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can pursue her legal battles up with the mayor of better. she has taken sides and has asked for the dimmer cation process to be a no. what did my dear, it's one thing to have a d, my cation process going on in the amazon or national park. but here, where there's a local population that's been established. and this bound to be conflict for noise and decision to rule one way or the other has only made things worse. this last conflict is only one of the 100 still pending and growing. lost thousands of indigenous people wait for the supreme court to decide their faith. monica not give, i'll just 0, but she arg, i just don't have the are these all your top stories from al jazeera and identified gunman of killed an armed african at cobbler airport? fighting involved, western security forces 3 others have been injured. us president joe biden says the
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air lifting of americans and vulnerable afghans have accelerated. it says discussions are taking place to possibly extend a deadline for evacuation is beyond next week. the evacuation of thousands of people from campbell is going to be hard and painful. no matter when it started, when we began would have been true if we had started a month ago, or a month from now. there is no way to evacuate this many people without pain and loss of heartbreaking images. you see a television. it's just a fact. my heart vague for those things, those people you see in other news at least 22 people have been killed after flooding in the u. s. state of tennessee, up to 17 inches of rain fell on saturday. shattering a previous record rescue crews a searching for dozens who are still missing but power cancer hampering those efforts. roads have been washed away and homes have been destroyed. tropical storm on re is battering a stretch of the northeastern coast of the us,
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just hours after being downgraded from a hurricane. more than 100000 people in new england without power. you zealand has extended its nationwide locked on until friday. the prime minister just into our durn says more certainty is required. now, as the country does struggle to contain the spread of the delta variant, she says it's unlikely. new zealand has reached the peak of the outbreak. 107 infections have been recorded since the 1st case was identified on tuesday. criminal gangs in haiti have offered a truce following a major earthquake last week, which groups hope will allow relief efforts to accelerate the death toll from the quake on august. the 14th has not risen to more than 2200 or 340 people are still missing. relief efforts have been hampered by age trucks being hijacked by gangs those are your headlines next on al jazeera is inside story. more news here in 30 minutes, so you that on county, because the thought of on economy can be of the financial crisis that the u. s.
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blogs, accent, black gamma fans with the billions of $1.00 and $7000000000.00 lawsuit against the mining giant behind brazil, deadliest environmental disaster. counting the cost on al jazeera, the united states is out of ghana, sam, but the country strategic location on boston adults is remain. so who stands to benefit from the american exit? what does it mean for regional security? this is inside story. ah. hello and welcome to the show, i'm sammy a than as planned. the american military occupation of afghanistan is coming to an end. the pull out has been criticized as a major defeat,
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but was the 20 year war complete failure of for years america's military presence gave it an advantage over rivals in the region. it also allowed civil and military contract is to make millions of dollars. and the long war opened the window for mineral exploitation estimated to be worth billions. so if the war was so lucrative, could we see another one? moscow and beijing do not seem alarmed by the thought of bonds takeover. and they've already shown interest in supporting the future of afghanistan. jewels i'm calling from china, encourages i've gone taliban to presume moderate study religious policies and establish an open, an inclusive quality goal structure with the other parties, peaceful and sunday, for policies, especially towards his neighbors. so as to realize the reconstruction and development of the volume controls almost all the rest of the all the cars
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including the capitol. these are y'all, it was and it's from the reality is that one must see preventing the collapse of the gun or begin our discussion in a moment of 1st, let's take a look at once that state for the region. the security environments in afghan assigned is still precarious. china india and the u. s. have voiced concerns about the tale, bon harboring armed groups. tommy bond says it will not. it's estimated afghans. stan has billions of dollars worth of natural resources and dozens of countries including rivals, india, and pakistan are looking to benefit by helping afghans extract them. with the prospects of a new government, political influence in afghanistan is up for grabs. china is seeking to secure it's belton road initiative, and that's kind of stand support would be essential for its corridor with pakistan . the. now for me on this, i'm joined by our guests. we have joining us from miami june teufel drayer,
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a professor at the university of miami and a specialist on asia economy and security. she's also written extensively on mineral mining in da hash met, muffler and independent african analyst. schmidt is covered up kind of stand extensively and is one of the 1st journalists to have interviewed the tardy bomb after $911.00. good. have you with us? so if we can with hash, then for the last 20 years i've gone this town has been a center for us power throughout central asia. how much of a radical change in the balance of power takes place right now? well, we have to look at the us, they're all going to in the life of the why the security concerns of the us regionally and globally, the u. s. government has learned at that when you destroy and national is the stomach movement locked up of all of on as they did similar groups in iraq, the remnants or the left over fighters and go on and joined the stomach state. and
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they will pose a much more threat to the us interest in the region. overall, the threat of kaiser and the stomach, a state is seen by the us security analyst, that persistent condition and not as an existing show threat to the u. s. strategic interests in the region and globally, also the stomach, a state has been engaged in africa and the deserts of syria. and there are basically contain their use would like to keep the fighting, confined to those areas. and the main issue for the use of the moment is the re emergence of long term strategic competition from russia and china. and for the reason the us does not want to be buck down in the streets, going to stand, trying to keep peace and security. and they would like to hand that over to the regional allies. and then the focused on and focused on has very close relations
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with oliver and focused on his sub contract that use interest to the collarbone. and the policy will go on to sub contract to the local commanders and the tribal elders will then subcontract that to the individuals with a common see all religion was coming off. an engine is not going to get them far in their fight against the office that it's like a state. the follow dollar bond would soon need some dollars if they're going to call in the collapse of the all of them. because the u. s. want to help or the international commission does not want to help the tall one will not use their limited resources to fight the isis in effect. isis has become an asset for the all of our resorts, for the all of them and the regional government. all right, that's an interesting way of looking at it june. will the us then continue to exert some influence? do you think you're gonna stand especially cru, economic factors,
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the supply of dollars and i've kind of stands phone reserves. i think there are excellent arguments, suggestion for us applying some dollar city asking on economy. as a matter of fact, today's financial times has a very interesting article by someone who says that the failure of the united states in afghanistan was a failure to support economic reconstruct economic construction in afghanistan, after the united states invaded, i'm not an expert on afghanistan, but i do watch with the u. s. government was doing and it was trying very hard to create infrastructure in afghanistan. the problem being whenever they would build something like a power station, the taliban would come and blow it up. and unfortunately, despite the good arguments for united states, remaining it in, in some kind of supportive role. if only to mitigate the influence of china or
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russia, the public opinion in the united states is going to be dead set against doing math . so, and public opinion in the united states now just read down by not only to biden administration, but the state department and the intelligence community for not warning them that this is coming. so i think it would be a very hard sell to get bills. ating, afghanistan, the taliban government, through congress. at this point, i do mention, they're meant to be influence on russia and china. the us concern over that, judging by statements, we've heard, at least so far from russian officials, we think moscow believes it can reach an understanding with the taliban, which would help it to project its power after the us withdraw. yes, i just wanted to say one thing 1st that i'm not aware of all of them affecting
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power stations and destroying power stations or dams. the following did our lines, but the norfolk may infrastructure off the down, the failure of the us policy. and i'm going to send to the economy was mainly due to it's following a market economy model and not a mixed economy, like the european 2nd world war, where the government was run off of essential, essential parts of the economy. and as for support, russia for all of on the russia, the more pragmatic ideological when it comes to foreign policy towards i'm going to send at least now after the soviet collapse, the unity then hash met. absolutely. the russians do see an opportunity not going to some, especially if they want to keep security, or that in their 1000 a border through the independent countries of those. but i'm going to stop also
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china, good luck was going to start to become a hub for islamic state from which they could recruit it or of china and create trouble for the chinese government. so the fact that i think, you know, get this done is a double edged sword with a ton of on, and it remains to see how they get into play. this call. i've opened up a lot of things that take them apart. now june, starting with the influence of china, the opportunity for china, do you think beijing sees an opportunity for its influence to grow enough kind of stand post the u. s. withdrawal and a ton of bond rise particularly to solve its economic contrast there? well, china, definitely season opportunity that china also sees a lot of risks. and as her mom had said, there is a, there is a good relationship between the taliban and elements in pakistan. not necessarily the pakistani government and, but their, their chinese are also very wary of what,
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what is going on in pakistan, just a couple of days ago, several of their nationals were killed in a raid on the china pakistan economic corridor that goes to god are and also through believe she territory and they believe she are not very happy with this corridor. and there would be more of that. and we keep talking here about the taliban government, the taliban government, the taliban government. and clearly they're, they're going to be in charge and cobble, but that doesn't mean they're in charge of the rest of afghanistan. and there are a lot of other ethnic groups who are not especially happy with the taliban. and there is, are reports. and i'm glad you're there, i'm not i deferred to your greater knowledge. but according to today's papers, the taliban are engaged in battles with resistance forces in northern afghanistan.
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and i don't think those people are going to give up and go away very easily. so we have to contend with, to what extent is the taliban going to be in charge of all of the afghanistan and what can be done if china goes in and says yes, here are billions will help. and china has also become more wary. i think of how much good is billions are doing because it has been burned in places like 3 long the malaysian government has been unhappy. there are concerns with dams and parents that don't behave the way they and so on. so i don't think china is going to play santa claus very easily and ask dana, stan especially since conditions there are out to be troubled for a long time to come. but do you think i actually you've opened up another issue and hush my nose the north can stand very well. so that's it. take this point to him
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and hush meant talking about some of the key figures in the pantry valley in the north. do you think we'll see international or regional banking emerge for people like atmosphere, food, the son of the famous african command, asthma, thomas food, all the former vice president. and the last father was now declaring himself to be the rightful acting president of afghanistan. ok, so there are 2 issues here and the issue of china, our lives are like to come back to that. but the issue of resistance in punish valley against the taliban. it's a very, very complex and interesting and future making complex conflicts that is emerging in actually finding the color on need international recognition. they want a peaceful transfer of our, from the old government to the toner bond so that they can claim international legitimacy so that they can stop any resistance against them as being
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a legitimate resistance. so therefore, the car is now was punished. valley and the former vice president, amber law, solid and resistant forces rallying around, much, almost with sun muscle. the order negotiating with the on a bomb to concede power in exchange for certain policy changes on the thought of the, all of on and power sharing with autobahn. and also bringing in other groups around the fall of one. but let's not forget the major victory of all of all has being that they broke through the ethnic lines in the last 340 years. and you, in demick, corruption within the government. where the villages where they used to consist the backbone of resistance against all of them, the people shifted towards the collarbone, stop fighting and they stopped supporting the national army. they stopped supporting the local commanders long jungle like jungle and the other commanders
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smile hahn in the west. these there's so much into the government, the foot in the government, the outside of the government, the most touch with the people with nope or base. and when it matter that you have that local base, people move, it was all of them. if this was a lecture, it would have been a lot like there was a follow this time around. if you notice the thought about managed to capture northern cities before the capture solving. and we know that the thought of a dominant, the soon. so the thought about broke through the syndic line. and now the situation that we have is called for font power, power to plain the north of afghanistan, with the u. s. i know that my food has been calling for us support. would there be a u. s. appetite for that? would the russians allow some of the former soviet states to return to the sort of arrangement in the ninety's way? you saw taja korea back backing for powerful ethnic figures to destabilize the
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taliban grip on power and the taliban. while they allowed groups opposed to the governments into g, kristen and was becca stan top right from afghan territory. can we expect that kind of calculus to reemerge? i think the us 1st of all that you will realize is that a collapse was filed. the state of the all about and continued war is not india. i am sure the focused on is have managed to convince the americans that is not in their best interest the washer. but absolutely terrified. often tenure was not going to sound because it will spill over into the castle and on because remember, the thought about condition is what the us and others that you help us. we help you, it's a ton of them or not helped. then all of them cannot be held responsible for a groups emerging and going across and causing security concerns for russia. so i don't see any of those states willing to give the resistance inside any military
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support, but the biggest support they could give is that just tell the all about who not like you, not over united nation, you will not have the economy relations with you unless you reach a settlement with the northern alliance or the fight is gathering around the form of government which at the moment, which is technically a, he's the vice president and he holds the position at the moment. so this is the best card and the one i think they know that they do not want to take over power by force and then allow a situation of reality on the ground politics, the mistake with difficulty at all and some would not. they also told them, do not want to repeat the mistakes of how much because there's government where they said that the fall of defeated, that not being that's all about into the formation of a new government thought about went on to create a new resistance. and they can bounce back to where they are now. it's quite
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possible that over a long time, if that donavon and they continue control, i've got a son. and the northern fighters or the fight is up under the guise of the for my government. can you to fight? i'm going to still only become unstable, insecure. i don't see that month, our takeover will often and doesn't sound like from what we're hearing from, i guess most of the global and regional pals. one that right now it sounds like they all see a, an interest in keeping afghanistan stable, even if it is under taliban control, june. even if that's the case, the u. s. continues, of course, to freeze afghan assets. there will be a lack of dollars flowing into afghanistan, the sort of arrangement which the former afghan government had of dollars coming in from the u. s. to pay salaries. that's all going to come to bad very soon. right
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june. that's going to bite the afghan economy very soon. i suspect are there are negotiations going on even now about what to do about those assets and the that i also suspect that the united states government and let's be very careful here. we keep talking about united states, united states, united states, the mood in the united states now is get the heck out of afghanistan and leave it to its own devices. and it is going to be very, very difficult, no matter how wise people and the biden and administration have ideas for yes, it would be in the best interest reunited to help stabilize that they're going to have to overcome severe domestic resistance. and i don't see the path forward for the taliban, stabilizing the country. to be that easy. this morning i saw
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a video made by mohammed moore, who is a charging warlord, who fled to afghanistan. when i think with missouri, she refill nice words. and he is saying, we'll fight our resistance will continue. and then he says, only if we, well, if we are going to enter the power equation, are we willing to play ball with the taliban? and he said, well, we won't become slaves to be outside hers. and i want his phrase, we will not go to others tables for decoration. we want to be a partner in power show. i don't see that the taliban being able to, to stabilize the country that easily. and until the united states is convinced that
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there is a stable government there, it's going to be very reluctant to unfreeze those assets hush. my house we should talk about pakistan as well. they have one of the biggest regional winners from the change in of power in cobble right now. absolutely. and let's also not forget that it is not only america that has the security concerns. the gulf region also has security concerns. iran has security concerns. india has security concerns and those regional powers do not want the fall of on to claps. and i'm sure that some top cash injection into the all about government agreement just to keep the float for the near future will happen. and i think it would be a responsible thing. clothing. interesting, hash value, india in that group. judging by the tone, at least in indian media, they seem very keen on the idea of supporting and the legitimacy of under
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a law follow and supporting masoud. yeah, absolutely. there will be a balancing act, some will support the thought on and make the fall of on dependent on their dollars . and so therefore, dollars, all of them have to listen to them. and india will support the much, almost with sun under kilometers in the north to make them dependent on the policy to be a proxy negotiations keeping the security of the region in the image of those nations in mind. and that will continue. but if one side allows the other side to take the better of the other one, like to sample. if the northern fight to collapse the india i've lost america lost a bargaining chip and other potential governments in the region that would like to see the fall of one more time lost their bargaining chip. so now the fight is impact. she'd rather than she'd by the way, it's a very strategic value or very small. it's cut off from the stuff up going to and i've been there getting some of the resistance against the telephone. but it has
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a very strong strategic depth and it sits right over the capital cobble. they can't come back. but i think that the leaders in the north and the all my government are banking on this dissatisfaction of the people by keeping the economic stronghold over the thought a bond. and therefore making what they can at least and then getting them to turn against the olive on its own game of getting the people against the government. otherwise, on june, from an economic perspective hush, matt was saying that there will be some regional powers, pakistan, iran that will want to see the tommy bon administration at least survive. can anyone fill the void? i mean, you look at some of the, the numbers, frankly, international aid accounted for around 75 percent of us can stand budget and 43 percent of its g d p. can anyone fill that void whether it's china or pakistan or iran? i honestly, i think africana stan is and for
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a long period of and sticking with t and i think international agencies are going to try to meet the basic needs of people for food and shelter. but beyond that, i don't see great generosity emanating given the instability of the country. now if the taliban can stabilize the country, that's another issue. that's another ball game, but i don't see that happening in the near future. all right, we've got a final 30 seconds. i think we'll give it the hash map i think that went through world bank, 60 percent of going to certain economy is dependent on agriculture. and so 60 percent of the economy, the grocery level will just survive, but what will collapse, what will be?
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what will suffer is actually the government. this teacher is the security forces and all that. all right, and good to get your thoughts on this. thanks. thank con gas very much, june teufel, dryer and hashmi mostly and thank you to for watching. you can see the show again, any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com for further discussion head over to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash a j inside story, and also join the conversation on twitter handle. there is a j inside story from me, sam is a that i'm a whole team here now and by the savannah's way, like hell, ambia boucher has become a stomping grounds for trespasses as desperate people transgress and illegal passage to feed an emerging fuel trafficking market. we follow that
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perilous journey unguarded, through the line of fire, risking at all and his wayland columbia. on al jazeera, challenging the brazilian dictatorship, the democratically run football team. the team has changed the course of the nation . the center was a revolutionary football, known to locals, as the doctor football rebels concludes with the celebration of life and legacy of socrates and the corinthians, democracy movements on al jazeera in each and every one of us have responsibility to change our personal space for the better the
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more we could do this experiment, and if she could increase just a little bit, that would be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet, who is incredibly rough for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly here in getting this pick up to collect the segregate, to say, this is extremely important service as it relates to the city. we need to take america to try to bring people together trying to deal with people who left behind me. ah ah ah ah
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ah ah, ah ah, ah, the with an afghan men killed at cobble airport during a fire fight in building western forces will have a live update. they speak to some afghan women who managed to escape off to the taliban takeover. ah, hello and welcome on peter toby. you're watching all to hear a live from headquarters. here are also coming up arrest on lashing the northeast and.


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