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tv   [untitled]    August 19, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm AST

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and now you're up to date season the more than 10 years after the global financial crisis, you've taken home more than $480000000.00. your companies now bankrupt our economies in the state of crisis. i have a very basic question. is there a 1000000 lost at home in the us who held responsible? i will be fabulously wealthy and i will not take any price for it. thank you, lloyd, the man who still work on al jazeera. when i think of my niger, i think of potential when i think of potential, i think what would be, what is not i think of young people literally take them to the own and do something that they can be part of. tell me if possible. i think it other challenges only reason a child in the country. hello. my name is ben. gotcha. so and this is my my,
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my dear on i'll do there. ah, ah ah, look about you're watching the news with me the who run the reminder of all stories at least 2 people are being killed in the city of raleigh was being held marketing the country's independence day. it's not clear so that the cold science or taliban factors opening fire over cobble app or children will holstead of, of crowds of people tried to flee. the u. k says it's enabled to evacuate on the company. children and hundreds of demonstrators
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a rally. didn't agree capital calling on the government to do more pull and guns, demanding rapid asylum approvals that i was trying to get to europe. and for the thousands already in greece. on the days of the unease not un haiti's prime minister has promised not to repeat past mistakes. as concern grows over the slow pace of aid meant for victims of last weekend's powerful earthquake. more than 2000 people and to have died. some aid has arrived in the hardest hit city of lake k, but it's yet to reach rural communities near the quakes api center. as john holden reports, this is the as yet little known center of haiti's dissolves design to i was from the city that captured attention following subsidies, earthquake things, a worse. we drove through 10 kilometers of countryside in which most of the houses were simply destroyed. we start when we saw this building in the village of florida . how's the communities, hospital,
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church and school for 50 for years on saturday. in a heartbeat it was gone on sunday, fell out. now we're trying to find to at least find the 10th to help the kids back to school. so they don't miss the year. the for on district chief says 90 percent of the houses have went down to. judy was washing clothes just like when we met her, when her house collapsed behind her i saw the us moving and we started running. there were 2 people inside. fortunately they managed to get out. now she and her family of 9 homeless. just like most of the community here, some lives have been lost to rahman and so been son was out in the fields with his dad when he was killed by a landslide, set off. by the way. i feel terrible. every time i'm taking care of the animals, i think of him because he enjoyed doing that. yesterday would have been, he's 14th birthday. they showed us
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a photo of him and abruptly it caused an outpouring of grief. we continued the villages wanting to show us all they've lost. i asked the nice cast stone by the ruin of her house if the community got any international aid, no, no vocal. there's many, a teams flowing into haiti and heading to this region, but it seems the help has yet to filter down to here and it's needed. you go from house to house in this community. there's 123, and $4.00, and then mostly destroyed. and what people hear, it's telling us is that this time around, they're unable to help each other because they're all victims. the district head is very clear about what floor own requires. then ends up boiling water and food. what a 10 for the most important thing. he says that he's already talked to the prime minister, who asked him to wait. meanwhile, fresh off the shots,
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continue through the town. a powerful one while we visited this frightened crowd into the street. they already have little left apart from each other. john homan al jazeera, thrown hate to belay just forward deputy prime minister is likely to lead a new government after securing a parliament re majority. if a smell sorry, uncle appointment is as prime minister as confirmed by the king, it would mark the return of the long ruling party. a government age of 6 decades after independence, but lost power in 2018 because of a corruption scandal. ringback hong kong police have made their biggest drug bust of the year, they seize crystal, math, and headwind with the $25000000.00. 12 people have been arrested after investigation that lasted several months. a jury's biggest city legal says last campaign to clear it streets of beggars. the state government has imposed
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a battle begging and hawking that's informal selling on the street. now police of reportedly already started making arrests. officials said beckers and hawkers are being traffic to lay golf by criminal gangs and that many have been linked to crime in the city. let's bring in michaelson diluted lego sees the founder and executive director of the lay gas, legal food bank. good. have you with us, sir, on the program, i mean to call begging a problem, ms. thompson fac, considering sort of sexually the quality of employment poverty, or a change of financial circumstances. push people to do this. how much of an issue is it in legals? ok, thank you. so i are for having i will say the whole lot happening and nervous and the the efforts of the government insurance in order to fantasy
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to the street of believe was, was one of the reasons why the, the band and strict begging st. or can so my also said that of course the st. paul, the big guys, these guys in some ways to rob before and of course the government that to stick as shift steps to, to, to, to ban activities. but however, we have to be careful not to criminalize poverty, not to criminalize or homelessness, because a lot is that mean and goes, you know, one of the factors grants in the world, the whole lot of people and the 2nd largest. and then of course, the whole lot of people, my really goes for greener pastures and they're not, not economic opportunities of course wanted the new people. so all of that leads to stick back in and all of that. but of course,
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it's in terms of the people that come to your food bank, you know that so, but the beggars themselves obviously have very little money need help need to be fed. what sort of stories life stories are they coming to your food bank wave because obviously they've hit hard times. yes. one of the leading reasons why people use the food bank or social safety programs is as a result of inadequacy. no, no. over the low income. so all of these, of course, put together the reasons why the leg was for back on track the whole that have been if you sherry needs increase in the needs are going very much i should practice. i've gone up there several reasons why people so much in need right now. and that was why i said earlier that we actually have to be very careful in because st biggest are talking is a crime now,
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not to criminalize poverty because the property is currently and then we can, we see a whole lot of people come into the bank to get assistance. so prices not very high . so all of the reasons why people get different. of course, from your colleagues, stops in the capital boucher would. they say that the situation is the same because the, the state where a bu, just sits also try to do the same thing, but it didn't really well, it didn't, wasn't very successful, was it? and, and the problem still in coal poverty, a problem. it's still that the state doesn't seem to know how to deal with poverty and with hawking, those that need to sell products to sustain themselves. they don't have to go to the state for a handout. ok, so of course when, when you try to fight poverty or fight when to was pushed to the survival limit,
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they will do anything even when you put the line please. there was to fight it back . there are this where the band stood begging, like for instance, and cardinals. what if you struggle with this? because we're dealing with survivor, hear people who need to survive in one way or the order and wed there, or that 15 in activities. sorry, programs where people can actually ob, some relieve on some old or where there are more economic opportunities for people to spend more for them. so well, i will let people in the streets begging on. this is why i feel the permission go to the route to the will courses of why this is then the 1st place. i'm not necessarily putting that data direct number in place for to push people be back in it, but we understand the restroom and of the government the most cities to, to, to reduce the news and the, the chronology that comes with a script. they cannot all of them, but of course we have to balance both the needs of the people and the fact that
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they need to survive when we are the you know, we can do monday go make. but now we're going to vision and years of course, sectors you know, to reach out to these people because we are close to them in our communities and you know, that close up to people in need. so the more partnership with them would subs. image of this people goes up to the community, then with that you will see less less, less people coming on. district back will certainly follow the story very closely for the moment. michael, symbolic, thanks for joining us from lego. thank you. thank you. bye. the record heat waves and routes of spot fires across italy. the summer. a local farmer's association says agriculture is at risk and climate change as any making things worse when you're trying to adapt quickly to the severe weather conditions. adam reiney has war from tuscany, medical rattling, he grows an unusual crop for a tuscan farmer. peanuts when fellow farmers ask him why he plowed under sunflowers
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to grow plant more common to parts of africa or the u. s. south. he tells them that choice was clear, it is bad to of india and the find more of your c cool compared to 20 years ago. this area has gotten dryer and hotter than the climate has become idea of athena. they thrive in dry, sandy soil, magdalana. we have to follow nature, we can't force our will on the truck. we look into the urine. according to a new report, one 5th of italy is at risk of desert application. farmers from the outside. the north to sicily in the south are adapting to climate change and those who manage water resources are having to adapt to like this damn at channels, water to farmers in 7 tuscany. the man in charge here says seasonable rains are less reliable now. yes, yeah, mostly the fatty and that it won't be cool apart. we always forced to keep going with the little water that we have. we're trying to teach follow,
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mr. consume less will. i'm very worried because this part of tuscany needs a loss of water and be sure, be doing the it's not just tuscany. 2 hours south in the hills of lots to nino ca shani prefers to keep growing. what italians have cultivated since ancient times, wine grapes, but he too is embracing change with fewer water resources. his hilltop vineyard is especially at risk. now cuz shiny works with a team that maps his land with multi spectral images that help him make complex subtle decisions about when to water and how much he needs to irrigate. and i see i will go through the other godaddy we were forced to use the system because without it, a lot of land would be unusable. with this technology, we're able to keep this land productive. otherwise we'd have to shut down shutting down his families vineyard. just isn't an option whether reinventing ways to 10
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traditional crops are market new ones. these farmers are coming up with strategies to face and uncertain future. adarine algebra mentored in italy, firefighters in southern france are hoping a drop in winds, and cooler temperatures will help contain the countries biggest, some while fi now. crews have been battling the plays in front of the vall region for 4 days. the phones killed at least 2 people, and full around 10000 to evacuate more than a 1000 fire fighters as well as helicopter the water dropping aircraft have been deployed to the region. i don't let me slip. i see that even on the night was relatively calm due to the significant drop in wind and the constant humidity. but we mustn't relax because today we'll have a light breeze of 20 kilometers per hour, which is enough to create more problems in a field. india is home to more than 1300000000 people, more than 200000000 of them live in the northern state of pradesh, which is working on a policy to discourage couples from having more than 2 children. but experts say
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the proposed bill is unfairly aimed at muslims and will be disastrous for women. bob, in the middle ripples, it's lunch time and good james henry cars, household the copier, works as daily which owners and say they had 5 children to help and more money. they also wanted more boys. they live in the police, in the most populous state, which is drafting a bill to promote a to charge policy before probably part of the policy will benefit the government, less russians, less subsidy, and those are 2 kids will get what does the government? it's none of their business does the paid and job to feed to children. this is a weird way to the states to a child policy by families from several welfare schemes, including food subsidies in one of india, poor states. the government says this will improve development, but our position parties believe the aim is to deepen the community divide ahead of
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next year state elections. the state is governed by prime minister and arrange modi's pottage and party whose members have promoted. the idea that muslims have too many children threatening india. hindu majority just reached out for comment, but our request was denied. those behind the bill want to bring down with the provision store this paternity way to 1.9 by 2030. but government data shows the state's paternity rate has already been calling license costs as india, and would have achieved those levels in the next decade without the controversial to try to policy. levy were saudi, who patients include poor andrew women advocates if you are children. but says that a restrictive policy could make things worse. what can happen is since our country is a male dominating country, so it might might lead to include isn't illegal, abortions, which i feel we need to check on because everything is illegal,
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but there are places there. everybody knows the fact about experts believe this bill, good hom, women, poor communities and minorities. what we need to do for them is to provide the family serving family planning services close to their doorstep with good quality and choice. education will take time. it is a magical contraceptive for women's future. they grow their environment. the bill has gain traction in other b. g p government states, a sam has already passed it thing. it was the only way to bring down illiteracy and poverty among muslims. for families like the genders who depend on subsidies to feed their families, believe this law will live people like them was off. pardon me at the algae 0 for lunch. her with the dish? well still ahead install rail madrid,
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the player get the 1st glimpse of what the new home may look like. so he was full, straight up the break for that going the the news news news news news
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with me. ah. ah. a job with bossman joe, i think the top stories behind you. absolutely. it is yet for hail harrison who my coach maria parts tina says he's yet to decide if lino messy will make his debut on friday. he can use to train with his new teammates softer his high profile. move from boss loan last week. and tina forward was left out to the last game to be
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given more time to build his fitness, but could now be ready to face breast in the french league on friday. when he does play. a form of formidable strike force was killing him by pay for my boss, a teammate name off back in spain. his old nemesis, rail madrid have been checking in on the renovation. works of their famous santiago bennett, a stadium. the stadium has been rails home since $947.00, the project to install a retractable roof at restaurants and shopping center, and a hotel began in 2019 and is expected to be finished next year. now one of those controversial moves you can make in european football romeus strike a petro has left to join the arch, 50 robles last year. he's the 1st place across the divide in 3634 year old joined on a free transfer after his new boss chosen marine year. his old coach, chelsea seemed him to requirements, but petro will be re united with another of his former chelsea managers that left
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us already been reported that one of the people killed falling from a u. s. military plane. and cobble this week with a former afghanistan youth team, football or africa, news agency, adiana is reporting that 19 year old sucky and worry fell from the boeing c 17 on sunday that his death has been confirmed by african assaults, general the director for crowds of people were filmed trying to board the moving plane at couple airports, seeking to flee as the television to control the city. will the feature sport and have kennesaw remains on certain, especially for the countries cricket team, which is become increasingly popular among the local population for african players including t 20 team, captain rashid com or in the u. k. having played in the domestic tournament that i've kind astonish, scheduled to participate in the t 20 world cup in the a, in october before playing historic, one of tests against frustrating and pers in december. but a straight chairman is select to says he has no way do that. we'll go ahead. oh,
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i imagine i've got some, some challenges ahead of them and a cricket way. cricket seats on the scarlet that probably not very higher. i think certainly from our point of view we i think they're really exciting and the creek creating country are i hope we get to play a little cricket against them in the future. i've got no idea if that's going to go ahead full time grand slam champion, naomi. a soccer says that just waking up in the morning is a win for her. the well, number 2 has struggled with mental health this year, but she seemed more positive after her latest when in cincinnati, on wednesday, a south came from a sit down speak, american teenage a coca golf full 6636 full to reach the last 16 of the torment that she builds up, the us open this month. this victory comes up to us all cut briefly left the pre
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tournament conference and following questions about her relationship with the media . honestly, i had a really weird year. i think maybe some of you guys know what happened to you this year, but i feel like i change my mindset a lot. i think even if i lost i would have felt like i was a winner. there's so much stuff going on in the me. so much going on in the world. i doesn't watch the news and i'm watching the news recently. and i feel like just waking up in the morning as a when hope feed ashburn, he is all playing through the australian needed an hour and 46 minutes to meet britain. have a 647. but he has one in the last 16 against victoria as men. second c stefan assisted us divided the tennis community with his recent stone from
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the cove at 19 vaccine. earlier in the week he said he wouldn't get hit unless tennis, 13 mandated for play it on wednesday, the greek foot, the control seat behind him is the advance to the round of 16. i be to the back in quarter and i looked on his very finally got his 1st when instance nothing having lost his 1st 6 matches in previous seed. beats lloyd harris and straight closing out the victory with an a well, the current of virus has brought about another disruption to the motif g p. calendar. on thursday, the malaysian chrome pre was canceled for the 2nd successive year because the pandemic the races jews be held on october the 24th of the pang circuit. instead, miss sano in italy will step in the house to replacement race on the same date. 8 white division, well champion money pack care was showing no signs of slowing down the even at the age of 40 to the filipino book. so we'll step into the ring on fact that i used to
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face your dentist. well guess lake replacement for pack out of original opponent arrow fence junior. we suffered arrest moved in his left eye. this will be back 1st fight since july 2019. just as strong as ever. boxing is my passion and i'm enjoying doing training come and excited to sacrifice, to do a sacrifice and, and discipline especially to prepare applied like this a just nothing but a number for allison felix as well. the 35 year old american became the most decorated woman in track and field history when she picked up 2 metals at the tokyo olympics, but also competing in her 5th and final games. she showing no signs of slowing down on saturday. phoenix competes in the pre fontaine plastic in oregon, in the 200 meters. yeah, i mean for me it's a lot of fun. i just felt like,
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you know, why not like run a couple races, be able to run them at home like you said, and too much of my favorite event. and so for me, you know, being able to compete at, hey, we're a field is really special. olympics may finish nearly 2 weeks ago, but its legacy lives on for so gold medal and canoeing has inspired a group of indigenous youngsters living in the amazon to go scope themselves. they've stokes has the story the outs on the water training hard. these children from the indigenous community on the river quite as a tribute tree of the amazon river. they've been inspired by fellow brazilian is achia kiddos to sent us who want to canoeing gold medal at the tokyo olympics. beneath them which us something he motivates me to row every day. my dream is to take part in the olympics and when metals and to continue my career because it is not easy. nothing is easy in our lives. growing up in this part of the world may be tough, but when it comes to canoeing,
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there are some advantages for discrimination. and i still didn't do it with practically born in indigenous canoes and that helps them with a balance and stamina around 60 youngsters. some youngest 7 have enrolled in a project called indigenous canoeing sets up in 2019 by the foundation for amazon sustainability and the brazilian canoeing federation. the children used to paddling slowly so as not to scare the fish, but they are now being taught well competitive techniques. why med? you've been middle to the goal middle, more and more children are talking me on what and wanting to sign up. our doors are open for everyone. a little i prayed for this to happen. not only for us here in the amazon region, but i believe that all of brazil thought and i think that every day it will grow more motivated by metals and now with the proper equipment. many of these children are training up to 4 hours a day, dreaming that one day they to make a pete, it's an elim pick games. david stokes, out his era. all right,
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that's your sport for now. more later, thanks very much. you want to me all their news, more news on the other side of the brakes and joe, me, i'm to take a minute. ah ah, ah, ah ah, the telephone has taken control of that got us on 20 years. also it was the whole from power. the country now faces a new reality. how will that impact people on falls in the world react day with the latest news and analysis from us? frank assessments. by way, it is a lesson again,
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freedom surprising informed opinions. what you saw happening is come on to it was $42.00. there was petune is the critical debate that we have here is not between kula and any other. great, then we have gone through here between the 2 years re running to keep people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera, as the resurgent taliban retakes of female activist journalists and even school goes on to threats. 11 east investigate the fight for it kind of stones women on algebra. ah ah ah ah,
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ah ah ah, the pockets of violence and of gully, some of the country marks independent say this year and the taliban control. desperate scenes outside cobble adult, president biden says us troops could remain beyond the august 31st deadline to help get people out. ah, the revenue channels is there like well headquarters here in also.


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