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tv   [untitled]    August 17, 2021 6:00am-6:31am AST

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my name is ben. gotcha. so and this is my, i my, my jerry on out there. ah, me hunting images of desperate africa and trying to escape after an abrupt taliban takeover may have shocked the world. but us president joe biden remained defiant and president of the united states america. the buck stops with me. and deeply saddened bud, fax me now face when i do not regret my decision. in afghanistan, people live under the new reality of taliban rule with their fighters taking over roads checkpoint. ah,
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you're watching all to 0. like for my headquarters in del hi daddy navigator. also heads have braces for more devastation with a tropical storm looming after an earthquake. that left more than 1400 people dead and orphaned by the pandemic, children and chilly are left on their own with no caregivers or income. ah hello. so we begin, and i've got to stop where millions of people are waking up to another day of taliban rule and chaotic and to americans. longest war. on monday, they were harrowing scenes of desperation and chaos. at the couple airports, hundreds of afghans ran onto the tarmac some clinging onto the wings of the u. s. military plane. several people fell to their death as it took off. and as the world watch the fall off,
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i'm gonna stand to the taliban at the white house. he was president joe biden is confronting the biggest crisis of his presidency so far. and his 1st address after the taliban seized capital, biden defended his decision to pull out troops and blamed the african governments for the crisis from washington. yes, she returned. see joe biden attempted to keep public opinion focused on a promise kept up to 20 years. the u. s was finally leaving, after honest on i stand squarely behind my decision. after 20 years, i've learned the hard way that there was never a good time withdraw us forces. but neither the president or any administration official has been able to address the chaotic matter of that withdrawal. despite biden's proclamation that the buck stopped with him, he lashed out both of the africa military and the african political leadership that fled even saying the u. s. it wanted to evacuate more people earlier,
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but was stopped by couple. i know there are concerns about why we did not begin evacuating, atkins civilians sooner. part of the answer is some of the afghans did not want to leave earlier. still hopeful for their country. important because the afghan government and his supporters discouraged us some organizing a mass exodus to avoid triggering, as they said, a crisis of confidence at the pentagon officials insisted that they had role played every eventuality. they wouldn't be drawn whether that included such as swift taliban takeover, or whether such a possibility had been communicated to the president. plans are not always perfectly predictive and you as is well known military maximum, that plans don't often survive 1st contact and you have to adjust in real time depending and says it expects the 2500 us troops and cobble at the airport to be supplemented within 24 hours, but up to a 1000 more and says,
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an apple operations have resumed. in addition, the u. s. has more than $700.00 africans who were eligible for special immigration . visa had left the country over 48 hours, bringing the total to almost 2000. the president's opponents have been swift to deliver a withering commentary. honestly, ministration looks to me like i couldn't organize a 2 car funeral and maybe it's not too late. i hope not for the present to put in enough troops and around cobble to at least get out all the americans. and as many of the afghans as possible, who are our friends, who are interpreters, who rely on whom we were a lot all of age years, it is a sad day, but the united states of america. however, when pressed mcconnell, as with many others in washington, suggested his favorite option was a permanent military presence in afghanistan, which would be against the wishes of a majority of americans by the ministration appears to be hoping that eventually
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the chaos of the last few days will be forgotten, and instead the president will be seen as the commander in chief who finally brought america's longest war to an ends. jabber times the al jazeera washington. for afghans both at home and abroad, the pace of the taliban take over has been shocking. many outside the country say they feel helpless and anxious for their loved ones at home. and these pictures show some of the desperate moments of people doing anything they can to leave the country. the u. s. has resumed operations to evacuate, people hundreds have already flown out. over in washington, there was an emotional exchange between an afghan journalist and the pentagon spokesman, now 0 creamy, broke down a she asked about the whereabouts of her president and question the future for women in her country. i'm very upset because i've got women that didn't expect that overnight all the time. they took off my flack,
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this is why i flag they put this luck. where does my former president, danny people expected that t by the people? nobody here to pentagon is happy about the images that we've seen coming out in the last few days. and we're all mindful of the kind of govern governance that the taliban is capable of. so heartfelt respect to what you're going through and we, we understand that a lot of us have spent time in afghanistan in general, mentioned that everything that you're seeing in the last 4872 hours is personal for everybody here at the pentagon. and again, i'm, i'm sorry for your pain. i truly truly am. and i know that the general gary share that as well. let's speak to megan and not sci fi, who's a photographer,
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and an organizer of the hash tag, stop killing afghans protest. you join us from hayward in california. thanks for speaking to al jazeera. so from what i understand, a wave of protest is being organized for later this month and solidarity with afghans. just talk to us about the protests and what you're hoping to achieve, what the message is, you're sending out. yes, we have organized protests for this coming wednesday as well as an international protests for saturday. the 28th. not that one is going to be around to us in different countries as well. the point of our project is chapel fireplaces. we need congress to hear us. this is, i urge my representative to support the immediate evacuation of women, civil society, activate l, g, b chiefs, p religious and ethnic minorities. and other bible gives us dan, such as far as she has and others. we want peace and get us down to raise
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awareness tonight. yeah. get community from all different tribes. i want to be from around the world. you are gun american rights and you are an african american. you heard what your president had to say just under 24 hours ago when a president biden really defended his decision to pull troops out and is now blaming the afghan government for the situation. the evolving situation in the crisis. did you hear what you wanted to hear from the president or what are your thoughts on what he had to not know he pulled the rug out. he we what he said has hurt the entire admin committee. we have family there. we have friends there. not it has been such a traumatic time for all of us and to know that we can't do anything to help them
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other than to raise our voices here. right, so are you confident in the american government in the sense that they will put a plan in place to get at least some afghans out who need to get out of the country? no, i mean it actually took the world to finally see what's going on again and after, when i think the men fine of my flying airplane. but there is a mandatory crisis going on in the us down the road has finally spoken up about that. and what are your thoughts when you see those harrowing pictures that you were just referring to? of people trying to flee, and hanging on to the aircraft a couple airport, i didn't know much. nothing to say about that. other than we've all felt gans,
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dan, do us has filled up what's your biggest concern for afghans right now? who are in the country to go provide a delight there to go eventually deduce something to say with them. we know how dance here. i'm sorry, i'm getting emotional. that has been really hard for everyone and our community we understand take your time, you know, you know that the children, the man, the one to those who have dreams and hope a bright future. they don't see that i'll, i'll just ask you one more question. if you're okay to continue, megan, if that's okay with you, when you hear the taliban put out statements there,
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reassuring afghans as well as the international community, saying that there will be an amnesty, a blanket amnesty for those who worked with the african government. and us forces. what do you think when you hear the taliban say that, is there any reason to believe that they have changed? no. i don't believe anything. and why do you say that this is just the beginning. we don't know what's happening, everything unfolding day by day. things are changing. all right, thank you so much, megan. let's a fee for sharing your thoughts with us on al jazeera. we appreciate your time. thank you. now on the diplomatic front, the united nations security council held an emergency meeting on august on the
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secretary general antonio good terrorist called on the taliban to respect human rights and offer amnesty. and he said he's particularly concerned about the rights of women and girls. the international community must be united and to see lies all available instruments to ensure the following. first, we must speak with one voice to oppose human rights. in afghanistan, i call upon the taliban and all parties to respect and protect international humanitarian law and rights and freedoms. of all persons receiving chilling reports of c, v, restrictions on human rights throughout the country. and i am particularly concerned by accounts of mounting human rights violations against the women and girls of afghanistan, who feared to return to the darkest days. here's a fanatic added her, james, based way more on what else emerged from that meeting. the statement calls for immediate cessation of hostilities, but it also calls for talks for,
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to reach and let me quote, a new government that is united, inclusive and representative, including the full equal a meaningful participation of women. so they're calling for fresh negotiations, an african lead process leading to a new inclusive government. now will the taliban accept that? and what leverage do the security council have of the taliban? certainly with her to from the ambassador of pakistan. he wasn't invited to the security council meeting, became a brief reporters and many of chrome told us that he believes that the taliban are talking about some sort of inclusive government. and he thinks that that is definitely a possibility. what is clear is that there are some of the key political leaders who were allied with the government in cobble, who are still that. i think the only leverage that the international community has of the taliban right now is the whole issue of recognition at the meeting of the security council. the african ambassador was the ambassador that was appointed by
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the government that no longer exists. the taliban, i'm sure would like to have the seat at the united nations and be recognized by all the countries of the world that i think is the only thing the international community have to try and convince the taliban to broaden government governance and bring in other figures or america's major european allies, who are part of the us, lead nato operation. and i've gone this far have a chris express, shaw, and concern about the events in couple. many of them are scrambling to evacuate their own stuff, nationals, because it's a kenneth. this is an absolutely bitter development, bitter for the many africans that very active along the way. but our efforts were obviously not strong enough. it takes a lot more time than we thought we weren't gonna stop for 20 years. and in this time, it did not work. so we have to say that her efforts were not successful stuff love again, you don't neglect the who does not get this done, cannot become again the sanctuary for terrorism. that it was, it is
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a concern for international peace and stability against a common enemy will terrorism and those who supported with regard to this, we will do everything so that russia, the united states and europe can call right efficiently. because our interests are the same. we law, the streets of capital, arm taliban fighters, patrolling the streets or the new normal al jazeera, as robin fried is there and sent us this reports the city of cobble has experience so much up here for decades. and this is another change to get used to, and one that's far from easy to go. most of all of our customers get most of the situation from now. it's not, no one can say what's happening at all. the people are just lost and confused in the space of one dramatic day life on the streets feels completely different. states is one of the most obvious signs of the transformation that taken place in literally overnight. the whole of the center of cobbled is protected by these 45
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checkpoints. concrete blocks, barriers normally guards carrying automatic weapons and ahmed humvees with heavy machine guns. on this morning. nothing. the people have been getting used to the novelty of a new force in charge. the subject of intense curiosity. as taliban take up checkpoint, duties on the roads of a child to know yet i don't know the law or whatever used to fear us. they've now seen them. would you d and we are from the soil. i don't want to stand to be destroyed, but there's widespread nervousness about what this view taliban rule will look like . many businesses and shops remain closed that the raw signs of life returning to normal money. how about if this piece then everyone will benefit the businesses of the workers in there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic rights in
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particular for women and girls. despite assurances from the taliban and about a return to cruel punishment for certain crimes. but many still remember life under the previous taliban government being at least crime free for the most part, one of the board on the board, everybody will be nobody's kid will be kidnapped again for rent. with the, with a sudden collapse of the african government. the people have cobbled and new leaders have been thrown together faster than any had expected. now together that feeling that way forward into the new reality, robert bride al jazeera couple slides on al jazeera scorched earth from siberia to morocco, will have an update on some of the world's most serious wildfires. and why careless state in india is still stuck in a wave of covered 1900 infections that hit the rest of the country a month ago. ah,
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hello, good to be with you. a lot of tropical activity to talk about. so let's get right into it with grace as it impacted his spend your life now into jamaica and knocking on the door of cuba. the darker the color, the more intense the rain is. and the biggest threat with this will be rain induced mud slides. ok, an update on fred right now is it pushed through the florida panhandle on the border right there with alabama and georgia, some heavy pulses of rain and the biggest strip for fred is that storm surge of about a meter high, the ocean being picked up and shoved into the shoreline there. the desert says west, we still have flo flash flood watches in play for our mon sooner moisture. of course arizona has been hit hard as of late. you know, the ne, straight down to the deep south continues to be unsettled with bouts of what, whether to be expected on tuesday. here's your weather story for south america.
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we've got our heavy rains through coastal areas of ecuador columbia, into southern venezuela on tuesday. but you know, for us on the, on it's been weather whiplash. look at this, her temperature shoots up all the way to 35 on tuesday, and i think we'll keep it going up to 38 on thursday, getting pretty close to your august temperature record of 39 degrees and plenty of sun in the forecast. that's a snapshot of your weather. the news madagascar, a breathtaking tropical paradise where its former protectors are now wanting to vary. we followed their journey as they put their lives on the line. breaking it's all
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medical out 0. 0, a gun. the top stories on al jazeera, the u. s. has reopened cobble airport after a chaotic scenes for the temporary suspension of evacuation flights. thousands of people rushed onto the tarmac gas for it to escape taliban rule. and the west president joe biden has strongly defended his decision to pull our troops, saying an endless military deployment is no solution. feel said that us troops should not be expected to fight when africa forces were unwilling to do so themselves. a tropical storm is looming in haiti with reports of flooding in some
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areas hit by saturday's devastating earthquake. there are fears that will hamper rescue efforts more than 1400 people have died. the prime minister has declared 3 days of national mourning julian wolf reports. in haiti, it appears death is never too far away. saturdays, devastating earthquake has pushed the demand for coffins. and if that weren't enough, haitians are now preparing for another potential disaster. tropical storm grace is said to make landfall, bringing with it the risk of flash floods, landslides, and further complicating efforts to find survivors. now, we are briefing for tropical storm grease that is coming. so we have to have an engine, so we can address the people that are out of fear, the out of the houses in our industry. the magnitude 7 point to earthquake has
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added to the list of crises haitians had been dealing with from gang violence that has affected every aspect of life for many to last month. assassination of prison jovan elma week. and of course, the cooper 19 pandemic. here in columbia and all out effort is underway. as regional nations send desperately needed aid. the scale of damage becomes clear from above. but this is the seen on the ground stretcher beds a mattresses sprawled among the rubble under the shade of trees. the lack of medical resources is clear with thousands of need of care. doctors are left to treat patients outside the hospital wards are overwhelmed with health care workers struggling to cope. haiti's prime minister flew to the sea front town of like high in the nation, south west an area which had been worst effected by the quick we're going room then
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even on food. when i arrived in the south of the country, we saw the destruction. many houses strew, rescue teams are working to find victims and survivors in the rubble. one thing i noticed was the dignity of the people despite the situation. they are affected book resilience, they fight, survive on the streets of lake high locals line up to feed their families. but this is far from business. as usual. football fields, sprawled with survivors, forced to shelter the few belongings they have left. well, debbie earthquake, i didn't feel well where the football field our home was destroyed, we can drink the water, and many people are staying here. many here are still traumatized by the 2010 earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands of people near the capital port of scripts. for many, the only safe place to sleep for now is on the street. but the looming tropical storm brings with it more risk,
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leading haitians feeling hopeless with no place to go wondering when things will get better. feeling wolf, al jazeera, firefighters in northern morocco or trying to stop to fire that have destroyed large parts of forest. they started on saturdays, a heat ways scorches, the country temperatures have reached $49.00 degrees celsius authority say they've managed to prevent the fires from reaching residential areas so far. and grooves, cruise, excuse me, are also battling to new fires near the greek capital. several villages have been evacuated, southeast and northwest of athens. hundreds of wildfires have scorched large areas of land this month and what the government has holds its worst ecological disaster in decades. while in russia forest inside beria are being destroyed. authorities say a 163 wildfires are burning and you could show. smoke has covered the region and drifted as far as the north pole. india recorded nearly 33000 new
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covered 900 cases and 417 deaths on monday. more than half of those are in carola poverty with all reports from new delhi, the major shopping sheet in care, a lot. i love what our district is unusually deserted, but this time of the state is in the middle of own um, its biggest festival and shopping season. been the crishna is weaving america garland used for own declaration. after months of closure, vendors like whole will finally allowed to set up shop. but celebrations have been muted, and demand has been slow because of rising covered 19 infections across this. i got them out of the let me kaufman should decide sometimes allows to open. sometimes they want us to close to poor people like us do. if they ask us to show sharp off to own him, will be great trouble. once praised we're controlling the pandemic,
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carola has now become the cobra. 1900 hotspot in india. the local government has eased restrictions with the festival, and state police have been deployed to enforcement mandates and prevent crowding. there are rules requiring shoppers to either get a negative bcr test or show proof of vaccination. but shopkeeper said these are hard to implement and affecting business during peak season. the business is really difficult. since the band to make started, we have been forced to shut our shop. and even when the markets open, the police comes in and we have to request them to let us run our shop. so we can make some money with a high number of infections, experts say carola and india as ne austin in 2nd wave of the pandemic, which could lead to a surge in other states. roughly 9 percent of all indians have been vaccinated across the country list. we see about 60 percent of the population regulated and
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80 percent em blue red. we cannot really say that india is safe because it's been a large focus back to the population in different parts of india. independently would actually be, there are variance with this. but despite a high vaccination rate care loss, positivity rate is above 15 percent prompting the central government to give more than $30000000.00 to strengthen its health services. pardon him at the al jazeera new delhi in chile, more than 2000 children have lost one or both parents to cover 19. so congress is proposing a law to allow family members or others to take charge. the c newman reports from valparaiso would have done this modest home and back, but i was happy when that was before the entire fabric. theodore family port
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covered 19 last year. first the grandparents were put into intensive care. then the ambulance came for 40 year old karen, theodore, a paramedic mother of 3 and the main caretaker, a young, the hooky. yes. you money. that was, she told me she was going to die, that she knew it because she worked in the hospital with me. as an many chilion households, there is no father in this story. helen was 20 for 23 days. she cared for her 5 year old brother in 15 year old sister, and then one night they called to say that my mother wasn't doing well. and at 545, she fainted and she died last minute. they were left to own their own. all 3 children have been suffering from depression and severe anxiety. the family's income has disappeared. the worst of all says helen is the absence of professional
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emotional support to deal with the trauma, trait of summer love. we are isolated. there are thousands of us out there. but no one knows for sure how many because for the government are invisible. it wasn't until a few weeks ago that an investigation revealed that there are at least 2029 youngsters who've lost one or both parents. most of them from low income families, i get a course latin america. $30000.00 or more has an orphaned but have fallen under the radar. like few countries chilly is moving full speed ahead to deliver a 3rd dose of the call with vaccine starting with these senior citizens. the focus now is to boost people's immunity and the economy. yet the faith of thousands of young people who have lost one or both parents does not seem to be the government's priority. right now. congress is to be giving to discuss in orphans pension. but
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experts say in all inclusive program on a case by case basis is necessary that include psychological care for the children and relatives who can hopefully care for them. and guarantees that children won't be separated. placene how's it possible that one and a half years into the pandemic? we hadn't seen this crude reality before. thousands of children had lost their loved ones, not just in chile, but in the entire world. can you the fabric children are lucky to at least have their elderly grandparents still recovering from the virus. but until now, no government agency has knocked on their door to offer help to see a newman al jazeera valparaiso. ah, hello again. the headlines and al jazeera, the u. s. has re.


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