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impossible, suddenly become connected. the wake up call that can't be ignored. on a job, you know, the home story from asia and the business are now to me the now i'm mary. i'm demising in london. a quick look at the main stories now and the taliban insurgency is moving closer to the afghan capital combo with concerns the full takeover is more and more likely provincial capital of teacup province. shiranda fell earlier on saturday, followed by a sound above and guard as both nearer to campbell, and then in the past few hours, the government's main stronghold in the north of the country. mazata shareef also
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felt to taliban control. the group now claimed 22 of 34 provincial capitals, but the president, i should have gone a boat publicly for the 1st time in days, pledging not to give up 2 decades of gains. it shocked many people who were not going to start and i think the international community, the way that as the taliban has spread throughout africa and it's done is taking over prevention. capitals. the way that the norm, as seemingly capitulated just lost all of these potential capitals accept form of that. we should, we know we should, we would still the one bake hold out. it was almost like a full to city of the government in the north, just 2 days ago press the destro johnny visited that try to stand around, strengthen the leadership, try to get them to put up for resistance or other headline story. the major search and rescue oppression is on the way in haiti. of the country was struck by a 7.2 magnitude of quake at least 227 people have been killed. but official fate,
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there will be many more casualties from this. the bunker reports alive and clearly exhausted. a young woman and a child, a pool from the rubble. moments of the massive earthquake homes and businesses lie flat and the 7 point to back the tude quake strike at 8 30 in the morning. think people out into the streets in panic. it was followed 20 minutes later by 5.2 magnitude after short, the tremors felt across the caribbean. and as far away the southern florida, the center of the country's western tip around a 160 kilometers from a densely populated capital porter print, the poor, the brunt of the last major earthquake in 2010. the left hundreds of thousands of
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people dead. one and a half 1000000 people homeless. this latest quake is more powerful. but we don't know how deadly larger than the 7 point. oh, and 2010 killed over 200000 people. that doesn't sound like a huge difference in the size of the earthquake us about 2 times the energy related, right in our impact estimates are catastrophic. i mean, if it's a devastating earthquake potential of 10 to hundreds of thousands of people say talent is one of the poorest countries in the world to play by worsting instability and violence of the assassination of the countries president last month hate. he's also struggle to control the surging cobra 19 cases in a country where a quarter of the population live in abject poverty. and now this al jazeera, well residents in the algae area and city of tis,
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he was us surveying the devastation off the recent wildfire that firefighters managed to put out or blazes in this province. but they are still 35 still happening in other parts of the country abroad in the army has been deployed to help, but many rural areas lack fire fighting equipment. at least 71 people have been killed. the government has the fire was started deliberately 22 people. people are suspected of austin and now under arrest. and then turkish volunteers, emergency work as a racing to get a to people affected by floods as been large damage in the black sea town of both cars, where the water is washed away. apartment buildings, dozens of people have died. many a missing roads and bridges have also been destroyed, and hundreds of villages are without power. and zombies opposition to k and they actually ma, has taken a lead in his 6 attempt to become the countries president, the company, the ed, garland who is trailing after voting, finished on friday with final results unexpected until sunday,
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algebra investigation, dots now. oh, i shock and outrage around your atlanta play is condemning the sea police project. manchester united storm burns stadium, english, the cool funds rebel against the owners of the clubs they love, people should not for these be stupid ego unit. say the billionaire owners are treating english football, global cash cow, cutting clubs off from the community. yeah, the moment she'll see friends got what they wanted, but controversial. european super get collab. just
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a few days off of announce football clubs in england, todd, pass about history. heritage community and so i thought they should be protected. yes, you need more along the way to run it up front football. football authorities claim they have rules that protect the integrity of the lease and prevent unsuitable owners from buying clubs of funding for representing the flow. not just greedy days, ship china, wherever you are. you show how the rules governing football ownership all being abused on the criminal funds from abroad can be just wanted through the english game. and the main room in the ruffling, trying to replicate the lightweight. i had a link to undercover report to see could be filming
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a middle man who fixes deals for wealthy foreigners to buy english clubs. i was with the mail yesterday. he's a punch if need to sell the reporter say they represent a chinese investor, convicted a bribery, money loan, who wants to buy a football club to clean his money, but 99000000, the middleman, once all fictitious criminal to buy a club, this is twice been champions of england, which was please give us a statement. so 33500 people capacity. we reveal how the middle of the previous field took to the english clubs to the brink of financial collapse. defend they paid take can provide the do make is associate, include a form of scotland yard detected,
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who could monitor the football authorities, communication, the service where you could use just the policies to, to help you get the information you can help out criminal, obtain an e u passport with a new name on the green light to own it english football club. and we've done this really many visits and then here is 2 or 3 to to christopher samuelson is an offshore truck specialist and football deal maker. he works with accountants and lawyers to hide client identities and wealth.
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he became involved in football after setting up a sponsorship company, but was kept in the west famous phase figure because he wanted he said, chris, if we can by chelsea football, we agree to buy chelsea 480-0000 pounds, 100 pounds guarantees issue to that's the problem was the access to the ground so we couldn't do it. that's how can base this chairs, chairs. so that's how i started over a series of meetings in london. hotels are under cover reporters say they represent 3 chinese investors who want to purchase a football club with 2 investors home 20 percent each. the majority invest that
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we call mr. x has criminal convictions because issues in china we name are under cover reporter billy. the chinese money back and paying the local officials they offer you a drink. i think we can do the drink. angie is our 2nd undercover reporter. she's acting as billy's assistant before the program can also the warrant to escape to actual fact safety. and then a conviction of him being in the court because he's absent when the real world
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really tells thomason that mr. x is very rich, fled china with his illegally obtained wealth, smuggled his farm out of china to macau casinos and received a 7 year prison sentence sent for bribery and money laundering. if he wants help to do that, then i can overnight or that should hold for him. bax playfully responding to post relationship. so we have a bomb, michelle, where the prospective owner has paid money to public officials or in any other times bribed public officials, which is obviously a criminal offense around the world, both in china and the u. k. now as a professional, was a company information agent that should be the end of the conversation by the beginning of the conversation and should lead to that reporting to the police that
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is under the law and the proceeds of crime. samson has lived in countries including the u. k. island, switzerland in spain. until recently had a villa yorker which was sold for just under a $1000000.00. he's managed billions of dollars for the wells through the race. yet few know his name has been described as the ultimate man in the shadows. he's someone who works with a group of people, lawyers, accountants, to help people hide their money. he's one of the most powerful, influential people in finance you never even heard of. he was born to an affluent family installs in england. his parents appeared in society magazine, such as tattler samuelson was sent to a private forwarding school in england. i did further study in grenoble and munich, the in the late 960,
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he moved to wall street. he has what we think is his 1st job in new york with some very, very well connected investment bankers. thompson got into about emotional finance and trust in the 99 and he worked for a company called bound met, which he and others built in. so one of the biggest off shore trucks companies in the world, a trust company is set up when someone gives money to a trusted party to look after him is often used to fight the identity of the ultimate owner of wealth. a decade. he's manners the personal business of some of the world's wealthiest people, living money in offshore trust. some people going in addition, has been said that you can make an elephant disappeared. samuelson reassured billy that the identity of our fictitious criminal mr. x will remain
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hidden except to the football league. city. he has football, nobody will cite has he had to tell information as semester as the english football league is the body that governs the divisions below the premier lee. it has a set of rules called the owners and directors test to protect the image and integrity of the league and the wellbeing of its clubs. one of its key aimed is to prevent criminals owning clubs and using football to launder money. bands from owning a club, anybody with an unspent criminal conviction under sentence about 12 months in prison month. the lee can also require proposed owners to provide evidence of the
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ultimate source and the efficiency of funds to acquire control of or invest in a club. holy shit, we create a buyer. let's say hey, this is a investment. and mostly if if we have to send us the samuelson says he can sort efforts by the football lee to find out about mr. x sometime. say please investigate to do they have somebody there which then what was the main thing is you have somebody the fact is
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christian host, no phone can was huge. christine, who is a partner? i'm gonna cook a london based law firm handling for the legal and gregory 5 clubs, actually, the 2 items. and i know very well he's very efficient. this is nice. another member of samuel sins team is andrew abra lensky. chunk of attention and the commercial bank. my best friend, he's the best chunk of it. it's pretty straight. i can, i can hear you come to the right. ah,
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the deal would involve samuelson becoming a director of the club and receiving a large fee on the value of each member of his team would charge additional fees in names. the clubs he claims all for sale. if you want to buy a top 6 of those to you could buy today which will sell what he wants to pay. yeah . i mean, we could talk to daniel leaving the channel to talk them very well. and joe, this is the other major show. billy says the chinese investors are prepared to spend up to a 150000000 pounds, with a fair, the 100000000 for investment. they were looking for a sleeping giant once. great club with a big fan base. perhaps a team in the 2nd tier of english football county which mel
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bell has, has invested. so for 160000000 pounds because nothing on forest club 1 pm, which is the champion, the rage, the very top of football level one is mill. mill belongs to the bells. i know what he's american people. he doesn't he didn't get to see it later suggested in an email that really is invested by a top flight spanish club. i would vice because it has all the desirable attributes . good profits that can be enhanced brand that can be promoted in china and market all over asia. the best scouting network in latin america and an outstanding
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academy. samson presented with an acquisition plan drawn out by his firm sock fin the asking price for just under 90 percent of the bill with $217000000.00. but dubey had a key advantage for samuel. so talk to you because i was with mel yesterday. he was talking with mel confidential oh, really. mm samuelson provides a step by set guide that would allow convicted criminal and money laundry. mr. x to buy a football club. first, create an offshore accounts using a trust company to use as well that he claims he part company ice cream
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is trust company. we know with the company is before it was just a 100 pounds just to make the minimum the issue to ships appreciate ship puppy because number nina, shareholders can legally appoint nominees to hold shares for their benefit if they don't want the shares registered in their name the nominees names are made public. the names of the real shareholders remain a secret. basically uses another new share. they share information across the document.
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coffee. so you have the original copy intervals with us and creates an offshore company from mr. x. he sends an itemized invoice from fence re trust. the bill includes charges for providing corporate directors and nobody shareholders total $9400.00. and we just kind of say, who are the chinese that's all we'll say. i wonder what i did all ready id, plug it back on. i bought i bought it for russian family because they got rich
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25, but i said they had concerns. when you nothing about the company behind the funding. we knew that tim sport investment says it was cold, was going to be set up in a registered in gibraltar. why would that need to be registered in both? tim? what are they trying to hide? reading and that sounds like all the bars thing. garbage is the russian owner of a huge pulp and paper company without the garbage senior powers had a massive fortune from paper pulp. but we were also told that he wasn't involved in that, that, that was the obvious question of, well, where is the money coming from that's on the bus. so i got
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it. if somebody said that i couldn't play a part, i fear that they didn't know me but and tones in garbage didn't have the funds to sustain the club. yeah. i wish all expect reading down to flight judges, growth defense at this point just felt they take them to ride. suddenly we turned in to just another subbing crisis. the russian owner sold the club, he left reading, holding a big bill that he ran out with no money left to pay. it was then discuss is another strategy that will give mister x,
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the green light to buy an english football club again, separate last time you could help mister x, obtain a european union passport and change his name. i had had this happen for many years. he was finding out all kinds of things like tac toe sense. so samuelson sends the friend a text message in the security. and so he looks after a number of chance who have issues
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a space for ration. keith hunter is a former scotland yard detective, who left the police in 1997. he formed risk management, the private investigation company, and no runs animus. it services include due diligence, personal profiling integrity, testing, domestic investigations and surveillance hunters klein had included the oligarchy. boris pairs of ski and james, boring, a nigerian politician, jailed for fraud. alexander nick, bon yankee, the former russian spy with polonium in london restaurant had worked for hunter as a source of information. hunter has received samuels from this message and calling back again. i asked the pages of
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the investors. chinese. he was paid in china and chinese government saying like rush and said, he need to know if you can get a site this one. but billy meets hunter to find out more about the services he provide. billy's assistant, this time is another undercover reporter we called her alleys. and so this is my previous hunter explains what he does to help his clients. if he's talking to the really aggressive with we officer with whatever i'm initially just find out connect thanks.
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patricia was going to go live, so they go, mistress, so anything that we could damage their reputation with them won't get kind competitors telephone i called in a month which was a good kind we could potentially get hunters business activities resulted in a police inquiry in 2006, involving a corruption case in london's metropolitan police. he was not charged. in 2012 hunter was arrested on suspicion of seeking to corrupt the police officer in the james bori fraud case. again, he was not charged. sometimes it's impossible. sometimes. sometimes you can't do the fact that there will be times where you could use just the
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policies to, to help you get the information to the managers, which it seems to do. but it would be something good people, if they would do it, other people do those things and i'm very happy to organize an introduction. how can you trust? because you don't trust my people will have relationships with people that can do things that we do in house hunter is offering a range of services which fall in the spectrum of legality. so from one end, you have following people which is distasteful. one could verge on harassment through 2 things which are legal, breach, state privacy laws,
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like accessing bank statements, accessing e mails and accessing telephone records. well, sounds talks about 3rd parties distances. and so from this activity, the way in which he talks implies that he has done this before and has partially done this before as well. impulse to run recover reporters are off for the chance to buy a football club that was twice champions of england. one of the single, my niger, i think a potential when i think of potential i think of what would be, what is not i think of young people literally take them to the island and do something that they can be part of. tell me the possible. i think it other challenges over isn't a child in the country now. my name has been. gotcha. so and this is my my, my dear and i'll do there. ah,
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we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what, i'll just bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you or oh, hello marianne demising, london: main story. the conflict in afghan is found. the government's key stronghold in the north of the country has fallen to the taliban. mazata sheriff was taken in the past few hours, given the on group most of the power in the north. it means the taliban now times $20.00 to $30.00 for provincial capitals. meanwhile, their forces are closing in on combo south of the city. the provincial capital of tica providence, sharona sat on saturday followed by
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a sound above and guard as both nearer to the camp.


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