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oh, i hello, i'm emily. angry. you're watching al jazeera reminder of the top story. the taliban has taken another 3 prudential capital. kenneth don, that 9 andrew wake, the light is pulling coolie and find the bad in the north. and sarah, did he, in the south me, mom talks continuing. joe ha, for a 2nd day, a chinese court has sentence to canadian man to 11 years in prison after finding him guilty of buying business men. my food was retained alongside another canadian citizen in 2018 candidate. these cases, as politically motivated, wildfire have killed at least 42 people in algeria 25 of those were soldiers who died during
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a rescue operation. 5 have ravaged foreign seen at least 16 provinces in monday. brutal acts of sexual violence have been used systemically as a weapon of war into grime. that's a verdict of a report by amnesty international. it says a pin and error trained soldiers rights. hundreds of women and girls subjecting some to sexual slavery unusual ation. others reported being gang right in front of their families. and misty secretary general says they could amount to crimes against humanity. joining us from london is done a tele riviera alter of the report and senior crisis adviser at amnesty international. don't tell it. thank you for joining us. the report is harrowing to put it lightly. what has to happen now? yes, the sexual violence that has been committed against the women and girls in the great region of a few of us been extremely widespread. incredibly brutal,
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accompanied by other forms of torture. in many cases, the women and girls who were gang grade by multiple perpetrators. the perpetrators have come from old, the government, full seas and associated militias and operating in the de gray region. since the beginning of the conflict, these atrocities went on for months and months while the conflict, and we are now 9 months into, into the t great conflict and really statement to condemn the atrocities no longer suffice. it is imperative dot does. who can and shouldn't do something to stop the abuse days to bring the perpetrator to account and to provide reparation and justice for the
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survivor. it's imperative that they do so 1st, the warm must, the responsibility lies with p. o. p and government to ensure that independent, any partial investigations take place can take place. because until now the athenian government does not allow the organization such as i'm the student or national, another international human rights organization to go to p grey and investigate. so it's really important that that changes at the same time the african union is a very important regional player, is massively important that he uses it's, it's good offices to put pressure on the kid government to ensure that the african commission for people in human rights. the set top a commission of a query which has been rejected by the governments want to tell ahead and that that the commission of inquiry can have access and the un secretary general must send to
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t grey as soon as possible is team of expert on sexual violence in conflict, any special representatives on the se? misuse? yes. sorry, i didn't mean to jump in there, but i that was my next question. i wanted to talk to you about it specifically. i mean the scale and the severity of these crimes is particularly shocking. what support are the women and girls getting and what should they guess? well, the support as being regrettably very limited for a number of reasons. the survivors of these atrocities are either into t gray region of if the o p r, and some of them are in the refugee camps in sudan. imbedded those places the humanitarian situation is dire. in t gray, there are additional problems. do you many terry,
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and agencies and organizations that are able to operate in the way region have complained day in day out that they face restrictions to, to derek, to their work, to the delivery of humanitarian aid. and communication is very restricted, so they, you know, a lot of the survivors aren't, you've been able to communicate with their family members who are lost somewhere. and they don't even know if they're dead or alive. they should be receiving medical care psycho social support because the atrocities they have been subject to to. ready b have been so great that they have left very long lasting and some time, irreparable physical and psychological damage, and the survivors. so fires are mostly not able to to get the
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treatment and the assistance that they require. thank you for bringing to light. this is very important issue done, and tele rivera, the author and of the report that we were talking about. thank you for your time. thank you. south african president in serial ram, oppose a is testifying in a corruption inquiry involving his predecessor is under commission, was said to probe allegations of corruption during jacob zoom is 90 antenna, jamie zimmer has been refusing to testify and he's currently serving a 15 month prison to him as a result, he's jailing spunk drives in south africa. last month, within $300.00 people were killed. zambian had to the polls on thursday with the fight against corruption and the economy top among campaign issues. one of africa's most indebted nations is facing economic turmoil. and appending bailout, a room staff has moved to new task rather as more from lusaka. the
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candidate again, the lemma is promising to create jobs for them as jobless youth unemployment, his tenure, high last year there's been anger and frustration about the economy. that's why supportively to limit opposition. united party for national development are confident he can beat incumbent president. it's a long so he's scared of that nature to me because sanity is going to the dentist kind of these days. we have committed some benefits. it's been too much for the cases, so they are scared to handle the power. but does that mean people? little bit better? pipper will make sure that they handle the power the president lose batches, say they are not worried. they candidates plan to increase their control of the minds as well as the development projects built by the government and paid for by debt. zambia has more than $12000000000.00 of external debt, as well as an unknown amount of debt to china. but little governing party supported
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believe the new roads, bridges, power stations, hospitals and airports are with it. all the people in the position is to accuse us of what i've told you. that's of dealing with other things that they can not even 25. so they're losing us, but there's not enough cabinet because we've tested the ground, we've read what people i think corruption is another issue for voters waste and donors have suspended aids to zambia, saying they are concerned about financial mismanagement. if we do not tackle corruption, then you find that we've got a distortion within the economy. and we have seen this in the last years that the people that seem to have the resources in the country. i not the private sector who run businesses, but people who fill the aged to political parties. and this is speaking to corruption, which is really negative to want to make. the country is relatively calm, but endless. predict this is going to be a hotly contested election. after they vote,
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if no candidates kill is an outright majority in the 1st round, then iran has to take place. 5 years ago, president edgarland narrowly defeated his rival, had he lemme resolve the opposition. it was rig, but they failed to overturn it in court. there has been some incidents of violence by governing party and opposition support of the cross the country in the run up to the vote. that's why president lincoln said he deployed the military to maintain peace, but minis ambien sphere that could be more political violence if election results are disputed. how do matessa algebra? the 2nd, brazil's congress has voted against a return to paper ballads at next year's presidential election. it's a major blow for president j bowles and he's been pushing to an electronic voting claiming it's open to fraud though he hasn't provided any evidence. monica yanna kit reports from re diginero armored vehicles rolled in front of brazil's
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congress as lawmakers were preparing for a crucial vote. they were debating a proposal backed by president jadem ball so now to, to change the electronic voting system to paper ballots ahead of next year's elections. chances of approving the constitutional amendment were already slim. the military parade made them slimmer. both matters opponents and even some of his supporters accused the president of putting the tanks on the street to intimidate the lawmaker and say he was threatening democracy once more. there was just really sort since the 1st empower present was scenario has been progressively the strength, brazil's democracy. it was time to stop. and we just by rejecting the proposal to change the voting system. digital ballads have been successfully used in brazil since 1996 and also now to has repeatedly said they are not to be trusted.
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especially after recent polls show him losing next year's election to former president losing nasa lula silva. also, i'm out of supporters took to the streets to back in them founded claims that the 2022 presidential race will be rigged on this paper. ballots are used. congress put an end to this debate, at least for now. the analyst here say they're both. so narrow has been following in the footsteps of former us president donald trump, by casting doubt on the elections that he may lose, and they believe he'll continue to do so. monica annika, valjean, sara, rio de janeiro. a british diplomat has been arrested in germany after being accused of spying for russia. the ma'am of detained the british embassy in germany, where he worked. he said to have sent documents obtained from his workplace to a representative of a russian intelligence service is expected in court. later on wednesday,
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the philippines has recorded its fastest economic growth in 30 years, growing by almost 12 percent in the 2nd quarter. but many economists say the figure is a mathematical illusion driven by the impact of the corona virus on the economy. barnaby low reports from manila we are inside a cache, a distribution center in the philippines, capital manila where another hard lockdown has been imposed by the national government here as well as in surrounding suburbs. this is of course, the per, but an exponential outbreak of 19, in particular, the delta variant of the virus. now, this crowd that you see right behind me there waiting to receive financial assistance of $20.00 per individual affected by the lockdown or a maximum of $80.00 for each family. now this is happening just as the philippine economy is already recovering. the philippine government announced on tuesday that
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economic growth for the 2nd quarter of 2021 was at 11.8 percent. that is the best figure for the philippines. 1988. but analysts say it's not really what it seems because in fact the philippines had been in recession for 53 quarters. and so the 11.8 percent economic growth is coming from a very low beef of a 17 percent contraction from a year ago. you really just think of it, but actually if you look at the seasonally adjusted your move be ups and downs of 3 d b across a different quarters. the b to actually show that the economy contract from the 1st quarter of the sphere, what the countries chief economist a secretary called to argue this isn't just the low base effect. he says it's also
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because the government has now learned to make policy decisions based on a balance of health and economy. and next year we did not shop the public transport . most sectors can operate. workers are exempted from curfew. so these are important indication that we need to live with the virus and can help mitigate the downside risk or the 2nd lockdown back in april was in fact the more lenient and so that translated to more consumer spending and better performance of both the industry and serve as a sectors, but economist warren going forward because the capital had to return to a lockdown that economic recovery will be slower than the government holds to feed . back as a gathering in the u. s. state of south dakota for the annual sturgess motorcycle rally. the 10 day then kicked off on friday despite the delta various cases surging across the country. last year's rally became a super spreader event with more,
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ron is attending this year. health officials are increasingly concerned gabrielle elizondo reports from south dakota. the, the sound of the world's largest baker party. it's called the sturges motorcycle rally. held every august for the past 81 years. these 3 women rode their motorcycle 2000 kilometers over 3 days to be here. rally what else you can ask for this year, an estimated 700000 bikers from all over the united states have descended on sturgess for 10 days of food, drinking rock concerts, lots of motorcycle riding on the nearby country highways. the event brings in roughly $800000000.00 to the local economy. biggest party ever got a lot of a lot of motorcycles, but not masks, social distancing, temperature checks, or mandatory negative cova test. none are required. the last yourself,
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dakota made the controversial decision to hold the rally in august and weeks later . a surgeon covered 19 cases was linked to the sturges rally. the good news is many of the events are held out. doors slowing this bred, but still help. officials are worried, but in sturgess the people we spoke to weren't bothered cable or car and you don't know if they're covered cuz they're smoking or if they're coughing because it's got take care and just kind of watching you where it may not work. now right now, because you're going to die one way or another you going to tackle you get out of bed in the morning they dab because he's taken precautions this up to happens and it was just your your, your time to go back to an agent and it is what it is, and i think i already had the delta 2 weeks ago, i spoke to the mayor of sturgess and he said that this rally was never in doubt.
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and that by the time they realized that delta very was hitting hard here. it was simply too late to cancel. want to do what's right for people. common sense, stay home or sick or you start to feel sick, you know, stay away for people. no, no regrets about holding on in this town. clearly the roar of the motorcycle engines drowning out any fears of the virus and the lives that could be lost because of it. gabriel sancho al jazeera sturgis, south dakota, still ahead on al jazeera where live to paris. what line on my stance to say after completing his move to ah
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ah cruise with me. ah ah,
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ah, ah. the time now to the board, he's jo, enjoy lots of news on messy. that's right, emily. yeah, he's been donating the headlines for almost a week now. messy says he's hungry to win trophies off to being officially presented as a paras benjamin player. the argentine s t p saw has signed a 2 year contract with an option for an extra season. a comes days off the end of his $21.00. you agree with false, lena? who could no longer afford to keep him? he joined the free agents, but it's reported he will and $41000000.00 per year. messy joins naymark and kiana . a p s g, which is surely on paper the most formidable strike for ever assembled in football learners. you know where luna from we go. it's really
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tough for me. we're just saying here is that it's difficult to change after so many that much sooner are going here, which is, you know, i really have been working well, let's get to paris now. join a correspondent, pull race that pass g stadium poll. it's obviously a lucrative deal for messy, but he's gone to p. s g to entitle 70 he has indeed it is. it is very lucrative. it's hard to find the top level football these days. he doesn't money that most people could barely even begin to dream about. but the p. s g each have enough. faith jokes the up to saying all the attention always share sales, which you know that already boom and matching might already ask for
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a pay rise. the thing is from i see the money will be very important, but it's certainly not all about the money. it wants to look back on his career knowing he won absolutely everything that was in front of him and he's not much longer do it either. he's 34 years old now. this is very exciting for p s t having my c and the team, but it's also very exciting for matthew as well. as you mentioned. if we playing alongside name odd, he'll be playing alongside kelly and his former teammate as far as might take issue without being the most potent strike force in history. having played alongside the name of boss alona, but still a very exciting team and one is going for later my see new mission to when i 1st champions league title for are you found your mind really crazy and i'm really happy about that. show up on a couple of days, life with all this class. really awesome.
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amazing transfers. and incredible and we want to train and compete. now on my heart a because i'm going, i'm going to be played with player. alright, pool. we saw him holding that one. we actually going to see him wearing it in his 1st game. why did mention in his press conference, joe? he'll have to let his his body decide the issues around. but he won't be called for america with argentina nearly a month ago now, but he's been on holiday since then. he's had the emotional overhaul of finding out that he's leaving both low club where he spent most of his life. and i'm only only issues with getting our the signing that he won't be much ready just yet. he's not even going to train today. we. he might train tomorrow, and then he should be unveiled before our phones around much against strasbourg
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here at the park. on saturday. we don't think he'll make his debut anything like then it's probably going to be the end of the month against krause away. much that will likely see messy in that party science, marsha, for the very 1st time. all right, poll real live for us in paris at massey's unveiling. thank you. what questions been asked about p s g finances? there's such big names joining in the last 2 years. club president nasa lay face stress spending was in line with european for financial fair play rules. for us all was, as we said, you know, we follow the furniture for regulation from the one that we started until the end we're going to always fulfill the relation of the financial aid before we do anything, basically, you know, we look with a lot of commercial people financial people with legal people. so as soon as you see that we sign a little document,
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we could have the capacity to sign them. if not, we're not going to sign and we're not gonna promise something we could then. so we know that we could sign them in the thompson you chelsea boss thomas to help remains tight lipped over the return of ramona cocher from into milan. the belgian strikers, exposed to rejoin chelsea of the 70 is in a club record $135000000.00 deal to who wants to focus on wednesday? super cut much against villareal as they look for their 1st when of the season. but chelsea defend antonio wrote a girl who played again to conquer many times says he'd love to team up with him. go visit, see the body type is a beast. as someone is very strong and i think he showed it also now in italy, in the past we years and he did very well over there and also for the nation. a team like think go score. like for me, the top strike villareal head coach and i emory used to manage all small so you
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know, chelsea well and so the fact they're capable of finding the likes to call her proof the strength when she put up all the stuff can see though chelsea is bringing players that have just one or played in the euro final, so they haven't had much training together. i'm still expecting to see a great chelsea side. there were team well known in the world in europe and in england. they're capable, if it gets confirmed to sign players like we're melody cocher and that proves their strength to the m b a now and the lakers look like being a forced to be reckoned with. the next season of defining russell westberg to play with lebron james and anthony davis. the 32 year old who from the came from the washington wizards says it's surreal to sign for the same. he supported us. a youngster. westbrook is a 9 time saw, but has never won a championship, but he hopes to change that alongside to other top stores. as you know, brian is on the best plan to play this game. and he's of his ability to be able to kind of do everything on the floor,
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allows me to be able to just figured out. i'm coming to a championship caliber team. and my job is to make sure that i'm able to make his game easy for him. these 3 guys can do it all, you know, and what i love about our group bron 80. and russ is they're all make the right play players. you know, i mean it's not just about scoring or, or being a one at once one dimensional player, you know, they can all do it all, you know, so i'm most excited about what, see what the 3 of them on the chord at the same time looks looks like right, finally, dell has pulled out of the canadian masters with the injured foot that has kept him out of wimbledon and the olympics the night before hoping to be fit in time for the us open in new york at the end of the month. we will talk, steve dunning medive, overcame a pool starts and the weather delay in toronto to beat alexander blake in the 2nd round in toronto. the well number to set up a 3rd round match against either james duckworth australia or not. think center in
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washington. can you double and pick marathon champion? elite. cute ciocca has arrived home in nairobi. a 36 year old successfully defended his title on the final day of the games in japan. becoming only the 3rd one that ever, when multiple gold medals in the men's marathon, decided whether to go for 3rd gold at paris, 2024 running olympics, the specifications of both your manager. so it's about winning uncertainty all human things and we can we not the whole time, not about all fast or slow, you have to put fit our liberties. and back in japan, the olympic rings have been removed from tokyo bay. the structure was installed last december to might enthusiasm for the games. submit the pandemic touches paralympics begin just under 2 weeks time. all right, that is your book for now. it is back to emily. thank you very much. and so from us
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here at the news hour, i'm emily angland. stick around the family is up next with no of the day by the news news news. ah, ah, on august 12, sandy, it goes to the poles. and what approving the hotly contested election? i've come to grasp hold, you can run the trouble and the impact of coal the 19th day without is there for the latest updates. an in depth analysis and what the teach him at home for the north korea isolated and heavily sanction yet earning billions around the globe
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bureau. 39 is involved in everything that makes money for, for you to carry different passwords, say, contacts, and the money this year. and it goes straight into the coffers of leadership, a to park, people empower investigation, bureau, $39.00 cache for kim park, one on a jazeera when a military coup overthrew chili's marxist president. one stadiums became prisoners and the hunters sole objective was absolute control. one mind publicly refused to accept the dictatorship episode for football rebels. explore the life of carlos casale, the football whose personal story swayed a vote, but altered the history of his country. carlos casserly and the demise of a n day on al jazeera ah
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al jazeera as a use all the. ready news the afghan president riley's troops in the north of the country as audubon finances game new ground. ah, i'm sammy a dan. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up china sentences, the canadian business men to 11 years in prison and was being condemned as hostage diplomacy. at least 65 people including doesn't.


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