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keep, otherwise things are as normal partners, high temperatures, a few showers in the mountains, the southwest, saudi and western gemini is pretty dry now as true as iran, but a few shells around the southern captain seemed likely. hi, tim. there also a problem, as you're well aware in the southeast and part of europe and in turkey, with antalya forecast be at 40 when the record highs and the breeze is still dry and still blowing. still had on the news, our millions of chinese are under locked down to battle. the spread of the delta variance of the current virus coming home, the historic treasures that were stolen from iraq after the us invasion. and said, double double for jamaica, sprinter lane thompson, her show will have the best of the action from coming up. i believe the hype of english football lies in elicit market for the rich and
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powerful one of the leading specialist work undercover just years investigative unit exposes the inner workings of key players in the murky underbelly of football finance. for me to tell some people in addition has been said that you can make an elephant disappeared. i have many of the exciting brazen example i've seen the men who sell football on. i just got one of the fastest growing nations in the world. i won a contract needed to open and develop into national shipping company to become a team, middle east, and tough or trade and money skillfully enough re key is up to about filling up from it. the connecting the world connecting the future. got cut to gateway to whoa trade. all the news
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a come again. sorry. if there were news, our office security forces are expected to launch a large scale operation to clear the southern city of lash car and golf and taliban fighters. at least 200000 people living in the capital of hellman problems have been told to leave the city. when john temperature is above 40 degrees celsius are fanning 7 wildfires in turkey along the mediterranean and a g and coast. at least 8 people have now died in the region in the past week. has been officially endorsed as iran, the next president, by the supreme leader on the common a ceremony into iran. is the promise to take steps to left what he described as
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tyrannical sanctions imposed by the us. chinese authorities are trying to contain an outbreak of the delta variance, proven 1900, which is spread to half the provinces in china in 10 days. at least 6 regions have completed mass testing and people are being told not to leave their home city. katrina, you reports from beijing. changing the highly infectious delta variant has broken through china's strict curve. 19 defenses, closed borders. strict locked downs and mass testing have not been enough to prevent the countries worse outbreak in months. hundreds of cases had been found in more than 30 cities. in 16 provinces, china's leaders say the capital waging must be protected at all costs. several neighborhoods aren't locked down after and sections were discovered last week. flights trains and buses from the affected areas have been suspended. residents
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have been warned not to leave the city to weak. quarantines have been imposed. large scale events have been canceled and public venues ordered to limit capacity. contact tracing teams have been mobilized where i d, gene find, deliver, confirm close or secondary contacts will be current in those who leave and work with them will be banned from joining any gatherings. and also subject to close loop management by their, what places or local community. and then the outbreak originated, early last month in the southern city of non ging airport janice's tested positive after cleaning a flight which arrived from russia. the cities, more than 9000000 residents underwent 3 rounds of testing in 2 weeks. authorities have identified a possible supers better event in the tourist hotspot of jungle jet was several cases were linked to a theater performance attended by 2000 people. the attraction has been shut down, and tourists told to stay away. up until july,
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much of china had quoted 0 current of our cases. the apparent success had been a school of national pride. but this latest flare up of the delta vary interest foreign interest question. making corporate 900 strategies and put more pressure on the nation the vaccine rollout. sean is current strategy of 0 tolerance, shooting, prove. we must learn to co exist with the corona virus. we need to accept that it's impossible to be completely free of the verizon for a long period of time. health officials say more than 1600000000 vaccines have been administered so far, but they won't be vaccinated, may not be enough to avoid catching the delta strain. the government has begun vaccinating children and is considering offering booster shots to vulnerable groups . the outbreak titans, china's economic recovery, and its ability to horse spectators during the 2022 winter olympic games last year president, she didn't pain, declared victory over carved 19
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a declaration. it seems that was premature. katrina, you al jazeera, beijing of highland has extended lock towns in the capital and 2 dozen other provinces of the delta vary and pushes up. the number of cases. 29 provinces have been classified as dork, red zones. people in these areas are banned from travelling to other parts of the country and must obey a strict curfew. thailand is also experiencing and made sure vaccine shortage. tony chang as monitoring developments from bangkok. the government's been quite secretive about where the shortage is coming from. but what we've seen over the course of the last couple of months is that signed by a son to the company, which has been licensed by astrazeneca to produce the vaccine here in thailand. i should've mentioned this, not just for time, but it's for many countries in se asia has been running well below capacity. the astrazeneca in secret papers released have defended themselves,
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saying that they were initially did the orders that initially came from the tiger will much lower than those that are now needed. but side by side was also a company which was a controversial choices, a vaccine producer. because it had no vaccine production experience. that said anyone here in thailand who criticize the process will tries to investigate it is finding themselves in quite a lot of trouble because it is a company which is ultimately owned by the king. and if you criticize the company, you in effect criticized the king. but i think we're seeing now the problem of putting such a vital vaccine production in the hands of a company that isn't very experienced because lots of people are being told not just here in bank. oh, but around the country that their appointments for vaccines are being postponed indefinitely. we have seen this happen in the last couple of weeks and more productions come up. we understand that the thai government is seeking vaccines
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from elsewhere. they've already signed deals with pfizer madana. but we're not expecting major shipments of those to vaccines to come in until the last quarter of this year. and i think at the moment, they're just trying to concentrate their efforts on the urban centers, where the delta veteran is a real problem. the us says returns more than 17000 looted treasures to iraq, dating back 4000 years. the return follows the iraqi prime minister's visit to washington last week. most of the artifacts were colon after the us led invasion of iraq and 2003 decades of war and uprisings allowed, criminal gangs to plunder and smuggle items out of iraq. among the most anticipated . i'm sick which is expected to be returned is the gilgamesh dream tablets? the clay piece is one of 1000 seized from us art, dealer's hobby lobby, and the bible museum. but archeologist say that 1000 the more looted treasurers
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illegally sold in israel and the united arab emirates are still missing the speak to them who is a professor of middle east history and anthropology at cats are university. he's also the co founder of the assad project. that's an organization that tracks looted in traffic antiquities. he's joining us via skype from dell. hi, thanks for talking to us. i'm sure you're keeping a close eye on this particular story. the iraqi government is describing the return of these items as the largest in the country in history. how significant is this? this is a very significant event and also a happy one. on line of work, there are many happy endings. most looted. items basically disappear and we don't even know that they've been lost. and often when we do find these items, there's a very lengthy, protracted effort to try and get these back. so the fact that iraq was able to get
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over 17000 objects returned to them after so many years. this is an amazing victory . and i think use people like myself who are involved in this kind of work. a lot of hope that we can continue to do this, not just to help iraq recover, it's nugent antiquities, but also syria, libya, yemen. and so many other places around the world that have suffered from this terrible, terrible trade. right? you're absolutely right, that it's not just limited to iraq about how it is the process of even tracking these items take place. i mean, looting is a very old and well established form of illegal activity, but more recently and i would say from 201-1121 the words, particularly when social media and platforms like facebook have become so popular.
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the intensity and the scale of this trade has, has skyrocketed thousands upon thousands of objects are ex, you know, displayed so bored, exchanged on social media platforms like facebook like e bay and so on, so forth. and this is made this problem really, really, really difficult to, to control. organizations like the one i co founded like, are spend a lot of time basically going through social media platforms, trying to basically gather information. sometimes the only glimpse we ever have of this item when you did, because someone trying to sell it, put it up on facebook as part of their logo on the items that they have for sale. other ways to do this is to work with local communities, local stakeholders. we work with people inside syria, inside libby, near and trying to basically i didn't do 5 sites that are being muted and try to
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track down that kind of activity. it's a painstaking process. it's very slow and you know, we do what we can, but really the scale and this and the size of the trade is, is very, very expensive. i mean, give us a sense of how important culturally this is this moment is right now for iraq in terms of fits identity and it's history and being able to return these artifacts. very important artifacts. yes, i mean, look the culture, i mean, the cultural heritage and shade common history is basically the glue that holds many of the countries and societies in this part of the world in the middle east and beyond as well. so when that cultural heritage, when that shared common history and identity is attacked, luton destroyed or sold illegally
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abroad it, it has a really negative impact. and so getting these items by having a chance to, to, to, to recover these items, it's really not just an important moment for iraq and the iraqi people. but also i think i important in the sense that it helps bring a fraction nation back together again, something that they can all rejoice. it doesn't matter where you come from, from the north, south, the east, the west tribes, rural urban, everybody has a share. this is their shared common history and therefore they can all take pride in the fact that these items have been returned to them. and that's a good thing. thank you so much. i'm logged in for speaking to us from catherine, canada and the united states have been swept through the wave of shame and anger thought aftermath graves were uncovered at indigenous boarding schools across the
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country. for more than a century, tens of thousands of native children were shipped off to government boarding schools and rob reynolds reports in the us city of mission and south dakota. they caused enormous damage. these are the ruins of an old native american boarding school on the rose bud reservation in south dakota until the 1900 seventy's. more than $350.00 such schools were set up with the explicit goal of eradicating native american culture. erase in replace, erase language, replaced the english erase spirituality, religion replace with christianity by 1900. more than half of all native children lived in the strictly regimented institutions. corporal punishment, physical punishment, malnutrition, certainly we know, sexual abuse. they were hellish institutions by any definition of the term. no one
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is sure how many children died in the system. recently the remains of 9 lakotas children who died at a school more than a century ago were returned for burial on their native land. the boarding school system not only did harm to the children who were caught up in it, it also severely damaged native american societies with effects that have been felt generation after generation. native american youth commit suicide 2 and a half times more than the general population. the rate of alcohol and drug abuse among native americans is higher than for any other group. they have lower life expectancy. there are many reasons for these problems, but boarding schools played a role. recently us interior secretary, deb holland, herself a native american announced an official investigation into the boarding school program to promote spiritual and emotional healing in our communities. we must shed
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light on the unspoken trauma of the past. no matter how hard it will be to jungle or yacht de la coat member lin cologne says her own mother never had a chance to learn parenting skills during her youth in a boarding school. well, just missed out on learning from their own home and learning from their own families on being so simple as showing affection her niece this, the cologne reflects on the pain the system caused her family because of the way my grandmother was treated in these schools, it caused a lot of abuse between my mom and her siblings growing up because my grandma was really never truly taught how to love somebody or to be loved. many native americans take pride that despite the efforts to erase them, they survive. to simply say, that boarding schools in that were colonialism have broken native societies. it's
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not true. there are distinct cultures live on in the lands that have always belonged to them. rob reynolds al jazeera on the rose bud laconia reservation, south dakota. still ahead on the news, our courses will hear from the beller russian athlete at the center of a diplomatic route of the toko. i choose choose choose
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with me. ah ah. ah. hello again time for the sportsmen with joe during. thank you. well, it's been an incredible day of action at the tokyo olympics,
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jamaica elaine thompson herrera has repeated had double gold metal success from rio . 5 years ago, she already won the 100 meters in tokyo and storm to another victory and the 200. it was the 2nd fastest time in history, christine boma of namibia came through late to take the silver. and it was another jamaican shelley and fraser price who took brahms. let's get over. the limbic stadium in tokyo joint corresponded andy richardson and elaine thompson has really cemented herself. is one of the olympic great, doesn't she? she really has. we may not have the same bold say that we do have elaine thompson, her and who knows, form and finish committing. she's now 21 years old. she should well be back for the parents 2024 games, and that will give it a chance to do both style 3 page. and when the 10200 meet the titles that 3 consecutive ellen games, let's have a look at who finished 2nd. that was christina boma of namibia. quite an
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interesting case that g to her naturally occurring 2 stops thrown levels. in recent weeks she's not been allowed to compete on the world athletics rules and preferred distance of the 400 meters. she switched to the say would you me to just a few weeks ago and now here she is as a silver medalist. so quite an incredible story for her. we've also had the heat. so the mens 200 meters tonight area in kingston. absolutely. outstanding to 17 years of old. 17 years of age, super impressive in the semi final, the big favorite is no eliles of america. now he almost glued any semi fond looks be cruising to victory, slowed up in the final. she found a few yards. got cool on the line, but just squeezed through as fast this loser. and in the last few minutes, we've had the monday to plan says of sweden going in the poll volts. perhaps not surprisingly he did when the gold medal wasn't quite able to break his own world's
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record. remember he finished 2nd of the world championships in 2019 sam kendrick. so on that occasion of the united states, when golden kendricks, of course not able to compete, he tested positive for carving one thing. and andy, earlier we saw perhaps some calling anyway, the greatest race in history took us through that you know, the 400 me to hurdles has been one of the standout track and field events for the last couple of years. now. historically, you got under 47 seconds, you were quite special and 3 the foreman to have a done that on the start line for this final the comfortable home. it is and he's rivals events. a whole new level on this occasion few months ago will haven't broken the world's record one of the longest standing world records set by kevin young back in 1992 absolutely destroyed his own will. direct quote in this race, taking nearly 3 quarters of a 2nd of fat mark roy benjamin was just behind in running the 2nd fastest time in
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history to get the silver metal allison, the francis of brazil finishing infer. let's not listen to what the top so you have to say after that. incredible rice with respect for all athletes. i think there's lot of athletes that are not that good will, can only be goes, you know, right. benjamin running $4617.00. you know, it would be cervical metal under and it's crazy and also, you know, all is on running super times it's, i think it's just an honor to be to be a part of it. and i never thought in my wildest imagination that they will, that this will be possible. ah, me, i would say this was probably the best race ever in olympic history. i don't think any other race compares to what we just did about 2 hours ago. as long as it's on deniable like, there's nothing you can compare to what just happened out there?
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459 over the hurdles. 461-4672 it's, it's an insane. so i would say it was the best race ever in olympic. history of track and field really has been phenomenal. andy, thank you. well, let's just take a little bit more of a deeper look into that incredible performance by cost and war home. it was a month ago that he broke the record set by kevin young 29 years ago at the boss lunar lympics. incredibly, he shaved in the north point 76 seconds of fat time becoming the 1st month break. 46 seconds. to put that in context, that is only around 3 seconds slower than the 400 meters record, where there are no hurdles and spare a thought for right benjamin in 2nd, who also broke the world record. in fact, 6, the 1st 7 finishes that national or continental records. earlier we spoke to journalist jonathan goats from let's ron, dot com, who was in the stadium for the rice to see cause war home take point 76 of
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a 2nd. will record well records in the spring for not broken by not much anymore. i mean get 2021 and i'm running this event prob 120 years. you just don't see breakthroughs of that magnitude and for him to do it on the biggest stage imaginable. and then from right benjamin now's in the center. right. bedroom? well under the previous record, allison to santos. billable record. by point 0. 2. just phenomenal. one of the most amusing incredible races i've ever saying, you know, it's always hard to place these things in context. immediately, but this will go down as an iconic race in the history of olympic track and field along with you sample 9.69 in beijing. and david reduces 1.91 and the 800 meters in london. it belong to that conversation in a very well may be the greatest race with ever seen. he smashed the world rec, worn by a greater percentage than you same ball ever did. so he's got to nowadays i think
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that the next bolt thing of a bowl replacement thing that's never going. you're never going to get another use same bowl, but cost more home himself is a fantastic athletes. and really painting athletes to watch. so yeah, of the bolt comparison is fair for anyone to try and build but massive star, and hopefully we'll get even bigger off this form. it's also taking a break to focus on mental health us store gymnast. his mon bibles returns when a bronze medal 24 year old finished behind to jump chinese competitors in the balance beam final biles had previously pulled out of 5 other events in tokyo. she leaves with the silver and the bronze to go with the forego metal. she one at the rio games in 2016. yeah. well, to bring the topic of mental health, i think it should be talked about a lot more, especially with athletes because i know some of us are going through the same things and we're always told to push through it. but we're all a little bit older now. we could kind of speak for ourselves,
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but at the end of the day, we're not just entertainment, we're humans, and there are things going on behind the scenes that we're also trying to juggle with as well on top of sports. whenever i see an athlete christina, him in the sky, i will leave japan for poland later after being grown to the humanitarian visa. the runner is planning to seek refuge in europe after accusing her teams. officials are trying to force her to leave to take your games early after she criticized her coaches. the international and big committee says it's launching an investigation beyond the store. they made it clear that upon my return home, i would definitely say some form of punishment, and that if i refused and ran in the 200 leads race, i would be fired and kicked out of the national team. there were also thinly disguised hints that more would await me. the key phrase is when they said that the decision to return home was not taken by us. it was taken by other people and we were ordered to follow through. at the moment, i just want to safely get to europe. i would really like to continue my sporting
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career because i'm only 24 and i had plans to participate and at least 2 more olympic games. we have all her report from the n c. today we requested yesterday we, we, we wanted to day we have decided to launch not surprisingly, a formal investigation which will be led by the odyssey of ministration. we need to establish the full facts. we need to hear everyone involved. all spectators been shut the house of the pigs over in the us. intimate number of friends have been allowed into baseball games. one got closer to the action than the rest. a praying mantis got a bugs live view of washington's game against philadelphia. would it have to ride on victor? robles hunt. it stay there for a form of 2 innings, but as you can see, it didn't seem to bug the capitals outfielder? i think so. right. but full for now. dream. thank you so much, joe. thanks for watching the news, our on 20. we're back in just
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a moment right after the break and we'll have much more off the days news from your way. see you in a minute by, by the after a one year delay, the tokyo olympics are finally despite growing opposition and spiraling costs fountains of athletes that convincing an empty stadium amid the corona virus and demick algae, here it will be inside the olympic bubble. bringing you the latest from again, right? no other my name is mike. my manager is on my job, my plan, abusive branch to that point. he doesn't need to put in usually just we just grab a manager. i've only got mine. mine
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idea on i'll just use ah, in 2011 al jazeera games, rare access to the piano gang on academy. and some of north korea's brightest young stars. ah, what did it take to serve a national propaganda machine? a compelling portrait of the privileged lives of the countries elite, rewind, north korea. cinema of dreams. analogy the around the broker started cheerfully in front of the next meeting, him in amsterdam. hundreds of protesters scattered to the man. the government is locked down restrictions and lift the curfew. the 1st in the country since world war 2. the threat is that we lose our freedoms. the protesters who are not following social distances rules are repeatedly ordered to disperse by police police. it's trying very hard friends. the scenario that happened last week when
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thousands were rioting and sitting across the latter, after some protest started throwing stones. and that's enough for your work. police on horseback moved in to clear the area ah. the top us down military commander, order civilians to leave last car, got as the army prior to flush out taliban fighters. ah, watering all their life from headquarters in bel heim daddy navigator also ahead use ends reinforcements to turkey as wildfire as ravages, coastal towns forcing 1000 to flee the reach accusations from a right group that the death of a.


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