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tv   [untitled]    August 7, 2021 11:30am-12:01pm AST

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the population, paris games hoping to prove it is possible to light the olympic flame without burning a hole in the public's pockets and richardson, al jazeera, tokyo, and the messaging platform. what sat her criticise apples plan to scan us. my phones for images of child sexual abuse, apple says unlawful material will be reported to authorities with the help of new software. it's drawn applause, of course from child protection campaign is but criticism from privacy advocates. whatsapp, which is owned by facebook, so it will not be adopting a similar approach. ah, this is all just they were, these are the top stories. the taliban says it's captured a 2nd city in an intensifying campaign against the afghan government. the groups as it took control of chicago gun, the capital of the northern province of gels, john, that the government denies this diplomatic editor james space has moved from cobble
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. if the taliban claim it is true, then it is the 2nd provincial capital to fallen in 2 days. this is in john john. it's in the north of afghanistan and the provincial capital a shipper gun that the taliban are saying they have control of all the main government buildings. they have control of the governance compounds. they have control of the police headquarters, the intelligence headquarters. we've seen pictures the tell about a posted of the prison and very much as they did 24 hours ago in the garage. if those pictures are genuine, they shows the taliban breaking into the prison in order to break out the prisoners, which of course included taliban fighters who then joined the battle in the ship. 2 people from me and now have been arrested accused of plotting to attack the countries un ambassador care. milton, who was appointed by the deposed civilian government, has openly criticize the ministration to since it seized power. the un security
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council discussed last week's attack on an oil tanker. the case of the evidence is clear cause that iran was responsible to crew members were killed in the apparent drone attack on in his ready managed vessel off the coast of a man is a 6 day mass vaccination drive. on the way in bangladesh, the government has set a goal of inoculating 3200000 people above the age of 25, in mainly rural and regional areas. and an update on fires 1st, the huge wildfire in northern california which has become the 3rd largest in state history. the dixie fire, which is destroyed much of the historic town of greenville and several countries sending across in 55 degrees to help battled thousands of uncontrolled wildfires, still burning their thousands of people have been forced to flee and area just north of athens. the fire moves towards the capital main water reservoir. and those are your headlines on al jazeera. rewind, this next release, the hype of english football,
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lies in elicit market for the rich and powerful one of the leading specialist work undercover. just yours investigative unit exposes the inner workings of key players in the murky underbelly of football finance. for me to tell, some people going, in addition, has been said that you can make an elephant disappeared. i have many of the exciting brazen example i've seen. the men who sell football just ah ah hello and welcome to re wines. this week we are re wanting to 2011 and an episode of 11 east,
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which had secured unique access to north korea of elite screen academy. a school where young active were trained and how best to extol the virtues of the country. then the leader kim jong il here is north korea cinema of dream. the, the what do you see when you come over to them? money? i'm not in the middle of new orleans over those kids all means on when i use on kids new going on cars on
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what you don't know and so you know, it is a 100. i asked what do you mean to keep going to go? i was using it won't even use humans, i guess. oh, only they get it's a clear summer day on the banks of potato river in pure gang north korea. these young students from the countries a lead film academy are attending to lecture highs. you good for something can and so we plan on one group you had on all these all this afternoon was, you know, was on because if you go, it means i don't think it is. i don't know. what else you about in the filming this encounter a single session last in just a few hours, has taken us an entire year to arrange. it was in 2008. when we 1st off the permission to make a documentary about north korea is aspiring film workers as
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a call here. months of negotiations followed, but the answer was always the same. the pyongyang university of cinematic and dramatic arts was closed for renovations. but then in mid 2009, we received word that we could meet the students outside the campus. can young young enough to move them the so when you, when you, when to go fishing into everything i would have done when you go crazy. i went to go so yeah, i was going to be interested in the internet. don't you? when you travel gives me the the rest of the day for going on. you know, i don't know if you're in time when you went to the daycare, but it crucial on the flooding, similar to what you meant and so then can you go for younger this along
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with your letters? i as i was talking to you. okay, cool. i'll get you over to somebody in the most folks and then that goes to his i was how does she will how when he gets home. oh, how about that? i come to you all that comes to me visit on this would be another one times a day or 2. how would you go to congress when the lady was in young once, adams in single. so doing the doing, this would be like all of it's a tiny window into a closed off world, but that's all we're allowed to film on this visit. it would be more than 6 months
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before we see in bomb. and you, me, again, we're now to return to north korea in june 2010. but our quest to film inside the university has again been turned down instead were given permission to go in and outing within bomb menu and me, she knew me was about, i don't want you to wash and really and with i can do, i don't really and when you get that, i would not get through whom i knew when i get to whom you had someone could give me a thought in when i get through speedy and get so passionate to team. when i get to looking for a patricia from eden municipal youth with that, and he won't have someone, i'll go in and go in and we'll be done. and we'll pull your julia couldn't. i mean, what do you mean to do in order to get back enough? not to get her to go put the muscles that would have hung on an immune. it'll put
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your double trisha reader in time when you made on don't you do it? you don't. the day when you put you on the new factory, mo, do you want to get a local this is perhaps one of the most unusual museums in the world. a shrine to the man north koreans revere as a genius of cinema theater and the circus. the deer leader kim jong il we follow the students on their tour. but afterwards guides inform us that we've committed a grave error and ask us to delete the bulk of footage. this is because the north koreans have a strict rule for filming and photography. as a mark of respect all portraits of their leader kim jong il and all his words of wisdom must be filmed like this in their entirety,
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with no camera movement and no parts of the image cut off. it's a tall order. photograph of the deer leader line, the museum wolves. it's hard to move the camera without breaking the golden rule. it feels like a wasted trip. but afterwards, a surprise, just as we're about to interview embalm an unexpected visitor, arrives when mother, very famous actors and the total is a need to visit it should keep me printed. indeed, compared to be a patrick people, an actor what's the difference between the patrick and an actor cotton's, you've got to talk to someone at that as
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a peer with whom do you done that? i had included you only i some other than that i've cuz i said i wasn't not i had to take that i took on with your lawyer so we can stay somewhere. stay in continuing to talk to him and also go thing and he's in today. it's 6 months later and freezing when we next return outside the country, the world is on edge as north and south korea trade. bob over the recent shelling of your pill island here in p young the. there's hardly a mention of the incident if people are concerned, no one is saying,
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so life goes on as usual. 2 years of negotiation appointment paid off the university of law were the 1st born crew ever allowed to film here? for nearly 6 decades, this institution has existed for one purpose to train film workers for the states propaganda machine. you and me and bomb. and now in the 3rd year oh, i think you can pay a full who can get to the spot. i will knew how much it was and possibly can i change my local can fit it into thought and
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pay you and give me an issue at all times. i mean and put over the new we don't even with i can go to the gifts and i'm glad you asked me to new ways. ok on in england go creating other hands on it. and us that throws attendance on go. that was in gus. had took, couldn't in and go yeah, you got to share your one and i'm interested to sit down and you've been with the students that did regularly here to see if there's no denying his influences everywhere. oh the b b
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i i have the hello. are you going to the i i in
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the i the ah ah me later the news and there's a duns plus you and me being working one another film project and haven't practiced a month. she struggles to keep up the
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the full moon putnam, when you get on the home of the total it's the end of a long day of school. time to head home. in north korea, housing is free and allocated by the state. you and me live on this street. and one of the newest and smartest apartment blocks in pyongyang. we been given permission to visit her home. oh, oh. oh, oh. oh.
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good. so nice, i'm not only in the cow came down your top, little was there, get, we'll hang on over to look tired. oh, no i was o says on the pillow. ah,
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it's clear she leaves a privileged life. ah, me, this apartment is a reflection of the family status in north korean society. i was a little in the do our peters who need tongue tongue is for you to go and i will have it this 100 gone all to love you. i am more to have done when you do to pan gone over them. when
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you go through the numbers are going to cost him to do and today of the woman i mean, you have to pay, you may need to go through. you need to you. she can the notion, you go even to wants him to go mid week bowman, me start work on a new project. director park when young is an exacting taskmaster
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or but i'm getting some with them. i don't, connor them on my job. so what are you going to do? it's a simple scene extolling the virtues of the countries health care system. but here in north korea, even comedy, so the higher purpose, one of many choose you have to have an initial renew. no one meet him. so we, so we want to turn our crew it's bitingly cold. the next day minus 6 degrees celsius in the sun. we don't on said it's also freezing. most of the crew are in thick winter clothing.
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but for obama, you and me and the fellow actors, there's no such luxury. they're dressed for their parts cold, but ready to start judgment. but then a power outage, one of several, during our time here. mom due to you, did you the trinity to do so? they fumble in the dog for a while and then if business as usual on sounds in which one you continue working despite the blackouts and you do not actually like them. and then you get my own them to either call you to get them. when you get upset,
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the actors run through the scene. you and me takes the opportunity to figure out how new from someone's home office now or in the dark. they're about to give up and call it a day when the power comes back on or show up or show you, show them the through us know you have to show us and go one young, get straight back to work or why another power outage. the problem going to be on the video and you'll be getting those in march from $1.00 to $100.00 and you install
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something about it into it. and we just spent a week with some of the countries most privileged young people. they've shown us a tiny slice of their life, but we're acutely aware that there's much more we've not seen this is timothy. just pull it okay. already have to hit takes over so you can see the question i need. okay. the only
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thing i can go ahead there's a home visit or you didn't approve your teams. i'm just going to tell you that it took me to some guys or you know, they're telling me that you're probably getting some grants to use it and deal with the completion date august the message we've heard many times throughout the week a message they're trained to convey to their countrymen the belief they exist in a perfect world. a place to really just up to the i i
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use . i know when i was growing up in the 90s in north korea, that's when there was curious, economy was collapsing, and there were stop providing the food and the ration to us. so people had to find their ways to survive. which means engaging in black market. that through brand market, the people was able to getting the small grid, the black d v d 's from china. so i was, you know, i was lucky to able to access this, also the information. and i remember, for the 1st time watching movies, titanic, and as a young girl watching titanic,
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it was a complete shock that i just couldn't believe. why any one in his word, you know, make a movie out of such a shame for story is school. i do not learn about warn you in july it, everything that i learned in government was being all revolutionary and die for the regime. and suddenly you, you see a movie made out by this chain for story and at the end. oh man, by for the woman and i never seen anything like that. and that's a nice party to really fear that maybe in the outside the world is not the monstrous and scary place and are so maybe you know, god is humanity that the human being and maybe that's freedom. i watching garland a maid, fillum. this was sold as boring,
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and it was so that it didn't come back to read. and my schuman fillings are, even though you know i, i wasn't going to be no coach. oh, where we were, she laugh like in the west. but still love is such a human nature. when i was listening, it's like a foreign dvds and movies and songs, everything, those songs all the, all about, she missed sugars, human feelings, love, and something that humans, daily experience. but the things that made by the government in north korea, it wasn't really very lat relevant to how i felt as a human being. so was say, no, i really tasted this. i grew for information. i could only connect to this, they proposed the fillings. of course i couldn't say this because if i did, i was going to be executed and $3.00 and so my family was going to be wiped out.
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i 25 millions of north koreans are trapped in this hermit kingdom and only a few made it and i am one of those few people we're so lucky to be able to stay in this living this freedom. so i am working with a lot of groups in south korea and america to get information the also the information that liberated in my mind. so we are getting the same formation smuggling through china to north korea. and these information are, it is actually just the hidden revolution. i. the biggest thing with north korea is that on to the diesel. also the information came in that we did not know they were oppressed. and imagine that if you don't know you are pressed that you don't know you're a slave. how do you fight to be free?
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and this information they're going into north korea are telling us koreans that they are pressed, and they are in slaves. and they can be free on they too. so this information, i believe, is the only hope that will change north korea. repeat my people, i own county in the cold from june as yet to south africa. the pandemic has reopened preexisting economic political challenges. but the gap between rich and poor nations continues to widen with a lack of china is cranked down on capitalism. counting the cost on al jazeera, freezing winds, and rugged terrain and at times seem impossible. but for afghan traders who brave the con corridor, that is no choice combating the impossible to sell that goods in isolated areas.
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we follow that daring journeys as they overcome the extremes. risking it all i've got is john. on al jazeera the news. ready the taliban says its captured another african provincial capital, but government forces insist they are in control of the city. prevent afghans from descending into a situation of catastrophe. but early the united nations security council had been warned of a dangerous turning point in the conflict. ah, we can all santa maria here and.


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