part of our universe. more small. to continue the change all around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity,
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we can make it work for you and your family. after a one year delay, the tokyo lympics are finally despite growing opposition and spiraling costs, fountains of athletes are completing an empty stadium. amid the corona virus endemic l g here it will be inside the olympic bubbles, bringing you the latest from again, right? no other north korea isolated and heavily sanction yet earning billions around the globe bureau. 39 is involved in everything that makes money for you to carry different customers, say contact the money this year and it goes straight into the conferences. leadership a to park. people empower investigation bureau, $39.00 cache for kim park, one on a jesse era, a multi $1000000.00 online sex,
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and the philippines is black mailing men from around the world. one on one east uncovered how small time syndicate became a terminal empire. on al jazeera, the. ready news i was fueled by record high temperatures, q 8, people in turkey, and turn vintages into burned out rude and the heat wave is also support. hundreds of fires across greece and italy, driving thousands from their homes. ah, this is down here in life from london. was coming up as the taliban pushes deeper into the capital of home and province.


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