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tv   [untitled]    August 16, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm AST

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watch or english streaming live, and i get 2 channels plus thousands of our programs award winning documentary. and do get to choose to describe to you choose dot com forward slash al jazeera english. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello from phil. i'm how am i here with the al jazeera use are coming up for you in the next 60 minutes, the us send more troops to secure the evacuation koval airports after thousands of desperate people stormed the wrong way. we cannot and must not abandon the people of afghanistan. the un secretary general calls on the taliban to
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respect human rights after its easy control canister. once more, both these are pulls from the rubble after a powerful earthquake in haiti. at least 1300 people have been killed. malicious prime minister has handed his resignation to the king, but we'll continue to run the country for no alarm. devin ash, with sport in the crickets is all celebrating they base in england by 151 runs on the final day of the 2nd to go one mill, often the series. ah, we begin this use are of course in the afghan stone where the u. s and western allies are grumbling to evacuate since the taliban takeover off the country.
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afghans desperate to flee, crowded the airport terminal and runway, as military aircraft to cough and lands. as you can even see, there are some of them clinging desperately to the sides of that american aircraft . as it took off, the pendulum says, all flights have been temporarily suspended, as they try to restore order. us troops far shorts in the air to keep the crowds back and 2 arms men were shot and killed during the chaos. well, the un security council has held an emergency meeting on the crisis in afghanistan . ambassadors that urged the taliban on their pledge to respect human rights and offer amnesty. the international community must be united toots, and to see lies all available instruments to ensure the following. first, we must speak with one voice to oppose human rights in afghanistan. i call upon the
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tale abandoned all parties to respect and protect international humanitarian law and the rights and freedoms of all persons receiving chilling reports of severe restrictions on human rights throughout the country. and i am particularly concerned by accounts of mounting human rights violations against the women and girls of afghanistan, who fear to return to the darkest days. well, our correspondents are across all angles of the story, spread out across the canister, the united states and the u. k. keeping across all developments you need to know about with george, how in london james base for un headquarters, patty cocaine is standing by for us in washington dc. the reaction from the pain. so can, 1st though we will had life to capital and rob mcbride's role scenes of chaos. very distressing scenes this morning at the, the carbo airport. just give us a sense of what the situation is like. no. that's right to me and this monday
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evening this, that chaos and tragedy continues with these desperate scene that people desperate to get out of afghanistan, the taliban has put up a cold and outside the terminal to try to stop more people getting in to try to stop the situation getting worse, but we do know that people have been trying all day but and often succeeding in scaling the perimeter wall to getting inside. meanwhile, the taliban has been firing shots warning shots trying to keep people away. you occasionally hear gunfire coming from the direction of the airport. meanwhile, in that part of the, at the airport, the large us contingent, they have also put up that quote and trying to keep the crowds back as they continue this evacuation exercise, also firing shots. and we know from the pentagon statement, in an incident early monday, shots were fired to kill 2 men. according to the pentagon, well, we know from other sources that they were in fact,
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taliban. so while you have these 2 large armed contingents the united states and the taliban, both of course sworn enemies for the past 2 decades. and between them this highly volatile, increasingly desperate crowd. it really, really is a very dangerous situation. the longer continues, the greater the danger of something far more serious occurring the u. s. that said it is committed to clearing the runway to allow it to vacuum ration exercise to continue. we know it is both string, its military contingent colleagues of ours, who have been along to the airport to get getting a vantage point. just before the light went. just before sundown, have reported. still seeing large number of the people across the runway. and this a tactic being used by the united that by the us of using a couple of the apache attack helicopters to have a low over the runway, a couple of meters repeatedly driving. the crowds trying to push them off,
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presumably because of an imminent arrival, the departure of one of their transport aircraft. but with so many people on the runway, they have to suspend operations while they try to clear people, at least. so this really is turning into something of a nightmare of an operation for the u. s. it is indeed bob mcbride, they're keeping across the chaos in cobble. well, thank you. i will let us hear more no, from patsy cocaine. she joins the snow from washington. d. c patsy, we're getting a sense of what's been happening on the grounds in campbell, at the airports. the pens are going to have given a briefing, and we understand from that that sort of getting everyone i of the country america sending more troops in yes, i'm here after kind of going were press secretary john kirby gave a briefing to just a few hours ago. they confirmed that the us military has taken over the command of the aerospace, so they're,
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they're going to be doing that. but they can't get any planes in or out until they get the people off the runways in the tar max. so the, he said the focus is going to be on doing that, give you a sense of what the military presence is in that airport. there's about $2500.00 us troops, and there's still a lot of embassy staff that need to be evacuated that are on the military section of that air that airport. so now as human, as rob mentioned, they're trying to disperse the crowd. they're going to try and get another 500 troops in, but again, can't do that unless you can use the airfield and we do know that the secretary of defense has had about 3000 us troops in the 2nd airborne. they were on standby, they were going to be put in kuwait just in case they were needed and couple, they've been slowly adding another 1000 and another 1000. now we're told all $3000.00 are going to be heading to that airport in hopes of securing it over the next couple of days. so they said they have about $22000.00 people with special immigrant visas and their families that they need to try and get out. they said they're aiming to be able to get about 5000 people a day. so they're talking about this operation lasting days. but again,
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it hasn't started yet. there is another big concern. the embassy was telling the people who worked with the us that are now being hunted by the taliban to shelter in place. so john kirby was asked, so how are you going to get them to the airport? and he really deflected the question, so that's a question for the state department. they'll have procedures to notify them. but if they can't get through the taliban checkpoints is unlikely, there wouldn't be able to get to the airport. this is being seen in the united states as it absolutely catastrophe. a tragedy humiliating joe biden is going to speak to the nation, but he is being hammered from both sides of the aisle. because the pentagon said the african military could survive at least 18 months. they protest this wouldn't look like saigon this looks worse than saigon. so they're going to be questions about exactly how the pentagon got the intelligence so wrong and how the situation that they're in right now was even allowed to happen. so good, the big question, the days ahead, right now the focus is on keeping the airport safe keeping it contained would you
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notice the general in charge of central man met with a child in doha? and he did tell them that if they try to interfere with the airport, that there will be repercussions. so that's the situation here at the penny on right now, we're expecting to hear you mentioned from president joe biden, shortly after that we expect to get another briefing from john kirby, so we'll keep you posted throughout the day. thank you very much indeed. tactical have their across all the detail, the parents are going to see. thank you. let's check in with the situation. the united nations are set for monitoring editor james base is lie for us from there. it seems that will set emergency security council meeting, and now there's been a statement from the un. what have the united nations been saying about the situation in afghanistan? well, the security council has now managed to issue a statement to the end of its meeting. speaking with one voice, which is significant because they met last time on afghanistan 10 days ago,
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and they didn't manage to come up with a statement. the statement calls for immediate cessation of whole hostile it is, but it also calls for talks for, to reach and let me quote, a new government that is united, inclusive and representative, including the full equal a meaningful participation of women. so their calling for fresh negotiations, an african lead process leading to a new inclusive government. now will the taliban accept that and what leverage to the security council have of the taliban? certainly we heard to from the ambassador of pakistan. he wasn't invited to the security council meeting, but he came in brief reporters and many a crumb told us that he believes that the taliban are talking about some sort of inclusive government. and he thinks that that is definitely a possibility. what is clear is that there are some of the key political leaders who were allied with the government in kabul,
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who are still that like dr. abdullah like having because i the former president and nobody in the heck, but your former commander and i've gotten politician from quite a quite a while back and there is a group who can politicians currently in pakistan. so will pakistan and the you and, and others try and persuade taliban to come together with those people to come up with an inclusive government. i think the only leverage that the international committee has of the taliban right now is the whole issue of recognition at the meeting of the security council. the african ambassador was the ambassador that was appointed by the government that no longer exists. the taliban, i'm sure would like to have the seat of the united nations and be recognized by all the countries of the world that i think is the only thing the international community have to and convince the taliban to broaden government governance and bring in other figures ok will be interesting to see if that transpires, james bay's life, or as the un. thank you very much,
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james. let's get the reaction from europe. now we can speak see june, the whole he joins us live from london. and joe, not that it's not just the americans who commit seats or who were connected enough kind of stuff. nice. so played a role there, the u. k. where you are also last several 100 soldiers was been the reaction to the chaos from europe. is there a united voice every country now is doing what it can to evacuate a large number, some more than others of course of their own citizens and can support staff from their now defunct diplomatic missions. and of course, other activities on the ground in afghanistan that have built up over 20 years. and i think everybody watching somewhat agustin, what is happening now. we've just heard from chance the anglo merkel in an address largely of course, addressing sort of public opinion in germany. loud, loud questions being asked there as in every capital that has been involved in
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afghanistan for last 20 years, what is going on now? what went wrong? and what was it all for, and transfer merkle, answering those questions fairly directly and very characteristic, straightforward fashion, saying the native mission simply achieve less than was planned. she added that she shared the pain of the families of soldiers who were killed in afghanistan, as it seems, she said right now, like it was all in vain. and those comments only a little more carefully and more diplomatically worded than comments by i'm and i shut the candidate in her own party to succeed her in next month's elections. he said earlier, this was the greatest fiasco in nato history. a pretty blunt statement that from the man who might be the next german chancellor. anglo merkle said that she would be coordinating efforts with france in this ongoing evacuation. even as news came in that a german plane and had to be had had to be redirected to tash kent,
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in those back is unable to land and inevitably, now governments looking beyond the crisis that is unfolding on the ground right now, looking to the longer term a much bigger revolving picture here, how to deal with the taliban government, how to deal with those security issues as they unfold, how to deal with a refugee crisis if it comes. and i think, accurate, echoing sentiments in probably everyone's mind now. chancellor merkel again, this is this will keep us very busy for a long time to come. it will indeed join a whole that bring us up to date with a reaction across europe. joe, not thank you very much. indeed. well, carter has been, you know, since talks for a peaceful resolution as the afghan conflict, the countries talked to not says they are trying to help get people out of the country to ask about what ought to we have also discussed the latest development and have gone his son and the entire world is concerned with the rapid development in the country. we're also doing our utmost to help evacuate diplomat and foreign
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staff in international organizations seeking to leave a levy header or pakistan this helping diplomatic camp. international personnel form cobble, social, allowing some freight through a key border crossing with afghanistan. the talk come crossing with calls, the sunday has to be seized by the taliban. come all hide or is that you census this update? there's been some movement. we've seen truck laden red, fresh road and register boat making their way across the border into bucket on. however, you can see behind me there's a huge q, now they guard for the large range for da da da. there was a lot of confusion, a change of come on down the border board when that dollar barn to coal walk and add up project led to a traffic jam dredging for several kilometer. it showed you the importance of that logistical supply line, which is
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a lifeline for bonds and landlord country. and red told me to close it, of course, as to drop it on both sides where traffic and drug can containers piling up what it appeared that the border will be open within the next 24 hours. we are told that budgets on the open door border day working on the mortality at the same time. we are also told that senior delegation that made its way to its normal bod, yesterday, headed by unit condo near the head of parliament, also with dod mohawk k. or the leader of the minority. i thought he didn't budget on and a foreign minister of god threatening the importance of stability. and of one is on saying that the international community might work very hard because they did in the interest of the international community and the preference dates that a political sector remain remain, should be found. for one,
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it's dawn. but we are watching as far as the garden crossing is concerned. i've been by doug open, however, it will take some time for the traffic to review act, but normally scheduled within the next 24 to 40, a dodge. well, the you case defense secretary has a message that some people trying to get out of afghanistan will not make it back visibly breaking down. the former british, on the officer ben wallace said it was subs for the west had done some people will get back and we will have to do our best and countries, the processes, people. why do you feel it? so personally, mr. wallace can undersold, nicole cetera. and the west has done what is done well, this appointment is also been felt in the u. s. among those who serves in afghanistan during the last 20 years. david roach is a former plato operations director. joint chiefs of staff. he says, time will tell if the u. s. mission was worth it or not. we never fully addressed
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corruption within the afghan government. and what we see here is not a military defeat. we've seen us failure of morale, a collapse of government, where forces decided not to fight because they had no confidence in their leaders. what we're seeing is this idea that you can build a modern military without having a corresponding civilian government and the, it's like painting over rust. i mean we, we had a civilian government that was fundamentally corrupted, tribal tried to built the modern military to support it. perhaps we ignored the clouds, which imperative that you have to have the people, the military, you know, and, and the government. and it failed. there has been a fundamental transformation of society in afghanistan, there's levels of education and empowerment of women. but if the taliban behaves the way they did before, you know, it's sort of a central ation coming ruge. then they can reverse that just through brutality.
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china special envoy to afghanistan has met with her on foreign minister java theresa into hon. many civilians and african soldiers for across the border into iran were trying to recognize 50 on group last. mantell official talks for the high level delegation, including the telephones, co founder and debt p. c, v 2, chunky ally jones on she. johnson jewel. china has always respected ganna sand, sovereignty independence and territorial integrity and has not interfered into kenneth staff. internal affairs has always followed a friendly policy course all afghan people, china, respect the rights of the afghan people to decide their own future and their own will. china will continue developing good neighborliness and friendly relations with the piano stand and playing a constructive role and scan a stance piece and reconstruction. while the chinese government says it's ready to develop political friendly relations with the taliban, raging has the missing taliban represent, says for years, trying to reach an agreement on entering the violence of major concern. as the
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telephone's ties with the weaker muslims in china, staging site security in junk or more than a 1000000 muslim weakness are detained in camps. last month, china's foreign minister met the taliban, senior leaders and one the publicly accepted the taliban authorities, colon. then a crucial political force will play significant role in afghanistan, roads to pace and reconciliation. well, let me get more and i will, we can bring an andrew small. he's an associate senior policy fellow at the european council on foreign relations and specializes in china and asia. jones is by skype, from berlin, and it's good to have you with us on the i'll just even use that. just to say, hey, china, you think we'll be viewing what's happening in afghanistan? they do have a policy of non interference, but they're also very keen to develop their economic clients in the region. do you
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think aging sees what's happening is an opportunity i think they still largely see as kind of stand through the prism of threats to be managed. obviously, as you see from chinese state media, the moment making as much as they can out of the propaganda value of the disastrous manner of the u. s. withdrawal. so that's what's blitzer, the waves on the chinese side at the moment on the relations with the taliban. i think they're still very apprehensive. they do have relations with the taliban, going back 20 years to the last time they were in government. they know who they're dealing with in that regard. they've been preparing us. your clips suggested for precisely this. eventually at the the meeting, the muller braga had with me, was the highest publicity meeting that taken place. but the fin interactions all sorts of other levels going back a long way. but i think the concern that china still has, as you partly suggested,
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is whether this is going to create a more permissive environment for the week of fighters in afghanistan. what the implications are going to be in the wider region, including for countries that it cares about. i think even more like pakistan and the central asian states, they're concerned about the implications for the ttp, the pakistani taliban. and so i think yes, there are economic interests that china has and it's likely to have been going on for the longer. but i think they're going to be very cautious about moving ahead with any of those investments and economic commitments until that confident of political and security contexts to make that viable get. so what are the risks then for the chinese when it comes to working with the taliban just laid out for us, why are they being so cautious or why are they not just going great guns with this and, and starting with the taliban to start building and investing in the country well,
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there's a couple of pieces to this festival. it's just a very practical one, which is what level of security can be provided for chinese workers in the country . if you look at what's been going on in packets on, even in recent months, they've seen higher risks to that project. the attack that took place against chinese workers working on one of the projects in industrial who was one of the worst attacks that you've seen in terms of the loss of lives. and you've seen other kind of near misses dark chinese diplomatic personnel. so that concerned about the basic security conditions, even in the far more secure environment of the school that you have in pakistan. but i think as, wow, and this goes to the question of china to playing a role in trying to encourage that to be some kind of a broader base government. they don't want the situation to unravel again. they can't make serious money. they can't make serious commitments either in the,
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on the infrastructure side or in the mining interest, but they have in the country without something that looks stable over the long term . chinese mind means some kind of a deal with the other forces, at least something that resembles a deal with other political forces in afghanistan. and that's simply uncertain about. 8 whether this is going to be an environment in afghanistan in which the militant groups, but they're most concerned about, are still able to operate and trying to expect. so most of it's sorry to cut, you will ferrell. i was going to ask you a bite about the weaker muslims because i'm not sure if you're right to address that or not. but it's, it's almost an elephant in the room really for the chinese, they have a keys, the afghanistan of being, and the taliban of harbouring and sheltering the weaker. and of course let's not forget over a 1000000 of them, have been locked up in concentration camps for education camps
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in sin. jang, so how will that tension reacts or impacts the. ringback impacts events with the africans with diplomacy. so all of the repressive practices that you see in china itself in seen john, i think that does mean that the situation is, is far more locked down than not necessarily concerned about the risks of cross board spillover. exactly. that's very little by way of attacks or nothing that has been conducted or supported from, from outside the country. i think the concern is attacks on soft targets, chinese workers, chinese personnel, chinese diplomats, even operating in the region, farther afield and being a security context in afghanistan in which these group have
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a more comfortable haven to be able to conduct this operations. and so i think although you have assurances from natal about about not interfering in china as internal affairs in the period of time that they've dealt with the taliban. they have seen weak fighters operating in territory that very affections of the taliban control. and even the deal that they did with mal, i'm all way back in the day when, when they were last running, i've got, i didn't mean that they were willing to hand over week us or expel them from the country or anything like like that. and that's what china essentially demands of, of, of many of its neighbors. but they, they line up behind some of the refresh practices that we've, we've seen. and that's not something i think china necessarily expect to get from from the taliban. and they're starting to press a bit harder as you saw in the meeting between long and molar barava that if the packet, if the african taliban are going to be taking out for the running of the country, then expectations on on this will go up on the chinese side and then not sure
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whether the tyler but to some of their promises. okay. andrew, small, it is great to get your so it's great to get your analysis as well. thank you so much for joining us phone by then on the i'll just even use our thank you fill a heads here on. i'll just verify she lives. congress comes up with the plans that help children, parents to call the 19th. the funeral is held and the wife bank for school palestinians kills during and israeli rate. i will have the story of 2 athletes from his paralympic dreams are over the course of the turmoil in there comes a hello, great su. here's her weather story for the middle east. we are dealing with a shamal wind coming down from iraq impacting the gulf states. kuwait and cats are
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so that means that the sand is whirling around, but this is a dry wind. so our relative humidity down to 65 percent over the last little bit. it's been in the eighty's or our heat index 49. but look at this by friday, the wind switch around and we crank up that heat into the fifty's across pakistan. it is largely dry. we've got some showers squeaking in up against the border with are gone. it's done on tuesday or take you to western solum right now, where we've got this wildfire that has exploded. we have had tender, dry conditions here and high heat as wall to pictures that we're looking at on tuesday for ramallah, a high of 30 degrees, starting to dry out cross the black sea coast for turkey on tuesday. certainly, good news is that clean up continues the tropics of africa, the heaviest pulses of rain really got ball and camera room right through into nigeria on tuesday. and if we go a bit further south, it's unsettled for the eastern. keep keep town 16 degrees but some sunshine to be
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had for johannesburg. at 17, in cape town, the rain is always going to be near over the next few days. on friday, a high of 16 degrees c said the more than 10 years after the global financial crisis, you've taken home more than $480000000.00. your companies now bankrupt our economies in the state of crisis. i have a very casey question. many last at home, the us held responsible. i will be fabulously wealthy and i will not take any price for it. thank you. lloyd. the man who still worked on al jazeera, investigative journalist, and government panic. they didn't have the infrastructure they needed. they promised results in 5 days, but it's been a year examining. the headline. is this another potential flashpoint for conflicts
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voices from different corner? every house here has someone who has made it to the top of ever. it's not just one, but several time program that has been your i to you today on algae near me. ah ah ah. just a quick reminder on the top stories for you know, the u. s. is temporarily suspended, evacuation flights. it's over can stand as a kale, so couples airports, thousands of people rushed onto the tarmac, desperate to escape travels, unruly. forced to say they killed 2 gunman.


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