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in, in a position where they may be going to have to start asking for external help. well, that's exactly what we've been saying, playing out now the prime minister has greenlit the use of the military to help fight these fires that started from today. we've also seen that the e u is sending help. we've got more firefighting crews coming in from cypress and france. planes that you see flying overhead putting out these fires. they keep making sorties overhead over and over again. that will also include 2 plans coming from sweden to help with these water drops. but it really does seem like that's not going to be enough. this is just the beginning of the wild, far season, and it's already so bad. there are fires literally in every direction of this country, and many people here are thinking that if it stays this bad, if it continues to stay this bad, it's only a matter of time until the country declares some kind of national emergency to try to cope with the ongoing blaze thing. thank you very much saying bas robbie onto 0 . correspondence that report in life from the athens. well newly released climate
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data shows last month was the 3rd hottest july ever recorded. the observation was made by e sciences and unusually high temperatures. were noted in regions from far afield as finland, stretching across to the united states. they said despite the swings from year to year, there is an underlying warming trend around the world. it means the full, hottest july's own record of happened in the last 5 years. the u. s. white house is promising action on the climate crisis is president bite and will sign an executive order calling for electric cars to make up half of new vehicle sales by the 2030 live now to our white house correspondent. kimberly, how can, kimberly, how ambitious is this desire, this target to 2030 it's very ambitious if you put it a context in the last 3 years. electric vehicle sales in the united states accounted for just 2 percent. so there's a long way to go to get to that half way mark that joe biden is proposing with this
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executive order. still, he is doing it and he's doing it for a number of reasons. one of the big reasons is, of course, to tackle climate change as we've been reporting. july was certainly one of the hottest on record, but in the united states there are real life examples. the latest being those wildfires out on the west coast of california, oregon all the way up to british columbia, canada, historic drought record heat waves. and this is our target to happen yet again this the fire season. so that's one of the reasons. the other big reason is to compete with china. there is a reality that the u. s. further recognizes that when it comes to electric vehicles, china is far ahead in terms of the usage on the roads. in fact, i told you that number of 2 percent of the united states will, china is double that in terms of the number of electric vehicles on the road. so these are some of the reasons that joe biden is under pressure to act. but the
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other problem and all of this is, well, he's got this big goal. there isn't really the infrastructure in the united states to sort of support all of these electric vehicles. in fact, right now, that is a proposal underway in the u. s. congress. and it's infrastructure deal, but even environmentalists say that it's still not going to be enough to support the electric vehicles that joe biden wants to see on road. so. a this is what he's proposing. it does have some challenges, but joe biden remains optimistic that he can get the united states driving in the right direction. so ill on law school, be a very happy man. that's music to his. he is clearly, you know, he's, he's got his tesla brand that's going from strength to strength, but is one of the pushback issues that we're also talking about it. kimberly the fact that, you know, americans, i know you're, you're canadian american, but canadians through this to you guys traverse huge distances to go for dinner. you know, people drive across america and it's not like those smaller cities in europe where
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people generally commute by car, maybe 1520 miles at a time. and they can plug in their recharging a e v, because there is an infrastructure system in place in many of the european countries already, that kind of thing just doesn't happen in the states. you're absolutely right, and this is what terrifies consumers, and that's why they steer away from boy. i've got a lot of these card analogies in here de sterren way from these types of purchases because there isn't the infrastructure as well. it might exist in some cities, washington dc happens to be one. we're seeing more and more. but if you go into sort of the rural parts of the midwest, you can find a place to plug in your vehicle and you point out canada. well, that's an even smaller population with an even bigger geography than the united states. so the problem is even worse. so it is a real challenge and you know, lot of these vehicles can even go 500 miles. so this is what many people are saying
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is going to have to be rectified before presidents and world leaders like to buy it and put in these types of mandates and the for it's part of the bio ministration says yeah, we're working on it. but so far they're on 2 different tracks in terms of trying to get consumers on board. kimberly many things can be helped get reporting live in the news. from the white house. a russian court has found a prominent us investor, michael calvin guilty of embezzlement. calbee is one of russia's best known foreign business men. he's the founder of the private equity group bearing of our stock. he, along with some of his associates with detained in 2019, and had fraud charges linked to high profile investments. mister calbee, who denies any wrongdoing with the house arrest in moscow for 19 months. israel's defense minister benny guns has warned they're ready to strike iran in response to a rhone attack on an oil tanker off the coast of a man. or we could go,
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the warning comes as israel urges the united nations to take action. 2 people were killed in the attack. the u. s. the u. k, and others back israel secession that iran was responsible, but it's leaders deny being involved for the bell. hamid has more now from west jerusalem. well, certainly it's been a tense week and i think that the political military and intelligence leadership would have been actually listening very carefully to what do you new iranian president had to say. there has been a lot of rhetoric coming out of israel ever since that tanker, which is really manage, was attacked about a week ago in the gulf of a man. israel immediately immediately pointed the finger at iran and then you had that tension. the border has been ongoing for the past few days. rockets being fired from southern lebanon into israel, and israel retaliated a lot of posturing. a lot of tough words. we heard all to the same tough words.
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prime minister enough that the better to said the same thing along what began said israel, israel would be ready to go ahead and attack iran on his own. however, there is also a lot of diplomatic effort going on yesterday. the foreign minister has met with the investors of the security council members. he put forward to prove that iran was behind the attack on the oil tankers will certainly next to the very harsh word, the harsh with rhetoric. you also have a sort of diplomatic initiative to get everybody on board israel knowing very well that despite all these words going alone and eventually in the attack on iran could cost it a lot me
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enough dentist on the security forces. there are fighting defensive battles as the taliban pushes to capture. regional capitals. grand forces have been repelling attacks on multiple fronts. as taliban fighters advance on her at kandahar and laska go. they being backed up by strikes from the afghan air force. more special forces have arrived in helmand, where the taliban has been fighting in the heart of the provincial capital. the un says i've got this dance health system is struggling to cope with the number of civilian casualties. i can tell you that we're deeply concerned about the safety and protection of people in law, chicago, in the south, where tens of thousands of people could be trapped by the fighting or humanitarian colleagues also tell us that in helman and kandahar they are reported, increased civilian casualties, destruction or damage to civilian houses, as well as to critical infrastructure including hospitals, hospitals and health workers are becoming overwhelmed by the number of wounded
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people. while fanatic added to james bay's now with the latest on the fighting from cobble the lot happening in the south and in the west of afghanistan. and as has been the focus for some days, the province of helmand where so many so much of the fighting involving international forces took place over 20 years. now they have gone, the fighting is continuing and it's continuing in the provincial capital laska go where the taliban have been in the heart of the city where we have an important new bit of information. and this is source to the army brigade of the african army that are leading the operation in laska god. and they tell us that there they have carried out their strike the african air force and they say they've targeted senior taliban leadership in last. good guy. i have to say, we only have that from the coal saying that they have done that. certainly the local journalists providing us with a lot of our information. so heavy fighting is continuing in the center of laska
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gar, moving from helmand to the neighboring province of kandahar. and there's still fighting inside the 2nd city. we understand in the last 24 hours as strikes to have been carried out by the african air force. we've got news of casualties from mere weiss hospital, which is the main hospital in canada. they say that 22 people have been admitted over night. and this morning moving to the west of afghanistan and herat. that is where the african military felt that they made some progress pushing the taliban back. but i can tell you that has been fresh fighting in herat in recent hours. the taliban seemed to be over night. we're told, pushing in for multiple directions towards the center of the city. let's bring in him sad that he's had of international relations at the department of cotton university. he joined us on skype from cobble for him,
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sat up welcome to the news on. why was the afghan military not ready for the taliban to do what is done and done, arguably very successfully. i think we've got a frozen line that to cobble may be a little bit of movement for him. can you hear me? it's peter toby here in the studio window. huh. yes, i can hear you. okay. we had a freeze on the line there will keep going as long as the line lasts, live television, these things happen. why is the taliban doing a better job of what it wants to do compared to the afghan military? well, i think of this is largely because of the security vacuum that has been reviewed by debt. and there was all a lot of work on our capitalizing on the government, consolidating, and it comes to the dating. but i think the government,
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they're not using it for force i know for what reasons and largely the defendants on air flight. but. 2 we see the ground for having less resistance and the regular army is more about ration for courses. and so we don't see a strong resistance on the regular army, whatever at the moment, it's more from the b s. right. so so maybe the government is not completely prepared for a counter offer and it's keeping a defensive to what extent is astra gone either in a very strong or a very weak position? because when you're talking there about consolidating the afghan military positions or position, some analysts, they're also telling us here now to 0 that mr. gardening has got to consolidate the
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political situation in which he finds himself as well. i mean, can he successfully do both of those things in parallel? well, there are 2 things for the president let you need to also accumulate more support, whether it is from the political opposition or from the people. 3 large, but he also need to deliver in the balance on the ground that the people thought attracting the government once again. because there have been if reduction been confident of the people on the government looking at not be on 3rd and capturing a lot of tension. we on the battle, i think they still need to hold the taliban back and get
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reverted their momentum. and government was able to hold the 3rd back. and then we can say that prison was, i need to be in that in a position, but it's not a bond advise continuing, and the government is not able to bring in the clarity when he and his brittany government is weak opposition. okay, we'll leave it. they have him set up many things, good structure. welcome, jeanette. he is and other party has signaled a shift in his view on the recent political crisis leader, russia. gunner, she led opposition to president case leads freezing of parliament last month, repeatedly calling a cool, but a statement from his party on wednesday labeled the intervention as an opportunity for reform. while mr said is expected to announce a new premier as soon as being
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a timeframe on how and when we will get to that point, we could have had a different alternative to the decisions the president made. he dealt with the situation badly. dating this time as an opportunity to unify ourselves and you decide that you knew the people behind us and open dialogue with everybody starting with the president since he is the elected president and has legitimacy. let's go live to soon as we have journalist sam kimball on stand by there for a sam. hi there again. so why this change of tack on the part of mr goodman? she indeed, it seems like a significant change in the party's earlier stance. just last night. wednesday, another which is the largest coalition block party in parliament, held a consultative committee meeting that went through the night. a statement came out
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after the meeting this morning saying yes, just as you've mentioned, saying that the extraordinary measures taken by the 20th president sired on july 25th, which included the freezing of parliament for 30 days, as well as the suspension of parliamentary, parliamentary immunity. and the sacking of prime minister he sent messi, she called these measures and opportunity for reform. this is in contrast to the parties earlier statements which are called the actions a, a coo and we both separately critique the actions. now, the, the members of the party, it seems, some of them were dissatisfied with the course of the discussion on the party politics. as some members of the party left the meeting midway through.
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and some have said that the, the party has not taken a hard enough stance against the president's actions. this comes just days after the party's youth committee has put out statements urging for the creation of a newer, younger leadership. as well as a serious review of the parties politics. and likewise today there's been another development this morning. the prime minister he sees you was seen in video at the national anti corruption authority. declaring officially declaring his assets and properties. and this is after an absence, since an absence from public view just since just before the president's declarations on july 25th. and this has this wage, some worries about his whereabouts by civil society. ok. many thanks. sam sam
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kimball, they're joining us from eunice. developing story for you here on the news degree in rebels have taken control of a place called lally, baylor in the northeast, the o. p or the unesco world heritage flight in america. herat rather is wholly for christians fighting and to grow has spilled over into neighboring regions. over recent weeks, thousands of people have been forced to fleet the violence malcolm web tracking that development for us out of nairobi, malcolm, what else do we know? people say that the last few hours people in the town of bella saw to gray and fight is coming close to the last few days. they've had gunshots in the area. well, the people that say that not unusual in the last few hours they sought to go and find to getting close. and we've just had a short while ago to graham fighters from i'm and this is in the town have taken control of the town us is a town of a population of just 20 or 30000 people,
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but it's cultural and religious and historical significant really couldn't be greater, it was still a 100 years ago by a king of the same name. king labella was considered one of the founding science of ancient was built to the new jerusalem. and where the successive visiting heads of state had come to ethiopia were being taken very much considered a site of national heritage and pride, particularly for the people whose militia been fighting on the government side in this conflict and a very months been at all the enemies of the dpi left, but this certainly suggests that cps had been making some gains into the region into our territory. okay, malcolm, thanks very much malcolm web. the reporting live from nairobi still to come here on the news on the sports news. indian delights after breaking a metal drought. this last is more than 4 decades.
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ah. brought to you by accenture. let there be change. ah. cruise me
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beauty, blank censure. let there be change. oh . a. the bell, the russian olympics spring. so christina sent sky and since she feels for her life, if she's forced to return home the 24 year old has spoken publicly after taking refuge in poland saying she's quite happy to be in safety. the athlete claims she was taken to tokyo sonata airport against her will on sunday, after she publicly criticized her coaches. i feel myself. my brothers are here until the 750. and a lot of people support me here. and my husband,
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he is already in a road bike, hard to support him today, and he will be here maybe with me. so i just time for support center. thank you very much. peter was based on the japan to win the 1st ever olympic gold medal and karate. 59 year old hands, sanchez beating her japanese wible in solo cut discipline. there are a total of 8th gold medals up for grabs, and tokyo backers of the sport. our consent may not return at you to games or medal winners say, however, they hope their performance is change. the minds of organizes of the parents 2024 games and which is a report from tokyo, karate means empty hands in japanese. it began hundreds of years ago as a form of self defense in a region where weapons were banned. after a decades long campaigned fritz inclusion,
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the japanese martial arts is making the 1st olympic appearance in tokyo. i believe there's a lot to, to be learned in the spirit of competition friendly competition. and that's how we evolve that human beings, we evolve, play ourselves individually through self reflection. we also evolve through interaction with others al jazeera, 1st film. hey, corey gp, in 2016, 5 years on karate remains central to his life. horrible digital, the heart is everything. no matter what the situation is and how hard it is or who your opponent is. you can't fight without a strong heart. it is the most important thing about karate says childhood. i have always been focused on this sport, karate has ever thing to me. 2 types of karate will feature at these linux committee, which involves sparring with an opponents and cutter, which is a so low discipline. the venue that karate will use was originally built for the
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1964 olympics. then it was judo, making its 1st appearance competitors for more than 30 countries will be looking to see what could be a unique opportunity. there are no plans to karate to return a future olympics. metal contenders, hope their efforts in front of a global audience can force a rethink or him pick it or not will go up. i'm determined to become a limpid champion. i think that karate w. lympics is a big step. not, not only in japan, for cosmetic, has all over the world, we're making a new history that will inspire a new generation of kids with or without the limpid recognition. karate future looks to be in safe hands and the richardson, al jazeera, tokyo onto athletics. and now, and there was a major upsets on the track, a was number one, a grant holloway was leading the 110 me to hurdles until the final jump from
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jamaica, hassle parchment powered. ahead to claim a shocking victory goes off to him. yet he has an amazing race plan. he executed to the best visibility with that being said, i just think i got out and i got, i think the anxiousness and the nurse got the best of me towards the end. and i just kinda got sloppy with my form and you know, the experience. so you know, with the old man to my left here. but he had an amazing race plan. he executed the best of his ability. he got me this time, but i make sure i get him next us man to be in a team have failed to advance to the final of the 4 by 100 meter really for the 1st time since 2008 on twitter, sprint legend car louis said the team did everything wrong and that it was a total embarrassment. american ryan cross or successfully defended his gold medal and the men's shot put cross it broke his own and limping record 3 times in the
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final earning the 1st track and field gold medal for the u. s. mens team but keynote fossil celebrating office 1st. evelyn pick medal ok, families bangle, bringing home bronze and the triple jump with a need of 17.470 his family was to him to compete from home and say the meadow is a moment of immense joy for the whole country moving away from track and field india has claimed its 1st hockey medal in 41 years. the men team beating germany 5 in the bronze medal game for him to sing. going to those including the match winner as a follow up with him and could us we would like to dedicate this matter to a doctors and front warriors. webinar. check you guys will us and does have so many books live that in india and this one. so we would like to dedicate this matter to
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the, those warriors and these were some of the scenes back in india, a family member celebrated the result, prime minister, 9 to the saying in a tweet. it was a historic day for the 1st time at these game, japan hasn't won the skateboarding gold medal. australian keys in palmer taking golden men pocket japanese cases, $13.00 of the 4 goals on offer. now away from the lympics moto g, p legend valentino ross, he has announced that he'll be retiring at the end of the 2021 season. italian is in line time will champion and he's gone. pay korea has found that 25 years. however, he's enjoyed disastrous season so far. after losing his yamaha factory lot, rossi started racing for withdrawn us. the s r t with the alma has backing the full 2 year old has managed just 19 points from the 1st 9 races. and that's it for me. pizza. santa thanks very much. let me come
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one on a jesse era. there are some of the media stories, a critical look at the global news media. on audi 0. government shut off access to social media. ah, abraham racy sworn in iran, you president, the former judge appeals for unity and reconciliation. ah, logan. you're watching out as you're also coming up on the richardson at the tokyo olympics, where covered 19 cases in the host city of his new high topping $5000.00 for the 1st time desperate for even one meal per day charities in bangladesh say they're
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struggling to help people effective by cobit 19 and perilously close to a power plant turkish wild.


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