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tv   [untitled]    August 16, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm AST

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is this another potential flashpoint for conflicts, voices from different corner? every house here has someone who has made it to the top of ever. it's not the one the several time program that open your i to you today on algae near me. ah ah the me just a quick reminder on the top story for you know, the u. s. is temporarily suspended. evacuation flights. i, it's over. can stand as a kale for come, who therefore it's thousands of people rushed onto the tarmac, desperate to escape taliban rule source to say that kill 2 gunman. after taking
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fire and security council was issued a joint statements coming for an inclusive governance in afghanistan. ambassadors urge respect for human rights and the protection of the taliban has to go on the professor forming a new government after taking control the presidential palace and copy the goods has captured the all major cities in the last 10 days or more on our top. so in the chaos, campbell airports charlotte bellis reports. the us has halted all evacuation flights. and what one us official told me has been an absolute disaster of an evacuation. it has been seen of chaos, accountable international airport ever since president gone and gone on a plane on sunday afternoon since been thousands of people have overwhelmed the they have overwhelmed security and they have made the way onto the runway. they breached the tarmac and the us has been unable to secure it. seems african
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civilians even chase to see 17 on the wrong way. they kind on to the wing, the, all the plane took off in another video. see what appears to be a person falling from a playing. now the americans have been using a couple of apache helicopters to clear the wrong way to try make space for their planes. but they have decided to hold these evacuation flights. well, they try to get the situation under control. they are using us running through the departure term and over about $6000.00 us troops. that's more truth from america that have been trying to secure the at this time. so these evacuation like can restart in the meantime on the curious the telephone say they are trying to secure the airport. they have been firing shot into the air to try to disperse the crowd. and yet people still climb the fences and making their way onto the
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runway. the us under a load of pressure to get people out and get them out quickly. there are thousands of americans currently at cobble international airport waiting for these evacuation flights on military plains, not to mention thousands of other foreigners were also waiting to get out on military plains from their respective countries. but in the meantime, there are still thousands of africans on the tarmac and no plains can move charlotte bellis out here. a couple of emotions in afghanistan are ranging from astonishment to fear of what lies ahead on the streets of the capital on television sizes are becoming a regular site. says rob mcbride reports from council. the city of cobble has experience so much upheaval for decades. and this is another change to get used to, and one that's far from easy to go. most of all of our customers cuz most of the got the situation for now. no one can say what all the people just lost and
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confused in the space of one romantic day life on the streets feels completely different. this is one of the most obvious signs of the transformation that taken place in literally overnight. the whole of the center of cobbled is protected by these 45 checkpoints, concrete blocks, barriers, normally god carrying automatic weapons and armor humvees with heavy machine guns. on this morning. nothing people have been getting used to the novelty of a new force in charge. the subject of intense curiosity as taliban take up checkpoint, duties on the roads. cha to know yet i don't know the law or whatever used to fear us. they have now seen them would your id and that we are from the soil. i don't want to get down to be destroyed, but there's widespread nervousness about what this view taliban rule will look like on. many businesses and shops remain closed,
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that there are signs of life returning to normal money. how about if this piece, then everyone will benefit the businesses of the workers? there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic frights, in particular for women and girls, despite assurances from the taliban, and about to return to cruel punishments for certain crimes. but many still remember life unto the previous taliban government being at least crime free for the most part of the vote on me was evil. everybody will be nobody's kid will be kidnapped again around with the, with a sudden collapse of the afghan government, the people of cobble, the new leaders have been thrown together faster than any had expected. now get together that feeling that way forward into the new reality. robert bride al jazeera cobble taliban as promising to form an inclusive governments. charles
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stratford takes a look at some of the most powerful members who may have important political military rules in any future administration. in 2015, the afghan government announced the tale bonds. former leader molar oma was dead. the senior taliban commander confirmed the man who supported and gave shelter enough gun is done to a samo ban. ludden had died 2 years earlier in a secret location. will oma had been in hiding since soon after the 911 attacks. the son, mullin, comedy who is believed to oversee the tale bones, military operations and has been repeatedly proposed as an overall leader of the armed group during numerous leadership tussles, you coup reportedly turned down the offer and proposed this man instead high. but toler, oakland zada isn't islamic scholar often described as the movements supreme leader . he took over the groups leadership when his predecessor actor one sword was
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killed in a us drone strike. the afghan pakistan border in 2016. he has a sovereignty over the tale, bonds, political, religious, and military affairs, and is from one of the most powerful costume plans. another prominent telephone leader is mueller of gold gone. he bought a doll. this is a great victory for the whole african nation, and especially the people of kibble and on which i had deans the way we've come through was unexpected. there is nothing like this victory in the history of the world, so we should thank god, we should not be arrogant. now we will serve our nation. we will give serenity to the nation. we will go as far as possible to improve people's lives. he's played a leading role in negotiations in doha that have tried to reach a political settlement and lasting peace. enough gun is done. florida is one of the co founders of taliban and his head of its political office. these believe to have
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been one of molar omar's most trusted commanders. florida was captured in 2010 by security forces. in the southern pakistan, city of karachi, was released in 2018. another important figure in the doe hall negotiations and someone expected to play a major role in the tale bonds leadership share mohammed abbas sonic i. he's a former deputy minister in tyler bonds government before its removal during the us led invasion in 2001. and this is sarah. you didn't, connie. he leads the powerful connie network, a group that has overseen the tale bonds, financial and military assets across the border and pakistan. the have connie network has been blamed for various attacks. enough gun is done, including this one on the sorento hotel and campbell in 2008. it was also blamed for at least one of the reported 6 assassination attempts, the former president of afghanistan from it cause i shall stratford to 0. the death
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toll from a devastating earthquake and haiti has surpassed a 13 hundreds and is expected to soar. a tropical storm looms rescue workers desperately trying to save those still buried in the debris. while health work has worn displaced, residence of the spreads of was supposed to cease gillian wolf has this report. in haiti it appears death is never too far away. saturdays, devastating earthquake has pushed the demand for coffins. and if that weren't enough, haitians are now preparing for another potential disaster. tropical storm grace is said to make landfall, bringing with it the risk of flash floods, landslides, and further complicating efforts to find survivors. we are briefing for practical storm grease that is coming. so we have to have an engine, so we can address the people that are out of fear,
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the out of the houses in our industry. the magnitude 7 point to earthquake has added to the list of crises haitians had been dealing with from gang violence that has affected every aspect of life for many to last month. assassination of prison jovan elma week. and of course, the cooper 19 pandemic. here in columbia, an all out effort is underway. as regional nations send desperately needed aid. the scale of damage becomes clear from above. but this is the seen on the ground stretcher beds and mattresses, sprawled among the rubble under the shade of trees. the lack of medical resources is clear with thousands need of care, doctors are left to treat. patients outside the hospital wards are overwhelmed with health care workers struggling to cope. haiti's prime minister flew to the sea
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front town of lic, high in the nation, south west, an area which had been worst effected by the quick. we're going room then even on food. when i arrived in the south country, we saw the destruction. many houses strew, rescue teams are working to find victims and survivors in the rubble. one thing i noticed was the dignity of the people despite the situation. they are affected book resilience, they fight, survive on the streets of lake high locals line up to feed their families. but this is far from business. as usual. football fields, sprawled with survivors, forced to shelter the few belongings they have left. well, debbie earthquake, i didn't feel well when the football field, our home was destroyed, we can drink the water, and many people are staying here. many here are still traumatized by the 2010 earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands of people near the capital port of screens. for many,
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the only safe place to sleep for now is on the street. but the looming tropical storm brings with it more risk. leading haitians feeling hopeless with no place to go wondering when things will get better feeling wolf al jazeera and sheila, more than 2000 children, have lost one or both parents to cope with 19. congress is proposing the law to allow family members or mothers to take charge of the youngsters and latin america, editor of the sea and human reports from paris. so this modest being home and back, but a saw was once happy when that was before the entire family got theodore family port covered 19 last year. first the grandparents would put into intensive care. then the ambulance came for 40 year old karen, theodore,
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a paramedic mother of 3 and the main caretaker, a young, the hooky. yes. you and what that was? she told me she was going to die, that she knew it because she worked in the hospital with me. as an many gillian households, there is no father in this story. helen was 20 for 23 days. she cared for her 5 year old brother, 15 year old sister, and then one night they called to say that my mother wasn't doing well. and at 545, she fainted and she died last minute. they were left on their own. all 3 children have been suffering from depression and severe anxiety. the sand is income has disappeared. the worst of all says helen is the absence of professional emotional support to deal with the trauma of summer love. we are isolated. there are thousands of us out there. but no one knows for sure how many because for the government are invisible. it wasn't until
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a few weeks ago that an investigation revealed that there are at least 2029 youngsters who've lost one or both parents. most of them from low income families, i get a course latin america. $30000.00 or more has an orphaned but have fallen under the radar. like few countries, chile is moving full speed ahead to deliver a 3rd dose of the colon vaccine, starting with the senior citizens. the focus now is to boost people's immunity and the economy. yet the faith of thousands of young people who've lost one or both parents does not seem to be the government's priority. right now. hungry is just beginning to discuss in orphan's pension. but experts say an all inclusive program on a case by case basis is necessary. that include psychological care for the children and relatives who can hopefully care for them, and guarantees that children won't be separated. proceeding,
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how's it possible that one and a half years into the pandemic? we hadn't seen this crude reality before. thousands of children have lost their loved ones, not just in chile, but in the entire world. the fabric children are lucky to at least have their elderly grandparents, still recovering from the virus. but until now, no government agency has knocked on their door to offer help. to see newman al jazeera by brace, ma, here, dean, your scene has tended his resignation as malicious prime minister, but will fail in a caretaker role for the time being for us, louis has more from calling them for no longer prime minister, but we didn't. yes. didn't get to be in the driver's seat for a bit longer. the king has accepted his resignation, but appointed him as caretaker, prime minister until his successor is found. so she made up this board, said le,
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during my audience with the king, i submitted my resignation as prime minister and on behalf of the ty cabinets under article $43.00, subsection 4 of the federal constitution. because i have lost the confidence of the majority of parliament. there had been questions about we didn't legitimacy from the song. he became premier in march 2020. when he and several members of parliament switched sides and brought down the reformist government that route for less than 2 years. this also allowed the united malays national organization or a party that was voted out in 2018, but largely because of a multi $1000000000.00 financial scandal to return to power. since then, the alliance known as pre got the national has been plagued by in fighting. partly because some, no politicians felt they were being sideline, despite being part of the biggest party in government. we did has also been under pressure because of his administration's handling of the pandemic. in january,
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he advised the king to declare a state of emergency and suspend parliament. in june, he placed the country under lockdown. yet malaysia has been reporting record high corona virus cases and death. last month, hundreds of people gathered on the streets of while and pull demanding lead in resign. now that happened there are concerns. the country will face a period of political uncertainty. the king can decide on a new leader, one who he believes is likely to come on the confidence of the majority in parliament. but there is no obvious success if which may pave the way for new alliances. i think these will push don't position and then how to find they need to talk with each other and also pick up the national. maybe they need to talk because the, the, something that i'm not good, not really for the economy, but also for defendant me. the palace also said in a statement on monday that holding elections now is not feasible because of the
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corona, virus epidemic in the country. florence louis al jazeera kuala poor. israeli media says a rocket for from gaza has been intercepted by the countries on don't defense system . sirens of the founding in the city of settled in southern israel was the 1st rocket boom since the seas farm between israel and her mouth was agreed in may. a funeral has been held for one for palestinians killed during the reeds by israeli forces in the occupied west bank. i please say they were attacked during your permission to arrest the suspect went to hamas in the city of jeanine. 3 other palestinians were injured in the exchange of far. it's the 2nd time in recent weeks that in this really arrest operations. but the death natasha get a house more from west jerusalem. the palestinian authority and her math or calling
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for a general strike to mourn the deaths of these young palestinian men. the ministry of health is confirming for men has been killed ranging in age from 19 years old to early twenty's. the palestinian authorities are saying that there was a pre dawn raid inside a refugee camp in jeanine on monday morning. they're saying that an undercover is really security team of israeli security forces rated at home inside the refugee camp. they arrested one man. there was a violent confrontation between palestinians and the israeli security forces, leaving 4 men at least 4 men dead. janine has become a flashpoint. it's a place where palestinian resistance to the israeli occupation often turns violent . the large refugee camp there has many people who have weapons and there are members of groups such as hamas. earlier this month, another palestinian was killed during
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a similar raid in janine still head on out to say i will have the 4 for you in some from spectacular actions from the 1st of a wing for race european championships to switzerland. jemma will have for, for you, after the break ah, brought to you by accenture, that there would be change the use
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me booty by extension. let there be change. oh, a few times before. thank you how to the to athletes and set to write present. i've got to stop at the take a harlem pigs later this month will now not be able to compete because of the
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unfolding turmoil in that country. 23 year old of hi quando fighter kid kuta daddy would have been the 1st woman to present. i've kind of started the games, but she and track athletes. wholesale rafeely have not managed to get out in time. they've been do to fly to the japanese capital on monday before international flights shut down. i've got to stanza shaft, emissions of the pattern picks is in london and says the future of paris for some fought in general under the taliban. the speak. previously during the thought of an error and there was, you know, people couldn't compete for them. but as for especially female athletes, but now it's, it's very unpredictable. i can only see and only predict from what they did in the past. that i'm guessing some left thing will happen in the future. particularly the more sort of a female athletes. you know, for the, for the, for the minority groups and even for,
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for apparently apparently, even though the current situation there was a lot of a thick man in the position. there was lack of support from the government, generally from the, from the people because they still see people with disabilities. you know, they look down, i can really say for sure how with or how we, what we would look like for the future. i can only get them say that it doesn't look good. those athletes who make it to take a for the pad and pick will be competing in mostly empty venue, just like out the lympics due to kind of 19 infections. remaining high organizes confirmed spectators will be bought except for some local school children. the games as seen as educational, so providing current of our safety measures are in forced schools will be allowed to attend the parent and picks up next week with around a 4 and a half 1000 competitors into crickets as of base in england on a dramatic final day in the 2nd test, lourdes england started the day a slight favorite, freighted by india, thailand. fasten,
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india declared and put the highest back in with 60 i was left chasing an unlikely 272. when eisen is rory bones and don't siblings, i went out without going any runs and they were eventually all out for a $120.00. pleasing by 100. 51 runs india, leave the series one nail with 3 matches left a slice offline as president. joanna porter has given a grim picture of the football clubs financial situation, saying it's now one and a half $1000000000.00 in debt. reporter blamed his predecessor josie, the boss made for what he called the dramatic situation that led to lina. leslie's departure boss last messy to paris, such a man because it couldn't give him a new contract that would fit within the spanish leave. strict financial fair play rules. he also says the tubs wage will currently account for 103 percent of total income. i guess we need to finance is weren't good and it was worrying, but the board and i have a plan which is still valid,
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which is to work hard to change the situation. and if you asked me how i feel, now my morale is very high, especially after seeing the team yesterday. we convinced the decisions that needed to be made have been made. for example, in the case of leo, it's sad but necessary because the club is above everyone for defender, raphael brand says he's excited to begin playing for manchester, united. they agreed a $55000000.00 deal with roman trade and he was presented to the united funds before saturdays premier league when it leads around spike about how united tried to find him 10 years ago before he went to madrid. a lot of people speaking about about me in and manchester united since 2011. when so next august and come in my more of the house i feel are we paternity to play in perma league and from lunches tonight? it, it's a new start for me and then i'm very happy to be here by munich head coach. you'd be a na guzman has paid tribute to the legendary good miller saying he was key to making
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by one of the biggest clubs in the world, the bananas league aside, and lit up the stadium in his honor on sunday nights with the was thank you. good miller died earlier that day at the age of 75. the strike. it helped wine when 3 straight european cups in the 1970 s, and also lifted the world cup and european championship with west germany. get what you need to get in on yesterday was a sad day, not just full bind supporters, but for all football fan god to stay in our memories for ever. you played lots of very exciting games and scored a lot of extremely important beautiful and spectacular goals. i wish his family strength during this difficult time. one of the greats and women football collie lloyd has announced her retirement. the usa forward won the world cup twice, including in 2015 when she's got a hat trick. just 16 minutes into the final. she's the 2nd most couch play in the women's game and has twice been named a fee for player of the year. the 39 year old also has to pick gold medals and
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a bronze tongue. as rugby coach itself, i, cathy was in a serious condition in hospital after being stabbed during the legend breaking at his home in australia, the former worldcom winning would be forward. he played 60 test matches for australia, has undergone surgery and brisbin. cafe and 3 members of his family received knife wounds in the attack. queens in place of charged a 15 year old boy with 4 accounts of $104.00 counts i should say, attempted murder. and let's finish with some great pictures from the 1st ever wingfield race european championship. it took place on lake summer. it switzerland with $35.00 men and women competing across several disciplines. when for thing is sort of a mix of suffering, kind, stuffing power, voting and when stuffing, or using a hydra foil, which is what, let's the board hover above the water. and as you can see, it produces some pretty spectacular action. not a bad backdrop either. that is what you'll sports from me for now. i'll be back
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with more a little bit later. thank you. jeremy from the team here. and so i'm gonna hand you over to london taylor. thank you. the situation in afghanistan for break. ah ah ah ah, ah, ah ah, joining the debate, you know, back scenes reaching those who are most of the needs and amplify your voice. it allows a diverse community and how an array of different story know topic is off the table . it's such a tough ethical debate where there is obvious discrimination and systematic discrimination of play. people are thursdays for new boys. the stream where
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a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera. if you are looking at this from the outside, you would really wonder what was going on, what, what is this growth? is it a religion that they have an in depth exploration of global capitalism on our obsession with economic growth. this is still the center of capitalism. there is no limit. i view myself as a capital artist. we are trying to bake the world mother and father. we don't want to be so realistic in the well, we would rather have a fantasy growing pains on al jazeera ah, and al jazeera, with every ah, all doing that need to be co signed away,
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and demand to be heard. opening the window into another light and challenging perception. witness documentary, the change on al jazeera, the news. ready can hit combo efforts, desperate attempts to catch a flight to freedom after the taliban and take control life on dress. going to stones, new rulers. government forces are gone replaced by taliban fighters. ah, this is out here. life. and on the also coming up the un demands the taliban owner is promised to protect human rights. and i am.


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