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work under cover just years investigative unit exposes the inner workings and key players in the murky underbelly of football finance. he's held, some people going, in addition, has been said that you can make an elephant disappeared. i have many of the brazen example i've seen. the men who sell football on a just, you know, the the us says that the dentist dan could be at risk of have a war with intensifying taliban violence, mo bomb bloss cobble. while the african army ordered people to leave lash krakowski . ah, hello, i'm emily. angry and this is al jazeera, alive from joe ha, also coming up report. so she may have been hijacked off the united arab emirates
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with several others radioing. and they've lost power or bella, russian opposition activists. exile being ukraine has been found. hanged in a park and the police are investigating if he was murdered and homes on the outskirts of the great capital, athens or under threat from a huge wildfire. ah, we begin in afghanistan where at least 4 people have been killed and several wounded. after 2 separate explosions in the capital campbell, the 1st happened near the defense ministers house. the 2nd was near, the city is heavily fortified. green zone, which is home to government, buildings and embassies. gunfire followed the explosion. no group has claimed responsibility. sharma in rose
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a suicide attack by wild terrace. targeted my house by the grace of god. neither me nor my family members were hurt, but unfortunately, a number of my bodyguards were wanted. i assure my beloved countrymen that such a text cannot, has any impact on my willingness to defend my countrymen and my country. people have been ordered to get out of afghanistan's southern city of laska, as security forces fight back against the taliban government troops. to launch a big operation on the armed group in the capital of helmand problems, at least 200000 people live in charlotte balance has more now on the situation in laska nash got the capital at home in provence and in the cross years of the tele bomb after fighting government forces the weeks on its outskirts, the armed group could be on the brink of taking its 1st city since the us began its military draw down the telephone, published videos of themselves in the center of flesh, car, gar,
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and at the main market asserting they had control of most of the city of when the enemy is stuck in some places of the city, like their intelligence, offices, police, and governors compound by our tele bond or at every corner of the city. now the afghan military is trying a new strategy after 4 days of fighting with its most elite special forces and pounding the city with it strikes. it is asking all people to evacuate the city to learn some of my just summer. i'm leaving here all the people have left. there's bombing from the air and the tell banner on the ground, the army commander for home and made the request in a voice lowers that was quickly spread among those still in lush cargo. the no arms misconduct, it will be very hard fighting. we will not leave the taliban life at any cause. i know it will very hard for you and it was very hard decision for me to. i don't want to hurt my people. please forgive us if you will get this place and please evacuate as soon as possible. analysts in cobble say the strategy is flawed,
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telling the population to go and not giving them an exact timeframe, and then bumping the hell out of the place and, and leaving the place as, as a, as a terrible battle ground in the same way that we saw pictures of capital back in the 1900 ninety's. it's tens of thousands of people and less car guy. he generals warning many will have 3 hours each to can to ha city the closest city and still held by the government. $150000.00 people have already been displaced there after fighting last month. but it too is contested by the telephone. so many people fleeing the villages confined a place to sleep, not even in the situation so that we want both the taliban and the government to stop fighting for god thing stopped the fighting in the western city herat. the situation is equally fluid. special forces arrive to boast of the military and allied vices after the taliban cut off the cities airport last week. even then for
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a brief period, the taliban got within 3 kilometers of the city center. does not know the enemy is close to the city and we are very serious and defending the city. we hope we will push them back it's i want is possibility and we need to step on the telephone pressure on provincial capital just growing every day. the moved to evacuate last got some personal questions about the sol, maybe the best the best god is sharla felice 0. the u. s. department has issued a warning to the taliban. we're going to be looking to their actions. they have said that they feel the utility of a negotiated solution. they are engaged in doha. but the simple point remains that if they attempt and seek to do otherwise,
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if they seek to contravene what they have said, then they will be in and out. prior. they won't have the support of their people, they won't have the support of the international community. and the concern on the part of all of us, one of the main, one of many concerns, is that the results will be civil war. will be a civil war in which the afghan people do not have and won't be in a position to achieve the safety and security in which they deserve. an oil tanker is thought to have been hijacked off the coast of the united arab emirates with several other ship signaling they are in trouble. britain's maritime agency says a potential hijack is unfolding of food gera, it appears to involve beecham and tanker cold. the ass felt princess for other ships in the area are reported. they were not under command. the reuters news agency is reporting a runs revolutionary god. has denied iranian forces or its allies are involved.
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jerry northwood is a british navy veteran and former captain. he says, runs history in the area is what makes it a subs a suspect that they do have past history. aquatic, considerable past history in this area, whether it's planting mines on the side of ships by the anchor, and also underway over the years. shooting at ships passing through the straits formers and then of course has been the arbitrary arrest of u. k. f. like vessels quite recently. going through this race of hormones. some of its very novel, some of the like the, the, the arresting of those that you have like vessels is not denial, is all the radians, did it quite plainly. if this is something connected with the wrong, then there's going to be some kind of state intervention that in, in dealing with the iranians. if it's some sort of private hijacking along the
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lines we've had previously with the somali hijackers, that it will be a massive for the ship owner and the insurance company to sort out thousands of people on the outskirts of athens have been forced to flee their homes as a large wildfire moves closer well than 50500 is trying to contain the blades near the industrial area. in this, in a suburb of the great capital. temperatures of more than 40 degrees celsius and dry winds have fanned the flames of more than a 100 separate fires. the prime minister says it's the worst hate wave. the country is sane in more than 30 years. zane bez robbie has more from northern athens. it's been a very long and busy day here in athens, i've got a few figures i can give you. there have been a total of $81.00 fires in the past 24 hours. and many of them like the one behind me and the one to the east of us are those of the 40 that are still going. the crews are still trying to put out. no officials had said that they were hoping to get more of this area under control before nightfall,
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but the ground crews have been going in for the past several hours and are still pressing through, trying to suppress the blaze. a total of $315.00 rescue missions nationwide by police and firefighters, according to the government to rescue people trapped in the fire zones, still no reports of casualties. thankfully, the prime minister has said that the priority now is to preserve life as much as possible and people who lost their homes will be housed in hotels at the government's expense. so the fact is that especially with the heat wave expected to get worse and coming weeks, the wildfires here are also expected to continue to get worse. while residents, interiors into coastal cities in easley have been told to lave as wildfires continue to burn near by emergency cruise name is scar, and this is cillian city. if catania have seen hundreds of flare ups in the past few days, the situation in central is lee has been largely contained. but 5 crews tackled
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more than half a dozen, 5 in cecily sicily rally rather on tuesday. that weather has also been driving. blazes in turkey, many have now been extinguished, but strong winds and scorching temperatures, fanning the flames, making it difficult for authorities to bring the situation under control. at least 8 people have died. russell santa is at a village in southern turkey, where many had lost everything. oh, he was watching his memories in the moon is helpless as the place he once called home is being reduced to ashes. i have 4 kids. what do i do now? use of your religious said on monday. we had carried the flames from the forest near by any just one night. more than half of the $250.00 houses in the area
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either suffered to be damaged or were completely destroyed. lucas from the village of center was as the flames around the village, unable to contain the place they were forced to flee, their homes are of the we hope people to flee, took people out right after the fire broke out. because what if the authorities that allowed us to put out the fire, we could have saved our houses. we were forced to evacuating the houses with burns down as the fire spread, just like some of the houses began to. other people rushed back home to remove barriers. to cool down the ground, the fire would not have raised over the hazard. we tirelessly tried to extinguish the fire to morning soon. the fire fighters howard tirelessly on the ground and in
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the air to put out the remaining blazes. but low humidity, strong winds, ceiling here are hampering there. a force with 3 fire steel burning nearby. almost entire winters has had to evacuate. the local, say, the government's health came late and that things would be worse if they hadn't done what they called themselves to stop the fires. when the fire grab the houses, the fire trucks didn't take action the time they just ask people to leave it to where life is disappearing in front of our eyes. it's late and went into the hill. this is not enough. helicopters applied to all the efforts were in vain, and that we just had to watch our village as it was taking a lot of the fires continue to rage in the south in provence. this of taiyah moolah, dana iden, and the sparta live in many with no choice other than to move to safe ground. this will say that al jazeera ginormous and murder investigation has been launched.
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after a vocal bell, a ration activist was found dead in ukraine. vitale shove led a group that helped people flee persecution from president alexander lucas shank, his government, paying tribute to him in london. the exiled opposition lady said she knows she could be next to fall foul of the regime. andrew simmons reports from london, italy, she shoves life, ended here, his body hanging from a tree. he set off for a run near his home in kiev, but didn't return. police believe it could be murder disguised his suicide. that may have been a struggle in this office that says there were marks on his face, left knee, head and chest. show dedicated to political opposition to autocratic rule in his home country of better cuz he was working with an organization helping to get housing, food, and work for people fleeing persecution there. he knew he was under surveillance so
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that his friends for the board lamb. this was an execution vile, nasty execution of a person who deserves more than any of those people who served the regime of alexander lucas shank, sending to the rest of the exiles in ukraine and elsewhere to sit low miles shots. because this is what's gonna happen to you. lucas young cut up by his enemies. the last of europe's dictators has ruled the 27 years. but since a disputed election a year ago, he's been cracking down on a physician support. in may a protest lead a roman protest, a which was detained after a passenger plane, heading to vilnius in this way, nia was forced to land. the capital of bella, luce security agents had effectively hijacked the plane. the leader of the opposition's fet, lana, taken off. gaia has been on a world tor trying to week night. the western outrage that followed that arrest the u. k. prime minister barak johnson said he was the 1st to impose sanctions and
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vowed more support for the opposition. diplomatic niceties. aside though, the opposition data set, none of the people was safe, least of all her. i can disappear any moment. i understand this, but i should do. what time do i come? because i'm you know, i feel this responsibility for future. i found with the same as all those that were sent for fighting the moment feel they were supposed to be said longer taking the sky was in washington before arriving here in downing street messaging in both capital. it was the same that more action was needed. but there was no concrete response either by the president of the united states, or indeed the u. k. prime minister. as far as the president of better ruses confirmed it appears from events in ukraine, said he seems intent on continuing his deadly messaging. if security agents from
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bella, ruth did kill 26 year old vigilance, she shut off. it is indeed a dark warning to opposition activists. andrew simmons, al jazeera london, veronica sep carlo is a political activist. and later of the bella rose opposition movement. she says, opposition activists fear for their safety. although as people understand and realize that we cannot be safe, even inside of those all type of beliefs, especially in the countries like russia or your queen. because for example, if we talk about russia, there is no border between russia and bella, luce, greece, border between russia or between dollars in ukraine. but it's quite easy for the people, especially including the key g people or special forces to cross the border because there is no need to have these are and the procedure itself is quite simple. that's why i think, especially people who, who had to feed the country, either russia or your queen in danger,
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to my opinion. it would try not to think about our own safety because we're, i'm in the european union and the reason physical border between european union and della was and we want to, we want to make sure that she can she redeem the people who came here on secure because we are going to are we are, we are going after him when we do everything possible to open and she initiated criminal case against, oh gosh, i'm a hook, i mean, talker committed, many, many crimes against people. for example, to give you an example only within 8 months, 12 people were killed, not a single criminal case was initiated. 35000 people went through the presence and you know, there is no justice. and so we need to act and we need to do everything possible being outside of billups. abella ration athlete at the lympics has left the polish embassy in tokyo, where she saw protection after refusing to be sent time christina to minute guy and says,
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authorities made it clear she would be punished if she went back. she q 2 teams officials of trying to force her to leave the turkey games early after she criticized her coaches. she's now expected to go to poland. after being granted a humanitarian invasion. still ahead on al jazeera, i never touched anyone inappropriately. the new york governor's denial, and he's accused of sexual harassment and urged to resign. and lebanon is still looking for answers almost a year after the capital was well to buy a huge explosion. ah, the america, here's your weather headlines right now. we'll start in north america where we had a cold front rates across the southern areas of the united states. i want to go for
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closer look there cuz we're still getting some storms bubbling up here in particular along the florida panhandle. georgia rate through the carolina shooting up to the mid atlantic. and, you know, we can't rule out the potential to see up to 200 millimeters of rain in some of these places over the next few days. talking about heavy bursts of rain as we head toward mexico, but it is scattered at times. concentrated along that pacific coast of mexico impacting areas like i could poco falling rate through into guatemala and heavier rounds of rain. as we had toward hunters and the corolla on wednesday, take you to south america right now, and it's unsettled to what the top and the bottom end of the continents are continuous rains falling through the amazon basin outs, where plenty of sunshine can be found. temperature is bouncing back us on the, on 25 degrees. if we look at the next 2 days, we could touch 30 over the weekend, but some breezy conditions. it's above average as well. now toward the south,
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it's our usual systems crashing into southern chile, giving us some snow for the southern andes point to rain as a height of 10 degrees for you on wednesday. the weather bag, energy and change to every part of our universe. or small to continue the change all around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business. ah
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the other you're watching out 0. i'm emily anguish. a reminder of our stories is at least 4 people have been killed and several others were injured after 3 separate explosions in the capital cobble one happened to me at the defense ministers helps . i knew the heavily fortified grains on an oil tank is stored. i have been hijacked the coast of the united arab emirates with several other ship signaling and they are in trouble versions. maritime agency says the potential hijack is unfolding, and john wildfires are ranging impossible grace and easily. thousands of people are on the outskirts of athens and have been forced to flee their homes. and 5 crews cap with more than half
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a dozen new fires sicily and put us in italy. the us centers for disease control and prevention has announced a new 60 day moratorium on rental evictions in areas with high levels of covered 19 infections. the older covers about 90 percent of the us population. rosalind jordan joins us live now from washington. d. c. thanks for joining us, rosalind. this must come as welcome news for millions of wrenches across the country. well, certainly those who say that the moratorium never should have expired this past weekend are rejoicing. but 60 days isn't a lot of time. considering that already $45000000000.00 had been set aside in legislation earlier this year by the incoming biden administration. that money for the most part, has not reached the landlord whose tenants have not been able to pay their rent
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because of the economic impact caused by the pandemic. and so 60 days isn't really a lot of time to try to get all of that money dispersed because of bureaucratic road, blogs and procedures. but certainly something that the u. s. president joe biden is, is hoping is that local governments and state governments will actually take advantage of this time to try to provide more relief. not just to the people who have been unable to pay their rent in their apartments or in their homes, but also to the landlords who have mortgages to pay and who themselves are facing, precarious financial impact because they haven't been getting their rent checks. so this is basically a bit of breathing room, but really the only way to fix this is for congress to come back into session and to work out a way to legalize the process of moratoriums so that there's more time to help people on both sides of this housing equation actually get through the pandemic.
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yes, you mentioned that it's not very long at all. i mean, it already takes us up to october 3rd. and as you mentioned on the other side of the coin, we have landlords that are wanting this rent money way too. from here over the next 60 days. can it all get sorted in time by october? 3rd? probably not. that's really not a lot of time when you consider that this money was actually appropriated by congress and signed back by the president several months ago. so there's already been at least $90.00 to $120.00 days where this money largely has not been distributed. this put it this way, some 15000000 people are basically covered by this new by the extended moratorium. but 3000000 people could lose their homes this month. if there is no actual resolution. and if their landlords don't pull back the petitions to
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already evict people from their homes, it's really become a bureaucratic complication. and certainly there's not, there's not a whole lot that the buying administration can do to compel people on the local level to do one thing or another. they're legally very prescribed in what they can do. basically, all the president could do on tuesday was to strongly encourage local officials and state officials to speed up the process. but again, when you're talking about federal disbursements, you're talking about a lot of regulations and how these things are handled. who can be the middle men or middle women as it were, to help distribute the funds. and they're all of these regulatory requirements that people have to meet. so 60 days, it's sounds like a good idea, but it just isn't going to be enough time. plenty of moving parts to the sun. thank
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you for the update. rosalind jordan, they live for us in washington. they say us president joe biden has cold on new york's governor to resign after an independent investigation found he sexually harassed at least 11 women. the allegations against andrew cuomo include unwelcome physical contact and suggestive comments. investigators say there was a clear pattern of abusive behavior. the independent investigation found the governor cuomo sexually arrest multiple women, many of whom were young women, by engaging and, and one is groping. kisses, hugging and by making inappropriate comment that kwan i denied the investigation findings and is resisting calls for his resignation. i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. i am 63 years old. i have lived my entire adult life in public view. that is just
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not who i am and that's not who i have ever been. it's been a one years since a huge explosion, devastated 11 on capital, killing more than 200 people and injuring it many more. nearly 300000 were left homeless. families of the victims is still demanding answers as xena harder reports from bay roche. the gutted silos at bay roots port still stand as a symbol of a tragedy. i feel what the building behind us collapse and 4 people were killed. i was strong to the ground unconscious. we will never forget that explosion. it began with a fire at warehouse 12. it's believe to have blown up the ammonium nitrate that was unsafely, stored with flavor bill materials. the neighborhoods
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were destroyed, more than 200 people were killed on august 4, 2020. we saw her thinker is there her running shoes? we didn't expect or imagined that he will be at the point, we wrote wolf saw her that her sister, jessica worked at one of the roots hospitals. many were badly damaged in the explosion. all the hospital teens ran to the patient and had to move them to the secured area which turned into a battlefield. we had a few minutes and then because after a few minutes came the game, the patience which were wounded and that no one has yet been held to account. families of the victims are up against the political and security establishment, accused of hiding behind immunity that defeats the very purpose of the very sense of the floor. and that does not reflect on
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a dat dish or ability judiciary ability to conduct effective investigation and to insure accounts our ability for the abuses that committed. it's still not known what caused the initial fire. what is also not known as if the ammonium nitrate was intended for bay root? the ship that carried 2750 tons of the chemical made an unscheduled stop here in late 2013. the cargo was offloaded after a death dispute, but it's also not clear if most of the stockpile was in the warehouse, when the explosion happened throughout the years, top officials, military and security officers knew about the dangerous chemicals and did nothing about it. human rights watch says they also miss characterize the danger posed in communications with the judiciary. we found that the emissions and actions of lebanese government and security officials constituted
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a violation of the right to life under international law. and there appears to have been an attempt to disguise the true identity of the owners of the ammonium nitrate on the ship and why the ship came to lebanon in the 1st place. a year on bay root is still a broken city. yet to recover from one of the largest non nuclear explosions in history, then there is either beta and as live and unprepared to mock the 1st anniversary. all that explosion, dinah will be taking a look at how it happened in a special program. they were search for answers that's here on al jazeera, on wednesday at 2330 g and i this is al jazeera and these are the top stories this our.


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