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tv   [untitled]    August 11, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm AST

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has been hit, especially hard homes, have been destroyed. vehicles swept away this video showing at least one house collapsing into the flood waters or so at least 10 people killed in the lamps. light in northern india, several vehicles were hit when bold as tumbled down onto a highway. this isn't a mountain of area and the sight of him, a child pradesh, rescues, have been working to free around 25 people still half way through this new sound coming up china sentences, the canadian business been to 11 years in prison and what has been condemned to hostage diplomacy over the roar of the motorcycles drowns out fee. as a copay, the biggest bank rally in the united states and the los angeles lakers add another big name to their line up the details with jim in sport later. ah
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hello hot sunshine and high temperatures, it's really the name of the came across the middle east. so come let me show you what we're dealing with on thursday. we've got 50 degrees and barked at to round $38.00 and that is well above average. next i did want to take you to pakistan where toward the south, it is settled, but further toward the north, we're dealing with that much sooner moisture so impacting places like is the one me about with a high of 33 degrees. we do have big concern over a disturbance hanging over the black sea. this could intensify to a tropical life cycle and look, it's going to throw rain to turkey's northeastern black sea region. this is an area still recovering from flooding. places like our hobby, hundreds of people have been forced from their homes. so 1st the fires, and now we're going to be dealing with some flooding rains. speaking of flooding rains toward the tropics of africa, these storms are really getting going in particular through cameroon. and i g area,
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we have seen some very heavy rainfall in the past 24 hours further toward the south . we do have a lot of sunshine for places like swan, a habit, only $29.00 degrees, but toward the eastern cape. it is unsettled and we've got to deal with gusty winds to 55 kilometers per hour at sharp the sea soon. the most people will never know what's beyond these doors. the deafening silence of $100.00 and how it feels to touch danger every day. most people will never know what it's like to work with. every breath is precious, with fear is not an option. but we're not. most people long before the coven crisis broke the world was grappling with another global
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crisis. the climate breakdown, destruction of nature can lead to destruction of people. all hail the lockdown examines links between these 2 crises and asks why took a panoramic to bring on changes that should have been made long ago. all these things we would tell him a complete impulse suddenly become connected, the wake up call that can't be ignored. on a job. o a. this is the news from al jazeera. the taliban has taken another 3 provincial capitals in ghana found that found 9 in under a week the latest pretty hungry and finds about in the north and city in the south
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. meanwhile, to continue in doha for the 2nd day and he threw up in our group as it's reached and alliance in particular, and people's liberation front, your remote liberation army. so the only solution is to overthrow the government militarily 30 that the other 2 on bruce added to meet you, tara, while 5 killed 65 people in algeria 28 of those with soldiers who died in a rescue operation. 5 of ravaged cars, seen in china has sentenced the canadian businessman to 11 years in prison after being found guilty of spying. he was arrested back in 2018, but the government describes the case against michael. spell, laura's hostage politics, katrina, you reports rampaging. the verdict sentencing canadian, michael spafford to 11 years in prison was delivered behind closed doors in
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a courtroom in the northeast in chinese city of dun don't. the city had been home to the businessmen who organized tools to north korea until he was detained in december 2018 and charged with sharing state secrets. from the canadian diplomat, michael coverage was also arrested and charged the spying. both men were tried in march after more than 2 years in detention. savage sentence was condemned by canada's ambassador to china. we've maintained from the beginning that michael stabber and michael covert are being detained arbitrarily. and we will continue to call for their immediate relief. denouncement came as chinese executive, one job faces caught in vancouver in a final push to fight expedition to the united states. the former hallway chief financial officer is accused of violating sanctions on iran. relations between china and canada. have soured, considerably more ingenious, should she get money when jose case is purely politically motivated?
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these 2 canadians are suspected of engender in china, date security, and special and covered were detained just weeks after months arrest ottawa has accused paging of hostage diplomacy. canadian prime minister just intruder issued a statement saying the ruling was unjust, and lacked transparency. representatives from 25 countries, including the u. s. u. k, and japan appeared at the canadian embassy in beijing and supporters babel. the chinese court says it's mike to 11 years in prison and ordered his people cation. but it's unclear when that would happen. canadian officials say it's more likely after the jail tend to search, but some say it could be an option used as a bargaining chip with canada. it all hangs on what happens to miss mung and tube or perhaps later if she is extradited in washington. the verdict follows the upholding of the death sentence of another canadian robot schellenberg. on tuesday,
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he was jailed in china and 2014 for drug smuggling. it's unclear when the court will give its decision on michael coverage, michael spafford has 10 days to appeal his sentence. but in the country, when 99 percent of criminal cases are felt guilty, the chances of overturning the ruling are unlikely. katrina, you out a 0 baking. we got some analysis on this with stephanie calvin and associate professor of international affairs at carlton university. he says there are some in canada who are calling for a stronger response to begging the chinese see this as a political prosecution. they definitely see canada as acting at the lap dog, support the united states in its efforts to kind of undermined while way globally. so you know, because they see it politically. we shouldn't be surprised. they're trying to standard political signals. and every time we see developments in the mon case in vancouver, we often see some kind of reciprocal exchange in the chinese legal system. so for
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example, this week we saw some final arguments being presented by miss monk defense. and we should not be there for the price that we saw development happen in the case of that. you, michael's older, one of the michael's, as well as mister schellenberg, it is, it's a dance of diplomatic signals and this has come with some frustration here in canada. there's a number of political leaders that have been calling for stronger actions including potentially boycotting the winter 2022 olympic games. and of course the olympic games are very big in canada. be a very significant step. but, you know, we're a middle power g, a foreign policy is essentially if you hit us, we will hit you back twice as hard. this is something that other middle powers, like a strictly, i have experienced it in terms of their trade. and so we have to be very careful and unfortunately, i think we are going to have to let this legal slash political process work out. even as you know, there's a lot of hope in canada that some kind of trilateral solution between canada, the united states and try to may produce some progress. a british national has been
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arrested in germany after being accused of spying for russia. he said to sent documents obtained from the british embassy where he worked to a representative of a russian intelligent service. holland's governments lost a key vote in parliament on a bill, many se threatens media freedom. a slim majority voted to 1st part of the vote. and they didn't send a new date, the law would strengthen a ban on non european media ownership opponents. so that could lead to the closure of a u. s. own broadcaster is critical of the government. the loss is adding to speculation that the law and justice parties coalition could fall apart in and are fewer than 10 percent of indian population. adult population has been fully vaccinated against coven 19. but even as more doses have become available, the country's homeless population has little or no access to them. and india,
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the supreme court has asked the government to explain. happening with all reports or new delhi momma darkroom is with his children in their makeshift home. it's attent made entirely of plastic sheets, offering little relief against the scorching heat, like others in the settlement across the field. he's been ignored and forgotten about by the government during the pandemic work has been hard to come by and there's been little or no support for those suffering from cooper 19 or to get the vaccine. some officials came and they don't to go names and left, but no one has come to vaccinate. yes, they come often to tell us to vacate that's it. even though vaccinations offering india accessing the jobs has been virtually impossible for those living on the margin of more than 4000000 people who are homeless in urban india, at least 250000,
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live on the streets of new delhi. a recent studies found that more than 80 percent of them had not been vaccinated, mainly because they were unable to register online. a short bonded is a social worker who grew up on the streets. during the last down, he was spreading awareness about corporate 19 and is now trying to encourage vaccination. one is that people are so scared because of the human, and the government hasn't done enough to educate them about the vaccine. you may know about it from newspapers. but they don't have these facilities, please give us a hint, and most of them don't have phones. and those who do cannot afford to recharge the badly audit for. so there are many issues with getting vaccinated in your supreme court is hearing a plea to prioritize vaccinations for the homeless. it has all the authorities details about what is being done to protect them from the virus, be rebel who are actually the last segment of the society. no one is actually
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concerned or bothered about them about their nation. i mean, if they are not vaccinated, they will become unintentional carrier to solve even if access improve, many like sony are reluctant to get a short on getting people have died because of the vaccine. so we will not get the vaccine. and if we get the shot who will take care of our kids, the pandemic has already exposed the socio economic inequities in india. now, the fact millions of homeless people are not being vaccinated is threatening to hamper the fight against corona virus. hardening middle al jazeera new delhi. now, for the 1st time since the start of the pandemic, south korea's reported more than 2000 new corona virus cases in a single day. this 4th wave is being fueled by the more infectious delta variant. the number of deaths isn't rising with the number of new cases. still there are
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going colds for tighter restrictions to be re imposed in the capital sole and hundreds of people up and running in thailand's capital against the government's handling of corona virus. around 20000 new cases are being recorded every day. it is the country's voice. don't break so far. pressure's been mounting on the government. flo vaccination roll out. and then they knock on economic effects. friction still ahead for use both names. we will find out why he's failing. other pick committee is concerned about some of their asp. latest returning ah, brought to you by accenture, that there'll be change the
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news with me. booty by extension. that there be change? oh, a.
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before we get the sport panama is holding a virtual summit with the united states, central and south american countries to address what it calls the worst migration crisis in the regions. history. countries seen a rise in the number of migrants heading towards the us border. we've got teresa boat with us now from a migrant reception center in some of the 10th day in panama and theresa, i'll ask you about that in a moment, what you've been seeing day, but 1st of all, there's virtual summit. so, i mean, what are they hoping to get out of it? anything concrete while the meeting did happen, and it shows, in a way the importance of what is happening here, where we are right now is, as you said, i reception center. this is located in the province of d n, which is one of the it covers the most dangerous area and lead memory jungle, every other device, columbia, and panama. and many of the people that are crossing that area are coming to this
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reception here, where we are right now, the, the meeting, the main objective that panama has, is to raise awareness about what is going on. they want to creating a way a humanitarian approach towards migration. what they're also saying is that they would like countries involved in this migration trail that it took to take it to be involved with my grand panama is right now here, cases like this one, they provide food, shelter, assistance, health care, among other things. and they would like many other countries to do exactly the same . they also want to establish a cap, the amount of people that can cross from one country to another. for example, panama last week signed an agreement with columbia of the amount of people that will be allowed to cross in order to prevent big amounts of people from gathering in one location. they also want to do something for bill ready did something similar with core ferry guy, which is the next country after panama. and all of this people are heading towards north america. columbia, for example, is trying to implement in
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a way more controls over human trafficking. and the possibility that people could be being used by criminal organizations to transport drugs towards the north and north america. so there's several issues that are being raced right now. that show the importance and the magnitude of what is happening here right now. theresa, you able to quickly tell us the types of things that are happening at that reception stance and the number of people coming in? what happens to them when they get that yes, we were allowed to be inside for about 30 minutes. and then we were asked to be outside where we are right now. and i'm the stories that you're here. i tragic. we were speaking to a group of 20 cubans who are coming from south america. and they were told us that they had to go through mountains and cliff and rivers, but they were robbed and shawl talked about, they lost all their personal belongings. then i spoke to a haitian man. that's so how a man with a 14 month old baby fell from
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a cliff where human lots of toys of rape, at least this year, 88 rapes have been reported on this trail that we're talking about. we tween columbia and panama for the stories that you're hearing. i tragic of people with can get all in order to be able to make it here. another person was telling us that of the amount of people that had to be left behind because they were injured and they couldn't continue with the train. let me put this in perspective. what we're seeing. thousands of people, men, women, and children inside this play with just saw an entire tent, but it's filled with haitian children and all of the children there with their parents, but they will continue with this journey. so this is how difficult the situation is here right now. not only for many of authorities, but also for the people that are here trying to migrate to most america. great to get that report from teresa. echo in san vicente in panama. it's that time sport his gym bag of cloud paris. and sandra mows president says that the most
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competitive football team in the world, and also signing legal, messy, not many would argue with that. the form up offline is determined to help the club lift bus to champions league trophy pool, race reports from the french capital. this was the moment leonor messy, turned the page after the tears of his barcelona exit on sunday. the world's biggest football stall was all business focused on the job of winning a 1st champions league. title for his new club. perry sounds your mouth a showing like that and then i've come to help to give my maximum. i come with great enthusiasm with more desire than ever. many times i've said it that my goals and my dream is to win the champions league again. and i think this is the ideal place to have more opportunities to achieve that people had been gathered outside the park to prom since the weekend, but it was the arrival of the altars. that was a demonstration, not just of p s g spending power,
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but the fervor of their supporters after the days of waiting during calling to tell us that little nothing has finally come out here. they brought the room to me . the party says you're on the mercy circus will now to the country for the legal season, bringing superstar them on another level. 2 provincial towns messy part of a dream line up, including the likes of brazil, stall naima, and spain's says yeah, ramos would be crazy everywhere. he would go, it would be like the, the hot him go plus as the times 10, even, you know, the c p s yourself is not just messy. actually. you saw the others you put impressed and loyal never so they would have a see then or miss you play live and now they have that chance. so. busy it's going to be special for the people in plot because while we get you going for ph. d and she wasn't that the next season, sitting in the got that before the going to massey was offered the number 10 shirt . he wore a boss a loaner, but took 30 instead. his 1st squad number 2 decades ago. p s g. hope his arrival
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will mean that number 7, front strike a killian and bath. i also stays both only for a future to live. killian is very competitive and creates the mentality to when he said publicly that he wants a competitive team. and now i don't think there's a more competitive team than this. and that means that he doesn't have an excuse to do any other thing. the formalities of the medical, his $41000000.00 contract and his unveiling over now it's time for messy to step on the pitch. he should do that the training this week, and in a much for real, by the end of the month, pull race al jazeera paris. you briefly had from the past, the president nathan holly say that because, sorry, also said that people would be shocked by the financial revenues massey would bring to the club. and if these pictures or anything to go by, he's not wrong, found wasted. no time in queuing shots with massive name, i'm number 30 on the back,
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which cost up to around $193.00 us dollars each and they were flying out of the shelf and they sold out from a club website on tuesday evening when he's fighting with us and out on the half an hour i mean and believable. i'm the product, whether it's here, the brand new chevy. it will lead with met name and so on. i just corporate for what you see him in the piece. historic johnston. it's historic. he's the best player in the world. i never imagined one day to see messy, just a few steps away from my house. it's crazy. so i'm buying the shirt to a mortar large this moment. well, another big transfer has moved a step closer. ramirez coffee has reportedly arrived in london to complete his mission chelsea from into milan, the belgians rock as expected to rejoin them after 7 years and a club record, a $135000000.00. do the champions, the holders are in belfast about to kick off again and you ready for the gwinnett via route and the super cop ahead of the game. chelsea defend antonio. read it was
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asked how he felt about the prospect of playing alongside the khaki go. you can see the body type is a beast and someone is very strong. and i think he showed it also now in italy, in the past we years and he did very well over there and also for the nation that team like think go score. like for me, talk strike fair, our head coach and i am, i used to manage off know that he's no stranger to facing chelsea and is one of the danger they pace aside when you put off a list of can see though you don't see is bringing players that have just one or played in the euro final, so they haven't had much training together. i'm still expecting to see a great chelsea side. there are team well known in the world in europe and in england. they're capable. if it gets confirmed to sign players like we're melody cocher and that proves their strength to the m. b a and new lake has finding russell westbrook is ready to learn from the best as he prepares the team up with
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the from james and anthony davis. the 32 year old he came from the washington wizards. it says it's a real to find for the site. he supported as a youngster. westbrook is a 9 time. oh stop. it is never won a championship. the australian olympic committee says it is cool and uncaring though some of the athletes returning from take you will have to corn tina for 4 weeks. a group of 16 olympians from south australia, quarantined in sydney for 14 days. they then face another 2 weeks of isolation when they return to their home states. an application for the athletes, the exempt has been rejected, but seems the chief medical officer as the situation poses a significant risk to the physical and mental well being of the individuals. can use a double olympic martha champion, elliot kept josie, has arrived home in my ruby, the 36 year old, successfully defended his title on the final day of the games in japan. the coming, i need a 3rd run with multiple gold medals enough and back in japan. the olympic
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rings have been removed from take by the structure was installed at last december to promote enthusiasm for the games. amid the pandemic, the parent and picks begin that in just under 2 weeks. that is all we'll support from me for now. i'll be back with more later. thank german. finally, they're going full throttle it a popular motorbike gathering in the u. s. despite fee, as it will again, be a super spread or event for over $19.00. gabriel alexander has this report from the 10 day rally in sturgis, south dakota, the the sound of the world's largest baker party. it's called the sturges motorcycle rally. held every august for the past 81 years. these 3 women rode their motorcycle 2000 kilometers over 3 days to be here. the rock rally, what else you can ask for this year? an estimated 700000 bikers from all over the united states have descended on sturgess for 10 days of food drinking rock concert,
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lots of motorcycle riding on the nearby country highways. the event brings in roughly $800000000.00 to the local economy. party ever. got a lot of a lot of motorcycles, but not masks, social distancing, temperature checks, or mandatory negative covert tests. none are required. the last yourself, dakota made the controversial decision to hold the rally in august and weeks later, a surgeon covered 19 cases was linked to the sturges rally. the good news is many of the events are held out. doors slowing the spread, but still help. officials are worried, but in sturgess the people we spoke to weren't bothered, they will call and you don't know if there was a smoking up there because got take care and just trying to watch you. are you worried? it may not work. now right now,
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because you're going to either one way or another, you're going to have our cycle. you get out of bed in the morning because it will take the wrapper caution this up to happens and it was just stored your, your time to go. we had are back to an agent and it is what it is. and i think i already had the delta 2 weeks ago, i spoke to the mayor of sturgess and he says that this rally was never in doubt. and that by the time they realized that delta very was hitting hard here, it was simply too late to cancel. what to do was right for people, trauma vent, stay home or sick or if you start to get sick, you know, stay away for people. no, no regrets about holding on in this town. clearly the roar of the motorcycle engines drowning out any fears of the virus and the lives that could be lost because of it. gabriel sancho al, jazeera sturgis, south dakota. and that's where we'll leave you for this news now. lauren taylor and
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the team in london are getting ready for the next minute in just a couple of minutes time. ah news, news. news. news. the hype of english for all lies and elicit market for the rich and powerful what are the leading specialist work? undercover just years investigative unit exposes the inner workings and key players in the murky underbelly of football finance. he's held something like one in addition has been said that you can make an elephant disappeared. i have many of
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the exciting brazen example i've seen the men who sell football on as you know, when a military crew overthrew chillies marxist president, one stadiums became prisoners and the hunters sole objective was absolute control. one man publicly refused to accept dictatorship episode for football rebels. explore the life of carlos casale, the football whose personal stories swayed a vote, but altered the history of his country. carlos casserly and the demise of a n date on al jazeera for ramirez and les molina families, the pain is unbearable for of their relatives were killed last week during a military operation ordered by the venezuelan government security forces accused him of being part of a colombian rebel group and said they died and come, but the neighbors and family members in session, they were innocent,
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taken from their homes and executed under pressure vinnish. well, as defense minister by the me to pipe dream said the forces were obliged to the friends that come through from irregular groups that added the human rights needed to be respected and that the events at the border would be investigated. i most ne, i don't now under taliban control, a warning that the group couldn't circle the capital capital within a month. i'm sure that balance with it's gonna stones and terry administer. who tell us how the government plans to fight back against the taliban recent advance. ah, this is down there alive from london. we'll see coming up found guilty of buying china.


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