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ah hello hot sunshine and high temperatures, it's really the name of the came across the middle east. so come, let me show you what we're dealing with on thursday. we've got 50 degrees and boxed at at around $38.00 and that is well above average. next, i did want to take you to pakistan where toward the south, it is settled, but further toward the north, we're dealing with that mon sooner moisture so impacting places like is the warm about with the high of 33 degrees. we do have big concern over a disturbance hanging over the black sea. this could intensify to a tropical life cycle and look, it's going to throw rain to turkey's northeastern black sea region. this is an area still recovering from flooding. places like our hobby, hundreds of people have been forced from their homes. so 1st the fires, and now we're going to be dealing with some flooding rains. speaking of flooding
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rains toward the tropics of africa, these storms are really getting going in particular through can maroon and i, julia, we have seen some very heavy rainfall in the past 24 hours further toward the south . we do have a lot of sunshine for places like botswana habit are only $29.00 degrees, but toward the eastern cape. it is unsettled and we've got to deal with gusty winds to 55 kilometers per hour. that's dropped the sea soon. the news release. the height of english football lies in elicit market for the rich and powerful one of the leading specialist work undercover just years investigative unit exposes the inner workings and key players in the murky underbelly of football finance. he's making some people going, in addition, has been said that you can make an elephant disappeared. i have many of the exciting brazen example i've the men who sell football. just
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long before the covert crisis broke, the world was grappling with another global crisis. the climate breakdown, destruction of nature can lead to destruction of people. all hail the lockdown examines links between these 2 crises and asks why it took a panoramic to bring on changes that should have been made long ago. all these things, we would tell him a complete impulse suddenly become connected. the wake up call that can't be ignored on our job. oh, a. on the news on here we're down to the are, these are the help stories. the taliban has taken another 3 provincial capitals and
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i've kind of done 9 in under a week now. the latest quandary and finds about in the north and for us to be in the south top continue for a 2nd day and he says it's reached in alliance with the to guy and people's liberation front, the aroma liberation army. the only solution is to overthrow the government militarily. how did it get to and were added to it here at the terribly wildfire of cuba? the 65 people in our area 28 of those soldiers who died during the rescue operation . fire of ravaged forests in at least 16 provinces. since monday. to take you back to our top story, briefly afghanistan, where the interior minister has revealed to al jazeera, the government's plan, to stop the taliban. he says the government is starting support behind local uprising movements and focusing on securing main highways. large cities and border
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crossing. charlotte bellis has this exclusive report with the minnesota 5 weeks ago general abdul sat, mirza quote, stepped into the role of a scanner stones and terry, a minister in all he commands a force of 130000 people. today he is driving toward deck a province west of cobble, much of the provinces, controlled by the taliban. for government personnel travelling by road is rear and requires an escort official forsooth. in the last 3. so taliban has more than doubled its territory. and in the last week started to take prevention. capitals. what's going through your head at the moment about those provinces? how? how worried you and how to use the room? looks cool. we are working in 3 phases. the 1st is to stop the defeat. second, the re gather our forces, security rings around the city with all those soldiers that abandon their posts
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were bringing them back to their posts. the 3rd is to begin offensive operations on these trips or about boosting morale. he admits that is suffered with the advances the taliban has made. also the telephone attempt to assassinate the defense minister and promised to target other government leaders security around minutes to move. the quote has never been tied to. a simple task of visiting checkpoints requires this many special forces. you survived multiple taliban assassination attempts, and his previous jobs as the governor of colonel and condos. i'm a soldier, a soldier never gets frightened. when we wear the uniform, it means we are ready for death. i'm not worried about it. he says a lot of the governments losses are as a result of them losing control of roads and highways. many areas must be resupplied by air. and after the us withdrew, they lost a lot of that type ability. with as fun as unfortunately with their withdrawal,
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the fighting started in $400.00 areas of the country and we have very limited air support. the helicopters have been busy with moving supplies and evacuating our dead and injured force. and so they are delegating to local leaders. empowering them to recruit within their community to rise against the taliban. really. com. millines paloma the. there are concerns from the international community about these uprising forces at the moment that the all their members will eventually merge to the afghan national security forces. would have governor says he already has 300 men fighting in one 4th, but he complained he could only provide weapons for 2 thirds the rest. he said he cannot provide with water, let alone money or arms for the last few months, people are waiting for the weapons. but unfortunately, the promises i made to these people were not fulfilled. but there is no doubt and
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a loyalty and desire to help get around outside the room, the minister's min wage wouldn't police and soldiers joined them. the talk of last nights, gains and losses, where they may be st next, and how the many injuries are healing. some briefly leave to push off taliban assaults. thousands of police officers have abandoned their posts in recent months . the interior ministry says they are returning and will be retrained. been sent back to the provinces. they say 5000 people have signed up for the police force and just the last 3 weeks with another 2000 graduating this weekend. ah, the government strategy is slowly becoming clear, but its implementation is still fraud. and the stakes have never been higher. the tell about what, what would you say them to do? i know i'm asking the taliban to stop their brutality. leave killing. sit down with
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love and we should find solution. i'm asking them not to destroy buildings or are chief minutes. and let's come and sit together and make a coalition. government is one that would be acceptable to all side. the sooner we do this, the better yet they need leverage on the battlefield. to force a group to make political compromises. and every day, with every loss that leverage weakens. charlotte bellis, osha, 0 water. afghanistan. a china has sentence to canadian business men to 11 years in prison. enough to be found guilty of spying. he was arrested back in 2018. canadian governments described the case against michael barber as hostage politics, katrina, you as our report from paging the verdict sentencing canadian, michael spafford to 11 years in prison was delivered behind closed doors in a courtroom in the northeast in chinese city of dun don't. the city had been home
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to the businessmen who organized tools to north korea until he was detained in december 2018 and charged with sharing state secrets. from the canadian diplomat, michael harvard was also arrested and charged the spying. both men were tried in march after more than 2 years in detention. savage sentence was condemned by canada's ambassador to china. we've maintained from the beginning that michael stabber and michael covert are being detained arbitrarily. and we will continue to call for their immediate relief. denouncement came as chinese executive, one job faces caught in vancouver in a final push to fight expedition to the united states. the former hallway chief financial officer is accused of violating sanctions on iran. relations between china and canada. have soured considerably more junior. should she get money when jose case is purely politically motivated? these 2 canadians are suspected of engender in china, date security,
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and special and covered were detained just weeks after months arrest ottawa has accused paging of hostage diplomacy. canadian prime minister just intruder issued a statement saying the ruling was unjust, and lacked transparency. representatives from 25 countries, including the u. s. u. k and japan appeared at the canadian embassy in beijing in supporters. babble. the chinese court sent michael to 11 years in prison and ordered his people cation. but it's unclear when that would happen. canadian officials say it's more likely after the jail tend to search, but some say it could be an option used as a bargaining chip with canada. it all hangs on what happens to miss mung and tube or perhaps later if she is extradited in washington. the verdict follows the upholding of the death sentence of another canadian robot schellenberg. on tuesday, he was jailed in china and 2014 for drug smuggling. it's unclear when the court
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will give its decision on michael coverage. michael staffel has 10 days to appeal his sentence, but in the country when 99 percent of criminal cases are felt guilty, the chances of overturning the ruling are unlikely. katrina you out a 0 begging. very pleased to welcome stephanie calvin to the new zone, an associate professor of international affairs that carlton university with us from also well and thank you for your time and your patience as well. while we got to you, i know there's a big picture here, but i want to ask you about michael. spell the 1st of all, 11 years in prison, closed doors, court room in china. completely expected, isn't it? i mean, do you expect that he will actually then serve out those full 11 years so yeah, i mean, this must be devastating to the family, but this burden came as no surprise as the segments that introduced this discussion . that the conviction rate in china is 99 percent. we do hope that there is
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going to be some kind of potential for some kind of agreement. so i think that would probably be the easiest way for the to my goals as well as the other detained canadians to be released. some kind of agreement where ms. long, who is being held in or in extradition. hearing right now in vancouver, would it plead guilty perhaps to a lesser offense, pay a fine, and then be returned to china if us drop extradition request. and then hopefully they're after that basically the to michael's and other canadians would be released as well. i think that's the main hope right now, but, you know, as you know, relations between the advisor and ministration and the chinese government continue to be very frosty. it's not clear how realistic or how soon that might be. just been reading some notes here where you've described this as a diplomatic dance in a way because there is, as we said, so much more than just this one case going on. what do you mean by the, the dance here? so you know, as again, it was stated in that segment earlier,
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the chinese see this as a political prosecution. they definitely see canada as acting at the lap dog support the united states in its efforts to kind of undermine while way globally. so, you know, because they see it politically, there shouldn't be surprised. they're trying to spend a political signal. and every time we see developments in the mon case in vancouver, we often see some kind of reciprocal exchange in the chinese legal system. so for example, this week we saw some final arguments being presented by the monks defense. and we should not be there for the price that we saw development happen in the case of the to michael's over one of the my goals as well as mr. schellenberg. it is, it's a dance of diplomatic signal, right? but there's a threat, isn't there as well? because china has no qualms, no issues with taking strong action. and even if it does take strong action and is condemned by the international community, not much really comes with that very often does it?
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yes, and this has come with some frustration here in canada. there's a number of political leaders that have been calling for stronger actions including potentially boycotting the winter 2022 olympic games. and of course the olympic games are very big in canada would be a very significant step. but, you know, we're a middle power g foreign policy is essentially if you hit us, we will hit you back twice as hard. this is something that other middle powers, like a strictly i have experienced a in terms of their trade. and so we have to be very careful and unfortunately, i think we are going to have to let this legal slash political process work out. even as you know, there's a lot of hope in canada that some kind of trilateral solution between canada, the united states, and try to may produce some progress. stephanie calvin, with her expert opinion from also today. thank you. we really appreciate it. thank you. a british national has been arrested in germany after being accused of spying for russia. he said to have sent documents obtained from the british embassy,
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where he works to a representative of a russian intelligence surface, dominant cane in berlin to bring us up to speed. what more can you tell of 70 well, the man concerned a 7 year old british national engage here are local hire as being accused of infringing to different parts of german law, specifically in so far as it concerns espionage and the accusations against them. all that he received money to pass on fence with his confidential information to a representative of the russian intelligent services. now the man has been remanded in custody. now, the authorities here half the time that they will need to build what have a case they are able to build against the presumption of innocence supplies to this individual. but he is in custody as the forward to continue investigating with making the point. this was a bilateral investigation by the british and the german warranties with the german
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authorities in the leave. what makes this interesting is that the person concerned working in the embassy here behind me. well, let's be clear, the russian embassy. in other words, the representation of the government that he was, if the accusations are correct, that he was allegedly receiving money to provide information to will there and receive just 100 meters down the road. from here, the man confirmed this david s was picked up by the authorities in his department in pot family on the western i scouts of the bus. his apartment is being such that so has this office here in the british embassy. lots of questions being asked right now by the authorities, but perhaps also by the people working in the british embassy behind me. but what this man is doing and what sort of access he has, the documents from that sort of thing. very many questions being off intriguing. absolutely. thank you. dominant cane with that report from belin,
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we have got your sports news coming up on the news i had into paris to hear what the message has been saying after completing his move. to power centureman. ah, brought to you by accenture. let there be change. the news with
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me booty by extension that there be change. oh a job here with your sport and all about one guy. today's it is all about one guy. this guy in fact, come out after 20 years in a boss and i shut the argentine in, has been officially presented in paris, sunshine man as a player. his mission is to bring the champions league to the french club for the very 1st time. police reports from paris. this was the moment leonor messy,
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turned the page after the tears of his barcelona exit on sunday. the world's biggest football stall was all business focused on the job of winning a 1st champions league title for his new club. perry sounds your mouth wash and i've come to help to get my maximum. i come with great enthusiasm with more desire than ever. many times i've said it that my goal and my dream is to win the champions league again. and i think this is the ideal place to have more opportunities to achieve that people had been gathered outside the park to prom since the weekend, but it was the arrival of the altars. that was a demonstration, not just of p s g spending power, but the fervor of their supporters after the days of waiting during calling to tell her that little nothing had finally come out here, they brought to me the price from the mercy circus will now to the country for the legal season,
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bringing superstar them on another level. 2 provincial towns messy pulse for dream line up, including the likes of brazil, stall, naima, and spain's sergio ramos would be crazy. everywhere he would go. it would be like the, the had him go plus times 10 even, you know, to see the p. s. your spouse is not just messy, actually. you saw the others. you put in preston knowing i never thought they would have a see misty play live. and now they have that chance so. busy it's going to be special for the people and why, because while we did get you going for ph. d and that she wasn't that the weight next season. with that before the going to massey was offered the number 10 shirts . he wore a boss, a loaner, but took 30 instead. his 1st squad number 2 decades ago, p s g hope his arrival will mean that number 7, front strike a kilian and bap i also stays. both of them are looking at a future clip. killian is very competitive and creates the mentality to when he said publicly that he wants a competitive team. and now i don't think there's
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a more competitive team then this. and that means that he doesn't have an excuse to do any other thing. the formalities of the medical, his $41000000.00 contract and his unveiling over now it's time for messy to step on the pitch. he should do that the training this week and in a much for real, by the end of the month, pull race out his era, paris, or p s. j of already begun recouping some of their investment in messy. the official club shop funds queued for shirts mess his name and the number 30 on the bank, which costs up to $198.00 us dollars each. that's if you can find one because they were flying out to the shop. and if you order one online, you'll have to wait until the end of september to receive it. i mean and believable . i'm the word product, whether it's a brand new chevy, it will leveled with met name and so on. i just corporate for what to seek him in the piece. he still johnson, it's historic. he's the best player in the world. i never imagined one day to see
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messy. just a few steps away from my house. it's crazy. so i'm buying the shirt to a mortar large this moment, will chelsea both thomas to hold remains tight lipped over the return of melanie cocker. from into milan, the belgian strikers expects to rejoin in a club record 135000000 dollar deal to who wants to focus on wednesday. super cut much can villareal as they look for their 1st when of the season. but chelsea defender antonia rebecca who played against cochrane many times so he'd love to team up with him. go visit, can see the body type is a beast and someone is very strong and i think he showed it also now in italy in the past 2 years. and he did very well over there and also for the nation. a team like think go score like for me to strike me and be a now. and the lake has looked like being forced direct to be reckoned with next season after signing russell westberg to play with bron james and anthony davis.
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the 32 year old who came from the washington wizards says it's surreal to sign for the team. he supported a youngster. westbrook is a 9 time all saw but has never won a championship. the hope to change that alongside to other hope star. as you know, brian is on the best player to play this game. and he's of his ability to be able to kind of do everything on the floor. allows me to be able to just figured out. i'm coming to a championship caliber team and my job was to make sure that i'm able to make his game easy for him. these 3 guys can do it all. you know what i love about our group, bron 80. and russ is, they're all make the right play players, you know, i mean, it's not just about scoring or, or being a 111 dimensional player, you know, they can all do it all, you know, so i'm most excited about what, see what the 3 of them on the court at the same time looks, looks like he's joining limbic and as he says,
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it is cruel and uncaring. that some of their athletes returning from tokyo, will have to quarantine for 4 weeks. a group of 16 olympians from south australia or a current painting and sidney for 14 days. they then face another 2 weeks of isolation when they return to their home state. and application for the athletes to be exempt has been rejected. the teams chief medical officer says the situation poses a significant risk to the physical and mental well being of the individual can use double lim, pick marathon champion, and he had kept ciocca has arrived home in my very be the 26 year old. successfully defended his title on the phone with a games in japan, becoming a 3rd runner ever to win multiple gold medals in the men's marathon running olympics, but fish and the boat. you manage. so it's about winning and, and all the human things. and we can, we not of old time, not about old, fast or slow,
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you have to put fit our liberties back in japan. nealon pick rings have been removed from tow care bay. the structure was installed last december to promote enthusiasm for the games. admit the pandemic take his paralympics. begin in just under 2 weeks time. all right, that's his book for now. more later. come up, lee. thank you joe. finally, we're up to the united states. we're going full throttle at a popular motorbike gathering despite fears. it will once again be a super spreader event for covered 19 debrel and it's under reports from the 10 day rally in sturgis, south dakota, the, the sound of the world's largest baker party. it's called the sturges motorcycle rally. held every august for the past. 81 years. these 3 women rode their motorcycle 2000 kilometers over 3 days to be here. rally what else you can ask for. this year,
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an estimated $700000.00 bikers from all over the united states have descended on sturges for 10 days of food, drinking rock, concert, lots of motorcycle riding on the nearby country highways. the event brings in roughly $800000000.00 to the local economy. biggest party ever got a lot of a lot of motorcycles, but not masks, social distancing, temperature checks, or mandatory negative covert tests. none are required. last year, south dakota made the controversial decision to hold the rally in august and weeks later, a surgeon covered 19 cases was linked to the sturges rally. the good news is many of the events are held out. doors slowing the spread, but still help. officials are worried, but in sturgess, the people we spoke to weren't bothered cable or comp and you don't know if there was a smoke up there because got take care and just trying to watch you. are you worried?
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it may now or now right now, because you're going to either one way or another, you're going to have our cycle, you get out of bed the morning because it will take the wrapper caution. this up happens that it was just stored your, your time to go. we had are back to an agent and it is what it is. and i think i already had the delta 2 weeks ago, i spoke to the mayor of sturgess and he says that this rally was never in doubt. and that by the time they realized that delta barry was hitting hard here, it was simply too late to cancel. what to do? what's right for people? common sense stay home or sick or if you start to feel like you know, stay away for people. no, no regrets about holding on in this town. clearly the roar of the motorcycle engines drowning out any fears of the virus and the lives that could be lost because of it. gabriel is santo al jazeera sturgis, south dakota,
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were back in a couple minutes time with another full. well, this new news here now to the light. i kind of found on the rest of the in in the wake of the chron ella race, right? how much can someone take before the class? the fight for recognition is crucial. we needed corner heads to prevail, brothers and heads of fable friends. it was a religion and the thing that was a community one was to be disrespect to al jazeera, explores the history and struggled of the lebanese community in australia. once
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upon a time in punchbowl on al jazeera, the us is always of interest to people around the world. this is been going on for a number of what's being used to 55 reports, 30 minutes. and i respect to try to explain to your mobile audience and why it's important that could impact their life at the height of the storm. water was too high. it would have been above my head. this is an important part of the world. people pay attention to what we're going to do is very good at bringing the news to the world from new zealand. nicely, birds are at risk of extinction. in bishop plan to read the nation as the president sides of one of the best to get on out t g news. you can watch the english streaming light on, i do see channels plus thousands of our programs award winning documentaries. and
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to get the news report subscribe to you choose dot com forward slash al jazeera english. ah yes. can president raney's troops in the north of the country as taliban? by his gain? new grounds. i'm charlotte fell with stones and harry, a minister tell us how the government plans to fight back again. telegrams recently found. ah, hello, we got all of them. are you here? in doug with the world news from al jazeera, the number of debt rises to 65 in algiers.


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