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tv   [untitled]    August 16, 2021 12:30am-1:01am AST

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and they have to allow people to decide about the future, and they must not ask them to be in a national chaos. and without any rule of law or government. and of course they're right about it. but they have to have a kind of let me see that is accepted by doc and people 1st and an international community that they must not repeat the m r a that was before 2001. all right, well thank you very much fee and i do appreciate you taking the time to join us on this news out from london. thanks for having me. going to continue the conversation after a very short break, we're going to bring you more on what's been happening in comp and the implications of taliban rule. for minority groups covering other stories as well. there were hundreds gather there right next to the tank. god only knows what happened to them . and now the tragedy for 11 and thousands of people are killed in a fuel tanker explosion. and roger federer withdraws from the us open will tell you why they transfer me.
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ah hello there. we've seen some exceptional heat across southern parts of europe this weekend, especially in the iberian peninsula of spain, may have said, and you all time high in the city of corda, as temperatures rose above 47 degrees celsius. now if that's verified, it will be a new temperature record for spain. but on monday, the temperatures dip down the heat will ease here. but the balkans will continue to bake. we have got some red alerts out for areas here in particular, serbia is going to see the temperatures peak up in the high thirty's. and some of those areas around the age rhetoric see will continue to see the heat. but further north, it is looking wet and windy. we've got some severe storms rolling across switzerland and into austria. those are going to affect poland and some of those baltic states
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as we go into tuesday. and we've seen some severe wet weather around the black sea area. now those rains are going to ease as we go into next week. the heat continues across the southern areas of the dust for greece. we are going to see the temperature in athens peak up. and as we move across to the north of africa, it's morocco that's going to see those temperatures continue to rise up into the forty's. that's your weather update. the news. gotta one of the above that growing nation in the i want a needed to open and develop it into national shipping company to become a team, middle east, and trade and learning skill filling that out. 3 key areas of filling up from it, connecting the world,
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connecting the future. you gotta come to gateway to whoa trade. if you are looking at this from the outside, you would really wonder what was going on, what, what is this growth? is a religion that they have an in depth exploration of global capitalism on our obsession with economic growth. this is still the center of capitalism. there is no limit. i view myself as a capital artist. we are trying to make the world smaller and smaller. we don't want to be realistic in the well, we would rather have a fantasy growing pains on al jazeera. oh ah,
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i'll come back. i'll main story this. our taliban fighters are inside afghanistan is presidential palace entering the capital after a brief offensive. the group says that it wants a peaceful transition of power and that they are now and will moderate force promising to respect the rights of women. but he seems unfolding and cobbled causing worry and concern across the country and the afghan histones present. ash i've gone a has left the countries bill says from his heresies official say that is like to ask on his don. she's and he's got to is back. it's all of his wife, chief of staff, and the national security advisor. government has urged that to become in the capital. staying with our top story and rights groups are saying that some minority groups and afghan astonishing, urgent need of evacuation as they faced persecution by the taliban. the czar she is,
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are among the most vulnerable recent estimate suggest they make up less than one in 10 afghans. they lead us faces the 1900 ninety's. they've been the most persecuted community with at least 1200 killed and attacks in the past 6 years. just last year, many were killed and had gone assault on a maternity hospital in a mostly has are a pos of cobble with a bomb attack on a school. teaching mainly has are a goals in may, will tell him java does a human rights and minorities activities also from the has our community. he joins us from crossing bug in sweden via skype. what is your reaction to the scenes that we have seen today? the taliban now seizing control of the country. thank you very much for having me. it's really concerning. i have been following day all day and, and i've been talking to a lot of people here in sweden to be and also the people inside afghanistan and
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there they are totally were worried. and as you mentioned, the particularly did the people they have throughout the afghan history. they have been subjected to different types of pursuit, persecution and massacres. med time after time it has been during the kingdom, it has been the randy in the the, the worst stuff to started when to talk about to power in 1996 in the late ninety's they, they, they went to what they got. they went to 2 different districts and promised this afghan installed. they committed genocide off the people. they have been well documented that when they went to bombay on, after the destruction of the giant boot as a bomb. and they started simply killing and massacring the people around to the john buddha, us. and there were thousands of people. one human rights watch,
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for example, have estimated that only in balmy on and how long districts of a bummer permanence, they queued up to 3000 people in just a few days. and then they went a lot the tour towards the northern areas and rick captured at the missouri shareef. and that was a very, very brutal must take care of our community. people even fear, they went loosely to house to house in search of in the leaving house. and just simply kill brutally. they have been documented human rights watch has documented in detail in how the taliban warrant forgive me. can i just clarify something the the targeted killings that you describe just that? what time period, which time period are you referring to because they have also been reports of judicial executions is during the course of this wave of fighting that we've seen
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over the past week. yeah, i was, i said to the, during the 1st time to talk on to a part in the it is between 1998 in 2002. and they have actually, well continued a taking against the house hours when they go, they've got the trunk even when the international forces were present in afghanistan, as you mentioned in the introduction. so they have been takes on a waiting ceremonies in, in the big cities, particularly, i guess the b r people, they have been taxed on schools. girders which are dominated by the house are as they have a take the maternity hospital. and then, yeah, sometimes they denied they say that we are not in water, but the fact is that, that but no other terrorist screwed up enough canister can do, can carry up such a text without the patronage off talking about when you describe the bruce or oppression that has are, have suffered at the hands of the taliban in the past. can you explain why the has
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ara are targeted in this way by the taliban? well, they haven't, and there are a number of cheese, like i just coach 1. 1 of the things that they did in missouri show you went up to them and on the vehicle was the governor of taliban in missouri. and i was that the, the hazardous shoot either kind of word to so nice law me are, it will be killed all of them. and then they have, at the same time, they have killed soon as they have killed like that when they went into the different pos, stuff again, he started indiscriminately killed the because they are leaders. they believe that it is also a sort of clean thing by, by the time. thank you. i appreciate and johnny has dr. selim java joining us there from gothenburg. thank oh, following other story that i'm making headlines around the world,
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particularly developments in haiti, where many people are spending a 2nd night searching for loved ones missing since saturdays, powerful earthquake. at least 700 people were killed with that number expected to rise making. it was, the catastrophe comes during a period of political instability with a tropical storm on the way. katya lopez, her diane, has the latest in mountains of rubble. patience, look for survivors. the within moments, businesses home and live all shattered by the magnitude 7.2 or the damage is devastating. especially in a country that sounds pretty much from the last or the quick and 2010. and its recent political security breakdown with hospitals overwhelmed and haunted cities legitimate in the key. some victims were taken to the capital quarter print for medical assistance. the rescue team see there have been unforeseen challenges. a landslide triggered by the earthquake block made to
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roots and humanitarian work received gang activity, just was the capital. this also complicating efforts by that asset. a lot of damage was caused by the earthquake people in the capital. don't know what is happening in the city of la k is devastate. exactly. the lady is still struggling to come to terms with the assassination of his president last month and a worsening coven. 1900 pandemic. the prime minister says he's rushing a to the affected areas of the, the city cooling for a lot of solidarity, but it needs to be highly structured. so that won't be experienced in 2010 is not repeated more than 200000 people were killed in the 2010 earthquake. and now more than a decade later, saturday's tremor is bringing back painful memory. that god comes. i was leaving my business and i felt the movement. it felt like the earth was moving. i saw that
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everything was falling. when i got home, i saw the extent of the damage. the government has to clear to 11 state of emergency as a tries to find out the extent of the damage cartier load. this will, again elgin 0, a fuel tank or is exploded northern lebanon, killing at least 28 people. and leaving many more with her riffing buns. it happened as the army distributed illegally store petrol to locals, who flocked to the area with the promise of a scarce resource ali hashmi following events. another some off i got the 11th the explosion of a fuel tanker in the northern town of plain has added to an already 10 situation for millions of beneath people are in this field. write or i consider the spy roots sickened. explosion. what happened does not small people have been incinerated, some are still missing. god knows how many. this is
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a crime and i think every criminal, every smuggler is try to. all i wanted to run away. there were hundreds gathered there right next to the tank. god only knows what happened to them. the explosion happened when lebanese army personnel were distributing fuel. after discovering hidden fuel tanker. the container, thousands of medical teams in the area have been overwhelmed. most of the injured had to be transferred to neighboring cities for treatment. and the country with no functioning government and it was stated economy and a di health situation. if you're crisis, is now leading to hours of waiting got betral stations. i've been here for a couple of hours. i'll probably stay for 3 or 4 hours. busy in order to fill my bag with foam petrol, the only one you're thousands of gods. not just where i am everywhere,
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living on our q in front of petrol stations to get the basic commodity that no one can reach. i've been waiting for 2 hours. i'm not even sure whether i'll be able to get petrol or not. i've been here for 5 hours. look, it's empty. i might wait another 3 or 4 hours. every month, i go through this 5 or 4 times. love, it has been through challenges in the past, but many say what they're experiencing, no political economy can. social invest would be difficult to actually start solving beaches covered, insert and water that taste light charcoal at the new reality. for some people on greece is 2nd largest island. weeks of wildfires have transformed the popular tourist destination of area from where the same bas ravi now reports the after 2 weeks of apocalyptic scenes, fires in greece, still burning,
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and environmental and economic reckoning on a national scale. now begins. during the early days of the crisis, a mayor in the attic, a basin in north happens, described the devastation from fires as incalculable. greece as prime minister has since promised to put things back the way they were. really sorry to break the bad news, but this is our life from now on. and we still have to do everything possible because if it gets worse, this is going to get completely out of control. the united nations are mentioning and extension point for humanity. if we reach a certain point of temperature rise, so it's dangerous, it's complicated, it's not going to go back to whatever normal we thought we had some decades ago. this is a new normal, but we still have a lot of things to do on the prevention of the patient and mitigation of the issue . fire damage, property loss,
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entire communities displaced serious immediate effects. but in the long run, this will be the new normal, increasingly intense summer wildfires. it spells disaster for the countries vital tourism sector just starting to recover from the corona virus pandemic. the effects of the wildfires on via are being felt all over the island as well as on the mainland. once christine beaches were for weeks surrounded by smoke clouds and falling ash. and now those beaches are visibly polluted. on social media visitors, post videos of beatrice, covered in silt and debris, from the fires on the island. one person said the water taste of charcoal. it's really sad. situation is a very bad situation. who tell operator on the island said the fires have kept tourists away and decimated small businesses that relied on the forest before we had because when we slow down in our work now usually in 15 of august, which is
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a big effect for, for greece. usually we had 100 percent food. there were there was a way for in 100 percent. now we have 0 percent access to the island has also been limited to firefighters and essential personnel only also bad for business, environmental expert, se world leaders knew better and failed to take action that the scientific community has been screaming about climate change for years. for the global ecosystem, there is no going back. climate threat is now a cost of doing business. that is here to stay. zane basra b o 0 on greece's area island. indonesia is struggling with one of the was corona virus outbreaks in the world. and it's increasingly claiming the lives of children, more than $1200.00 children have now died, at least 70 percent of them in the past 2 months as a delta various searches across the country. jessica washington reports from tank
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rank in indonesia. second regency. yet another young life has been lost to cope with 19 funeral workers had come to take his cousin to the cemetery. inside is the body of the 2 month old baby. her name is maria. she died in hospital almost 3 hours from her family's home. now her parents have returned to their village. so the approval, we came back here from the hospital because our child, if dad and i live all they have, are they memories of maria? they don't even have a photo of their daughter. i stay at home and rest because i'm always thinking about my daughter who died. as indonesia covered crisis continues, even the youngest have not been spared. and in many parts of the country, children may also be suffering from
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a 2nd disease or medical condition which heightens the risk of something or amount. nutrition will have an impact on a child with immune system. so if they get infected, it's likely to hit them harder. slow vaccination dr. outside. major cities is also putting young people in danger. as many children contract, the virus from family members, people fit children, not affect that. and then, and i back right now we have a lot of children died as the delta variant continues to spread across indonesia won't children of falling ill each day. every week, hundreds of indonesian children died from 19, most under the age of 5 dozen increases. so to demand for small child lives, hawkins field for the countries young victim of the pandemic. to beta soon cannot believe her grand daughter shall over is gone. she was just 4 years old
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. she was kind and cute. everyone liked her. i'm sad. she left me behind. i still want to take care of her with god decided otherwise, i shall over never got the chance to ride her new bike, hers like thousands around the country was childhood, cut short by the pandemic. jessica washington out of 0 tongue room. so had for you on this news out from london last time producer, come back to the new castle in sundays, premier league action will have that story and more with leah. ah. the latest news as it breaks down here in the north and doing the best job you can we've seen one water to teen at wells far further with detail covering the
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government since the taliban is relying on human shields and losing people shot that home from around the world, the price tax, toko games have officially top $15000000000.00 that already the most expensive summit games ever stage. in 2011 out, they were reported from townsend on the senate to trade in the body parts and i'll be. this is where i'm seeing that they put it right here and on the spot rewind revisit system. i then mutilated to service the rituals of witchcraft. when the crash to rewind spell of the i'll be no on al jazeera. ah
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ah thank you, miriam will. roger federer has withdrawn from this month's us open and will undergo surgery on his right knee for a 3rd time. the 40 year old missed the tokyo olympics because of this injury during the grass court season. federer hasn't competed since losing the wimbleton quarter finals in early july. i've been doing a lot of checks with doctors as well, many getting all the information as i hurt myself further down the grass cold season at wimbledon. and this is not the way to go forward, so unfortunate told me for the meeting to long term to feel better. i will need to well need surgery. so i decided to do it. i'll be on crutches for, for many weeks and then also out of the game for many months. so it's going to be
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difficult, of course in some ways. but at the same time, i know it's the right thing to do because i want to be healthy. i want to be running around later. ringback as well again, and i want to get myself a glimmer of hope was to return to the tour in some shape or form. sad news for the football world. german legend gerd muller has died at the age of 75. mother was diagnosed with all timers, disease in 2015. he was widely considered one of the greatest forwards and football history, hoping by an munich when 3 straight european cups in the 1900 seventy's mother was also prolific with west germany. when in the european championship in 1972 and the world cup and 74 molar leaves behind his wife of more than 50 years and a daughter. while he remains the record goals score for byron, munich and total, he scored $711.00 goals in $780.00 games across all competitions. that includes 14 world cup goals and across 2 tournaments. he also won the german league on 4
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occasions with byron 3 straight european cups from 74 to 76. and in 74, he scored the winning goal in the world cup final. he's a big loss and always i think would be remember one. absolutely, the greatest so and, and when you, when i was there, how humble, how incredible person he was. and yeah, i'm pretty sure by mooney will do the, the deserve. and the correct tribute to, to one person that helps to the disposition of the job. this game much, much, much better. writing this is more in sundays premier league options tottenham, captain harry cain was left out of the squad to face manchester city amid speculation that he might be joining pet, guardiola life without came might not be so bad for 1st they defeated man city, one mill, south korean san young then for the winter and the 55th minute harry work this
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morning. he's preparing himself and when he's ready you will join the group and help the team the fry before as always had the same feeling that we are good playing here. but we can get results because the point is you in the position then, but yeah we, we did everything to do know to, to do when earlier new castle opened their account inside 5 minutes against west ham. thanks to callum wilson. new castle twice held the lead, but they ended up losing for 2 on the back of a couple of goals from west ham ford. mikhail antonio barcelona started life without leonel messy on a windy note defeating real, sophia dad for to finish forward. martin braithwaite, who effectively replaces messy in the starting lineup, scored on either side of half time. back to tennis and italian, camilla georgia completed a studying run at the canadian open, feeding, curling up over in the final when the biggest title of her career,
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the world number 71 took the match and st set claiming her 3rd turn them victory. and 1st and almost 3 years, she's the lowest rank champion in canada for 10 years. on the pga tour 6 man play off was needed to find a winner at the windham championship in north carolina. and just like the start of a bad joke to americans, a canadian, one south african and australian and a south korean all made par on the 1st extra for at the next that kevin kiss. nor had a cellar approach shot and claimed victory with a birdie. it's only the 3rd time in pga tour history, that 6 players have gone to a playoff in a tournament. at the moto g, p and austria, brad vendor took the gamble of stain on normal tires. as rain started to fall in the truck towards the end of the race, most writers chose to stop for wet tires, but bender for forge ahead and manage to hold on for his 1st victory of the season . the south african finished the head of francisco. but aja and whole cedar jorge
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martin. and finally, a former electrician has made tyler gilbert became the 1st pitcher in 6 years to throw a no hitter in his 1st career. the 27 year old bud, the arizona diamondbacks as 7, nothing went over the san diego padres. gilbert had been doing electrical work with his dad after the minor league was shut down last year due to the pending last summer. i got sent home and yeah, i was doing, i was trying to make ends meet, you know, by thrown bolton semi, my varsity had coach at the high school in the home town that i grew up in and just trying to work out and stay in shape and i was working with my dad doing electrical work too. so that was, that was fun and you know, just trying to make it me. but when i, it really made me realize how much i miss baseball taking the whole summer off or
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back to mary. i'm now all right, thanks leah. that's when he's out. i will see you in just a few. i'm in time. they with a news news, news. news. news. the story that need to be tow. find away and demand to be heard. the opening the window into another light and challenging perception and personal endeavours in epic struggle with the colossal sacrifices in individual journey witness showcase it inspiring
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documentary the change the word on al jazeera when i think of my nature, i think of potential when i think of potential i think of what would be, what is not i think of young people literally take them to the island and get something that they can be part of. tell me the possible. i think it on the challenges moving the child out. my name is ben. gotcha. so, and this is my, my, my dear, and i'll do there with me the conflict between the, if you can government and the regional take, great people with the ration fund has killed thousands and internally displaced more than 2000000 over the past 7 months. 350000 people in the region are facing famine according to the united nation, which says that our vision is being used as a weapon or for those who managed across the border say it's not because they have
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improved back home. they say to continue to be targeted because if they have many problems are being reported and all becomes taken refuge. and here last time i at the president's desk. the taliban is back in charge and cobble, the spokesman tells al jazeera it's ready to peacefully assume control of the country at last 20 years ago. cutting to the whole muslim nation of 5. janice don, i'd like to congratulate you for this victory. president, chef connie fleas, foreign diplomats are lifted out and many had for the borders. want next for the millions in afghanistan who fear taliban control.


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