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right, and so on the spot rewind, revisit the survivor. mutilated to service, the rituals of witchcraft. when you do trash to rewind spell of l. b. no, on our 0. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this susan, use our line from coming up in the next 60 minutes, talks around the way. here in dough on the deteriorating situation in afghanistan, where government forces baffling the taliban greg firefighters prepare for more flare ups after wildfire than for more than awake. we'll have a live update from the island of britain's prince. andrew was facing
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a law suit in the us accused of sexually abusing a teenager and a com. all rally anti government protest isn't jammed. the straits of bang call as the nation faces its worst wave of kind of 19 infection on joanna roscoe with the force as messy makes his move the form up offline assault on his way to the french capital to join paris benjamin on a deal ah international pressure is building on the taliban to stop the defensive across afghanistan and negotiate a paystub settlement. the us says it's not ready to throw in the towel on pace talks. agent talks are happening here in joe hall with the aim of the u. s. envoy for a dentist and to mate taliban representatives. the armed group has captured its 6th provincial capital since friday taliban fighters launched their offensive in may as
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the us began withdrawing. the last of its forces. rob mcbride is standing by for us in the african capital cobble with the latest on the taliban offensive. but 1st i went ahead to mohammed jim jim here in jo. ha mohammed, what's the latest way you on emily? the african government delegation, which is headed by doctor de la de la. he's the chairman for the afghan stan high council for national reconciliation. they've just ended in the last 10 minutes. they're meeting with zach mcdaniels out, the u. s. special envoy or afghanistan, as well as the other on boys and delegations who are present at this venue today. that includes the envoys for u. k. the you the you in china pakistan. and it was back on these talks or sorry, hosted and it really goes to show just how much international concern there is
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right now about the deteriorating situation in afghanistan that these talks are being held at all. we are told that members of the taliban will be arriving at this venue shortly, and that they will then meet separately with the envoys i just mentioned a moment ago. was unclear at this stage is what is going to happen next. there has been speculation about the length of these meetings were told. now it's expected, these meetings will go on for 3 days. what exactly in the cards for tomorrow that's uncertain at this hour. there is great impetus right now to try to ensure that the intra afghan piece process that the dialogue can continue, that it can continue here in the quarter. and that there is some sort of international consensus by all the parties involved here to try to get things back on track in afghanistan. that is going to be very difficult to do, considering what is happening in that country. nonetheless, the diplomats that are here at this critical juncture, they are trying as hard as they can. some people here,
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some of the diplomats have been speculating, perhaps they can try to urge another session of inter ap can talks in the next couple of days. others believe that's just not in the cards at this point. nonetheless, a great push here by all the diplomats involved, especially as all my lives out, the u. s. special envoy for afghanistan to make sure things get back on track. and the afghan piece process, which has been stalled until now, can start to go forward. once more. emily mohammed jim, jim, thank you for that update. make sure you keep us updated as the afternoon on phone . the taliban has taken more tarrot train raised in wakes than it did at any time since it fell from power 20 years ago. in may. it controlled about 20 percent of afghanistan shaded here in grey, according to the long war journal. but as us end of the foreign troops withdraw, the group has been ramping up its attacks and has made sweeping games in the past week. it's taking the provincial capital of condos, tele can, sorry, poll shop
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a gun. the runge and i bank fighting to control herat kandaher and hell man continues. it's a critical test for the afghan government as the taliban advances and surrounds the capital cobble. all right, let's go live to report a, rob mcbride in cowboy. hello there again, rob. now that graphic just shows how much ground the taliban has made. what are you hearing on the ground? it's incredible. talk. so no talks, the conflict is wide spread across afghanistan continues, and it continues to escalate around. half of all of the provinces here in afghanistan, reporting some sort of ongoing conflict. some of the faces fighting has been taking place in the relatively small city of fara and the west of the country. now the taliban has been uploading videos on the 5th street battles in that city. it claims to have overtaken the governors compounds and also
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a security compound there. and there's also claim now to have taken the city. well that is now being confirmed to us by sources that say the taliban are in control. but this is yet again, a nother provincial capital that has been overwhelmed by this continuing conflict and violence fighting has continued elsewhere in the country in the south and the taliban stronghold of kandahar. the afghan defense ministry is claiming that it's as strikes have killed $47.00 fighters that for example, and up in the north. that's where we've seen some of the toughest fighting in recent days. the focus is still on the very important strategic city of couldn't do that. the taliban has taken the government, given its importance, has been planning. it seems to counter attack it. it said it will take back the city once more. we know that there are, it's fighting on the outskirts, but inside the city, the taliban is basically telling the residents that it's business. as usual,
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it's safe now to reopen businesses and shops we are in control. it remains to be seen if that will still be the case, but the government has other concerns in the north in particular. now people are looking at the more important and larger strategic city of massage sharif. now that is still in government hands, but fighting around that city has been continuing. there are reports now that the indian conceal it is organizing a special flight to take its. sheila diplomat santa indian residents who may be in the city to take them away from it, given the deteriorating situation and other evidence. more evidence of just how about the situation is becoming with the recent surgeon fighting a report from the european union that says that in this recent surgeon recent months, we have seen 400000 internally displaced people in afghanistan. quite a few of those coming here to the relative safety of cobble, but putting a large strain on resources here. and finally,
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just one other statistic from just one organization alone. the red cross is saying that in it's clinics in the past 10 days or so, it has been treating more than 4000 people. civilians caught up in this conflict, heartbreaking stuff. thanks for that update. rob mcbride in cobble for us, fill on the story and joining us from washington, dc is our my some odd non resident senior fellow at the atlantic council. he's also a former african ambassador and spokesman for afghanistan, ministry of foreign affairs. thanks for joining us on my festival. as we heard from our correspondent mohammed. yes, good government has started its meetings with the invoice present, but it appears the taliban is the one actually holding the cards here? yes, so there is again diplomatic activity in doha. today's meeting between the afghan delegation from cobbled and the taller bond negation,
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separate the with the special representative of key stakeholder countries. it's expected that this will last 2 more days. it may be meetings with regional representatives from the south central asia part that may include countries like tricky in india as well. we don't know if the iranians are going to participate in any of these, but there was a push for that to happen. and there's going to most probably be it troy cap class meeting, which means that especially with china, russia, the united states and pakistan. so there's a lot of activity when there's a lot of fighting going on. and there's more territory that have been lost by the government in the past few minutes and few hours actually, a lot happening here in georgia hospital. so a lot happening in afghanistan. i mean, as we heard from rob mcbride, i'm hundreds of thousands of afghani displaced and the situation is just deteriorating. how likely is it that we're even them to get a resolution with these talks?
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resolution has to come from the political side. if we've lost a lot of time, i think that many opportunities were wasted over the last 3 years. we can blame one side or the other for it. i think that there's enough blame to be shared by all sides for not really pushing for a political resolution of the problem when it was possible that it's more difficult . so if you look at the max that will show the matter 2 years ago, look different. a year ago, it was more or less the same, and i just the last 3 months it has shifted. the balance of power is shifting. so i think that those who miscalculated in strategic re misunderstood the situation. i have to explain why they did not grasp the opportunity to push 40 or is illusion, whether it's on the tolerable side or the ac and government side. and if your sacrifices that have to be made, if mister any has to maybe step aside whether there is
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a interim transitional government that reflects the will of the people that maybe this is the time to consider that. thank you for that update. there are my some odd, he is a non resident senior fellow at the atlantic council and a former african ambassador and spokesman. we appreciate your time and in science to the news now when wild 5 continuing to ravage large parts of the great island of every 5 fighters and now into the 8th day of baffling the flames vane beds. robbie joins us live now from the island. hello the same, what are the conditions like where you are? well, emily, to drive up to via we came across from the mainland and drove the length of the island criss crossing through different towns and villages. and almost everywhere we went. we saw fire rescue crews either putting out fires or fires that were,
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were continuing out of control unchecked with no fire rescue crews anywhere in sight. now those fires that we saw yesterday over night became bigger and began to spread and burned all through the night. and the conditions in heavier continue to be a very dangerous the road that we took to come all the way up north is now closed and no traffic is being allowed in any direction down that road. and that is because the fires are ongoing. his report the pesky was a quiet seaside town at the northern most point of area now of vital part of the fire fighting operations on the island. helicopters fly in low refill their water bays and head back to the fires. any other year, these beaches would be packed with tourists. now the boardwalk is deserted because the hills are on fire. the terrain on area is uneven. the forest dense roads wind
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through valleys between towns and villages where smoke has made visibility so poor . much of it is too unsafe for aircraft to go and ground crews find themselves in a seemingly endless race against time, for whom sociable this was a, we're trying to say what can be said. that's what we're doing. nothing more a month. this is our life. this is our home. we're trying to save it. unfortunately, we're losing, we're losing every day. unfortunately, we cannot win because we're fighting alone. it's very difficult. the government left us alone in the beginning of the brought us food. it's best that they take it back. there are not enough people for the task at hand. the few crew there are, can't be everywhere. at the same time. we drove the length of the island and came across several fires with no firefighters inside. the fear for a lot of our rescue teams is that fires like the, the ones they're not able to spot quickly enough. are the ones that continue to
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burn just as this one is burning now, and they will lead to larger, far as re igniting all over the island. creating the similar scenes that we've been seeing over the last week. many of the fires we saw would continue to bird and spread throughout the night. the villagers in agree vote on a live off the forest harvest increase up growing all those selling firewood of diego. this will be a but it is the whole you. this disaster affects our village. first of all, economically these people will not only be unemployed. they have to leave this place. where are they going to go with? they've been completely destroyed. they have their homes, ok, but do they have food have work? well, they have nothing. ferry boats have been a lifeline for people on heavier evacuations happen again. ships along the western coast will be the last resort to get people to safety. climate skeptics may be hard
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to find in greece these days. environmental devastation once troubles in far off places. now on greece as doorstep to deny or do nothing, no longer seems like an option. but it may not matter. the climate has already changed and there is no going back. now i want to give you a sense of exactly how bad these fires have made conditions for populated parts of the island. we're in and of source, and this is a port town. this is where the ferry boats are behind me. if you look at the terrain, as you look across the terrain towards where the smoke is, the hills disappear into the smoke and the visibility becomes so poor, it's hardly recognizable what this terrain once looked like at any other any other year. the skies would be clear, tourists would be everywhere, but now as you can see, the smoke is just encasing the entire landscape. you can still paste it in the air . you can smell the fresh smoke coming from the fires that are still burning on
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this island. and this morning when we came out, you couldn't even see that far into the horizon. the visibility has been made incredibly poor due to the smoke from the fires and even the boats that are coming in and out of here as the as they sail away, they disappear almost immediately because the smoke is just so thick all around us from these ongoing fires that mean thank you so much for that update zane and bess robbie on the island of us while fi season is on pace to become the worst ever. and it's only just begun john hindrance talked to 1st responders at the dixie fire in northern california. the worst in the country about the commitment that keeps them going. after a record breaking 2020 wildfire season american firefighters are battling more and bigger places this year, and it's taking a toll. a lot of times we're on the lines,
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we're very stressed there, but we don't realize when we're back home, we haven't had a chance to really process about 26000 firefighters are battling more than a 100 blazes. in 14 states, many of those fighting northern california dixie fire, the largest active blaze in the us live and sleep in its dense smoke often intense, but this isn't a typical you get to go home, sleep in your own bed kind of deal. the very challenging and rewarding career, but it is also very strenuous in tough job. and it is not something that everybody can do. and the people that do it really commit themselves and their families to do it, which smoke, sometimes grounding the planes and helicopters that drop water and flame retardant . the men and women on the ground often have to go it alone, driving through fire and battling the flames. it does take a special kind of person who runs to the fire, you know, been away. and, you know,
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those are the types of heroes that we meet. they can't save every town. fires fueled by high winds, turn greenville into a char ghost town overnight. there are 5000 people battling the dixie fire. they come from federal, state and local fire department near and far. some were 24 hour shifts and they live in this parking lot. it's a rugged lifestyle. the ones we've talked to say they have no complaints. you're away from your family for quite a few days, but and it's a lot of hard work. we love doing this, so really, it's something we love doing. the dixie fire his burned for 4 weeks and is now only about one 3rd contained 1st responders say they expect to have it fully contained by august 20th when they can let it burn out in battle. the next blaze in a fire season that can last through november, john hindering al, jazeera quincy california plenty. morehead on this news hour,
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including strained relations is the canadian jailed in china, loses his appeal against a death sentence. with just 2 days to go into the presidential election candidates tried to persuade lotus, they can turn around just struggling economy and ins. florida strategy is cricket is balls out for their lowest score in t 20 cricket jo. be here with all the data. ah, britain's prince. andrew is being sued in the us for alleged historic sexual abuse . virginia fray says the prince assaulted her when she was 17. she says she was trafficked by the light convicted sex offender jeffrey. abstain. laura bird and manly report prince andrew is
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a 2nd son of queen elizabeth the 2nd and 9th in the line to the british throne. but after keeping him a rape and sexual abuse, virginia to fray says he should no longer be protected by his power and position. the australian american, his father law suit in new york, accusing the royal of sexually abusing her when she was a teenager. in a statement she said, i hope that other victims will see that it is possible not to live in silence and fear, but to reclaim one's life by speaking out and demanding justice to fray says she was trafficked for sex by geoffrey epstein. he's a convicted sex offender who took his own life in a new york jail cell in august 2019 a month after he was arrested on child sex trafficking charges to fray says at seen, forced her to have sex with its friends, including prince andrew on 3 occasions in 2001 that's in london, new york,
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and on epstein private islands. flight looks release of the f seems death show the jeffrey was with prince andrew. the time of the electorate assaults, to fray was pictured for the prince angulate maxwell, who is in jail in the us, awaiting trial on charges of recruiting, grooming, and sexually abusing andre girls as young as 14 for eps seen. and she went on to have sex with you in a house, in bell gravy belonging to girl in maxwell, didn't happen in the 2019 interview. prince andrew firmly denied all allegations. he also couldn't recollect having matched to frame a year later. and after a public backlash, andrew resigned from all public rolls. buckingham palace has not responded to your phrase lawsuit, but in the past, it firmly denied the allegations against the prince. as categorically untruth defray has been one of the most outspoken women to accuse prince andrew and f scene
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of sexual abuse the f. b. i has been investigating the claims to phrase now suing the prince in the civil case. and she hopes to get justice saying the damage from the abuse was severe and last thing, nor about a manly al jazeera and out, his ear is poll. brennan has more on the story from london. there are lots of legal strands coming together on this. clearly the federal criminal prosecution against jeffrey epstein fell, fell away once he died in prison and prosecutors then turned their attention to maxwell and prince andrew was being sought to give evidence to cooperate with those prosecutors almost as a witness really. but part of that part of their investigation into jeffrey epstein and his associates, now virginia defray is sitting him in a civil court. now the understanding from legal opinions is that the criminal court
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certainly takes precedence and a civil proceeding would have to wait until after criminal proceedings had finished . so that would tend to suggest that prince andrew is not in any immediate danger of needing to go to america. then the issue of diplomatic immunity. now our understanding is that he doesn't enjoy diplomatic immunity, that is reserved for her majesty the queen, the british queen, and sort of immediate very senior royals and prince andrew has clearly fallen below that benchmark now. and then the other thing is, well, could it be even relevant because expedition really on the applies under the extradition law agreed between america and britain for criminal cases. and this is a civil case. so i would suggest the presenter is not in any immediate danger of extradition, but the pressure for him to respond and to give some kind of account for himself. is it done the last thing enormous. a chinese court has rejected an appeal by
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a canadian man sentence to death on drug smuggling charges. robert schellenberg was given a 15 year term in 2018, but he was re sentence to death. 2 months later, after top chinese take executive among one, joe was arrested in canada in relation to charges in the us. canada is ambassador to china says it's no coincidence. his verdict, his ass, while munger, extradition trial, is ongoing. katrina, you has more from beijing. he can appeal one last time to china's highest court. that's the people supreme court, but it's very unlikely that he will be able to reverse this death sentence. in china. 99 percent of all criminal cases are found guilty, and beijing has an a tourist li, hard stance when it comes to any drug related crime. but there is a very important political dimension to all this as well. china and canada, the bilateral relationship, has reached an all time low and it was worse. and earlier this year,
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when the canadian government described the treatment of the muslim league population and she's young as genocide by the chinese government. now of course, the main sticking point, the main point of contention between the aging and auto is the rest of chinese while way. executive mung one. joe. she was arrested in december 2018 and she's currently facing court in canada, fighting extradition to the us. now aging denies that these cases all linked, but the canadian government has described schellenberg death sentence as arbitrary . and it's really important to look here at the timing as well. schellenberg was arrested 1st in 2014, but in 2018. he was initially sentenced to 15 years in prison, but shortly after among wonders arrest, he was hurriedly re trial. and then we saw the subsequent change in his sentence to execution. since it began a year ago, thailand, youth led pro democracy movement. his thanks to many challenges its top ladies have
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been arrested and the pandemic is keeping most protest is off the strength. but it's got a hard live report from the capital bank called the movement appears to be regaining its momentum. jamming the streets of bangkok, pro democracy, protest out in strength to show their support of the growing call for the resignation of prime minister. pray of general char. this is rooted in their deep criticism of how the government has managed the cobra. 1900 crisis. the nation is now facing its worst wave of infections in depth of the pandemic. a bond on the whole, the government has to ask if, when the looks at the people who does the c, i would the same. commend your job is to self. the people you see the value of the people. one year ago, a youth lead movement kicked off calling for changes in the long established power structures here in thailand. centered on the monarchy, the military and the lead connected to them, the prime ministers, an ex army chief, who 1st came to power in with the list of 10 demands. they called for deep reforms
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in the monarchy. a taboo subject here in thailand were harsh, laws aim to protect and preserve the crowns. powerful position. but discussion of what was once taboo changed with the protest. i think the discussion on the ty monarchy movement is moving in a better direction. the issue is deep rooted in our society and we should be able to discuss it in public. earlier this year there were arrests of the top protests organizers and a crackdown by the police. the protest became less frequent, and fewer people came out to regain momentum law over the last several months. mainly because of protest leadership have had to become creative with their gatherings like this car mob here in central bank. but they have also had to refocus their messaging to appeal to a broader audience, as some don't fully support reforming the monarchy right now. organizers have focused on their call for the prime minister's resignation, not abandoning crown reform, just tapping people's frustration with the government. with the move men as seeing
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an opportunity to try to give a new flame into that struck go by using the government's failure to provide efficient seen to provide efficient health care. and the flame appears to be growing with the steady increase of cove in 1900 fractions each day, and no indication that the shortage of vaccines will be corrected soon. people will likely have more reason to come out and call for change. got either out jazeera, bangkok, it's time now for the weather. he's jeff. hello, it's tuesday, august the 10th sir. your weather headlines for the americas. and we're beginning in the caribbean, where we have this disturbance swooping through puerto rico and his spaniel. le. it is being fueled by high sea surface temperatures, but it's not a major rainmaker, so we'll see about a 100, maybe tops, a 150 millimeters of rain as it continues on its truck to the northwest. some
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subdued rain across mexico, but keeping it around for the pacific coast, unsettled for the yucatan peninsula. and we've got heavy falls of rain for costa rica and panama next stop north america, and we've added excessive heat alerts as we hit toward new jersey, pennsylvania and delaware. but not quite new york, our temperatures are just pit above average fuel in about 37 on friday, but the atmosphere will be conducive to seeing some storms on saturday. in terms of that active weather right now, we see it roll through the canadian prairies. the great lakes submitted by antic breakdown into texas on wednesday. get you an update on south america right now and it is all about this cold front punch and across it's bringing in a cool pool of air. we see it toward southern areas of brazil. check this out. rio de janeiro. 24 degrees will be the high for you on wednesday. that's it for me. season still ahead on al jazeera, you see a still decline
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a long. the 1st 5 was starting with the 6 months. it's 6 percent a month decline. why israel wants to give a job to the over the sixty's again, the advice of the will household and his ancient and coming up and spoke with joy. we'll have the details of a big money contract extension with $1.00 of the awesome coming does a be ah, cut out one of the boston growing nations in the way. i won a contract needed to open and develop into national shipping company to become a team, middle east, and tough trade and money, skillfully enough re key is up to about filling up from it of connecting the world, connecting the future.


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