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tv   [untitled]    August 11, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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plus thousands of our programs award winning documentary. and to get new to a subscribe to youtube dot com. forward slash al jazeera english. ah . can president ronnie's troops in the north of the country as taliban by his gain new ground? i'm charlotte, felice would have ganna stones and harry administer who tell us how the government plans to fight back against taliban recently found? ah, hello, we got all of them. are you here in doug? with the world news from al jazeera, the number of dead rises to 65 in algeria. in algeria,
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the latest mediterranean country to be hit by wildfire, china sentences, a canadian business and 211 years in prison. it's what been condemned as hostage to plug and i widely asked and government is now arming local groups as it tries to push back the slightest taliban offensive. the interior minister has told al jazeera, the forces are also trying to secure main highways. large cities and border crossings. begin with this exclusive report from charlotte bella. 5 weeks ago general abdul sam murphy quelled, stepped into the role of it's going to stones interior minister in all he commands a force of 130000 people. today he is driving toward deck a province west of cobble, much of the provinces controlled by the taliban. government personnel travelling by road is rear and requires an escort of special forces. in the last 3 months,
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the taliban has more than doubled its territory. in the last week started to take provincial capital. what's going through your head at the moment about those provinces? how? how worried? and how do you stop in the room and look cool. we are working in 3 phases. the 1st is to stop the defeat. second, the recap, there are forces security rings around the city with all those soldiers that abandoned their posts were bringing them back to their posts. the 3rd is to begin offensive operation. the moment on these trips or about boosting morale. he admits that is suffered with the advances the taliban has made. also the telephone attempt to assassinate the defense minister and promised to target other government leaders security around minister murder quo has never been tied to. a simple task of visiting checkpoints requires this many special forces. you survived multiple
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taliban assassination attempts, and his previous jobs as the governor of colonel and condos was. i'm a soldier, a soldier never gets frightened. when we wear the uniform, it means we are ready for death. i'm not worried about it. he says a lot of the governments losses are as a result of them losing control of roads and highways. many areas must be resupplied by ear, and after the us withdrew, they lost a lot of that paper ability. but that's fun, it's unfortunately with their withdrawal, the fighting started in $400.00 areas of the country and we have very limited air support. the helicopters have been busy with moving supplies and evacuating our dead and injured forces. so they are delegating to local leaders, empowering them to recruit within their community to rise against the taliban. really. com millines paloma they. there are concerns from the international community about these uprising forces at the moment. all their members will
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eventually merge into the afghan national security forces. would ex governor says he already has 300 men fighting in one 4th, but he complained he could only provide weapons for 2 thirds the rest. he said he cannot provide with water, let alone money or arms. for the last few months, people are waiting for the weapons, but unfortunate the promises i made to these people were not fulfilled, but there was no doubt and a loyalty and desire to help get around outside the room. the minister's men winked ward at police and soldiers joined them. the talk of last nights, gains and losses, where they may be seen next and how the many injuries are healing. some briefly leave to push off the telephone assaults. thousands of police officers have abandoned their post some recent months. the interior ministry says they are returning and will be retrained in st. back to the provinces. they say 5000 people
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have signed up for the police force and just the last 3 weeks with another 2000 graduating this weekend. ah, the government strategy is slowly becoming clear, but its implementation is still fraud. and the stakes have never been higher. the telephone at watching. what would you tell them to do? i know i'm asking the taliban to stop their brutality. leave killing. sit down with love and we should find solution. i'm asking them not to destroy buildings or are chief minutes. and let's come and sit together and make a coalition. government are going to one that would be acceptable to all sides of the sooner we do this, the better yet they need leverage on the battlefield. to force a group to make political compromises. and every day, with every loss that leverage weakens. charlotte bellis, osha 0. water. afghanistan. relative from our other correspondence. first rub
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mcbride in cobble with more on the latest games made by the taliban. this the ever changing map of who controls what in afghanistan really not looking good for the government after. what's been another very heavy day of fighting, you know, more than 25 years ago when the taliban 1st emerged largely from the south of the country. it found resistance to it in the north, what eventually became known as the northern alliance. well, you know, we seem with this latest resurgence that resistance simply being swept away with the gains of these territories and provincial cities really leaving only bizarre sharif, the misery sharif is the only the city holding out against the taliban in the north . another city can do which is very important in the north bell to the taliban at the weekend. and now we know that the airport, which had been holding out to conduce that is also full. and there are reports of very heavy fighting around conduce. and that is significant because given it's
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important that government has promised a will, we take this city and we have been expecting a counter attack. so that's a real test because if it fails that test, if it doesn't, we take that safety. that's going to be very telling on which direction this whole conflict is moving. so you have all of these gains in the north. and then of course that's the continuing violence in the south in helmand and kandahar the strongholds of the taliban in the city of laska, which is heavily contested. there has been a massive car bomb. this was a humvee packed with explosives that was trying to get to the main police headquarters. it was intercepted, the was detonated, causing a number of casualties. b, while in neighboring kandahar city, that city has been under attack from all 4 sides. so the fighting in the north and the fighting and advances made in the south. it really puts a psychological pressure on the center here in cobble. and now mohammed jumped june with the latest on the emergency talks happening here in doug. the fact that these
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talks are happening at all right. now it's such a critical juncture really goes to show how much impetus there is from the international community to try to come up with some kind of joint solution to a very rapidly deteriorating situation in afghanistan. one of the things that some of the diplomats i spoke with yesterday are hopeful for is that perhaps if things are successful in this round of talks, which is expected to last 3 days, perhaps there could be the announcement of another session of intra afghan piece talks or dialogue, the last one of those meetings happen and in mid july and those talks have really just kind of stalled out. there hasn't been much momentum. now the fact is, the taliban really has the wind. that is fact, they're taking over more and more territory and the diplomats i was speaking with yesterday really were wondering if the taliban was serious about coming here and negotiating and listening to these envoys that are trying to get them to come up with some sort of a piece plan, so everything really very much an open question right now as to what exactly will
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happen today. we do know is this is the 2nd day and what is expected to be to be 3 days of talks and the diplomats, although they're not really speaking publicly about what's going on in the meetings, are trying desperately to come together and get some sort of a plan some sort of a formula for a peaceful solution to what is going on in afghanistan onto other news and wildfires in algeria have ripped across its mountainous regions, killing at least 65 people, 28 of those with soldiers who died during rescue operations. the details and this report from lord manley it's a desperate situation from branches to plastic containers of water locals using whatever hand to smother the flames. kobuck you to we are fighting fire to protect at least the houses we evacuated the elderly and we stayed as you can see. well, no, it's all i took a moment catch mission. as you see, there are 5,
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every with we have not seen the government here, the people are acting as the government long lived, the civil protection team. what algeria kabir region is known for its lush mountains and forests, but scorching summer temperatures have reduced the trees to kindling it's one of 16 provinces in the north african country that's been hit by wildfire since monday. but many villages are isolated, difficult to reach and suffer from severe water source just as home burn and cause disintegrate. many people have escaped to shelter in hotels and schools. some soldiers sent into help were reportedly cut off from safety by the fires. and for comes to the flames. others badly injured with burns.
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the more we have 3 deaths here and for the village. the hospital is full of jury's prison, abdomen. he deborah and tweeted, condolences to the soldiers, families the interior minister has blamed austin as for the fires, but so far hasn't provided details of the fuel and in which i can tell you for beating the fire. we're fighting it with all that we have as a thick blanket of smoke consumes could be as mountains and the skies tint amber residents via crew and soldiers continue to battle the destructive force of the fires, nor by the manly out to 0. and also there is other cut out there is in tissues who where some of the most severe fire. yes. any mosier, how do i go back to this is the 2nd major wildfire and now it's area this summer.
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first was in country i was state a few weeks ago or 10000. hector is a foreign land burned down. more than 42 wildfires were witnessed in the vicinity of foreign villages in the state of tis hughes you were last night. people watched in horror and were displaced by the fire where the residence of tried to help civil defense teams in their efforts to put out fires near their house. well, i know the states have tried their best and have offered more civil defense and firemen teams to help to the people here are talking a lot about material losses in agriculture and they're all the farm. the efforts of the civil defense teams supported by the jury, an army, and a lot of volunteers, are ongoing to rescue the citizens and find new shelters for the in the news ahead, amnesty international accuses ethiopia and an error tray and troops of using sexual violence of the weapon of war in ticket i feeling left out the fees for millions of people living on the streets in india, getting their vaccinations because ah
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ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. hello. good to see you. here's the thing. the southwest monsoon for the west coast of india, we're going to lose some of that intensity. so in fact, for places like new delhi, a mix of sun in cloud on wednesday. but where the monsoon rains are picking up is toward the northeast. so indian states like the har westbank all into disha, this is really where we're going to have to watch for the potential of some flash flooding in the monsoon range. really shopping up against the foothills of the himalayas. so paul and booth tan will also see that rain pick up on thursday. meantime, asia pacific, we've got our plum rains, they're really getting go and let me put this into motion right now, and you see really not a whole lot of change. these are training storms, so that's when the rain is parked over an area and just bringing out its moisture
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through the yang see the east china sea into southern sections of japan. speaking of the yang, see pretty much from the yang see to the south trying to see we've got bursts of rain here. anywhere from about 50 to 100 millimeters of rain has been falling over the past 24 hours in time. subdued rain across the philippines, but locked into high humidity here. so manila 30 feeling about 40 and we've got some big storms over borneo on thursday. that sure weather update season sponsor cut on airways. freezing. winds and rugged terrain and at times seem impossible. but for afghan traders who brave the con corridor, that is no choice combating the impossible to sell that goods in isolated areas. we follow that daring journeys as they overcome the extremes risking it all. i've
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got to stand on al jazeera. ah, ah, the me. the top, sorry that our own out of your afghan sounds. interior minister has told us the government forces pushing to secure main highways. large he's and border crossing vocal votes are being given on as well. they try to fight back to the town of an offense at the taliban, taken another 3 provincial capitals and found that 9 in under a week the latest public laundry and finds about in the north and south to continue in don't house for a 2nd day and one finds
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a kimberly 65 people in algeria 28 of those with soldiers who died during a rescue operation. 5, the ravaged force at least 16 provinces. partial acts of sexual violence have been used systematically as a weapon of war in take re, this is the verdict of report from amnesty international it's, it's mainly ethiopian an error trained soldiers, rape, hundreds of women and girls subjecting some to sexual slavery and mutilation. others reported being gang raped in front of their families. i missed the secretary general's as they could amount to crimes against humanity. the fear from donna tele rivera, the author of the report and the senior crisis adviser at amnesty international. the points out that these victims are actually getting very little help the support as being regrettably very limited for a number of reasons. the survivors of these atrocities are either into t gray region or with the o p r,
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and some of them are in the refugee camps in sudan in both those places. the humanitarian situation is dire. in t gray, there are additional problems at d, u many terry and agencies and organizations that are able to operate into t re legion have complained day to day out that they face restrictions to, to derek, to their work, to the delivery of humanitarian aid and communication. is very restricted, so they, they, you know, a lot of the survivors aren't, you've been able to communicate with their family members who are lost somewhere. and they don't even know if they're dead or alive. they should be receiving medical care psycho social support because the atrocities they have been subject to to have
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been so great that they have left very long lasting and some time if rep for both physical and psychological damage and, and the survivors. so the fires are mostly not table to, to get the treatment and the assistance that they require. china has sentenced a canadian business men to 11 years in prison. enough to be found guilty of spying, was arrested back in 2018. the canadian government is described the case against michael's better as hostage politics. katrina, you reports from paging. the verdict sentencing canadian, michael spafford to 11 years in prison was delivered behind closed doors in a courtroom in the northeast in chinese city of dun don't. the city had been home to the businessmen who organized tools to north korea until he was detained in december 2018 and charged with sharing state secrets. formed the canadian diplomat,
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michael coverage was also arrested and charged with spying. both men were tried in march after more than 2 years in detention. savage sentence was condemned by canada's ambassador to china. we've maintained from the beginning that miko stabber and michael covert are being detained arbitrarily. and we will continue to call for their immediate relief. denouncement came, is chinese executive, one job faces caught in vancouver in a final push to fight expedition to the united states. the former hallway chief financial officer is accused of violating sanctions on iran. relations between china and canada. have soured considerably more junior. should she get my one job? the case is purely politically motivated. these 2 canadians are suspected of engender in china, date security, and special and covered were detained just weeks after months arrest ottawa has
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accused paging of hostage diplomacy, intellect. canadian prime minister just intruder issued a statement saying the ruling was unjust, and lacked transparency. representatives from 25 countries, including the u. s. u. k and japan appeared at the canadian embassy in beijing and supporters special. the chinese court says it's mike to live in years in prison and ordered his deep location, but it's unclear when that would happen. canadian officials say it's more likely after the jail tend to but some say it could be an option used as a bargaining chip with canada. it all hangs on what happens to miss mung and tube or perhaps later if she is extradited in washington. the verdict follows the upholding of the death sentence of another canadian robot schellenberg. on tuesday, he was jailed in china and 2014 for drug smuggling. it's unclear when the court will give its decision on michael coverage, michael spafford has 10 days to appeal his sentence. but in the country,
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when 99 percent of criminal cases are felt guilty, the chances of overturning the ruling are unlikely. katrina you out 0 bating. the british nationals been arrested in germany after being accused of spying for russia. he said to have sent documents obtained from the british embassy, where he worked to a representative of a russian of the russian intelligent service ticket in court later on wednesday. but from donat kane in berlin. well, the man concerned a 7 year old british national, engage here on a local hire was being accused of infringing to different parts of german law, specifically in so far as it concerns espionage and the accusations against them. all that he received money to pass on sensitive about his confidential information to a representative of the russian intelligent services. now the man has been reminded in custody. so now the authorities here half the time that they will need to build
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whatever case they are able to build against. the presumption of innocence applies to this individual, but he is in custody as the forward to continue investigating with making the point . this was a bilateral investigation by the british and the german authorities with the german authorities in the leave. what makes this interesting is that the person concerned working in the embassy here behind me. well, let's be clear, russian embassy. in other words, the representation of the government that he was, if the accusations are correct, that he was allegedly receiving money to provide information to will there and just the 100 meters down the road from here, the man concerned this david s was picked up by the authorities in his apartment, in potsdam, the former western asked of him, but his apartment is being such. the house is office here in the british embassy
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room. i russian jailed opposition leader like say, nevada. the is facing you. criminal charges investigated. say now that the anti corruption foundation acted as a foreign agent and incited russian citizens committee legal act. the organization was classified as an extremist group back in june with team hollins. the parliament is set to vote on legislation that critics, they would damage media, freedoms. thousands of people have in protesting against the changes to the law, which would strengthen a ban on non european media ownership. opponent that could lead to the closure of the u. s. owned t v n a broadcaster critical of the polish got at least 10 people been killed in a landslide in northern india. several vehicles were hit when bold of tumbled down onto a highway. this is in a mountain of area in the state of human pradesh. rescuers have been working to free run. 25 people who are still trying to me
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will stay in india less than 10 percent of the population. there has been fully vaccinated against coven 19. but even more doses have become available to countries homeless population has little or no access to them. and india supreme court has asked the government to explain why. having to tell reports from the deli mohammed al chrome is with his children in their makeshift home. it's a tent made entirely of plastic sheets, offering little relief against the scorching heat, like others in the settlement of a chrome field. he's been ignored and forgotten about by the government. during the pandemic work has been hard to come by, and there's been little or no support for those suffering from cooper 19 or to get the vaccine. some officials came and they don't to go names and left, but no one has come to vaccinate. yes, they come often to tell us to vacate that's it. even though vaccinations offering
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india accessing the jobs has been virtually impossible for those living on the margin of more than 4000000 people who are homeless in india. at least 250000 live on the streets of new delhi. a recent study found the more than 80 percent of them had not been vaccinated. mainly because they were unable to register online. a short on day is a social worker who grew up on the streets. during the last down, he was spreading awareness about corporate 19 and is now trying to encourage vaccination. one is that people are so scared because of the human and the government hasn't done enough to educate them about the vaccine. you may know about it from newspapers, but they don't have the facility give us. most of them don't have phones and those who do cannot afford to recharge the badly order for us. so there are many issues with getting vaccinated in your supreme court is hearing
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a plea to prioritize vaccinations for the homeless. it has all the authorities details about what is being done to protect them from the virus, be rebuttal who are actually the last segment of the society. no one is actually concerned or bothered about them about their nation. i mean, if they are not vaccinated, they will become unintentional carrier to solve even if access improve, many like sony are reluctant to get a short on getting people have died because of the vaccine. so we will not get the vaccine. and if we get the shot who will take care of our kids, the pandemic has already exposed the socio economic inequities in india. now, the fact millions of homeless people are not being vaccinated is threatening to hamper the fight against corona virus. pardon the missile al jazeera new delhi for the 1st time since the sound of the pandemic south korea's reported more than 2000
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and new cases in a single day. this 4th way of being filled by again the more infectious delta variant. the number of deaths, though, isn't rising. with the number of new cases there are growing calls for tighter restrictions to be reimpose in the capital, sol. hundreds of people in rallying and thailand's capital against the government's handling of corona virus. around 20000 new cases are being recorded every day. the country will stop right sofa and the pressures been mounting on the government after a slow vaccination, rollouts and the economic effects of the restrictions. and the philippines has recorded its fastest economic growth and 30 years growing 11.8 percent in the 2nd quarter. so many economists say that figure is a mathematical illusion driven by the impact of corona virus on the economy. barnaby low reports. now from manila, we are inside a cash, a distribution center in the philippine capital manila where another hard lockdown has been imposed by the national government here as well as in surrounding suburbs
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. this is of course, the curb, but an exponential outbreak of 19, in particular, the delta varian off the virus. now, this crowd that you see right behind me there waiting to receive financial assistance of $20.00 per individual affected by the lockdown or a maximum of $80.00 for each family. now this is happening just as the philippine economy is already recovering. the philippine government announced on tuesday that economic growth for the 2nd quarter of 2021 was at 11.8 percent. that is the best figure for the philippines. 1988. but analysts say it's not really what it seems because in fact the philippines had been in recession for 53 quarters. and so the 11.8 percent economic growth is coming from a very low beef of
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a 17 percent contraction from a year ago. you really just think of it, but actually if you look at the seasonally adjusted gdc, your move be ups and downs of 3 d b across a different quarters. the data actually shows that the economy conducted from the 1st quarter of the sphere, what the countries chief economist, a secretary called to argue it isn't just the low base effect. he says it's also because the government has now learned to make policy decisions based on a balance of health and economy. and next year we did not shopped on public transport. most sectors can operate workers are exempted from curfew. so these are important indication that we are learning to live with the virus and can help me the the downside risk or the 2nd lockdown back in april was in fact the more lenient and so that translated to more consumer spending and better performance of
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both the industry and serve as a sectors, but economist warren going forward because the capital had to return to a lockdown that economic recovery will be slower than the government holds to feet . i almost exactly pass the out here analysis here. these are the headlines i've got stones. interior minister has told us that government forces pushing to secure main highways. large cities and border crossings. focus groups have been given arms as well. they try to fight back to taliban offensive ministers promised to push back taliban gains, but urged the group to su, piece as well. then them to do, i should know last. so i'm asking the taliban to stop their brutality. leave killing. sit down with love and we should find solutions. i'm asking them not to destroy buildings or.


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