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tv   [untitled]    August 11, 2021 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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national because if you open and are train soldiers of rights, hundreds of women and girls, some were subjected to sexual slavery and mutilation. others reported being gang raped in front of their families. amnesty international secretary general says the severity of the crimes could amount to crimes against humanity and you can get more and all those stories that we have over to our web page. and is there a dot com ah, take you through the headlines here now just 0. now, the tyler bond has continued to advance across have gamma stand drawing closer to cobble is taken another 3 provincial capitals. that's 9. and under a week, the latest the full pilot buys about in the north, in the south, becomes as peace talks continuing for
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a 2nd day from mcbride isn't cobble with more. the latest advances the latest that to provincial capitals are relatively small, poly comrey and phase about but they are strategically geographically quite important, especially poly comrey. this is a small provincial capital, but it brings the taliban presence much closer to cobble itself. and it also means that in this way, the northern afghanistan, it's really only mazata sharif, which is a very big, very important government stronghold is just about the last government stronghold in the north. wildfires have killed at least 42 people. and now jerry, a prime minister aimen, but that a man said $25.00 soldiers dying during a rescue operation in the mountains of the jail and t. views of the government says it believes also this are responsible. flames of ravaged forests and at least 16 provinces. since monday, so now my say it's been officially presented as
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a poly says your main player at the origin pinion. star has signed a 2 year contract with an option for another season. comes days after he ended is 21 year career with boss alone. that is, yes, he says he is delighted to be in paris. dreams of more successful the start of the club and a court in china has sentenced the canadian man to 11 years in prison after finding him guilty of spying. the court says michael spots will be deported, but it's not clear when he was detained, alongside another canadian in 2018. the cases are seen by author and staging retribution for the arrest of top chinese tech executive long one. joe for headlines. you can keep up to date, of course, with all the news. if you head over to our website, we're back after my nigeria. you know, you can watch out for english streaming live and i do channels plus thousands of
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our programs award winning documentaries. and you get to choose to scribe. you choose dot com, forward slash al jazeera english. my name is lynn bustle. my name is aggressive. my name is yet to every know hello. okay, i'm on my way. my name is k pencil. i am a naturalist. i have been in the film industry side normally would over 21 years. i
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have decided now to run for office in my teeth cause she was for a seat in the house of representing representing caliber south. and the federal constitution was only made oh wow. okay, you do do is we'd consider as, as well let go, the painful, the closing ceremony of the. busy african film for which happens every a can for one week film because across the globe come come together for workshops, trading. so going to live distribution. so the closes when you tonight at the
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cultural same thing color. i'm getting ready. i don't like i browse, painted on, look like a which i feel i've always been in the forefront of fighting for different causes that i feel i'm passionate about. i feel that with who i am, my status and my name, i should be able to speak out and i really care about people. and i want to, to, i want to show that they, there's a way to do things that people can actually trust public servants. and they deliver on the promise. is that the that the, the promise me why you're going go straight looking for the very 1st red carpet event in 3 months. the good. that is this
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race, the journey into politics have not had time for anything and containment. only about this, such a part of the welcome addition of the africa in the nation crossover, reboot really in 3. want to know why, why migraine to policy. i'm not thinking lately is of easy on me would be totally physically, mentally. i've lost way. i'm not eating, right? because i'm, i'm thinking a lot, you know, it is going to work,
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but i'm sort of made up my mind like, what works or not in it? i mean it's, you know, i'm going to stay the course i i will go and tell by the federal station i need to fill up my bank and go to the bank before going to the office as the appointment. i think the 1st appointment is for 12 or so is that the driver was waiting to call. you was yeah, way drove off without letting me know what they were doing. okay, let people may i bought you have the key. okay. i'm gone to
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color blah. was one of the points for slave trade, and the name hand showing from us leave master, you know, you'll given your master's name, add up, always inadequate. key tension away you from. you briefly show you american made not nyja keith henschel. what i've off young kids heads off. you always my native name. my course you very. i knew many rooms the moon. she got me good morning. mouth it was. i mean it's ready is, well, one thing i'll say they know about me because i'm from the state, but they don't know me politically, but i mean, i know about people. i know that you give people the basics and they'll be just happy. but then you need to go ahead and do more me their lives, comfortable, the children leave behind a legacy. so that is that is my strategy telling them that i'm trustworthy. i have
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integrity and i really do care about doing the right thing. oh no. when i say live you to you on friday. so me now we'll see what jim and i'd have danny, give me there's somebody come over here to just have a list of all the delegates, but i know people are out the front in our daily get someone from. yeah. and they're not going to read. no, no, no, this is i think all the them you know. yeah. i know. i know i do think so. i'm only 100 percent. i can only be my. yeah. i know i was the 15
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i need to look up front. thank you. thank you very much. i i am manuel william. i am of you'll get and show to security of i and show peace and tranquility wherever we go to. ah, i pushed my men in the midst of the crowd to listen for conversation so that we can install that i have information to be able to protect us. but i'm going to come to it because, you know, during the campaign like this and open and when i try to do something on my send from people. so call me and try to see what,
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how they can put in the good i wasn't like this started really large for me and i was so funny that gloom broadwell today, you know, doing things that you got me know? yeah. buffy is my 2nd in command. he also works with gifts and show, you know, she's a movie movie and mc love. who wants to come up with high level? who wants to come around to see how they are mental and you don't know who is all we need to put a feel for the no pain will give me. i need to pin. so i can be
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oh my gosh. with this one running for office has cost me a lot financially in terms of my job, i had to let go of a huge, huge project where i was highly thoughtful, you know, to play the lead role and he was for his. so i was going to run for a year. this book was actually a gift from a friend. why didn't know when i said so i wanted to actually do a diary of my experience in the political field. but it's all in green here, but now it says use this as my book is my read book because i intend to make a book cause of this whole process is really and truly you don't have money. you
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can do politics in a junior, you cannot this a oh, i mean for a lady that have come to know she's a college and she's also a lawyer advocate of me and today and her mom is 79. human in this kind of got to be and you know, there might be people who know people can, you know, speak on your behalf of in their myself to the leaders in the communities that you want to get them. you know, it's not just about talking politics, you also have to be involved in their personal life as well. good that i know, i guess you never know where you will meet someone. again,
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i'm changing into my comfortable train as because way for the dryer on the dry run for the color. balcony roll the the color visors according to means. come and live and be addressed. c l, a, b, r. com and live and be address. it's a beautiful town,
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it's clean. we pride ourselves in cleanliness and our food and our cold chill. my name was also a group of people today in from the past the local government area. so as with the tradition to buy drinks on foods and dig through them when i'm going to speak with them. you know, normally this is the field. the field is meeting the grassroots policies and them taking tons of money from you. i'll be to, i don't know, still much for this tomarco for the well being for so many different groups bringing up one to meet you want to know you all ends up with money, the all glue money, very few people and i can count them on one hand, i'm not taking anything for me. i don't know what
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the the i do know what he's needing my community. people need to get what is rightfully then. there are lots of issues present in the back of the peninsula. it's now being seated through camera room. so all the people on the cross river side who builds their home, their life, everything. the last, all that, because that part's now belongs, come. and they were now pushed into another area where the already testament of people so that they're sort of next question. they don't have their own line so to speak and they've lost a lot back
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yield on. and we are really looking at what i do sit assembly at this. busy house i the centers the go, all positions were looking for those people that were involved by looking for those who were there before he was resolved. the story of the castle is no news is nothing new, but i want to encourage you not to give up. there are many issues on ground, but the resettlement of a people such as yourselves, is paramount, very, very paramount. and i want to enjoy you that it's something that i actually think the all of, i don't know my time with you as a policy. and it's something that i'll gladly stand in the forefront and say, yes, i will carry it to the. and i thank you for this opportunity and i hope that i can count on your support going forward. thank you. and god bless you.
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oh, oh oh oh, oh, the go people love them, love the fog. she played where she hasn't played a bad 1st, then chosen is a good for a very good housewife. oh, good friend. the one she's known for the one dead wife. one big fan. when i turn my b and i can sure, i don't really care whether i want to go. i know her fiance, well my dad lose . this is why home is my cozy home. this is me because he
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the 1982, you know, i tell people that i used to be a model as name video even then the my eyes, the law god layers like when a so these are my, my movies of you all those my very 1st movie ever when the song fits can see the notes on this is only used to shoot in v just. that's me who was from muslim family, who was in love with a christian evil guy. so many close jobs lea, my broken god. oh, this one. we cried all through the movie she wants to see me to see when a good
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god me be get a risk, marcia felt thinking you told me sorry yeah. i had, he had the,
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i've had those moments said every or the when i 1st started like a one thing to it every night. literally i'll be crying. there was a time where i said full, this is to watch. i don't think this is for me, but then as i thought, not only does something unclear halfway, i want to, i want to take it to the as when i'm speaking about it, i'm going to be speaking from a position of authority. she didn't even tell i because i was in logan when my cousin started fooling me to mark up by going to a person in mac. i nice really. when i told that when it's going to policies, she refused is a no no no as it. okay. pray for me, she's here. she said no,
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she one pray. no, okay, no problem. i'm going a prayer warrior. she lives in the church or me if there's anything i cannot handle. i think it's a good and pray is my friend. my mom is a my inspiration now because she's yes, she knows. yeah, we always have a running. we argue that what's a grow my strength from my because she knows i'm always read by me out. now you as you but i did any. did me? i've never right. no problem. what i love, i love to david to growing up. she used to be the way the hell out to me. she knows she's. she's to beads bleeds b, i my sister, the one who came update a few years. she's, she's up, it's just boiled that one spoiled,
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sat for me. i received the rod heavy road. that's why i'm tough to launch i of these read me. oh, i will don't. i don't care how long i've known you, but don't bring it because i won't take it. just be yourself with me and will be fine when you want to bring it. you bring it and i'll bring mine. who's america dollars. i want to know because i would never do anything. i just can't wait for tomorrow to be over and on. you know, like i've never had this was a my life not even doing a new play or a new movie. it's like being in a tunnel. you know a dock, but you can see that the him of like there and you keep walking,
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you're walking. i just for you, step out you are tired. you just want to sit down feeling that doesn't need that. that confidence in my 3 then that that image just standard one to just reach out to the like news of the de expecting to have completed. yes, we on the winning side, are we good on that? that will make it a little better butler when you don't my head like the ground when you're going to see. so going down the road days, when we say by a group of delegates,
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i didn't sleep, i didn't sleep. i was up about 4 30 am barely live for an hour. my phone was d, we need to me to delegate to meet the reviews all about giving them money. i want people pay them support for their food. i don't know as much money as the people who have been a man for 12 years, 16 years with a hard for service and i hope the see that the guy the the
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one of the bus shoot. but it was all these little young the oh, i got one i
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got into a little book but it doesn't look good. show one. ah, the in my niger is peaceful. my name is a place where the can truly call it home. my name is just surprises. that's my nigerian. me
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me when i think in my nature i think of potential when i think of potential i think of what would be, what is not. i think of young people literally take them to the island and do something that they can be part of. tell me the possible. i think it other challenges with the child in the country. alex, my name is ben. gotcha. and business manager, my, my dear, on, i'll do there. ah, the u. s. has withdrawn the majority of it troops from america, the longest war, leaving the battle for control. the african military be able to hold its ground against the taliban, and the afghans to help the american war effort relocated to the us. the future
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hold for that special coverage for not going to song on al jazeera since the celebration ah, food for reconciliation. ah, and from ancient civilization, ah, algae is there. a world goes on a mouth watering, cut, and re journey from spain to them, and leave to discover the hidden history behind some of the region. best loved diffuse favoring the ha on pow did. the long before the covert crisis broke, the world was grappling with another global crisis. the climate breakdown, destruction of nature can lead to destruction of people. all hail the lockdown examines links between these 2 crises and asks why it took a panoramic to bring on changes that should have been made long ago. all these things, we would tell him a complete, impossible,
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suddenly become connected. the wake up call that can't be ignored on a job, you know, from the for villas of correct. so the battle fields around most of i would is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. oh i this is al jazeera. ah hello, i'm emily, angling this is the news. our live from joe. coming up in the next 60 minutes. the afghan president rallies troops in the north of the country as taliban fighters gain and new ground. china sentences that canadian business men through 11 years in prison and was being condemned as hostage to pharmacy.


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