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tv   [untitled]    August 21, 2021 2:30am-3:01am AST

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to inform us that there are alternatives for legal fishing that we need to support a local legal fisherman in the area of an economy called tentative for them. and i would express our concern because of the decrease in budgets, the from the federal government for environmental institutions and mexico that we've been seeing since 6 or 7 years back. experts agree. the problem requires action by the governments of mexico, the u. s. and china to crack down on the trafficking of endangered species in the upper gulf of california. many hope whatever the solution may be. it will strike a balance between conservation and the livelihoods of fishing communities. manuel rap, hello al jazeera, centrally been mexico. ah,
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this is just, you know, it's good around them. now the top stories us president joe biden is promising to make every effort to evacuate. all americans and afghan allies safely by the says, the evacuations have been among the most difficult lives in history. gunfire has been used to push back huge crowds gathering the cobbles. apple make no mistake. this evacuation mission is dangerous and evolve risks to armed forces and has been conducted under difficult circumstances. i cannot promise what the final outcome will be, what it will be that it will be without risk of loss. but as commander in chief, i can assure you that i will mobilize every resource necessary. and as an american, i offer my gratitude to the brave men and women of the us armed forces are carrying out this mission. are incredible. as we continue to work, the logistics of accusation were in constant contact with the tale bon working to
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ensure civilians have safe passage to the airport. the committee to protect journalists is warning the women are particularly at risk of taliban persecution. it says, since they took our 2 prominent female journalists have been borrowed from their jobs, the death toll from saturday's earthquake in haiti has risen to nearly 2200 people . and with southern haiti's, only medical oxygen plant damage. hospitals are struggling to treat the growing number of corona vars. patients. india is approved. what it says is the wealth. first dna vaccine against corona virus for emergency use. a study by car dealer health care claims. the job has 67 percent efficacy to prevent covered 1900 symptoms. it will be administered in 3 doses without a needle for everyone over the age of 12 previous dna. vaccines have worked well, but in animals, but not humans. those the headlines risky at all is next. the taliban has taken
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control of afghanistan, 20 years. also, it was supposed from power. the country now faces a new reality. how will that impact the people as events unfold in the world? they wish the latest news and analysis from an unknown to me. i choose choose
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the tiny village of tamra deep and madagascar, last primeval jungle. the people who live off the land hunting, fishing, and farming. as there are you paying job money? escape there must be landscaping and the tears from my saffel mac toby, putting phone box. let me see, let him on the key. and then i also need to know
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some of the facets. did you guys please robert, now he is one of the few villages who's ever had a proper job. he used to be a forest ranger. he protected the forest from those seeking to plunder its precious woods. but a few years ago robert was fired. the gamekeeper has now become a poacher. he smuggled rosewood ran valuable. true. les all left and she can give you can easily meet the laughing la la la la la. some be providing me among poaching is not without risk. the tree is in such high demand that it's close to extinction. for the past 3 years, authorities here had found all rosewood logging ahead lies a 9 day journey where robert and the other smugglers will seek out, fell and carry
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a rose with trees while evading police and navigating madagascar unpredictable rivers in foreign lands. and then signing up the local reaction the not only the police they have to avoid. marauding thieves have also been attracted to the area that are all gone to the medic and there
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would be more than 10 met carrying pac swing as much as 50 kilos and barefoot. the group also has to negotiate a demanding jungle before the after hiring to describe the group. also, another traffic of robert is worried that he may be carrying the love to the road with trees, from the area coming up on my beloved will
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not deal with you when the guys go for the fun to you from when the la santana, you mentioned the latter are using it from using your cell 6 days deep into the forest. robert and his men have found their treasure. if they can get this rose with tree to market, they would make enough for the next 6 months. a tree this size consent around $10000.00 less than human and angular malaise and get up on the roof. would trees grow extremely slowly. they take at least 100 years to fully develop. i
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mean to miss one point on my eating and i don't know foreign thing enjoying new book to man. i'm not going to refer you to what i need inside of the lease. is that the author a back breaking our shopping down the giant? there's a problem in yeah, yeah. cool. and then the when i'm bonding, the only way to bring it down is to chopped down the trees around it. it's estimated that for every 100000 precious trees, chopped down half a 1000000 other trees are sacrificed to bring down and transport the valuable cargo
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. i think that's the machine will pull who runs in cocoa stuff. need you not cleaning with the late? can you see the final room the task is enormous, and robert changes tactics forgive tonight. you think upon me like, can you come with him in a little much chopping the tree at that height is proving increasingly difficult that men will have to sweat to them. money ok, me find i'm from yasser with me. i was the men puffy, act around the heat is overbearing.
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what's mocking them again and i know a tiny thing on her cou rested. i do not. i will go with mister will get along as you want. you to under, i mean, every short and i dominant julia, you'll allude to me and i like your wish timley my after 4 hours, the 1st part of the trunk gives way but the branches of food trapping the top of the tree. well, they tried to pull it down by food with
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me, but after another 6 hours, robert decides to give up without the rest of the tree trunk, it won't bring in much money or any hope of bringing this tree down is disappearing. so is the money it would fetch, they have to start searching again. but the rosewood tree has become so rare. it's like finding a needle in a haystack tree. poaching is not the only extreme way to make a better living on the island. some are willing to take even more risks. while madagascar is blessed with natural resources such as prices, graphite, and cold, one particular resource has lewis, seldom to this mining town of info on sapphires. these towns sprang up in just a few months. attracted by the promise of easy money,
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more than 10000 people live crammed together in extreme poverty. most of the stones they take up with just a few dollars. however, a large, very pure sapphire can fetch as much as 5 or $6000.00 more than $100.00 times madagascar minimum wage. thousands take away with the lucky ones might find fire. backhoe and messy used to be farmers. the 2 brothers left the drawbacks in hopes of striking at ridge and building a better future for themselves, but to their entire fortune. for now is this cabin just 5 square meters shed by the 2 families with their wives and children, 7 people altogether. when i was a hi miss dooley to me. she landed land like finger and the
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number that the shelf tonight, the lumber shop. yup. camp and got let's jump to meet him to not to michigan. move on to me because i remember to move on and man to down on the how to use after the brother's work for a my know who owns his own mind. there pay is less than $2.00 a day. if they do find a stone, they get a percentage of the sale. monona, i'm a little warning, most a woman on the web to eva them from harling, among mazda and the mom. not as young, only live on the lot of money.
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but finding sapphire is not easy. backhoe mercy and other work and tunnel barely 60 centimeters high. 30 meters below the ground level. 100. that a good system has been ruled on the dilemma house. my mom and i just bore motor guys, but i'm in my both about that then i'm i don't mind and i left
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yeah. i was on a bully ticket. i'm the i'm up to me last minute on this on the how to turn on to the number, the bomb alarming. if i'm not a vote big the position down here or a thing. it's a constant 40 degrees celsius making this whole feel like an oven. you know, move well, the hope going on with this is nothing but it's also dangerous. many have lost their lives in search of the precious stone
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cost. and that was a model model models on my stamps than on the vision. she gave me this property that they know mom is sell offer. so you don't want to 30 meters below ground oxygen gas. none of the mine own as kind of food. proper ventilation systems are fresh as provided by the men's engineering. it's basic, but it works. most of the time and importantly, it costs very little. the
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problem is the tooth is barely 25 meters long and doesn't reach web back. who must be working again? you know if i'm a good guy . well, we'll talk to mama. well i'm john. this is a lot of our law and a month ago and last bag could have cost them their lives. i remember there is a little bit different, not the money in her me
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ah, a life fruit was dangerous and all for less than $2.00 a day. the after more than a week in the jungle, robert and his men still haven't found a rosewood tree that's big enough running out of supplies. they will soon be to head home, but they determined not return empty handed. a few months earlier, the army had chased them from the forest and they have to abandon a rosewood tree trunk. they are now looking for that tree level because you know,
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because i live alone while there who is smaller than they had hoped this one trunk will get them enough money to get them by for a few months such as it is. and we're getting rid of a lot of the ending of cars in the market to be involved in the, in the trunk weighs about 100 kilo transporting would, principally, depends on the length of the roof when the cause of a good thing, a thought on it to my daughter's in zion, he's gone, fits comedy to the thing was causing my living mother love to get stuff along with them. then you
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buy a new or a lot of different direct live in the the trunk needs to be taken to the 30 kilometers away. getting it downhill is a very risky part of the journey. the danger is that the leg gets in the rope, the middle of the month and gotten going on v v v. them much my out of the whole, the more you find a fire and matthew will let us know vide, and they will never love. i mean, you didn't leave them
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up in a little while, mom. oh no no one knows for sure how many are killed in the process of smuggling precious wood. robert estimates there are at least 3 talents he's a yeah. oh yeah . then you've got large chairs and then that's not call you because similar to yours and that's some talk amana. 14 is a girl, not on my mom, but i don't see why this
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was the way to meet the roots who have completed the mountainous terrain and covered one 3rd of the journey. 6 me exhausted, they'll spend the night here and there wet clothes, all of them,
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a king after the day's excursions. i was in a whole lot more for us if we shows as ours are so far before the. 2 night robert and his companions had not known the nation. oh, the the it's taking the i was to reach the rhythm, but the trip is far from over. ahead, sin lie, the rapids. this is the last leg of the journey for robert and his men. and the most dangerous shooting, the rapids with the trunk attached to them. in
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a $22.00 men are in charge of the makeshift raft. if they fall overboard, $400.00 killers of rosewood will fall on top of them. so i was, i got off for the communion run for you're still a little i'm a team here. nathan only causes in color, which is i don't think it out. you want to be you know, is the pilot for the 1st rough it know dismisses his co pilot who apparently isn't being much health
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plan. i think monday was, i mean this isn't some of the is virtually uncontrollable. the rock has shattered his paddle and he uses his hands to slow down the road. the water, the bait. i'm sure no can look for the paddle some
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wonderful petition, bidding him the physician and many killers, are she p as in it's taken 5 hours to travel. don't worry about the the others will now take the wood as far as you know, once the trunk is in the canoe, it just needs to be had been any change. i was going to enjoy the new mission and i just love the modeling is endangering the 4th of
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madagascar and the authority like the means to stop the trade. but for these men to search for the rosewood is the best way to earn anything. the venezuela, columbia borgia has become a stomping grounds for trespasses, as desperate people transgress and illegal passage to feed an emerging fuel trafficking market. we follow that perilous journey unguarded through the line of fire. risking at all send israel and columbia on al jazeera. ah
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ah, more than 10 years after the global financial crisis, you've taken home more than $480000000.00. your companies now bankrupt our economies in the state of crisis. i have a very basic question. this is their last home, the us who held responsible. i will be fabulously wealthy and i will not take any price for it. thank you lloyd. the man who still was on al jazeera or to below your per you in a kidney, so not so much or the yeah, but the, my, i, you know, the, me
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a rich and diverse culture explored through its music and songs of the city on al jazeera a lot of the stories that we cover high the complex, so it's very important that we make them as understandable as we can as i just recall respondent. that's what we strive to do. me ah! transfer between natal, yvonne and uncertainty desperate afghans wait and hope for the chance to be lifted out of the country. i cannot promise with the final outcome will be what it will be that it will be without risk of loss. president biden wants the evacuation if it is risky, while promising. every effort to bring us citizens in afghan allies ah .


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