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tv   [untitled]    August 12, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm AST

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in 5 days, but it's been a year examining the headlines. is this another potential flashpoint for conflicts? boy from different corner. every house here has someone who has made it to the top of ever. it's not just one, but several time program that has been your i know, tentative view of the world today on algae near me. ah ah. hello again. you're watching. i just need a reminder of our top stories. this afghan, a sponsor, the largest city, has fallen to the top just had confirmation had at is now the 11th provincial capital to be captured by the fighting is intensifying for afghan. astounds 2nd
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largest city kandahar the government saying efforts to push the group back on going us official caea the capital cobble could fall in just 90 days. algeria is observing 3 days in the morning after the number of people killed him. wildfires rose to at least 69 more than a 1000 people have been injured and hundreds of families oppose the closing in zambia as presidential and parliamentary elections. president edgar longer is being challenged by his opposition rival for the 3rd time. sam b as electro agency says it expects to declare a winner within 72 hours of post closing. i don't want to us that has the latest from a polling station in new soccer. usually with elections when calling stations open, you see lines getting shorter and shorter and shorter. but this one seems different . this falling station and other pulling physically seen in lieu soccer, people still keep dreaming. in most people who register to vote in the selection
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are young people, people under the age of about this before and i'm more than 7000000 people have races to vote in the relation the last election. you're looking at about 4000000 people. so they seem to be some more kind of interest in the killer polls. now people of course are voting for different candidates based on what they think of the interest. for example, those are supporting the opposition either has in the he say that he's a business economist, you perform a 1000000 a, they think, you know, the thing was who about finances and maybe he's the right man who could turn around this economy that heavily in debt those are the ports, the governing party, the patriotic front bay that they support present along with pro pul policies, the fact that he wants to lower taxes, the fact that he wants to put in place policies that could help the poor more not the rich. the fact that they say that he did a lot of time,
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and even rossi is trying to develop infrastructure in them via that's why when you move around, you see in someplace the sub, for example, nice road, my bridges, public hospitals going up power sessions. people feel that that is a good thing. one thing people ask was, relations that is going to be free and faith opposition supported offer straight to they say that when they were trying to campaign, they couldn't do it effectively. the general ban on the one general banner campaigning in them. be a part of the coven 19. but the opposition say the government used it as an excuse to try to live with them. we, when they couldn't campaign effectively. they also say that some of their supportive were beaten, injured, and some of them were killed. the governor parties is what hang on a minute dream clashes. we also had our support from the ruling party, also killed and beaten britain was off or maybe friday afternoon, maybe friday evening. but i was also the only be announced in a few days time,
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people, and wandering. of course, if we ever lose you listen, is going to accept the results and they're concerned about political violence and the way forward for the country. sedans, former president could soon be in the hands of the international criminal court. chief prosecutor is in talks with sudanese officials to hand over those wanted for alleged atrocities committed in the for in the early 2, thousands how many, but she had ruled the country for 30 years until he was ousted in 2019. the government said he would also hand over other wanted officials to the court. a formality is a specialist on the international criminal court and a former journalist with the international justice monitor. he joins us now from nairobi. thanks very much for being with us. so i want to ask you, 1st of all, what you make of this development and in particular it's timing. thank you for having me. this is
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a significant development in the search for justice for the games or the doubtful conflict. and i think everybody will see everybody who has been following the issue will be waiting a big best to see with the rest of the silver. and the last, the done makes a decision to handle the brochure to the international criminal court. and just, let's just remind ourselves what exactly the former president is accused of here because this original arrest warrant was issued quite a long time ago. back in back in 2009. yes. the 2 arrest warrants of the international criminal court issued for moral bashir the, the accused of committing genocide and war crimes in the adoption conflicts. and these are risk lawrence,
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emanated from united nations security council resolution referring that particular conflict to the international criminal court. and the united nations security council did that after an investigation conducted by international lawyers appointed by then you entered to general. and those lawyers investigated the situation in full and drew conclusions that general tight had been committed. war crimes are be committed and drew a link between the militia, the gender, the old, and the governmental sudan, which was headed by omar. but you know, the thing and given, as i said that this, this warrant was issued several years ago more than a decade ago. how much of a challenge is it going to be relying on evidence that fall back, checking the lists of witnesses to see how many are still alive and how many of them are still able to recall accounts in detail and so on.
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there is, there is that reality that the prediction to see where the witnesses, the interactive with the evidence material, evidence that they've collected would have to be viewed if and when she's handed over to see for them now to see whether it's in, whether there's a need to updating sion to re conduct goodness. is it possible that some of them asked for 2 reasons between 2009 when the original order was issued? and now but more importantly, i think is the corporation. but the prosecutor seems to be seeking from the sudan government in his pigment today, or the conclusion of we think we have to. he said that one of the things that he's looking for to under asked the authorities in so done was to give them
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access to evidence. and he said that he's office the office of the prosecutor cc. and the government of sudan signed a memorandum of understanding, which presumably includes some of these aspects good to get your perspective commonality, thanks for talking to us. thank you for holding. now the united states says agents at the border with mexico encountered a record of 212000 people in july, us secretary of homeland security. i'll handle my york us says about half of the migrants a single adults, and that's a pos is the previous record of 188000 encounters in june. many of those arriving from central america, fleeing crime and poverty, worsened by a series of natural disasters will fill lavelle is in macallan, texas forced to feel does the administration feel at this point that it's getting
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a control situation? well, i mean, not as well. they would like you to believe because you know, this visit is just as much about optics as it is about policy, right. you know, we, we've had the secretary in mexico the last couple of days speaking to his counterparts, that we saw a camera harris back in jude and guatemala. say, do not come down the lens to would be migrants. and of course, she's been speaking to the officials in mexico for the last 24 hours or so. but you know, those numbers don't lie. that message is not getting through to those who will make this crossing because, you know, i mean, let's look at them. they are absolutely astronomical compared to what we've seen before. they got shut off. they have rockets, it up a 180000 in june 21 year high. that was smashed in july 210000 vibrant. crossing on average, we're looking at around about $1800.00, making that crossing every single day. and of course this goes against what we heard from president joe by not so long ago when he described this as
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a seasonal issue. you know, he said that during the summer months the numbers would probably falter. and you know, the reason he says thought is because that's typically what happens, right. it's august. it is texas, it's hot here. it's hot across the border and mexico and between the 2. you've got miles of scorching doesn't you've got the rio grande. this is not a place that people wants to be if they can help it, but still they are making that crossing. they are desperate to get across. the government here is trying to show conservatives who are saying they've lost the plot. they don't know what they're doing. the government is trying to say, we do have this under control, but you know, this was a visit. there was no real, huge, substantive policy change announced it was more reiteration of what we've heard before. i think for a lot of people here that we want to see actions rather than what's, what happens to the migrants when they cross into the us. well, there 3 scenarios, one is that they slip into the country on the test, and of course there are no numbers for that. rob these reasons 2 is that they are
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oper, handed by customs and border patrol officers or 3 they voluntarily give themselves is up because they can now begin the process of a site of now what happens is they go to this processing phase where it should take no more than 72 hours that checks the cobit criminal record checks, then they'll put on 2 buses. i'm. they are dropped off places like hey mccallum, we've got a bus station just shot over here. they often have nothing more than the clothes on that packed the shoes on their feet. maybe a bit of money in their pockets have the papers that they've been given. they have to keep hold of ahead of their asylum hearing, and then they go into the care of immigration sent to migration centers like these one piece of the catholic church with either dozens of beef. but even these places are now running out of resources. they're running out of cash, they're running out of mount power that be hampered by cove. it's one of the big ones in the city of mission, which is just a few miles away has now had to close. so all the migrants that were heading there . and now being bus to houston, which for context is nearly a 6 hour drive away because those numbers are increasing. and of course,
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remember with cobit as well. those migrants who go into these migration centers, which really extend it into parts just because they're running out of space. they have to have cobra safe areas, quadrant areas and non quarantine areas. so that finite space is shrinking even more. but still those numbers keep on rising. i may keep on coming. fell of our life 1st there in macau and texas. in staying in the us, one of the largest gathering sit there has open despite concerns about rising coven 19 cases. thousands of people are expected at the iowa state fair and event that more than a 1000000 people attended in 2019. it was cancelled last year for the 1st time since world war 2. no masks or vaccinations are required to attend the event of thousands of people are also gathering in neighboring south dakota for the sturgess motorcycle rally. gabriel elizondo is lifeless in de moines. gabriel,
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i was going through a search in corona virus cases. why did they decide to even hold the fair this year? well, mostly officials will tell you that did delta very and that we're seeing here in iowa, just really hit hard starting about 2 weeks ago. so officials here basically saying they feel comfortable holding this rally. give, holding this iowa state bear because it brings in so much money to the local economy, tens of millions of dollars. and they feel that while there is beginnings of a search in crow virus cases here, they just felt that they could handle this safely. they think that because much of the events are held outdoors, we think it'll make it safer. although there are many our events indoors as well. and the governor said no masks are required anywhere in the state. so bottom line is officials fear feel that they cancel last year,
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but they didn't feel they needed to cancel this year. this is the opening day of the fair 11 day event. thousands of people are here, as you can maybe see behind me this has been going on for 167 years. and this is really the single biggest event in the entire state of iowa. but bottom line is just in the last week. the number of positive corona virus cases here in the state has increased by 50 percent. now, just in the last week, over 600 people tested positive for chrome virus. many people here we are talking to are saying they feel comfortable and they say they do say, and people that are attending the fair today. what do they tell you in terms of their concerns about the virus? the yeah, we've spoken as many people here and some said a, they thought about it a little bit longer because of what's going on with the corona virus. they said talk to one, couple elderly couple. they said we were going to bring our grandkids, but we decided not to just to be
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a little safer. some people are wearing masks. some people aren't, lot of people are telling us it's pretty much their personal decision on how they think they should handle. a lot of people are saying that they feel because they're vaccinated, that they feel safer because of that in the state of iowa, about 47 percent of people are fully vaccinated. so a little bit below half. it's a little below the national average. but a lot of people obviously just feel that it was because it was cancelled last year . they feel the urge to get out and be here this year and simply don't feel that the dangers are high enough to where it would keep them away. outside of the people here, i would say about 10 to 20 percent are wearing masks voluntarily. the rest simply aren't a lot of outdoor space here, obviously. so it's a little safer, but there are also a lot of indoor spaces as well. where it's a lot more dangerous. i will say one of the main health officials from polk county, which is the home of de moines, was asked, would you go to the iowa state fair? she said, absolutely not. gabriel is on the line for us in des moines,
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iowa. thanks. i'll sport is next. on al jazeera, it was like the 1st day of school for leonor messy the origin time super joint is new teammates the p. s. g. more on that, coming up with the brought to you by accenture, that there be change the use
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with me duties by extension that there be change? oh, a again, a slim down version of the world's largest arts festival is on the way in scotland
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. as the world slowly emerges from the pandemic, creative artists at the edinburgh fringe, or shining a light the on the other great crisis of our time climate change. john, how reports from edinburgh. i you ok. i got 3 and this is to be on when a deadly wave in gulf, the city of dublin to friends must try to survive and reckon with the feel trapped on the top floor of a city skyscraper. deny of the world's most powerful renewable resource afloat is an online production co written and starring eva o'connor at this year's pare down edinburgh festival fringe. i'm not sure if ours in and of itself can absolutely change the world. but it can start really interesting conversation. dublin lost forever, and we never appreciated. while we have, you know, in a way that is a cause, arms on it. i would hope a call for us to organize on math. and rather than sitting at home feeling diseases,
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the pandemic may have eclipsed climate change as the world's number one threat. but only briefly with the next big climate conference happening in glasgow in november . it's perhaps fitting that art and artists themselves emerging from months of locked down, turn their attention now towards that other great crisis of our time. turning, it's under what are some symptoms for the 1000000 or please try. this storyline is about species of aliens that have come from that planet. it's been destroyed by the climate. so we've come to this planet, come to to help people make a change in making us better. but we're trying to put it across in a very positive, joyful way rather than keep people down about it. so trying to convey a very important message, but that people li, feeling like uplifted like i'm going to make a change and it be exciting. and it be helping the planet with it that we're living
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on, rather than, you know, telling someone else about the world leaders are gathering here in november in glasgow. got something claimant crisis. that was good to say like, a fun way to engage about environment. i hope something happens in november when you know they will meet here to talk about the future of our planet. i've never seen anything like it and i really like the connection with united nations and cope 26. that's great. follow up action and show. i wish i could just go back. so call to action on festival stages, both real and virtual. as the performing arts make us come back, the message is it's not too late for the earth to bounce back to giotto al, jazeera edinburgh kennels pool. now his lia thank you, hasn't war was a day of immense fanfare in paris and leonel messy went straight to work on thursday, taking part in his 1st training session with p. s g. the former barcelona captain
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started the day by greeting his new manager and fellow arjun. time ready to put your tino. then it was time to join his new teammates, of course, including french super start. killian, bobby, and many fans will be interested in this image x real madrid captain. sergio ramos, off miles, having messy on his side for a change. the pair famously involved in a few heated exchanges over the years, while plane in spain mess. he's been out of action since winning the cope america in july, so he'll go through a mini pre season over the next few weeks before lining up for p. s g. this week's other big transfer news is the return of romilly woodcock. who to chelsea. the belgian striker is moving from inner milan for a reported fee $135000000.00. the 2nd most expensive and premier league history woodcock, who's back at the london club, where he spent 3 seasons from 2011. but he was out on loan for 2 of those years. the 28 year old has also previously played in the premier league for everton. and
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manchester united. moto g. p ryder maverick vineyard trellis has been shockingly suspended by his team yamaha for this weekend's austrian grand prix. the spaniard has been suspended over unexplained, irregular operation of his motorcycle during last sunday's race in austria, where he finished in pit lane after claiming numerous electronics issue. after an in depth analysis, yamaha concluded that vinny, alas, could have caused significant damage to the engine of his bike and possibly pose a danger to himself. and other writers. yamaha says a decision on future races will be taken after a more detailed investigation. the rifle nom, this fine is a really strange sometimes habit on the bus, but the by yeah, in the end there they know what happen. they need to explain. well, i mean, is not my problem with popping off problems inside the our books to, to pay attention to all this. the tennis world has been shocked by the bazaar
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conduct a former women's world number 9 cocoa vandalay plain in a lower tier event in pennsylvania. the american was clearly not interested in warming up again after the match had been suspended because of extreme heat. and rather strange scenes, van de way refused to give her opponent a legitimate warm up. barely getting the ball over the net and even hitting a few shots with her weaker left hand play was again suspended this time because of rain. the match resumed on thursday with vandalay retiring after just one game in the deciding 3rd sets. well meanwhile, on the w t, a tour world number 3 arena suddenlink crews into the quarter finals of the canadian open. in montreal, the top seed was too strong for local favorite rebecca marino 6163. alright, the men's event is being played and toronto and 3rd seeds up on a fit. the past celebrated his 23rd birthday with a resounding victory over russian. karen and catch not fit. the pack only dropped 5
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games against the silver medalists from the tokyo olympics. could tarry. hi jumper morris says he said, but shim says the tokyo games will go down in history as one of the best. the 30 year old was involved in one of the most talked about moments of the olympics barsha and his friend john marco, tom barry of italy agreed to share the gold metal instead of competing and a jump off. it was seen as the ultimate act of sportsmanship and for the contrary, it was finally a chance to add the olympic title to his world championship, crowns algiers. son, how much has an interview with him? brother, genuine moments. me and my friends and margaret decided to share the gold and the we did a great competition 1st of all, and we are really good friends of about that to be competing since junior years. and then we went to senior at the professional level together. we did a remarkable competition that was the strongest hodge on campus in the history. and we did a great job both from starting high all the way up to 37. and the circumstances
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that we've been through. he was almost a dream come through. and i just hated for him to be on silver and of course for myself as well. so when we end up to $37.00, before to that 9 and the jobs come to us, i'm trying to explain guys, do you need to jump off or? and i just looked at him as they kind of have 2 goals. and he's like, yes, there is history. go to the fan demik, you know, it was really special moments there. the restriction was you can literally feel it is not the same. i would say in the lympics period, if you have 4 people that did persevere, the 1st time the lympics, they don't know what the real feel was when it was with audience. and you can go out and explore. so it was a bit different. but actually for us, we will need before we come there, we expect is what's going to happen. so we know it's not going to be normal, but we just don't know what is going to be. i just have to give it to the japan 2020. they did a very good job on terms of organizing the games. they did the maximum to make sure
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the school and safe and the when we actually get into the village and start to see the athletes coming in. i really start to feel the experience, of course, in the tract is not the same with the audience. but we've been waiting for 5 years . we've been around for 5 years and we didn't want. we didn't need actually audience to high us. we were having our self, you can see all the athletes really wanted this to happen. it's history really like if you look at old, 820-162-0121 previous games where we come, always stand and ambition. it was just get higher and higher on winning 2 goals in 24 hours or less. so that was wasn't in saying was amazing. everyone was so happy goal definitely achieved. and now we just saw that possible majorly baseballs about to take a trip down memory lane. in the small rural american town of deers vill iowa, the new york yankees will play the chicago white sox next to a corn field was made famous by the oscar nominated film in the late eighty's. the field of dreams. some of the cast are expected to attend in a notch,
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one of the finest sports movies of all time. it's just spectacular. yeah, i got the same tingles that i got when i came here in 1988, and drove down that long driveway for the 1st time and saw that perfect baseball field at the end of the driveway. and, you know, i've been here many times over the years and it's always special and magical. but there's something about having this new structure, you know, something that's starting memories of their own in a whole new way. and finally, a japanese mayor, bit off more than he could you when he met a local olympian japanese softball player. new goto was presenting her gold metal to her mayor when he held it up to bite it as winter's do, really bit into it all right. hard enough that he left a bite mark on it. he ended up having to apologize in the tokyo 2020 organizers said she would get a new one for free, but i made no mention of him getting new teeth courted. poor girl, what's it for your sports hindered? mccorda huzzah. great stuff. thanks leah. and that is it for this news,
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for me hasn't speak and seen your colleagues in london. why more news for you in a couple a news news. if you were looking at this for the outside, she would really wonder what was going on, what, what is this right? it is a religion that they have an in depth exploration of global capitalism. on our obsession with economic growth, this is still the center of capitalism. there is no limit. i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to bake as well as smaller and smaller. we don't
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want to be realistic in the well, we would rather have a fantasy growing pains on al jazeera, new zealand new canadian birds are at risk of extinction. in bishop plan to read the nation of the privilege sizes one. when he investigates on the people have come to expect a lot from out of iraq over the years if they're reporting the commitment to under reported type of commitment to the human story. but it's also the idea of challenging those in power. if a politician comes on this channel, they will be challenged and that's what people say to us. they want the question answered. that is what we've always done. that is what we will continue to use. how many nukes is too many new america has in many ways driven the arms rate? the parties are much more like the british parties. there are fewer regulation to
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own a tiger than their our own a dog. how can this be happening? your weekly take on us politics and and that's the bottom line. ah, ah, taliban is relentless notch across afghanistan gaffney and her out acclaimed by the fighters. kandahar is under threat, and us troops dispatched to campbell. ah, an orange. this is al jazeera alive from london was coming up high, a voter turnout across ambia as a country decides on its pregnant post say the election is too close to call. nearly 70 dead.


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