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tv   [untitled]    August 12, 2021 4:30am-5:01am AST

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have a voice whenever a child that's never be afraid to hand up no questions and i think that's what they are when he does. we all the questions for people who should be accountable and also we get people to give you what's going on. ah, your challenges ever me so robin and reminder of all these stories. the gun president, chef connie has visited the government's last northern stronghold as the taliban closes in nice trying to rally troops to defend the city of missouri. sharif, the biggest in northern, i got a son. if the city falls, the government would lose control of the region. of kind of suns, interior minister has told down to 0 that government forces are pushing to secure main highways. large cities and border crossings. local groups are being given arms to fight back the taliban,
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offensive them them to do i know last i'm asking the taliban to stop their brutality. leave killing. sit down with love and we should find solutions. i'm asking them not to destroy buildings or are cheap minutes. let's come and sit together and make a coalition government one that would be acceptable to all side the sooner we do this, the better. in other news, the ethiopian group says it struck an alliance with t rifles as to overthrow the government and out of both groups, the moral liberation army and the lion people liberation front added to the government terrorist this year. and the report by amnesty international says sexual violence has been systematically used as a weapon of war integral. it says hundreds of women and girls have been raped me by fear pin and every train soldiers. forecast is an eastern sicily have reported a temperature of $48.00 degrees as a heat way. fuel size in the north which are destroyed homes and crops,
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is confirmed. it would be the highest temperature ever recorded on the european continent. algeria is beginning 3 days of national morning after the number of people killed and wildfires rose 2065, the l jabian red crescent says more than a 1000 people are being injured and hundreds of families. the homeless authorities believe many of the fires started deliberately and german authorities arrested a british man working at the u. k. embassy in berlin of suspicion of spying for russia. and he's accused of sending documents acquired through his job to russian intelligence and exchange for cash. and polar parliament, her bank, the controversial media reform bill, the legislation would strengthen their ban on non european fence controlling polish forecast as go position, size of age to sign the american news channel. the thing critical of the company is with a headlines about with loans. in half an hour, we return to our their world the
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the o the special
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dishes are often special occasions, weddings, a new baby i religious festival on a national celebration. georgians national dish is a symbol of conciliation. this favorite dish law cooked in natural abuse is served in the bedroom community when a dispute has been resolved and there is a notion achieved i feel little bit about it nor how, but i know some of the southern southern nevada from the national body are you still read the amount of food, the guns and learn further should be the weight. and this is that you will be ready . i'm tired of. i do have heard of him the confusion of allotted now hurry area.
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oh yeah. oh boy i . * * i i, i bet if i should get a lot to help you with the check and see how bad it is. the best to joe wasn't like he's a major dental basket teddy. i bought an old linea. he, jim out the la la. see, that's a lot on the letty here. time to let my lot of with the i'm a let my elmore the what here my a line are settle and
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i'll all f e b. now the here. a shabby a man, hazel i that with the highly didn't have i'm tell, shut the year and have a shabby, cool, and also the throughout the shabby mold. you don't have to had the handle bad, you know, had death. and sam had defensive that had that high. just get your i did them last, lock up, gaudy me. ah, i need to list it a little bit a little bit more like it will lead to expect the i had good somebody else will just been several to pull it up. it was sunny day, months or little to me
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ah, can admin 7 module with a demon while she's center. what models saw to be or what she said, while the assignment has what had what, why at the said it a letter to show us one at the had the month. why are you than the woman released difficult fellow by shas upon us by way of warm the other be yet like in the home i the thought a lot. i'll tell him as it can be home by the yahoo! i could of the way a woman was despair. i'm sad most of the pm that part of fanny and bought a therapy. ah, i miss us lower than i get out of the
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market and slam. oh my machine is legit and the whole. but what do you stop in them? a whole lot of jazz law chevy. you let the help of what obama? the mom zia and what i love the new law. while i buy the modem in the middle of the board, the summer meal has already come to me. that was assist medina. well yeah and the mesa laura who had the and what had lum like a debo. my mom look at newman wanted the ban. 11th, and what had that may shot were who a few monica newborn. several of you who were who me 11 normal you know,
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to color who have been amadine and some color stuff from him. i also had to watch. i had my when i kirk well said that the muslim and medic, as he at a lot was you had thought about mission and why the federal government then thoughtful ma'am. like i became a lamb. the poor woman layer level. yeah. and the vatican, lawton, and holla, and thus maggie with what he said, why be, you know what, i bet that miss ellis, linda philanthropy. mister. like a local. and you can deliberate local 11. he had been a bit of a yeah. i was, i did then on the holiday idea, the me this me this
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and i thought i would sit for a little less if you thought hard about what did i say for 10 teffany a hi richard. did you want us to see it? shabby who would be and what about the be ally? yeah. cool. a landon multiple beloved family did not allow you to the beloved and will be one was another whole hedlam. i'm for him. how can model the mother fallon, why do you about 11? i couldn't, will be, let me, i
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the law the not i said to call or them of non, if you had a religion, a little one of us got lovable and had to be full of stealing to that. and i said, yeah, any sort of fina has a modal, a subpoena. yeah. and the above the case you can put them in stuff in case you can in your case, whom can you dial a man either? what the, the list of the modem that i put up i
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made it and then so i could get, i get done about the home of i as to now you get the larger than other elements as well. yeah. little for model. and then you know, if you had to cream accident bolton, the criminal life that i sally mary said he but most of the one i'm to find out if anything at the medical i had them on i have thought or other to hell. most him a bit more my and i had you know, about the most police and the what i
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me the me the me. ready hi, how are you? i'm doing well, how do large or when the woman who should tell more about them? we thought all about the luck and rather i had to go into my life mcmanus over to my under i met with my own home now and my mother moses. so me, i had a has a last year when getting my son pieces are that much in the room. how far that governments 11th was my visa job here. so i can
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choose a miss regina hannah, ines full gama. he said that he tested that he had the flu and header loop a little. we sort of all will, you know, my can, if you come by will live with the ticket warranty. with the actual alice nano. further to louis madeline butler. miss us a threat. him the civil movies. yeah. and you could talk a little yeah. any. how does that? i in the jimmy dog in the hell you linda sharon aluminum. when little love and 11, how do i not 10 level so how does that mean? does that help?
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i mean, obviously you look through the sound letter, some i use ah, but one of them is have had the lack of football and columbia life level as easily as holla. so let me, let me see how this will actually under, under the ah, ah,
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ah, what issues we'll have to get the more you know, let's get it done by 11 mill. them the cornish. yeah. shot record. yes. top of the last to get left with hello. hello. yes. hello. hello. oh hi. hello the over. oh the me. oh oh i oh, i
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get these now young kim colt. i live at the center but we can hit the bill here. not you. fuck it up, let me know. i'll let her be to learn case a bit to show me how to be met with me. ah, nat'l littler. she's out of heather to know, but who will be out of some village cuz he's a lot of work. a lot of the atlanta, nor can they have to pass on over who we had that can initiate could to what can help and then smoke if he had them mc
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a certified for it. or they can give the full herbert kid and to talk to him in sid kita haven't had any time we did well at the very that's my guess her go near because their job check habit value the. c the . c look at the most of those you what is your role lead, lead that medical. hi, ms. newman, because i am militia tourney. i, we're in a month local minima, custom, and i'm a human and she was very man and of isabel, as your mac wasn't amana, because i'm had to use the gram in
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b l. but you're been emotional have at the visit, ms. burson, over hello be. this will the most and all but a hell of a there is legally blonde. the kelly thief is movie, had them? tears allergy at last is google? how much kuma love man up was commission job. oh, much schema for nanometer schema. sir gil movement kelly here. ah, the in this below 1000000
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new the solution may me and there how many years i'm i will more what i am i the honorable near the whole global village and i miss why then they may, labs is mostly what i had owed you a moment to one of them all i need to do and how will you be to hold it that you'd been at the machine and decided we need you to stand for 50 now . come a key, madison don't know. how do i know miss tyler eli moser?
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2 more. hey, tom was tell was google, do you stand? says google is near me. data is google. i know my have them as many me. what about the set chat to denise who knew but me see marian measure at school, but oldness was look month at the bottom. mr. blue school and my hope she stepped out and fx mother. and i guess if, if the i'm happy to go to those who are better at me if he handles that one that may use but till the man had fallen. and so can it be in your home no matter what current fees you to get. if it gets to the some behind the metal, it says you're clear from the blue
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the again, so did she doesn't get the something out of what i live put on the and the hardy the was about the work you were going to be of a the i will the vm, but i would be for you next movie on the all the business that will be enough not to know how to waft now i'm the head of self immediate. but my rule we should let me hold the whole the rest of. c c c the. c good now does it says on a heavy can my her little but i have that the howard bas useless google
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me as for the front is in the math and i, when it's a how can the school feel, who if he will get it, i will get him with a k pals bas head ah! the scott demon, a movie had nice angel for lead will be one of my other family fun on the so badly . have to step in and we gotta do. would you be forgotten as well as a hole in the morning? shout only because all that out of the most was 5. i'm not all been able to resign. would you like to do my case with scott?
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scott, scott, i'm alone. i do. and i'm the i see the nom, luis, it now i see them as booked and not not noble meal. when show you how the summer soon, how that hope would make you don't, i'm not seed was it was you
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get s m s in the book or the thought is that many to a thought min nick in or you sound a few. he said, had that in full, and i may look basically not for one of his best friend, the lib liberal shit. if i had to lean and this will let the family see the as he did them in school, the news news, japan. and you can share moderately give what can michelle have for a few dollars?
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we've got the few cases go and they have the busha. they have, they have a 5th google la jolla. miller to live. not a farmer would have been more, you know, have some more list as you know, last year the smith. she lived there with sucker. all of the last one bad. the 3rd one. louis i'm i will not believe no money in money. clever look beautiful. derek cooper childish map for the motives, he shall me. i wish i had her to report the kiss. kiss. now look
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ah, what can you but the habit to submit for google? ah, there is a popular phrase that says has a little. it's better than no grad, and this is true for each of these, for addition. indifferent when each was born, of necessity, when unforeseen event combines with the kitchen to produce food. that's an expression of an individual culture and new to your putting draw today.
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news. news. news, news, news, news. hello, nice to see you. we've got our 6 named storm of the atlantic hurricane season. this is tropical storm fred. it is not expected to be a hurricane, but come with me as we track it out. over the next 24 to 48 hours so impacting cuba, the palmers, and by friday will push into the florida keys that a major rainmaker we think on the top and about a $150.00 millimeters, rain through the pacific coast of mexico. and we've got sheets of rain falling for
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costa rica and panama on friday. ok next. stop south america. as usual, our continuous rains through the amazon river basin. but what we're talking about toward the south is a cold front punch and across months of the day are struggling to get to double digits and fresh 16 degrees in sao paulo, you know mon sooner moisture has been a big part in arizona leading to scenes like this flash, flooding rescues taking place. thankfully everyone involved here with okay, but we will see likely a repeat of this weather on thursday as the storms really get going. thanks to parts of that north american monsoon. it's all about the heat though, for the west and the east coast of the us, but we are tapping into gulf moisture here. so for the east coast, new york and d. c will feel closer to 40 on thursday. that's your weather season. ah.
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how many nukes has too many new america has in many ways driven the arms rate parties are much more like the british parties down to the fewer regulation to own a tiger than there are a tone, a dog. how can this be happening? we take on us politics and society and that's the bottom line. ah, the television takes charge of a 9 provincial capital in a gun. it's done while emergency talks continue to try to end the fighting. the warning that the group couldn't circle the capital cobble by the middle of september. i'm sure the palace with the scanner stones and harry, a minister who tell us how the government plans to fight back against taliban recently found. ah.


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