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of a 5 part series, highly re questions the neutrality of digital deductions. trust me, i'm an algorithm on a jessina, unprompted, and uninterrupted discussions from our london broadcast center on our jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, hello robin. you're watching the i'll just there and use our lives. well, headquarters here in the coming up in the next 60 minutes, they took calls on the taliban to put an end to violence in the country. as it says, the speed with which the armed group took power was unexpected. there are many lessons to be learned, and i tend to conduct a thorough assessment and nato's engagement enough. oh,
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taliban fighters inside a cobble, most for friday, prayers, hundreds have joined them and pledged allegiance. also shorter supplies and desperate for how pulse. but those in haiti, a struggling to keep up to the earthquake and malaysia king named former deputy prime minister, somebody called the countries new leader. and i'm, we're harding with 4th. another big blow for the final tennis major of the year. rough on the dall withdraws from the us open and will be sideline for the rest of the season with a foot injury. ah, welcome to the news. nato is held in emergency meeting on the crisis and of got his phone saying lessons must be learned about the speed that the taliban took over the country. so could he generally insult him? but he said that he knew the risks and pulling out troops,
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but didn't expect the government to fall so quickly, leaving people desperate to leave the country. the ice of the world, our own of guns, don't. we expect that all of us to uphold their commitments and assure that afghans does not. again, that have gone this on this, not again, because it's safe haven for international terrorism. the taller bomb must put an end to violence around the country and uphold different mental rights of all african citizens. men, women, and children tell about members have been seen alongside civilians for the 1st friday press since the arm group took control of afghanistan. the taliban issued guidance moms across the country saying they should use the sermons to appeal to unity. people in cobble reported seeing more worship as unusual, and their dress code restrictions were enforced. afghans trying to flee the country and facing the several obstacles, including taliban roadblocks and problems with paperwork. the calles at cobbler
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airport has continued on friday despite us and native pledges to accelerate the evacuations. while we have to correspondence looking at the story for this, our, the moment will speak to joe hall in london broadcast center, who's following developments with nato professor cross over to carla rob. broad is standing bry and ra brady. chaotic scenes at the apple. what 24 hours ago? things haven't really changed much have a it does remain pretty volatile pretty chaotic impacts. dalton. burke is news, a statement that spoke about the needs to continue with you back your way shouldn't pick up the speed of the evacuation. the importance of it for the nato allies, but yes, it does remain extremely chaotic. the us very much in control of the ad portion of the terminal building up the operating area, leaving the taliban on the outside of the terminal law. so at times setting up road blocks on the apple road leading to the terminal just to try to keep down the numbers of people heading that the tries to it is that people who doesn't don't
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have paperwork. who shouldn't be that to go back home. that doesn't seem to have been heated by that many people. there are also concern that when it sets up this road blocks, although it has given that guarantee of safe passage for people who believe they may be targeted or that may be reprisals for having worked with foreign forces in the past. that the taliban is actually looking out for maybe some high, high worth individuals, high target individuals, full reprisals. so that's certainly the concern of people trying to head to the apple, but they remain chaotic scenes. meanwhile, the civil aviation authority is looking at just when they might be able to lay on commercial flights. again, you got to remember the last sunday since that somebody could buy a ticket, go to the airport and check in and get a seat on up on a passenger plane out of cobble. since that has just been the evacuation flights and special chapters. now the civil aviation authority has said that they want to
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restart commercial flights, but it's all dependent. they say on if the us who occupied and control the terminal will let them do so. and as this evacuation continues, that does look unlikely. and when you consider that the u. s. is now considering is now talking about potentially going beyond the 31st of all, this deadline for us forces to be finally leaving afghan is done. does lead to the possibility that that might be commercial flights until after the end of this month, we simply don't know. so let's talk about what happened on friday, friday, prayers across the line. well, normally, and of course, these are the world's attention and the global attention, of course, on cobbles most. that's right. well the pres went ahead and they were relatively uneventful that were concerned that possibly the taliban was going to have a high profile presence. may have been on the doors of must, in insisting that people adhere to a strict dress code. that wasn't the case. but the taliban has urged
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a mom to pass on the message that the people should should really be looking for unity. they should not leave the country, they should pass on that message and also to correct what the taliban calls a negative propaganda, whatever that means. so it looks as though the, the taliban does recognize the importance of the importance of a mom's in trying to lay the face of the population. something else which is worth pointing out. the way that's been happening this friday outside of cobble is potentially some resistance armed resistance to the taliban. and if the perpetrators of this would have you believe this is the start of the fight back. although it remains to be seen just how serious they said, this is the country's defense minister, general bas mila bahama day. now it has to be said he still claiming to be the defense minister by default because the taliban hasn't johns to appoint his success
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to get their own defense minister. so you'd be more like the former defense minister, but there has been some fighting in the province of baghlan that's to the north of cobble and claims by this resistance movement led by this former defense minister that they've taken 3 districts. and that the province of backbone will soon be captured. it's a bold claim, but it is a backlit is close. interestingly, to the punch valley. now the pantry valley is traditionally the hotbed of resistance to the taliban. it was during the 1990. it was where the northern alliance that was that strong goals, where the 2000 to one fight back supported by the americans took place from so this, according to, to the general general miller. my holiday is the start of the fight back by his forces. it remains to be seen though, just how far this might go, or whether it could indicate that once again, this time could be in for a phase of a longer simmering low intensity conflict, of course,
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which it has been used to now for decades. while the brighten cobble force, thanks so much for the update, lets cars over to jonah hall in london has been monitoring watson yet install 2 burgers that say the secretary general of nato. we had some quite the top of this news, our jonah. what were the take home moments can stall, but build this meeting. remember, there was a meeting earlier in the week on tuesday bill. this is an ongoing sort of a show of post coordination by nato allies looking at the events in afghanistan. and it's an attempt, and they'll be many others i suspect to forward you a common approach towards what happens next. the priority, very clearly from mister bokes comments remains the evacuation. as rob was describing their 800000 people have been taken out so far since sunday, the job is far from done. nato has $800.00 of its own civilian personnel still on the ground. the dutch foreign minister during the course of this meeting said,
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people didn't know. countries didn't know who citizens were on, which plane is coming out to cobble such was the ongoing chaos there. but inevitably, when they meet these foreign ministers conversation must, i think, turn to events afterwards. morale would be pretty low. you'd have to assume among these ministers, european allies who went along with the u. s. decision to withdraw because they felt they simply didn't have the strength to stay without the us, but who feel that it was the wrong decision carried out in the wrong way. they've got it now figure out what to do next. they've got to look at the security situation. they've got to look at the possibility now that reprisals will start taking place from the by the taliban, against people who worked for nato countries and nato emissions. there's evidence that that is already happening. they've got to stop thinking about labors of improves that they can possibly try to exert on the taliban to keep them to rein them in to keep them from sort of reverting to taught mr. stoughton, but keeps talking about the gains over the last 20 years. and doing whatever they
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can to try and preserve those games, you're talking about things like development aid. i mean there's not really an awful lot they can do that. i think the chief thing that they can wrestle with must wrestle with is whether to recognize this group. and mr. stoughton books and diplomatic recognition has to be conditioned on how they behave and how they live up to the commitments of those commitments. he outlined as a, setting up an inclusive government, including women and minorities, protecting human rights, the rule of law and making sure the country doesn't again, become a haven for terrorists. and in the end, nato can say these things, but it's now peyton live is that there's really very little they can do to actively influence these events on the ground and even other important meet who's going on with that kind of stand as top of the agenda i'm sure was meeting between vladimir putin of russia, hosting anglo merkel in the final few weeks of her chancellor ship of germany before national elections there. of course that's kind of on top of the list for both countries. it's
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a very different reasons for very different reasons. i mean it's, i've got to stand drives, if you like, yet another wedge into relations between russia and put a germany, putin and merkle, knuckle is on her way out at the end of next month. this is a sort of farewell visit. they've disagreed over the years on a great many things. 16 years. she's been in power. he's been around a bit longer and will be quite a lot longer yet. the things will be on the agenda, not least, the imprisonment of the anti putin critic alexi novel me and of course, events in ukraine and bell roost. but yes, i've got to stand will be that it will be part of it's the reality is, and it is a deeply uncomfortable reality for nato allies like germany, that they can no longer influence events, but russia and china certainly can. they maintain their presence inside afghanistan, they maintain contacts with the taliban. and to the extent that i've got to stand
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is discussed at the table between these 2 that would be looking for merkel. perhaps we'll be looking for some basis, a cooperation, some reason to see shared interests in co operating. and i've got to stand in order to try and get russia to influence the taliban again to rein them and to prevent them from reverting to time to try desperately to retain some of the advances of the last 20 years. not least, of course, rights for women and girls, minorities, and so on. general in london, thanks very much for the update. well, in around 20 minutes time at 1530 gmc, i'll be speaking to nato secretary general against dalton berg about the situation in afghanistan. here on the news, our the german broadcaster deutsch avella says a family member of one of its journalists was shot dead during a house. such runs groups are urging governments to step up efforts to accurate and protect journalists in the country. the committee to protect journalists is warning
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that women are particularly at risk and it says that the taliban took power. 2 prominent female journalists have been borrowed from their jobs and they document the homes of media workers. rate is another tact while covering recent protests in july 11th, we'll see butler is a program coordinator with the committee to protect janice. he says many journalists are being talked by the taliban and those trying to leave a struggling italian folks in 2 days ago said that they were going to respect the free and independent press under lay down conditions. and we've seen the very prominent news program on taller news that continuing to operate, including heading out there are women reporters and having women, castro newscasters on the streets, can be a very different story. if it's not clear that the taliban, the militants who are on the streets in cobble or elsewhere around the country are
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getting that message. and they seem to have a lot to themselves. and so they are attacking journalists and beating journalists . and of course, we know that certain journalists are being sought out by the taliban. their homes have been searched and we know one case where a journalist was actually in the house at the time you ran out the back. when the tall on arrived and they fired after me, he managed to get away. other journalists have received phone threats. very prominent women, a journalist was told, you know, your time is up and she is gone into hiding. we've been trying to get her out so far, unsuccessfully. she has not been able to get through these barriers. facebook, twitter, and linkedin have tightened security across their platform to protect users in oregon. his phone book has added a tool, allowing them to lock down their profiles with a single click. now people who aren't friends won't be able to see that timelines or photos. and twitter says it's working with partners to fast track requests to
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remove archive tweets. members of the asking girls robotics team have been rescued and brought to castle the team of around to doesn't was formed in 2017, in the western province of her art limit headlines that yeah. when they couldn't get visas for a competition in washington. and until a president, donald trump intervened, they since been involved and events around the world and the statements and to al jazeera, the team that helped the girls reach safety, said it's steep, be grateful to cancel for support, which included a expediting, the visa process, and sending a plane after flights from a gun and some were cancelled. i am a boob is the founder of the digital citizen fund which overseas the afghan robotics team. she says she's grateful. a girl, the able to continue competitions during this 10th time. a very challenging time and i understand that many people are cured and they are picking all the bought, what's going on and the they are running to feeling that they have to the of the country. we are really grateful that when we've got the government,
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they was a wireless they for white, they're just thought to getting to go to the safety. right. know they are and do to continue their competition because they have their will. will championship of their bosses cold blue ball. and unfortunately because of the, the conflict in the fraud and they continue that there was a pause on the competitions and right going to the artists might be competition. i believe that she's not a vision of your countries, that mobile is different than how that will be. and and i believe that the next generation of the african interest runs on limited potential. that education i can offer well, still had hail in the auto renews out. anatomical, northern kena,
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sansa, kill dozens of people as violent, escalate in west africa. it's a whole region also, the illegal trade that's endangering a raf, hopeless the mexican waters. why conservation groups blame the government? the us and china warming up for the turkey paralympic. but credit of virus concerns hanging over the events more months later and told, ah no death toll from today's pamphlets claim. because increased to the 2200 people, the crate damaged, a number of building housing critical services amongst them. southern haiti's, only medical oxygen plans. that's res phase westinghouse, military and crisis. as the country struggles to contain a spike and current virus cases, the organization of american states is holding a virtual meeting to discuss the situation. now john holt has this report from the
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hospital in the city of k. a warning that views might find some of the images disturbing. the came across sun who's made the immaculate conception hospital in la k. his toes and sco we're fractured. he's one more than 10000 people who were injured in saturdays, earthquake, and hated idea. such, i ran out to try and open the gate, but a cement block fell off the roof of the neighbor's house and unto my head on foot long week stuff at local hospitals have been struggling with that huge influx even as many deal with their own life changing problems come see my mom, my house has collapsed. we are sleeping in the street on saturday when i got here, i saw how many people were in need. and so i decided to work, and i've been here every day. many of the patient sustain outside for fear the hospitals themselves could collapse in the off the shots. some have cracks ready, but the doctors and nurses have managed to keep order in this hospital immaculate
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conception. well, they're sending us into this shortened saw medicine on equipment, but they just about coping with the flow of people coming in. but the chronic lack of medical equipment is serious. the thing that we need, it's thing that or about auto video itself, like i said, like they differently, you just kind of stuff that we need to say the same. they desperately need more materials to treat fractures and broken bones. without them, the hospital's a little more than waiting rooms for the seriously you before they can be lifted to pull the prince for their hold up. getting supplies in, says timothy ward, us thought to who's come to help. we have a lot of different facilities or different organizations that are trying to bring with supplies, but they are having a hard time getting him on site. so there's a lot of a little bit of political stuff as far as they get through customs and everything
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and which i understand they don't just want things for them without checking. there's also problems in getting get and personnel to the disaster zone, even once it's in the country. that's because the stretch of the only road from the cap to pick high is being fought over by gang some progress to here. it's kind of 8 our 3, the u. n is also taking part of that. they are seeing how they can send convoys. that the 1st day since saturday to from to today. sorry. it's been a huge problem how to coordinate the combo and the creek was only 2 weeks ago. but the need to deal with its consequences remains john home and al jazeera. like i terracon grazing, heading for a 2nd landfall in mexico after briefly weakening to a tropical storm. now, strong winds and heavy rain knocked on power to nearly $700000.00 people along the caribbean coast on thursday is expected to make landfill, again, knew that a cruise that had towards the mexico city area full cast as a word,
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the heavy downpour could trigger landslides, volunteer crews. in bolivia, they're trying to stop fires destroying large parts of forest and the country's east. santa cruz province, board of the amazon region authorities that say fines of already destroyed. 200000 has a share. but experts warned that satellite images reveal much larger damage. fire in the area are often intentionally lit to clay land, agriculture, streets, l, as in peru, who fought with police officers tried to clear a local market. judges at all the removal of illegal stole in the city of london to fix that officers who charged with them with fields and by the death toll from an ambush, all the military escorted convoy and the keenest answer has risen to at least 80 people. it's the 3rd time armed groups have struck in the past 2 weeks, robert and go per reports. these are some of the survivors of wednesday's attack.
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gunman targeted government forces as they escorted a convoy, but 59 civilians were killed in threat threats. gross a suck. it was a very big ambush on a convoy being escorted by the f t. yes. many civilians were traveling including women, men and children who simply wanted to go back to car god g. once again, we offer condolences to the families and sympathize with those were injured. the ambush is the latest in a wave of attacks in west africa, the hail region this month, where armed groups including arcada and i saw operate on monday more than $37.00 civilians, including children were killed in an attack in a village near last week. 51 people were shot dead in northern molly in an apparent revenge attack after several regulators were arrested. thousands of people have been killed and almost 2000000 people displaced in violence across the border areas of molly burkina,
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faso anesha over the past decade. security analysts say there isn't a common approach to tackle fighters despite the 3 piece building forces deployed in the region while, while we have in the study jointed regional response. for one problem, this is there isn't, and it's just the cross region. there needs to be one of the security mechanisms addressing the issue where all africa with the cooperating teacher got to do it. as opposed to that, you know that the jointed approach last month, front finance that it's having its military presence in this, a hail french troops intervened in 2012 of tron alcorda off shoot, took over northern molly since then what became the operation. but connie force has worked with regional military's to row back the presence of armed groups. the lighter military footprint will do little to end the chaos in the vast 3 border region. barbara and go out to sara. uganda has suspended the operations of $54.00
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non governmental organizations, the state body that overseas and g as a keys of the groups of failing to comply with regulations, including a ban on political involvement. it says many were working with expired permits and fail to register with the authorities. malaysia has a new prime minister as the 3rd and as many years as mel sabri comb was appointed to receiving support from a majority of m. p. 's that he succeeds and it didn't. yas, him, who resigned on monday, after his coalition fell apart, florence louis has more from the capital call. a bull is miles. sabri yak, hope is malaysia. the 9th prime minister, he was appointed by the constitutional monarch to turn up de la sultan, after shot, after securing backing from a 114 members of parliament in a 222 seat lower house. his appointment means the new ruling alliance is made up of the same parties as the previous administration led by mood and yes. and he
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resigned on monday, after losing the support of 15 m. p. the transition means the united malays national organisation or um no will be in an even stronger position because is miles sabri is the parties vice president. i'm not, you know, at the drivers seat of the ruling correlation position, which it has been competing for the last one and a half years. been it came back to government again. i'm no roof the country for more than 60 years before it was voted out in 2018 because of a corruption scandal. current president much i had a midi and former premier not you brought up a fighting corruption cases in court and deny charges against the the party returned to par last year when several m. p 's including we didn't who are part of a new reformist government that had room for less than 2 years. switched sides.
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analysts say they don't expect much policy to change. it's going to be a very experienced politician. but perhaps not the most inspiring one. you want that's actually the based off the last government because he was giving the daily briefings on and then the combat efforts and san malaysia is tackling its worst wave of corona virus with one of the highest number of daily new infections and deaths in the region. a state of emergency and a locked down have been ineffective in curbing rise in cases and public anger has grown. at the time of the announcement of is mild. sotheby's appointment, nearly 350000 malaysians had signed an online petition to protest against his leadership. the king has said any new prime minister must demonstrate majority support by holding a vote of confidence in parliament, which is set to reconvene next month. but with is miles sabri holding the same
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level of support as we had in jackson when he came into power last year. some analysts say a new administration does not necessarily mean a more stable government. florence li al jazeera qualify for the stakeholders being imposed on get them said she'd been city for monday. it accounts for 80 percent of the country. 7900 death lockdown measures in the capital. hanoi have been extended by 2 weeks. get nom, contained the virus until late april, but it's now seeing a rapid rise in infections and deaths is vaccination rate is one of the lowest of asia. the philippine government, as these include virus restrictions in manila, despite reporting a record daily high of new infections. the capital has been locked down for 2 weeks, but restrictions will be partially lifted on saturday. more than 17000 new cases were recorded on friday. and for the 2nd day in a row, malaysia's new chron virus cases of surge to more than 23 and
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a half 1000 thoughts despite the country being unlocked. and since mid may, the health ministry says almost everyone who has tested positive has miles symptoms . more than one and a half 1000000 cases have been recorded. australia, new zealand have seen cases increase to, while thailand has now passed 1000000 infections. scott jaila has around it from bangkok, australia's biggest city city seeing a surge of new cobra. 1900 infections will now be locked down until the end of september. people in the worst hit suburbs will face a nighttime curfew. the cities, 5000000 residents are now required to wear face mass outside. the wider state of new south wales has had 3 consecutive days of more than 600 new cases. with thrive everything as piece and now it's time to bunk down and i can't stress that enough. any time all of us to bunker down. take the said seriously as we can, although so many of us have the vast majority have this 3rd wave in australia fed
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by the delta virus made its way to new zealand this week. the nation was living free of covered 1900 for 6 months until tuesday, when a case was discovered linked to the outbreak in australia. a snap national lockdown was extended until midnight next tuesday, after more cases were detected in several cities. 11 new cases were recorded on friday. we just don't quite know the full scale of this doubter outbreak all and all that tells us we need to continue to be cautious and that we need more time before the complete picture. we need to change our c things with one of the worst covert 1900 outbreaks in asia, on friday, thailand marked 1000000 cases. since the start of the pandemic. until april, the nation was able to minimize the spread of the virus. 97 percent of all coded $900.00 cases have occurred in the last 5 months. vietnam has also successfully contain the virus until late april, but a surge of infections in recent weeks has forced officials to put the largest city
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hotel men into locked down for monday. as tokyo prepares for the start of the paralympics next week. concerned grows as the city is also seeing a surge of new cove at 1900 infections. that's overstretched. hospital organizes admit that the games will be held under difficult circumstances. they'll be using the same cobit $900.00 playbook implemented during the olympic games focusing on frequent testing and limited movement with the high vaccination rate and few new infection. singapore has started to relax its covert 19 restrictions. this allowing some to head out and enjoy a break for us. we definitely feel safe. you know, we're all wearing our must except when we're eating the 3 and the vaccination is so high here. everyone here is needed. so we felt like it was a no risk situation, so we're happy to be here and indulgence many others in the region. hope they soon will also be able to enjoy got either al jazeera, bangkok, well still had hail out there was these are environmentally copeland been beach in
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sierra leone into an industrial harbor catastrophic. and why that chips down for the world? because tameka toya is i think they will.


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