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tv   [untitled]    August 10, 2021 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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lucas shank must be pressured by the west to stand down. know dealing with this regime. it's impossible to talk to elisha to make the president who keeps power only thanks to violence and torture. and that repressions just if you need to talk to somebody there. representatives in bureau school you can do it, but not to be the criminal a year ago. self expression was the weapon of the better route supposition. now it's a movement living in fear and dependent on foreign support. andrew simmons al jazeera ah again, the headlines on al jazeera, international pressure is building on the taliban to stop it's offensive across the gun on. urgent talks are underway here. and so how would the u. s. sending it's envoy for i've done it's done. so i'll make
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a little dodge to meet taliban representatives. the group is captured at 6 provincial capital since friday. well, how much of june isn't they'll? how with more the fact that these talks are happening right now is really a sign of the huge amount of concern by the international community. really what's at stake here is for these diplomats that are at these company hosted talks to try to formulate some type of international joint plan to attempt to get the inter afghan piece process back on track. and to also come up with a response to the rapidly deteriorating situation in afghanistan. a chinese court has rejected an appeal by a canadian man sentence to death on drug smuggling charges. robert schellenberg was given a 15 year jail term and 2018, but he was sentenced to death. 2 months later, after the top chinese tech executive, man, $12.00, was arrested in canada at the request of the us. greece is prime minister is
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apologize for not doing enough to tackle devastating fires burning across the country. officials or blame climate change, but critics say the government should have been better prepared and u. s. government scientist who was removed off or criticizing the trump administration turn of irish response has reached a settlement with the department of health. the verola just re freight resisted the president's push to use the anti malarial drug hydroxyl corklin. as a cure for. over 19, opened a mass vaccination campaign getting underway for ro, hanging refugees and bangladesh. surging infections are threatening to add more pressure on the health of those living in refugee camps. one person has died in guinea of the marbury virus and west africa. the 1st ever reported case. world health organization describes a virus. a similar cbo law, there have been 12 outbreaks of the disease since 1967. there's a little headlines on al jazeera witness is up next. with more than 200000000 cases
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because of 19 worldwide government backing to fight fresh wave of the virus. a new barrier that had been a 3rd and the number of people working vaccination appointment from human coast political and economic pool out. i'll just bring you the latest on depend amick. this will have vaccinated more than 1100 people here. all of them migrant farm workers, people on home testing because they think that there is a risk to democracy. special coverage and i'll just narrow them. pearl it was the old school goes, but the one that came out when i was a oh, i was still over now was your age when use my age you know was over her to do it. i mean,
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he we we oh, you know, you know if you're 5 go 5, the would be august august night learn about august 9th, through something else happened august and i was born. tell you. august 9th, on august 9th, on august the 9th 18 year old michael brown was gunned down by resources in focus
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has been a white police shot on our black. yeah, the little boy is a way to reach people about the make a political the must. they represented the one with will be re body, look today let's go walk right into the gun. my. i wish yes me
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ah, the s u t r a me know me in the system was bill 1st at all and i'm just not willing to accept this, but on the same hand i is tough. you fight against the entire system. if we have 163 representatives, if we have 117 of them that are from one particular party that don't understand my community and not willing to sometime way substantial legislation.
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can i get the room that's going to speak to a major need for mock? thank you, mr. cher, members of the committee, bruce franks from 70 a district in the city of st. louis, current bill and house concurrent resolution 70 this bill speak to a couple of different things. first identified to use violence as a public filled up a demo. last year we had $200.00 markets, probably 51 percent of the martyrs. the victims were between the ages of 16 through 24, and that is a public health epidemic, especially when we talk about communities with lack of resources. last automobile. excuse me. good. like i just buried it this my last time bringing this bill.
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it identifies june 7th as christopher harris day and 1991 christ for hairs. oh my brother was killed at 9 years old while outside playing the ripple effect of violence when it comes to youth. violence as a whole is stretches far. why me? i spend a lot of time talking to people, and a lot of times it seems like people listen when they benefit them. when you come people listening, given i shouldn't have to become talking about racism. but i do realize their folks may not come from where i come from. like, oh,
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i wish i paid to the right on an average. it's when i was sent us a check when it comes to a lot of people to print out and never missed a day to get a 5543. well go as we get missouri. paul is a total of legislation right now. this week florida, based on the veterans bill rivers in frank, you had an amendment tell us about it. so i had a stand alone bill that i file i understand that we go, i billed, is whenever people ask me about bruce, i'm a why you're really raising a trailer down a republican always been about when he ran he let me be a friend. there are jokes, i don't tell. there are jobs. i don't laugh that there are things i don't do and say, because i'm friends with bruce ranks and i a why republican from the sticks is a better person because he let me be his friend that i said
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a lot and i couldn't be more than 2 so this is 6 weeks a bit everyone hangs on will graduate on august 24th on friday night just really excited. i wanted to give an opportunity to really come in to show which groups you know, somebody to kind of been down the road that we've been down and what i've learned and they tell me your story is going to help somebody. i'm from 4300. it gives my hood don't look no different than any other good out here around for around the west side and know where the common denominator was was pull. we didn't have
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resources, we didn't have a beautiful building. police. they show up fast. when we call back in 1991 to me without arguing, we was outside plant base. my big brother chris we use now years ago, one of the guys put out a gun, one shot. my brother was killed. my dad 65 percent of my life and do my low brother, my best friend. rog, just got home last year. got locked up when he's 14. he just got out. he's 31. if you would have told me on august a 20144 years ago that i be a state representative, i'll probably cost you about 3 different line dam. i work with keel. those might where i saw me. i saw my son in 15 years. i saw all the youth that i met on the ground and i felt like, you know,
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at this my time to spend 123, the why, why, why doesn't work. and then as lou growing with think about it, you know, with the problem in just waiting, i know is a do. yeah. and given all jobs and you just say what matters. but as far as when we got a better person to go right back to the hood, like i did, it would mean me would mean let me bring them to the tiny step back as i live
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in a state rather than being about the exact same thing. when i get ready for battle, i don't necessarily pay attention to that particular artist up attention to what the artist might say. the same way. when you are present legislation, you want to know what the folks who oppose what kind of fight they're going to put on there. you want to be able to move that battle. it was a cricket ball. in fact, the goal, your preparation is the same. so being a legislator is the exact same thing as being a bad rap, probably bad rap and pay the normally we, we got to return to the bit. you know what it is now the
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me and they got to make you go back to proceed to think that was all no matter how many movements are when you make you still work with them. like, don't even need me going to list anymore. no link monica, the a you have to to get that from a guy who bought a great white guy. not
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only want to get a black. oh, let's get on to the black on black planning. i went and put 5500000 to know who so you address it in you that i'm wondering like a police quite go right now the looking to do the have. i mean, you just make it on break, you know, like what was going to the like the to do if you want to do anything wrong with don't, don't know if that would make sense. yeah. 7 the company
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might be able to answer all my getting these a thought. put all they don't want to make up like this is necessary. everybody claims they cool. they get found that affects them with their on the right below that right. be of the, the ah, the the
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me in ah, i, i in if you bring your deal with your school, you know, you are not liking a lot of people say are you free from birth?
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he always see me say, i'm not afraid. well we live here. peace house. remember me, pray for him all the time. i pray for my kids. you see i'm doing what i love and i'm doing this to change where i'm doing to help people. so don't worry about me enough. some debt was happening to me. i did it because i want to change what happened in the violence and i'm doing it for my teeth. basically daddy grew up. this always been like open like this. and we used to
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play football diesels like kids or football. we had to do mooney sales on like marquee we have video. that's why the guy to me and came out the house or one, put out a dune and put out a gun. go and pick. my brother used him this to block him from the guy murder. back and my brother got q i was so young,
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i think does what hurt the most? because i have a lot. i mean, i remember they told me on a plane in tendo. and i remember when my dad bought this bike 1st, we were small. just remember him what he look like the lifetime gauge i don't think anybody ever recover from or ever with me. i. ringback mean
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i go into memorials or candle life. i've been to 167 channels. you know that and finally starting to get to me mentally. ah, just so confused on what to do and i got met this. i don't know, we're close to screen me. asleep i had a dream in my dream. mchenry play funerals,
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i have been to our no sweat and are you there hard and i set up in a and dodd's crime. and then i started to do it again. i started playing each piano from my brother and to that point, the fact that i remember so many details about not only the feelings but the way that folks die where i was, how i felt it seemed like it just stacked on top each other.
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you know we don't mean the dog. oh boy, the me ah,
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not pushing on working. i'm on our side visual legislation today for you and your family. so let's make an emission me . ready wilma black rights, black
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body that you know, how important is it to me, i want to thank my colleagues last year on the floor. they show me low, and when i walked into the chambers of the senate, when my brothers deal with her, this is something that we work so hard on us. and we finally got it through the job where you wanna get a king is the spine. and the soaks and everything just the reality of being black and growing up in
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a black and the different account is that he'll have whether it's believed whether rich people is plainly right. i would never try to protect them from him because is gonna happen. he's going to see and i read them, be prepared for it for it to hit him by surprise. the ah ah, ah ah, ah. oh yeah, no, no, we will when no.
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oh no, we will do the just want to make sure he's ready to income, which is coming up will be 5. ah ah ah ah, i'll talk to, chris is going to release like getting it in like i know statue play. this is symbolization like this deal, my big ah ah
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ah, ah, i little bit of happiness. i have had the sacrifice everything. ah, ah, me,
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ah, i me . i the jewish passions, the elephant conservation colleagues have become friends. but with civil war defending famous now protect themselves, escaping deep into the rain forest back to the western world. for the elephant
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surviving the poachers is a lifelong challenge. now to them without last a revel militia, elephant pot, a witness documentary on out to 0. me the news. this is al jazeera. ah hello, i'm emily, angling. this is the news our live from coming up in the next 60 minutes and international delegation is holding told in jo huh. on the deteriorating situation in afghanistan, while government forces battle taliban fighters across the country for $55.00 is prepare for more flare up to wild.


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