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tv   [untitled]    August 13, 2021 4:00am-4:31am AST

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have improved back home, they say to grace, continue to be targeted because if they have many problems are being reported and all becomes taken refuge conditions here. last time. i want you know, just bear with me for hill robin in doha. reminder of all top news stories. the taliban is captured. have gun. it sounds 3rd largest city of her art. it's the 11th provincial capital to fall over the past week. now the armed group gain control of gardening early on thursday, as it pushes towards the capital cobble. charlotte bellis has the latest residence there. we took about half a dozen page for her. all said the same thing that they would tell yvonne in all the streets in the center of town that they had come into town this afternoon.
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pushed through they had been trying to get into the city for about a month. but they made a breakthrough cross through the front line this afternoon and they broke into the prison. they got into the police compound. they got into the governor's compound, they released all the prisoners residents telling us that they had prison is one man, said my relatives when the prison another in my house. and they could hear gunfire . but they said us driving through town. that gunfire is not coming from clashes from security force. it is, is it is celebration reagan, fire the u. s. u k. s. ending at least 3600 troops to cobble to help pull out embassy, staff, and local interpreters, washington incense. it's not a full evacuation in the embassy will remain open and other, these votes are being counted in zombie as presidential parliamentary elections present. edgarland who is seeking a controversial term and what is being thought to be an extremely tight race, whom a tulsa has the latest from lusaka more than 7000000 people were registered to
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vote in them because presidential and parliamentary elections. there were long keys and the high turn not pulling stations in the capital, lusaka and other parts of the country in an election unless they will be very close . the high cost of living poverty and unemployment. a big concerns for me, voters. 0, one thing that he was reading just son, everything else to come under the choose to import so that we should be head if you're not working it's quite difficult to cope with the standard of life now. yes, everything is become very expensive. so it's quite challenging. there are 16 presidential candidates, but the men contenders, are the incumbent president in colonial and this plan. opposition leader has i in the lima who's challenging longer, the post the majority of registered voters in this election, a young people in the last 5 years. also the people of them have seen life get more
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difficult. jobs are more difficult to obtain. business is more difficult to do. there's been a contraction of economic activity and the contraction of opportunities for young people. so this, it appears that the youth have been put to the lot more time and energy to coming, registering vote to them coming to vote because they want to be able to vote for the future that they think will be driven by the candidates that they choose the president is accused of borrowing from international creditors to find various building projects. and critic said that is unsustainable. zambia was more than $12000000000.00 takes dental companies and linda, the president. it was counting on winning based on the floor plan infrastructure, including road and power station. but it's main. why will business land? lima says he has a good track record in finance and his confidence he can attract investment and
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better manage the economy. zambian electoral commission, people official results are expected by sunday if there are no delays. but it's what happens after that that has many people worried. how did with totter algebra, the 2nd something's vice chairman is due to be released from prison in south korea to being granted parole. now this is the scene right outside the detention center near sole j while he's been serving a 2 and a half year sentence for bribing. a friend of the former president over merger deal . and the critics say his release reflects the culture of leniency. so corporate bosses convicted of corruption and financial crimes. the cargo ship is spilling oil into japanese waters after breaking in half the crimson palarez run the ground while sailing inside had she nor port or $21.00. chinese and filipino crew have been rescued. those with headlines one year and a half now witnesses next here on al jazeera to stay with us. i
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ah, it was running. it was tom how a man killed the elephant. and nobody heard the gunfire this i on central african republic at 11 35 am the biker arrived telling me that definitely had found a freshly killed elephant. the tail had been clipped, but we found the hairy tip which was notched with sparse hair. the notch tail tended down. is samson a sizable male was 70 centimeter tasks? ah, oh no more. no more mon
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monday bunny number 2. doing goodness anger. i finally, the cut the men or can the one that should the elephant autumn under cleared the greater in the killing moneys, the information which crafts, natural power. so if you organize just on to the bliss when the guy shooting the elephant, that way. nobody heard the sound of the gun. ah ah
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the oh, well you're not done with doug again. i guess when i get this i get i be and i'm really good. low god gave it to me. i gave you a god blessed, blessed receive. like really not john jaya, yoko. ah
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me. i september 22nd sunny and very clear a great day at the bye. needing and doris seem to be fascinated with the big observation camp. they approach grazing bit monday and then raise their trucks trying to get some sense of this odor. i have a fantasy. ah, my garden big ah
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walk me through. i couldn't bear to do what the my dumber than a local not longer both. no, no, but my mother had to learn about buddy lisa rock in russell guns when my mother in law. oh, cathy. bye bye. yes. miss, i can, while you can call me who do i need to know?
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living, let me sit here together, dane, and one day he turned to me after watching an interaction between mother and catherine. he said, he's an elephant. he's a people. this like us. they interact with each other, they have emotion, just really hit me. well, you see something incessantly advised her. you know, i can appreciate him for many things and he can appreciate me. we're almost like an old married couple in a way. oh, oh yeah, yeah. but to me,
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going to buy and got a war to buy one to 5 pm to buy on them and now and yeah, i think i met up below. i got the mostly met with him. i got there at the i think he got done. i'm somebody i think i need to call spoke up now doing good bye bye bye. hello.
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mobile. one of our new building was my mama, one of them. i think i'm not jungle. and google, my mom younger nor my mama weren't among ali muffin, blank warner my at the moon. mumble got the got the while while while my wife one is a fuck under boy, welcome to whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, that is the number 9. 12, i see a one or a link. i know the model, but then we are do my
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mama, madame this is the life i am why my bill? well that was american. my mom was out my become when double bomb was my mom knew my muscles had them mark about you know that would be your modem or no. not yet. now my, my mom demo this in the me. oh, i ok. tober 3rd by on the central african republic. hot and dry. elvita is still in the clearing with both
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her newborn and jubilee. ah. un reports are rebel coalition calling itself the select is threatening the eastern and central regions of the country. the central african republic is located in the dead center of africa. a local name for the country is bay t africa, which means heart of africa. and it has a lot of problems, especially present forest elephants are really getting battered because they happen to live in these places where there's a lot of civil unrest cotton's
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the the sickle god. as you have said, he's under the head of his leisure fella lute landed on to back when nice it good. you good there need to make a fear not quite can get by sir ambush. i mean that any the question, if been to him me getting to use this over my new to the
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use of where i could put the la youth and i'm in the country sense to mean the garage. he. i cannot be sync up on my so the the
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the got the come a little what does enjoying more level that will be 0. do you know, i mean those been been a little enough but it isn't not right. is not it.
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yeah, we're not that i would assume that awful i do my best to set up a good that would be good and you go up on my lunch, does you said i did? i did about it. and then when i saw that the about going to go on and the other mentoring, who didn't net be opened up at the shadow by them being got me math. when i'm i wouldn't be able to get it done duty by them. i don't get
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fuck minimum, okay. most of the memo would have been manual, but the i would that the dentist would then go down to 10 if and in black and give us a little bit about it because you've been a little
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bit of a whole lot. but just to give you a moment, you don't believe that glasgow bob did go in there. got to keep more that you saw from out of the globe move mother. my although i love all because the alarm and that will be the lid that will bob bob of the base. not all of them. i don't so i know you're
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not there so no no, no, no way. one to me i there is very well organized coaching syndicates in i've read the very valuable material. i mean, i think some places they're getting a $1000.00 a pound for it. i i
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i for in dances extra new model years down the push the port to you to so different so far so. good as you go gander. ah. the me the me i now moses
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the i think what drew me into these animals is the continuing story. in the aspect of wagner that's special is that it's very unpredictable because you never know what you're going to say. there's always some little piece and story that's being added and watching these young balls learn to be males is a big draw because the biggest for many changes. oh me calf
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i mean, we've identified over 4000, but after while you start looking at elephants as individuals, as you, with people in the mm mm. mm mm mm mm.
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i me, baby who, beer. i know his me and told me big rips in the years. ah ah ah big for me. yeah, and this is what really gets me in trouble whether it's appearing, it's such an alarming rate. the me
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the the the me the the
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january 16 me the laker rebels had captured the diamond producer city of bria and the town of the tango, barbary and abuse. civil war has begun. i believe the hype of english football lies in elicit market for the rich and powerful i was the leading specialist undercover. just yours investigative unit exposes the inner workings and key players in the murky underbelly of football finance. he's held something like one in addition has been said that you can make
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an elephant disappeared. i have many of the exciting brazen example i see the men who sell football on i just met a gas address taking tropical paradise where its former protectors are now wanting to very we follow their journey as they put their lives on the line breaking. it's all medical on out of the euro. london is one of the most important cities in the world and decisions made here have an impact right around the globe. and so here at al jazeera, we will show you the true impact of those decisions on people been how it affects their everyday life. we are free to put them on air and to really engage. because
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we know that our audience, who's interested not just in the mainstream news, but also the more hidden stories from parts of the world that often go under reported ah, not to witnesses coming up at 1st we will check the headlines for you and the taliban is now captured up down the stones, 3rd largest city, her aunt, that is the 11th provincial capital to fall over the past week. beyond group gained control of god's me earlier on thursday, as it pushes on towards the capital couple more from charlotte bell of residence. then we took about half a dozen page 4 who all said the same thing that they would tell yvonne in all the streets in the center of town that they had come into town this afternoon.


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