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tv   [untitled]    August 17, 2021 6:30am-7:01am AST

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of thousands of young people who've lost one or both parents does not seem to be the government's priority right now. congress is to be giving to discuss an orphaned pension. but experts say in all inclusive program on a case by case basis is necessary. that include psychological care for the children and relatives who can hopefully care for them and guarantees that children won't be separated. come see me. how is it possible that one and a half years into the pandemic? we hadn't seen this crude reality before. thousands of children have lost their loved ones, not just in chile, but in the entire world. the fabric children are lucky to at least have their elderly grandparents, still recovering from the virus. but until now, no government agency has knocked on their door to offer help. to see a newman al jazeera by brace ah,
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hello again. the headlines and al jazeera, the u. s. has reopened cavalier board after chaotic seems forced the temporary suspension of evacuation flights. thousands of people rushed onto the tarmac, desperate to escape taliban rule in his 1st address and to the taliban as soon control of capital us president joe biden conceited events unfolded quicker than expected. but went on to blame afghan forces for the taliban take over. the plan for every contingency, but i always promised the american people that i'll be straight with you. the truth is this did on fall more quickly than we had anticipated. so what's happened? have ganeth stan political leaders gave up and fled the country. the afghan military collapsed sometime without trying to fight. if anything,
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the development of the past week reinforce that any u. s. military involvement, i guess and now was the right decision. americans cannot and should not be friday, you know, war and dine in a war that afghan forces are not willing to fight for themselves. so the un security council held another emergency meeting on. i've got to stand the secretary general, antonio terror has called on the taliban to respect human rights. he said he's particularly concerned about reports, the violation of the rights of women and girls. the tropical storm is looming in haiti with reports of flooding to bring heavy rain in some areas by saturdays, devastating earthquake. there are fears that will hamper rescue efforts as the search for survivors continues through the night. more than 1400 people have died. those are the headlines risking at all is up next by, by on counting, because european fund 5 terrorism and counter china and russia in africa
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activists say they'll provide weapons to dictate the climate emergency costing billions and placing millions counting the call. well now i just i i use use
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the tiny village of tamra deep and madagascar, last primeval jungle. the people had left off the land, hunting, fishing, and farming. as there are you paying job money to scaffold saying that there must be landscaping and the tears from my sapling sickness, mac toby, putting on box. let me see, let him on the t. and then they are also doing any and in
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some of the facets. did you guys robert? now this is one of the few villages who's ever had a proper job. he used to be a forest ranger. he protected the forest from those seeking to plunder its precious woods. but a few years ago, robert was fired. the gamekeeper has now become a poacher. he smuggles rosewood. i read the whole truth, les all left and she can give you, you can easily meet the laughin, la la, la, la, la. some be providing among poaching is not without risk. the tree is in such high demand that it's close to extinction. for the past 3 years, authorities here had found all rosewood logging ahead lie the 9 day journey where robert and the other smugglers will seek out, fell and carry
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a rosewood tree while evading police and navigating madagascar unpredictable rivers in foreign lands. and i saw him at the local reaction the not only the least they have to avoid. marauding thieves have also been attracted to the area that i'm all for for them. i was going to find this mandate,
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which was what i'd like you can tell them in carrying pack swing as much as 50 kilos and barefoot. the group also has to negotiate a demanding jungle before the after hurling to detract the group. also, another traffic of robert is worried that he may be carrying the law for the root of trees from the area coming up. the look on my love
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to meet them will not be there with you when the guys go for the fun to easy to me . when the la santana, you mentioned the latter, are you using a from using your cell? i'm on the 16th deep into the forest, robert and his men have found that treasure. yes. if they can get this rosewood tree to market, they would make enough for the next 6 months. a tree this size confess around $10000.00. less than human and angular millenniums get up on the rosewood. trees grow extremely slowly. they take at least 100 years to fully develop i'm
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going to miss one point on my eating and i even put on a foreign thing annoying me book. i mean, i'm not going to for you, tell me what i need inside of the but after a back breaking our chopping down the joint, there's a problem. you need to cool. and then the only way to bring it down is to chop down the trees around it. it's estimated that for every 100000 precious trees, chopped down half a 1000000 other trees are sacrificed to bring down and transport the valuable cargo
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. i learned that the machine will pull who runs and cook us up, meeting yards, cleaning model. they can see the final room the task is enormous, and robert changes tactics give, connecting capacity, relaxing. come with him, killing much chopping the tree at that height is proving increasingly difficult. the men will have to sweat to them. money. ok. me from? i'm from yasser me. me. i was the men partially act around
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the heat is overbearing. what's mocking them again and i know time bang on her cool rested. i don't know that i will go with mr. we'll get her. she would kill 2 under. i mean of a few short and i i lose you. i'm going to all your fuel aluminum or like yours, timley miranda after 4 hours, the 1st part of the trunk gives way but the branches are still trapping the top of the tree. well, they tried to pin it down by food with
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me. but after another 6 hours, robert decides to give up without the rest of the tree trunk, it won't bring in much money. for the hallmark, any hope of bringing this tree down is disappearing. so is the money it would fetch? they have to start searching again. but the rosewood tree has become so rare, it's like finding a needle in a haystack tree. poaching is not the only extreme way to make a better living on the island. some are willing to take even more risks. while madagascar is blessed with natural resources such as prices, graphite, and cold, one particular resource has lewis 1000 to this mining town of info on sapphires. these towns sprang up in just a few months, attracted by the promise of easy money,
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more than $10000.00 people live crammed together in extreme poverty. most of the stones, they to go with just a few dollars. however, a large, very pure sapphire can fetch as much as 5 or $6000.00 more than $100.00 times madagascar minimum wage. thousands take away all with the same. the lucky ones might find the backhoe and messy used to be farmers. the 2 brothers left their child in hopes of striking at rich and building and fetch a future for themselves. but their entire fortune for now is this small cabin just 5 square meters shed by the 2 families with their wives and children, 7 people altogether. when i found i was a hi miss, good to me. she landed land like think i called the number
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stuff tonight. the number the show up she got shall need to make them to bear not to michigan the middle to me because i remember to move on in dog man to down on the how to set up the brothers work for a minor who owns his own mind their pay is less than $2.00 a day. if they do find a stone, they get a percentage of the sale. learn, monona. i'm will be also maneuver wouldn't, wouldn't want to leave them room for harling among mazda and the mom. not as young only let lot of money,
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but finding sapphire is not easy. backhoe mercy and other work and tunnel barely 60 centimeters high. 30 meters below the ground. level. one is a good system on my house, my mom and i just need a bore motor guy. but i'm in my both auto and then i'm i don't mind and i left
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yeah. was on a buoy. how's the milan on the, on the how to turn on to the number the bomb allow me if i'm not have a big condition down here or creating it's a constant 40 degrees celsius making this whole like an oven. do you know move? well, i hope this is also dangerous. many have lost their lives in search of the precious stone.
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and that was a model model model saw my dental vision. she gave me this proved that my mom is on the same north water, 30 meters below ground oxygen gas. none of the mine owners can afford proper ventilation systems. fresh as provided by the men's engineering. it's basic, but it works most the time. and importantly, it costs very little the
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problem is the tooth is barely 25 meters long and doesn't reach web back. who must be working again? you know if i'm a good well we'll talk about mama. well, i'm in on the, on the john, this is ella from william is lower law and a month for and last bag could have cost them their line. i know there is a little but the funding, the money that goes for her me
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ah, a life fruit with danger and all for less than $2.00 a day. the after more than a week in the jungle, robert and his men still haven't found a rosewood tree that's big enough running out of supplies, they will soon be to head home. but they determined not to return empty handed. a few months earlier, the army had chased them from the forest and may have to abandon a rosewood tree trunk. they are now looking for that tree because you know that you will because i live with
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a long while there who is smaller than they had hoped. this one trunk will get them enough money to get them by for a few months such as it is. and we're getting rid of a lot of the ending of work as many of them are modifications to be involved in the being the trunk weighs about 100 kilo transporting would principally, depends on the length of the roof when the cause of a good thing, a thought on it tomorrow, any day that he's compet comedy to the thing was causing my autumn, giving my love to get stuff along with them. then you go for the buy new or
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a lot of different direct live in the the trunk needs to be taken to the river. 30 kilometers away. getting it downhill is a very risky part of the journey. the danger is that the leg gets in the rope and gotten on vivita and then my my out of the whole the more you find a fat and not to live less nevada and they will never love. i mean, you didn't leave them
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up in a little while monday mom or no one knows who. sure how many are killed in the process of smuggling. precious wood. robert estimates there are at least 3 fatalities the yeah. oh yeah. then you've got just to them, then that's not call you because similar to yours and some talk amount of was a girl not on my mom, but i don't see why
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i might be gone by the way to meet the roots who men had completed, the mountainous terrain and covered one 3rd of the journey. 6 me
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exhausted, they'll spend the night here and there wet clothes, all of them, a king after the day's excursions. i was in a hollow, large volume for us if we shows as ours are so far out to be the. 2 night robert and his companion, none the nation. oh, the the taking the i was to reach the rhythm, but the trip is far from over. ahead to lie the rapids. this is the last like of the journey for robert and his men and the most dangerous
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shooting the rapids with the trunk attached to them. in a $22.00 men are in charge of the makeshift raft. if they fall overboard, $400.00 killers of rosewood will fall on top of them. was i got off for the communion run for you're still not going to live on a team here only because in color which is our timing isn't going to throw it out. you want to see you know, is the pilot for the 1st rough it know dismisses his co pilot, who apparently isn't being much held for
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anything else isn't causing this isn't some of the is virtually uncontrollable. the rock has shattered his paddle and he uses his hand to slow down the road. the water, the bates, and you know, can look for the paddle some wonderful petition,
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a bit need filtering into many killers. she doesn't it's taken 5 hours to travel. don't worry about the the others will now take the wood as far as the last one, the trunk was in the canoe, it just needs to be had in any chance i was going to enjoy it and putting them on the mission and i just love the
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modeling is endangering the 4th of madagascar and the authorities like the means to stop the trade. but for these men, the search for the rosewood is the best way to earn anything. the venezuela, columbia borgia has become a stomping grounds for trespasses as desperate people transgress and illegal passage to feed an emerging fuel trafficking market. we follow that perilous journey unguarded, through the line of fire, risking it all his wayland columbia. on al jazeera, i
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al jazeera. when you join the debate, do not have vaccines reaching those who are most of the needs and amplify your voice. it allows a diverse community how an array of different story, no topic. it's of the table. it's such a tough ethical debate. here, there is obvious discrimination and systematic discrimination of play. people are thursdays for new wasted. this stream where a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera for celebration, ah, food for reconciliation. ah, and from ancient civilization, algae 0 world goes on a mouth watering,
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cutting re journey from spain to the middle east. to discover the hidden history behind some of the region. best luck diffuse favoring the hop on audi. ah, haunting images of desperate f guns trying to escape after an abrupt taliban takeover may have the world but us president joe biden remained defiant and president of the united states. america in the buck stops with me. deeply sad but facts now face when i do not regret my decision enough honest on people live under the new re.


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