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taken from their homes and executed under pressure venezuela's, defense minister by the me said the forces were obliged to defend that country from irregular groups added the human rights needed to be respected. and that the events at the border would be investigated ah, talks to form a transitional government in afghanistan, are you to begin as the taliban is top political leader arrives in cobble. ah, hello and welcome mind pizza w, watching al jazeera alive from. also coming up. why are they not getting a sooner since 98 percent of the houses are destroyed? fresh grows on hasty prime minister as if government struggles to get age survivors
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last week's devastation. earthquake anti lockdown. protest in australia, turn violence. the nation report, the highest number of cubic 19 infections. also this half hour abused by i still know, shunned by their own people, waited to apply to young women in iraq have given up children born out of suffering . ah. the co founder of the taliban has not arrived and cobbled talks to form a new government's molar. out of his presence in the capital comes to the group plans to unveil its governing framework. and it's reportedly bringing in experts from afghanistan, former administration to help with crisis management. the taliban is also promising to hold its members accountable. reports of crimes and atrocities are verified. a spokesman telling reuters news agency members will be investigated if the
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responsible atkins, who managed to navigate the chaos of carville airports and be evacuated, preparing for new lives. countries around the world temporarily hosting evacuees while permanent resettlement plans are horribly put together. charlotte bellis joins us live now from cobble. charlotte, let's talk about barracuda. in the 1st instance, what does he bring to the table? well, he's the co founder. he's the political she's. he's been in durham for the last couple of years and now he's been brought to kind of high initially. and now just arriving in cobb with the high level delegation, we understand that he is consulting about what the new government will look like and who will be in it. consulting with religious scholars, the tele bond commanders also with former government leaders. and we know the taliban had been reaching out to former government leaders enough to connie who's in the political commission. he also came from har and he's also been meeting with
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people like former c o dealer of de la former president. holman, cause i so they say that they want and inclusive government and at least but now they are showing that they are trying to integrate some of these personalities into a taliban made government going forward. i actually just met with ha bulky, who's in the tele bombs cultural commission. if you watch the telephone press conference the other night, you remember him. he was be english speaker for the television in the room. and i asked him about these consultations and he said they're still working through everything. they don't have a deadline, but they are trying to work as quickly as possible. they say we're still working out the structure. we're still working out. who will be in the government who won't be there also, he's also saying that, you know, as far as where the capital will be, that is also up for consultation will remain in cobble or will it be moved to kansas, which is the telephone 1st place and these face season the voice sees that baroda is apparently talking to the kind of come between the taliban,
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the old taliban from 20 or 2 years ago. and the former president asked ref ghani. is he prepared to work with them to also give them an air of international credibility in his mind? do we think? well, it's unclear what's going on behind the scenes. the very secretive about these communications we're getting is the old photo shoot that they're actually meeting. but as 10th of the substance means to be things we do know that the taliban are very concerned about legitimacy. it's very important to them. the us have told us that in terms of delivery, that they still have with the telephone, that they have a money and they have legitimacy. and that is what they are relying on. they say that they know or the telephone wants to be reflected on a world stage, and that part of that is including government leaders and having an inclusive government that represents all elements of society. charlotte, thank you so much. all of the correspond them in cobble, well with the evacuation,
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if it's in chaos at the airport in cobble, the us president has won. the presence of american forces will be no guarantee of safe passage. joe biden says the us forces of air lifted about 13000 people in the past week. mike hannah from washington. i got beyond the grim scenes round couple airport. the us is continuing to ramp up its efforts to evacuated citizens. it's also sent more state department officials to kuwait and cutter to process special immigrants. these as president biden has reiterated his commitment to st. evacuate every american citizen who wants to leave along with thousands of guns who worked with the us. he's also described the last week as heartbreaking, and warns the mission remains dangerous. make no mistake. this evacuation mission is dangerous and evolve risks to armed forces and has been conducted under difficult circumstances. i cannot promise what the final outcome will be,
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what it will be that it will be without risk of loss. but as commander in chief, i can assure you that i will mobilize every resource necessary. it didn't take long for the politics of the african crisis to come into play. republican representative, my grudges issued a statement accusing bite, and once again, ignoring reality on upcoming stun, continues, there are thousands of americans and taliban controlled territories around the country. and the biden harris administration cannot provide an accurate accounting of how many americans are left. a pentagon spokesman confirmed that some us troops was still on their way to help secure a couple of airport. the total number is slightly rise to more than $6000.00. the main focus is on security at the airport and making sure that as the general said, that that air operations resume and continue as unimpeded as possible.
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but clearly we will be prepared and postured if, if we had to do something additional. but i won't speculate right now, but still no indication as to hall free passage will be guaranteed. well, those were not able to get through the taliban court and around the airport. president biden has cancelled a plan trip to his home in wilmington and his staying on that the white house through the weekend to continue to monitor the situation. thank you very, very much. and also perhaps to prepare members of his administration for the grilling they are likely to face when congress reconvenes to be briefs next week. my kind of just era washington. scott lucas is an expert on us foreign policy at the university of birmingham in the u. k. he believes jo biden's policy on the withdrawal has put the u. s. first. on leaving afghans behind in this is
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and a fact the 3rd big hit to american credibility with the idea that america leads and the rest of the world follows. we saw it after the iraq war in 2002 in the disastrous approach. the americans took there. we saw that their failure to protect civilians in 2011 and beyond. in the middle east. and now we see it here, or european allies are not going to leave nato. they will continue to work with the americans. but the idea that they follow was joe vine, put it in january americans back to leave the world that's been damaged by the war . specifically, it's the region it's, it's the area around afghanistan, the united states has left the building and handed the keys to the taliban in afghanistan. but now pakistan takes on a key role because they are linked with a tower and have been for years behind pakistan. is china. huge investments with pakistan and now f canister becomes part, possibly one if it is stable of china's built and wrote initiative. iran will have
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interest in western afghanistan. the gulf states will have interest there in america, moves from the center to being a bystander, as all these various countries mister own calculations regarding the future of f canister and their own national interest. moving on the government of haiti is facing growing condemnation as struggles to get aid to victims of the powerful earthquake that killed more than 2000 people. there were desperate scenes in the heart hits city of nic hi. of people scrambled for supplies, one week home. many people in rural areas are still waiting for help out with john holmes and spoke to leaders about the crisis in the capital puerto prince haitian prime minister, long re riding, and his 1st press conference since in earthquake rip through the country, south west, leaving more than 130000 families homeless. we have a lot of questions about his government's handling of the disaster, especially why a week later, a still not getting to the many destroyed villages close to the epicenter. one of
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the regions has been completely flat and it lives in we went to last year and they said they haven't had anyone from the government coming up for them made when they took he told them to white to that. why are they not getting a sooner since 98 percent of the houses are destroyed? but the prime minister chose not to answer the question. passing the mike to his head of civil protection, we are formulating a response or mechanism is in action. evidently, we have some issues related to security, but we are doing our best to accelerate the process. but it's not just the villages lacking aid. it's the cities too. and we also went to like a, an in the cave as a camp full of people just know even that just sticks with top pulling above in the area. presumably you can get to but they also said they haven't seen anyone from the government. why haven't they received any help, peter?
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like i said, our response is ongoing yesterday. i know there was distribution in the guy using our methodologies. it may happen that you didn't go to where we were distributing but there's a huge problem with distribution that the prime minister had so far, only vaguely alluded to something that we're talking about. there's a stretch of the road from here to like tie, which is really difficult to get a down because it's controlled by gangs. what is your government doing to try and figure out that road and also to try and stop those gangs. they've also kidnapped an orthopedic surgeon or the last couple of days. what is your government doing about the now, the 1st thing to say is that the southern root is better now. we're working hard to make it permanently safe, so people can circulate without any risk. also the press conference, the deputy secretary general, the united nation. what the journalist asked could be done to stop the mistakes
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made off the monstrous 2010 quake. when the rebuilding process was flawed. at best . what we have to do different different things to take the leadership to build the institution, to capacity. i would also say that there are no gaps. there are, this is a different situation. requires a different response. seeing will be believing for the many watching on. and those desperate homeless and still waiting for help. john home, and i'll just put the prince still to come here on out just 0. we look into the science behind india's and the world's 1st dna koby, 900 vaccine, which doesn't require a needle class, the toxic waste cutting through one of italy's most scenic regions and its links to organized crime. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet the weather sponsored by cattle
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airways booted world's best airline of 2021. hello, here's your weather story for asia pacific, and that's what whether that was impacting the korean peninsula has moved to the northwest in the northeast, impacting horseshoe and hawkeye dough on sunday. but look at this aggressive rain falling toward the yellow river valley. young jo, it was just about a month ago, you picked up a years worth of rain in the span of just a few days more than $600.00 millimeters. so no doubt this is not needed. we are keeping tabs on tropical storm mice as it moves up. so we'll press play, see where this goes. likely to meet up with some moisture from beginning the river valley throw buckets of rain into the korean peninsula, but it will dissipate in the east china sea. now a bit further toward the south scenes of flooding in singapore, after more than a 100 millimeters of rain, fell swamping roads and stranding dozens of motorists and still plentiful rain for
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thailand and the lazy singapore breakthrough to indonesia on sunday. and for the philippines, intense rain, really falling top to bottom across the country. but really along that west coast, next to the sub continent and our summer rains. you know, really, i think the bulk of it will fall toward the ne deli, getting back into some rain and still intense up against the foothills of the himalayas. the weather, sponsored by cattle airways, boated world's best airline of 2021. how many nukes has too many new america has in many ways driven the arms race parties are much more like the british parties. now there are fewer regulations to own a tiger than their our own a dog. how can this be happening? your weekly take on us politics and, and that's the bottom line. ah, investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on our jazeera.
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ah, ah, the a bank you're watching out with your own piece with your top stories. the telephones co founder has arrived and cobbled for talks to form the new government a gun. he bought it, let the groups go stations until the taliban says a future government will be increased. tens of thousands of people are still trying to get us all back down to 6 days of the summer, but is 12 people has been in and around the effort. one of the story, the haitian government is facing growing condemnations and struggles to get aid to survivors of a powerful earthquake a week ago. they were desperate scenes in the heart of the city of the kite. as people scrambled supplies,
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many in rural areas are still waiting for help. greece has completed a 40 kilometer extension of its border wall with turkey and surveillance system is also in place to stop potential asylum seekers trying to reach europe. the taliban takeover of afghanistan has raised p as a repeat of the refugee crisis of 2015, nearly a 1000000 people playing war on poverty in the middle east crossed into greece from turkey. you can see the gun crisis is creating a new facts in the political sphere and at the same time is creating the possibilities for migrant flows. it is known that we as a european country participate in this tuition of the european union. and we sent this framework a series of decisions are made, but we cannot wait passively for the possible impact catholics in sterling cur, putting up black flags to demand justice for the victims of the 2019 eastern bombings. many, i'm angry over what they say has been an incomplete and non transparent government
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investigation. and the attacks that killed more than 260 people will in 23000 charges were filed against 25 suspects last week. but the head of swank is catholic church says the real conspirators are still at large mcnelson and it has more now from now gumbo. there are too many non said questions, and this is what is making catholics, christians and members of other communities angry. the fact that this government of go to raj, a box that came to power on a promise on the edge, the rest of the national security on a promise to bring the perpetrator of this attack to justice and so many months on them, no better. and there are lots of disturbing questions, pointing essentially to the involvement of certain intelligence, military intelligence, operative, you know, why there was some contacts and things like that. and just as i speak with you here,
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behind me, this is a cut to the 2nd. that was a fat. and those are the tolling of the bells here in the church to mock the exact time 28 months ago when those bombs, when the 1st bomb ripped through son anthony's church. and this is very much a symbol of the cry of the catholic church. the christian church, the banners you see displayed here in the turret premises. in addition to the black flag is left unite. let's stand up to find out the truth against this major political conspiracy to cover up the truth. now, hundreds of people have been arrested in australia after anti locked and processed turned violence came on the same day. the health authorities reported a record 900 new infections in one single day. most of them in sydney and you
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outbreak in neighboring new zealand is also growing as priyanka goop to reports. ah, yeah. on the day of treaty recorded its high number of course 90 infections. thousands of people protested across several cities against flock, dance in melbourne, and sydney protest broke through police lines and fought with offices millions of people in around some of the country's largest cities have been under locked down for weeks. but cases of the highly contagious delta, very and after rising no matter how hard we work and no matter if 99 percent of people are doing the right thing, there's an element of deals that nobody can control. and that is what we have to accept and the best way we can protect ourselves the best way we can look forward to freedom ease by making sure that we get vaccinated. the outbreak in australia has spread to neighboring new zealand that was free of coven 19 for 6 months until
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tuesday. but it's now under snap nationwide lockdown. no one wants an extended lock down, and no one wants to see that right of transmission. so the number one thing everyone can do right now is reduce down your context and ensure you stick to your bubble. like new zealand, vietnam had also avoided the worst of the pandemic. but not anymore. 10000000 people in whole human city will be bought from leaving their homes for monday. the government is deploying soldiers to deliver food and aid to people facing the nations toughest covered 19 restrictions. to date, i look, i think what you mean. the panoramic is getting more and more serious and hold human city. many good 900 patients will have to see piedmont at home. so if you're forming more by medical teams to help them at their home. and for the 1st time, the pacific nation of palo has reported a call, the 19 infection losing its status as one of the very few countries to be spared by the pandemic. but with more than 80 percent of his population fully vaccinated,
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the government says the island is covert safe. bianca after 0, india has approved what it says is the world's 1st d n. a vaccine against koby 19 vaccine maker could de la health care, says the jap has a 67 percent efficacy rate in preventing symptoms. that will be administered in 3 doses without a needle to people of age 12 previous dna. vaccines have worked well in animals, but not in humans. dr. jerome kim is director general of international vaccine institute. he says, dna vaccines can be manufactured much faster than conventional vaccines. the dna vaccine technology has a tremendous advantage. it can be made very quickly. so if a new very, or to come up within a few weeks, companies like, like that is, can below or other dna companies like, you know, you could come up with a sequence, test the vaccine and animals and then rapidly begin to roll out the new various
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vaccines, so again, do you need a fast technology? it has some advantages of a global health and that it's storage capabilities are $2.00 to $8.00 degree. so refrigerator temperature, which is very useful and then also the fact that it's free. so there are some interesting advantages and i hope that we'll see more of the sexing made and we'll get important information on how it works outside of a clinical trial. you know, in a clinical trial we control everything. when you introduce of acting into the real world, you really need to collect information about how that vaccine is working against the most important things, severe infection, hospitalization, and death. we call that effectiveness and impact, and that's what all vaccines for covert should have. this opens up new opportunities for vaccines in general, as well as a potential preventive measures for cobit. the 2nd reason, the reason it's important is that like them brought holden activated vaccine. this vaccine was developed in india by indian scientists in an indian company and could
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contribute 100000000 or 200000000 doses of vaccine to fight against code 900. now, hopefully that amount will increase us regulators are reported to be close to fully approving finances. corona, virus vaccine emergency approval was granted in december, but full approval involves the review of more clinical data. it could boost the vaccine roller by convincing more unvaccinated americans to get the job in iraq, hundreds of children born to yazzy, the mothers of either been separated from them or their living as orphans and is eating, say, children born to isolate vices cannot be part of their religion, the minority community says the world and their own government isn't giving enough attention to the suffering of some of injured aid now from northern iraq. humans birds keep her happy. 20 year old, yet he the survivor went through a harrowing ordeal when she was abducted by eisen fighters and bought and sold
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multiple times before her release. finally shift not to an inch of to adoption. no, i have witnessed it all the violence, the beatings, the rape, and all kinds of embarrassment. death was better than all these kinds of suffering . and they were scared to come back. we were told that our families would never accept us despite the fact that everything that has happened to us was by force against our will. and without our consent, many of the girl said the community has refused to accept their children born as a result of rape by ice and fighters. we spoke to multiple women and girls who wouldn't speak a camera about how they had to leave their children. asthma says it was day hard the i had to choose between my child for myself or returned to my family and community. after thinking i decided to abandon my child. it was very difficult decision. suzanne suffered, runs
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a program to rehabilitate these women. and some of the children who returned names, one is a little fun home. honestly, these women hardly have any choice. they only have difficult decisions to make. they can't just decide if they bring their children here. it is hard to deal with the consequences for any mother to bring her children here and try to raise them in the close community. this would have been even much more difficult. hundreds of children have been born to women abused by ice and fighters in addition to social pressure, you see these can only carry their religion if both parents are u, v. these and according to iraq, you know, if the father is wisdom than the child carries the same religion the plight of the children doesn't. and there many of those who have returned are struggling to reintegrate. this is the day when his family was destroyed. 21 year old shark has edge that on his skin with burning coal and ink. in contrast to the howling wind outside the tent, it is complete silence inside. you see the brother and sister, a meter and a mirror don't talk much. the children were abducted along with their parents by
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ice and in 2014. we tried to ask her to talk. a meter says she remembers many things, but she doesn't want to speak english, make them after being kidnapped from iraq, the eventually ended up in turkey. just last year they were united with their older brother and sister. now the cannot speak their mother tongue and unable to join school in northern iraq. i mean, the only way for shot to communicate with them is through a translation app. he struggles to provide for them because he has no work and no prospects let them on and we wish we can leave the country and migrate. my sister mirror wants to go to school every day. she asks me either put me in school like the rest of the kids will take me outside of iraq. the whole day, the family is searching for their parents orphans born twice and are being raised by strangers and thousands of iraq. the in syrian children are growing up without future prospects in a world which seems to have ignored their suffering some of and without the 0. the
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hook northern iraq investigate to say one of italy's most powerful criminal organizations has been dumping thousands of tons of toxic waste and it's allegedly being left in one of the country's most scenic regions from tuscany. he has adam raimie on the edge of a farm in tuscany, environmental police check for toxic run off from a leather tannery water treatment plant. it looks clear now is that solid? i but this officer says until recently this plan was releasing waste into the river basket. the commander shows his footage of the same river. he says it shows have been trying get her one of italy's most powerful criminal organizations allegedly dumped tons of toxic waste from leather plants. and he showed us how they allegedly buried toxic mud under highways across tuscany. a wealthy area of italy considered far removed from historic mafia strongholds in the south, and only indulge in
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a complex say, it's a complex investigation going on 3 years now. we've charged people with various crimes for taking part in a criminal conspiracy that's, that's aggravated by dealing with the mafia, trafficking, waste and polluting the environment. police say suspects pocketed tens of millions of euros to clean up the byproducts of italy's leather industry by products that include heavy metals that can cause cancer. we drove by the tannery with mighty or resell e p, who worked in a leather plant for more than 45 years. when i'm interested, i started pollution has always been common. the problem is the mud and ash the byproduct from the tannery should be treated and made harmless to use as landfill. but they didn't do that. i asked mattie or for this pollution was an open secret here to show you when i mean pollution and cancer have always been considered a necessary evil. but that's the job. the tannery sit at the top of the food
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pyramid. it highways like this one that cut across the landscape of wineries and small farms where the waste was buried. we're here long and embankment where investigators found toxic waste buried under the highway. they took soil sample, then covered back up with this tarp. police say they've found 10 such sites across tuscany, but they acknowledge there may be dozens of others across the region since we met with citizens groups who are pushing local officials to give them answers. we have a 1000 tons of dangerous material. we know exactly what it is made all any. it's exactly there. so we are really very care mafia expert. renata scalia has repeatedly warned tuscan authorities, no voltage. i've been for years, we've been raising the alarms. the mafia is here in tuscany, but it falls on deaf ears. the conventional wisdom says we shouldn't raise the
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issue because it seen a smearing tuscany honor, and reputation, or reputation, and more importantly, in environment. now in need of being cleaned up. adarine, how does your tuscany know hurricane graces made landfill in mexico. the category 3 storm is hitting the oil production state about a cruise and central mexico with strong winds and heavy rainfall. it's threatening to bring significant flooding to low line coastal areas. ah, 1130 g. these are your top stories so far today the taliban co founder has arrived and cobble for talks to form a new governance miller up to gunny. but other than the groups negotiations in doha, the taliban says a future government will be inclusive. charlotte bellis is in cobble, was unclear what's going on behind the scenes. the very.


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