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tv   [untitled]    August 20, 2021 9:00am-9:31am AST

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the football rebels concludes with the celebration of life and legacy of socrates and the corinthians democracy movements on al jazeera. ah, i'm kim vanelle and doha, the top stories on al jazeera, a confidential un threat assessment report, says a ton of on a going door to door looking for people who worked for us and nato forces. the report says the group has a priority. this for those that it seeks to arrest or threaten to kill those who worked with the african military police and intelligence unit to said to be on the top of that list. the taliban hold on a mom to edge unity during the 1st friday presence that seized cobble. there's been
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scattered protests across. i've gone on since takeover on thursday, 2 people were killed during demonstrations in the city of santa barbara. at campbell air force. children have been hoisted above crowds of people tried to escape the u. k. it says it's unable to evacuate unaccompanied children. us president joe biden says his forces could stay on and have gone to stone until all american citizens are out. charlotte bellis has more from cobble. the problem is that with so many people the taliban are overwhelmed. in fact, they've just close down the airport road. and therefore checkpoints, either size, trying to figure out who is, has a valid reason to enter and can actually get on these flights with the americans and other nations or who was just trying to lock. and they had run into issues because the last couple of days they've been trying to push people back by shooting and there was images of them with thing people. i was down there know, quite forceful with people who are trying to push them back and they were getting
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a lot of critique for that. obviously because people were really skid. the death toll from an attack on a military convoy and became a fossil has risen to ac gum and killed civilians and security forces on wednesday . countries across west africa salvage and have been facing regular attacks from armed groups, links to al qaeda and iphone and neighboring molly. at least 15 soldiers have been killed in an ambush. a car bomb exploded as their convoy drove toward the town of bonney earlier this month. more than 50 people were killed and raved on 3 villages by armed groups of a gray. google is a geo politics and security analysts, development reimagined and africa focused thing tag. he explains the issues surrounding the for how he has large spots of he does is lead on go on, so that chris it to that to go back to the table. i ploy said by these believe me, meet on groups who recruit young fighting men who create more instability. and then
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we have this vision response from g 5, which is french box on those thousands of french troops combined with me news ma, what did the struggling? because the lack of, quote, initial destructive issues come to the truck solution comes up coordination. the problem is africa regional, i mean would have to do the fighting for themselves. i don't see we have that. i forgot one of the problem. we will not be able to solve this issue. then there is the delivery and criminality. and also in those 2 issues, multiply that climate change. if we are going to address this problem, there will be, there is a need for a broad region respond that notice because on security will be the beauty of foreign aid is finally reaching rural parts of haiti. devastated by a powerful earthquake on saturday. hundreds of people in campaign have been waiting
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for provisions and huge op for handouts from the un. israel is agreed to resume distributing aid from cultural to families in the gaza strip. payments to garz's poorest blocks in the wake of the conflict and make more than $4000.00 garza homes were destroyed or damaged in the fighting egypt and called are, have pledged $500000000.00 for reconstruction. iran's garad of ours saw breakers now came the lives of more than 100000 people. but a radian medic say, the real this tall is likely far higher. around 5th, ad worst wave has been fueled by the delta variant. the latest government report shows germany has ended its 4th wave of corona virus infections. the delta variant is responsible for 99 percent of cases more being vaccinated, especially those aged between $10.49. was the headlines thing is continues here on al jazeera right off the al jazeera world. i
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ah ah, ah, marsha here to be f lucia here. good. i charge card my whole collection. and then i data on that day. the 100 you some i should call them the only just
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a simple mom. this is the come on this a good to see the i shied on it. so boston i was lar, lar, lar, on last year on the news. i see the be fine if somebody about school can go on them the particle that i can to do it. you know the
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some shots and took us some i took shots here, almost some of them. shasky almost shook the bus to john some really the know maybe get the same time will that yeah, they didn't it didn't it didn't say as on the i didn't get to see that you this is, this just isn't mental one. this is, this is susan. thank you on it. i've been chucked them all was well, not only to was the fall and you wanna send them shots and so
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they may have rushed to them the me, ah, some a shot this and i can always give it fitting his items. she was really thinking it then only if son loves it, used to be sure that somebody shock live in them. foster the pollution that's not a whole lot of us to them the the me ah,
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the sun is clicking on the sun is stumbled on the some room on the left so you can let him a to come out. so i give you the ordinance. figures are also on the washer bus because because of the regular rush ah. ringback ready my citi attribute say
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kaiser or song really believe it is lila. sure. it's the true touch for the phone with the young sometime we'll give you the tell our 100 tech woods and look at it needs to be done, but i feel you shock because it sounds like i me but someone will let them
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use them to his what you know, like you know, my on your cell phone. so how long should it is that much as i get the remaining family that there's a car here? sure. let have some other i've been calculated family that the classic was a good family. other family helped them be parcher mr. to be made
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on the campus. it's new guidance and i never actually led to the issue like her that i did the issue shayla shannon guy interested him trucks his connected though, i want to make it for forever and i buck them is i want to talk more cause i'm the crew to clear trucks, which can be considered clear that come out one day look at today, the archive like some of his breast could be there. leaning back my that probably adept charter. i'm back on them. i guess make your says any mac, mac, i that, jacoby present mosquito. yeah. yeah. this year, this choking him guided me some best cadillac orthotic for snow. there can go on medicare in it or top of me charged in there. either beauty to do and all that good . and it was fun limited in there for for get one on him and his family then the
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cost would be to kinda close to my case or keep leaving each in their mission guided him is didnt tennis and then look back viagra. ah, i oh i i, i prefer my kids in the queue coordinates are linear in the falling apart and i get out if i oh yodeling. and looking at gosh to me by the glitter, my glitter. know the lean is an app.
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ah. yeah. so for you to, to, to be industrial or i'll give it another, you know, that i sent a lot of bullying. if they're moving to codex again, a, b mish alma miss, albany. sean mueller. do you know the nicole? michelle's long shock sort of course, dylan armitage and b r a d i. hey, ashley, almost getting his emotion that did not get charlie de been in shock at r d. m. yeah. to beat him. could you do me the, the cornish alarm, b, e can begin, can gave him the children left blank on slumber. the, we're going to say live in even there, letting all these took on the bus. she daughter became baby, make it a killer. let me know be or small the this the brush could be man, they get the corners lumber, the lease they know side or small the on the shoulder. yeah. or smolley i'm abused or smaller. and yeah,
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and i did i oh yes. i mean in the own basin, do you feel the to be role models like her to the she was the talk was it middle pics. year last harland music lied on that. it was in the middle of the mistake to take our long muscle fi for larger guy on the, to the old, the mom. it did admit that on my thoughts on it to be buddhist. what are the muslim be due to the leash mall? the museum balkan musically beside have been a good day. they bought good l or the not shark larvae. la. do you know movie to, to fight up mizzi? they deem his music to be balkan. but on the launch that product,
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balkan marsh lay your will will be to music. yeah. the other we can talk. we'll let you know. yeah. so for that movie upon to far booking to christian ethnic music lecture of model leech and b. don't forget you to me thought c dell. this is talk lou, hip, i'm shar collection there. if they will be ideal to be non negotiable, but i'm a, a net done to be a talk chart here. so let me conclude this opposite to that i said a lot, the b to me goes, come on. so c o, a blue. so daniel alleged to be the best it would be best because if my level like and then a mighty to that would be goes below from $90.00 to chit and i
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renewed i renewed it in today. i think it says that he goes to make them, they got me didn't long as he is, i will them if they let you know who i d. d or can no longer be yeah, that the delays that bullet miller, the la jim schmidt does on that. so i know my dentist in a, a rooms me. she says that hi, this is the best that mistesia middle dealer will look. my seller visited the lazy and stumble. they didn't fall in the stumble. the key park took foreclosure to lead him mozilla, all talk bitter. shar, cooler of our little miss elijah cannady. i'm shocked cuz the mess out to just by room just of our let the know so watch, jani, the think, which includes rabashaw. he took same name
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me i the i e b o, ah, me. am in a silver to city. i mean, i salute too busy, he said look, the the little trinkets go me the sun us in the air tunnel, saliva cut added a kiss. seated odd non sigh room. none choke parallel. the glitter
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banzai's the glitter watch had each of the aisle bill about dr. old will give it to bill about talking to food can do lucas and my jacqueline says scenario imaged to scarlet or m spit, or july and kit they are not. so i wonder, what are francis nodded the trinket, juliet danny, misty, individual songs. you get up from the chuck, arched melinda shady, you need to be a book, you get admittedly to the music, living chalk, aqua bobby b network. yeah. and that is issue. i won't show cage on, on that we need to make this ad hoc meeting is because you're consistently recruiter because are you oh i me valuable?
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should you need it sooner than by school? it's gender or the social on the so not to last shy alarms can or that your own. she likely she me how to lela miss. i mean, you know it sad john shock, let us sergeant guy not near la, get your order to get it shown as long as love gives him shark a little mas sheila is the gift doing, i mean the she on the policy guys, survivors in jaga miles isn't roman little shark, little dash? oh sure. oh, who yeah. ah ah, in the
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in the family to the demography gibson the shed, probably the shed it room like to lash or lab we are i in some that she lives on the room alone will not ramadan gang him. she wouldn't hardly see wish to toby room them she's been gone to all night. little kids didn't be part of several margaret. i can be till she get to choose me. ah ah, the music goes from the chip. just remember to be got members of the did and what the on the music said, you see, and then you get him and then you can been
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a shopping versus very live that in india. and on that one, in the to do this individual tv channel of july, the, on some of the room or the her took her to go to live and dale. and there, there it was. the unit is done. done view, the solar less will cause a little bit. it was n b s test to know well, angela, and just look at your was leather is room, my hon. i live in the plan of the, the whole, the music up on reply for this awesome the visit does look like significant on them in the music channel. and you can watch a little bit of shows almost of the lazy la that someone that of the music to, to get us gail ish. this is going to quiet the initial letter that the number
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was the messiah bit ticklish. on the 3rd to declare the room is in and then you learn standard and then she had shock letter up here for via my g. e. me sit in the d o morphia. huh. he, she goes by the lake. oh there. because somebody to tear the dorm music to the forgot the united stand up ghoulish that just don't let him you to meet the you runs the mozilla is all the danish and get her music today. all right, with course. and the is the significance on that and that readiness
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a completed on let the unless lead on the nuclear that along with you to music to, to, to do a little bit earlier to, to says the inc. we will learn think is a lot of old joke. unity group on the mind. jen, jen, this is classical, vertical shark, a little not just as areas. so i need to clear says that the cut us of the good will not can trying to show gloves the because of the so play to see us on which to will, shall globally determine the julie julie up there basically museum clay not. you nearly stumbled like you so much load on the machine. still you need music. and this is the true to us from the
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and us us know dulaney stand room stumble museum right. sung as a d v for look at his vision, a car. and i wish ah, as in temple skated, getting different this be a truck best that came from live on that then. yeah, we'll do that then i said i'd be kind of shirt into that like most again and be stuff like that. the high. yeah. we're busy. yeah. who do? i know amanda, can i go in it and it can be much more grand near the bus because in that area in the classic mostly florida. nikosa da. sorry, i'd be mention. yeah. it was. i'm on monday to mid day. i'll come out to lunch around the eventually and never to, to get the the fuck is
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a diesel trip chair or one missouri that i can get off the show that aired a truck or she started out here in the me the taliban has reclaimed. but us withdraw began years earlier in 2013 and 14 witness follow the unit of the afghan national army. as they commenced the onerous part of confronting with taliban without make the support of a trail of young men fighting for their country. while knowing each day could be their law, i've got to stand own battle on a job here. more than 10 years after the global
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financial crisis, you've taken home more than $480000000.00. your company's now bankrupt our economies in the state of crisis. i have a very basic question many last at home, the us be held responsible. i will be fabulously wealthy and i will not be in price for it. thank you lloyd. the man who still worked on al jazeera to know where the fires are and where they are going. greeks look to the skies worrying, sign helicopters have been getting closer to major towns and cities. this one has just arrested and become much bigger. and if you can see by the train tracks the fires, climbing up the hill just behind us on the ground, this is what the business of fighting fires looks like. holding back inevitably of mother nature's fury is dangerous and exhausting work done to give whatever we got
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. and the hope is the fire will stop when it runs out of fuel. but for the moment, the fuel is everything inside ah i'm give elin doha. the pump stories on al jazeera, a confidential un threat assessment report for the telephone, going door to door, looking for people who worked for us and nato forces. therefore, it says the group has a priority list for those who seeks to arrest or threatened to kill. those who worked with the african military police and intelligence units said to be on top of that list. the taliban called on him to of unity during the 1st friday prayers since it sees cobble. there have been scattered, protest across. i've got a sound since it's take over.


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