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tv   [untitled]    August 18, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm AST

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miller sites are under way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close. extrapolate that across the country. and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than any one thought. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello and welcome. i'm pete adobe. you're watching the news live from our headquarters here in bo, coming up in the next 60 minutes. the 1st signs of resistance against taliban shots, aside as a protest in the afghan city of july, at least 3 people reported dead on the more chaos
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a couple international airport as taliban fighters and us led forces tried to disperse. the crows, the former afghan president, ash ref ghani, is in the united arab emirates. the country says he's been taken in on humanitarian grounds, and another news will meet a former child soldier now trying to comfort sierra leone sick, the youngsters raising money to save lives. i'm sure i'm going to go with for so many team will not offend his us open tenants. title he pulled out because of an ongoing breast injury that will now force him to miss the rest of the season. the day after the taliban reassured the world, the people will be safe under its rule. spices have reportedly opened fire on protest has the 3 people
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a sense of being killed at the demonstration against the group takeover in the eastern afghan city of july. about people were marching in the streets chanting and carrying the afghan flag. video of the event later showed taliban fighters firing into the air and hitting protested with sticks. meanwhile, at the airport in cobbled us led forces fight into the air to disperse people who are gathering, trying to leave the country. the former president of afghanistan as ref ghani, is now in the united arab emirates. there had been confusion over his whereabouts since he left the country on sunday. the u. e says he's been taken in with his family on humanitarian grounds. rob mcbride, with the latest not from cobble. i think it's being seen is really since the taliban just assume power a couple of days ago as the 1st major active defined against them. as john by there's a very important city. it is east of here towards the border with pakistan. and
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this protest began over the national flag. now since the taliban have taken power, they have very consciously been removing the afghan national flag and replacing it with the taliban flag. we've seen that a lot here in the capital, kabul, it's left a lot of people. i very upset, but people have by and large, put up with especially here in cobble. well, it seems in july that bad people have not put up with that has been a protest. people kicked back and pushed back against the several 100 people, took to the streets proudly waving the afghan flag. they marched on a square apparently and put the flag back up after he had been removed by the taliban. this resulted in the clash with the taliban themselves. initially we understand taliban fighters began firing in the time to disperse the protesters, then it seemed the firing was more directive to the crowd resulting in death and injury. so it is a very serious incident. there was another protest over the same issue,
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the removal of the national flag in the province of costs, that it again involves several $100.00 people. so it is the motive issue here and it does come at a sensitive time. this is the eve of afghanistan's independence day. when we might expected that, well, feelings are running high, and there is a possibility of more protests than the possibility of more classes. the british prime minister since the u. k, will do all it can with her to humanitarian crisis in afghanistan. but boris johnson says he doesn't believe that military action against the taliban is an option. he made the comments while addressing the british parliament, which was recalled early from it's summer holiday to discuss the taliban takeover in afghanistan. if you'd be fed, say that the events you're not going to start to unfold in the claps has been passed was given the, the taliban themselves predicted. what is not true? said the u. k. government was unprepared or did not foresee this because it was
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certainly part of our planning of pitting. the very difficult logistical operation for the withdrawal of u. k. national has been under preparation for many months. mister speaker. i can tell the house that the decision to commission the emergency handling center at the airport, the commissioning of that said that took place a 2 weeks ago. mrs. be well, the case, main opposition party, the labor party, a calling on the government, not to cap the number of refugees from afghanistan, protested, gathered in front of the parliament in london to oppose the proposed limits, the home officers. it'll welcome up to 5000 atkins during the 1st year of the new re settlement program. but opponents, a limiting help for women and minorities facing persecution is unacceptable. absolutely. those trying to get out of, i've got it done who are at risk. those work for the occupying forces. i work for the government,
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those that work this contract employed by the government and those particularly prominent women. and i think who are all these things very vulnerable and very serious. and so the idea of a cap on the numbers coming in to any one country is really on thinkable and unacceptable. journal has more from london. this is a country deeply invested in afghanistan up to 20 years of that nature mission. the state of 2nd senior partner in the nato alliance after the u. s. it was an opportunity to have their say, to discuss what has happened to talk about what little this country can perhaps now contribute to help. in the aftermath, we've seen some extremely moving point in sometimes bitter and angry interventions from some of them veterans of that campaign in afghanistan that we've seen strong questions off the government about it's preparedness for all of this. post johnson and his foreign secretary were on holiday, as these events unfolded and escalated towards the end of last week. we've had questions about the failures of western intelligence to be able to predict what
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would happen and questions about where the more could it be done to form some kind of a coalition without the united states to stand strong enough to stand and head off prevent. what in effect happened? the government has tried to talk up the positives, the successes that have been being offered by the government of a double, the annual amount of international humanitarian aid going into afghanistan, despite cuts elsewhere, $300000000.00. it is set aside not to be given to the taliban, of course, but to be given to humanitarian organizations under un bars. johnson has asked for the un to lead a humanitarian mission in the region. this talk of resettling refugees to talk about bringing back afghan support stuff, double the number now they're hoping to bring back 10000 at a rate of around a 1000 a day according to the home secretary. now while the taliban had taken charge of the country was still waiting to hear the makeup of any future governments. the
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taliban says it will be inclusive on weapons day a member of the taliban political office. and the for connie was pictured meeting national reconciliation chairman abdullah, abdullah and the former president. i'm a cause i in the capital cobble and the televisions co founder and political chief has returned to afghanistan. abdul ghani baroda arrived to a crowd of supporters in kandahar the birthplace of the taliban brother, led the groups negotiators in talks with the u. s. and the african governments. he was freed from prison in pakistan at the request of the united states 3 years ago. let's go live now to the white house and our correspondence that this our mike can . mike, as far as the u. s. is concerned, there are still thousands of people trapped in afghanistan who worked with and for the united states over the past 1520 years to the u. s. have any plans to help them? well, yes, indeed. there are a number of individual visas that are being issued. the non,
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the process of being issued, the u. s. has provided facilities that 3 separate bases here for an estimated 20000 afghans who used to work for the us government one must as well. we've heard from the pentagon about the rates of evacuation over the past 24 hours. 2000 people have been evacuated. the pentagon says that of those $365.00 americans. the rest of them are africans who were working for the us along with some nato forces. so once again, the us says it has a contingency plans in place to take in afghans who worked for the u. s. in a gun he's done, but many problems involved that have been complaints about the issue of single immigrant visas. there's also being complaint about green card holders who are having difficulty of getting through the perimeter that's been set up around that
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airport. with regard to that perimeter, the pentagon says that there are some 4 and a half 1000 us soldiers now forming that perimeter. the original target was to have 6000 in there, so they are still battalion off the 2nd airborne due to come at the moment, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and the secretary of defense. why in the white house behind me here, briefing the president on the latest situation, we are expecting to hear from the defense secretary quite soon like, i guess he will reject those accusations that have been leveled at the administration for several days now saying look, this is a litany of failures, he will push back against that i guess and, and reiterate the kind of line that he was coming up with on the sunday morning talk shows indeed yes. and the beat bite and administration as a whole has been pushing again back against that type of criticism. and one must mention as well. this is not the criticism coming from president biden's opponents
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only from republicans. it's also coming from many of his democratic allies. now there may be less argument among democrats about the decision to go ahead with the withdrawal. one that was agreed to by then president trump last year. however, the criticism about the manner in which the withdrawal has been stage has been consistent and intent. we expect the pentagon to speak to that and the secretary of defense to speak to that later in the course of the day. but as you say, it's likely that they are going to say that all contingency plans were in place. however, the biden administration as a whole, has admitted that the tenant band of bonds was far quicker than anybody had predicted. and one must wonder what kind of information came from the pentagon in terms of the speed of that bond. when it comes to write the history books of this chapter, the biden administration might looking at the broader picture of the next 60 seconds or so. you get the sense there in washington, that people will take
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a judgment that mr. biden took the cold based on domestic politics and policy implementation, or did he take the coal in the belief that everything on the ground in afghanistan was job done, mission accomplished with finished, were gone. i think the president himself has spoken to that. he's made very clear, and this is a very important difference in terms of the attitude of nato. for example, president biden makes very clear, his belief that you've made public over a period of time. but the operation in afghanistan was not about nation building. primarily. it was about removing a terrorist threat the united states. therefore, the mission, according to president biden, was always one of narrow focus, which had to do with domestic protection, not necessarily with nation building. now, president biden has reiterated that time up the time in wake of criticism about the
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withdrawal and the timing of the withdrawal, his insistence and the system stuff. is that ministration? is that whether or not the us troops, with their is immaterial, the taliban would have taken over at some stage. and what it would have happened says the president, is that the u. s. would have been involved in yet another civil war in another country with its own forces suffering as casualties. so that is the position of the biden administration. and one in which president biden has been very consistent, not only the last few weeks, but over the past decade. mike, many things my kind of correspondent, the site, the white house. when i was taking part in cobble, the afghan taliban is now in talks with the pakistani government come, all hider has more now for me to come in pakistan. a sunnier of delegation comprising, or he knew of our leaders in august on, at the moment they've already held an important round of dog for the country's military leadership. they have met the budgets on the prime minister bug. it's gone
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is stretching on the point that has to be an inclusive government. the taliban have already signaled that they will tolerate other religious minorities as well as admitted richard. no one has gone to varmint inclusive government. it is going to be important to see what kind of progress will be made and reaching a political settlement. and i mean time to budget on the foreign ministers planning where they're turkey and also hold consultation, read for different states, such as iran. 30 minutes dawn with becket on g gets on and also read the chinese down to barge buckets on has played a lead role. and facilitating the dog between the taliban and the united states. it is acting as a facilitator. and of course, what happens head. and if lama bots will be crucial, but it is also important to know that budgets on and watching. cautiously moved inside of vanished on the signs, the good that the 1st diamond decades that the people of granite does have
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a rail volpe and reaching a political settlement to the one conflict. while the taliban has made repeated pledges to respect africans, women's rights, but many are skeptical. as of tuesday, the group said women's freedoms would be respected and it's interpretation of islamic law. the taliban period empower more than 2 decades ago. so women shots out of public life and brutally punished for breaking the rules. many now fear a return to the past. i think it's just the farm all. i don't know. they're trying to foolish. they're trying to confirm and to modernity. but i think i personally think that it's just something that they're trying to fool as we are. and i don't trust them. plenty more still to come on. the news for you, including building stronger ties, but turkish president welcomed the ethiopian prime minister. woman coming here,
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children, but it didn't resent life. the closing ranks with lithuania to stop refugees from afghanistan and iraq entering through the fellow roofs and german giants by munich. since their 1st job was to inform about the i the police in southern turkey had arrested at the 6 i saw suspect they would seen on weapons day during arrayed in the city of adama. investigators say they managed to seize document and materials linked to what they call tara groups. the suspects had previously been operating in syria and entered turkey illegally. a $6.00 earthquake has been reported in the pacific island of anna watson at the coast and triggered us an army warming warning which has since been lifted. there are no
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reports of any damage in haiti. heavy rain brought on by a tropical storm. have complicated the search and rescue mission after sunday's earthquake. there, only 2000 people were killed and thousands more have been left homeless with many still waiting for help. john holeman reports now from lake high on the worst effected cities. the aftermath of storm grace in the south west of haiti down pool wasn't quite as bad as fit, but some spent that they bailing out their houses and getting the water out because this is the only space we have to do everything. we can't live in water when we feel after shocks we have to be able to move out of the house quickly. those were the ones who still handhelds. others had spent the night in the field in the rain, victims of saturday's earthquake 1st above the earthquake, then this and i can't even get a tarpaulin. i asked god to take my life. there still there. still more or in
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hospital. the quake left more than 9000 injured. this young man was in too much pain to talk. murray was with her young daughter. her leg got sworn up but not broken. i've been with her saturday. yesterday she was going to be operated on, but they wanted to amputate the lake. i don't want that. if there was a government, she wouldn't be suffering the way she is. she's talking about the late president assassinated in july, a political crisis. the proceeded to quake it came at the worst possible time international laid organizations trying to help national authorities with the relief at now in the day. but it's been hard to get a m personnel to the earthquake zone. that's because the stretch of the only road into the area is being fought over by gangs and then the same way to get
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help. it is way, way and coming by can already went to the flow of support for the disaster area. and help is needed at the rubble of one of the main hotels in town. a crowd of people gathered reuben, some victories telling me that in the 2010 of quake block felt and permanently injured his hand. in this latest one, he says his house fell down. these 2 brothers helped to try and pull people out of the rubble, despite the fact that their house to have been destroyed. we are victims as well, but they were the worst off. i have a chance to be alive, even though i'm injured. thanks to god. we didn't get badly hurt. so we could help out. the other local authorities and international organizations have commented on the resilience of these people. but there's a sense of disbelief over the long series of misfortunes to many, the question comes when we'll have to get a break john home, and i'll do it
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a little. ok, let's bring in florida del pinto. he's manager of the emergency operation center at the international federation of red cross and red crescent sciences. he joins us on skype from geneva, florida built into your people on the ground in haiti. what are they telling you as to the latest situation that thank you, that the situation is critical. stage we observing, we are observing the huge needs underground that are remaining to unmet as we speak . we have more than 2000 people that already died in the earthquake and number may, may continue growing. we already have reports mentioning more than $115.00 thousands of houses that are being damaged or destroyed in this, in the 3rd grade. so does it be a dire situation? and we also have to add to the effect of the tropical storm that we observe yesterday, where people leaving outside body being able to put some temporary. how do we stop
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putting an order of this being washed away and drained? so the situation is indeed very critical and we need to say in our as much as we can, what are the main priorities? now the main priority is definitely to bring this report that the nation the people need their so obviously it's health care. this is one of the main priority, but we also need to ensure that we provide safe shelters, safe food water for carrying the further operation. we also need to ensure that we have a good assessment in place and today having the right information and woo is affected remains very difficult because the, the area that, that's been asked it is really pretty wide. and what that means you don't really widespread. how many people are being affected by this will look as you're talking to us. later on, we are looking at pictures. it can be described as even something approaching being
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a rescue camp or a refugee camp. people are literally out doors in all weather. so how many people are having to live like that for the foreseeable future until more resources get into that area? having the food, peter, as of today remains one of the main china. but what we have been hearing so far, that 115000. how i've been damaged or destroyed. so this is the same amount of families that are leaving. i would side that how the apply these 115000 people family. he's more than 500000 people living there. so we need to be able to provide them as, as fast as we can, some emergency shelter for them to be able to basic roof and not be wet at night. at the same time, we'll need to start seeing what will be a more sustainable solution for them in stock, analyzing what would be the repairs and so on. but we don't obviously take more
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time. who are your main donors who's helping so far? we, we, we had some, some donors interest and we have been publishing an emergency appeal to appeal for, for 10000000. and for up to date, we only have 2715000 that he's being secured as we speak. we do hope to have further further interest from, from done as well. because as of today we asked to law on defending. but again, that the priority is also to, to, to bring the, the really, to the people we need. okay, we must leave it there. many thanks. thrown, built into talking to us on skype from geneva. still to come here on the news for you, the delta, various forces, new zealand into locked down. the government says it's linked to australia and another formula, one race is canceled because a covert job will have the details coming up in a
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the hello come with me. we'll talk about the weather story across the middle east and, you know, i gotta tell you, some of these temperatures are below average. we don't say that too often do we? so for example, re add $41.00 degrees and q $844.00. there is a reason for this, think you age and that's because of the small wind, but the wind will be switching direction toward the south east. so that's a breeze coming off the golf. so it's going to ramp up that humidity. you're going to feel that big time as it bumps in and your temperature will now job a bit. now, through pockets that were seen the return of mon sooner moisture toward the north, mostly up against the foothills of the himalayas on thursday, off to the mediterranean with the focus on turkey, mostly dry, but a run of rain passing through the bus route. so that will impact the stumble with a high of 30 degrees. so i can about the rain and storm through the tropics of
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africa, pretty much anywhere from western kenya rate through to gabon and camera room. we will see those storms flare up on thursday that further toward the south. it's unsettled for both the western and eastern cape. we'll talk about those winds in a 2nd. but 1st, let's focus on the positive johannesburg wall to wall sunshine with the hiv $21.00 degrees and promised we would talk about the winds for the eastern cape. got seen up to 55 kilometers per hour, and now you're up to date. she's in the news, frank assessments. why, where is it? again, freedom, the press, welcome again, freedom of expression. it's a weapon to get a human right. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera as the resurgent taliban retakes of female activist journalists and even school goes on to threats. 11 east investigate the fight for
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its kind of stones women on algebra. one half sco fish and half lebanese. so diversity is really important to me and to 0 is the most diverse place i've ever worked. we have so many different nationalities and mrs. ease brought together in this one nice organization and just diversity of perspective is reflected in our coverage, giving a more accurate representation of the world we report on and that's a key strength of answer 0. 0, a
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welcome back. you're watching the news life and remind of your top story. so about this hour the, they're all reports, ton of insights and said open fire on pretenses and the eastern atkins, city of july, about 3 people were reported they killed. and several of those wounded us lead troops side and the air national airport. as panic, crowds scramble to leave the country. the u. s. s. the taliban has agreed to allow safe passage for civilians. british afghans have been protesting outside the parliament in london to demand the government. do more to help people looking for asylum, the prime minister, or johnson. so the u. k. will do all it can with ag monetary crisis in the united states. so just as served enough, galveston had been watching the taliban takeover with dismay. nearly 2 and a half 1000 us service personnel were killed and must become known as the longest war. now many are asking, what was it for?
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christine salumi have that story from new york. the taliban, quick takeover of the afghan government came as little surprise to many who served there in the u. s. military. but the incredible scenes of people storming the airport prompted. strong reactions, horror, shame, terror fear. mat zeller remains close to afghans he worked with as a combat adviser to the afghan army, and continues to fear for their safety. this is the arctic exit that they feared, and that so many of us tried to warn about and just when listened, it fell on deaf ears in the by the ministration, and they now owned the asco. they were warned and warned and warned. and they just did not pay attention, they didn't care at the white house. on monday, u. s. president joe biden defended the decision to withdraw from the u. s. is longest war which has cost the lives of nearly $2500.00 americans service members. and more than 2 trillion us dollars,
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he also acknowledge there's been missteps. the cesar scene in afghanistan for gut wrenching, particularly for our veterans, our diplomats humanitarian workers. for anyone who has spent time on the ground working to support the afghan people. the u. s. withdraw was time to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the attacks in september 11. the goal of dismantling al qaeda was successful. but removing from power the taliban gave them safe haven fruits. trickier taliban would have waited and waited. another 20 years if we had stayed there even longer as a marine miles lagossi videotape these scenes of combat for the military as well as us troop involvement with afghan civilians. more than 47000 of whom were killed. in addition 266000 african military and police, after leaving the military lagossi, made a documentary with the footage, calling us objectives into question dark and you know,
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ominous and uncertain. as afghanistan's future is right now with the child and taking back over, it's important to remember that it was just as bad while we were there. nevertheless, it seems like this play out. surveys show that support for the withdraw. once widely supported by americans is slipping. kristen salumi al jazeera new york. the rocky city of cobbler is marking the 1st day of the religious holiday of assurance. people have been heading to the city despite concerns about security. and cobit 19 cobbler is the 2nd most important city for she muslims, after mecca in saudi arabia, with a bill while had, has more the streets of karbala have been de curated. people here are getting ready to mark the day of assured the city which is central for she has in iraq is now the destination for millions to marketed this.


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