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tv   [untitled]    August 11, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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ah al jazeera, as a you ah, all the news. ready the afghan president riley's troops in the north of the country as audubon finances game new ground. ah, i'm sammy a dan. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up, china sentence is a canadian business men to 11 years in prison and what's being condemned as hostage diplomacy. at least $65.00 people, including dozens of soldiers dying algeria wildfires,
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ravage homes and hill amnesty international accuses ethiopian and era tray and troops of using sexual violence is a weapon of war, abusing hundreds of women and girls and to grind i the taliban is making new gains across afghanistan as diplomats from several countries attempt to get in traffic and talks back on frank hearing though, in the past week baton bomb taken. 9 provincial capitals, the latest being fully hungry and flies about in the north as well as far in the south. the un says more than 240000 people have been internally displaced since the offensive began. in may tens of thousands of fled their neighborhoods. as the taliban advanced in families have been pining into the country's capital,
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living in parks and streets with no resources. rob mcbride has more from cobble. the map of who controls what in afghanistan is constantly changing and from the government point of view is changing for the worse. if you look especially at the north of the country at the game of the taliban has been making in recent days, it's really only mazata sharif, a very important stronghold for the government. that remains in government hands still well defended. all of the fighting is outside of the city and you would have said until recently there would be absolutely no chance of it being overwhelmed. but we do know that many people living in missouri sharif have been thronging the airport, trying to get on several flights without being staged every day to bring people out wanting to leave the city fill in the north. we understand they're still fighting around, couldn't do that's a very important safety that was lost by the government. so you have all of this
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fighting still going on. and then some of the provincial capital is that have been taken by the taliban, although they have been quite in consequential in terms of their city size. strategically the quite important such as the city of polychrome re. now that is what brings the fighting brings taliban close to to cobble. we understand that today, tuesday, it is a life back to normal shops, all reopening businesses. we're opening that once again. but under a taliban flag and be while south of cobble, we understand that there has been a tax launched around around kandahar city on all 4 sides. i'm a jim, jim has the latest on emergency talks taking place here in the ha. the fact that these talks are happening at all right. now it's such a critical juncture really goes to show how much impetus there is from the international community to try to come up with some kind of joint solution to a very rapidly deteriorating situation in afghanistan. one of the things of some of
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the diplomats i spoke with yesterday are hopeful for is that perhaps if things are successful in this round of talks, which is expected to last 3 days, perhaps there could be the announcement of another session of intra apt and peace talks or dialogue, the last one of those meetings happen and in mid july and those talks have really just kind of stalled out. there hasn't been much momentum. now the fact is, the taller bond really has the wind at its back. they're taking over more and more territory and the diplomats i was speaking with yesterday really were wondering if the taliban was serious about coming here and negotiating and listening to these envoys that are trying to get them to come up with some sort of a piece plan so everything really very much an open question right now as to what exactly will happen today that we do know is this is the 2nd day and what is expected to be to be 3 days of talks and the diplomats, although they're not really speaking publicly about what's going on in the meetings are trying desperately to come together, get some sort of a plan, some sort of
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a formula for a peaceful solution to what is going on in afghanistan. china has sentence the canadian business men to 11 years in prison after being found guilty of spying. the canadian government is describing the case against michael sparkle, who was arrested in 2019 as hostage politics. katrina, you reports from bay jing the verdict sentencing canadian, michael spafford to 11 years in prison was delivered behind closed doors in a courtroom in the northeast in chinese city of dun don't. the city had been home to the businessmen who organized tools to north korea until he was detained in december 2018 and charged with sharing state secrets. former canadian diplomat, michael harvard, was also arrested and charged with spying. both men were tried in march after more than 2 years in detention. savage sentence was condemned by candidates ambassador
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to china. we've maintained from the beginning that miko stabber and michael covert are being detained arbitrarily. and we will continue to call for their immediate release. denouncement came, is chinese executive, one job faces caught in vancouver in a final push to fight expedition to the united states. the former hallway chief financial officer is accused of violating sanctions on iran. relations between china and canada. have soured, considerably more ingenious, should she get mal when joe's case is purely politically motivated? these 2 canadians are suspected of engender in china, data security and special and cover good attained just weeks after months arrest ottawa has accused paging of hostage diplomacy, intellect. canadian prime minister judge intruder issued a statement saying the ruling was unjust, and lacked transparency. representatives from 25 countries, including the u. s. u. k, and japan appeared at the canadian embassy in beijing and supporters babel. the
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chinese court sent my 11 years in prison and audited people cation, but it's unclear when that would happen. canadian officials say it's more likely after the jail tend to search, but some say it could be an option used as a bargaining chip with kennedy. it all hangs on what happens to miss mung and tube or perhaps later if she is extradited in washington. the verdict follows the upholding of the death sentence of another canadian, vic schellenberg. on tuesday, he was jailed in china and 2014 for drug smuggling. it's unclear when the court will give its decision on michael coverage, michael spafford has 10 days to appeal his sentence. but in the country, when 99 percent of criminal cases are found guilty, the chances of or returning the rulings are unlikely. katrina, you out a 0 baking wildfires,
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a burning across northern now jury where at least 65 people have been killed. the prime minister said 28 soldiers dying during a rescue operation in the mountains. laura bowed manly reports. it's a desperate situation from branches to plastic, containers of water locals using whatever hand to smother the flames. but you know, we have fighting fire to protect, at least the houses we evacuated the elderly and we stayed, as you can see, all of our so called moment catch mission. as you see there, a fire everywhere. we've not seen the government here. the people are acting as the government long lived, the civil protection team was algeria. kabir region is known for its lush mountains and forests, but scorching summer temperatures have reduced the trees to kindling if one of 16 provinces in the north african country that's been hit by wildfire since
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monday. but many villages are isolated, difficult to reach and suffer from severe water shows just as homes burn and cause disintegrate. many people of a scape to shelter in hotels and schools. some soldiers sent into help were reportedly cut off from safety by the fires. answer comes to the flames. others badly injured with burns. for the more we have 3 deaths here and for the village. the hospital is full of jury's prison, abdomen you tear. boone tweeted, condolences to the soldiers, families. the interior minister has blamed austin as for the fires, but so far hasn't provided details. no coffee will and in the bitter which with which i can tell you for beating the fire,
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we're fighting it with all that we have as a thick blanket of smoke consumes could be as mountains and the skies tint amber residents via crew and soldiers continue to battle the destructive force of the fires, nor by the manly out to 0. now brutal acts of sexual violence have been use systematically as a weapon of war in t ry. fence the verdict of a report by amnesty international. it says ethiopian and era trained soldiers raped hundreds of women and girls subjected something to sexual slavery and mutilation. others reported being gang raped in front of their families. i'm this the sexy general says they could amount to crimes against humanity done. the tire of ada is the author of the report and the senior crisis adviser, amnesty international. she says the victims are getting very little help support as
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being regrettably, very limited for a number of reasons. the survivors of these atrocities are either in the t gray region of your p r, and some of them are in the refugee camps in sudan, imbedded places the human terry and situation is dire. in t gray, there are additional problems. do you many terry, and agencies and organizations that are able to operate into t re legion have complained day and day out that they face restrictions to, to derek, to their work, to the delivery of humanitarian aid. and communication is very restricted, so they, you know, a lot of the survivors aren't. you been able to communicate with their family
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members who are lost somewhere. and they don't even know if they're dead or alive. they should be receiving medical care psycho social support because the atrocities they have been subject to to. ready have been so great that they have left very long lasting and some time in rep for both physical and psychological damage and the survivors. so the fires are mostly not table to to get the treatment and the assistance that they require. still ahead on al jazeera, brazil's president puts on a show for sound, signed congress, but politicians go against him in a crucial vote. and the messy says he's hungry for when the parents in germane press conference off the signing a 2 year deal. ah,
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ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by cut on airways. hello. thank you for tuning in. here's an update on the weather for asia pacific r plum rains are really getting going across the yangtze river valley. i'll put this in motion now because these are training storms. it's where it's parked over one area, just bringing out its moisture so we see it the yang see to the china sea into southern sections of japan, starting to dry out across the korean peninsula on thursday. bit further toward the south, the gangs, the rate down to the south china sea. we've got bursts of rain here, really for that se portion of china. so going down, fuji and provinces were over the past 24 hours. we have seen anywhere from about 50 to a 100 millimeters of rain. heavy falls of rain continue for northern islands of the philippines, dry note as we head towards central sections on thursday. next stop the be
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a been gall and indian states a be har, westbank all into disha. this is where we're going to see our heaviest mon sooner rains, but also pushing up against the foothills of the himalayas. so this will impact nepal and bu, 10 as well. on thursday, you know, for the rest of india that west coast, we're starting to get into a bit of a law and places like new delhi, we'll see a mix of sun in cloud on thursday. that sure weather see you soon? sponsor, cut on airways to celebration the food for reconciliation. ah, and from ancient civilization. ah, i'll is there a world goes on a mouth watering, cut and re journey from fame to them and leave to discover the hidden history behind some of the region. better luck diffuse favoring the path on our did the
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me the the me i'll come back here watching. i'll just hear a time to recap our headlines. but tommy bond has taken another 3 provincial capital enough again, this time that's 9 in under a week. the latest political murray and plato bought in the north is 150 in the south. meanwhile, talks continue in for a 2nd day. a chinese call to sentence the canadian man to 11 years in prison to find the game guilty of spying. businessmen, michael bubble was detained. a long time,
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another canadian citizen in 2018 canada sees their cases as politically most of a wildfire have killed at least 65 people. jury a 28 of those were soldiers who died during a rescue operation. fire of ravaged forest and at least 16 provinces. since monday, a british diplomat has been arrested in germany after being accused of spying for russia. the man was detained at the british embassy in germany, where he works. he said to have sent documents obtained from his workplace to a representative of a russian intelligence service. he's expected in court later on wednesday, dominic came joining us now live from balance. what can we expect in court? well, the thing to say here, 1st of all is that i'm standing outside the british embassy here in central berlin and on the face of it, businesses usual outside the building inside one can only imagine the questions
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that many of the members as offer will be posing themselves and their colleagues, this individual, this man, the 57 year old man named d as david f sun, i'm a man not being released because of the german law. that does not happen at this stage of any case. but the suggestion is being made. the allegations against him, although there are 2 specific german balls that he is alleged to have broken. and that he took money from a representative of the german of the russian, excuse me, of the russian intelligence service to pass over sensitive information, confidential information. now, the man that we know is, has been working at this embassy here in and for about a year or so. and the period of time under which he was in which he was under supervision. and the suspicion excuse me, and was being monitored in some way or other what started in november of last year . so lots of questions being asked. he is going to appear in front of
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a federal judge in the city of cause in western germany in the course of today. but very many questions being asked. one of the interesting things is the british embassy, where are planning outside off right? over my right shoulder for me about a 100 meters further to my right is the russian embassy representation of the government that it is alleged that he was working for. so as i say, very many questions, indeed, one final thought he was not actually arrested here in the embassy. he was the rest of his home in pots. then we know that german officials, law enforcement officials have gone through the house, but also gone through these offices. that is because that is a clear, bilateral approach being taken by the british and german government working together with each other to work on this case. you know, also, the german government said it takes any kind of activity by another organization and other governments intelligent services on the territory. very seriously engage
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. alright, donna, came updating us from germany, south african president, sir, rama poser is testifying in a corruption inquiry involving his predecessor does on the commission was sent out to prob allegations of corruption during jacob zoom is 9 year tenure zoom has been refusing to find is currently serving a 15 month prison term as a result. his jailing sparks riots in south africa last month. more than 300 people were killed. brazil's congress is voted against the returns of paper balance next year's presidential election. it's a major blow for president jive both scenario. he's been pushing to end electronic voting, claiming it's open to fraud, though he hasn't provided any evidence. monica, you can report somebody. a janera armored vehicles rolled in front of brazil's congress as lawmakers were preparing for a crucial vote. they were debating
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a proposal backed by president jadem ball so now to, to change the electronic voting system to paper ballots ahead of next year's election. chances of approving the constitutional amendment were already slim. the military parade made them slimmer. both scenarios, opponents and even some of his supporters accuse the president of putting the tanks on the street to intimidate the lawmaker and say he was threatening democracy once more. there was just really sort since the 1st name, power presence, both scenario has been progressively the strength, brazil's democracy. it was time to stop. and we just by rejecting the proposal to change the voting system. digital ballads have been successfully used in brazil since 1996 and also now to has repeatedly said they are not to be trusted. especially after recent polls show him losing next year's election to former president losing nasa lula silver. also,
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i'm out of supporters took to the streets to back his and founded claims that the 2022 presidential race will be rigged. unless paper ballots are used. congress put an end to this debate, at least for now. analysts here say they're both so narrow has been following in the footsteps of former us president donald trump, by casting doubt on the elections that he may lose. and they believe he'll continue to do so. monica, and i can also sarah re edition narrow in less than 10 percent of india is that our population has been fully vaccinated against covey 19. but even a small doses become available. the country's homeless population has little or no access to them. and now india supreme court is also the other government to explain why. of new motel reports from new delhi mama darkroom is with
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his children in their makeshift home. it's attend made entirely of plastic. she's offering little relief against the scorching heat, like others in the settlement across the field. he's been ignored and forgotten about by the government. during the pandemic work has been hard to come by, and there's been little or no support for those suffering from cooper 19 or to get the vaccine. some officials came down to call names and left, but no one has come to vaccinate. yes, they come often to tell us to vacate that's it. even though vaccinations offering india accessing the jobs has been virtually impossible for those living on the margin of more than 4000000 people who are homeless in india. at least 250000 live on the streets of new delhi. a recent study found that more than 80 percent of them had not been vaccinated. mainly because they were unable to register online. a
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short bond, a is a social worker who grew up on the streets during the last down he was spreading awareness about corporate 19 and is now trying to encourage vaccination. but seem like one is that people are so scared because of the human and the government hasn't done enough to educate them about the vaccine. you may know about it from newspapers. but they don't have these facilities give us some southern. most of them don't have phones and those who do cannot afford to recharge the battery or the phone. so there are many issues with getting back to in your supreme court is hearing a plea to prioritize vaccinations for the homeless. it has all the authorities details about what is being done to protect them from the virus. you'd be rebel who are actually the last segment of the society. no one is actually concerned or bothered about them about direct nation. i mean, if they're not fixing their food, they will become unintentional carrier to solve even if access improve,
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many like sony are reluctant to get to short people have died because of the vaccine. so we will not get the vaccine. and if we get the shot who will take care of our kids, the pandemic has already exposed the socio economic inequities in india. now, the fact millions of homeless people are not being vaccinated is threatening to hamper the fight against corona virus. park middle al jazeera new delhi for the 1st time since the start of the panoramic south korea has revolted more than 2000 new current virus cases in a single day. this full wave is being fueled by the more infectious delta of area and the number of death isn't rising with the number of new cases that are growing cause the tycer restrictions to be re imposed in the capital sol. hundreds of people have been rallying in bangkok against the government handling of corona
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virus thailand is recording around 20000 new cases every day. it's the country's worst outbreak. so far, russia has been mounting on the government, elsewhere, slow vaccination rollers and the impacts of restrictions. so these 5, tig, canada and rubber bullets birth crowns go hiv lives in bangkok, he says the protest movement in thailand has been involving and this isn't an ongoing pro democracy movement that is now kind of morphed and regained momentum because of a lot of people's dissatisfaction with the way the government here has been handling the cov it outbreak. that's partially because this nation really fared pretty well for the most, for the majority of the pandemic. but then just a couple of months ago, the beginning of april there, there was a 3rd wave, the strongest wave here. and it, the numbers have just been going up relatively steadily since we really saw spike about a month, month and a half ago, over 20000 cases today about 21000 more than 21000. today i should say, there was
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a little bit of what could have appeared to be good news. the last 3 days it was about 900000 and it started to go down. but again, we thought hop right back up. the criticism really revolves around the vaccine distribution program here in thailand, the transparency from the government, and how they're going to tackle the cupboard 19 situation. that is what's really kind of fuel the flames given fuel to the flames of this protest movement. we're hearing today that japan is stepping up, they're going to donate more money to thailand, to help them disperse the vaccines. they do have here also from the united states, they're going to donate more pfizer vaccines. so although the vaccine program is slowly wrapping up again, it's really well behind where it should be at this stage. and we're seeing that by these numbers increasing the philippines as recorded. it's fast. this economic growth in 30 years growing by 11.8 percent in the 2nd quarter. but many economists say the figure is a mathematical illusion driven by the impact of corona virus on the economy. bottom
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below reports from we are inside a cash, a distribution center. in the philippine capital manila where another hard lockdown has been imposed by the national government here as well as in surrounding suburbs . this is, of course occur, but an exponential outbreak of course 19 in particular the delta varian off the virus. now, this crowd that you see right behind me, they're waiting to receive financial assistance of $20.00 per individual affected by the lockdown or a maximum of $80.00 for each family. now this is happening just as the philippine economy is already recovering. the philippine government announced on tuesday that economic growth for the 2nd quarter of 2021 was at 11.8 percent. that is the best figure for the philippines. 1988. but analysts say it's not really what it seems
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because in fact the philippines had been in recession for 53 quarters. and so the 11.8 percent economic growth is coming from a very low beef of a 17 percent contraction from a year ago. you really just think of it, but actually if you look at the seasonally adjusted your move be ups and downs of t d b across the different quarters. the data actually showed that the economy contract from the 1st quarter of the sphere, what the countries chief economist a secretary called to argue this isn't just the low base effect. he says it's also because the government has now learned to make policy decisions based on a balance of health and economy. on next year, we did not shop the or most sectors can operate. workers are exempted from curfew.
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so these are important indication that we are learning to live with the virus and can help mitigate the downside risk or the 2nd lockdown back in april was in fact the more lenient and so that translated to more consumer spending and better performance of both the industry and serve as a sectors, but economist warren going forward because the capital had to return to a lockdown that economic recovery will be slower. and the government holds to feet in a messy says he's hungry to win trophies after being officially presented. as the paris says, germaine player valentine tinian superstar assigned a 2 year contract with an option for an extra season. if come days after he entered the 21 year career with barcelona, who could no longer afford to keep in a loan. as you know, the way i live, luna, for me, we go. it's really tough for me. what you're saying here
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is difficult to change after so many months. you're going here, which is, you know, i really have been working on let's take you through the headlines here now just here now the tyler bond has taken another 3 provincial capitals enough, ghana, stan, that's 90 under a week. the latest polar homely and fires above in the north as well as far city in the south. meanwhile, talks continue in da. how for a 2nd day, rob mcbride is in cobble with more on the latest taller bon advances. the latest that 2 provincial capitals are relatively.


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