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tv   [untitled]    August 14, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am AST

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similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what, i'll just bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. oh, hello, maryanne demising london. main story. the conflict in afghan has found the government's key stronghold in the north of the country as fallen to the taliban. mazata sheriff was taken in the past few hours, given the on group most of the power in the north. it means the taliban now times $20.00 to $34.00 provincial capitals. meanwhile, their forces are closing in on combo south of the city. the provincial capital of tica providence. sharona sat on saturday, followed by a sound above and guard as both nearer to the capital. it shocked many people who
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were not going to start and i think the international community, the way that as the taliban has spread throughout africa has done is taken all these provincial capitals, the way that the north seemingly capitulated just last. all of these provincial capitals accept form that we should we numbers that we should leave was still the one big hold out. it was almost like a full to city of it. the government in the north, just 2 days ago, president destro johnny visited that try to booster morale, strengthen the leadership, try to get them to put up more resistance by following developments in haiti where at least 200 $27.00 people a dead after a large earthquake struck the country, a prime minister says the 7 point to magnitude trauma caused enormous damage to areas in the south. the west geological survey says the quite was potentially stronger and shallower than the one that struck the country 11 years ago and killed tens of thousands of people. residents in the algae or in city of to the was the,
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was surveying the devastation of the recent wildfires firefighters managed to put out all the blazes in this province. but there are still 5 happening elsewhere. the army has been deployed to help, but many rural areas lack fire fighting equipment over 70 people have been killed. and the government says that the fires were actually started deliberately with 22 people arrested on suspicion of austin and turkish volunteers and emergency workers of racing to get a to people who've been affected by floods has been a great deal of damage in the black sea. town of both courts where the water is washed away apartment buildings, dozens of people have died. many missing roads and bridges have been destroyed, and hundreds of villages without power. we're going to have the latest on what's been happening in afghanistan, that's at the top of the next hour, 2100 gmc. i will see you then, bye for now. the
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import 2 of the men who sell football deal maker christopher samuelson, proposes another way to ensure that the identity of our criminal investor, mr. x is concealed from the football league. we said that mister x would own 60 percent of the club, while to minority investors would have 20 percent each the other 2 will just touching each step as a front changes. samuelson would create an offshore company for the 3 investors. the 2 minority investors would be the named shareholders and appear to own the club, while mr. x secretly retains control through a trust fund. simultaneously pride himself on the structures that he sets up these
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incredibly opaque and sophisticated structures that know investigates. loya government official tax official whatever could ever penetrate. sanderson comes up with yes, another offshore scheme to prevent the disclosure of mr. x is true identity center, the word investment fund before bonnie low invest 5 percent. there's no requirement to just those who they invest in number. under this plan, mr. x controls that club through a master trust, samuelson forms 20 trust and each of the owners to exist only on paper, both 5 percent or less of a club. the master trust controlled by mr. x would kept secret from the f
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l. i simply give them company all the help i didn't but they will go through them. so because i know the real shareholders behind it is the one structure that they diagnose. and yeah, you one get, i mean, i've done this before and i will just, i was fortunate, i'll need to delete the didn't they see that they then weigh around the shop. so evidently the premier league club and found
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a member of the world's oldest football league in 2004 tonight based company, led by samuelson aims to buy a controlling stake in the club pool. greg was a director of edison at the time. bill ken, right, was chairman. i 1st met chris samuel, someone who's introduced by ken, right. as a possible invest in the 12 and suggesting that will be 13000000 being invested. they have it which i was skeptical about. i was concerned because i thought i was some of the very good talk, but i was always concerned that wouldn't deliver the funds. main investor was the russian tie cood, boris thing, garbage. i the
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we never saw any records of the company. there was no signs of any money, no bank statements, no bank letters, confirming funds were available. a british newspaper revealed that same gallery, which was involved in the deal the register last sam. yes enough. his friend keith hunter, to find the mo we knew which is not the story. so we looked at that job but we found that we spoke into one of the most days and then she could stay there until 10, right? so let me know how about me that you know anything job to find the whole thing formation of the russian guys
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who want to have it. and it was at the mitigating with simulations for the level order. it was the big problem before it's rachel russel. we do need a place to lovely across the face of it, making sure your plays in england in 2016 summers and arranged for a chinese businessman to buy one of england's oldest football clubs. installed himself as deputy chairman. the new owner said his aim was to bring back the glory days to aston villa. the most important thing for the cause of promoting
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that will chantelle gather the carpet back to the top 6 in the family i ship tenisha took samson and senior aston villa stuff on a promotional trip to beijing. raunchy and her was executive assistant were bring our management team a new management team along with the manager roberto to mateo, to beijing. the duck in on one of the best restaurants in, in beijing to montana. we can see we can see jamie, jamie, ben, phil, it's samuelson, business partner, chris, you can see k finance as well. keith winery was the clubs, chief executive. he left the club when villa ran into financial trouble. why not claimed he was forced to resign and food and aston villa?
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the union has obtained the statement, but why not prepare for an employment tribunal? he had deep concerns about charles finances. nothing was known about him that could be independently verified. my concern with the 3rd i suppose it billionaire of a string of companies mister sharp did not have a grasp of basic financial modeling. during his discussions with the fail, samuelson had an advantage that we would love to say because he also obtained the private records belonging to village chief executive. keith whiners case will find this when we suspended. it wasn't allowed to talk to the media
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because we had to get the benefit that goes see who was talking. i was numbers because he was talking to me in 2018 when the club run into financial difficulties. y'all wrote 2 the nfl pledging to make available sufficient funds to keep the club of float until may the following year. but he failed to deliver the flaming problems, getting money out of china. nation change here and i wanted to waive a month to see if you approved and he came to him so he may not be his and he said we put that on the phone just that much of that was his own body is a question on how much it was somebody else that's i don't know. he said it was him
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. but it wasn't clear that he was the friends. i just show as a friend. it was well known that aston villa under tony, well losing large sums of money. i'm sure us can bill a phones will be absolutely staggered to hear from you soon is accusing tony of being a front for somebody else. and here we have a revelation that samuelson and tony shaw have concocted. this ownership structure which pilots who the real owner is of asked them deliverable club and implies that we potentially don't know where the money came from. the biased and villa which is really problematic when we have any unexplained wealth. answering the english for believe or the k in general while job really on call was out. what was the new lead shop in
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the morning samuelson wants to list the extra by adobe county football and taking our undercover reported to meet the clubs. like i said, you know, just like on the way samuel spells out what needs to pay own darby. so we say we paid $50000000.00 for the club. 29000000 for the budget so that they will cover the losses for the coming to see what talking of 99000000 and welcome to the dog. and
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that was please angie, i think that will work darby's own. mel morris is a digital entrepreneur. he's invested nearly $200000000.00 of his own money in the club stadium itself. 33500 people for the most part stays we average out of about 28000 employees. so the way supports in the corner by pumping his own money into the club, morris's faith problems over what's called financial fair play rules. the rules are designed to create a level playing field for clubs. they prevent rich owners buying their way into the premier league or the club over spending and falling into debt. the choices were either by the financing or the book goes into decline over the
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next 2 years. i didn't want morris used a company he owned to buy job stadium. effectively buying it from himself. the football league charged darby preaching the financial fair play rules. morris paid a $104000000.00 when the stadium was valued at $53000000.00, in effect, he was giving the club over $15000000.00. the way they spent a lot of money in the last 2 years. you know, great as they do the tribunal, toby had not broken regulations over the stadium sale. thought the club was found guilty of a 2nd, f f p. charge over how it calculated the value of its place and find a $130000.00. to maurice,
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his desire to help finance the club continues to bump up against financial fair play regulations. it may well be the could be up and pages, so my loan to continue as part of the sale, morris is prepared to write off his loans, but says it should be done over a number of season. if he wanted to come to the transaction, that gets my benefit on the financial regulations. he wants to become a minority shareholder in order. once again to get round, financial fair play rules. when we talk about the deal, it's something we can, we can like and import the football rings. no longer connected
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minority show that i have the mil morrison's proposals. do not break the letter of the law from my analysis. it certainly breaks the spirit of the law, me into the club. but if it's a sale, a purchase agreement document and all that, then you get a proposal by mail. morris will certainly give darby county under the new ownership a financial advantage. again, clubs in a similar position. is that fair advantage? i think that would be for the e f l to monitor, and to choose whether or not to have charges against the club. mistaken to join in london, samuelson and hunter warner under cover reporters to be vigilant. just in case
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someone is covertly reporting that conversation. they have noise next to me when we with the rush, make sure that they let me punch you in samuelson have concluded that the best way to hide mr. x is identity from the football league is to obtain a separate passport. and we've done this many, many position. then
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we're just going to leave it to work. it's always been a little bit different who just got your team. they things changed. but i think it was just changed, but onto him. samuel isn't planned to portray mister x as a victim whose rights have been violated. he was like, this is used to this happening in the face of the minister. so
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we will need to finish up with how much the cypress investment program allowed foreigners to obtain a european union passport for a $3000000.00 investment under separate law convicted criminals. all those facing criminal charges were barred from receiving citizenship. me an email. spell out how much mr. x must pay to receive his passport. the passport will be issued in 8 weeks, providing the investment with 10000000 years in
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cyprus are under cover reports is discovered that the additional $7000000.00 payment is not through the official scheme. when there are problems a possible money to achieve a state tony k links property investors with cyprus, this isn't shaped program. so what we would do is find out who has to be spoken to that as a series of enablers. greet are under cover reporters. they include a lawyer who confirms that mr. x could change his real name. bomb says new passport is issued. ryan, that's his name. now what is the name of the united states? but if you check that they can live without name,
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andreas patasha is specializes in the citizenship by investment program. so we made an up to date the type of change in his name that would mean so be of great interest to the police and also the english football authorities. they are up against faulty fraudulent 2 divisions reports and a network of enablers. seeking to pull the wool over their eyes the lady said it's a triple state. so they will they. we do the one about chinese and if i have and then what was the minimum, which of dentist in the right will manage it will just manufacture but
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i when, when i read the information, i need me. the evidence that i've seen here is very disturbing. precipice samuelson is prepared to go beyond the legal position in terms of finding solution, such as false identities and full passport is a person that should have nothing to do with football in this country. do we do our own due diligence on this? not a my answer, that would be no, we didn't. i think we were led down the garden path. football fans should be angry about this investigation because it shows the entire vulnerability of the english football system to funds from gps origins and unsuitable owners for their clubs.
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soon after all visits, adobe mister ex pulled out of the sale so as not to hinder genuine buyers. we weren't married as your money for all religion notion dot com a forget about job a bunch of buy into it. well, today, a company led by a member of the abu dhabi royal family offered to buy the club in october 2020 samuelson and the accountants. andrew r lensky were director. the deal fell through. i do have a tight hold on. i got to take you on a long term prospect not say as a cash cow and really invest football clubs in england. it's old. i particular place in the heart of everyone by our parts about history, heritage, community and so on. and i thought they should be protected. you've got people grown up with a clue. going to follow this person about the brand and the integrity of
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the job as well. hoping for the funds. not for these, these she pretty going as they want to close the can we out from the board to board a football club. it's a business like like a factory or a supermarket. it's something far more important than that. it mean so much to support is going back generation without fund football is nothing ah ah ah
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ah ah ah ah, ah.
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i got one of the boston growing nations in the world. i want a car needed to open and develop it into national shipping company to become a team, middle east, and trade and money skillfully enough out 3 key areas of filling up from it, connecting the world, connecting the future. got cut to gateway to whoa trade me.
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when a military coup overthrew chilis marxist president, one stadiums became prisoners and the hunters sole objective was absolute control. one man publicly refused to accept the dictatorship episode for a football rebels. explore the life of carlos casale, the football whose personal stories swayed a vote, but altered the history of his country. carlos casserly and the demise of a n day on al jazeera, more than 10 years after the global financial crisis. you've taken home more than $480000000.00. your company's now bankrupt our economies in the state of crisis. i have a very casey question. this is their last hope that the us held responsible . i will be fabulously wealthy and i will not take any price for it. thank you.
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lloyd, the man who still the world on al jazeera, a lot of the stories that we cover highly complex. so it's very important that we make them as understandable as we can. as all just correspondence, that's what we strive to do. i use this is al jazeera ah, hello i mariam tomorrow's. the welcome to the news our life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. the northern government stronghold mazata sherry fulls as the taliban tysons. it's stranglehold on the afghan capital campbell. the 7.2.


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