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tv   [untitled]    August 11, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] i will just 0. when ever i write down to the i me, the number of dead rises to 65 in our g area, the latest mediterranean country to be hit by wildfires. ah, hello, i'm emily angry. this is al jazeera live from dough. how also coming up, the afghan president rallies troops in the north of the country as taliban fighters gain new grounds. china sentences,
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the canadian businessman to 11 years in prison and what's been condemned as hostage diplomacy. amnesty international accuses ethiopian and era trained troops using sexual violence as a weapon of war, abusing hundreds of women and girls and to grind awe . wildfires in algeria have ripped across its mountainous regions, killing at least 65 people. 28 of those with soldiers who died during rescue operations. he can save from this map of orange darts show away individual fires have affected at least 16 provinces since monday, the majority are in the forest, slightly inland from the coastline, but the largest 5 new cities of cheesy resume in the could be region and also been jaya, where 5 have started spreading. laura bed and manly report. it's
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a desperate situation. from branches to plastic, containers of water locals using whatever hand to smother the flames. your cold but you to we are fighting fire to protect at least the houses we evacuated the elderly and we stayed as you can see. well no, it's all i hope mama, catch michigan. as you see, there are 5, every with we have not seen the government here, the people are acting as the government long live the civil protection team. what i'll jerry as can be region is known for its lush mountains and forests, but scorching from a temperatures have reduced the trees to kindling if one of 16 provinces in the north african country that's been hit by wildfire since monday. but many villages are isolated, difficult to reach and suffer from severe water shores just as home burn and cause
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disintegrate. many people have escaped to shelter in hotels and schools. some soldiers sent into help were reportedly cut off from safety by the fires. answer comes to the flames. others badly injured with burns. we are the more. we have 3 deaths here and 4 in the village. the hospital is full of jury's prison abdomen. she dare. boone tweeted, condolences to the soldiers, families. the interior minister has blamed arsonists for the fires, but so far haven't provided details of the fuel. the fuel in which i can tell you for beating the fire, we're fighting it with all that we have as a thick blanket of smoke consumes could be as mountains and the skies tint amber
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residents via crew and soldiers continue to battle. the destructive force of the fires nor budget manly out to 0 and al jazeera is a test. cadet dra is into the user where some of the most severe files are. yes, any mosier how to go, but i think this is the 2nd major wildfire. now it's area this summer. i 1st was in country i'll state a few weeks ago or 10000 hector is a foreign land burned down. more than 42 wildfires were witnessed in the vicinity of foreign villages in the state of tis use you were last night. people watched in horror and were displaced by the fire, the residence of tried to help civil defense teams in their efforts to put out fires near their house and who i know the states have tried their best and have offered more civil defense and firemen teams to help to the people here are talking a lot about material losses in agriculture and they're all the farm. the efforts of the civil defense team supported by the jury and army and
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a lot of volunteers are ongoing to rescue the citizens and find new shelters for me. the taliban is making new gains across afghanistan as diplomats from several countries attempt to get interest. afghan talks back on track here in doe, in the past week. the taliban tegan 9 provincial capitals. the latest being poorly comrey and finds about in the north and fara city in south. rob mcbride has moved from campbell. the map of who controls what in afghanistan is constantly changing and from the government point of view is changing before the worse. if you look especially at the north of the country at the gains of the taliban has been making in recent days, it's really only bizarre. sharif a very important stronghold for the government. that remains in government hands. they still well defended. all of the fighting is outside of the city and you would
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have said until recently there would be absolutely no chance of it being overwhelmed. but we do know that many people living in missouri sharif have been thronging the airport, trying to get on several flights without being staged every day to bring people out wanting to leave the city. still in the north, we understand they're still fighting around, couldn't do that. the very important safety that was lost by the government. so you have all of this fighting still going on to then some of the provincial capital that have been taken by the taliban. although they have been quite in consequential in terms of their city size. strategically, the quite important, such as the city of public comrey. now that is what brings the fighting and brings the taliban close to to cobble. we understand that today, tuesday, it is a life back to normal shops. i'll reopening businesses reopening that once again. but under a taliban flag and be while south of cobble, we understand that there has been
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a tax launched around around kandahar city on all 4 sides and al jazeera mohammed jam. jim has the latest on the emergency talks taking place here in durham. the fact that these talks are happening. all right, now it's such a critical juncture really goes to show how much impetus there is from the international community to try to come up with some kind of joint solution to a very rapidly deteriorating situation in afghanistan. one of the things that some of the diplomats i spoke with yesterday are hopeful for is that perhaps if things are successful in this round of talks, which is expected to last 3 days, perhaps there could be the announcement of another session of intra apt and peace talks or dialogue, the last one of those meetings happen and in mid july and those talks have really just kind of stalled out. there hasn't been much momentum. now the fact is, the taller bond really has the wind that its facts are taking over more and more territory. and the diplomats i was speaking with yesterday. really were wondering
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if the taliban was serious about coming here and negotiating and listening to these on boys that are trying to get them to come up with some sort of a piece plan. so everything really very much an open question right now as to what exactly will happen today that we do know is this is the 2nd day and what is expected to be to be 3 days of talks and the diplomats, although they're not really speaking publicly about what's going on in the meetings are trying desperately to come together, get some sort of a plan, some sort of a formula for a peaceful solution to what is going on in afghanistan. china has sent his to canadian businessmen to 11 years in prison after being found guilty of spying. he was arrested in 2018. the canadian government has described the case against michael, sever as hostage politics. katrina, you reports from beijing. the verdict sentencing canadian, michael spafford to 11 years in prison was delivered behind closed doors in a courtroom in the northeast in chinese city of dun don't. the city had been home
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to the businessmen who organized tool was to north korea until he was detained in december 2018 and charged with sharing state secrets. former canadian diplomat, michael harvard, was also arrested and charged with spying. both men were tried in march after more than 2 years in detention. savage sentence was condemned by canada's ambassador to china. we've maintained from the beginning that miko stabber and michael covert are being detained arbitrarily. and we will continue to call for their immediate relief . denouncement came, is chinese executive, one job faces caught in vancouver in a final push to fight expedition to the united states. the former hallway chief financial officer is accused of violating sanctions on iran. relations between china and canada. have soured, considerably more ingenious, should she get mal one jose case is purely politically motivated. these 2 canadians are suspected of engender in china, date security,
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and special and covered were detained just weeks after months arrest ottawa has accused paging of hostage diplomacy, intellect. canadian prime minister, judge intruder issued a statement saying the ruling was unjust, and lacked transparency. representatives from 25 countries, including the u. s. u. k and japan appeared at the canadian embassy in beijing and supporters babel. the chinese court sent mike babble to live in years in prison and ordered him deep location. but it's unclear when that would happen. canadian officials say it's more likely after the jail tenant, but some say it could be an option used as a bargaining chip with canada. it all hangs on what happens to miss mung and tube or perhaps later if she is extradited in washington. the verdict follows the upholding of the death sentence of another canadian robot schellenberg. on tuesday,
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he was jailed in china and 2014 for drug smuggling. it's unclear when the court will give its decision on michael coverage, michael spafford has 10 days to appeal his sentence. but in the country, when 99 percent of criminal cases are found guilty, the chances of overturning the ruling are unlikely. katrina you out 0 baking. brutal acts of sexual violence have been used systemically as a weapon of war into grind. that's the verdict of a report by am the scenes national. it says mainly if your opinion ever trained soldiers, right? hundreds of women and girls subjecting some to sexual slavery and mutilation. others report had been gang right in front of their families, and mister secretary general says they could amount to crimes against humanity. me don't tell. rivera is the author of the report and a senior crisis adviser at amnesty international. she says the victims are getting very little help the support as being regrettably very limited for
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a number of reasons. the survivors of these atrocities are either in the t gray region over the o, p r, and some of them are in the refugee camps in sudan in both those places. the humanitarian situation is dire. in t gray, there are additional problems at d. u many terry and agencies and organizations that are able to operate into tea region have complained day and day out that they face restrictions to, to derek, to their work, to the delivery of humanitarian aid. and communication is very restricted, so they, you know, a lot of the survivors aren't. you been able to communicate with their family members who are lost somewhere with. and they don't even know if they're dead or
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alive. they should be receiving medical care psycho social support because the atrocities they have been subject to to have been so great that they have left very long lasting and some time rep for both physical and psychological damage and, and the survivors. so the fires are mostly not able to, to get the treatment and the assistance that they require. still ahead on al jazeera, these are people that need our support. they know, nobody chooses to be my grand panama host, to summon, to try to address a growing migration crisis in latin america. and delano may see says he's hungry to wind trophy that paris saint germain to signing and see do
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a hello good to see you. here's the thing, the southwest monsoon for the west coast of india, we're going to lose some of that intensity. so in fact, for places like new delhi, a mix of sun in cloud on wednesday. but where the monsoon rains are picking up is toward the northeast. so indian states like the har westbank all into disha, this is really where we're going to have to watch for the potential of some flash flooding in the monsoon range. really shopping up against the foothills of the himalayas. so paul and bu tan will also see that rain pick up on thursday. meantime, asia pacific, we've got our plum rains, they're really getting go and let me put this into motion right now and you see really not a whole lot of change. these are training storms, so that's when the rain is parked over an area and just bringing out it's moisture through the yang see the east china sea into southern sections of japan. speaking of the yang,
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see pretty much from the yang see to the south trying to see we've got bursts of rain here. anywhere from about 50 to 100 millimeters of rain has been falling over the past 24 hours in time. subdued rain across the philippines, but locked into high humidity here. so manila 30 feeling about 40 and we've got some big storms over borneo on thursday. that sure weather update season. the if you were looking at this from the outside, you would really wonder what was going on, what, what is this is a religion that they have an in depth exploration of global capitalism on our obsession with economic growth. this is still the center of capitalism. there is no limits. i view myself as a capital artist. we are trying to bake of the world mother and father. we don't want to be so realistic in the world. we would rather have a fancy growing pains on al jazeera.
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oh a hello. you're watching al jazeera, i'm emily anglin. reminder of our top stories this our while flies have killed at least 65 people. now g area 28 of those with soldiers who died during a rescue operation. fires have ravaged forests in at least 16 provinces. since mundane taliban has taken another 3 provincial capitals, enough canister, that's 9. and under a week elated styrene police camry and 5 the bad in the north and ferocity in the south bay mall talks. continuing. joe, for a 2nd day, and a chinese court has sentenced to canadian man to 11 years in prison to finding him
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guilty of spying. business men, michael spafford was detained alongside another canadian citizen in 2018 candidate sees the cases as politically motivated. panama is hosting ladies from costa rica, colombia, the us and other countries to discuss the ongoing migration crisis and his border with colombia, there are thousands of people stuck on the columbia inside some planning to take a dangerous route through the diary and gab theresa bows for it to pen him is foreign minister about plans to contain the influx of migrants. they're vulnerable, trying to cross one of the most dangerous jungles in the world, the daring gaps. thousands of people from haiti, cuba and other countries, are crossing from columbia to panama to make it to north america, panama. the following minister, eddie comeliness met without the 0 to talk about how to guarantee people safety on the journey. you have been very active in trying to talk to other countries
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involved in this migration. what would you'd like to see happen? my name is terry and corridor, or that's something i've heard you say. i mean, how would you implement something like that? the 1st thing is it has to be a humanitarian approach. these are people that need our support. they know nobody chooses to be a migrant. those are external causes. it is very difficult. they are hard breaking stories that you hear about the families. the children don't go through this process and a lot of people that are taking advantage of their situation. a going through their routes that they goal, it can happen without somebody orchestrating where they go and profiting from from, from this route. so what do we want? we want 1st with documentary and approach to make sure that everybody is following
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the same standards that we have in terms of care for the migrants. the 2nd one enormous to support migration. it has to be control. it can get out of control and this is not just to this continent. you see it another condoms, it is the same situation where if it goes uncontrolled and unchecked, it. ringback becomes a problem. so we are trying to raise awareness to get other countries to understand and to cooperate. pressure from countries likely us or canada to try to control the flow. no, we have not been pressured. and i think right now the main focus of attention has been the northern triangle migration. i think that there is been which we think is positive at the end. every type of migration should be dealt with, ideally from the rude casa, so that you are helping what, what is creating the, the concern, or they need to migrate,
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rather than just control or try to block it. they do benefit as mexico and even as all the other countries, because if you think about it, i don't know on dora or nicole or all the countries where they have their own migrants going towards the us. they're also receive this type of migration. so this is an added consideration are problem and top of the one that they're already facing. so i think it benefit from multiple friends to try to confront the situation and to come up with a more holistic approach in terms of solution. as governments in the region struggle to find solutions on how to cope with a crisis, the migrants continue to arrive, need is greater than fear of the dangers they will face along the way. there is, i will, i'll just eat up by now my city. and you can watch the full interview with panama, as a foreign minister. in the next episode of talk to al jazeera, that's at 430 j and take this saturday. a british diplomat has been arrested in
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germany after being accused of spying for russia. he said to have sent documents obtained from his workplace to a representative of the russian intelligence service. he's expected in court later on wednesday. at least 10 people have been killed in a landslide in northern india. several vehicles where he's when bold is tumbled down onto a highway, it happened in a mountainous area in the state of him. a child pradesh, rescuers have been working to free around 25 people who are still trapped in less than 10 percent of india's adult population. has been fully vaccinated against coven 19. but even as more doses have become available, the country's homeless population has little or no access to them. india supreme court has asked the government to explain wine patterns, middle reports from new delhi mohammad. our chrome is with his children in their
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makeshift home. it's attend, made entirely of plastic. she's offering little relief against the scorching heat, like others in the settlement of a chrome field. he's been ignored and forgotten about by the government. during the pandemic work has been hard to come by and there's been little or no support for those suffering from cooper 19 or to get the vaccine. some officials came and they don't to go names and left, but no one has come to vaccinate. yes, they come often to tell us to vacate that's it. even though vaccinations offering india accessing the jobs has been virtually impossible for those living on the margin of more than 4000000 people who are homeless in india. at least 250000 live on the streets of new delhi. a recent study found that more than 80 percent of them had not been vaccinated. mainly because they were unable to register online. a
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show pandey is a social worker who grew up on the streets during the last down he was spreading awareness about corporate 19 and is now trying to encourage vaccination. one is that people are so scared because of the human and the government hasn't done enough to educate them about the vaccine. you may know about it from newspapers, but they don't have the facility give us. most of them don't have phones and those who do cannot afford to recharge the badly order for us. so there are many issues with getting vaccinated in your supreme court is hearing a plea to prioritize vaccinations for the homeless. it has all the authority for details about what is being done to protect them from the virus, be rebuttal who are actually the last segment of the society. no one is actually concerned or bothered about them about their nation. i mean, if they are not vaccinated,
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they will become unintentional carrier to solve even if access improve, many like sony are reluctant to get a short on good people have died because of the vaccine, so we will not get the vaccine. and if we get the shot who will take care of our kids, the pandemic has already exposed the socio economic inequities in india. now, the fact millions of homeless people are not being vaccinated is threatening to hamper the fight against corona virus. park new middle al jazeera, new delhi. hundreds of people have been rallying in bangkok against their government. handling of the current of virus thailand is recording around $20000.00 new cases every day. if the countries worst outbreak, so far, pressure has been mounting on the government after a slow vaccination rollout and the economic impacts of restrictions. place of 5 tea, gas, water, cannon, and rubber bullets to disperse crowns. the philippines has recorded its fast as
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economic growth in food he years growing by almost 12 percent in the 2nd quarter. many economists say the figure is a mathematical illusion driven by the impact of the corona virus. on the economy binding the low reports from mila. we are inside a cache, a distribution center in the philippine capital manila where another hard lockdown has been imposed by the national government here as well as in surrounding suburbs . this is of course, the per, but an exponential outbreak of 19, in particular, the delta variance off the virus. now, this crowd that you see right behind me, they're waiting to receive financial assistance of $20.00 per individual affected by the lockdown or a maximum of $80.00 for each family. now this is happening just as the philippine economy is already recovering. the philippine government announced on tuesday that
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economic growth for the 2nd quarter of 2021 was at 11.8 percent. that is the best figure for the philippines. 1988. but analysts say it's not really what it seems because in fact the philippines had been in recession for 53 quarters. and so the 11.8 percent economic growth is coming from a very low beef of a 17 percent contraction from a year ago. you really just think of it, but actually if you look at the seasonally adjusted your move be ups and downs of 3 d, b across the different quarters. the b to actually show that the economy contract from the 1st quarter of the sphere. what the countries chief economist, a secretary called to argue this isn't just the low base effect. he says it's also because the government has now learned to make policy decisions based on
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a balance of health and economy. and next year we did not shop the or most sectors can operate. workers are exempted from curfew. so these are important indication that we need to live with the virus and can help mitigate the downside risk or the 2nd lockdown back in april was in fact the more lenient and so that translated to more consumer spending and better performance of both the industry and serve as a sectors, but economist warren going forward because the capital had to return to a lockdown that economic recovery will be slower and the government holds to feet. leno mfc, now officially a p s g player. after 20 years and a boss, learners show the edge and tinian was unveiled in paris on wednesday to raucous crowds outside the stadium. his mission is to bring the champions league to the french club for the very 1st time, full race reports from paris. this was the moment leonor messy,
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turned the page after the tears of his barcelona exit on sunday. the world's biggest football star was all business focused on the job of winning a 1st champions league title for his new club party. sounds your mouth a showing like that, and then i've come to help get my maximum. i come with great enthusiasm with more desire than ever. many times i've said that my goals and my dream is to win the champions league again. and i think this is the ideal place to have more opportunities to achieve that. people had been gathered outside the park the problem since the weekend, but it was the arrival of the ultra as that was a demonstration, not just of p s g spending power, but the fervor of their supporters after the days of waiting during calling us tells us that little, nothing has finally come out here. they brought to me the party from the mercy circus will now to the country for the legal season,
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bringing superstars on another level. 2 provincial towns, messi pulse with dream line up, including the likes of brazil, stall, naima, and spain's sergio ramos would be crazy. everywhere he would go. it would be like the, i don't know the harlem got plus as the times 10 even, you know, to see the p. s yourself. it's not just messy, actually. you saw the others you put in long. i never thought they would have a see then or miss you play live and now they have that chance. so. busy it's going to be special for the people and why, because why we did this isn't for ph. d. and she wasn't that. so the next season that before the going to massey was offered the number 10 shirt. he wore a boss, a loaner, but took 30 instead his 1st squad number 2 decades ago. p s g. hope his arrival will mean that number 7, front strike a kilian and by also stays. both of them only can in the future to live. killian is very competitive and creates the mentality to when he said publicly that he wants a competitive team. and now i don't think there's
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a more competitive team than this. and that means that he doesn't have an excuse to do any other thing. the formalities of the medical, his $41000000.00 contract and his unveiling over now it's time for messy to step on the pitch. he should do that, that training this week and in a much for real, by the end of the month, pull race, algae, era, paris. ah, hello. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. wildfires have killed at least 65 people in algeria 28 of those with soldiers who died during the rescue operation. fires have ravaged forests in at least 16 provinces since monday. and i'll do sir. is l t at tech cadet drum reports? yes, any mosier how to go, but i just had one. this is the 2nd major wildfire, and algeria this summer 1st was in contact with state a few weeks ago or 10000. hector is


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