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tv   [untitled]    August 19, 2021 12:30pm-1:00pm AST

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is to provide family serving family planning services close to their doorstep with good quality and choice. education will take time. it is a magical one to factor for women's future. they grow their environment. the bill has gain traction in other be g p. government states. a sam has already passed it thing it was the only way to bring down illiteracy and poverty among muslims. but families like the genders who depend on subsidies to feed their families. believe this low relief people like them was off partly methyl. i'll just 0 lunch ahead with the dish. ah, and this is all of these are the top stories, at least 2 people have been killed in the african city of a sud about a rally was being held, locking the country's independence day. it's not yet clear of the deaths resulted
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from a stampede. all when taliban fighters open fire on the crowd shot bell. this is incredible with more traditionally, people are out on the street. they are waiving the republic flag, which is red, green, and black. it is a moment of celebration, people drive around with music playing. there hasn't been so much of that in cobbled today. and they have also been isolated incidents of the taliban trying to disperse some of these crowds and shooting into them and people being getting injured, getting shot, being hurt, and stan pains, and then isolated. and so people also being killed. so we've just confirmed out of a sod, a bad coup, not provence, that there was a stampede in gunshots fired into a crowd. us president joe biden, this as his forces could stay on enough scanner, son until all american citizens are out of chaos. it seems that a couple airports with africans, desperately trying to leave off the taliban seized
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a capital. a bomb explosion in pakistan's punjab provinces killed at least 3 people . i left a dozens of others injured. it happened in the southeastern district of buffalo, magog shia muslims in the area which august, while observing the 2nd day of a short, i know group is claimed responsibility. 2200 people are known to have died in haiti . earthquake with rescue efforts hampered by bad weather and todd communities have been raised in rural areas via the epicenter. new zealand has reported 11 new cases of covert 19 tickets. total 21. a government runs to 3 day nationwide last time. all the new cases, other delta various, those are the headlines. the news is going to continue at all just after people, in part, by how many nukes is too many new america has in many ways driven the arms race parties are much more like the british parties down to the there are, you are regulation to own a tiger than their, our own
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a dog. how can this be happening? your weekly take on us politics and, and that's the bottom line. the in 2020 public fury. it's corruption. and i'm, so gary's political elite erupted into widespread since then, the crisis is seen to inconclusive elections. the $310.00 prime minister, forced from office and other prominent officials, mighty and scandals, are accused of us with no immediate end, the uncertainty site. we seem to find out why post ariens. so me
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the ill guerria is one of europe's poorest nations. as many people here think they know why some blame corruption, which is the worst in the you. others say it's impossible to disentangle bulgarian problems from its communist past. but almost everyone seems to agree on one thing. alleged crimes at the highest echelons of government or stealing the country future . so when photographs appeared on social media in july 2020 of long standing bulgarian prime minister boy to borrow a soft, fastest leap in bed with a hand gun lying on a bedside cabinet. the top drawer of which his tools opened, revealing was the $500.00 euro nights and several gold ingots. it seemed to confirm,
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but many people already see it. a european leader next to his bed that looks like a mafia, but he denied that the money and the go use his property. but the gun, he said you found clipping with the gun and continuously with the gun because i feel very unsecure. it cools, this insatiable, unheralded a flurry of government scandals that came in, sighted with the biggest st. protests in bulgaria for nearly a decade somehow borrow soft. was it the stone that she paid the price in april 2021. when the country went to the polls for a soft good party, when it flows share the vote for use. as bulgarians turned in trays to a tree of newly formed anti corruption parties. but with nuclear
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winter occurred, take a prime minister was installed until the fresh election to be held 3 my later in july to actually get a like a puzzle piece of gold piece of money piece of crime. and people finally look at understand the big picture. ah, whether it's as a black belt in karate, a god fearing champion of the orthodox face for a seasoned prime minister on the world stage. i've been but not to mention a best friend to the most powerful politician in europe. it would appear that we could borrow so enjoy his warmth and respect from political and religious leaders around piccolo. and i'd like to go good with real
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non budget i boris of is bulgaria. the longest serving rule, this is communistic, tater, total shift golf. you over. so one of your horses, total italian regimes, with full slaven political assassinations and dozens of concentration camps like this, wanted bethany, where inmates considered enemies of the state where worked to death. their bodies fed to takes this nation required to get the consent of film legged assorted the bogus get this job to not just get to watching emma my audience and yet shift coffee house. an hour from the capital has become a shrine for visitors among the items on display,
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a series of photographs reveals something rather interesting. look closely at this one and you will see a familiar face. it's boy co boris off. poker motors of are not on the body guard for the former. get in the the shift golf, but he was also a member of the communist party until 9000 men to, to, if i'm not mistaken. the grand buildings and monuments may be falling into decay. but the communist legacy continues to talk bulgaria no one has ever been punished for the countless atrocities committed during the communist period. it never happened because the communist party into security services, they hit absolutely, the coal control upon the fact. so when the war fell down,
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they just convert to the whole political power on economical they stoled all the resources. the effects on the gary's economy was catastrophic. and the freckled, the author nomics and we'll get in the industrial cells close to the atlanta for both the c panel vinegar volume is a fraction of the whole over the line of a little one thing that survived from the communist era was the office of the chief prosecutor, who back then was answerable to no one, imposing the will of dictated toto shift coffee by terror. well, garcia took, as opposed to the postal credit that institute for digital brocker,
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some of the both of the economy, just keep it. it's the sky and not net, and there's a lot going into the corners. the current chief prosecutor, ivan gasha, was hand picked by boris off. if you're opposing the government or you're opposing certain decisions that are taken by the government, you are at risk to be prosecuted. kind of cannot start off on it in the last 4 digits because of love quite to reverse the variable. keep driven in corrected because because you have a net net, democratization that is correct. and then over the last one is a con petitions from boris osgood, 40 or perceived as above the law, and have often been caught using e u. money for their own personal benefit. while much of bulgaria languishes in poverty, this magnificent luxury house was built and paid for from
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a 100000000 euro. you aid package, which was supposed to go to help impoverished ro communities the owner of this pile, a former economy minister, embarrassed good government has neither being prosecuted nor had his fabulous country has confiscated me. similarly, no action was taken against goods, agriculture minister, death his lover to nathan. he was recorded in december 2020, telling her team to keep quiet, about alleged misuse of you money from the village. now i'm, if you lose money, if each kinetic the misappropriation misuse of your you, fans is not a bulgarian phenomena every single year. all life is getting out cases like this in each and every european union countries joining
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the u. k. the provided new opportunities for corrupt officials. the process started after we became a full members european union in 2007. the aim of our ruling class. our look to proceed was to get access to your money to have been fund. indeed, some question whether you funding has actually benefited to gary or you cannot even more extreme situation in which the gotcha model has been finalized by european subsidies in the next 6 years will get is eligible to receive close to 30000000000 euros just to give an idea this is known as a 50 percent of we'll get into the p. things came to a head in 2020. when chief prosecutor ivan gasha, who did arranged on the offices of the president as dawn's critic of parasol,
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who he accused of having links to corruption, it sparked a constitutional crisis. the attack the president's office and take some of the advisors arrested for the vices. the president people gathered outside the presidential palace to show their support and the president joined them. but in the coming days, it turned ugly. however, despite a brutal police track down, the protests continued a year later and was born so still might in scandal. his political rivals saw an opportunity to hey grant, as the july election approached, cost didn't cross the dental is just want to kansas fringe politicians to benefit from boss was a 4 right firebrand moon for his n. s a big fuse,
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the white cotton, a butcher, as a boy, so new charlotte, jeannette, and the children. but as a duty, bush will pull dominant sisters from both the politic nothing of $70000.00 and of august kind of money. the senate, they checked. union, the problem not just us in our with trusted enough, was never likely to pose an electoral threat to boris off. whose main challenge came from this man. celebrity church show host slavish 5th enough. he likes to portray himself as a tough guy ready to take on the establishment. is that is such a people party came 2nd in april 2021. inconclusive election, driven off, refused to speak to the media. and no one really knew what his process thoughtful social story from. also just sort of take it to show them as low as the principal
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center. they super holding. this is totally up to me though for me to show them 40 tickets for me. so concerning the institute they got to and they normally say indeed this enough was conspicuous by his absence from the 2020 protests which attracted thousands for over 3 months to day scale down protests continue inside the palace of justice, headquarters of bar soft, controversial chief prosecutor, who unlike his boss, is still in office. a permanent vigil is maintained here by several activists, including di, nice, he is a senior orthodox priest, richard, not within a bush just now called for the nurse to stop with us to this sort of store. this is an abyss show that your municipal court is inevitable or those in your court. the naval the phone. certainly, yvonne get put together and was even get ship done for social steve,
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i guess your some, your book is probably to let you know more about the video and had no solid in the fall off because i did get a bogus group of just thought well, talk them is are still 2 e money came into sharp focus when bulgarian, businessman helium latin off went public about how a former prosecutor and associate of guess you attempted to take control of his elevator for which stood to make millions from an e. u. a package when slat enough, refused to play ball. he said he was threatened. people never got to move. the elevator manufacturer was targeted following the announcement of a lucrative e u. h package to help repair much of the countries aging housing stuff. which
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included upgrading elevators in thousands of multi story apartment blocks. we have about 100000 piano communist blocks with very old elevators. and they are not compatible with the new requirements. so very expensive program worth 1000000000 and 100000 elevator. it's multiplied by tens of thousands of euro. you can get the figure. slaton of was invited to a series of meetings at this restaurant. the 8 doors by a former official of the sophia city, prosecuted general's office picture of rota. allegedly, he told les enough, he could help him with his business, but at all known as the euro, or rather the euro. not everybody uses the big thing for him officially. but i
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think i think it's obvious, he prefer high value, you know, because they can be put in the water to have a jack. and soon the meetings took a sinister turn. lesson off was told, his son would be denied life saving medical treatment unless he signed the assets with millions to the criminals afraid for his son. and that he himself would be jailed on trumped up charges. slaton off agreed to go to the corner of a woman book because even gish was the affair came to light in 2020. when nikolai sty, coffee, co founder of the anti corruption fund, and n g o supported by the us state department,
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uploaded his documentary about the crime on to youtube. which instant the went viral. soon after started cough started to receive phone calls, hundreds of them asking if he had any childrens coffins, a thinly veiled threat to his young family. that was the 1st goal. and it was funny . initially, i am saying to her my condolences by the way and she's smiling, and then they get serious and more like business minded. so it was like this every 2030 minutes. feeling for his children's safety. sty cough. took them into hiding who he wouldn't be the 1st or gary to pay a heavy price for investigating corruption related to you. money. pictorial maneuver who was killed in 2018 was one of several high profile journalists who have died in mysterious circumstances in the last few years in
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bulgaria, waiting for them. and they thought the story on monday we'll get to voting. as with several basic effects, quick news there really did him a was that was one of course with tons, computer me. shortly after the expose a monet, his body was discovered in riverside park and roofs in the north of the country. she had been beaten and raped. within 2 hours, the chief prosecutor's office announced that the murder had nothing to do with her work. but many believe otherwise, including her colleagues, said no press a conf. citric enough, quit to. he's come at the foot of us whitley now vertical nuts in a book called to folk junior systemic. the bow that he could do is committed for
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him. the 2nd advocate of joint approach give that is can group joint you gotta change. it's going to probably know what does the switches of the burden put just into something to do. most of the surgical got to will be as popular. i don't say more because she was and i don't invoiced to persist in a school on the 2 year basis. one of our married neighbors investigation certainly touch the ruinous and the authorities were eager to close down speculation quickly. natalie. adopt me an emotion that's for him to be so as sort of proficient on the south from the 3 that was but i'm to the 3 then a project of 2 dogs nearest other bo, that you need to know the forest off continues to enjoy the support of angular merkel and the ease largest political grouping, the european peoples policy,
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which under the circumstances suddenly find difficult to understand. indeed, accusations against bar soft and nothing new. as a lead cable dating from 2006 in which john burl, than us ambassador to bulgaria, described, boris off as linked to almost 30 unsolved murders in the black sea republic. ah, sir, last year, when an audio recording appeared on social media of a man sounding remarkably similar to bar, a soft filing to burn, anti corruption, m. e p. elaine, a young chamber. she was understandably alarmed. i remember listening to the several times trying to put in the sand. and of course, it was also a little bit scary because i don't hear the day a prime minister saying that who bernie was,
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you know, i don't think there are any threats towards elena young children in that recording . and i haven't heard the recording to be honest. i have no idea what the recording says. i don't, i myself requested the technical support of the voice in the life of the american forensic laboratory. and the knowledge is concerned very high probability that the recordings out and that the voice belonged to the former prime minister. and the scandals kept coming as to july 2021 election approached this business man sweaters land. l. chowsky stepped forward. leveling allegations of racketeering and extortionate forests off to whom he said he was forced to play almost half a 1000000 years a year in protection money. he narrated all these things like
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a whistleblower. he made this statement of an insider from all this network. and after that, he, he could disappear the 2 days before the election. it was the 1st anniversary of the protest. maybe we both know the goals of our product, the where the prime minister from the government. our 2nd role was made that she was the whole world. so what i do know that that curve out that country man is like damage a loss of hope was pinned on the shoulders of this man. boy rush coffee, university professor, who after being appointed interim interior minister in the caretaker government in
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april doggedly pursued cover ups, officials. he said boris off should be investigated. this will also, but then move to also live with you for many ditch solutions . this does, it budget, says eval for, but stopped in the circuit, but not the pro skills that we're not going to beckon's. it's not to people, cousin, informational, even got, it isn't good. july. the 11th election day, despite a temperature of 35 degrees turn, i was reasonable by 9 pm. the voting had stopped as punted, debated the various scenarios. it became clear that boris off would not win in the lead was almost a quarter of the votes. was tv personality, sloppy tricina. but would he be able to form
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a government next day when the counting was finished? dress enough one, but only secured a quarter of the seats in poland and released this message. it would pick up not now a pre call. it just did turn up to us deployment. some of the old go bottles versus town and a part of it of the color. it cost to ship the the top, but i will done this a valid the quality. unfortunately not a progress. we change one messiah. we can other and other messiah is not the democracy. and was of boris off. just after the po room, the went round that he had been summoned by the police, good, stalwart, gathered at the police station to greet the leader as he arrived to talk with officers. whether these discussions will lead anywhere isn't yet named. mister
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boris off declined a request for an interview. so did the man, he appointed his book areas, chief prosecutor, ivan gasha, sir wolf next to bulgaria. more inconclusive election year long protests and an endless stream of corruption allegations have left the use poorest country. still looking for answers since this film was made fluffy driven ups, there is such a people party has given up trying to form a government after potential coalition partners refused to back his proposed list of ministers. another election now seems likely. ah.
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as the resurgent taliban retakes of female activist journalists and even school goes on to threats. 11 east investigate the fight for stones women on algebra one i think my niger, i think of potential when i think of potential i think of what would be, what is not i think of young people literally take them to the island and do something that they can be part of tell me the possible, i think it on the challenge. rhythmic child in the country. hello. my name is ben. gosh, and this is my my, my dear on out there. ah, me playing important role, protecting human. ah,
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ah. the news news news with me.
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ah ah me. this is al jazeera ah, i'm calling this is and use our life and coming out for the next 60 minute reports of violence across i've done this, done as the country marks independence day this year on the taliban control. desperate scenes outside couple of port president biden. says us troops could remain beyond the.


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