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tv   [untitled]    August 21, 2021 10:00am-10:31am AST

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to fundy, ah, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter when you call home will be used in current affairs. that matter to you. i the ton of and top political leader is now in afghanistan to begin talks to form a new government. ah, hello and welcome on peter w. you're watching, i'll just hear a live from headquarters here and also coming up. why are they not getting a sooner since 98 percent of the houses are destroyed? fresh grows on haiti as prime minister as little help breeches survivors to be
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earthquake. this kill more than 2000 people. the anger in china over the clamp done on sexual assault allegations in the workplace, and rescued from isolate, but shunned by her own. we take a look at the plates of u. d. d. women who were abused by the group. ah, the taliban co founder is in cobble today for talks to form a new governments molar brought his presence in the capital comes as the group plans to unveil its governing framework. meanwhile, the taliban is promising to hold its members accountable. if reports of crimes and atrocities are verified, a spokesman told the reuters news agency taliban members will be investigated if they are responsible. shall bellis his lie for this hour in kabul. charlotte, good morning. how long until we know more about the nature of the income taliban
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government? why we don't know or to be honest. 70, i hope to some tell about members the other day and they said it's still very much in flux negotiations or ongoing moliere. i came in from durham, he's a political chief. he landed in kandahar earlier this week and has a high level delegation to cobble as part of forming this new government negotiation. even with former government leaders. we know enough economy who is also part of the political commission and he's also been holding talks. this week he met with former president holman cars. he met with a former c or a dealer, a dealer. so they are at least trying to fold, and it would seen some of the former government leaders into some type of you taliban government. we even understand miss sues, who is holding one of the last hawkins of resistance. and that's going to stop in the pantry valley against the taliban. that even he isn't for the taliban. at this moment. they do tell us that there's no time for elections. they also say that
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a new constitution is on the cards, but there's still very little information coming out from the movement at the time about what we can expect from the government. as far as life in cowboy goes this morning, it is quite bizarre that it is almost identical to how it was a week to go onto the gun. the government government employees have gone back to work. the taliban has asked everyone to resume their lives as normal, the streets of busy, because this is the 1st save the work week in afghanistan and people have gone back to work as normal. they have been some incidents at the airport this morning, but as far as hovel central goes, it has been very quiet. there is a deadline approach and there isn't a shot at august 31st, realistically, presumably the allied forces, the external, formerly nato forces, who had a presence on the ground. they can't really hit that deadline. and on top of that, various embassies and consulates are telling people with the relevant passports
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look, go to the airport, but they're not being allowed into the airport. yeah, there's still a lot of pay off infusion. i mean, everybody is just frankly overwhelmed. and even this morning, there was an incident, i just saw a video before, of people a lot on the ground near the north gate, which is where the americans are being told to go. and this is, this is kind of strange dynamic where you have to make your way through the telephone and it's law. so you, it takes 3 hours to go about 3 kilometers, pass through the taliban. and then there's the at you and ask and military checkpoint with the still some african soldiers, i mean the americans. and so you have to go through kind of each layer improves to the various parties that you deserve to be allowed inside the port. and a lot of people are having difficulty proving that they deserve to get through the next part. and they're all sort of being quite forceful. and they're resistant. whether it's the tell about all these african soldiers that are still there,
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or the americans themselves. we were down there yesterday. he's are circling in front of carbo international airport. the gates are closed. the taliban with a common did us weapons and vehicles run security. no one can get through. even filming on the street is not allowed. the taliban has dispersed crowds of people. they know wait further down airport road. this is my father certificate. it's there . we made it to la. his father worked as a god for to us contractors. your father is hi. i didn't i. he comes here every day to plead his father's case for evacuation. and i don't want to go out on the gate. i am scared. but what can i do? the taliban run after us. they chase and they beat us and i saw women under people's feet in a stamp and i saw a dead body taken from the airport and put in a car and we have no other option. when i don't know what to the telephone is in
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charge of securing the airport and protecting us forces and evacuated from being overrun. they a forceful and their crowd control, relying on gunfire and beatings to disperse. the thousands who gather us forces can be seen around the perimeter. just meters from taliban patrols. people play decay through evacuation raising paperwork to the tower, but they are asked to move on. afghans complain americans have fired towards them also. now they were even scared to bring their documents with us every day they were here because we want them to do something for us because we've done them favors. and now we're left here without a future day or every day. the numbers, the vaskins looking for an exit swells. hundreds gather outside the british, french and canadian embassies. hope spruce, but rumors spread faster. most western embassies have closed, but they don't know that. $20000.00 applicants have applied for us special
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immigrant visas, including their families. they estimated $70000.00 to eligible for evacuation. there were thousands more foreign nationals and africans who worked with other nations, also waiting for flight out. more than a 100000 people have been evacuated since become a bond on sunday. and still the us is expanding its eligibility criteria and doubling the number of evacuation flights and this weekend. yet many people tell us they are too scared to come to the airport because it would mean passing tele bond checkpoints. for those that do attempt it, they brace for crowds and gunfire and the disappointment that they will likely be left behind. so this is the biggest list in history. now that's according to you as president biden last night and an address that he made and they are really pulling in favors with a number of countries now because they just have so many people trying to get that
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they feel responsible and those numbers are growing initially a lot of these people flying out, we're going to cancel, but now casa, it's frankly capacity. so they having to expand and sending people to the u. e to rein even uganda and colombia. charlotte, thank you so much. charlotte bellis. they're reporting live this out from cobble. well, an american i base in germany is being used as a temporary transit point for african evacuees. hundreds of them arrived at the ramstein airbase from capital moore. plains are expected of the next few days as the base of the capacity to have up to 5000 people. germany has also been sending its own planes to evacuate people stuck in afghanistan. about 13 countries have agreed to temporarily host afghan asylum seekers. columbia is one of them on friday, the president even to case that africans waiting for permits to resettle in the us would be allowed in columbia. that means they won't group whereby uses columbia is also joining the group of allied countries that will also support to the united
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states for those of con nations who have some of the united states for years. and who are in the process of registering and migrate into that country so that they can stay in columbia temporarily. united states will not only cover or detention costs for these people, but will also speed up all the processes as well as we touched on during that conversation with charlotte bellis, the us president joe biden has said. america has evacuation about 13000 people from afghanistan since last saturday. his administration's plans to withdraw american forces has been under scrutiny following the top of taliban, rapid takeover. but he said, significant progress has been made on evacuations of americans, allies, and vulnerable africans since monday. mike, hannah has more on the u. s. reaction with this report from washington. beyond the grim scenes round couple, airport us is continuing to ramp puppets efforts to evacuated citizens. it's also sent more state department officials to kuwait and cutter to process special
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immigrants. these as president biden has reiterated his commitment to st. evacuate every american citizen who wants to leave along with thousands of guns who worked with the us. he's also described the last week as heartbreaking, and warns the mission remains dangerous. make no mistake. this evacuation mission is dangerous and evolves risks to armed forces and it's been conducted under difficult circumstances. i cannot promise with the final outcome will be what it will be that it will be without risk of loss. but as commander in chief, i can assure you that i will mobilize every resource necessary. it didn't take long for the politics of the african crisis to come into play. republican representative, mike rogers issued a statement accusing by the end of once again ignoring reality on a gun is done, he continues. there are thousands of americans and taliban controlled territories
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around the country. and the biden harris administration cannot provide an accurate accounting of how many americans are left. a pentagon spokesman confirmed that some us troops was still on their way to help secure coupled airport, the total number likely to right to more than 6000. the main focus is on security at the airport and making sure that as the general said, that that air operations resume and continue as unimpeded as possible. but clearly we will be prepared and postured if, if we had to do something additional. but i won't speculate right now, but still no indication as to hall free passage will be guaranteed for those. we're not able to get through the taliban cordon around the airport. president biden has cancelled a plan trip to his home in wilmington and his staying on that the white house
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through the weekend to continue to monitor the situation. thank you very, very much. and also perhaps to prepare members of his administration for the grilling they are likely to face when congress reconvenes to be brief. next week my kinda jazeera washington. meanwhile, indonesia has evacuated. dozens of it's diplomats and others from afghanistan, a military airplane, carrying in denice in nationals, filipinos. and a few africans landed in jakarta overnight. indonesia has temporarily moved its diplomatic mission to neighboring pakistan. still to come here on al jazeera, why catholics in lanka, still demanding justice for the victims of the 2019 easter bombings. and we look into the science behind india's and the world's 1st dna cobra 19 vaccine. ah
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hello there. it's still a story of hot and dry weather for southern parts of europe in the days to come. but in the north it is looking wet and windy. if we look to the northwest for the british isles and got some heavy rain to come in the coming days, particularly across those central areas of the u. k. and as we go into sunday, that will push across into belgian, the netherlands, and germany really sharp and thunder. downpours expected for the check republic. we could see some flooding here. but further north, it does look finer and dryer for much of scandinavia that wetter and windy weather has pushed off towards finland and to western russia. now it is looking cooler and wet of grease. over the next few days, we are going to see some showers kicking in and temperatures dipped down slightly and across the black sea region, we've got a few showers continuing here. but further south, it is looking hotter and dryer for cyprus. we've got the heat coming through with
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nick a see a coming in at 41 degrees celsius and it's a similar story for the iberian peninsula. we are going to see the heat continue, temperatures climb, and corda is going to see the temperature reach up to 40 degrees as we go into the weekend. but by the time we go into the mid of next week, it is going to dip down and things will feel slightly cooler, but they'll be sunshine ah, the venezuela columbia has become a stomping grounds for trespasses, as desperate people transgress and illegal passage to feed an emerging fuel trafficking market, we follow that perilous journey unguarded through the line of fire. risking at all and his wayland columbia. on al jazeera.
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oh. the 715 g. just these are your top stories. the taliban co founder has arrived and cobbled talks to form a new government is molar. abdul. danny brought it up in the groups. negotiations in the taliban is insisting a future government will be inclusive. tens of thousands of people are still trying to get out of guns on 6 days after the taliban. at least 12 people have been to in and around the us president joe biden is promising to evacuate all remaining americans and allies, trump. they describe the operation as one of the largest and most difficult lives
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in history. it's been a week since a powerful earthquake hit haiti, killing more than 2000 people and injuring thousands more efforts to provide aid to the region. had been played with problems. and many families are in a desperate situation. the prime minister ariel and re who's been in charge of the country since president juvenile luis was assassinated, spoke to the media for the 1st time out as it was. john holeman was there, patient prime minister on re riding and his 1st press conference in earthquake writ through the country, south west, leaving more than 130000 families homeless. we have a lot of questions about his government's handling of the disaster, especially why a week later, a still not getting to the many destroyed villages close to the epicenter. one of the regions has been completely flat and this lies in we went to last year and they said they haven't had any one from the government. coming off of them made when they took, he told them to wait for that. why are they not getting aid sooner since 98 percent
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of the houses are destroyed? but the prime minister chose not to answer the question, passing the might to his head of civil protection. we are formulating a response or mechanism is in action. evidently, we have some issues related to security, but we are doing our best to accelerate the process. but it's not just the villages lacking aid. it's the cities too. and we also went to like a, an in the cave as a camp full of people just not even take their just sticks with top pulling above in the area. presumably you can get to but they also said they haven't seen anyone from the government. why haven't they received any help, peter? like i said, our response is ongoing yesterday. i know there was distribution in lake guy using our methodology. it may happen that you didn't go to where we were distributing but there's a huge problem with distribution that the prime minister had so far,
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only vaguely alluded to something that we're talking about. there's a stretch of the road from here to like tie, which is really difficult to get a down because it's controlled by gangs. what is your government doing to try and figure out that road and also to try and stop those gangs. they've also kidnapped, and also pete ec surgeon over the last couple of days. what is your government doing about that? now, the 1st thing to say is that the southern route is better now. we're working hard to make it permanently safe, so people can circulate without any risk. also the press conference, the deputy secretary general, the united nation. what the journalist asked could be done to stop the mistakes made off the monstrous 2010 quake. when the rebuilding process was flawed at best, but we had to do different different things to take the leadership to build the institutions capacity. i would also say that there are no gaps. there are gaps.
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this is a different situation, requires a different response. seeing will be believing for the many watching on and those desperate homeless and still waiting for help. john home, and i'll just put the prince to hi profile like his ations of sexual assaults abroad, china's me to movement back into the spotlight. a chinese canadian pop star chris wu is on the investigation. after being accused of rape. it follows an outcry over an alleged rape at the tech giant alibaba. katrina, you reports now from beijing. the video of a woman protesting in her workplace canteen with viewed hundreds of millions of times in chinese social media. the employee of tech giant alibaba had been silenced after accusing her boss of raping her during business trip last month. security cameras recorded her supervisor entering her tell her several times. the women took
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to social media after management failed to act. alibaba, human resources team or slow and indifferent, so they didn't take it seriously. i was shocked because alibaba is such a big, famous company, but i'm also used to it because these incidents happen again and again in one public outrage around the case prompted a police investigation. alibaba fired the many question, and also several executives for miss handling her complaint. the incident came the week after the arrest of chinese canadian celebrity chris lou, the pop singer, actor and variety showed judge has been accused of luring under age women for sex. more than a dozen brands, including louis the tall and portia have severed ties with ruth, and they have been cause for him to be deported. both incidents have turned to spotlight on cases of sexual assault and misconduct in chinese workplaces. it's also given a bruce to the countries me to movement, which has been stifled place for she's in recent years. she's concerns of sparking
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social unrest. the might is, wouldn't rights activist who is detained in 2015 for protesting about sexual harassment on public transport. she says women working for chinese companies often suffer harassment and a force to drink during business events. it will. alibaba has a serious problem. i would say there's a culture of haunting women or using women as sexual resources. this phenomenon also exists in many of the big companies state enterprises and even n g o c d 's. in recent years, china has introduced laws dealing with domestic violence and sexual misconduct. but active is said the poorly defined and difficult to enforce. police are often reluctant to interfere with what are traditionally seen as private matters. alibaba says it's reviewing company guidelines and has set up an emergency hotline for employees. right. group say they hope the alibaba and chris were scandals will
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encourage more victims to come forward. and for employers to change their work cultures, katrina, you all to 0 dating catholics centurylink putting up black flags to demand justice for the victims of the 20. 19 easter bombings, many angry of what they call the governments incompletes and non transparent investigation into the attacks that killed more than 260 people. more than 23000 charges were filed against 25 suspects last week. for the head of sri lanka, catholic church says the real conspirators are still at large mon. l. fernandez has more now from nig. gumbo. there are too many unanswered questions, and this is what is making catholic christians and members of other communities angry. the fact that this government of go to raj, a box that came to power on a promise on the edge to restore national security on a promise to bring the perpetrator of this attack to justice and so many months
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on them. no better. and there are lots of disturbing questions, pointing essentially to the involvement of certain intelligibility intelligence. operative, you know, why there was contact something like that. and just as i speak with you here, behind me, this is a come to church. the 2nd. that was a fact. and those are the tolling of the bells here in the church to mock the exact time 28 months ago when those bombs, when the 4th bomb ripped through son anthony's church. and this is very much a symbol of the cry of the catholic church. the christian church, the banners you see displayed here in the church premises, in addition to the black flag is left unite. let's stand up to find out the truth against this major political conspiracy. to cover up the truth, valencia's new prime minister has been sworn in ismael,
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sorry your call was formally appointed on friday, as molly, as he has 9th prime minister. after the resignation of me at india seen, he will be malicious, the new premier, and less than 4 years before the defense minister will tackle the administration's widely criticized pandemic response. australia's corona virus outbreak is showing no signs of slowing down with a new daily record of nearly 900 cases, restrictions to stop the spread of the more infectious delta variance have been met by protest. police broke up an anti locked on demonstration, and sidney. the health minister called the rallies, selfish people to be considerate of the wider community. india has approved what it says is the world's 1st dna vaccine against corona virus. maxine may cook castilla health care claims the job has a 67 percent efficacy rate and preventing cooper, $900.00 symptoms. it will be administered in 3 doses without
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a needle for people over the age of 12. previous dna. vaccines have worked well in animals, but not in human beings. dr. jerome kim is director general of the international vaccine institute. he says, dna vaccines can be manufactured much faster than conventional ones. the d n. a vaccine technology has a tremendous advantage. it can be made very quickly. so if a new very, or to come up within a few weeks, companies like, like that is, can villa or other dna companies like, you know, you could come up with a sequence to test the vaccine and animals and then rapidly begin to roll out the new various vaccines, so again, d, n a is a fast technology. it has some advantages of global health and that it's storage capabilities are $2.00 to $8.00 degree. so refrigerator temperature, which is very useful and then also the fact that it's needed free. so there are some interesting advantages, and i hope that we'll see more of this actually made and we'll get important
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information on how it works outside of a clinical trial. you know, in a clinical trial we control everything. when you introduce of acting into the real world, you really need to collect information about how that vaccine is working against the most important things, severe infection, hospitalization, and death. we call that effectiveness and impact, and that's what all vaccines for covert should have. this opens up new opportunities for vaccines in general, as well as a potential preventive measures for cobit. the 2nd reason, the reason it's important is that like the broad hold an activated vaccine. this vaccine was developed in india by the indian scientist in an indian company. and could contribute 100000000 or 200000000 doses of vaccine to fight against koby 900. now hopefully that amount will increase us food and drug administration is reportedly pushing to fully approve sizes. corona virus. maxine on monday, it's expected to boost the us banks a nation campaign with
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a number of public and private organizations waiting for approval before implementing vaccine mandates. the us military is expected to require service members to get back sedated soon after the 5. the shop is authorized in iraq, hundreds of children born to get eating mothers that either living as orphans or they been separated from them. others in addition to isolate ferocity, as he, as he said, the children born to isolate vices cannot be part of their religion. the minority community says the world and their own government isn't giving enough attention to their suffering or sullivan surveyed reports now from northern iraq. him on the verge. keep her happy. the 20 year old? yes, he. the survivors went through hiring ordeal when she was abducted by eisen fighters and bought and sold multiple times before her release. spanish, if not to an inch of 2, i had adoption or i have witnessed it all the violence, the beatings, the rape, and all kinds of embarrassment. death was better than all these kinds of suffering
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. and they were scared to come back. we were told that our families would never accept us despite the fact that everything that has happened to us was by force against our will. and without our consent, many of the girl said the community has refused to accept their children born as a result of rape by ice and fighters. we spoke to multiple women and girls who wouldn't speak a camera about how they had to leave their children. asthma says it was day hard i had to choose between my child for myself or returned to my family and community . after thinking i decided to abandon my child. it was very difficult decision. suzanne suffered, runs a program to rehabilitate these women. and some of the children who returned financial fun, it's a little fun home. honestly, these women hardly have any choice. they only have difficult decisions to make. they can't just decide if they bring their children here. it is hard to deal with
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the consequences for any mother to bring her children here and try to raise them in the close community. this would have been even much more difficult. hundreds of children have been born to women abused by ice and fighters in addition to social pressure use. these can only carry their religion if both parents are these and according to iraq. you know, if the father is wisdom than the child carries the same religion the plight of the children doesn't. and there many of those who have returned are struggling to reintegrate. this is the day when his family was destroyed. 21 year old shark has edge that on his skin with burning coal and ink. in contrast to the howling wind outside the tent, that is complete silence inside. you see the brother and sister, a meter and a mirror don't talk much. the children were abducted along with their parents by ice and in 2014. we tried to ask her to talk a meet her says she remembers many things, but she doesn't want to speak english. after being kidnapped from iraq,
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the eventually ended up in turkey. just last year they were united with their older brother and sister. now the cannot speak their mother tongue and enable to join school in northern iraq. the only way for shadow to communicate with them is through a translation app. he struggles to provide for them because he has no work and no prospects let them on, and we wish we can leave the country and migrate. my sister mirror wants to go to school every day. she asks me either put me in school like the rest of the kids, will take me outside of iraq. the whole day, the family is searching for their parents orphans born twice and are being raised by strangers and thousands of iraq. the answering children are growing up without future prospects in a world which seems to have ignored the suffering some of and without the 0. the hook, northern iraq. ah, this is al jazeera, these are your.


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