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tv   [untitled]    August 14, 2021 10:30pm-11:01pm AST

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while the bavarian prime minister marcus looks on, he wanted to be the lead candidate for the cd u. c. s u in september, but last out to lash it in the spring. now the polls suggest most germans would prefer verda as chancellor, and that the c d u. c s u vote would be higher if he was, but such a change of course seems highly unlikely with just a few weeks to go. dominant cane al jazeera berlin. ah, look at the headlines now. the taliban insurgency is moving closer to the afghan capital combo with concerns that a full takeover is increasingly likely provincial capital of particular province sharon f. l earlier on saturday followed by a thunderbolt and guard as both nearer to combo. in the past few hours, the government's main stronghold. this is the northern city. all of that was our
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sharif. that has also come on to taliban control. now the group claims $22.00 out of 30 more pretty provincial capitals over all the present nation of gone. he spoke publicly for the 1st time in days, pledging not to give up 2 decades of gains. it shocked many people who were not going to start and i think the international community, the way that as the taliban has spread throughout africa and it's done is taken over as provincial capitals. the way that the north, as seemingly capitulated just lost. all of these provincial capital's accept form that we should we 9, but we should, we was still the one big hold out. it was almost like a full to city of it. the government in the north, just 2 days ago, president destro johnny visited that try to boost morale strength and the leadership try to get them to put up more resistance at least 29 people at dead after a lodge of quite struck haiti, the country's prime minister says this has been going to magnitude tremors caused
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enormous damage to areas in the south of the country. people fled their homes with fears that building's not already reduced to rubble could collapse. the geological survey says the quite was potentially stronger and shallower than the one that struck the country 11 years ago, which killed tens of thousands of people and also following the filtration in algeria where residents in the city of to the was you are surveying the devastation of the recent wildfires that 5 fight is managed to put out all blazes in this province, but there are still 35 ongoing elsewhere. army has been deployed to help, but many rural areas lack fire, fight equipment. over 70 people have been killed. government says the fire was started deliberately. what was the headlines we wind traveled to tanza now that's next news.
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news. news. ah ah ah hello and welcome to rewind of the film that you're about to see today is just as relevant now as it wasn't at 1st that back in 2011. that's what i'll do is africa investigate. he went on the cover in tans and there document
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a sinister trade in body parts from children with albinism for youth in witchcraft . and they will find out how the situation has changed in times since all cameras left. but 1st his spell of l. b. no. and i should warn you that you may find some of the images the subbing. ah, i mean, i mean, you know, i thought it is gone and it yeah. what days are you trying to read a new one? people more. yeah. why if we go out like your duty cannot work, i'm glad when i got a minute she to me and i found one anyway, by doing which i hope you're doing, you know, my name is unless,
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unless i am on the cover report and i will help i suck, make disco. i never reveal my fees because my anonymity is an important point in my wake. we want to raise awareness about the pledge of albinos in tanzania. we want to should a fraud of witchcraft and expose the creamy mouse behind. i'll be nobody bad to treat but 1st i will stay in the background and leave. i sat to lead a fact finding mission with the members of the site. we also joined by richard madame back look journalist who has went on this story before. rich had news from his own experience. why i'll be at risk. when i grew up by the child, i was told i'll be not, don't die. now the magical power whenever they grew, they will just disappear at this point. so we've kind of believe last out little believe engineer by which doctor it's created. the booming business for,
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for the demand albino pot. it's very side 50 as of independence in my country. we still believe we can kill each other to make money. we can keep afresh at that just happened a week ago, near gate, the in northern tanzania. the favorite fernando study. when i'm with it to you, he was capital my panda. by monday, she kinda broke up when you, when you pull up your renewal, we talked for me when
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i call you when in a bad day, i believe quite who do you have a picture of what was going on with that to go to go football. i need to know if i were calling because last time i mean if i could just come in i went in and talked to like
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i said he would just give me a clue. who would no one who can you will be with him. what would you be the people who want to read to me? i know you had come up with me when you knew that it would be one happy moment way
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a we when we laugh. so i'm not really generally in e n a because of what he norms. rope was a yearly kids are going to show who would you mind going with them? but i he mentioned neck of the bias and them while i'm going on money. wally, you money. he is that we should be kid sophistication, modify by to them, and he's going to be less about what they're going to be. let's see what the police have to say about adam's key. they have already locked up several suspect in the cells in the background and female police who pretend on pi. lucas, a bible agreed to brief delegation about his latest findings
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very close to be sure that you won't be able to do it now and up and into a moment with jim the window november. and i wonder what you can do to me with mark, i'm on betty. mark,
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i'm this is the 1st court here in adams case so far as 3 suspect. it is good to see that the police are moving fast with this investigation . our next submission is a trip to adams village to have a look at the crime scene. record the one box video game. it was, it gave me nobody got any welcome. you got me every day and you know we had about 3. we stopped us being rest of this morning opened by up to about one of them was the father of the 2nd. this is the book that we got called jesus in local language. you know? no one is amanda. found abuse. baptized that name because of the believe the way for minute miserable powers and believable. and then we we are called as
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a very huge crowd will visit him several times for the media. and also for what you think of we up to find the witnesses were still on the day he was on top. we are lucky. we have found adams pulled up rather faleen when done good at selling was seen at the grandmother's play. now he wants to show as a crime scene, there are mom was wondering what corrective will come. we will if the grandmother told somebody to help us, we're going to class. this is where the where sitting for dinner on
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today. when i talk as i talk to him, when it was waning, they moved to try seek a place where there is no rate it was he wanted to get if i not a to come come at this. this is where they put the finger and shop thing and cut them off here. they put in the right hand and shop all the spots. so this is a mark that remains the. why didn't go higher? why all the clue? no, i will tell you when you call up and i cannot remember by dialing somebody. wonderful . yeah. i was like, we're not welcome. yeah. yeah. that's the 1st time that was seen here. what you could give me would be oklahoma to me. i don't
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need any new though. yeah. i wouldn't damage. yeah. do you think it was level apple and 100 again? she need to do that. and i'm i'm not also a mile. and my mom, when you have like ginger, know to me handle my whole head, cardiac gold rod. at ethan yogi. norfolk, can i get home in a clean and i can quit your home a week or so at the window or she will need it will be when i can be there. sheila ha me maybe pierre comes up with
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a kick. i don't know where i got rudy technical cut in a navy don't have yak, trend it to go any be i can i i think their money was about the lack of what we do come out when up. what is the time like? i'm come one hour. however, if you could give me a call or, and i will need to talk with you when you can please, please give me a call. you will need one go who it went through. so you can check on that one. okay, cool. cool, jackie, how are you? do you want to get a job morial? you're going by?
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yeah, i will plan to go and i'm, and i'm not, your godaddy will get there. now my lovely lovely car allow me okay. cool, and i mean i know, i mean you know, if you get a new quin class on apple watch invite you know when i hear from but to me you know when i mean if you get my way out when and i will give them vitamin when i move bumble to be known,
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but when i send out what adequate when they wait while we are over. but oh, judge valuable. that's right. equivalent. now you miss that. even though i we, we still do more. yeah. when you're putting my, you're in on it might have done more. i said, i needed no wonder at them. done my the suspects. look how good mine is behind the be nobody pad st. unfortunately, adams attack is not unusual. the attacks against albinos are clearly on the rice since 2008 tons counted 62 venus who were killed. 16 who had lives amputated and the bodies of 12 albinos way exuberant. our next mission is to confront a witch doctor who is linked to these crimes. it's the start of our undercover
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investigation and it's time to get involved in myself. i almost feel like to be approved and it should start right now. but says i have to prepare my be specially designed to drop. i'll be you know, hunting so this is jennifer jennifer very, very close to reality. and if the top of hand, i'll be look, quaid was dropped off to real as special effect company, prepared this food static. and i want to use it to scale which doctors and prove that the only talking nonsense when they try to sell the i'll be in auction. it's so sad that you see children who are there ways would have a bright future. having the limbs dropped off. i can leave out in humans and people can oh
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me less she what i said about my mission. the i haven't yet told him about defeat. and i can't wait to see his reactions. my plan is how about going to meet that which doctor? what i'm willing to do to confirm that i would love my how do you feel about me? i think it look through quickly here do. ready you need to be willing to use for the plan
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for the you when it's great to see. i managed to surprise i sat if you things, this is real. i should be in a position to you which to me plays with my film and we should at which doctors and criminal charlotte abuse in the us of war. and on that you keep that people and driving attacks on i'll be in this county. i said, gives me the contact for which doctor who is suspected of being involved in the albino treat. i pause as a customer who wants to become rich and wish doctor demands
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a bank remote to start his settlement of money. and he's going to continue to have fun talking about the cases, black magic and the need of special medicine to lose my luck and success. at this point, i started to ask specifically about the i'll be no. com. does he already know if you will be no more than others? he's a mom the be no. we know what the woman who put you without being she amenities, you know what i'm doing. love and end up. not mom any. and then get into mention that human more than food and we didn't know that and i sub was right, this is one of the which looked as who is who the i'll be nobody but street. he
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wants to sell me a portion for about $70.00. none from the metal to weigh out the noble way is it to myself? i guess you balance you said the crash to be noble. what is it? is it a young albino? all all was up. didn't another none of them feel one who was a young man. like that said it stamped his came with my arm. tell him i bought him at present ticket. tickets. one's life ticket. ticket tick. wow. what
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a ticket ticket. have you afraid? he says what someone who's like certain forward, sorry for what is this brings up too loud. beetles came for a ticket ticket from why i didn't mean that he's what would you stop this thing and still bring it, bring my hand as we go. it will not only be just this one, we are going round picking them one by one to ensure that put them behind the
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atrocity study, arbitration doors, albinos. i have nothing but stupid. they have to stay in prison and keep the society safe. e, cause he went to bed and said that when nekisha changed, please let me show you that that will come in and we'll begin with you about what we're going to be in new jersey because i thank you. well to update you on this story. we went back to hans and to find out i'm far,
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i told your old boy you saw in the film and to speak to the organization under the same sun which is helping him and all those like can recover the find that out of in the hospital and gave it years ago, i said, what do you want out of like, what can i do for you? how can i help you? and he said, i only want 2 things. one of the all to go school. i want to go home again. i want to say phone so through some connections, over canada, got some for the major construct a surgery done. they told us on the implant and reconstructing his hand subsidy a hold of him. i felt like a parent to sign this form before i went into the surgery saying that, you know, every surgery to speak and his blood, he could die. and you take legal responsibility for this decision for to have this child have the surgery and i did it was very traumatic experience for him. actually had a surgery because it brought back the memories but he got through it. he persevered, it's remarkable to see the progress he made the
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on his own to shoulder oh. 6 i wonder, i can, you know, i don't want to put in put in
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a symbol come up way to go to this number. when there is a higher degree of public awareness of the issue. we run public awareness campaigns pretty steadily since 2011 in terms radio, television, and particularly understanding albinism seminars in the rural areas. and that has really contributed toward general shift and thinking you want to stop. yeah. and so i go and extend the challenge to you that you would reach out to be using a special effort to get to know winery that i'm still really troubled about is a lack of prosecution is over about 90 percent of the cases of attacks and killings that have occurred since let's say 2008 only 10 percent of those cases have gone in the court system intensity to the point of a conviction. the adams particular case
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perpetrators have not been convicted. so there's lots of lots of people. families have lost children to murder or survivors who lost limbs, who not have their day in court. for me, that's a travesty of justice. that's a big concern for ah, ah, [000:00:00;00]
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ah ah ah, the long before the cold, the crisis broke, the world was grappling with another global crisis. the climate breakdown structure of nature can lead to destruction of people. all hail the locked down examines links between these 2 crises and asks why it took a panoramic to bring on changes that should have been made long ago. all these things, we would tell him a complete, impossible,
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suddenly become connected. the wake up call that can't be ignored on just a home story from asia and the pacific on now to me the. ready now i'm mary, i'm demising in london, a quick look at the main stories now and the taliban insurgency is moving closer to the afghan capital combo with concerns the full takeover is more and more likely provincial capital of teacup province. shiranda fell earlier on saturday, followed by a thunderbolt and guard as both nearer to campbell. and then in the past few hours, the government's main stronghold in the north of the country. mazata shareef also


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