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each day could be their la. i've got to stand own battle on a just the town the untold dorothy. ah, we speak when others don't. ah, we cover all sides no matter where it takes a police fan here. got my eye and power and passion. we tell your story, we are your voice. you knew your neck out here. oh ah.
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again you watching out 0 reminder about some stories this and these 2 people have been killed in the african city. that about riley was being held to marketing the country's independence day is not yet clear. if the death resulted from a stand pito, when taliban fighters over the phone, i couple lab for children while he stood above crowns. as people tried to flee, you cases is unable to evacuate on the company. children the while you as president j bite and says his forces could stay on enough gun is done until all americans are purchased. as enough in the cooling for rapid asylum approvals, relative still enough gun. this done are also demanding foster processing for thousands of afghans already in greece. malaysia is going, prime minister says his alliance is agreed on a successor ushering in the return of the long ruling party. they have agreed to unanimously support the smell is called separate party, govern relates if
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a 6 decades after independence they lost power in 2018 after corruption, scandal, salaries, official appointment is pending confirmation for malays. his king grocery report now from college, if miles, sabri yak of the former deputy prime minister has reportedly secured majority support from a 114 members of parliament out of the 222 seats in the lower house. now the m p 's said to support is mild sabri, our meeting the king at his palace on thursday to verify their support. all m. p 's were asked to submit their choice for prime minister to the monarch earlier this week. now, if, if mouse aubrey is appointed, the prime minister of malaysia, this means the makeup of the ruling coalition would be the same as the previous administration led by, well, you didn't, yes. and who. and on monday, after more than a dozen, m. p. 's withdrew their support for him. the difference this time is the united
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malays national organization or is set to come back even stronger because it's miles on it's vice president of the this political party rules malaysia since independence from britain in 1957. it was voted up in 2018 because of a multi $1000000000.00 corruption scandal. its current present is fighting corruption charges in court. former policy president, not your brother, who's also a former prime minister, has been convicted of corruption and it's appealing his conviction. now if, if miles, hybrid is appointed prime minister, this means i'm no set is set to reclaim the premiership. now of course, none of this is official, yet the monarch is set to meet with other senior royals on friday, and it's likely that a decision will be announced. then the king has also said any new prime minister ought to face a vote of confidence in parliament to demonstrate he has majority support. parliament is set to reconvene next month. in
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new zealand has reported 21 new cases, zip code. 19. before this week, the country hadn't seen any local infections for my 6 months. prime minister just in order and has ordered a nationwide lockdown. and it's believes all the new delta various cases linked to an outbreak in australia is wayne. hey, covered 19th, reemergence in new zealand means the streets are empty again. the government ordered a nation wide locked down following the discovery of the delta strain and the largest city auckland's. the prime minister jacinta rod during his testing shows that it was brought into new zealand from australia. i can now report from the how gene sequence analysis that our current positive cases are a close match to a recent return, a from sydney. it's likely to have leaked from a quarantine hotel and investigations around the way to find out how you feel in
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decision to lockdown after just one case of the delta variant made headlines around the world. but the prime minister said they only had to look to australia to see what could happen if they didn't go hard. and early on thursday, australia recorded it's worth numbers since the pandemic began with 754 new cases most are in the state of new south wales where the government opted for a slower, softer lockdown to try to contain the latest outbreak when it's 1st case emerged on june, the 16th it took 10 days for the state to introduce restrictions. i appreciate what we're going through difficult. but every site in australia will have to come to terms with the fact that when you get to a certain level of vaccination and start opening up, dale to crepey in australia and new zealand are among the slowest in the developed world to vaccinate the people you zealand is trying to speed up the process and it's decided to make defies of vaccine available for 12 to 15 year olds. this is not a decision we have taken lightly. many of us appear in south south and take this judy
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of making decisions about other people's children extremely seriously. but it is safe. and it's the right thing to do. new zealand, which still only has a handful of cases, is now in a race to try to contain the new outbreak while vaccinating as many people as possible. wayne, hey, al jazeera towed on a new zealand. well, the number of new current virus infections in south korea has such past 2000 and for a 2nd time it's struggling to contain a wave of outbreaks during the countries summer holiday driven by the delta buried tough restrictions have been imposed in the capital. so the government is expected to extend the curbs on friday. the us president says he disagrees with the world health organizations warning against giving creative our booster shots. joe biden says his government is capable of looking off its own citizens as well as helping the world. his comments come off to the white house on the veil plans to offer boost jobs for mid september. people will be eligible, 8 months after receiving the 2nd jab. while some might be thinking of getting
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a 3rd vaccine shots, others in the us want to get the 1st rub. reynolds explains more than $20000000.00 us students are headed off to college this year. there's a new item on the curriculum. cobit 19 vaccine mandates more than $700.00 colleges and universities now say students must be vaccinated, or face repeated. coven testing, enforced social, distancing, or even be barred from campus. colleges are desperate to prevent a replay of last year's damaging campus shut downs. and other outbreak would be extremely disruptive. we're risking another evacuation from college campuses in the fall, and it will have an even greater impact on those who are already the most vulnerable in our society in the politically hyper charge debate over vaccines in the us. there are naturally those who refuse to comply riley o'neill,
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a student at loyola marymount university in los angeles, is one of them. it goes back to the idea that i should be able to choose whether i get the vaccine or not. and if i'm going to be coerced into doing that, i doesn't feel like a free choice to me. very much feels like oppression. he has sued the university over it's vaccine policy. if he refuses the shots, he could attend loyola marymount, but would have to undergo repeated testing and observed social distancing with other students. o'neil's lawyer was quick to frame the issue in political terms. there is going to be this continued divisive effort by the laughed by the progressive side of this nation to try to create this division between the vaccinated and the vaccinated. so far legal efforts
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to overturn college vaccine mandates have fallen flat. a federal appeals court recently ruled against students during the universe the of the indiana over its vaccine mandate. one of the judges wrote, people who do not wish to be vaccinated can go elsewhere. and the supreme court has upheld that ruling. o'neill seems unconcerned that unvaccinated young people will get infected and spread the virus to more vulnerable people. quite frankly, my age group isn't nearly as affected by coven 19 as, as older generations are. that's a problem, says higher education authorities. part of our educational responsibility is to talk to people not only about their rights, but also their responsibilities and liberal education. america's historic mission of educating for democracy requires that we in part, that message. now, more than ever, survey show the overwhelming majority of college students approve of campus vaccine
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mandates. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles, a wildfire bernie, out of control in the us state of california has increased a to 8 times its size in just 24 hours. calvin is near the state capital of sacramento, its scorch more than 21000 taxes since it started on saturday for the north. the so called dixie fall continues to burn. it is the 2nd largest font ever recorded in california home with everything perfect. the area now i've been there for 20 years, so i'm lucky, i'll have a house to go back to or maybe get a chance to rebuild the emotional and need ever been through this. we been through a lot of stuff and 39 years together, but not like this. so this god will fight is in spain is still trying to control
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a major force for that. authorities that using drones to help them track down hotspots in a via, in catalonia fire, burning north of the great capital is dangerously close to homes via and 6 other villages have been evacuated. there also badly. another 5 south of athens or record heat waves and droughts as far as across italy the summer. and the local pharmacy association says that agriculture is at risk, and collab changes only making things worse. many a trying to a duck quickly to the severe weather of radio reports now from tuscan medical rattling, he grows an unusual crop for a tuscan farmer, peanuts when fellow farmers ask him why he plowed under sunflowers to grow plant more common to parts of africa. the u. s. south. he tells them the choice was clear . it is bad to of india the find more of your c go compared to 20 years ago. this area has gotten dryer and hotter. steven tando,
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the climate has become ideal subpoena. they thrive in dry, sandy soil. for monday, we have to follow nature. we can't force our will on the right. yes, rock, we look at these, you know, according to a new report, one fit the video is at risk of dessert. if occasion farmers from the alps in the north to sicily in the south are adapting to climate change. and those who manage water resources are having to adapt to like this damn that channels, water to farmers and 7 tuscany. the man in charge here says seasonable rains are less reliable. now, this was the, the fatty, and that iran picola block. we always forced to keep going with the little water that we have. we're trying to teach follow, mr. consume less will. i'm very worried because this policy tuscany needs a lot of water. and p. c will be doing the it's not just tuscany, 2 hours south in the hills of last c o 2 nino,
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cuz shiny prefers to keep growing. what italians have cultivated since ancient times. wine grapes. but he too, is embracing change with fewer water resources. his hilltop vineyard is especially at risk now cuz shiny works with a team that maps his land with multi spectral images that help him make complex subtle decisions about when to water and how much he needs to irrigate. seattle goes through the other, the body. we were forced to use the system because without it, a lot of land would be unusable. with this technology, we're able to keep this land productive. otherwise we'd have to shut down shutting down his families. vineyard just isn't an option whether reinventing ways to 10 traditional crops are market new ones. these farmers are coming up with strategies to face and uncertain future. adarine al jazeera mentored in italy in bolivia, as have been through more than 250000 hector's in the santa cruz region since early
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august and ravaged parts of the country's agricultural heartland. to watch in tina where tens of thousands of people have rallied over high unemployment and better living conditions organized to say more than 70000 people to part across 100 locations. the country is struggling with an economic downturn worst by the career of ours. pandemic. european union is accused bella luce, of using vulnerable people for its own political purposes by encouraging migrants and refugees to cross its borders into e. you states. the block has promised more assistance to lithuania, like fear and permanent services in the lithuanian capital. vilnius. miss away. now this small baltic state, which has now become the center of a migrant crisis, has the full attention of european lead us unexpectedly and mostly unprepared. this nation has become a new gateway into europe for migrants and asylum seekers at an emergency meeting today. inferior ministers from the european union collect more financial support,
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but also practical assistance for the country to deal with more than 4000 migrants and asylum seekers who are already arrived. lithuania is also hoping to get more money even from the european union to build this amazing large fence across the board of 500 kilometers long. the border between valor rules and lithuania is an open border, mainly just for us where people can easily come in lithuania, hoping to build a fence to stop people from coming in. meanwhile, it's now pushing back people who are trying to attempt to come in from bella. ruth, more than 1000 people have already been pushed back at the border, which has led to some serious standoff between the belt of russian sites and the list. the way the inside with this mike was and i silence seek a stuck in the middle as victims of this political standoff between bellows and the european union. there's also some concerns about the humanitarian situation in the
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camps that are very much improvised in this tiny nation, which has no experience accepting these people here at this side of the border. the winter, it's coming and they're living intense. there's also a question about the food situation and the red cross is also concerned about is flu back because it says they could possibly fire late. the un convention for refugees that new death away become the signatory off for the situation is still very tense and the water warning shots have been heard as well in these push back and also the stand up for the bell of russian authorities. there's also concern about the security of the border, but also mainly about the humanitarian situation. now in the indian state of pradesh, the government is working on a policy to discourage couples from having more than 2 children. experts say the proposed bell is unfairly aimed at muslims and will be disastrous for women. so as this report, it's lunch time and go james henry cars,
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household the copier works as daily which owners and say they had 5 children to help and more money. they also wanted more boys. they live in the police, in the most populous state, which is drafting a bill to promote a to charge policy for probably $5.00. the policy will benefit the government, less russians, less subsidy, and those are 2 kids will get. what does the government, it's none of their business does the paid and job to feed the children. this is a weird way to the states to child policy boss, families from several welfare schemes, including food subsidies, in one of india, poor states. the government says this will improve development, but opposition parties believe the aim is to deepen the community divide ahead of next year state elections. the state is governed by prime minister entering the modem. pathogen party whose members have promoted the idea that muslims have too
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many children. threatening in the hindu majorities just reached out for comment, but our request was denied. those behind the bill want to bring down with the provisions store, this paternity rate to $1.00 by 2030. but government data shows the data paternity rate has already been holding life as far as india and would have achieved those levels in the next decade. without the controversial to try to policy levy were saudi, who patients include poor andrew women advocates to fewer children. but says that a restrictive policy could make things worse. what can happen is since our country is a male dominating country, so it might, might lead to in could isn't illegal abortions, which i feel we need to check on because everything is illegal, but there are places there. everybody knows the fact about it. experts believe this
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bill. good hum, women, poor communities and minorities. what we need to do for them is to provide families serving family planning services close to their doorstep with good quality and choice. education will take time. it is a magical one to factor for women's future. they grow their environment. the bill has gain traction in other b. g p government states, a sam has already passed it thing. it was the only way to bring down illiteracy and poverty among muslims. for families like the genders who depend on subsidies to feed their families, believe this low relief people like them was off. pardon me at the algae 0, valencia her with the dish. i said here it goes for coming up. the brazilian olympic gold medalist inspiring indigenous canoe is joe will have that story shortly. ah
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ah, the news news news with me
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ah ah ah. it is time now his nic. thank you for time grand slam champion, naomi saca says just waking up in the morning is a wind for her the well number to the struggles with her mental health this year. but she seems more positive of the latest when instance matthew on wednesday, a son who came from a sit down to be american teenager cocoa golf 466364. to reach the last 16 of the torment as she builds up to the us open later this month, this victory comes after a sock. a briefly left the pre tournament, press conference and to the following questions about her relationship with the
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media. honestly i had a really weird year i think maybe some of you guys know what happened to me this year, but i feel. 2 like i changed my mind a lot, i think even if i lost, i would have felt like i was the winner. there's so much stuff going on in the me. so much going on in the world war 2 news and i'm watching the news recently and i feel like just waking up in the morning is a when help the dashboard. he's also through the australia needed an hour and 46 minutes to beat britain. heather watson, 6476. he has fought in the last 16 against victoria rancor. but in the men's tournament and murray preparations the us open stuff had a set back. the former. well, no one was knocked out in the 2nd round of the cincinnati masters by poland. who
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would catch the 9th, the beating, the 3 time grunts. i'm champion in straight set 2nd seats. the final pass divided the tennis community with his recent dance and the coven. 19 vaccine. earlier in the week, he said he wouldn't get it unless tennis authorities monday to the players. on wednesday, the greek put the control the seat behind him, as he advanced for the round of 16 by beating sebastian corda and alex on his very finally got his 1st win instance. actually, having lost his 1st 6 matches and previous higher torment. c, b. lloyd harrison straight set closing out the victory with a knife. the feature of sports in afghanistan remains uncertain, especially cricket, which has become increasingly popular among the local population. for the future of the national team is in the balance for african players including t 20 team, captain rashid khan, or in the u. k. having played in domestic tournament their afghanistan is scheduled to participate in the t 20 woke up in the u. a. an october before play a historic,
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one of test against australia and perth in december. but just radius chairman is select to says he has no idea that we'll go ahead. oh, imagine i've got some, some challenges ahead of them and a cricket. cricket sits on the scarlet that probably not very higher. i think certainly from our point of view we, i think they're really exciting and the cricket, cricket in country are i hope we get to play a lot of cricket against them in the future. i've got no idea that's going to go ahead japanese baseball star show here. tony put all his skills on display as the los angeles angels beat the detroit tigers. 31 on wednesday. a tiny hit is 40. it's high run the season. that makes him the 1st major league to hit 40 homes and he's in which a pitch at least 15 games. a previous record was held by none other than fe. bruce
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the all the way back in 1919 autonomy also pitched 8 innings in this chain. striking out 8. 0, for the new york yankees have moved into the 2nd and the american lead east division of the sleeping series against the old foes, the boston red sox of 5 who went over boston also mean save overtaking the red box and standing the long way to go around 40 regular season games before the post season. a white division world champion money pack. it was showing no signs of slowing down even at the age of 40 to the filipino box that will step in the ring on saturday to face your dentist. well guess a late replacement for pack house original opponent errol spence junior, who suffered of rational tear in his left eye. it will be packed out 1st fight since july 2019 with us. just a boxing is my passion and i'm enjoying doing training come and
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excited to sacrifice, to do a sacrifice and, and discipline especially to prepare applied like this out. a story of how and elim, when can inspire a whole new generation brazilian is back. yes. kiddos the central one gold in tokyo, and now group of young indigenous canoe is living in the amazon wants to follow his lead. they've stokes has the story out on the water training hard these children from the indigenous community on the river. quite us attribute tree at the amazon river. they've been inspired by fellow brazilian is achia kiddos to sent us who want to canoeing gold medal at the tokyo olympics. beneath them would us something he motivates me to row every day. my dream is to take part in the olympics and when metals and to continue my career because it is not easy. nothing is easy in our lives. growing up in this part of the world may be tough,
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but when it comes to canoeing, there are some advantages. but it's mentioned in the field boom boom will practically born in indigenous canoes and that helps them with a balance and stamina around 60 youngsters. some as young as 7 have enrolled in a project called indigenous canoeing sets up in 2019 by the foundation for amazon sustainability and the brazilian canoeing federation. the children used to paddling slowly so as not to scare the fish, but they are now being taught well competitive techniques. why med? you've been middle look up to the goal, middle, more and more children are talking to me on what's happening and wanting to sign up . our doors are open for everyone and i prayed for this to happen. not only for us here in the amazon region, but i believe that all of brazil thought, and i think that every day it will grow more motivated by metals and now with the proper equipment. many of these children are training up to 4 hours a day, dreaming that one day they to may compete as an elim pick games. david stokes out
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his era. right, that's your thought. back to nick joe. great, thank you very much. see a bit later. that is probably right here. they come to minutes. ah ah, ah, ah ah, the telephone has taken control scanner, stone, 20 years after it was the whole from power. the country now faces a new reality. how will that impact the people as events unfold in the world react day with the latest news and analysis on frank assessments?
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by way, it is lesson against freedom, surprising informed opinion. what you saw happening is from market to there was, there was also petune is the critical debate here. it's not between cooler and any other. great, then we have conference here for 60 years, re running to keep them people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our gym, 0 or 2. you're putting you in to need her. not so much hutch or the yeah, that might be, you know, living a rich and diverse culture explored through its music and songs of the city. and now to 0 me, we understand the differences,
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minorities, of conscious across the world. are you taking out era or bringing the news and current affairs ah the. ready ready news pockets of violence across gannon stone as the country marks independence day this year under taliban control. desperate scenes outside couple airport president by the says us troops could remain beyond the august 31st deadline to help get people out. ah madison, this is all we're alive from don't.


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